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Protect Your Peace

2019-04-07 | 🔗
Did you know that God has given you the power to remain in peace even in challenging circumstances? The key to protecting your peace is choosing to trust God at all times. Regardless of what you may be facing, God's peace is available today.
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hide this a jewel in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy the mess god bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home i like to start with some funny and hard about this single man we're sitting on an airplane next to a beautiful single lady they struck up a conversation he asked what kind of men she like she
well i like native american men with their high cheek bones golden ten skin plus i like jewish men theirs brilliant and successful and are like boys from the south with their long southern draw what's your name he said my name is geronimo burns d but my friends call me say it like you mean it this is a bible i am what it says i have what is i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly can pass mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in june nay god bless you i want to talk to you today about protect your piece we should get up each morning believing for a good day expecting favour no one that god is directing our steps
at the same time we should realise everything may not go perfect every person may not treat us right our plans may not stay on ski there may be some bumps in the road and things that we didn't see coming if you're you going to enjoy the day if your plans work out you're setting yourself up for disappointment in our cars we have a spare time we're not drive somewhere i'm not expecting to have a flat i'm not expecting they hit a whole i'm expecting to get to my donation as plan but even though i'm expecting things to go my way i've made provision in case it doesn't i've taken steps ahead of time in case the tar goes plan in the same way even though you are expecting your plans to work out even though you are expecting good breaks you need
have your spare time you need to make provision in case things don't go your way how do you get your spare time at the start of the day you to make a decision it no matter what comes against you you're not going to get upset no matter what someone says you're not going to be offended no matter what delays disappointments bad breaks you're not going to be sour you ve already made up your mind to stay in peace that's making sure you have your spare time if someone is rude to you your attitude is no big deal going to sit on the side of the road and saw em all put most tyrone and keep moving forward if you hit a pot whole something unexpected happens you loved one has an illness your child forgotten homework the long didn't go through you could be upset worried but you have your spare time
you decided i headed time to stay in peace people in your life as good as they are there are no perfect people there is no perfect boss no perfect friend no perfect neighbour no perfect spouse victoria says that i am no she's either line or say it it but they give people room to be human quit expecting them to perform perfectly all the time will they hurt my feelings if you have your spare tower you for give them and move on don't have unrealistic expectations that person that loves you so much no matter how good they are at times going to disappoint you they're going to say things that they should don't be easily offended while my spouse didn't tell me you love me today
this neighbour doesn't invite me over like she used to my co workers didn't congratulate me or my big presentation you don't know what's going on in their lives don't take it personally here's a key you're happy this is not someone else's responsibility you are responsible for your own happiness too often we are counting on other people to keep us cheered encouraged good about ourselves that's putting too much pressure on the people in your lives let them off the hook nobody can keep you fixed except our heavenly father don't go to people
only god can get are you going through life without a spare tire only happy if things go your way the problem is the roads are bumpy there will be some potholes unexpected challenges without a spare you'll get stuck on the side of the road bitter over a break up upset cuz a co worker left you out stressed over the traffic is too short to live offended upset discourage this day is a gift from god we are not always going to be here you have to put your foot down and say i am not going to let these same things keep up setting i'm going to stay in peace even if the bosses unfair even if my spouse is grumpy even if my fly this delay even if the medical report isn't good this is the day the lord has made i have my
mama i'm only enjoy when we go around of ended up their discouraged really it dishonours god he's entrusted us with lie he could have chosen we want to be here but before time began in his great mercy he hand take too he not only chose you but he created you in his own image he's planned out your days he's crowned you with favor now he's directing stamps no way to honour god is to get up each day with passion be in your ass pursuing what he put in your heart don't get stuck in the pot holes of lie shake off the offences shake off what somebody said shake off self pity bitterness god saw
we think that happen to you he knows what was unfair he knows how you were treated nothing is a surprise to him if you keep moving forward he'll not we bring it out you'll bring out better we'll just i will do this but these people at work no treaty right there unfair they get all manoeuvres you can't control what other people do but you can't control what you do if you let them said to you are giving away your power you are letting them control the scripture says god has given us the power to remain calm in terms of adversity you don't have to let the same things keep upsetting you could tell him yourself i can help it they just know how to push my buttons try a new approach decide i headed that you're going to stay in peace and you'll tap in two that power to remain calm
a man was walking down the street with his friend to buy a newspaper they came to corner store where the man bought the paper every day the core behind the counter was his unfriendly as can be cold inconsiderate acted like the man was bothering him the man bought the paper smiled and said i hope you have right day the court didn't even look up didn't even acknowledge that he said anything his friend said man what was wrong with that court is always that route the man said every morning and said are you always that nice he said every morning the friend look kind of person said why the man said i've made up my mind i'm not gonna let another person ruin my day he was saying i have my spare time yes i hit this porthole every morning but i'm not going to get
here arguing being rude letting him ruin my morning there may be people use every day that have the gift of on your nerves they feel like there are calling in life to make you miserable the good news is you're in control they can't make you unhappy unless you allow them to they can't make you be frustrated it's your choice now don't go the next thirty years letting the same things upset you giving away your power make a decision like this man you are not going to let another person ruin your day not the guy that cut you often traffic not the corked its rude not the family member states
