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2018-10-03 | 🔗
Joel and Victoria discuss topics and answer questions from Next Level Thinking, Joel's latest book. You can get Next Level Thinking now at JoelOsteen.com.
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i welcome every body where so glad to help it to an end we love you were praying for you we believe that twenty eight teens gonna be an amazing here in your life a year were got exceed your expectations thanks tuna and i'm here with my beautiful white victoria my friend nick nielsen net cannot see that i've got a new book out is next level thinking it's ten powerful thoughts for a successful and abundant life and it comes out this you d better hope you pick up a copy we'll talk a little bit about it too i'm sitting here with a couple of hundred of the finest most powerful anointed pastors and all of america right here so guys ladys thank you so much for being with us we'll have a great time that nick thanks for being
hard victoria say hello there but now i'm excited about this webcast we're gonna have a great time and who doesn't want to go to the next level in their thinking i know i do so are we amazing people here and in pastor nick you're always so great a like bringing those great points and so you know we're glad it you turned and because you're really special to this webcast we know that we pray for you know that we are for you we know that what has amazing things in your future so thank you for tuna we're all gonna go to the next level that you know we have a conversation about this book pastor and at least i think it's a very relevant book applicable book but wait what do you hold people grab from this book i mean what with what's the heart with them the biggest thing that you'd hope people receive from it well nick to i believe our life follows our thoughts and so so many times were thinking defeating thoughts and negative thoughts are limiting thoughts and it's not god limiting us we're limiting ourselves with our thinking and
i'm encouraging people in the book to let's take the limits off oh god father used to say you will never rise any higher than the way you see yourself there going on in your mind and and more no but there's there's a recording this constantly plan you know the experts tell us that we ought to ourselves more than we talk anybody else cause there's some and play that sometimes we don't realize it recording is negative issues we ve grown opposition a lot i'll never be successful joe you got a big charge but i'll i'll never do in great i'll never get way i'll never break the addiction or modest talented is my brother i'm not as good lookin is my friend as long as those also negative we are letting ourselves and so on encouraging us to turn on the right recording it that's what god says about us that we are at last our strong that we are fearful and wonderfully made that we're not we are we are masterpieces uneven i think about sitting this building you know what i want
we had to do when they told me the compact centre was coming available my first thought i'd told the gas it there's no way we can afford gotta be two hundred million dollars has not my first thought was only gonna pursue it he said ojo the city we owe seven and a half million dollars coastal a bit more for us to get it but you know what there i thought you know what i can believe seven and a half million dollars but you know i had to take the limits are god you know i had grown up here watching the rockets play basketball had ceased tickets right back over there in my wildest dreams if you told me you know twenty thirty years ago that one day we would own the compact centre which says there's no way that's only been fashionable this is the rockets one to world champion shifted the premier auditorium and facility but you know what thing that limits as is our own thinking said god you know what see how can work out but i know you own the throne i know you control the universal took the limits of a garden doesn't happen autumn adequately but you know
when you think like god things when you take the limits armenian that's what allows god to do great things so that's what the book is about wherever you are coming with us rise higher he doesn't is to be at the same level next year as we right now he wants us to go further so i think the first thing you have to do is we have to take the limits of our thinking is i got almost truck thinking at the next level and almost drop believe for bigger things now god you good to me i'm not saying you goddamn action or have some big kind of problem but sometimes you know how these until i can just get routine and on a kind of reach that love on that's kind as good as it gets and all that but you know what you take the limits of a garden you watch what god will take you is ten thoughts each of them are phenomenon their own right there's there's chapter two years when my favorite someone just read a sentence that europe
as you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that gods design for you talk a little bit about what that means you ve been fully loaded so many people that we may feel inadequate to do certain things that gods design and do step in the workplace wherever they may be it's exactly i felt nick when when my father went to be with the lord and and i knew down in here i was supposed to step up and pasture the church i dont know how to when that i just knew that are supposed to but every thought told me joe we can pass the church never been the seminary you don't have the training use me mr one time and you're going to take over your father's church of six thousand bottom and everything in my mind that there was no way in part of it was just you know i didn't feel quit i didn't feel empowered i i mean i'm naturally more in reserved behind the scenes i was the one running the camera do and all the production and i used to watch my and he was my hero you know he can
