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Sensing the Good Things God Has in Store

2020-05-27 | 🔗
God has already lined up the right people, the right breaks and the right opportunities for our lives. We have to believe it before we see it. A moment of favor is coming. Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide. This is Joel and Victoria. Thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy to come into your. We love you. We know- God has great things in store. You ever our area stuff, bon visitors here in Houston right here These are the finest people in hotel right here at Lakewood, church I'll, come out and be a part thanks for tuning in today, and thanks again for coming out- and I like to start with something funny each week and I heard of Eighty five year old man, he was out fish. One day, and he heard this
saying pick me up. He looked all around didn't see anything thought he was dreaming, hearted again pig He looked down and saw a frog on the ground He said in amazement. Are you talking to me the frog say yes, pick me up and kiss me I'll turn into a beautiful bride. He quickly pick the fraga put him in his brought pocket. Bob, said: hey what are you doing? I said kiss me and I'll turn into a beautiful bride. The main said: no thanks at my age, I'd rather talking frog, alright out of the above, all, say it like. You made it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am have This is our hair do what it says. I can do today I will be taught the word of God: boldly confessed. My mind is a more my heart is receptive, I will never be the same in Jesus name. Bless you I want to talk to you today-
since in the good things God has in store, when God laid out plans for our lives. He lined up the right people, the right breaks in the right opportunities. The scripture talks about how time in chance will come together. Every person. That means there are moments of favour that God has all ready released into your future. If you could pull back the curtain, and see your whole life. You would see how God already land the right breaks to come across your pain, he's already arranged certain people to be good to you. He's already picked out the right, husband or wife for you. Children he's already lander solutions to problems. You haven't even hair God. It already released into your future these moments of favour more
It's a blessing moments of increase. They will help you overcome obstacles, accomplish goals and even thrust you years ahead, but so often When we look at our future, we don't see how will ever ride tire, how ever fulfil our destiny. How our child will end get back on the right track. The problem. Is we're only looking at it in the natural, but the scripture says here and ten Corinthians. We have to walk back, say and not by sight, In other words, we have to believe it before. Ever going to see. If you can see, You don't need anything, but when it looks impossible and it seems like you, reach your limits and you don't see how your health could ever improve instead just go and buy what you see. If you will sit down in here in your heart. You will hear God saying I have away things are turning around a more
When a favour is coming, I've already land up the solution, you may not be I want to see it, but in your heart you will, since that is on its way. I'll read something interesting about a tarantula. It has eight. As all around its body, but in Spain these eyes. Its vision is very poor. It can't see far off and even up close, it's not sharp and clear, but the tarantula is a very size Hunter is known for its ability to attack and kill. How can it be so accurate with its vision being so poor? It's because its legs are full of harry follicles that are extremely sensitive and it can since something coming long before it gets there. No, it can't see. Well, it's extremely percent. That's the way we need to be. Sometimes when we look at our future. We don't see anything
we don't see how we'll get out of death. We don't see how we'll have this far and beyond decade that were talking about in the natural. It looks impossible just like it's going to be more of the same, but down in here. If we'll be perceptive, we will send some how some way it's going to happen. Business may be slow the economy's down, but in spite of all that, I can, since increase is come in my way I can, since is my decade a favor I can, since my greatest victories, are still added we used to sing in all song grown up. That says, I've got a feelin, everything's gonna be all right. In other words, I can explain
does it make sense to my mind, but I can sense moments of favour or come in my way my finance is maybe down, I'm not worried. I can, since promotion is in my future. The medical report may not look all the facts are telling me. I'm not gonna get whale. I should get discouraged I should be depressed, but now I've got a feelin, everything's gonna be all right, see I've learned, sometimes you have to turn you and are sometimes There is no logical solution asked why the scriptures lean not to your own understanding, don't try to figure it all. I feel constantly run in the numbers and over analyzing everything reading medical report every other minute. Looking up your symptoms on twenty four different websites. All that's gonna do is dull. Your sensor, you need
turn that all in listen down in here. This is where God speaks. This is where faith rises. All the sudden you'll feel a spark of hope in the net It looks impossible, but you're here down here, something say in God, has away. Or is in your future. Something good is about to happen he's going to turn it around. The breakthrough will be here at any moment. That's what we have to get an agreement with turn off the reasoning and listen to what you're sensing down here now. Some of you have had some bad breaks in Lahti disappointments. The problem now. Is your since has become dulled? In other words, you not expecting anything good you living with enthusiasm, the Good NEWS today is your sister is getting a tuna. God is burthen new dreams, new life, new vision, new seeds of hope.
Can route in your heart. You may be in difficult times, but God said an exodus. Thirty, three fourteen I will go with you. I will Give you rest everything will be fine for you. Let that promise sink down into your heart. Everything will be fine, not something's, not half of it, not ninety nine percent. No, if you'll keep your trust in him, everything is going to be just fine for you. Some of you have been through a great loss. You're very disappointed doesn't look like you ll ever see bright days, but God is saying I have beauty for your ashes, I'm about to open up a new door. Everything is going to be fine for you. Maybe a relationship didn't work out, but that is not the end. It's a new beginning,
God has someone else in your future. Everything is gonna, be fine for you. Some of you just have a lot on your plane. You working hard raising your children, taken care of elderly parents doesn't look like is ever going to change God saying come back to that place, a piece I want to give you rest everything is going to be found for you, friends, don't let stress work negativity, discouragement dough, your sensor, listen down in here, God is saying it's gonna be all right. I've got a moment of favor common things or about it, around the solution is already lined up. Ocean is already on its way. The bright through happened it anymore now, Gotta get in agreement with God. Circumstances may have us on the outside, but we got gotta get up on the inside. Our attitude should be my health, maybe
going down a little bit, but I've got a feeling. Coming back strong, maybe a little stressful at the office. I don't see how to ever going to change but I'm not worried. I walked by faith in not boss. I know a moment a favour is come in my way I can, since it everything is gonna, be all right. This is what I had to. When we were renovating this facility costs. A hundred million dollars to convert this from a basketball arena to a worship facility, a bank loan. This part the money toward the end we have to twenty million dollar payment to make two very critical time: the people if you had given so generously and made all of our other payments, but this final payment that would take us out of the construct. