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Remove the Grave Clothes

2018-04-28 | 🔗
God’s love for us is relentless, and His grace goes to the most unlikely places and people. But just as God used Jesus to raise Lazarus from the grave, God is counting on us to run after the hurting and to go after the broken.It’s easy to judge others, but underneath the dirt, the mess and bad decisions, there’s a son or a daughter of the Most High God. God is counting on us to represent His love and redemption to those in need. They may be bound on the outside, but like Lazarus, on the inside they’re a person of destiny. They just need someone to help remove the grave clothes. Will you be that person? Take time to make a difference in the lives of those who desperately need it. As you live life as a healer, lifter and a restorer, the seeds you sow will come back to you. You will rise higher and overcome your own obstacles!
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe augustine dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today about like it's a joy to come into your homes and if your for in our area please stop on the import of war our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i'd like to start with something funny and i heard about these three people a russian and american and long they were talking together russian said proudly we were the first ones in space the american said well we were the first ones on the moon the blonde that's nothing we're going to be the first ones on the sun
the american the russian they laugh you can go to the sun is too hot you'd be burned blonde said we know that we're not that dumb we're going to go night say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i have what it says i have i can do it says i can do today be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart receptive i will never with the same energy nay god bless you talk to you today about remove the grave clothes there are people is put in our lives on purpose so we can help restore them they're off course there addicted their broken it's easy to judge and think they should make better decisions their own fault but if it was not for the grace of god that could be ass we didn't get to where we are because we're
oh talented so discipline obedient that may be through on the surface but where did you get the talent where did you get the discipline it came from your heavenly father was anything we chose it simply the goodness of god but too often we look at others and think why are they still making poor choices are they still addicted they get in bed relationships again and again i wouldn't do that it's because god has given you grace in that area without his grace you would be where they are instead of looking down on them pointing the anger you should know better they don't need condemnation god didn't put them there so you could judge them he put them there so you could love them love heels love restores love lives all around you are hurting people broken people people that may not have
the advantages that you have they weren't raised by parents that invested india they i felt the law the approval the two found its ease to criticise but you don't know where you would be if you had walked in their shoes the law where i live the life judge middle realize everyone didn't get what i've got it's easy for me to feel secure valuable com but it really big i had parents that guided me family that supported me i was born in a country with opportunity in resources life is not a level playing field your tempted to be judge mental you need to run and yourself most likely they didn't get everything you got if it was not for the mercy of god you would be met in the same decisions that they're making god has freely given you mercy here's my challenge freely give it to others
don't be stingy with your mercy guy is counting on us to lift the farm to restore the broken to heal the hurting there's enough judgment in our world there's enough fault funding criticism where are the healers where are the restores where are the people that instead of running away from the hurting they run to hurry instead of condemning the broken they help heal the broke john chapter eleven lazarus was very sick history mr sent word to jesus to come pray for him but just didn't arrive in time lazarus die jesus showed up four days later he spoke to lazarus lazarus come forth instantly he woke up he was raised from the dead a great miracle the problem was lazarus was wrapped with grave clothes
in those days when someone died very often they would read them up like a mummy first forty forces last came out bound engraved clothes jesus said to them unwrap him and let him go even though lazarus was alive even oh god had done something amazing on the inside he was you're bound on the outside somebody had to remove his grave clothes or he would have never experience the fullness of what god damn you can imagine when they went to take off the grave close after being dead four days the smell was almost unbearable every layer they unwrapped the stench got worse it was dirty messy smelly they had to be incredibly derek they must have love lazarus a whole long
to have been willing to endure all it took to remove his grave clubs this is what god has called us today there are people around us wearing grave clubs has done something on the inside he's breathe life into then given them purpose but there still bound on the outside they have addictions they struggle with there hamper their loosen their morals depend bloom is its messy is tempting to think when they clean themselves dinner healthy when they get back on course joel not so messy when they come back to church then all encourage them how can they get free if someone doesn't step up to remove their brave clubs where are the people that are willing to get dirty to help someone else to go out on a limb to boyfriend
someone that others think are too far down to reach out to that relative the struggling with an addiction that others have now it would be easy to remove wave close if they were nice and tidy it people making good decisions on the high road that's not reality grave closer dirty wave closer messy great close day we think when someone still has issues they still have an addiction they com mars are bitter their jealous the long way to go but just for cause they're wherein ghraib clubs just because they're still dirty doesn't mean there clean on the inside jesus spoke lie to lazarus he was free on the inside but still bound on the outside what am i saying don't judge by appearance the grave closed may they may be dirty but on the inside there's a free person theirs
clean person there forgiven parson there's a victorious parson here is waiting for someone that won't be put off by the outside so that will step up to help remove the grave cause how do you do this by speaking faith interview not telling them what they are but telling them what they can become by loving them but taken time to care but go on out of your way to be their friend they have enough people pushing them down pointing out their faults complaining about their grave closed you can be the one to push them to see the best india to help them get free you can a grave close remover for years my mom pray for a man by the name of bill nash she would see his name or more keys around town bill was a popular entertainer country western singer he grew up singing in charge as a little boy