get up there and speak in so powerful it came out that generation but for me and our fiery and managerial goosebumps now thank god i don't have any of that i don't know the personality i don't have that that far in may but i realized it god would not him in view of the dream if he had not already equipped you and empower gi and so many of us have things on the inside gifts and tell us that we have not yet tapped into lying dormant for me i don't think i will first to be ministering those seventeen years i was behind the scenes it was all a part of it timing but i can say this there gifts in you that our doormat and at the right time gods going and some things up when you he's gonna open some new doors but i think it's important rather than for lena kind of field adequate not qualify as meaning that in secure you ve got a change that will moving again and know that hey i am
i am empowered i am fully loaded with everything i need to fulfil my destiny as cover the preparation part isn't it that whole speaking yourself when that potentials calling out you're scared but it when you start that recording going in the right direction as part of the preparation because you said yourself that it took a little while and you have to look at yourself in the mirror you had to just start talking to yourself and say i can do this today you know so i think sometimes peoples think will why wouldn't what's happening when i'm doing this we are preparing yourself when god opens that door then you're going to be ready to go through it yeah learns you can talk yourself into your dreams or you can talk yourself out of your dreams i would to go on saturday night when i first started and look myself in the mirror and said joe you can do this you are strong in the lord you are well able you are equipped you been raised up for such a time is this if i had been done and if i were to let those thoughts play that do you know what you do the tags you're not talent and you're not i wouldn't
standing here today so i just encourage those of you in those eu watch and take the limits take the limits of god but tat the limits of yourself telling yourself that your lacking or you don't have enough talents earn enough experience you may but god does what he's put in you is what you need to fulfil your destiny you are not packing you didn't get left out got living did make stake when he made you you were not short changed your fearfully and wonderfully night maze you talk a lot about knowing your valley in in knowing that your valued as income from you do your paycheck but just knowing that your value comes from your creator talk about that here in chapter five but just talk a little bit about recognising your value in just where you're valued comes from space from you know neg just what you said that sometimes we're trying to get value out of what we do take my churches they do have a lot of people as well and i think that our way to live because you know
you try to get your approval from people the problem is people can change and they think about this one day wasn't geez come into the town and they were also in hosanna it seemed like it was three later a week later they were saying crucifying and you know you you try to get you value out of other things even people's much love victoria people can feel you with everything you need so you ve got to go back to know that you know what my we're comes from the most i got people may not have mayor you know those thoughts trot put me down but you know what is not that even about jesus you you know this all these pastures but she's when he was baptized in water when john the baptist baptized in fiji this came out of the water and in the voice having said this is my beloved son whom i am well pleased but when you think about it that point jesus hadn't done one miracle in turn the water into why he had opened a blunder his father was pleased because of who he was and sometimes we they will go pleased to meet you i've got an addiction rob
two years of my life raft made these mistakes this network that's not who you are goddess smiling down on you right now he's me you in his image and you'd get those thoughts your mind about being a what god not please with me and you know what i'm not on i dont measure up to other people well you know to measure up to other people you are uniquely made in yours in in who god made you debate so turned all that out no again that you are fearfully and wonderfully made that the creator of the universe bleed is life into you he knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb he didn't you here in this by accident if you turn off that all thinking and put some new thoughts as you know what i'm approved on valuable we accepted i'm a masterpiece that's gonna call you'd arise higher and become who created you to be so
tests are charles usually this operand pasture charles naming pastors have great church abundant living in el paso i've been there with the and we're very honoured to have you here pestered intuitive honour to be here and go ahead pasture yeah my as you were talking today i was reading the book and in particular our i kind of got caught up in the fifth chapter you were just mentioned thereabout value and i couldn't but think about speaking of your dad credible series of teachings he did that really impact of my life years ago called thinking the thoughts of god and bringing their idea i think coming full circle in your book this this idea that we have these thoughts but how do people hearing you just said how would you say that people need to move
from this wife of negativity or a moment of negativity that has now taken control of their thing as you know solomon said a semantic of sorts of busy but have worded go how did they get the thoughts of god into their mind password do you know i believe they go back to the scripture i found out what god says about him and i think you do one thought at a time you know some people as i said there just naturally negative that's just wait there grew up with but i don't think we we realised that we don't have to think whatever comes to our mind you get it one thing i got me a lousy day and on all feel like going to work you don't have to think that the next level thinkers now i want to know what i was thinking this is a great day i'm great to be alive today is just taking country of our mind even the scripture you know i'll teach it better than me
