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Secret Frustrations

2020-03-11 | 🔗
There will always be things in life that we don’t understand or don’t make sense. Second Corinthians 12:9 says, “My grace is sufficient for you. My power works best in weakness.” Let this message teach you how to trust God and His timing so you can stay filled with His peace, joy and strength no matter what. And as you stay in faith and pass the test of trusting God, you’re being prepared for your future!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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hide this goal in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is always a joy that come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop by the import of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuna in today and thank you again for common now i'd like to start with something funny in what about this little girl she was sitting in our grandfathers lap she noticed how wrinkled his face was actually contemplated the difference between his in hers she asked grandaddy did god make you
he can't alas said yes only he made me a long time ago she did ass did god made me he said ass he made you just a little while ago i thought about it a moment to grandaddy gods getting better isn't he revivals say it like you mean and this is my bible i am what since i am i have this is our hair i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught word of god are boldly confess and is alert my heart is receptive never be the same in june this name god bless you want to talk to you today about secret frustrations we can be blessed in many areas with good health good family a good job but then just have one thing that's not right one temptation we can't seem to overcome one thing in a relationship does not fulfilling
or maybe one nagging health issue nobody can see it on the outside we seem fine but on the inside were frustrated i talked to a lady last week she volunteers is one of our prayer partners she and her husband had been believe and to have a baby for many years with no success in every so often during the services she'll pray people in that same situation to have a child in overtime again and again though bring their babies back so happy she seized their prayers being answered but our own prayers not be an answer she looks like she's on top of the world she beautiful successful great husband but what you can't see is this secret frustration that one thing she can't understand life is full of contradictions
you're helping other people get well but you don't feel that well you co workers are all being promoted your work and just as hard producing just as much but nobody no this issue if we are honest we all have these secret frustrations things that we know god could change we know he can open the door good remove the temptation he could give us the baby we ve been dreaming about but it's not happening we have to realise god is a sovereign god we're not going to understand why everything happens there are some things that god doesn't remove some situations he waits a long time to change you have to trust that he knows what's best for you everything that's not change what he's not removing if you keep the right attitude it won't work against you it will work for you don't let the country
fumes of lie cause you to be sour give up on your dreams the apostle paul wrote over half of the new testament he came from an influential family was highly educated god used him in incredible ways but as effective as paul was he had this secret frustration he called it a thorn in his flesh scholars debated for years whether that was a physical condition some kind of illness or whether it was emotional the people come and against him the persecution but whatever this thorn was whatever was bothering paul he asked god three times to remove one version says he lord god to take it away that means he gave it his best argument
you know i'm being best serve a new right now these books the least you could do is he'll me if anybody head pool with god it would have been paul but what's interesting is god didn remove the thorn he said paul ma this is sufficient for you my power shows up best in weakness is there something you imploring god to change situation in your health you're finances a relationship you ask again and again nothin's improving i'm not saying to give up and settled there what i'm saying is until god removes don't let it still your joy don't let it sour your lie you have the grace to be there the right attitude is i'm not going to let this secret frustration this thing worn in my flesh so to speak frustrate me anymore
god i believe your grace is sufficient no at the right time your change but even if you don't change it i'm still good be my best and honor you you have to make up your mind that if your spouse never changes if you a health never improves if you have to put up with that grouchy boss the rest of your life you are not going to complain you're not going to use it as an excuse to slack all you're going to tap into this grace it is sufficient for you here's a key don't stay focused on the frustration it paul would have gone around thanking god why won't you remove this storm i want to change my child how would you help my business grow if he would stay focused on the wives of life he would have never fulfilled his destiny faith is trusting god when life doesn't make sense men named psmith wig
