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Outlast The Opposition

2019-11-24 | 🔗
There are some battles in your life that can’t be won instantly. You have to outlast the opposition. Make up your mind to stand firm in your faith no matter how long it takes. Your time is coming. What God promised is still on the way!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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How bad do you want? What God promised you give up easily. You didn't want it bad enough. If you let people discourage bad briks talk Delays called you, the Quictk believing then you'l go to miss what God has reaved y. This is Jole and Victoria place for downloading. On Hod hat. We enjoy spending this time with you. I know you want to leave incourage and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and Followith on social media to Stak connected. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy the message, W God bless you, it's a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever Norariu. Please TOT lie an be a. of one of our services. I promise you will make you feel right at home. I like to start with something funny- and I heard about this pasture
He was walking down the street when he came upon this group young boys that were surrounding a small dog. He asked what they were doing. They explain that they, haven, a contest. Whoever could tell the biggest lie would get to keep the dog the pastor launched into a ten minutes ermine starting with don't you kno lying is a sin and ending with. When I was your age, I never told a lie. There was pleased silence and just what he thought he'd got through to them. The youngest boy spoke up and said right, give him the dog, etlike you mean it? This is my Bible. I am It says I am, I have it says I have. I can do what it says I can do to day. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. will never be the same in Jesus Lane. God bless you. Oh
talk to you today about outlast the opposition. We all have things come against us in life. People that aren't fair were deal with an illness our business has gone down, would pray in believing doing the right thing, but nothing is changing. It's easy to get discourage and think it's never going to improve, but way. Yo. You win. Some battles is not by defeat the opposition, but by outlast the opposition. You have to have staying power. You can't be weak and give up Becaus. it's not happening on your timetable. enemies are stubborn. You have to outlast the trouble at work, outlast the difficulty in your marry. at last the slow season in your finances. We want God to deliver us from the attack.
If he's not changing it, it's real simple! You have to outlast him but sometimes we feel, like God, is forgotten about us. We seen him turn situations around in the past, but this problem won't seem to go away. God is still going to turn it around, but this time he's going to do it a different way You have to have a holy determination, a Maiy, pmine? Will you DD yourheels in and I am in it for the Long Hall quit is not an option. I am going to outlast this sickness, I'm going to outlast the addiction, I'm Gina outlast this injustice, This is what David did he defeated Goliath in five minutes? No big deal, God favored him, and he quickly took down this huge giant overnight. He became a NASH
he, but there was another man named King Saul, that was against David All was on the throne of Israel. When God promised David, the throne, God could have had they id defeat Saul like a defeated Goliath, quickly, no problem, but this time was very differ. David had been anointed to be the next king of Israel. After he defeated Goliath, he left the shepherd's field and to the palace to serve King Saul, but Saul was jealous of David. He could see the favor on his life one to David was playing the harp for Saul. Trying to make him feel better saw through a spirit at David and barely missed him. David had to run for his life he spent months in the desert.
in hiding living in caves with Saul and his men constantly on his trail, trying to kill David. Was it fair, David hadn't done anything wrong? He was bein good to so. You would think that God would stop Saul vindicate David and put him on the throne like he promised, but God doesn't always do things. The same way for some victories. We have to prove to God that will do the right thing. When the wrong thing is happening, we have to be good to people when they're not being good to us, We have to stay in faith when it's unfair when taking longer than it should when we don't see how it could work out. Bad. Do you want what God promised you? If give up easily. You didn't want it bad enough. If you let people discourage it, bad breaks talk out of it
Delays called you to quit believing then you going to miss what God has for you. There are two kinds of faith delivering and sustaining fate. Thel Ringfaith is, when God instantly turns it around that's. When we defeat Argolias, we don't have to wait. We don't have to or God suddenly shows out in our line, but most of the time Wegoi Don sustaining thing! That's when takes us through the difficulty through the challenge could turn it around right now he could change it instantly, but if he did that every time our fate would we're it wouldn't grow like it should. Something happens in this struggle When our mind tells us it's never going to work out been Ahart. We know what God promised is on the way.