his parents were missionaries it was raised in a strong family a faint but ass a teenager they'll got off course started running with the wrong crowd not making good decisions instead of seeing in churches now he was seeing in bars and clubs but the scripture says god calling on your life is irrevocable that means you may run away from god but god who wait for me grace will come looking for you hall wrote about the grace in romans god freely gives us one translation of the word freely is promiscuous when someone is promiscuous their lose their unrestrained they'll be with anyone that's the way gods graces can be in a bar in grace will come looking for you
you can be hard drugs and graceful come knocking at your door you can be in the wrong place is doing the wrong thing with the wrong people and when you least expected out of nowhere here that still small voice saying come back home i have something better god doesn't say if you clean yourself up i'll show you mercy you get back of course i'll think about being good to you god's grace is promiscuous it goes to unlikely places tongue among saul bills name under her breath lord thank you for bringing people back home thank you that he'll fulfil his destiny she had never met him had no connections a year after year she can't praying for didn't look like anything was happening but you no what god is doing behind the scenes
one day that grace convinced bill to turn his life around he wanted to go to church but he thought nobody'd want somebody like me have made a lot mistakes lived a rough lie i'm known as a party or turned on the television and saw my father talking about the goodness of god that sunday he walked in lake would first time since he was a teenager tat way in the back so recognized him and brought him down to see my mom he told how she had been praying for him and how that was a dream come true that day was a turning point in bills lie a few months later he his first christian cancer at lake would and
then been using his talents of lord ever since like lazarus veal needed someone to help remove the great clothes that's what my mother did she recognized underneath the mass the party in the compromising there was a free man a man destined to do great things there are a lot of bills out their people that are bound the outside but they have great on the inside there just needs someone that won't be afraid to get dirty someone it won't be judged mental and safety to be in charge these in the bars what's wrong with him instead of judging them why don't you take that same time to play for them to reach out to them to let them know you believe in there what if when jesus raise lazarus no one was willing to remove the grave clothes nobody wanted to
with the state nobody wanted to get dirty lazarus wouldn't have live that long he was bound not able to move jesus his part but he was counting on lazarus friends and family to do their part are their people in europe i'm waiting for you to help remove their grave close their off course struggling in some area so easy to make it uses they brought the trouble on themselves is therefore i'm too busy i've got enough problems of my own no take time to make a difference don't look at them through as of judgment look at them through of la maybe deep down they want to change maybe grey has been knocking at their door getting stronger and stronger but they don't know the next step a phone call from you a kind word taken them out to dinner not to try to straighten them out but just to let them know that you can
that's what speaks volumes the june there to condemn them to point out there for you are there to simply love john chapter eight these religious leaders brought a woman to jesus through her down at his feet she was caught in the act of adult they said jesus the law says stone her what do you say we should do seemed obvious the law was clear the lady was guilty one thing a lover jesus is he broke really just rules in order to be good to people in the old testament god gave them ten commandments but the people turn them in the over two thousand laws when g this came he said in effect getting rid of all these religious rules all these we demand you put on people then only make guilty and condemn instead i'm going to kill them down into two commandments love
more jewel god with all your heart and your neighbour as you love yourselves he was saying people are more imports then religious rules everything is not going to fit perfectly into our theology they have to do this they have to do that they can't do that they can go there if you convince people to follow all your religious rules but you don't have law the scripture says we're like allowed clinging symbol i don't wanna be known for what i'm against i wanna be known for what i'm for poor people i'm for second chance says i'm for mercy i'm not in the condemning business amid the loving this i mean the healing business the lifting business i want to be known as a grave clothes remove as some that saw the best in people then help push them into their destiny
as someone who was willing to get dirty to go after messy people broken p people that society has written but let me warn you when you love people who are messy you may be criticised you may be talked about one tat jesus was walking through a crowded ten thousand the people around he looked up and saw zackie is the chief tax the later he was known as one of the most dishonest people he lie he cheated he didn't keep his word jesus said i wanna go to dinner with you today of all the people there that day there were priest rabbi elders in the synagogue but grace goes to unlikely places jesus didn't see just what zackie as well he saw what he could become he was bound on the outside the great clothes but he knew
the inside was a man integrity a man of honour jesus went to dinner with zackie is someone that people consider dirty messy broken in fact this you're says the religious leaders complain that he went to dinner with the notorious centre when you go after the broken the hurting the addicted people may criticise they may talk about you you're in good company you are never more like god then when you go after messy people this lady was on the ground in front of jesus surround all these men she was afraid embarrassed expecting the jesus knelt down and wrote in the ground he said to them whoever is without sin throw the first stone they all put their heads down they were convicted
when you are tempted to be judge mental ask yourselves have i ever done wrong in my wallet to throw the first stone none of us are the men walked out the oldest the youngest he said to her where are your accusers hasn't anyone condemned you she said no man lord he said neither do i now go and say no more are really just minds go till tell tale grey for somebody that committed adultery grow for a man that's known for being dishonest grow for god that singing in clubs gods grace is promiscuity why don't you go up there's someone that doesn't deserve it someone dismayed mistakes someone this hurting you can be the one that helped put them back on their feet nobody's too far gone nobody's made too many mistakes all some people need is what
