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Pulled Strings

2018-11-18 | 🔗
It’s easy to go through life wondering how things are going to work out. But you don’t have to worry about your future. Your life is divinely orchestrated. God has determined the end from the beginning.He is behind the scenes not only directing your steps, but directing the steps of the people you need. He’s not just in control of your life, He’s in control of all your circumstances. You can live from a place of peace, knowing that nothing randomly happens. Your steps are divinely orchestrated.
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hi this is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged a hope you enjoy the message about less its enjoy to come into your homes and if you ever our area please stop vine be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home to start with something funny and i heard about this airplane it was about to crash there were four passengers but only three issues first passenger said i'm a leading heart surgeon my patients need me took the first parachute and jump second passenger said i'm a rocket science
it is one of the smartest man alive my country needs me took the second parachute george the third passenger pope john paul said to the fourth passenger in your old boy scout so i am old and frail i don't have much where you can have the last parachute the boy scout sesar don't worry there are still two parachute left the smartest man alive he just jumped out with my back say it like you made it this is my bible i am what it says i am here what it says i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about pulled stream
cs it to go through life wondering how things are going to work out hope and we make right decisions stressed over our finances concerned about a child but you don't have to worry about your future your life has been divinely orchestrating god has determine the issue from the beginning he's already laid out your plan drawn up your blueprint he knows everything that's going to happen the scripture says god works all things according to his will not according to who like shoe quoting the what family you come from according to even how many mistakes you may it's according to his will he is working behind the scenes not only directing your steps but he's directing the steps of the people you need he's not just in control you he's in control of your circumstances nothing
randomly happens you're not at the mercy of banned breaks you don't have to get upset because a door closed give on a dream but could you went to a loss god knew about it wouldn't have allowed it if it wasn't on new blueprint we may not like it we don't understand it but god knows what he's doing it's not keeping you from your purpose its leading you to your purpose in something the reason god closes the door is because he's about to open a bigger door where we were was too small we couldn't see it we were happy but god loves you much to let you miss your destiny his for your life is bigger than your that foreign that left you they didn't we away on their own accord god directed their stamps here moved them away
they were limiting your growth they would have kept you from becoming who you were created to be when you know your life is divinely orchestrated that nothing happens without gods permission then you dont get discourage when things don't go your way you know god is it work controlling manipulating arranging things according to his will now this takes faith because we can't see the blueprint we don't know what god is up to his ways are not our ways all we know is the door closed it wasn't fair it set us back what we can c is really it's setting us up for something better or we were going along be in our best marine god out of nowhere a promotion a good break a contract that catapult us a hand
we didn't see it coming but god did it was on the blueprint you have no idea what god has in your future nor she's going to open the people he's going to bring the places he's going to take it may seem like you ve reached your limits you could never accomplish a dream never get out of there never meet the right person you don't know what god is up too if he showed did the blueprint if you could see india future it would a maze you the good news is god is working out you don't have to do this just in your own strength trotted manipulate people manipulate circumstances you have one manipulating things for you it just so happens he controls the universe why are you worry why are you live and stress the most tat god is directed
your stamps move in the wrong people out of the way land and up the brakes you need harness negative situations around you don't have to worry it's on the blueprint jeremiah said gods plan for you are for good to bring you to unexpected in europe not going to come to a random end god is not up in the heavens thinkin i wonder what's gonna happen in their life god has already established your in your steps are being ordered you are at the right place at the right time everything is own sketch
all the details are coming together and things may have happened it you don't understand stay in faith it's on the plans it may not make since now but when it comes together it will make sense his plan is in process you don't have to be frustrated because it's not happening fast enough get upset because somebody did you wrong the god who breathe life into view has not only established you're in he is work in all things according to his will when i was a little boy my father would travel overseas for a couple of weeks at a time to minister when he returned home
my siblings and i were always so excited to see him not just because we missed him but because he always brought us a gift something from that country one trip he opened his suitcase any handed me a puppet it was a cowboy made out of wood had to gloves where you can put your fingers all these strings were attached to different parts of the puppet i could move my little finger make the puppet wave move another fingered cause them to because had moved them all together make him wrong make him dance make him lie down i love this pop i would put on puppet shows for my little sister hours behind the curtain hidden she could see was the puppy she would laugh when the puppet danced and wave when the puppet way
she was so engrossed in the show she would forget how was pulling the strings i was the one orchestrating has every move in the same way you not do in life in your own god is the scenes pull in the three orchestrating your step sometimes we think we got to where we are bar sales are talent our screen our determination we don't realize god has been pulling strings our whole lie bring in talent now giving us a bullet causing the sunshine when we were tar he pulled a string and lifted us when we felt like quitting he pulled a string and caused us to try again when we didn't have the train he pulled his three and gave us the position when we're tempted to take the credit think we did it on our own