worth was one of the great ministers of the early nineteen hundred he would have large meetings where he would see hundreds of people healed all kinds of miracles but most of wiggles worth lie he suffered from kidneys many times he would leave the services in so much pain that he couldn't walk have to go home lay on the floor hour after hour trying to get some kind of willie he had just seen all these great miracles but he didn't receive his own miracle he could have gotten bitter this is not fair you he'll them why don't you hear me now he had this attitude you grace is for every situation even i don't understand even what it does it make sense god i trust you i'm not going to let this secret prostration keep me from my destiny and if you go into which you are highest potential you can't be a weekly
you have to be a warrior there will be things you don't understand things that don't make sense but god knows what he's doing his way these are better than our ways he is the potter we're the clay it's time to be removed he will remove it until then dig your heels in and fight the fight of faith you have the grace you need for every situation when jesus healed the man that have been crippled for thirty eight years there by the pool of bethesda he told him to get up take up his bed and walk i believe it was significant that he ask him to take his beard with him he didn't need it anymore after all but god was saying this thing that's held you back this thing that's kept for being your best for so many years i want you to take it with you
as a reminder of what i have done in your life even though we couldn't walk even though he didn't need the bed it remained a part of his life it was a contradiction i'm healed i'm healthy i can walk but i've still got my bad can imagine him going to help someone else that was struggling they look at him say how can you help me you ve still got the bad you're still carrying around that thing that held you back he said now it's not what you think it's not a limitation to slow me down it's a testimony of what god has done in my life this bed may look like liability but really it's an asset return i see it it reminds me give god price it rama tell me where he brought me from iran to me that if he did it for me what he can do it for me again what am i saying
even though god freeze you from certain things you may still have your bad you may still be tempted in that same area the weakness the limitation may not totally go away one reason god doesn't removed to bed totally not too slowly i am giving an excuse to go back but rather to remind you of where you came from that bid is not to discourage you but to inspire you ministering now for close to fifteen years and when asked and i was so nervous intimidated within secure and i didn't really feel qualified and over the last few years of course i'm grown become more confident but the truth is god did make me into a different person when i get up here you may not see it but
still have my bed those weaknesses those limitations come back from time to time but i don't see them the same way they don't intimidate me they remain to me of my dependency on gas another reason god doesn't totally removed the bad because if you think you can do it all on you you got it figured out you don't need his help before long you'll be right back to where you were but if you ll see the weakness the temptation as a reminder to ask god for his help to show dependency on him then you will continue to rise higher in spite of what comes against you i can say i've got my bed but the pass through the church got my bed but i'm living healthy happy victorious in the old testament told moses to go tell pharoah to let the people go moses a god
how would you know that you sent me i don't come from an influential family what makes you think pharoah is going to listen to me god told moses to throw his staff on the ground when he did it turned into a snake he picked it back up in it turn back into a stand he told him to put his arm and his coat and when he pulled it out it was filled with leprosy put it in port it back out it was clean as can be god was showing him the sign so he would go in with confidence knowing that they roll would listen to it but moses had another concern he said god i can't stand before whero i stutter i've got a problem with my speech you would think since god just showed him these great miraculous signs god would simply touches tongue make his normal take away the staggering but god didn't do that he didn't remove the price
he was saying the moses what he said to paul my power shows up best in weaknesses and moses if i needed to remove that stuttering so that you could fulfil your destiny i would have removed are you waiting for god to remove something before you can be happy before can pursue a dream before you can finish school if god has removed it is not an accident you dont have to put your life on hold because you have us secret prostration you have everything you need to fulfil your destiny the scripture talks about how we have major in these earthen vessels all of us have imperfections in our clay vessels in other words there's probably at least one thing that god is not removing that we could easily be irritated by live frustrated joel if i didn't have this back
i ain't have to struggle with this way this year did not have this co worker that gets on my nerves it's legal problem or how about if i hadn't have gone through a bad childhood the divorce to hurt the paint whatever your thorn is god is saying to us what he said to paul my grace sufficient quit fighting it quit letting it still your joy when it's time removed god will remove it until then tap into this grace god my life is in your hands you what i want you know my dreams you know what's bothering me may not understand it if may not make sense but god i trust you
