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Remember What God Said

2020-08-09 | 🔗
When you’re under pressure, you have to pay attention to what you allow to play in your mind. Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts, go back to what God said. What He promised will come to pass.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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When you remember what God said you will be worried. You'll have peace in the midst of the storm. You'll have faith to believe for the impossible. You don't have the courage to defeat giants the endurance to outlast opposition, the favor. To accomplish more you thought possible hide. This is german Victoria. Thanks for downloading archive can't we enjoys building this time with you. I know you won't believe, encouraged and inspire make sure you, scribe to get new messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy the missing. God bless, you It's great to have you with us today and no God has amazing things in your future. Now hope you'll stay connected with this all through the week. You can download our podcast listen to the messages any time or you can go to our you to channel, but thanks for tuning in today, I like this
with something funny. I heard about this pastor. He was in the lobby after service reading people, he saw a man tat, he had seen in a long long time he pulled him. Aside, said sir, you need to join army of the Lord, the man said: what are you talking about? I mean the army of the Lord the past or sit well. How come I only see on Easter and Christmas, the main whispered back. I mean the secret service, our I'd say it like you mean it This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is racing,
I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about remember what God said. We all have promises that God is put in our heart. These we know he spoken to us. How we're going to accomplish a dream, see a problem turn around beat the addiction meet the right person at one time. We knew it was going to happen. We were playing believing passionate, but when it's taking longer than we thought, we'd gone to disappear, Ointments people didn't come through. The medical report is an improving negative thought, start to play louder and louder, never going to work out, you're never going to get well you never. Your family restored. Too often we let those stocks drown out what God has spoken to us, but if you're going to stay in,
Hey. You have to remember what God said: go back to the promises. Go back to that time. He whispered to you in the nine start, thanking him for what he told. You start clearing favour victory. Healy. You have to keep your fate stirred up. Keep those promises on the forefront of your man. God is faithful, he does it. Tell you something and then not do it. The scripture says all of his promises or yes and amen. It may not happen on art. I'm table or the way we think, but what God promised is on the way and easy to believe when things are going our way, but most of the time the promised won't come to pass without a test when you're under pray,
You don't understand wives, taking so long why those people didn't keep their word. You'll be tempted to live. Frustrated live, worried, afraid, recognise, that's a test. The enemy would love for you to forget what God promised it love for you to get so caught up in, what's not happening so focused on how your child is it doing right right when you thought you were gonna get the pandemic here now, there's no way you can have a good year. No remember what God said even
famine, you will have more than enough whatever you touch will prosper and succeed. The economy is not your source, God is your source. You connected to a supply land that will never run dry, but there's always something trying to steal the seed of God's word out of your heart, because when you keep that seed watered UK thanking God for what he promised, you keep talkin like it's on the way you constantly meditating on what he said going to see the petty fullness of God. He's going to make things happen that you couldn't make happen. Jesus said in John Eleven did not I tell you If you believe you will see the glory of God, you may be facing a sickness you're, so worried stressed out, God is safe. Did. Not, I tell you, I will restore health unto you did not tell you, Burma Stripes, you are healed
not I'll tell you the number of your days I will fulfil. Why don't you start thanking God for what he told you instead of letting the negative thought explain the reason discourage many times. Is we ve forgotten? What God said is not complicated? Go back to his promises, go back to what he whispered to you? the night start remembering what is spoken or we re playing that over and over, as you dwell on those promises, fear hastily doubt worry, cannot stay fate will run in your heart. Maybe your child is, of course, run in with the wrong crowd. You're frustrated thinking there never going to change God is saying, did not tell you that, as for you and your house, you will serve the Lord.