just about guarding your mind and what play in all day and again going back to what god says about you and that's that's one every service till the congregation here and go about government but i am blast i m prosperous i'm redeem forgiven talented creative discipline focus accepted approved that's what to be plain in our mind all through the day and just because the thought comes doesn't mean you have to think it to its when you start to start thinking the right thoughts you start recognising when the wrong thoughts com and it's not a matter of you know you just stop that's not the thoughts i wanna thanks i think the more you do it it's like you said just a thought at the time you can catch when the wrong thoughts com and that so important i could think of love her views employees luck a river bed maybe that river bed has been flow in one way for forty jason negative thoughts will one thought at a time every day you if you think the right thoughts you think positive faithful think on things are true will you dig in that river bed the
the white may not turn around overnight but i believe overtime and talk to people that have been negative life and just doubters unjust down on themselves in secure you start turning one day at a time when thought at the time that river basin will start run in the other way into i think you know gods given us all personalities and have naturally been optimistic and positive you know other people had a friend tell me said i can take a positive message in and preach in a negative way i'm just negative but i thank you naturally you can naturally change and i think it's your soul of life is is perspective you know it's what we looking at today when looking at what's wrong you know i'm looking to what's right what i done have a look at what i do have mistress back to our thinking and you know think in those rights
you don't even have to be a negative person per se i'm not a negative person i would consider myself a positive person but i know when i think positive thoughts on purpose it changes the atmosphere of my mind it takes an elevates made that nick nick level so it's not that you can be saying well i'm not necessarily negative but are you thinking positive thoughts on purpose and i think that's that's a great keys well i just like you alluded to its journey it's a process that we won't have to get this thing right away that it's one thing at a time maybe maybe you think we'd better right now than you did a year ago in its just a journey for people some people expect to be so perfect the thought life right away right around the corner and it's like this is a process is a journey begin habitually do it says awesome pest datura robert said one churchill i won church is somewhat potter's house timber and also to have you to thank you so much and thank you for writing this book i like it it's it's next level thinking
and we all know that our insights determine our are outside and so a lot of time the barrier as as you so eloquently wrote about in this book the barrier is not that opportunity is there it's just their restrictions and i thinking luncheon that really stood out to me i was a chapter where you dealt with shame because lots of times the opportunity is there and we want to think positively but there's almost like a cap although we believe that god can do for us because we shame about something that happened how do you there's someone out there dealing with shame how do you attack shame get that that cap off of your that you can move forward ya think too again it goes back to the thought of you know you are not what you did you are not what happened to you you were a child the most tat god now thank you you know when we were little children sometimes you know what shame on you should have done the same when you but you just got to rise up and say you know what shame off me child or the most tat god i'm gonna gonna live
beating myself up and you know it's funny how p beat themselves up in a wonderful you know it's just a natural tendency and so these are this since we have to make it starts in our mind in life is too short to live it full of shame and guilt and you know what you messed up or whether somebody didn't treat you ride or whatever it is it's a new day mercies refreshing knew every morning why don't you shame off you and start saying you know what i'm going to be who god has called me to be there's no mistake you made that has to keep you from your desk i really believe there's nothin somebody else has done to you that has to keep you from your purposes may not have been fair and i am not saying that life is always fair but god has that way of giving you beauty for ashes what was meant for harm and using it to your advantage pastor keeping sheila crap pestered elevate like church in frisk go taxes and the prince of orange for many years thanks for being here and go ahead cave delegates in order loved sally your book
we believe in the elevator thanking the elevator lifestyles it's it's me therefore really in the first chapter you tell a story about your dad and that he really did you a great service by taking you to the place where he was born and to the net head where he was born in though the house that he lived in wasn't there there was a neighbor who live there is whole life was was actually sitting on the front porch when you guys drove up and your dad addressed him in one of the things you say in your book as you say when you brad a barrier you make it easier for those who come after you and so talk about that because it's never just about thinking our way but its understanding the way that you think you're next level thinking is going to determine how those they come after you assets of power