here's a key if god is not removing it it's not an accident there is a reason paul thought the thorn in his flesh was to keep him from being puffed up into proud maybe that was true only god knows but that secret prostration may just be a time of testing where you have to prove to god that you're going to be continued and do your best even though its not go in your way you're going to keep giving even though you are not receiving you're going to keep honouring him even though you're not seeing things change god could be using that to grow you up and develop your character so things we can only learn through experience camp
aren't you reading a book listening to a message the scripture says our faith is tried in the fire of affliction that's where our spiritual muscles are developed you can't get stronger if you're not put under any pressure you have to work out exercise your fate may not be comfortable you may not like it but if you stick with it it's not working against you it's working for you you'll growing you come in a pirate you getting prepared for new levels say you can't be promoted without preparation god will give you a one hundred pound blessing if he knows you can only live fifty pounds
if he gave you the one hundred pounds it wouldn't be a blessing it would be a burden wouldn't help you it would hurt you he's gotta get you prepare your gifts can take you to a certain level but if you don't have the character to match you won't stay there very long character is developed in the tough times when we're not getting our way but we keep doing the right thing like paul weave ass god lot more than three times to remove it god get this person out of my life to get all manoeuvres god give me child god change must spouse while god is changing it until he were moves it if you will stay in faith not get better not give up on your dreams here's the beauty even if the situation doesn't change you will change it is growing you were getting you
prepared for new levels of your destiny not learn your character is more important than your town you can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have strong character you're not going to go very far we can all trust god in the good times that's easy i'm asking you can you trust him with the secret prostration the things that are not changing you prayed and believe but he's not removing it the question is not only can you trust god but more importantly can god trust you will you pass the test stay in faith even when you don't understand my parents started lakewood church with ninety people in nineteen fifty nine a few years later my father put somebody else in charge so he could leave the church and travel the world
he would go hold these large crusades fifty thousand people in other countries he was living his dream life with good throw around one thousand nine hundred and sixty six he knew he was supposed to come back and pasture lake would once again a mom said john when houston here's your back they're gonna come out by the thousands were used in heard but houston didn't they stayed away by the thousands now instead of speaking to big crowds like my dad was used to he was speaking to these many people three times a week year after year he thought god i know i have more in me i'll be in my best a monitoring you but nothin's changing i'm not seeing any growth a secret frustration but what my father didn't realize is something worth changing not the size of the congregation he was changed
he was developing character he was proving the god then he would be faithful in the tough times if you're not faithful in the wilderness how can god trust you to be faithful in the promised land my father on the outside was happy gave is best to those ninety people but deep down here how to deal with this secret frustration one thousand nine hundred and seventy two it was like god opened up a faucet people started coming to lakewood from all over the city grew and grew to a church of thousand still growing today the baby like my father you're doing the right thing but not seeing any growth not being promoted frustrating it may not look like any things happening on the outside that if you keep being your best something is happening on the inside
these changing you he's going you up he's getting you prepare now keep doing the right thing keep being good other people keep having that spirit of excellence to many people let these secret frustrations cause them to get better give up on their dreams lose their passion recognise it's a test if you stay in faith god will get you to wait you're supposed to be genesis chapter twenty nine there's the story of two sisters rachel and lee one a young man named jacob saul rachel he fell head over heels for her it was love at first sight you see rachel was extremely attractive the scripture says she was beautiful in every way with the lovely face and shapely figure let me tell you when god save
fine you a bad to the bone rachel had it go at all jacob he didn't think twice went straight to her bad labour and said can marry your daughter laban said yes you can but you have to first work for me for seven years he work those seven years was so excited but laban treat wake up at the wedding in those days they wore very thick veils you couldn't tell who was in there and of course he it was rachel but in fact it was leah this picture says leah had weak does and was dull looking i'm not sure what we got means but i know what don't look it is brother name paul i couldn't resist no offense to leah but rachel got them in the family
