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Realign Your Focus to Stay on Course

2018-08-01 | 🔗
Let’s be on guard every single day. The apostle Paul says, “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things” (Colossians 3:2). That means to set your mind on the important things in life—the things that bring you closer to your destiny, that cause you to have a strong marriage, good relationships, and a great job. Set your mind to walk in integrity and lay aside every weight and sin that causes you to drift. Set your mind to honor God in all you do—big and small!
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe hosting dot com give hope to give a gift today when i was girl i love to go to the beach with my family really get to the beach and i remember well we have this huge red umbrella that drill down in the sand we put our beach play now get our eye she has get our spot ready for a day at the beach and as soon as it was said i'd take off to the butter i did spend hours out in the waves just having such a good time and one i've been out there seems like for several hours whereas in fact i had made it to the second sandbar now do you know
what those sand bars are they their deep spots and then you get the sandbar and it's like you're on the shore you can way out and you can be just up to your knees made my way all the way out to the second sandbar i wanted my family to see me from shore because i thought i am really done well today so good i've been i begin to waive my hands looking for my family i was searching everywhere but where our spot wars where we had set that red unbroke when i realized i could see a lot of people i could see a lot of things but i couldn't spot my family got kind of panicking as a little girl i thought i gotta find my family where did they go so i swam as quick as i could worked really hard to make it
shore looking for my family or walk to the left all the way as far as i could couldn't find him turned around walked to the right looking and looking for my family when at a distance i spotted umbrella and can i tell you ass a little girl that was a happy moment for me there they are unsafe and everything is ok you see what i didn't realize was when i was out in that water those you're currents or slowly taking me down the beach it was so saddle our playing mind and my own business but they just drug me the way down the beach about two to three
it may be more feet down the beach i didn't even realise what was happening to me you know in life it can mean much like that there are under currents in life trying to drag us off get us off course from where we are supposed to me i hear these comments a lot i was raised in charge my whole life i went to church i don't know how i got so far away from guide spoke to a woman day she was telling me how happy her mayor it was until they begin to argue it till they begin to not be able to see eye to eye
she said we were so happy at first she said but now we ve drifted apart we separated things to start the same you see those are the results of the undercurrents that are trying to destroy our lie to get us off course and those are the things that we need to pay attention to because they can be so subtle way don't even realise that their happening under currents can be many different things can be hanging around with the wrong people the wrong friends going places and being with people but don't have the same values that you do this is what the bible says about that it says bad company
corrupts good character it actually says don't be misled to be misled undercurrents can be bad attitudes can be selfishness laziness anger see these are the things that can separate families these are the things that can cause us to lose good jobs six as for careers you see i would have just paid attention to where i was in rome action to wear that russia was i could get my position through the under current were there and they were dragging me off
under current will always had that tendency to drag us but i could have made the necessary adjustments to get back in line see i could have position vassal back to where i needed to be i think about sampson in the bible many of you know his son the profits predicted his farce he was a man that had an amazing destiny lined out for him he had the supernatural strength that god had given him he was talented got in position gm and an amazing position but he was
week in his morality he got his eyes on the wrong things he led his guard down you see he didn't keep the position that he had those under current sin lie dragged him off and he never was everything he could have been can you imagine if he would have just gotta during the day at some point if he would have said to himself and are on the right course emma focused emma land with my purpose and my treating people write an hour in our respecting what god has given me am i walking
bali beforehand honouring him with what i do can you imagine if he would have done that the light he could have lived so he would not have had to suffer so much pain and he wouldn't have ended up in the hands of his enemy you see we all need to deal with these undercurrents so they don't go away life is full of undercurrents life is full of distractions temptations you see we all make mistakes we all fall down some times but we don't have to stay down we can realign readjust our we just gotta be willing to ask ourselves the questions everyday am i a billion my destiny am my honouring god you know it's like getting off your diet and eating some ice cream
and then you ve all well i'm so off my dad i'll just go get the whole gallon you know we do this some time in fact they say that most of life is just habits can i tell you we ve got to look at our habits we ve got to see if these habits are serving as serving our family creating the life that we were in we intended to have you know sometimes these things just seem small an insignificant but can i tell you it's so small things that aren't taken care of that can do damage throw in our words around the interest respectful in a relationship saying things that we want to see you could say to yourself look i'm just let not the little steam they know i love them they deserve where they shouldn't have done that so we can make excuses
these little things all day long showing up to work late thinking you know boys isn't here he doesn't even come to eight thirty i don't know why he expects me to be here at eight o clock surfing the internet when the company is paying you not being your best see these seem small but these are small things that can turn into big issues in our life if we're not careful the scriptures says it's a small boxes that spoil the vine since those things that we don't always pay attention to their saddle they like to cause us to move from the position that we are supposed to be you see if you found yourself drifting it
various today i want to tell you you can refocus you can re align yourself it's not too late to correct you can start today listening to what it says in collapsed three to its set your mind on things above not on earthly things you know what that means it means set your mind on the higher things set your mind on the things of value the things of importance the things that enrich your god given destiny you are falling gets and talons you got a set your mind on where you want to go with those gifts and talents creating an atmosphere that
joy and love and forgiveness you see just like that red umbrella marked my spot if i would have just set my mind on it i could have kept my position we ve got a set our mind on honouring god said our mind on living a life of integrity said our mind on fulfilling the dreams that god is put in our heart don't think they're too big you just gotta set your mind on them and they'll come out of you you know today let me just say this the bible says lay aside those waits though since that so easily
i am against us to get us off course listen god knows how easy it is you are not a failure if you have since they are not a failure if you move gotta your direction there is no mistake that you ve made today that will take you your destiny god loves you with an everlasting love any sign it is me so you have to set your mind maybe a need ass for forgiveness today maybe you need to go to a family member and say hey listen i messed up ominous set my mind set my heart on being a good
has been why father whatever it is today you can start and begin again i believe that you ve got an amazing future in store for you i believe that god is saying to you i know it's easy but i've given you the power to overcome the current supply you may have to wait in these currents but you can control your life in these currents i believe and declare today that god has a bright future in store for you bigger than you can as things are imagine he's gonna open new doors of opportunities for you he's gonna make up for lost time for you he's gonna get you
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