four point case your exactly right and which today showing bet you're dead to real quick in a second cause s real power five you set but yeah so my father was raised in poverty he grew up during the great depression in his family had lost everything just there were great people but they were poor then he barely had enough food and clothing go to school but ten years of age my father gave his life to christ and the first one in his family in here and we felt like god called under preachy hitchhiking started preach in his family thought you know he's crazy why would you lose led the farm this is all you know how to do but my dad went on obviously to found lake would and pasture great churches all over the world but one thing it what he told me he said your when i when i gave my locker crisis seventeen i made a decision that children would never be raised in the poverty that i was raised in so my father
he rose up by the decisions that he may by the grace of god and he broke the curse of poverty in our family today you know what we're blast because my father took a stand so i'm a monopoly that to tell you i'm reconceive because my mother and my father have plan and sewed and dino broke that curse of poverty but later in life my dad he loved reminisced joel victorian dropped back to paris texas where he grew up and so we went back we and the old farm where he lived only the house was gone we found the well was still there and he so tell me he had walked two miles to school and we looked in this goal was like a hundred yards away obeyed in your but convinced the guys who know that was the schools do i know you don't get it you know that we drove around who would define some friends and gas italy's brought fortune had a roof had leagues in it it was you ve won hearted ass it was a shack and the guy was out there
shirt on just gonna kill in time that's what good person but my dad walked up said whatever his name was this a john hosting haven't spoken to him the lights sixty years ago my dad got to talk and what would you do it worked at the boat chop a little while i did this for a little while you don't got laid off back them backs been hurt but i just tell me what a difference somebody raises up and sets a new standard it didn't you know what not nothing against that and there you know he didn't do it but i thought look at the two adapted touch people the world had a you know a family what is doing great thing so it so important that man you can become a barrier breaker you can rise out of any dysfunction or just out of there i believe god every generation to increase as well when my dad want to be with lord people used to ask me do you think you continue on what your father started in here have any experience but something down in here
we tell them not not arrogantly at all i'd say you know what i think i can not only carry it on but i think we can go further because it's the way god designed you didn't want to go back where she wants to every generation increase we want our children to go further as well so why don't you go breaks up barriers for your family you know nobody broke the four minute mile for of you know forever in here driven the got broken and then after that within like six months forty three other people broken it's like the burial was in our mind that we can't break a four minute arcade be successful can't break this addiction you know what you want the power most time god on the inside of you you'd be amazed at what you can do keep tells a story is really powerful my dad about eleven years old and my dad said hey can get the card had not here go in three hours later we were in front of a house that was very similar what you described shack when does on the on the other
no glass on the windows the doors broken down going in the house we walk in the house in this floor was dirt there is one point virgin there's no man said over the corner and we walked over there i was held my dad's hand he said hey dad i've never i've never met my grandfather and my dad had a bag of money for women's candy and my grandfather retorted even know that's it was literally knowledge we didn't say i love them dad just talk to him from a and kind of walked away we were there for about ten minutes and we go to the house in our memory look at my dad said dan never want to go back there and he said that's why i brought you here because his war were from this who we are it's so impact in my life tat i said you know what can be somebody i can be so many and i m not that my grandpa i never saw again not never met again
never talked in him not that he was a good man that's not the point that the point is is it where you come from that there have to be your ragged bury their so right now that's a ted you're next sir your chair road from death in a world outrage in colleen texas ministers to a lot of the soldiers and people there have away at the military largest armoured bases world daring to lean so almost all the soldiers and military or come from there and so we taken it honor in opacity joe in your book next level thinking it just so amazing and not noticing the chapter two about being fully loaded and how what i took out that is about running your race and stated in your lame and not and run other people's races because it's easy i know in my lad to get caught up in seeing what everybody else's do and how great everybody else is and you might
to get in that race and run their race in their lane instead of being fought they loaded and no one it is you ve said for the race that god has put in you i grew up to honour vessels men of the one thing i notice i read your book not so much the vessel but the annoying on the vessel and that's what i love about that is how how does body recognise that and stay focused on race in lay when there's some each other things going on around you at such an important point it really is a legitimate question but it might be that i think are the analogy in the book of you know king saul killed thousands then they started well beyond the people arnie singing this great victory king saul has killed thousands and david had killed tin thousands i can only imagine when case all king saul is killed thousands are saying it about a man s great everything