disrespectful when someone is critical condescending rude they have issues that we are not dealing with they become poisoned and now that poison naturally comes out the key is don't let their poison gideon do you don't let their bad attitude sour your day you overcome evil with good you don't overcome evil with more evil if you join in you rude back you argue the you have allowed their poison to contaminate gene but when you take the when you rise above it and your kind to those that are unkind your respectful when people are disrespectful you'll be an eagle god will take you to heights you ve never imagined years ago our promised a friend that works local news that i would be on
morning programme i had to be at the station at six thirty on a monday morning i woke up that day and i was tired i didn't feel like when it was cold and raining but i made the commitment i was told to park inside the fence close to the main doors are pulled in dark outside nobody was there as about them i can get out this lady came running over a security guard waving both of her arms like i had committed a major crime she said what are you doing you cannot park here this is reserved for our special guest i thank god i'm on it we spare tyres for this lady do you like it involved as it ma am i'm on the programme this morning i was told the park here did you hear what i said you cannot park here i had to remind us of joy europe pastor your charges rhetoric
the freeway us mounds it s fun when parked in the neighborhood couple hundred yards away still raining had to run to the building and the programme she must have seen it because afterwards she came running and sit all past or honesty i would have known that was you i would have let you park there do you have time to pray for me i thought i would if i didn't have the work so far as its euro will i wanted it i got deliver her from that meanness what saying don't let another person ruined your day don't let her go two balls make you grouchy to where you i'm home and be sour with your family you can't keep it from happening but you can keep it getting on the inside you have to guard your heart jesus said offences will come
inside they might com if you a good person if you were kind enough if you quote enough scriptures then you won't have to deal with grouchy people you won't to hit any potholes he said they will come on a regular basis you will have opportunities to give up their live better offended arguing trying to pay people back the word offences in the scripture comes from a greek word that means bait it's used in reference to how they would catch animals it was actually the bait the lord the animal into the tram when your team to be offended somebody says something derogatory they led out recognise the enemy is offering you the bait he's trying to see you in the trap come on get upset baby argue back many people take debate
go around bitter upset offended next time that happens in writing those same things upset you just say no thanks i'm not taken bait not falling into that trap i'm going to enjoy this day but it's easy to get baited into conflict argue with people trying to prove our point do you have to be selective which battles you fight you're not supposed to engage in ray conflict if that battle is not between you and your god given destiny you should ignore it most of the things that come against us are simply distractions ask yourself if i win this battle how would it benefit me what would it accomplish that person that cut me off in traffic if i rush up and cut them off what did it gain me i don't even know
carson it's a distraction if i'm rude back to the person they sold me the paper yes it makes the blessed feel good but it doesnt put me further down the road it today fraction you need to choose your battles wisely if you make the mistake engaging in every conflict straightening out coworkers proof the people who you are you won't have time to fight the battles that do matter when david was a teenager he was out working in the shepherds feels his father ask him to take to his brothers they were in another city serving in the army when david arrived he said goliath taunting israelites making fun of them here the men there what is the prize for the man that defeats this guy
they said the reward is that person will get one of the king's daughters in marriage plus they won't have to pay taxes with that got david detention he realized that was abandoned worth fighting there were spoils there were benefits but when david older brother alia heard him inquiring fighting goliath he tried the embarrassed david he said and for all the people david what are you even do in here and what have you done with those do she you're supposed to be taking kara he's trying to make david appeal small sane david you unimportant you'll never anything gray now david had killed a lion and a beer with his bare hands i have no doubt he could have taken care of area but the scripture says david turn and walked away one reason david did great things is he knew
which battles to fight he could have gotten industry arguing trying to prove the iliad that he was important but if he would have engaged in that conflict if he would have taken the bait he would have gotten distracted wasted time and who knows maybe he would have never faced are you fighting battles that don't matter that of keeping you from does that do matter you have to learn walk away from things walk away from petty arguments walk away from disrespect walk away from jealous people proverb says avoiding a fight is a mark of honour not winning a fight but walking away from a fine that's not be and we that takes a strong person that's a mark of honour in your marriage you need to do what you can
to stay in unity it's easy to argue over every little thing live better offended problem is there will be some big giants that you and spouse have to face on the way to your destiny there will be goliath that's how we the new levels but if you're distracted are you in over little things you will be able to defeat those big giants you have to pass the test abiding europe walking away when you feel like telling somebody or overlooking interference the scriptures as one can chase a thousand too can put ten thousand deplore when you are in agreement with your spouse you are ten times more powerful when alia insulted david david was able to bite his tongue wonder why
david played in some one forty one lord take control of what i say help me to keep my lips he was saying god help me do not say things i shouldn't help me walk away from rude people helped me to stay on the high road yes it's good to pray for favour too good to pray for wisdom for protection but i wonder how much further we would go if we would do like david and start playing god help me to shut my mouth as a powerful prayer god help me to not say hurtful things help me to not be critical help me to not argue when god can trust you to walk away from the aliens the people that are disrespectful
