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Miracles Out of Mistakes

2018-02-03 | 🔗
When we make mistakes, God doesn’t abandon us. Psalm 37:23-24 tells us, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord… Though he falls, he will not be destroyed; for the Lord will be there to pick him up.” No mistake you make can ever be too great to cancel out God’s plan for your life. Let Joel show you that it’s time to believe again in this redeeming message. No matter what you’ve done, if you will shake off guilt and move forward in your thinking and expectations, God will get you to where you’re supposed to be. Not somewhere secondary, but the best plan for your life.
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Welcome to the dual loose dean tied cast: hopeless, continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit, Jus steam, dot com, flash, give hope to give a gift today about bless you base for letting us come into your homes, and if you ever in our area, please stop by part of one of our services. These are Fine is people in all of Houston, Texas, right here at lake. Would we love to have you, but thanks so much for tuna in alike. software. Something funny, and I heard about this elderly minister, he was killed to death. He sent word for it of his members an hour s agent and alive. You're to come to his house. Born arrival. He most for them to sit on each side of the bed.
The men were very move that they could be with the minister in his final moments. One point or your ass very sincerely, Sir, what You choose both of us. The minister mustard up some strengthen, said geez, start between two centers. That's the way. I want to go say it. Like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says. I can do they will be taught the word of God, boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus, Nay Less you. I want to talk To you today about miracles, out of mistakes, we ve all made wrong choices and done thing we knew were not the best is thing when other people do us wrong. We had a break. It wasn't all. We can have faith, Odd, will restore he'll pay us back,
But when we bring the trouble on ourselves when we blow it, it's To live in regrets. Thinking that gods not going to help us, we made the mass, but here's beauty. God knew you would mess up before he called you He knew we would get off course. At times given the temptation. He didn't. raised his plan for your lie on you making perfect decisions. God has a play. Even for your mistakes. What you think is a failure. You blew it. Nothing good can come out of that. God has a way of can miracles out of mistakes. He can take. What should have left? You lonely disappointed what should have limited your career in steady, setting you back God how to turn it around and set you up to move you toward your destiny. The two Often when we make mistakes, we go around down on ourselves guilty, not expecting anything good.
Voices tell us too bad just live The consequences is all downhill from here that being courage, God is full of mercy. He doesn't turn his back when we make mistakes he doesn't say I'm done with you, you'll never get it right, just the opposite. He comes running to us. he'll not only help you clean up the mess you may he'll. Take it one step further and make miracles. Those mistakes pulse. In this way all things work together for good? When you love the Lord all things, means even our mistakes. The times. We blew it got off course. God knows how to work for our good new may be in a complicated situation, a problem seems like it'll never work out. There are other people involved, personalities, legal circumstances, it seems too complex, God has it all figured out. He can things you can't see,
His ways are better than our ways you may have brought the trouble on yourself, God is saying: I'm going to correct the complications. I'm going to resolve complex issues, I'm going to make things work out that you could have never made work on your own, that's what he did for Abraham in the scripture God gave the promise that he and his wife Sera, we're going to The baby Europe too, went by nothing happened. They decided to try to help got out told Abraham to sleep. with her maid Hagar? He did had a baby boy that they need Ishmael. They were, excited. Can God for the promise, Ishmael. Wasn't the price was child, no difference back to him. Ishmael was a mistake. He was born out of Abraham and Sarah's impatience. They got hurry, took matter
into their own hands and had this baby now There were strife and division in their home. Cyril was upset with Abraham, saying What in the world were you thinking? Sleeping with my may? He said: what do you mean you're, the one who told me to do it, She said you should listen to me. You should know better, return Sera saw Hagar. She began more and more upset Finally, she gave Abraham the ultimatum either. Lady and her son leaves, or I'm leaving I'm not staying in the house. With that woman, Abraham was in a complicated situation. Two women mad at him he's trying to please both of them. He needed divine intervention. He was the cross roads here to send his son a way out into the desert. Look like that would be the end of it now the problem was he loved Ishmael
that was his son, he was conflicted Can I love zero and I love Ishmael Did I get myself into this mess could sit Abraham. You listen to me, you wouldn't have this mess. Jude awaited should have been more Patient was your fall instead God said in effect, yes, Abraham, it's complicated. Yes, it dysfunctional their strive in division, but our No, let you get in this mass. If You know how to bring you out of this mess. God told Abraham, I'm going bringing out of your son Ishmael a great nation, I'm going to multiply his descendants and make him extremely fruitful, even though Ishmael was considered a mistake born out of what the scripture calls works and the flash tryin to make happen on our own goal.
