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Our Delight In The Lord Shapes Our Desires​​ | Victoria Osteen

2020-09-18 | 🔗

God wants to do something extraordinary in your life! When you make time to delight in Him, He will prepare you to receive the dreams and desires of your heart.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hi. This is Nikki Torreon. Thank you. So much for downloading is hike ass. I believe God has amazing things in your future. Hope you enjoy this message here. We all want God, you do great things in our life. I think the cry our hard is God. Does something in me and throw me let two thousand seven be a year that you really bring forth the dreams and desires and my heart- but you know, the interesting about gods promises is, I always come with the condition usually we have to do something, and then God I'll do something. It comes with a condition a stipulation you know, I find it very interesting. The God can get us to move. Then he can move. It's almost
they have his condition, prepares our heart. It steers us to receive what he has You stay away just wish all day. It works suspicion in the wishing pond we're not do anything God says I am a partner with you. We, joint AIRS and Jesus Christ. He wants us to be active and pretty this debate and what he wants to do in our lie. So is standing here, saying God does something amazing. Through me and n me bring forth my desires this into what gods condition is found in some thirty. Seven. Five in the Bible says it like this delay self in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart When you delight yourself in God, he was shaped in you, his desires, so that he can bring the best
You, God wants to shape in you his desires. We all one our desires to come to pass. All we love to hear gods promises. We want gods promises, but what are we delighting in? What are we pursuing? What are we given our time? Do you see this? Grip says when we delight in the Lord, which means when we fine joy and happiness and pleasure in God, it will shape those desires. For God, you see times we had the wrong desires and worse, broadly trying to those things happen, I think sometimes get it backwards. We and desire, and we forget, To find out what we delight in, we forget: what gives us fulfilment
forget to pursue those things that give us joy, peace and stream and allow those things to shape our delight, shapes our desires when jewel and I were started dating I worked in my family's jewelry store. I worked on saturdays, so I would take off on Fridays. Jaw worked at the church so Sunday he would take his father's messages. He would edit them get them ready to be broadcast on television, and so he worked on Sundays and our on Saturday, so we basically didn't. Each other on the weekend that night. So since I took up on Fridays, Joel decided that it's gonna take off on Fridays. The only thing was this on. They are on Friday. I wanted to the mall I wanted to run errands. I wanted to do that. That I needed to do my day on, but you know
Really great is Jordan. Care jaw wanted to be with me, so Joe would go to them all he would go with me to the mall, because he just wanted to spend the day with me. He delighted in that when we first started dating Joe had season tickets to the Rockets. In fact, this was the former compact centre for those of you who died now in our first date was right here at a Rockets, basketball game. He was such a fan, heaving love the games and I loved your. I love to be with him. Anyway. At that point you can say I delighted in general, so it motivated me to go to the basketball games. It motivated me deeply com, a sports fan the
dad it if I didn't enjoy being which all idea I would have been so ambitious to go to all those basketball games. I can tell you this, if you're willing to found joy in being with me, you wouldn't have been in the mall. You see he liked them all, because he, like being with me. Do you get what I'm trying to say here our delight, shapes our desires, it wasn't the mall Joel light it was. We would may lie and TAT. I was such an avid fan. I just wanted to be with jaw, so I became a fan. Isn't it interesting when we delight in the Lord we, when God wants for us, we were and do what God does we
wanna be were, God is the things that are important to God of a sudden, become very important to us. You see, God wants to shape your desire when you delight in him. When you find fulfilment in him, he wants to put those dreams in you that will come to pass He wants you to dream big dreams, but he already has a plan for you when you delight in him, then your dreams will come to pass. I find it interesting that the apostle Paul said this in second Corinthians six this is the message, translation and it really sums up what I'm trying to say. It says the heart regulates. The hands. Paul was saying what you in your heart? What you find delight in you can put your hands to.
See. What is in your heart is gonna drive you with great passion and determination, your hands and your heart go together. Just like your delight and your design. See the apostle Paul was saying when your hearts right, you put your hands to the right thing. God, what's your heart to be his garden, he wants to plant his dreams. His desires in your heart because he wants to bring forth God opportunities He wants to bring forth out of you, God, miracles, God moments in twenty seventeen this and don't let the wrong desires, cause you to struggle speed. Your time with God find out what he wants. You to do delight in him. Take pleasure in the fact that he is your guy That he'd show you that his play,
as for your good and not evil there, to give you a future and a hope, you think God what's our best, he doesn't want our left overs God doesn't want the end of your day when you're, tired and a little miserable God, once the best of your day? get up every morning in great God with a good morning. Nodded. Oh god, it's morning, see God once our firstfruits. Throughout the day, we should have a conversation with God. Please consult him for our decisions bringing into our relationships. Take him. The job with us put his word and our heart because when, the world is in our heart. What will happen is it will come up out of us
It will get guide us and give us Great council and wisdom, jewels, dad used to say it like this put gods word in your heart: when you don't need it and they come out of you when you do need it. God's wisdom is come out of you. You know Psalm thirty, seven says delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart, it goes on to say, commit your way to God and he will do this and am against US How you will overcome you challenge you face. He will be there, your enemies won't get the best of you. You see he's talk about delighting yourself. Creating a desire for God Then your roots go dandy, so you can be committed. You see. I am delighted with your eye delighted in his friendship. I delight getting to know him. I desire was formed that he would be my spouse. I married him
thirty years later, I'm committed to that guy. My roots are down deep, hey through the highs and the lows he's mine and I'm his there's a commitment. That's been for see, there's a system to this This ain't delight lie before desire design. I will take root and commitment will steady, you strengthen you anchor you and I will do this he saying when you're committed you do what you don't feel like doing he say and when you are committed, you realize, even when it's hard on other side, there's a great reward, hastened sooner or later my way is the best way the method and hang on and twenty seventeen, It's you, where you need to is a faithful guy. He wants or heart he wants. Hard so that we can put our hands to his business to his kingdom. So we can be
accessible. We can be happy Then we serve happy God, God, up in Heaven. The Bible says laughing and enjoying things, and he wants us down here. Accomplishing laughing enjoy, overcoming going from victory to victory. We serve a guy who is committed to us. So let's be committed to him. I believe, if we will, time to invest and delight and dwell in our guide that he will at night passions and those desires and we will abound in his grace and we will be committed, are high in our hands will be moving in the right direction, and I We'll see miracles happen in twenty seventeen that we never. Even expected, amen. Man, I'm gonna. Think for listening to the jewellers. Dean podcast help us
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