the wedding jacob had a little too much to drink he woke up the next morning looked over in and there was weaker staring back in early passed out he ran the labels house what do you mean this is not the deal i wanted rachel not leah he said i understand jacob but it's our custom that the oldest daughter has to get married off first work for me another seven years in i'll let you marry rachel he did it finally got to marry her love makes it
damn things but i'm sure win people sol rachel around town so beautiful so friendly they thought ass one blessed woman she's so stunning she has a husband adores or she comes from a good family but what they couldn't see was rachel had a secret prostration her dream was to have a baby but she was baron she couldn't can see year after year no baby i can hear her every night god please give me a chance please remove this baroness god i wanna baby on the other hand her sister leah gave jacob one son after another four boys strong handsome good lookin life was good
leah she would see in a dream come to pass i healthy family but leah too had a secret frustration the scripture says that jacob loved rachel more than leave i can hear leah every night god why won't my husband love me more the point here everyone is dealing with something whether you're a rachel blessed in this area are leah blessed in this area there will be things that can frustrate you things that you don't understand things that god is not removing you have to make up your mind you are not going to let it sour your life do what you can trust god to do what you can
the right attitude if this never changes if i never have a child i'm still going to be happy if my marriage never improves i'm still not going to be sour if i see somebody is more talented more beautiful has more i'm not going to be in this jealous i'm at peace with who i am when you stay in pee not trying to figure out why they could have the baby why she's more beautiful while her husband loves or more no let that go you never going to understand it if you'll live in peace god will a move what needs to be removed he change what needs to be changed this is what happened with rachel years later remove the barrenness she had a son
named joseph that secret prostration was taken away from most about fathers life he struggled with high blood pressure he was constantly trying to find new medicine to control it many times the side effects would make him feel bad nobody knew the scripture more than my dad nobody head anymore faye but for some reason god didn't take it away but i never heard my father complain his attitude was god i'm going to be my best whether you hear me from this public pressure or whether you know he had a meda man toward the and of his life the medicine would make him dizzy he couldn't sleep a lotta night but he come in on sundays preaches heart out nobody even knew it he could have thought god i've served you for over fifty years least you can do is answer my prayer know he didn't let the secret frustration keep him from his destiny he trusted
odd when it didn't make sense when it was seventy seven years old he had to go on dialysis he couldn't sleep one night he called brother in law garian asked if he could come over and visit with him around one in the morning they were talking and gary asked my father what he thought about the difficulties he was going through my dad gary i don't understand it all but i know this his mercy endorse forever those were the last words my father ever spoke a few seconds later he had a heart attack went to be with the lord but i love that even though god didn't remove it that he didn't get better he died in faith whatever secret frustration you're facing you have to make this decision like my father that even if it we're changes you're going to keep believing we too are going to die in fact this is what three
teenagers did in the scripture they wouldn't bow down to the kings golden idle he was so furious he was going to have them thrown into a fiery firms they said king we're not worried we know our god will deliver us but even if he doesn't we're still not going to bandy that's the key believe for your dreams believe for god to turn the situation around didn't take it one step further even it doesn't happen my way even if i don't get delivered god i'm still going to be happy god if you turn it around i'm going to give you praise and if you don't turn it around i'm still going to give your price live like that and all the forces of darkness cannot stop you friends don't let these secret frustrations keep you from your destiny have a new perspective you have the grace you need for
research innovation if god is not removing it there's a reason don't try to figure it out trusting if you do this i believe and declare god is going to change it needs to be changed going to remove what needs to be removed you're going to rise higher overcome obstacles and become everything gods created you to be jesus name if you receive it when you say demanded i we never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me say lord jesus our repent of my sins come into my heart make you my lord and save your friends if you pray that simple prayer we leave you got born again get in the bible base church keep god first place he's gonna take you places that you ve never dreamed
thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe steam dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we would play in volume no gods best is still ahead will see a next time
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