person to believe in them one person to say hey i'm praying for you one person to breathe new life back into their spirit years ago there was a minister that was touching the world doing great things someone accused him of having a lack of integrity rumour started to spread they took on a life but their own made mistakes but it was blown way out of proportion he was so devastated he got out of the ministry for months you didn't hear anything from here i don't know him well so much older than i am but i felt like i was supposed to reach out to my mind came up with all these excuses joy he's not going to listen to you people find out you're talking you're gonna be done into this mess you better leave come along he doesn't have a good reputation he's takin he's missing but i found god loves messy people god loves broken
for he loves people that are at a disadvantage not just people that have had bed breaks but heathen loves people then had brought the trouble sales and this is where human nature says they're getting what they deserve let them deal with their guilty but only the guilty deed mercy where the healers where the restores the people that are to self righteous to get down where someone is hurting with a broken to help heal the wounds i didn't know if you'd take my call but i feel strongly about it he answer the phone i could barely hear him speak he said john i don't guinea more fight left in me i didn't talk long but for the next three minutes i spoke faith in
i spoke restoration i told him that we needed him that the nations were waiting on him the gods mercy is bigger than our mistakes that his best these were not behind they were still out in front said in a real soft voice thank you and how didn't seem like did any good but six months later he call back and sounded like a different purse he had is far back his passion back he was about to go overseas he said something i'll never forget he said joe it turned around that day you call somethin reignited en masse something came alive on the inside when you go after the hurting the broken the discovery the anointing on your lie will break yokes daryl
and then back you may not feel they may not respond right away but when you speak they change or breaking when you show lobby strongholds you're coming down with merciful compassionate forgiving youporn oil on the wounds you being a healer or restore a lift her there was a profit in the old testament named jose he live at a time when the israelites worshipping idols and not honouring gone jose was well respected people came from all over get his advice he was a single man and looked forward to the day he would get married he knew god would bring him a why but it wasn't what he thought of god hold him to marry a lady named gomer go moral was a former prostitutes she didn't have a good reputation can imagine jose oh thank god
do you know who this lady is i'm a profit i'm a man of god what a people going to think he could have talked himself out of it but he knew to obey things started off good they were in love they had a son but then things went down here jose would go out to minister but gomer didn't under and calling on his lie she two more sons but by jose she slipped back into her old ways jose was broken he knew she was being unfaithful but he loved is why he pleased with our again and again to change and it would for a little while dingy go right back to make matters worse everyone knew about gomes affairs she was the talk of the town one morning jose i woke up in gomer was gone she had abandoned him and the three children maybe she left him
saint i'm sorry but i'm done i found another mandela gone with your mind i can hear host his friends say it is about time that later has brought you nothing but heart ache in pain you deserve much better that's sounded on the outside but hosea still love gomer he grieved greatly over this laws years later he overheard from the town gossip the goma still alive she had been deserted by all the men said they loved her now she had hit rock bottom about to be sold as a slain the scripture says the lord said to jose go it's your wife again and bring her back home after all the pain she had caused after all the rejection abandonment you would think jose always say i'm done with this lady i'm over with but jose ahead this dying love he would
back to the city and found her in the red light this on the auction block about to be so she was beaten dirty hair dishevelled closed torn her head down in shame he got up close and whispered gomer she looked up i couldn't believe it he smiled and said don't worry i'm going to get you out of here what was that promiscuous grey it goes to unusual places he went to the man in charge and said that's my why i'm take it with me he said you're not taken or anywhere she belongs to me she for sale you'll have to buy her he took out his wallet and paid fifteen shekels in five barley loves he bought back what should have been already he is jose is a picture of god goma represents you and me we ve all been unfaithful
we want our own way dinner thing but god who is rich in mercy when we turned our back on him he had every right to walk away but he didn't turn his back on ass he came down to the messy places too where we think to where we should have been finished any borders back not with fifteen shackles the blood of his own son since god has rescued us since here bought us back will you jose by somebody else back we u rescue them there are hurting people all around jean broken people they don't think anyone cares therein messy places they don't deserve your kindness you could walk away nobody far too but god rescue you he's counting on you to rescue them
they're not in your path by accident god put in their because he can trust you you can help love them back into wholeness other p or may not see it but underneath the mass the addictions the bad habits there's a sun there's a daughter of the most god they may be bound on the outside but like lazarus there reality on the inside they have seeds of greatness will you be a wholesale and go after the hurting go after the broken those it or did dick those that have been written off by society with your finger pointed in judgment helen them what they're doing wrong go after them with something more powerful with love with mercy with a good this they don't deserve it neither did we while we were yet sinners christ died for us you been shown incredible mercy i'm asking you show
mercy to others be a jose if you'll do this i believe and declare as you others are gone he's going to lift you up as you rescue somebody else god will always have somebody to you you and your children the seed you so we'll come back to you in jesus name if you receive it can you say even today i'd like to give you an opportunity jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me to say lord jesus i repeat my sins come into my heart i'll make you my lord and say it you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in the bible based keep god first lice victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you
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