in his mercy said I'm going to take. That mistake. a miracle to bring something significant out of him Abraham. In spite of your failures, in spite of how you blew it. like Abraham. We all have some ish males times we blew it Trot make it happen on our own garden. Wall all the things we shouldn't have now it's a mess, the Use your constantly whispers gods knock on bless. You you knew better, just sit on the sidelines of lie, don't believe those lies God mercy for every mistake God loves to make the enemy pay for bringing that trouble. If you stay in faith. God will not only bring you through it here the mess you made clean. It up and bring you out better. Abraham had a son name eyes it It had a son named Jacob Jacob had a son named Joseph
Abraham was Joseph Great great grandfather You member as a teenager, Joseph Brother, were jealous of him and threw him into a pit They were going to leave him there to die, but the scripture says a caravan of Ishmaelites came passing by these, would the descendants of Ishmael part of the wait nation that God promised Abraham When Josephs Brothers saw the The lights they choose their mind and decide it just sell Joseph today. If it not been for the Ishmaelites Joseph would have died. They're in the pit He would have never made it to the palace, never in charge of the food supply. the famine, the Israel two years later, wouldn't head what they needed to survive. What am I saying the mistake of Abraham? became the miracle of his great great grinned son. Joseph
This is how amazing God is. He has a plan even for our mistakes. Even when we lowered the scripture says is going to work all things for our good. Can not only correct a complicate situation, but He can somehow use years later to bless YO descendants. Some of you are thinking. this industry really be blessed. All the mistakes are made that sometimes We make mistakes like Abraham when we're done to do. The right thing are, you, is in the right place, but we miss it. We believe God will help us because he's merciful and we were doing best other times We know what the right thing is. We know what we should do, but we do the opposite. this is when we think I don't deserve gobs good. Joel. I made the mass on new. Shouldn't hang around these friends. I did it anyway. Now I'm in trouble now had this addiction.
New. I should control my temper. A new issues my tongue, but I giving in now. I don't my job now relationship. When we bring trouble on ourselves thoughts of guilt in condemnation bombard. Our man saying not going to help you. You knew better just sit on. Sidelines of lie. This is how Jonah failed in the scripture guy. I told him to go to the city of Nineveh. Here clear directions. He knew exact really what he was supposed to do, but Joan didn't wanna Golden Nineveh. He on a boat headed in the opposite direction. Picture says the Lord caused a go, wind to blow on the sea, such a vital, storm arose that it threatens to break the boat apart It is interesting that the Lord sent the store, God knows how to get our attention
when you know you go in the wrong way like this boat, things are going to start to fall apart. You pray away, all the wind you can save he's been steal all day long, but the way may not calm down is because you are causing trouble. God loves you too much to let you miss your destiny, he's not Let you go year after year on the wrong course and never get your attention. Sometimes it's the enemy fighting us trying to keep us from our destiny. That's why we have storms, difficulties other times we're bringing the but on ourselves. If we just it back on. The right course do We know we should do those winds would calm down People sailing with Jonah said whose sponsible for in all this trouble, Jonah said is me I'm a hebrew
I worship- God, I know where I'm supposed to be going, but I'm running from the Lord When you're running from the Lord you're running from your destiny so not only going to college you trouble. It's bring trouble to the people around you, They threw Jonah overboard. The winds died down. The storm stopped our decisions, don't just affect us: they affect our family, they affect our children. If you don't do the right thing for yourselves at least What would your children at least for your family, Joanna was big enough to admit the cause. That's the first step to the as long as you're, making excuses thinking it matter than the winds. The stormed the difficulty are going to continue. Jonah ocean thrown overboard. I'm sure thought I'm done and I have no body to blame it was all my fault
all of the sudden, a huge fish swallow Jonah God in his great mercy, was saying Jonah can wrong, but you can't had not finished with you. I have a destiny for uniform. The solemn has said: if you go down to the depths of the ocean or way up in the heavens. God will be right there. You can't get away from him haven't made too many mistakes you haven't blow. too many times gods call hang on your life is irrevocable that James God is not going to change his mind because God of course he's. Going to leave you alone until you get back on. The right path The sooner you do that, the better if you're going to be Jonah was sitting in the belly of the whale. It was dark, uncomfortable it's dark. Most people would have complained, not Jonah