Armand says you wastin your time. No yuse even believe in any more, but you jest keep keep it on. Trusting God thanking him. That is on the way. That's staining say now. Don't think that everything is going to be easy, don't expect every person to be for you just because it hasn't and yet does it mean it's not going to happen. The VIC is on the other side of the opposition. It takes staying power, a made up, mind Someone that's not moved by the circumstances. At one point David saw Saul and his men sleeping he snuck upon them and he could have easily taken Saul's line. This was his big chance to get revenge to pay him back, David wouldn't do it. Saul had been anointed to be the king
but new to touch not gods. Anointed had ta taken matters into his own hands that would have kept him from the throne. You have to pass the test of honoring, those who are in authority not because they're, Anwhat's. What's right, but because of their position, its easy to be disrespectful to people when there be being disrespectful to us. It's easy to want to vindicate ourselves. Here's my big chance to pay them back to make them look bad after they did it to me. No stay on the high road. Let God be vindicator. Let him your enemies? Back God sees what's happening? she's every wrong every injustice. If you ave, it up to God, he'll vindicate you better, you can vindicate yourself month after month, David kept doing the right thing,
He could have been sour God. It was easy, The peak alive was this. ging, so long David nderstood some opposition. You have to outlast. If you get this uriage worn down, it's never going to happen, you'll miss what God has in store thirteen years after David was chosen to be king. After all the hiding mistreated. Saul was killed in a battle. He was suddenly taken away and David became the king, what's interestin is David, never defeated Saul. He simply outlasted him when you let o'd fight your battles, he'll get YO to where you're supposed to be now, Some of the challenges at your facing you', be in your best things aren't improving like David. You have to outlast,
that opposition. Don't worry about defeating it. If just out last you'll see the victory, God will take care of your songs. You keep honoring, God and you won't even have to Fih. God will move the wrong people out of the way hell indoors that you couldn't open he'll turn the situation in your health around now outlast the sickness outlast, the loneliness outlast the trouble at work you have to tap into your staying power friend of mine works for this big company for years. His supervisor was against. Him has always him down. Making him look bad. This supervise even went to the main Bols and tried to get this man fired, but the boss wouldn't do it. The boss took all of his other recommendations. Why? Wouldn't he take this
because God is in control of your life. Not people, not the sickness, not the addiction, God has. The final say: This supervisor was always spreading rumors about this man trying to poison him orn all the other employees, but this man just kept doing the right thing: Overlookin offences being Goo, the people. One morning this supervisor was called into the main office he'd been with the company over twenty years. Look like he would retire there, but that day he was unexpectedly terminated they let him go. Few minutes later they called my crendin out of all the people there. They gave him the supervisor's. Jow hes Sa Joll. I wasn't qualified for the position wer others in front of me, but for some reason they chose me to head up this department. The scripture says the
the enemy set for you, they fallen themselves. You may have ull against you, tro the discredit, Tyo make YO, look bad, you don't have to fight those battles just out last, The opposition doing the right thing, keep me in faithful each day and God would a care of whose trying to stop you are you upset over. What's not changing you pray in believing, but its not improving. It's Vicalle That's not a Goliath! a soul you play it away. You can't make it work out. You have to outlasted now trust God's timing God knows what he promised you. He knows what he but on the inside and at the right time it will come to pass. God told Moses in the book of exodus, to go TL Apharaoh to let the Israelites go.
had been in slavery for many years, Moses told that he didn't want to. Go that Pharaoh, wouldn't listen to him, he finally went, but it was just like Moses thought, the their obasically, basically laughed at him said Moses. Who are you to tell me what to do? You have no authority here. I don't have to listen to you os, went back and said: God I told ye wouldn't listen. I told YO wouldn't work out what's interesting the scripture says that God called Pharaoh to be stubborn, He could show his power in a greater way. God had is go back again and again, but he a new Faro would say: no. He caused him to harden his heart. Oh could a cigard I give up. I'm doing She asked me to do, but is not making a difference. No higes
kept doing the right thing, even though nothing was changing. Everything in him said you're wasting your time. It would have happened by now. This men never going to change his mind. He had the outlast favral stubbornness. I wonder if youare frustrated by an enemy that God is caused to be stubborn, he's not letting it work out yet because he's going to use that situation to catapult due to a new level or you can see is nothing is improving what you AAT Sea is what God is about to do. The oars Heis about to open the healing the favor, the vindication, the break truth. And you may have some stubborn enemies, the Good NEWS they are not stubborn, for our God. He not have allowed it. If he wasn't going to bring you out better now, you have to get you a fie.