fine i can imagine until he heard what they say david tens of though his whole attitude change he wasn't content with in one thousand person verse of ten thousand you know defeated person so knowing it sometimes you to accept i got this is who you made me to be i may not have killed ten thousand but i've killed a thousand i will be happy with with what you get made a deal with the gift you ve given me in a really believe saul its destiny because he was jealous of somebody else if he could just celebrated them and i think it is in you're talking about the fully loaded and totally equipped hey you may we may not be teenage eggs from may not be somebody else but you know you gotta be the best that you can be and celebrate somebody else it's what i love about it hadn't great around me i got brothers and sisters and brothers and laws you know what i'm the younger the younger than some of them but they all celebrate me but when you recognize you are in your your content and who god
due to be i think is so important in chad is the distractions is looking at that and you know somebody else will god why did you give me the god one month church bigger god why can't i want you tune all that out and be content and be happy with who made you to be the fact is somebody love to have what you have someone we gladly tried places with you and it's easy to be happy until you start comparing in competing with other people one time always learn into my neighborhood and have this path are honest to my path and when there's this long boulevard probably a mile and a song about our two blocks in front of me in vienna two hundred yards and i just i just i just feeling kennedy and i want to raise some animal rising and so he's enough there man he's going pretty good i'm gain in autumn and gain and just beat him and finally just kidding in calling on family beat him
no he didn't know erasing but i'll be there but you know the funny thing is we're up on the video i looked up and i thought oh madam my turn back there i was forced to turn up three blocks before but i was our focus and i'm albeit this got it doesn't even one race in him but you know i'm not just turn but i think that's what we do in life a lot of times race and after all i'm not right after anybody else i'm recently gives marcel to be the basic gods call me to be so they script you don't look to the lap nor the right be who gods gaunt you to be celebrated i did this ahead of you god damn doesn't stop from blessing you doesn't like like god ran out of because he gave them so much god has favouring really i saw in david god can do for you what he did for the others god can take you further we about earlier i think off camera that what are some just just a test i won if so would have celebrated king
but i don't know but i just encourage it to be content with what god can you you're not lacking but given this all different gaps and you have to bees we have to be wise can continue to accept it are you joe ebon conner strove timid than a majority to family churchwarden island in texas two new building opening up this resulted in six weeks that's awesome words here so happy for you guys evidence there are great pastors there and just faithful people and love what gods do in thirteen years being a mobile church set tearing down a lot of people have gotten discouraged but may i admire you guys almost seven hundred times we tend to do while but gods been faithful now we're blessed ahead i'm excited about a new book just excited that you let me read the pre release version itself
i'm gonna buy the real one when it comes out i was reading chapter a in approve your health and you said something that was palfreys is a problem with not liking of is that you're the only person who can you can never get away from and i thought wow i think that's one of them these things that whole people back is that we don't like ourselves and i think it's because we think god doesn't like us and i think in your book you really help us understand one or two things you say in the book is god jesus this is my beloved son and whom i will please and jesus hadn't done one miracle they give we see through gods lenses likely he's us then we will accept ourselves he's not looking for perfection jesus already done that he's looking
charity is the life that we ought to live and not perfection and maturity is a destination is is not adjourn it's a journey not destination so i'm excited about your new book and i do believe it's gonna bless a whole lot of people my question would be with how couldn't do you feel its necessary for someone to approve of themselves yeah thank heaven is incredibly important because you can if you go through life you got enough people we have enough for in life against us you can go through life being minced yourself i'm enough i think the reason we don't have healthy relationships and not a lot of times and not because somebody else is because we we don't get along with ourselves so we get along with somebody else so again it goes back to what we ve been too an about turn it off the negative recording hey you have applause and weaknesses so do i sort of victoria more than me so you all got we all have we all have plenty of these violent you turn off that recording couldn't beaten yourself my goodness