people that trotter beta into conflict than he can trust you with the goliath ass you will come in the destiny moments where you will debate giants that cattle port you ahead as our become more known i've had more critics and some of them people that had large followings when you hear negative things especially that not true or we're it's taken out of context its tempting to respond but the grace of god i've always been real good of letting go never other me in the least bit of learning stay on the road will not try to prove to people who i am not lived a principally that god will get me to wear i'm supposed to be but some of the people that work
so against me today they dont have their platforms they dont have their followings things have happened where it didn't last and i'm not happy about it my pony is god would take care of the iliad aims god would deal with the people that are trying to discredit to it's not your job to straighten them out walk away from them and like god fight those battles david said god prepares a table for us in the present of our enemies when you have an enemy that means god has a table for you when someone come and against you when you have ellie somebody at work trying to discredit you recognize there's a table there you can go argue with them be rude back to those i wrote to you or you can sit at the table that god propane
when you say you're saying god i'm trusting you to fight this battle is not between me and my desk so i'm not gonna worry about these people at work that are trying to make me look bad more keep honouring you be in my best and i know while i'm seated at the table you prepare while i'm in tease you will take care of come and against me the apostle paul did this he had all kinds of opposition religious leaders didn't except in the government thought he had too much influence people lied about him he was put in prison he had plenty of opportunities to live bitter offended one place we see his attitude he said alexander the coppersmith has done me great wrong but god will repay him he was saying that battle is not between me and my destiny i'm not going to take the bait i'm not going to get distracted i'm going to sit
at the table and let god fight ma battles are you fighting where you should be sitting turned straightened somebody out proved them who you are that's not your battle that battle is the lord's you don't have to pay people back you don't have to get even god is vindicator he will go for the wrongs that we're done to you we'll stay and they stay in peace how road god will vindicate you better than you can vindicate yoursel first samuel chapter ten profit samuel chose saul as the next king of israel most people were happy and congratulated saul when saw returned to his home town some of the people that him the most warrant happy with samuel decision they begin to laugh and make phone saw one for the arcane he doesn't have what it takes the truth is they were jealous of song
they were so insecure so small minded they thought they had to push saul down so they wouldn't look back don't ever fight battles with small minded people don't waste your time with people that are jealous people that don't value who you are people they don't respect the anointing that favour the talent on your life they are not between you and your destiny if you engage in those conflict it will keep you from becoming who you were created debate first twenty seven says they display his soul and refuse to bring him gives but saul ignored then if you're going to fulfil your purpose you have to get good at ignoring things
ignore negative comments ignore disrespect ignored the naysayers they dont control your destiny they are distractions to try to keep you from god bass instead of being upset over whose not for you and frustrated over who's gonna make you look bad do like saul ignoring jealous people can't keep you from your destiny small minded people cannot stop your purpose we need a mile was rebuilding the walls around jerusalem there were two men at the bottom of the mountain sand ballot in tobias they didn't like me oh my they were constantly criticised him spreading rumours trying to ruin his reputation all day they would shout insults make in bonn turn debate me am i in the coming down one nehemiah could have come off the mountain and defeated them he could have shut them up but
he knew as long as he was fighting with them he wouldn't be making progress on the wall he knew they were not between him and his destiny he didn't get upset he didn't try to straighten them out he's simple ignored there he went on to finish the wall in record time when god puts a dream in your heart there will all ways be sand ballots into biases people that are critical jealous disrespectful people that try to get you around don't take the bait that is not a battle you have to fight they are this action to try to get you off course so you miss your purpose do nehemiah learn to ignore the sand ballots into buying is your assignment is too important to be distracted by jealous small minded people in the scripture it tells us to put on the whole armor of god part of that armor is
choose a piece it's interesting that god shows our feet for peace it implies everywhere we go well they have to choose to stay in peace because you can have your helmet of salvation on your shield pay your belt of true but if you don't put your shoes appeal so you don't make this decision that you're not going to get upset you're not gonna live offended you're not going to get baited into conflict then even though you have all the other arm on without peace it's not effect every morning you need to make sure you put on your shoes a piece to many people go through the day barefoot it offended discouraged set but when you make this decision at the start of the day that nothing is going to upset you really you're putting your shoes on you're saying god i trust you know you're directed my steps and even if things don't go perfectly
i believe all things are going to work out for my good when you in peace you are in a position of power when you're upset discouraged appended just the opposite you won't have the strength to knee next time your tempted to be offended recognize what honey don't take that may when someone says something derogatory instead of trying to pay them back ignore them take a seat at the table god prepared when you walk away from the aliens the battles that don't matter you will come into your goliath opportunities that will thrust you are here i'm asking you to pay have your peace if you'll do this i believe and declared you're not only going to enjoy your life more but god is going to take care of what against you he's going to visit to promote you and take a new levels of your destiny in this name anything
receive it can you say amended but i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just lord jesus our rapidity my sins come into my heart make your my lord and saying if you pray simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base church keep god first place thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world joe loose dean dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing
oh yeah i'm no gods best is still ahead we'll see you next time
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