back dig your heels in a little bit deeper and SHO the enemy determined than he is, God didn't bring, this far to leave you he didn't. Let Ero say no, because he's more powerful is setting you are to show out in your life. he allowed the opposition not to stop you, but to promote you. Now you need to be more stubborn in your face. Then the stubborn things that come against you that sickness may be stubborn. You can't seem to get well. That's ha, I'm more stubborn than the sickness. I will live and not die father. Thank that restoring help back into me, the number of my days you will fulfil that financial difficulty is stubborn,
en in my family line for generations, but Canno tell ye I'm more stubborn. I will lind and not borrow, but to think it it abundant coming my way. Thank you that what I touch Hers in succeeds, Moses went back, I told the Pharaoh again and again to let them go but feral was stubborn, Moses was more stubborn. Every time they enemy tells you know you need to go back and tell him yes, one more time, don't the enemy had the last word keeps thinking Aith of your line keep Declarin favour. Keep calling yourself bless, healthy, strong, victorious veryl Inely decided to let the Israelites go. These two million people headed toward the promised land wasn't long before Pharaoh changed his mind and came chasing after them. It look like a setback but
Ly God was setting them up, they were. adead in at the Red Sea, they had nowhere to go, but just cause you've run out of options. Does it mean on his Runon of Oxtieons, God told the Israelites enemies. You see to day you will see no more. The Red Sea parted the isral tswit through on dry ground when Favoe and the army came chasing the waters closed up? They were all drowned. They saw, those enemies. No more. You may have situations that look like they'll, never work out God is saying to you what he said to them, that depression you're about to see it? No more! That is not your destiny, that's strugglin your finances. He can't get ahead, you about to see the enemy of lack. No more gods. The least you in the abundance, the sick, Has this been hindering you? The addiction
the loneliness the anxiety you, my will have a going away party you going to see them no more. This is a new day. God is doing a new thing now, This tenacity down in your spirit, is IST. Not thet to be tired and weak can run down. You been med with strength for every banner you are. We week, you are, able to Outlist was trying to stop you, These last twenty years that I've been pasturing, I've had the lorndo glass some things when I first stepped up to Minister every thought told me that I couldn't do it that I wasn't qualified that I didn't have the talent. I tried to push those thoughts down, but they came right back. Up. They were stubbern. I couldn't pray them away. I couldn't belie them away. I had the outlay
the insecurity at last, the fear, outlast the intimidation. I Cun tell ye. If ye had enough Thingh you would never have to fight. Fear anxiety or people being against Yout. That's not the case. Some things you just have to outlast. You have to be more determined than what's trying to juback. Twenty years later, I don't fight those same thoughts Theenemies I saw back then I don't see the day. What am I saying? Don't get stuffed in the middle, don't believe. The lies that where you are as permanent, you'l always be that way out last. Opposition, keep believing Reprogramming your mind, keep thanking God that he's bigger than what you're facing few years after I started pastoring the church begin to ly grow and more people started watching him. That's great
with all the exposure comes more critics, people that don't understand Jin people that don't want you to succeed at first. I didn't know how it was going to work out. seems like every week someone was coming against us trying to discredit us, but I'm never debated with people. I never tried to change their minds. I dis kept Runnin my race honouring God Bein. The best that I could be. It was about ten years. In that I felt something lift off of me. like God, said, all right, Joe you've, outlasted Yeu critics, you pass the Tess now the enemies you see to day. You will see any more and yes sure I still have a few critics, maybe a couple, but people can't stop your destiny
God bein for you is more than the world being against you. My encouragement! Don' fight with your critics just outlasts them, let your action speak for you. Let your success do the talking Halsted Ephesians. Having done all to stand He was saying when you ve done everything you can you ve done your best to get? Well, you been good to people that weren't good to you. You ve worked hard and haven't seen increase. What do you do? Get upset discourage give up no just stand standing is trust in God. Knowing that he is, control when standing you're, not frustrated, but what's not happening. You not complain because it's taking so long you're at peace you're at rest. You know what started in your life. He's going to finish the amplified says
stand firm immovable. That means you're not moved by the medical aport you're not move by how your child is acting you're, not move by the contract that didn't go through you're steadfast. You keep believing you keep thanking God. You keep me in your best quitting not an option giving up is not in your mind, said you know what God promised is on the way. If it's not Ephening no big deal yed Keep standing. Somebody ask: are you still believe in to get well, you bet that sickness a long time the medical report. What are you Do I'm going to stand I'm going to trust God ere to thank him. That healing is coming, I'm going to keep Th earing that I'm healthy whole and strong. Why? How long are you going to stand and good stand until see what God promise me come to pas. Go
