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Peace With Your Scars

2018-11-16 | 🔗
You can’t live very long without being injured and going through hurts and pains. Sometimes the wound heals up and you don’t have any sign that it ever happened. But there are certain injuries that are so severe, a cut so deep that when they heal up, the pain goes away, but they leave a scar.Maybe you have been scarred by a divorce, by what somebody said, by a mistake you made, or by a loss. Joel wants to show you how you don’t have to try to hide your scars or be embarrassed by what you’ve been through. You can be at peace with your scars. God is going to take your wounds and turn them into beautiful scars. Let your scars be a reminder of the grace and goodness of God.
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Hi. This is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast. I believe you'll be inspired and challenged a hope. You enjoy the message is a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever area please stop by and be a part of one of our services. These are the finest but in all of Houston, Texas right here at Lakewood, we'd love to have you come out. I like to start with something funny in a hard about this man. He got caught shoplifting at the grocery store. He was at court. The judge said, Sir understand you stole it. Can a peaches how many peaches we're in that case,
he said five, your honor. Is it all right? I'm going to give you one week in jail for each peach. You have five weeks his wife stood up and said your honor. May I say something he said. Yes, what is it she said? dollar canopies to say it. Like I mean this, is above all I am what as I have so I can do what it says I can do today I will be taught the word of God, boldly confess. Mine is alert. heart is receptive. I will know be the same. In geez Nay, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about peace with your scars. You, can't live very long without being injured, go into hurts and pains, sometimes the wound healed up and there's no sign that had ever happen, but there are certain wounds that are so severe a cut so d? They healer
the pain goes away, but they leave a scar scars from fallen off a bike. Is a child scars from the surgery to remove the illness scars from the accident? There are physical scar. Scores that we can see, but there are also invisible scars scars that come from inner wombs scarred by the divorce scarred by what somebody said scarred by mistakes that we may so often we turn a had our scars we don't see anything positive about. It reminds us of the hurt, the sickness, betrayal, which they go away, but we, need to see our scars in a new line. God did not allow that scar to discourage you. He allowed it to remind you of what he brought you through when you see the scar, dont think of the pain think of the grace of God. The scar means the wound is here:
the scar means the pain is over and you move in for the scar means. What kept you awake at night is now behind you don't get bitter and live in Rome. on. That score is a reminder of how faithful God has been without his mercy. That mistake could have stopped your purpose without his Healy. That sickness could have been the end when you're tempted to get discouraged. Think an obstacle is too big. Just look at that. Car, God you hear me back. Then you restored my marriage. You helped me through them, also a loved one. It wasn't easy, it left a scar, but this scar is a reminder of your goodness. You did it for me back there, I know you'll, do it for me. Right now
you'll see your scars. The right way, they'll be fuel, for your fate will remind you of the goodness of God, but you don't have to try to hide your scars. You don't have to be embarrassed by what you ve been through. You can be at peace with your scars. No one in the scripture fulfilled their desks without scars, we all get wounded. Things happen in life that we didn't see coming and unexpected illness a loss. People come against us. We make mistakes. If you're going to fulfil your destiny instead of being d, Yes, but what you went through set going around in self pity was it wasn't fair, have a new perspective. The enemy tried to stop you, but he'll do. How do you know you have a scar to prove. You noticed does it you're not depressed over it you're at peace, with your scars,
you know it was the hand of God protecting you, not letting that position to Fiji. The scar doesn't have to remind you of the pain it can remind you of the grey this of God, the enemy wasn't able to take you out sure you have. scar, sure it was painful. But now you ve come through keel, restore vindicated bless fulfilling your part, I read about a young lady she'd been in Africa Volunteering at an orphanage driving back to the airport. She was: hit own collision very serious accident. Her face was cut from the top of her forehead around her down to her chin. It took hundreds of stitches too I went up she's. A beautiful young lady looks like a model. Now her face was forever changed permanently scar after it healed,