is too short to live beaten yourself down and just being against yourself and thinking how their body also greater but i just think you know everything you said aben as it is so important that you know when you're against yourself you're not going to reach full potential will i'll explain it better in the book but you know the key is turning off get the right recording in your mind our thoughts are limiting asked is not enemy is not others its people like you i like that you you look at people like they all like you and your suit people the way you see yourself so you see yourself defeated you see yourself in secure you see yourself unattractive than you are putting that out everywhere you go even body language in this measure up and stuff you gotta see yourself differently and that's the story ten spies and came back and said we were in our own side as grasshoppers as we were in their sides they didn't those guys over there in the park in the promised land they call us grasshoppers they said we felt like
were grasshoppers and i think there's a lot of people live in what that guy copper mentality when you child or the most tat god when he's breathe life into you when he's crowned with favor when you have seeds of greatness met god or imagine and they handle gi of imagine your child coming up in all dad please can i have something to eat please can undo this i'm not worthy now we would thank you stand up tall you're my son and that's what god saying to all of us stand up tall i made you i created you yeah we've all made mistakes we all have weaknesses but i can't hardly hardly anybody in the bible god jews they didn't have flaws and weaknesses you know they didn't made some mistakes but that didn't disqualify then god them in spite of that but you have to turn off that recording of i'm not good enough and the insecurity and god could never use me u turn that often that's what allows god to do great things snapped the gods
holding us back so many tonnes were holding us back with the wrong thinking pester rich wilkerson from trinity training fellowship in what city my mom miami been friends of mine for a prince of ours for so many years rigid robert you son richie pastures in about two miles from ten miles gimme another son pastors in new york or with him the other together with pasturing in seattle area we also aruba where would i be here i was really impressed with the chapter on live is a bold son i just thought about your family because nineteen eighty five and i was about bleeding to death in the hospital dad i reckon i got my number in a hospital and brother john called said brother
this is brother o stay any said dodi's got sounded here am i believe and your mom got aforesaid rich get out of that the math make ilya i'm going to pray for you right now she started praying quote and verse is over me and i really like i checked out that day i literally the day and god yo me of a blood disease and i think about that legacy that's on you and i was just when he saw jonathan in alexandria on the stage a job and got up and you start a kind of preaching and everyone she's gonna go interesting goes generational thing and i want you to talk to that but that the chapter the
it was move up to next level taking the book is called next level thank you but the chapter that i like do it don't do it and i think that is where so many of his kind i have a roadblock yet we won i have next level thinking but how do you do that and and in their chappie just talk about the hales was make budget will make a decision but still talk about that i think richest what you say is just a decision we have to make if not maybe not fall on us not wonder you know something supernaturally happened but just by the act of your say you know what i am winter talked a lot about net chapter about it is finished this this function is finish this this mediocrity is finish this bad attitude is finished this live and negative and not enjoying my life it is finished we ve gotta just
jesus said on the cross when he said it is finished he one just talking about his life he was talking about all the shame the guilt all the stuff it's time to hold us doesn't do us any good though unless we get an agreement with garden say ok tonight is going to be a new night a victory in my lie you just draw line in the sand and you decide to make start making better decision but when i've learned this when you do your part god will do his part he will again but sometimes we wait and you're gonna feel better when i get a break when my husband start treat me better but no what you gotta say i'm i'm will make the first move right now i'm going to let you know change the way i'm thinking i'm a look at things from a new perspective on more thank god for what's right not what's wrong and really it is a lot like my father when he gave his life to christ if you know what came over him maybe just a decision he may but he said you know what poverty is finished in my life seventeen years old in the great depression no money no education his pair
telling them don't leave the farm but you know what he made that decision no god gave him the grace to do it but he had to step into it again like you had a big how i got a scholarship now to go to school or sudden he hitchhiking starting point in prisons and on this corners and things like that but again when you make that decision to make what god will do now i like that i think that's part of that i talked about this or a slave and it reminded me because because so many times you know how they israelites god brought them out of slavery but ass they went toward the promised land they they never got rid of a slave mentality got it call them a son but it's like the enemy kept calling me a slave so like you know and is calling your son enemies calling your slave who you're gonna say you are so or a slave well we are sons we're daughters are the most tat god but as long as you have a asleep mentality a defeated mantell look what i've been through regional local and look