Did not tell you that your children will be mighty in the land when you wake up in the middle of the night tempted to worry turn it around. Lord. Thank you for what you said that my children will fulfil their destiny. There's a battle taken place in our mind. The enemy comes against us with thoughts. Thoughts of doubt fear worry. His goal is to keep your man so filled with all the negative that you're so preoccupied with. What's not going to work out how you can't break the addiction, how you never meet the right person that you never think about what God promised you you have to take control of your thought. Why, when worry comes
don't go on autopilot, don't just let it play stay on the offensive on purpose. Remember what God said. Thank him that he's making a way. We you don't see away. Thank him that he always causes you to try and thank him that what was meant for harm he's turnin for your then I thank him that he's taken you from glory to glory from victory to victory a young
the Uno withdrew a break up in a relationship, and she thought this would be the person she would marry and she was so discourage so down or lie down on ourselves. We all go to disappointments loss things that are not fair. If we stay focused on the hurts God. Why did this happen? I dont understand it. That's going to keep us way down, we'll miss the new things God has in store. I know it's not easy, but you have to make this shift in your thinking. Quit dwelling on the herds and start dwelling or what God promised you, God is saying did not. I tell you I will give you beauty for those ashes. Did not tell you weeping endures for an eye, but joy comes in the morning. Did not I'll tell you that I will pay you back double for the unfair things that have happened. God heads you in the palm of his hand. He is
Not brought you this far to levy that loss, the break up. Yes, its painful, but it didn't stop your destiny. God has a new beginning, he's about to open new doors, bring new relationships. You ever seen your best days, reason, the enemy is fighting. You is, he knows something amazing in your future. You on the verge of sea and blessing favour influence like you, ve, never seen now. Don't let those negative thoughts, keep you where you are start, remembering what God said. In the scripture when job was in the middle of all this loss in heartache, it look like he'd seen his best days. Everything had gone wrong. God said to him. I will yet feel your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.
This was in chapter. Eight things didn't turn around until chapter forty two, I can imagine job sitting in the ashes discouraged in about all that it going wrong. He was tempted to feel sorry for himself give up on life, but then he remembered what God promised he's going to fill my mouth with laughter. I can hear him say Lord, thank you that I'm going to dream again, I'm going to laugh again, I'm going to love again when he could have been complaining right in the middle of the difficulty. He looked up and said. I know my redeemer lives and no God is still on the throne. I know he's bigger than this adversity and no, my latter days will be better than my former days. He kept remembering what God said. Not what the circumstances said. Not what he's emotion said, not what the negative thought said when you keep it,
ya know what God promise you'll go to see him show out in your line when that test was over. Job came out with twice what he had before. You may have gone through loss disappointments. That is not how your story ends. It may be painful. Now, you're hurting God sees it, he's not only going to help you through, but he's going to fill your mouth with laughter. There is good, joy in your future. The right people are already headed your way new relationships favour, like you, ve, never seen now, don't fall into the trap of complaining living in self pity. They can it's all down here from here. You are
and bring the wrong things start remembering what God said that there is beauty for those ashes. That double is coming double the joy double the peas, double the resources, you're not going to just come out, God says you're going to come out better stronger, healthier happier more fulfil now do live. Job and keep thanking God. But what are you saying? Keep declaring my redeemer lives? All. Do today in your thoughts father, thank you that your plans for me are for good. Thank you that you will feel my mouth with laughter again when you're under pressure.
It's so important. What you're allowing to play in your mind, thoughts will tell you all the reasons it's not going to work out. Sometimes people will tell you how you'll never break the addiction. You can start that business. You have to go back to what God said, not what people say. No disrespect, not what the expert said. Not what your man says, not How how you feel, but to what God promised, maybe discourage over how long you dream is taking how impossible it looks. God is saying, did not I tell you what I started. I will finish, did not tell you if you delight yourself in me, I will give you the desires of your heart. The medical report wasn't good. Now, you're upset did not tell you no weapon formed against. You will prosper, people at the office or playing politics trend to put
down. They have more influence. More seniority did not I'll tell you when the enemy comes it like a flood. I will raise up a barrier. Did not I tell you, I will fight your battles, for you did not tell you, I'm preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies. When Remember what God said you won't be worried. You'll have peace in the midst of the storm. You'll have failed to believe for the impossible. You will have the courage to defeat giants the endurance to outlast opposition, the favor to accomplish more than you thought possible. It was early Sunday morning Jesus had just been crucified and risen from the dead. Three women went to the tomb to care for Jesus body. When they arrived. They noticed something was wrong. The stone was the way they looked
and in Jesus body was gone. They were so distraught as I sat there weeping not knowing what to do. Suddenly two men appeared to them. They were angels. They were wearing bright road, so brilliant radiating. With such a light. These women could hardly look at them. We're terrify the angel said. Why are you looking into two per someone? That's a lie. Jesus is not here. He has risen from the dead. Can a man, how these ladys were sitting there in all trying to take it all. In The angel went on to say: don't you, member, what he told you in Galilee that he would be betrayed. Crucified did on the third day. He would rise from the day and the next first says they remembered what Jesus said. They rushed back to tell the disciples these