He is looking for people who have stubborn vain. Anybody can get discores. Any they can give up and say Pharaoh said no. If you're going to reach your destiny, you have to make up your mind you going to stand, no matter. What, comes against you and how long it takes the apostle Paul, outlasted betrayals shipwreck. beatings. Bein lied about. He had plenty of opportunities to get stuck. He could have said God, it's not fair. All these things have come against me. Instead, he had uburn vane. He said in axe, twenty none! of these things move me. He was saying I'm not moved by the opposition. He wasn't it but how unfair it was Bu how long it was taking he just kept standing, He went on to ride over half of the books in the new testament. We need to
to the place where we can say like Paul. None These things move me not moved by the economy. Buba. What's not workin out, I have made up mine, I'm going to standing keep believing keep trusting that out last, what's trying to stop me This is one time where it's good to be stubborn. You are not going to be talked out of what God put in your heart. I was a each one time when our children were small. Alexand was three and Jonathan was six. We were a havin, a fun time make in castles in the sand when this little yellow bumblebee came and landed right beside us. Exandra screamed and took off running and a this I him out of the way we went back to play thirty Gens later he was right back flying all around us. The kid started screaming I got
tow and us swatted him down to the ground? I thought I showed him Who'Se boss a minute later there, he was again bluzz and all around anoying us this are not only swadded him to the ground, but I got tinace you and I squashed him. Into the sand as hard as I could. I thought I'm tired a dealing with him couple a minutes later. I looked over just to make sure he was still nead I couldn't believe it. I saw one wing barely start to move. Then other wing came up out of the sand. He walked, Aren for a few seconds like he was in a daze I was amazed not only that he was still alive, but did he could get back up again about that he took off flying in the air away from me. Just when I, though I was done with him. He
turned around and headed right back toward us. I thought you got to be kidding this be like the terminator. He came. anbuzzed by my head, like four fav toms I had to do to get out of the way Alexander said dead. Get the towe. I said no lexandra this b, deserves to live, I'm a thousand times bigger than him and a still can't kill him. When lie, tries to push you down step on your dream. squash. Your hell, you got gotta, do like that. Little bumblebee and get back up again. At last. What's time to defeat you, the power in you is greater than any power this trying to stop you, the scripture, says, Good person falls seven times but gets back up again. You have come back power. God wouldn't have allowed the adversity if it was
tofinish you all, it is the nut step on the way to your destiny. We see this with Joseph. He was betrayed by his brothers and thrown into a pit sold into slavery. Put in prison falsely accused it was one bad break after another thirteen years of injustice disappointments. Surely he would be bitter discouraged, no Joseph Underst, he just kept standing, kept doing the right name one day, while he was in prison for something that he didn't do the bards came and said the Pharaoh wanted to see him. The leader of the country, Joseph didn't, have an appointment with him. He had never met the man but when it's your time to be promoted all Forces of darkness cannot hold you back when you pass the test of outlasting, the opposition. The promotion will come looking for you
The healing will come to you. The right people will find you Joseph went and interpreted the dream for the Pharaoh. He was impress he made Joseph the Prime Minister of Egypt when we stud, Joseph's line. We realize God was an in him to defeat his brothers, he wasn't asking him to break out on the pit to escape captivity. God was simply asking him to outlast the opposition. At all had to happen for him to become the prime minister. Some of the challenges that you're facing the things that are Other knew that are not changing. God is not asking you to overcome them. He's just asking you to outlast them's, all part of his plan, it's necessary to get you to your destiny and yes, the farohs can be stubborn things. Not be improving. Yet encouraged. God is
in control. He has he in the Alm of his hand what he This is on the way. Now do your part and keep standing don't be moved by. What's not changing have this stuff, If you'll do this, I believe and declare like with Joseph. Things are going to suddenly change in your favour. You didn't see it coming break through healing vindicat in promotion. The fullness of your destiny, He'Sus Jesus name and if you receive it, can you say AE today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jes sthe Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just Lord Jesus come into my heart. Ah Make you my lord and save you prince, I Pepe Hatsimple, simple prayer. We believe you got born again, get it good Bible, Bass, church, keep God first place
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