people were concerned about her self esteem and how she was going to handling much did their surprise. She didn't get better. She wasn't press. She was extremely grateful She knew she could have easily lost her lie. This was four years ago, sometimes She'll go out now without wearing any maker. She doesn't even try to cover the scar she wears it with. Ride she realised that she is blessed to be alive, You're scars can remind you of the pain or they can remind you of the grace of God. Are you peace with your scars or you're, trying to hide their living guilty, men who heard two bitter about what you ve been through. Those scars are not there to depression. You they are there to encourage you. They are reminders of what God brought you through
may have been painful, it wasn't fair, but without the goodness of God, you wouldn't be where you are used they'll be wound, still be hurting, but look at you now, you restore You're healed, you're, moving forward, not foreign daydream. One of our worship leaders develop this huge goitre on man, it grew to the size of a man's fist It was so large. She was indeed injure of block in her windpipe she'd been several doctors, but they wouldn't touch. It was too close to her vocal cores They were concerned. She might lose her voice dangers and amazing. Singer, she's been leading warships and a little child. After going to several doctors being told no time and time again, she was at home research and surgeons on the internet. This doktor from Nashville stood out. Something said, he's the one she went to see him. He said
he would do the surgery, but it was risky. He had to fly in another surgeon to assisting so complicated. It was going to take to the she had the surgery. It was completely successful. she was told that she could be out up to a year, but three months later she was back see, Six months later, she had her full range. A year later she had more range than before the surgeon, but when dangerous things there's this scar across her neck, resting that she does. It necessarily try to cover it up. She doesn't only Wareham blouses she's at peace with that scar at one time it didn't look good month after month. She didn't know what she was going to do, but now, when she sees that scar she's not better, look what I had to go through look at the pain I endured that scar remit.
I'm her of the faithfulness of God. It reminds her, God is directing our staff ring in the white people that, God being for her is more than any force trying to stop her, but sometimes we have scars from self inflicted wounds. We made poor choices. We have no one to blame, except ourselves freshman year of high school. I was running around the track with our basketball team. We were doing condemn being drills and had to run a couple of miles.
Been playing around and fallen behind. The team was about a hundred yards in front of me. They turned around and started teasing me we're just havin fun with a coach went into the field house. He couldn't see so I cut across the football field and was going to get way out in front of them. When they saw me take off, they started laughing, they knew if the coat saw me I would be done, but just ass. I was about to make it to the other, side. There was this metal drain cover on the ground, a big gray. I didn't want to step on it. So I step right before it. What I couldn't see is the water had eroded the dirt and there was a whole about a foot and a half d. The grass had grown up, You couldn't tell well, I stepped in that whole with one leg fell and Manly hit the metal drain cover I turned a somersault and kept running the tea
they started laughing. I thought that was so funny. So did until I look down and I could see my kneecap outside my skin, I had broken my need. Care had to have surgery, missed the basketball season that you never told my coat. What really happened? I hope, is not listening, but now I have this big score or money. When I look at it, I could be reminded of member state live in regret. What ass thinking what it not just do what I was supposed to, but I have a different perspective: when see that scar. I thank God that I can still run. I thank him for his mercy that, even though I made them a state, even though it was
Aha, he brought me through healthy and strong. The tooth is: all of us have scars from mistakes we made, maybe not physically, but invisible scars. We got off course. We gave in to temptation. We hung around people that pull this damn we didn't take care of our marriage. We could let those scars remind us of our mistakes. Go around guilty. or we can. Let them remind us of the grace of God. God didn't allow that scar. So you can constantly think about your failures. He allowed it, so you would think about his mercy. His forgiveness quit beating yourself up over the past. The enemy is called the accuser, heeded for you to live in regrets down. You're so now, enjoying the grace of God, because you're so focused on mistakes. You may
what you did wrong, trying to hide the scars, those scars warrant meant to be hidden, You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are forgive. You are redeemed. That's is a reminder of the mercy of God. Don't let it be turned into something that makes you feel guilty. God has done too much for us he's paid too big a price. He has brought you too far for you to swing back in guilt. You can be at peace with your scars Nothing you ve done is a surprise to God. He knew every mistake. We would make. He knew every time we would take a wrong turn. He wouldn't have allowed it if it was going to keep us from our purpose. My father was married at an early age. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't work out. He was embarrassed. Denominational leaders told him tat. He would never pasture again
