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Manasseh is Coming

2018-05-12 | 🔗
Do you feel forgotten today? Have you gone through situations that are so painful and hard to forget, you don’t know how you’ll ever feel light again?If there’s anyone who understands heartache and betrayal, it’s Joseph. He was betrayed by his brothers, thrown into a pit, and eventually sold into slavery. But all along, God had a plan for Joseph. After his trials, Joseph ended up being in charge of all Egypt. He was blessed in such a way that he said in Genesis 41:51 (AMP), “God has made me forget all my trouble and hardship.” He named his son Manasseh which means in Hebrew “causing to forget.”Like Joseph, God wants to bless you in such a way that you won’t remember the pain of the past. You may feel forgotten, but God hasn’t forgotten about you. He’s seen your heartache and has collected every tear you’ve shed. He’s going to turn your pain around in such a way that you’re overwhelmed with His goodness. God is going to cause you to forget!
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe augustine dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today god bless you it's a joy to come into your horse and if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one our services our promises will make you feel right at home don't like to start with something funny and i heard about this husband died he left his wife twenty thousand hours after the funeral his wife told a print that she was totally broke the princess what do you mean i thought you said you had twenty thousand she said well i spent five thousand on the funeral and fifty thousand on the memorial stone the prince said why that was some kind of stone how big was it she
forefinger and said three and a half years that sounds kind of like victoria to me she won't wait till i'm gonna go do it now but i will say it like you mean and this is my bible i am what it says i have what it says i can do it says i can do they will be taught the word of god boldly fast mine is alert heart is receptive i will would be the same jesus nay god bless you want to talk to you today about monastic is coming we all go through things that are not fair situations that cause heart ache in pain doing the right thing but somebody walked away we can down with an illness archer i got off course so easily discouraging thing that's all in lie everyone has disappointments but if you'll stay in favour and not get
god will bless you in such a way that you too remember the pain of the past yes you with the difficulties you don't understand but now you're so blessed so fulfil so happy you dwell on who hurt you or what did work out how you raised in a healthy environment you may not totally forget it but it's not on that of your mind like it used to be you don't wake up thinking about it you don't go through the day bitter to bless to be angry you to blast a grudge you to blast to think about what didn't work out this is what happened with joseph he went to a lot of unfair things he was betrayed by his brothers thrown in who appeared eventually sold into slavery is one thing to have people come against you
but this was his own family these were the people that we're supposed to love him made it much more painful joe of course falsely accused by lady and put in prison in the prison he interpreted a dream for the fair the federal was so impressed that he put joseph in charge of all of egypt we have ended up bringing his whole family to egypt including his brothers the ones that threw him into the pit he gave them a place to live and provided them land so they could grow their crops they joseph and his wife had a baby this you're says jos named his son manassa for he said the lord has caused me to forget the paying a bypass that's what manassa means joseph had been to all this hardy betrayals lonely nights injustice but now
god had blessed him in such a way he was so fulfil so grateful he didn't think about the heart ache he'd been through he didn't live better because of his brothers upset because he had spent years in prison he was so blest so burn he didn't have time to be angry didn't have time to try to pay people back he was too overwhelmed with the goodness of god new gone to situations at workfare you did your best but a dream didn't work out your marriage didn't make you lost a loved one it was painful thoughts whisper never going to change this is as good as it gets just learn to live with it now get ready monastic is coming guy is going to cause you to forget he's bless you in such a way that you too remember the pay it's not going to be at the forefront of your mind
you're going to be so filled with gratitude for gods goodness for oh he's done for you you're not going to think about what you ve been through we talk a lot about letting go of the past forgiving people that hurt us not reliving disappointment as important but sometimes it's hard to not think about what went wrong you wake up in the heartache magically comes to mind through the day you want to be happy but you feel that heaviness mind you of what you lost the sick you're dealing with the addiction we do our ass the tune it out but can be an all when struggle but stay encourage there will be a day we're god causes you to forget you're going to give birth to madness you're not going to wake up thinking about the hurt you're going to wake up thinking about the goodness of god you're not gonna go through the day discouraged by the loss weighed down by heaven