women came to the tomb discouraged depressed defeated, they went back home, excited passionate, fuller, Faye, full of hope they couldn't wait. The other disciples when you remember what God says it will change your perspective, long as you're dwelling on the negative. What didn't work out, how impossible it is? That's going to keep you discourage. God is saying to you what the aim said to them. Don't you remember what I told you? Don't you remember I said you will lend and not borrow. Don't you remember. I said my mercy is bigger than your mistakes
God. Has you hearing this for one reason so you'll remember what he's promised you you need to go back to what God has spoken to you go back to that dream. He gave you in the ninth. Go back to that promise that he whispered in your spirit. You have to stir it up, get your passion back, get your hopes up, start talking like it's on the way start thanking God that is coming the scripture says. These ladies, were perplexed. Overwhelmed confused the world had been turned upside down under all the pressure with all the stress of
seeing their friend they forgot. Would Jesus had told them what s interesting? Is he told them? What was going to happen? Not twenty years earlier? That make sense been a long time. They forgot Jesus told in just a few days before, but when they came under the pressure when they felt over wound, they forgot what he said. That's the time you have to be on guard when life is stressful, you have a setback in your finances is struggling with depression. Don't let those negative thoughts drown out what God promised maybe you're under pressure now this pandemic has left many people, anxious worried thinking. What's gonna happen with my finances, what about my children things up
on home? It's easy to forget what God promised like that angel. I'm saying! Remember what God told you you may feel alone, but he said I ll. Never leave you I'll stick closer than a brother. You business, slow down! You don't know how you gonna make you and me he said I ll make streams in the desert our supply. You needs. According to my riches that anxiety, the depression, the addiction seems permanent
said the enemies you see today. You will see no more, he said greater. Is he that's in you, then? What's trying to stop you, he said whom the sun set free is free. Indeed, are you remembering what he said or have you let the circumstances, the trouble? The stress cause you to dwell on the negative and think about how it's not going to work out when we're under pressure. The mistake we made many times is we go by what we see instead about what God save when you look at this medical report. Look at my my finances! Look how big these obstacles are. As long as you go by what you see you gonna be worried, stressed you have to start going about what God said: here's the Good NEWS,
what he said will override what you see when my father passed and I stepped up to pass through the church. What I saw when I looked in the mirror with someone that was inexperienced, intimidated, unqualified thoughts, told me that nobody would listen to me I'm going to get up here and fail. I was tempted the live worried swing back, but I did what I'm asking you to do. I didn't go by what I saw out. By what God said, I felt weak, but I remembered that God said I am strong in the Lord. I didn't think I could do it, but I remembered what God said I can do all things do Christ. I had some people that didn't want me to succeed some critics and had large following look like they would discredit me hold me down, but I remembered what God saying that promotion doesn't come from people. It comes from the
More people, don't determine your destiny. They cannot stop the calling on your line. They may look bigger more powerful, we're, influential, don't go, buy what you see go by what God says. He says you are giant killer. He says you're more than a conquer. He says the trap, the enemy set for you. They will fall in themselves, Matthew Chapter fourteen Jesus, told the disciples to get in a boat and go to the other side of the lake and he was going to meet them there. The disciple started rowing that way everything was going fine until the winds dump. The waves got rough. Now they were struggling to make it hour after hour at three. In the morning they looked up and this figure came walking on the water. They thought it was a ghost. They were so afraid this Your says they screamed in terror. They had never seen anything like this Jesus told them. It was him
Peter was not only astonished, he was inspired. He said Lord. If that's really, you tell me come to you by walking on the water. Jesus said all right, Peter you can come. You too can walk on the water, Peter climbed over the side of the boat stepped into the water, but his feet. Didn't go down. He started walking on top of the water, defying the odds. I can imagine how amazed was how and on he took step after step, looking it Jesus more willing at what was happy. But then he began to look around at the waves. He looked at how strong the
When was how the boat was walking, how he was out in the middle of the water? Suddenly he began to sink. He cried out Lord, please save me. Jesus reach down and helped him back into the boat as long as Peter was focused on what Jesus Sand walk on the water come here with me, he was fine, but when he started focusing on what he saw, the wins the way he began to doubt the afraid they can't do this. It's the same principle in why, if you stay focused on what you see, you can get talked out of your dreams. If you have focused on how big the obstacles are, how the medical report is not good, how you'll never get out a dead, then you'll be limited. You have to stay focused on what God said when you focus on what he promised you walk on water you'll go places you could
go on your own you'll overcome obstacles that are much bigger, the wins the waves are a test. Are you going to get distracted in start focusing on the negative? This problem is to be. This addiction seems permanent. I don't have the finances to go to college. I ll never get out of this neighbourhood. That's going to cause you to see you have to change your focus from what you see to what God said. You have to walk by fate, and not by side what you're up against may seem impossible, but God created you to walk on water. He creates due to the bar the odds he created you to go further than people say you can go. He created you to defeat.