when you're wounded. There will always be people that ensue the Vienna Healer porn the oil on the worms, help you get back on your feet. They'll judge you by your mistakes. They'll trotted disqualify, you but people don't have the final say they didn't call you breathe life into view. They didn't know you before you were born in your mother's womb. People Written you all, but don't get discouraged. God is already written you on chose you before you can choose him. The scripture says gods Calling on your life is irrevocable. That means God doesn't change his mind. he's already decided to show you mercy, he's all right Decided to heal the wounds and give you another chance leave those laws that you blew it. You had your chance,
just sit on the sidelines, get back in the game. The scar doesn't mean you're finished. The score is assigned You been he'll, it's a sign that you're ready for action. If God was through with you, you wouldn't still be here. There's something for you to do. You have an assignment somebody needs what you somebody need your smile, somebody, your love, somebody need your gifts, not me Joe. all these wounds. I have all these scars, everybody has scars the scars, don't disqualify you the scars. Pierre, you, you learn from every experience. new, gaining something you're gonna need down the road. Nothing you ve been through has been wasted. So all a part of God's plan Four years after my dad was divorced. He met my mother, fell in love,
we're married for over forty years and my father went onto pastoral great churches and minister to people around the world, but he could have let that scar, stop brutality. Looked at you gotta thought I'm not qualified. Look what I've been through. I can't, minister to others, but he saw that scar in a different light. Instead of discouraging him, it reminded him of the mercy of God. Instead of living condemned is just the opposite, he would God that he was restored, why he was at peace with his cars. Are you beating yourself up over the past, not per in dreams, not passionate about lie the enemy reminding you of those self inflicted wombs how you blew it. You had your chance next time he come showing you that scar tryin to make you feel guilty just turn it around.
This scar reminds me of the mercy of God it remained. me that I'm deem that I'm forgiven I've heard it said only God can take an ugly wounds. and turn it into a scar, a beauty sounds like a contradiction. How can a scar be beautiful? We see scars is painful, ugly we'd rather forget we try to hard, but our God knows how to take an ugly. A bitter divorce, a painful loss and unexpected illness and wow change it into something beautiful. We didn't deserve the mercy. We didn't see. How could work out the odds were again does, but God not only borders through, he turned it into a scar of beauty.
Now when we look at it, we're so blest we're so grateful. We don't remember the pain. We don't remember the hardy. We remember, the goodness of God. My mother had polio when she was a child. One of her legs is much smaller than the other. She walks with a limb. I've never heard her complain about her lamp, never seen her discouraged about her lay when she looks at that scar, so to speak, she doesn't see it in a negative light. Oh look what happened to me. Her attitude is Lord. Thank you that I can walk Thank you for your goodness. In my life, score is not a reminder of the pain is a score of beauty. It reminds her what God broader through in the scripture Jacob had a lot of sense. inflicted wounds. He was dishonest when around cheating people he tricked his brother out of his birthright, caused him. A lotta heartache
later in life. He decided to make a change. He went down to the brook by himself to get along with God and angel appeared that look like a man and wrestled with up all night the next morning. The angel was about to leave Jacob held on to him and said. I know who you are not going to let you go until you bless me. The angel gave him the blessing any land in the struggle Jacob heard his hit. The scripture says he walked away with the limb, but he had his blessing. What am I saying you can have a limb and still be blessed. You can have a scar and still be successful. Uk
through a break up like my father and still do great things are too often, we think are scars limit us some of the more uneven our fall scarred from a tough childhood scarred from a break up scarred from illness. Those scars don't have to stop ii. The scars are your testimony at your side, worry. You have to hide them. Everyone has scars, we'll Joel I've been through so much I have some scars, I don't see how I could ever accomplish my dreams. I know someone that has more scars than you and he fulfilled. His purpose two thousand years ago, he was betrayed by historians. Mason stood by his family. He was forced to wear a crown of thorns his hands and feet were pierced where they nailed him to occur.