good to look up and so father thank you for pulling strings i realize you're giving me a story you make me dance you cause me to shine the great thing about god is he does it have a string own you he has streaming on all of your circumstances lacking a puppet show there's a string on the carton a string on the door a string on the table the person running the show can control everything on the stage that's the way it is with god he has a string on all your prompts a string on everything you need when it's your time to shine god has a string on the carton he'll open that door and there you are when he's ready for you to be promoted he has a string on that promotion you'll bring it to you
you're not feeling well don't worry god has a string on your healy you heard that phrase no strings attached with god it's just that opposite he has a string on everything on your stage how did you to where you are very simple god pull the strings how did my father rise out of poverty no future to speak very little education yet he was able to leave that limited environment go on the past your great churches and an abundant lie god pull the strings there was no way in the natural all the odds were against him but the one who controls your strings is not limited by the natural he's supernatural you can't see him he's behind the scenes but he's working
all things according to his will when god is ready to promote you he doesn't check with your boss he doesn't get approval from your family he doesn't take a vote from your critics simply pause the strange he controls what doors open he controls what breaks come your way discouraged by your boss god has string on your boss no loosely over those people who are against you god has streaming on who's trying to stop p when it's time you pull that spring move them out of the way you don't have to live stressed out because you have opposition and things haven't worked out you're still met did god has a string own you and everything that's affecting here the psalmist said gods hand is outstretched towards you when you're tempted to get discouraged
think is never going to work out just imagine god's hand outstretched above you pull in streams directing your steps orchestrating your life he not only has a string or new he has a story on your finances he has a string on your opportunities on your house on your health on your family on your promotion get ready it is about the pool some streams he's about to make things happen that you couldn't make happen you didn't see it coming the opposition was bigger but god pull the stream and you came out with a victory the medical report look good god pulled a string now you're healthy and home the schools they had no more farms god pulled a string you received a scholarship you ve been lonely along time god pulled a string brought a divine connection the string polar is about to
go out in your life you gonna look and say like me how did i get up here i didn't have the training the experience i wasn't next in line god pull my streams here what ability out of me that i didn't know i have you see me up here speaking in my hands i know it the string poor god workin out his purpose how did i make victoria god paulson strains when i needed a battery for my watch i could have chosen any jewelry store there are hundreds in houston but i'm just so happen too kinda her mothers jewelry store and there was victoria waiting for me with open arms god poor must ring but i had to help god pull her three what am i saying nothing randomly happens you're steps or be in order
talk to a lady her son was in a special programme in high school there was a part of a very prestigious university if you did well there was a chance he would receive a scholarship but his father came down with an ill he was so distracted that his great dropped he was normally an excellent student at the top of his class but now he was in danger of failing in having to leave the programme his mother knew it was because of the situation with his father so she went the school to explain what was going on it was very concerned about how they would respond could have said we have rules we didn't make the grades to bad but the man in charge was his kind as can be
he said will give your son free tutoring to help him get back on course should have cost thousands of dollars but god pulled a stream calls that man to be good to then the young man's grades came back up he applied for college and was accepted in the six universities these were partial skull ships he had not heard back from the school he really wanted to attend been so long they thought that door closed but while was making plans to attend another university the main one email back and said that we're not only accepting him into their engineering school that was his dream but they were giving him a full scholarship god knows how to pull the strings you may not how it can happen don't get discourage the string polar is at war he has a string when all the doors you need to be open
string on all the people that need to be good de he's working out his purpose live from a place of peace a place of rest you don't have to manipulate things god is manipulating them for you our job the trust in god you're in control of my life i know you're pulling the strings you're opening doors no man can show you are bringing the right people taken me to wear i'm so to be well jewel i've had a lot of bad breaks laura unfair situations heaven seen god poland any strings for me this is what happened with joe he was doing the right thing honouring god when the bottom fell out he lost his health lost his business lost his family everything that could go wrong did but life is not always fair
and on the way to our destiny there will be twists and turns things we don't understand god doesn't sin the trouble but he allows things you may get thrown into the fiery foreigners but god can close the thermostat he won't let it take your lie before your time here swinging on the trouble a string on the opposition the scripture says saint and had to ask god for permission to s job god told him yes but he could only take it so far this tells me god is not just thinking all of your life he's in control of your enemies
everything on your stage is on a stream not just the good things the promotion the blessings that favour but even the sickness the betrayal the bad breaks they dont have total access in your line they can't do whatever they want they couldn't even be on your stage with permission in difficult times you have to remind yourself god is still work in all things according to his will the enemy didn't come in and somehow get ahold of your strings he didn't wrestle away control and now there's on the sidelines watching what's happening now your step or still be an order in the middle of this difficulty job said i know my redeemer lives he could have been complaining instead he was saying god i know you're still on the throne i know your hand is still out stress to war
i don't understand this but i know you're still work in all things according to your will it's easy to give god thanks for poland brings when things are going our way deasey to have a good attitude but the real test comes in these tough times when it feels like god has forgotten about ass when they have to dig heels in and do like joe no my redeemer lives i know this didn't come to stay it came to pass when stay in faith god will not only pull your strings but he'll pull the strings of that sickness the strings of the opposition he'll pull back what's hindering nine months later job came out of that difficulty not beat up in bedraggled he didn't even come out the same he came out with tee what he had before when it was all over job said i am convinced that enough