god is going to turn it around two where all you can think about is how rate for you are you gonna have a deep satisfaction joy that you can explain what happened you gave birth to man s when my father went to be with the more that was painful to me i was close to him and he was taken sooner than i wanted but like joseph god has blessed in such a way that i don't remember the hardy and yes i miss my father i don't give him our course our honour his legacy but god has brought gives out of me that i didn't know i had given me talent ability favour influence joel i've been to difficulties and i still remain where the laws the sickness the hardy didn't happen for me you may not realize it but you're pregnant ass it is coming god has forgotten about he's seen the hardy
the lonely nights the injustice god has collected every tear that you share newman not being able to forget on your own the good news is god is going cause you to forget he's to turn it around in such a way that you overwhelmed you don't have time to think about the her you're so grateful for the goodness god not only brought joseph out of slavery that would have been justice but he had his brothers come back and apologize they were at them c of joseph he was in charge of the whole nation he was blessed with life and resources opportunity joseph had influence in favour children were bless god didn't just bring him out he brought him in an exceptional way where he didn't
remember the pain of the past we all have things that we need to forget a bad break a mistake we made the closed door brought hardy do your best to not dwell on it when the thought comes up try not to think about it but at some point god is going to do something out of the ordinary causes you to forget you're not going to have to trouble with it in your thoughts your mind is going to be so filled with gods goodness that that negative memory doesn't have any space to come back sometimes tell me john i'm playing for you i know you have critics are no people come again soon i appreciate the employee and they mean well but i feel so blest god is honoured me in such a way i don't even think about the naked my mind is so overwhelmed with gratitude we thanksgiving when i drove up to this building the former com
pack centre and think about how are you watch the rockets play basketball here how had season tickets right over there and now it's our church still amazed sometimes i'm flippin through the channel watching television and i see myself come up speaking how in the world did i get there and yes there have been forgot times it was hard losing my dad and people have tried to stop us but what i'm saying is i'm too bliss to be render unto blast to live thrust out i'm due blasted around bitter when i think about the goodness of god we're brought me to how he's we endorse i could have never open how he's called the right people to show me a favor like joseph i don't have time think about what happened back then have time to try to pay people back cause been too good to me he's given me manassa he's caused me
forgive as i have said because you got a double dose of trouble you harold things in the land will be double and your joy will go on forever god didn't promise we wouldn't have difficulties sometimes we have a double dose more than our share good news is trouble doesn't have the final say the betrayal this the loss is not how your story ends god is not only going to bring it out he's going to bring it out with double double the joy double the peace doubled the influence double therefore element it says your joy will go on for ever that means the trouble is temporarily witness the loneliness the addiction the depression is not going to last the pay is temporary but the jewel we'll go on for ever knew may
been through a lot in your past i beheld things coming in just now you don't see how could it turn around get ready ass it is coming god has something ahead of you were you be so glass so fulfil so process i trust that you will live out of a place of joy a place of gratitude where you think you ve made me with your goodness you ve done more than i could ever dream you're not going to wake up thinking about the haters you're going to wake thinking about how bless you you're not gonna the day bitter because a bad rights you gonna go through say lord thank you for your favor thanks for being so good to me you won't go to bed discouraged dwell on what didn't work you lie down in peace with your mind filled with gratitude so focused on the greatness of our i talked to a lady they didn't have a good childhood
she was raised in poverty very poor men tom she and her siblings didn't have enough her father wasn't in her life she was taken advantage of other men so a lot of abuse her pain her mother would take them in a church every week growing up through all the hardy through all the things she did understand she would tell people that is this was her father and against all odds god open doors for her he cause people to show our favour made things happened she couldn't made happen today she's one of the most influential well respected people in the world when walks through our house at a certain place she can look out and see the ocean she said every time she passes by that place under her breath she says thank you jesus
dozens of times a day she thanks god for his goodness she had a rough star she was appears life wasn't fair but like joseph she gave birth to manassa god has blister in such a great way that is caused her to forget we ve all things that could steal our joy call to lose our passion for lie settle for media awkwardly gone you say and do you today manoeuvres that is coming there is something in your future that's going to erase the pain of the past god is not wounded just bring out talking to just tell you restore you vindicate you that would be good but that would make you forget the pain god is going to do something out of the ordinary some unusual something that you didn't see coming when vanessa shows up you're going to say well god never dreamed i'd be this last