Had a big gouging aside from a spear? His back was last with thirty nine Stripes who is more scarred, then our saviour, What amazes me is Jesus rose from the day when he came up out of the grave you would think he would be completely he'll everything restored to normal, but even the resurrection power caused him to come back to lie. He still had scars. This is significant because God could have taken them away. The scripture even talks about how, when we get to Heaven we're going to have new bodies, no scar, God could have made his skin like new, but on purpose he left the scars. Maybe in part it was to show us that is ok to have scope
it's ok that you made mistakes. It's ok! That people betrayed you. It's ok that you lost their loved one. You can be at peace with your scars, knowing that we are worshipping a savior who has scars. Cod is saying to let the disappointments. What didn't work down, who hurt you, or even your own mistakes calls you. The settle in lie lose your passion, our saviour has scars, but he rose from their Jesus has scars, but he's at the right hand of the father. What makes you think you're scars disqualify you, but we all want cars to go away. We don't want any reminder of the hurt, the sickness, the betrayal, and I can promise you. The scars will go away, some of them last a lifetime, but I can promise you they don't have to keep you from your destiny. You have,
be at peace. With your scars. There are a lot of things in life. We don't understand why we came down with an illness while we lost a loved one. While we walk with the land, those scars are not there to hold you back. They are reminders of the grace of God of wood. brought you through this very powerful when you can say I worship of Savior who has scar, since he has scars. You know what I'm ok with my scars not currently bitter because of disappointment around in regrets. Beating myself up over past mistakes, I'm not going we sour, because I had this disappointment at peace with my scars after the resurrection disciples. We're in a room together, afraid They had the door's locked when Jesus suddenly appear John Twenty says he held out his hand for them to see his scars
he showed them the wombs on his side. Thomas! Wasn't there that day when they hold him that they had seen the Lord. He thought they were just distraught and probably saw him. in their imagination. He said, I'm not going to believe until I feel the nail prince in his hands until I touch the womb on his side a week later, Jesus appeared again this time, Thomas was their Jesus, went over to him held out his hand and said Thomas Touch, my scar I feel the wound o. My son Thomas failed our Lord Bali. Maybe someone needs to touch your scars too, Lee. Maybe they need to hear how God brought you through the difficulty? How gave me your voice back like data. How God restored, gave you a new beginning. Like my father, don't hide your scars. Show you scars
there's healing in your scars theirs duration in your scars. Your scars can inspire someone to believe people all around us or wounded their hurting their discourage their lonely. Like the disciples. They don't know how they're going to make it, but when they see your skull when they hear how God he'll jus restore, Jus bless you that will breathe new life back into their spirits. Are you hiding your scars embarrassed about what you ve been through bitter over? Who hurt you, God didn't show you mercy Joe For your sake, those scars are for somebody else. He turn around, because he knows he can trust you with scar. when Jesus first arose here, Mary Magdalene, at the garden to when she recognized him. She went to hug in
but Jesus and stop don't touch me and he had not yet ascended to the father to present the sacrifice our times when you're not ready for people to touch your scars. You're still go into the healing process. Scar doesn't happen overnight takes you may be in a difficult situation. You waiting to be healed, waiting to be restored. The wound is still painful, like with Jesus. The time is coming. The pain is going to be gone. The wound is going to be here. You'll have scar not to remove and of the pain, but to remind you of the grace of God, then you can tell people touch by scars. Here's what God has done for me, John after five Jesus healed, the man that had been crippled for thirty eight years. He said
stand up pick up your mad and go home instantly. The man could walk. It significant that Jesus told him to take his met with him. I'm sure after all those years that man was probably dirty had holes in it didn't smell too good did Jesus tell him he throw them at a way. You can walk you're, not going to need it anymore. That Matt was like a scar it was a reminder of what God guarded done. It was a part of his story. I can imagine everywhere the man when people would, What do you do and still carrying this all map? He would answer. May look ugly to you, but to me this is a beautiful man. Every time we looked at it, it brought a smile on his face under his breath. He would whisper Lord. Thank you for healing me. God could less. To leave our maps. He could take over the scars serve theirs? sign them anymore,
one reason, he leaves them Not only so will remember what he's done, but that so we can tell others. Are you at peace with your scars? Are you looking back with gratitude, thanking God, or you looking back bitter wondering why it happened. Have a new perspective. The scar means your heal. The scar means your forgiven. The scar means you can walk, you may still have your mad that simply to remind you of the greatness of God, when you see other people who were wounded, do like Jesus tell them touch my scars. Let me tell you what God did for me here: do for you. If you do this, I believe and declare God is going to those ugly wombs and turn them into scars of beauty. What was meant for your harm, he's about to turn You're good healing is coming. Freedom is coming breakthroughs, you're coming back,
we have common in visas name and if you receive it, can you say men today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus Rapidity, my sins come in to my heart make you my Lord insane friends. If you pray that If a prayer, we believed you got born again, get in a good Bible based charge, keep God first place victorian I'll, be right back to speak a blessing over you Thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke. steam dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe
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