was grateful to be alive. He knew it was the mercy of God, Heaven that fish there waiting for him, God will allow storms when we get off course. He may allow something to get our attention, but he's going to let those difficulties take your life, three days later that well spit Jonah up on dry ground. The scriptures the word of the Lord came us: get tat two Jonah God gave him another chance what did God say this time go to the city of Nineveh, say thank you said the first time for it God is not going to change his mind, you might as well do. What he's asking you to do is give you a second chance, a third chance, a twentieth chance, but its goal the bees stormy until you get back on the right course. Yes he'll have a fish there to save you, yes, he'll make a miracle out of that mistake, but at some point you have to take,
spot ability and say the Jonah. I'm going to guess what I know is not right. I'm hanging out with these friends that are nowhere. Pull me down I'm living negative critical hard to get along with being discipline in what I'm watching that's going to cause it to be rocky not just for you, but for the people around you God is not asking you to be perfect. He's not asking you to never make a mistake, but he is asking us to deal with the things that are holding us back Do not let the same areas of compromise keepers down year after year. He has some men of us for you to go to something proper, Yoda impact new balls of your destiny David. in this way. The stuff of a good man or ordered by the Lord, though for he will be destroyed. For. The Lord would be there to pick him up. This is saying even
God is directing our steps. There were betimes, if we fall, we make mistakes. We get off wars- God doesn't say, that's it, I'm done with you just like with Jonah God will be right there to help pick you up here, help you get back on the right course. So, like the navigation system, you may have in your car most of them, have a gps system even on our cell phone. You type the address and the computer calculates the best round, then, is I'm telling you where to go things like turn right in three hundred feet, stated the left and enter the freeway till the day. strive into a friend demands house. He lives about thirty miles away, The lady on the GPS came on and said exit in a quarter of a mile or Victoria. Now we're talking, there was a lie. the traffic in accidently passed up that exit If you miss a turn,
or you don't obey what the Ladys telling you to do. She does come back on and say you you're actually go back and try again She says recount lading round them A vacation system is designed for people who make mistakes it doesn't give you one way and if you miss it, that's it as long as you have gas in your car battery in your cell phone, it's gonna tell you how to get to your destination. I have never missed a turn and had the lady came on and say: I'm sorry, you can't get there from here. You just to laugh. never once has she said disobeyed to many of my commands, I'm done with you. You're finished one. A new. The way I wanted to go I was in the neighborhood that I was familiar with that PS system was tellin me to go a different round. It wanted me to turn left and then go way down the street. While
to go down the street first and then turn left same difference about two miles. Block, it told me, turn left and then said? Rico violating round her that every ten seconds recalculating round red violating round. What's in resting is no matter how stubborn I was no matter much. I ignored that lady. She, never mad at me she never came all said, you're a loser. Don't ever get older sister, I'm never go help you! She just recalculating the ral, trying to get me my destination. If the GPS lady can continually recalculate when we get our course how much more, where the creator of the universe recalculate, when we might say if she doesn't give up on us, why do we think are heaven? My father is going to give up on us with joy. It's because I got so far off course
Given into this addiction. I should have read: my children better stayed in charge, kept God first place. The good news is, you haven't too many wrong terms. You haven't is too many exits. Your heavenly There is not mad at you, he's saying weak, collating round us have a way to get you to your destiny. That mistake didn't start my plan that delay didn't cancel your purpose. Why don't you quit beating yourself up reliving your failures. The time you missed it and get back on the right path, it's not too late. Gods mercy is bigger than any mistake. You may unlikely GPS, lady garden. The end from the beginning, new every mistake you would make here already? Recalculated you around, you can still fulfil the best plan. God has for your lie. Abraham and Sarah: did they made them
mistake Abraham had a baby out of wedlock. One point Abraham, lied and told everyone. Sarah, his wife was his sister didn't, say I'm done with you. You are one dysfunctional family, your life, your impatient God kept recaptured leading the right. giving them another chance at the aid you have one hundred Abraham saw. The promise come to pass. Isaac was born the promised child. You may have made decisions that have delayed things. You got off worse, but you're not stuck God has a new round. If you, your passion back, shake off, the Gil, God will Yet you too, where you're supposed to be not some secondary place, but tell the bed claim that he has put your life when the Israelites we're in the desert headed toward the promised land. They got time and started complaining. the scripture says, even though they were stubborn and refuse