He created you to beat the cancer he created due to acquire compact centres. Yes, it seems unlikely. Yes, you may not feel like you have the talent, you may be afraid. That's, ok, the key is don't focused on what you see focus on what God said. That's what's going to view your fate, that's when you are going to see far and beyond favor
favour that catapult. You ahead, God told me a Maya. He was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but near my wasn't a builder. He was a cup bear to the key live in a thousand miles away. He didn't have the resources, the staff, the influence, but God never ask you to do something and then doesn't give you the ability to do it. God was saying the near my: are you going to walk on water? You going to do something over your head so that you're not qualified spore, something where you don't have the connections. The experience Nehemiah couldn't looked at the circumstances. Thank God the wrong person. How never accomplish this dream, but Nehemiah understood this principle. He didn't go by what he saw. He went by what God said when you step out in Faye, God will open doors that no person can share he'll bring the right people he'll. Make things happen that you couldn't make happen
God gave Nehemiah favour with the key the king. Not only let him have the time all which was unprecedented, but they and gave him a letter requiring people to give the materials and resources he needed. It should have taken years, but nearby rebuilt the wall in just fifty two days. God has some things in Europe future where you're going to walk on water you're going to accomplish what seems impossible you're going to overcome what looks insurmountable now. Do your part? Don't focus on the wins, the waves, the impossibility, that's going to talk, you arab focus on what God save led his promises play in your mind. Over and over that dream he put your heart, everyday. Thank him for those secret things. He whispered to you in the night dared to believe that there are on the way a friend of mine new, an older gentlemen that was a fighter pilot in war war to you not only for
missions, but he was apply trainer. He would train these young men, many of them only eighteen years, all had a flood plains before we ever took them up in the air they spent hours going over the instruments, learning what they did and what caused the plane to function. He stressed the importance of always flying the plane by the instruments not by what they saw they spent months and months on the ground in flight simulators fine plain strictly by the instruments. After one young pilot completed the programme, he took him up in the air. The pilot was doing great everything running smoothly. Just like is training a few minutes later a storm suddenly arose. They found themselves in bad weather, dark clouds. The plane started bouncing around it got to the point. They couldn't see anything this young pilot pain it instead of going buys instrument.
Following his training, he looked around and all the clouds, the rain he felt the plane shaking he became disoriented in confused. He couldn't tell if he was gaining altitude or losing attitude. He kept strain. Out the window to try to get some kind of visual sign of which direction to go? Finally, the flight instructor took up
blanket that was used to cover the windshield when the plane was stored, any clipped it in place. Now the young pilot couldn't see anything. He had no choice except to go by the instruments. In a few minutes, they came out of the storm and eventually landed the plane safely. Sometimes like this young pilot, we know what God promised us. We have the instruments, we do good on the ground. We quote the scripture we believe, but when the storm hits, we start looking at the clouds. The wines is bumpy, we don't see away too often we panic live worry, but you have to
back to the instruments. You can't go about what you see or you'll get discouraged. You may not see anything except dark clouds everywhere. You look, there's no visibility! No sign of how it's going to work out. Go back to your instruments. Remember what God promised Jean there's, not a storm, your facing! That's a surprise to God. There is not a problem you're in that he can't get you atta, but when we're under pressure, when, like it stressed, it's easy to focus on the wrong things. Are you looking at the window focused on the storm or you focused on what God promised you? He spoke in dreams to your heart. He's whispered things to you in the night, the enemy has tried to drown them out with negative thoughts, negative circumstances, but they are still alive. What God started he's going to finish now. Do you apart and remember what he said? Keep them
clearing what he promised, keep thanking him for. If you do this, I believe and declare like Peter you're going to walk on water. You going to defy the odds like Nehemiah, you gonna, compress dreams, bigger than you thought and like this pilot, you're gonna come through every storm safely. I speak strength. W ass, big victory. I speak healing breakthroughs, favour abundance, the fullness of destiny in Jesus name, I like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior if you that simple prayer. We believed you got born again. We'd love to give you some we literature on your new journey with the largest text, the number on the screen get in
the Bible based church. Keep God first place thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep be encouraged and inspired all through the we helplessly continue this year, the message of hope with those all around the world: basic, Joel hosting dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share this message with a friend and be sure to follow us socially reply and for you, I know got best is still ahead. We see a next step.
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