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Protect Your God-Sized Promises

2018-07-04 | 🔗
You may be going through some difficult times right now, but hear this loud and clear. God says you are also blessed and highly favored. He has chosen you and put a seed of promise in you and given you an assignment that you need to protect.You need to get into an environment where it can grow, such as a good church where people know God and speak encouragement to your heart. Get His Word in you so that when you go out to birth what God put in you, you’ll withstand the challenges you’ll face. Protect what He’s given.
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welcome to the joel o'steen podcast helpless can we need to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe hosting dot com give hope to give a gift today just want to encourage you today that you had the power of the living god on the inside of you pretty tired of hearing that uh either and i think we constantly need to be reminded that god's power lives in us you say you're a this morning i want to announce that you're equipped for your unique assignment god has left nothing out that you're going to need for each anything thing that he's called you to do
and not only has he thought about you i liked what cindy said that his thoughts for you his plans for you are good thing he thought about us he knew our assignment and he put everything in us that we would need every gift every town our personalities are dispositions everything is just right and then he did something one step greater he put his power in us he put this power in us so you have the living god on the inside of you if you're a believer today so i don't want you to feel ordinary because we all sometimes it's just an ordinary life we go to work we come home we eat dinner here we do it again we get up in the morning we go mow the lawn we do this we do it can feel ordinary but i want to tell you something god didn't save you
he didn't call you he didn't choose you to the ordinary he called you to be extraordinary you gotta understand because you have the living god you are extraordinary you're set apart your called by god and he has assignments for you to do you see it's so interesting because sometimes people don't recognize the call god on our life they don't understand the call of god or like we may feel ordinary we wonder if we're accomplishing what god even wants us to accomplish so often we determine the power of god within us but what's going on around us you see if i was maybe doing a little better if god like me a little more this wouldn't be happening or maybe if i could get a little closer to god i wouldn't be going through this this trial can i tell you something that's the
a man looks at things in fact god told the prophet samuel he said you're going to know the next king of israel and i want you to know this one about this anointing you're going to the man that i call but i don't want you to yeah to look for what you think would be the key i don't want you to look for man that's the right height the man that's in a certain position the man that has the telling that you think would make a good key he said because i don't look at things that way that's the way you look at he said you look from the outside you were i want a life from the outside but see i am a god of the inside man looks on the outside but god looks on the heart senior you're qualified today because god chose you to be qualified he looked
your heart and he said that's my child you know what i love about that is that god is the god of second chances god is always inside of us working from the inside out he's working on our thoughts he's working on our actions he's working all the time god never sleeps he never slumbers he's always at work in the heart of a believer to david said it like this he said ut teach me wisdom in my innermost parts that's you're speaking to me god in my innermost parts you see god communicates with us in our inner most parts and i want to remind you today that you house the greatest power in the universe i don't want you to neglect or not protect
what's on the inside of you you're not ordinary your extraordinary you walk with humility because you know the god that you serve but he hasn't made you like anybody else he separated you i just want you to get this in your heart today because i think when we realize what we carry well protect what we carry well nick knowledge we carry will allow what we carry to teach us wisdom in our innermost parts well i we don't have to react to the boss when he's putting us down he's trying to make us feel less than we can understand that the critics don't have to define us god is teaching us all the while in our in most parts i wanted use one of the greatest mother since it's mother's day right i wanted
talk about one of the greatest mothers in the bible in fact this mother was the first mother that god lived in the first mother that god live her name is mary you know mary you know the story of mary he she was mother of jesus she was young girl she was about to get married to the man of her dreams now somebody might not think she was anything special if they looked at her from the outside she's she's just a girl she has a lot to learn but you see god wasn't looking at mary's outside he wasn't even looking at mary's plans he was looking at mary's heart and he had a unique assignment for mary see that's so christine because god wasn't concerned about mary's plans god i wasn't concerned that she was about to get married the in the
we're already out the caterers were coming the venue is already paid for you see what so looking at all that he was looking at her heart and he had a special assignment have you ever been interrupted by god well mary was interrupted the angel came to her and announced that she was a only favored woman and that she would give birth to a son she said how can this be i'm a virgin i've never known a man and he said the holy spirit will come upon you and god will empower you to bring forth this you see that's what happens when you know who you are you know you got god on the inside of you power shoe so you can bring forth the things on this earth that he wants you to do plans that he's already established ci