a dream that meet somebody this great dream we don't the compact centre one day a friend of mine was married for over twenty years he came home from a business trip and and a note from his why saying she was leaving she found another man and the marriage was over my friend was devastated he loved is why for several years he tried to convince certain changed her mind prayed believe stood in faith but she never one point he realized it was over didn't understand it didn't seem fair i've learned don't put a question mark we're god has put a period we're not going to understand everything that happens life is always fair you can't make people do what's right gods given us our own free will and sometimes people make choices that hurt us what the brothers did wasn't fair to joseph
he had done them any wrong the good news is god is a god of justice he knows how to not only heal the hurts that would be good enough we would be grateful to be rich door but god is so amazing he's going to cause you to forget the pain of your past when you go to a bad break and injustice you become pregnant monastic is conceived in your spirit maybe you weren't treated right growing a friend betrayed you you're taken the treatment trying to beat the illness life thrown new occur the good news is you're pregnant there's a baby common something out of the ordinary and explosive a divine connection a supernatural healing you couldn't make it happen you weren't next in line what was that vanessa
lesson you in such a way that you forget the injustice you forget the pain you forget what you ve been through friend of mine who used to be so outgoing and fun be around but when his wife left he lost his passion he was a different person told him what i'm telling you that is not how yours worry ends god is going to not just bring it through but he's going to do something to make it up to you about a year later he met a beautiful young lady when us all of them together they were beaming with joy they fell in love and got married he said joe i have never been this happy in all of my life i didn't know what true love really was what happened gave birth to god knows how to cause you to forget the pain of your pants and somebody may have walked out on you that's not easy i know them
is real but it is not the end god has the final say he is to bring you someone so great so loving so so far so good looking so well off you're not even going to miss that old goat after all mean that person left my mass is coming god is going pay you back now get your hopes quit believe in those laws it you ve seen your best days you ve been through too much you'll never be happy go has something amazing in front of you amazing people amazing opportunities amazed resources he has something that you ve never seen something more rewarding more fulfilling then you ve ever done
i love that it says god will cause us to forget because sometimes we can't forget on our own you ve ever had something happened that really hurt you a loved one someone walked out of a relationship and unexpected illness we can do our ass to let it go and move forward but those negative thoughts keep coming back you're a victim fares never going to change we can totally forget on our own that's why he's going to bless you in such a way that because as you to produce in the scripture ruth lost her husband she was the stated she was a young lady now a widow her dreams will shatter i can a man in every morning when she woke up that was the first thing on her mind ruth europe victim life's not fair one day she was out working in the field mind in her own business this
you're says god caused bull where's the of those fields to notice her you may have gone situation not fair see how can ever work out but you no who god is going cause to notice you god knows how to cars to stand out how to call you look good a dozen people can bypass you god can cause right one did know the shoe and so wild look at her she's amazing look at him he's outstanding god will call them to see you the way he wore them to see when i walk into the jewelry store and met victoria for the first time god i turn to see me tall dark handsome we got married she found out none of that was true right now god is causing the right people to be attracted to you he's come
send the right opportunities the right right to track you down rooted to all this hardy she thought he had seen her best days when god carl's boat west notice her he was one of the wealthiest men in that area they ended up for fallen in love getting married they had a child ruth never dreamed she'd be that black she never dream she'd own those fields with her husband never dream she'd have children now when she woke up those thoughts in her room you're a victim you been true to march you'll never be happy they didn't come anymore god had lest her in such a way that cause to forget the pay in the past god has some blessings come in your way that's going to college you to forget what you're lost forget who hurt you forget what you ve been through you're going to get birth tom and ass you may have had a
elbow dose of trouble get ready a double dose of favour is headed your way this is what happened with joe everything we go in great then the bottom fell out he lost his business lost his family lost his health had big boils all over his body is very painful job was a good man the scripture says that love god and live with integrity just cause we honor god doesn't mean we're not going to have difficulties and things we don't understand why joam couldn't see is that god allowed the difficulty clayton had to ask god for permission to test joe god only lead him test him up to a certain point when you go through difficulties things that don't make sense you have to remind your sale god