and no one can stop gods plan you may be in a difficult time but if joe were here now he would tell you stay in peace nothing stop gods plain he has a string on you a story on the sickness a screen on the opposition life with joe you're about to see god pull some strings that sickness is about to turn around that trouble at work is about to resolve in your favour those forces and are trying to stop you i can see by fate god poland in back and pulling healing the u promotion do you favour to you get ready for some pulled streams things that you couldn't make happened it's the outstretched hand work in all things not according to your circumstances but according to his will his will is that you be healthy
his will visit you brightly addiction his will as you be free from the depression his will as you rise higher come out of debt accomplish your dreams what can stop our god do you think the trouble at work is bigger the sickness is stronger those people are more powerful pawns in the hands of god he has a string on them that call that almost hit you they swarmed with a laugh moment you don't know how they missed you god pulled a stream he could the universe low it s got his name he said my name is he was saying i am anything you need i am protection provision i am healy i am i am baby i am deliverance nothing can stand against all gone the most powerful force in the eu
of ours has streaming on you you are connected to the creator he's working out his purpose pull your line quit worryin they get it's not going to happen talking about how big the problem is start talking about how big you god is when the thought say it's never going to work out turn it around father i want to thank you that you're about to pull some strings in my life thank you that you're taking me where i could not go on my door i don't think he's gonna happen from me i've made too many mistakes i've gotten way of course do you think your mistakes can override god's will that's what you ve done can cancel your blue plan that somehow you can disconnect from this stream i say this respectfully you're not that powerful just ass jonah
god told him to go to the city of nineveh and minister he didn't want to go there he got on a boat go in the other direction huge storm arose he told the crew his fault they threw him overboard should have been the end but god had streaming on a big fish just so happened the fish was waiting swallow jonah he spent three days in the belly of the at the bottom of the ocean third day the fish came up spit jonah on dry ground first thing god said jonah go to nineveh gave him another chance but i love that god not only had a string on germany now they wouldn't let him go too far but he had a string on the fish god has a string on everything you need to fulfil your purpose you may iran but you'll never get way from the strain it always polio back gotta have somebody or so
want to keep you permits in your destiny years later jesus said as jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days so i will be in the heart of the earth for three days jonah was a foreshadow of christ he didn't stay in the fish two days or forty but on the third day he went down right on schedule he came up right on schedule what am i saying even we make mistakes god is we'll work in all things according to his will maybe you have loved ones that are of course children that are making good decisions worry god has a string on them he's not going to let them go too far the scripture says god can turn the heart of a key at means god knows how to change people's minds he knows how to get their attention
i talked to a man he is why weren't getting along they had separated he was living in an apartment by himself months have gone by and hid hit rock bottom didn't think he could go on it just dropped his children often school he had a long drive to work normally he would listen to country music on syria sex am satellite radio but that did him so much of what he and his wife did together just maybe more depressed so this day he turned off the country station and was too up to the channels in the one seventys to listen to a ball game just take his mind off of it but when his radio came across channel one twenty eight hour channel that place our message he's all day long the radio got stuck he pushed button after burden after button now
and would lead to change turned the radio all back on track everything no matter what he did he couldn't get it off of one twenty eight he was so frustrating he thought who is this guy i don't want to hear some minister he started listening i was talking about how god can restore things how he has its in the palm of his hand our best days are still in front of us he couldn't turn at all for the our those words of faith we knew lie back into his spirit at the end he gave his life to cries was a new beginning he went back home god begin to restore his marriage today here in his why our backing either but that wasn't a coincidence wasn't a lucky break it was god poland streams god had us being on his radio wouldn't let it changed the channel a string on him poland him back he said joe i guess god was tellin me
you won't go to me i'm going to come to you maybe your hearing this because god has a string or new he's pull a new back so not a coincidence he's saying i have a plan for your life a bigger than what you're facing you ve tried it on your all come to me i'll help you out work it out all you have to do is say my life is in your hands i'm turned it over to you when you trust god with your future he'll take you where you couldn't go on your own like this man god is about to pull some streams things you ve been trying to make happen a loved one off course they won't listen to you don't worry god has a string on them he's about to pull them back as for you and your house you will serve the law doors you couldn't open you try you did your best don't worry
god has a string on those doors a string your finance is he's about to bring promotion opportunity increase you didn't see coming you're going to know it's the outstretched hand of god pulling strings quit worry quit living stressed god has a string on everything on your state right now he is working out his purpose for your lie live from a place of rest no one that your life has been finally orchestrated if you do this i believe and declare like joe nothing or no one is going to stop your part in jesus name and if you receive it and you say amended i'd like to give you an opportunity to jeez the lord of your lie would you play with me just say lord jesus i repented message
come into my heart make your my lord and savior principally pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in good bible based her kid god forced slice he's going to take you where you ve never dream thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast help us continued a share of the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy god's best is still ahead will see a next time
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