don't know how it all works but i can you that god is always working he's uh he's working and you know mary instead of giving a lot of excuses so you can we do this little bit later it's kind of inconvenient god god wait this man a long time you don't know all my girlfriends got the man at their job and waiting for this man a long time mary said being into me as you said she literally made a decision that she was going to embrace this see that god had just planted the seed of promise and that she was going to accept it no matter of it interrupted her plans or not no matter how difficult it was she said i'm all the way with god and i love that about mary and as i was reading the story about mary i just want to get to some practical things that mary did and i think these things can help us we've heard them for but you know we think that marry just
these the old you know she she was chosen by god to have the son of god so i'm sure you know she had everything she needed what can i tell you it was rough it was rough to birth the promise of god it was rough to do what god had called her to do but god said she was favored and highly blessed so i guarantee you she favorite and highly blessed no matter how difficult it was no matter how many battles she had to fight no matter how many times she had to talk or herself into it because god said she was blessed and highly favored and god says you are blessed and highly favor you are blessed and highly favored you may be going through some difficult times right now your may be interrupted i want you to hear that loud and clear god chose to live in mary and god chose to live in you god chose to live in you that's powerful
that's powerful because mary fulfilled her assignment and brought the film into the scriptures god chose to live in his people i believe that was a foreshadowing of what god wants to do in the earth he wants to live in his people but as soon as mary accepted that seed of promise the scripture says that she immediately went to her cousin elizabeth house yeah her cousin elizabeth was right to a man name zachariah and they were promised in her very old age that she would have a baby she was pregnant with her baby when elizabeth got there and when elizabeth saw mary the scripture should that she immediately began to encourage mary sheehan media tly began to speak faith into mary now where am i going with this a long time ago
tell you what i believe god is showing us one he is showing us when he puts a seed promise in you you need to protect that seed of promise need to get into an environment that it can grow you need to get into good church where the people know what god does and they can speak encouragement to your heart because that's exactly where god had merry go he had her in an environment where that environment news the power of god you know it's in this is just a side note but i don't know if you find this as interesting as i did but bob is that mary was at elizabeth's house for three months you know it's interesting because when a woman gets pregnant that twelve week period is very crucial many times you can miscarry for that twelve weeks and back you know some people don't even like to announce that they're pregnant until after the twelve weeks because
it is a safe zone and you know okay it's it's probably going to be okay thinking isn't that interesting that god had her there for twelve weeks but he didn't want her to miscarry this seed he wanted to keep that seat environment that it can grow in a strong foundation to think about what god said to you think about the dreams he's put in your heart think about him being on the inside of you what environment do you put yourself in do you let people talk down to you do you put yourself in an environment that god wouldn't want to be in are you careful do you protect it there were many naysayers when mary showed up pregnant see she is a virgin and
i did an immaculate birth in her but the people didn't recognize it i'm sure they were saying did you hear about mary and joseph go away he's also what very been doing but you see god took her out of that environment and he put her into a protective environment and i just want it suggest to you and i today that we begin to put words in us in a protected environment it's not easy to birth the promises of god listen mary had to go out of her way i had to change her plans to do some things that maybe a lot people wouldn't want to do but mary was willing to see this thing to the end it also says that marry
treasured up all of these things and pondered them in her heart see that tells me that mary fought discouragement that mary fought the critics that mary fought the hardships by pondering all of this in her just imagining and talking to god about all that was about to happen and all that would happen in the future you see that's what we need to do we need to not just run around telling everybody our problems not just try to get man to fix us oh can you help me now we need to ponder what god has spoken to us did his word build a foundation of true so that when we go out to birth what god is in us will withstand
challenges that are out there you know what this is mother's day and i just want to honor sorry i want to just say merry god saw your heart you saw it through you fulfill the scriptures and i dishonored the fact that god chose marry among all the women she was qualified and can i tell you the goddess chose you among all the people and he's qualified he chose to live in you today just like he lived in mary protect what he's giving you birth what he's put in you and i believe you'll see god do the impossible just like mary did amen amen he's an awesome guy
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