to obey gods commands he was still good to them that was God weak violating their royal they would obey his command. God didn't say: I'm done with you here. giving them water when they were thirsty, food when they were hungry at one point, there made an idle and said this is the God who brought us out of slavery for all. God had done for their part of the at sea brought them out of rose hand, you would think God would say I'm done with you you're on your own, but Scripture says in his mercy: God did abandon their here. oh god of forgiveness, slowed become angry fall off. failing, love and kindness, when, make mistakes, God does abandon us. When we get Of course, we all by his command. He doesn't write us all you can turn your back on God, but gods
to turn its back on you, you may be off course you by poor decisions, but God has already recalculated you around He already has a new way to get you to your destination, father was married at a very early age unfold, in ITALY that marriage didn't work out. There devastated? He raised from his church denominational leaders told him tat. He would never pasture again. He thought his is of ministry was over. I didn't think you'd ever have a family. He left them. Street and started selling insurance every thought told him you're a failure. You blew it nothing good is in your future work. Couldn't hear. Was God saying we collating round us have a way make miracles out of mistakes. God did abandon him when he got off course. He failed. Like David, said, God was right there to help. Picking backer, eventually
father shook off the guild he could. listening to the accusing voices. Two years later, he got back in the ministry one day. He was at the hospital visiting some of his members when he noticed a beautiful young nurse. It was my mother. He was taken by her. He started looking for any opportunity he could find to go up to that hospital. He would, Is it your great uncle second cousins, next door? Neighbor? If you ask him too, he was almost hoping some of his members would get sick, so he could go to the hospital. They didn't know what was going on sheet the poor in that pastor. Has this it is a congregation of ever seeing finally dawned on her. He was up there see her law story short, they fell in love. married had five children, I'm glad God
calculated? The rout or I would be here today, but my father went on to have a ministry touch the world de my mother, for over forty four years. What am I saying? No mistake, you may is too much for the mercy of God. He knows how to re wrath. We'd beating yourself living guilty thinking. You ve seen your best days. You be a law unless God had something greater in your future this is what happened with Moses. He made stake as a young man. He knew guarded called him to deliver the Israelites from slavery. Abraham and Sarah. He got in a hurry and try to do it in his own strength. He saw a hebrew sleigh being mistreated hidden. Anyone was watching. So killed the man who was treating him day. Somebody told the Pharoah most had to run for his life here,
ten years on the backside of the desert in hiding. This is not what he had planned. It look like missed his destiny. It was nobody's fault except his own God didn't write him off. God didn't say Moses, you knew better what a new way God please said recast relating round forty years later Moses, still in the desert thinking We ve forgotten, given up his dreams. Suddenly a bush exploded in front of him. like spontaneous combustion. It burned and burn strange thing was the Bush didn't burn up. Intrigue Moses, walked over to see what was going on. A is boomed out Moses, Moses, take off your sandals. You are, standing on the holy GRAIL. Moses. Was confused taken a failed I've made mistakes, I thought was done, but I hear him Call in my name, not
once or twice Most is most, if God, what is set at once, he would have thought I'm hearing things this. is given to me godson, twice on purpose, so there would be no doubt about it. at the age of eighty after border year detour, God Rick, calculated the round Moses went on to deliver the Israelites people. His purpose, I believe today, God is recalculating some rounds. You may have made mistakes. You think you blew too many times you need to get ready, like Moses. A burn Bush is come in your way. You messed up but if you listen, he'll, God called in your name. He saying get you passion back shake off the guild. Get ready take new ground you can still the com, all created you to be he's not finished with you. If you will do this, I believe and declare God
going to make miracles out of your mistakes. He's got the correct complicate situations restore what the enemy stolen and take it into the fullness of your destiny in Jesus name, and if you receive it today and you I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me? Just say: Lord Jesus repent of my sin. come into my heart make your my Lord insane Did you pride that simple prayer? We believe you got born again, get in a good Bible based church and keep God first place, victorian I'll, be right back, the blessing over you.
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