still in control the person that hard to the betrayal the unexpected illness is not a surprise to god don't get bitter don't start complaining it's a test joe didn't think he could ever be negative thoughts came and he made the mistake of believing that he said and chapter seven i will never again experience pledge he was saying i've been through too much is all downhill from here he was so discouraged a few versus later he said i hate my lie he didn't want to keep living but even though he has given even though he was complaining cursing his future god had given up god still had a plane joe didn't realize he was pregnant when god allowed the difficulty we got allowed that test the same time god planet a seed in joe he conceived manassa
chapter seventeen jobs in my eyes are from weeping i am but shadow of my former self maybe like joe like a shadow of which used to be at one time a strong healthy full of energy but now you're fighting that illness dealing with the pain if you're tired and we are at one time you are blessed in your business you had more than enough successful but now things have gone down his struggle barely making it perhaps at one time you had a great marriage we're happy excited about lie but things have changed it is through the motions trying to keep together it may not look good but what you can't see is money ass is coming being half of who you were is not how story ends this it just says the path of the righteous gets bro
and brighter not less and less the good news is your water is about to break it's not long before you're going to give birth it is going to do something not to just restore you not to just bring out he's gone bless you in such a way that you forget what you ve been through job thought his life was over he was complaining negative but some scholar say that that trial only lasted nine months that's interesting that's the same amount of time that a woman is pregnant nine months later god it around and brought joe about with double flock isaiah said he had a bulldozer trouble so god gave him double blessings he came out with twice the cattle twice the chief twice the joy the scriptures
after this job lived two hundred and forty years and saw his grandchildren down to four generations after work after the loss after the trouble after the sickness that means after the divorce after the annette effective illness you're going to see years of hail happiness favor i can hear job saying what was i thinking so in my life was over look at what god is done i'm seeing my great great great great grandchildren he was so blest so fulfilled he didn't think about what he had been through so was seventeen years old when his brothers betrayed him thirty years old when he took the throne those thirteen years worn easy it was difficult but if you daddy the rest of joseph sly after he was thirty after took the throng you dont leading thing about him having problems have an all
please come and against in heaven betrayals the difficulty was for a season his son vanessa had children his son had children his son had chill after the betrayal he was falsely accused after spending time in prison joseph live the way generations in peace instead today in abundance he was so grateful so happy gideon think about his brothers betrayed him i can imagine every time he saw manassa he would say lord thank you for being so good to me as they say god will restore double end joy will go on for ever the trouble is temporary the joy is permanent new maybe in a tough time today ready manassa is coming there is something in your future that is going to cause you to forget what you ve been through you may not be able to forget on your own the
the news is god is the calls you to forget right now he's working behind the scenes you may not see any sign of it but in a shoe you you're pregnant you are going to give birth to blessings that cat a pole to a head god is about to do something unusual out of the ordinary to make up for what you ve been through like ruth that loss is not the end the right people are going to notice you like job those bad breaks or not your destiny double is coming like joseph those years of hardy are not your final chapter believe and declare you are come in the years of hell happiness favour growth above the fullness of your destinies in jesus name
if you receive it can you say men today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just say lord jesus i repeat my sins come in to my heart my lord and save printed pride that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in the bible based turned keep god first place victims i'll be right back to speak a blessing over here as it thank you for years support of our ministry this month gentlemen victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels new series you are healed this audio and video resource will challenge you to experience homeless in your emotional relational spiritual and physical health also included is the testimony of jewels mother doubly read about her
stating cancer diagnosis in nineteen eighty one to whom you a ceiling in dubious innsbruck healed of cancer i was forty eight years old when i was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a few weeks to live today eighty four years on and healthy and strong see away but god had a way god did it from mother i know he can do it for you he's bigger than anything you're facing when you believe all things are possible this resource it would encourage you to believe or the healing and restoration belongs to you order here happy of you are here and the book healed up so today i jus loose dean dot com or call eighty eight six seven jaw your support is changing lies thanks so much for your prayer and your generosity faithful people like you keep the ministry going victorian i pray for you your family every day we're believin for gods best
you in twenty eighteen they don't take your places that you ve never dream until we made again next week no that god in the palm of his hand he's fighting your battles he has an amazing future in store
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