the giant alma my promised land listen god is bought you through in the past he's gonna bring you through in the future don't have a slave mentality have a son mentality stephen haze pastor of covenant church with me mom and dad sit next to great people and mining the haze pasture there how many years forty years they transition to steve and he has not run it down yet but he's doing right but these guys pastors like a cat they are just great friends in great leaders and just been friends of ours and stay love we were talking even last night about how the church transition the last couple of years that churches strong a love to see healthy transitions that's what happened at lake would happily that's all continue to happen with our church and other churches better thanks for yeah great blessing to us absolutely in india
as you wrapped up your last point as a jewel while at it so clear from pesky said others on breakin bear barriers and using new trail what he's done now for his children were you you're doing for yours in your church i told you last night that just what you done as a sun seeding your father and an amazing job taken further has helped to blaze a trail from me as well son coming in and so thank you for that but but it is all that so important the next level thinking the chapter to address existed out maybe you just alluded to not thinking like a sleigh but thank you for your son it comes back i think so much to being able to really connect what possible is knowing whose you are you know you can have been strand about love and use its also important but if you don't know that you are a son and daughter of god and your approval is not based on your report where performance it's based on his greatness is goodness and until you can connect to that i don't know that any of the others does even possible i would like it
full even love myself if i don't know that he loves me and so that old chap really got me and specifically the store told about the main its guy coming your house to fix an air conditioner and he said you know guy shows up he's not gonna get the fridge he's only go sit and watch tv is it's not his home go and do the job ahead and to do so and johnson comes from college he's not gonna ask permission to go the fridge he's not gonna ask permission to watch tv because he's a son he knows who he is and and i was talking to pass to fill before the session and your modem store i share with him back in high school my parents may stephen your job is to be a good student be an athlete and be faithful church and and so they help me get my first car but i work to raise the money and they made me put my put my money of fort worth and raise money will they when i the car i was the only one of my friends that had a car so i became the carpet guy rad took every by the practice in cinema got me they made the mistake of giving me a chevron gas guard and in
the sun any my friends that needed some snacks were buying gator aid as practised the first month the first month it was like a thousand dollars i spent chevron i got creative you can you can feed if you guys it's ever on it and they sent me does its people who understand what you're doing but listen felicity just feed everybody at the gas station recognized i ordered it but my dad's govern the bill like i know my dad is and he's paying the bill and i thought less later life that not everyone was raised parents but i was and i had a father and mother were provided for me and because of that relationship i was able to walk in miss in a phase that otherwise i've seen people not be able to do and you're analogy with the israelites been rescue through miracles of the plagues and then even the clouds
by day fire by night incredible red sea parted but then they forgot who they were averted said before that jesus god took them out of of egypt but it took forty years to take the egypt out of them i think a lot of people experience at church where or people leave apply because i think the place was the problem but this wherever you go there you are i think that man reality is a big limiting factor how do you help encourage people even when they come in their excited to be here be recognised still gets some egypt on and how do you get them really to get over the fact that you know you left and i may have been good but you still brought some of that with you in other words you're saying is true just just today at a time keep teaching them keep encouraging them and you know you said it so beautifully better known we are not going back to that base no one our children are the most time god that we are approved that we are accepted known that we are love no and that we are masterpieces has that foundation for for the next level thinking so seven thanks for sharing that things for all of our great
factors here victorian nick and thank you guys but watch and they cannot see a copy of my book or more time i know it's hard copy now but next level thinking if you want to pick up a copy but we loved you paste being a part of our webcast in pray in eighteen oh god gonna take you to new levels as you think better you gonna live better than this god's goodness in new ways you're not watching this by accident godhead here and there so aren't you take principles and take these principles to heart let it be a new beginning in just gonna we value weight and say god i'm taking the limits offer you tonight i know you made me you breathe life into me in just kind of like they come are you gonna get all the virus is out of your brain and although the wrong things people of you're not who people says you are you are who god says you are he said the blast your prosperous you redeem you have forgiven you're a child of the most tat guy
thanks so much with the next time one touch godspeed can catapult you to the next level number one new york times best selling author joan lipstick deliveries new book next level thank you to take off to a new level and start rising high you'll see god promoting and take it to a new level of your destiny i'll show you how to recognize any barriers they told you back so you can rise higher and become all you were created to be next level thinking now available pick up your copy i tool is the dot com
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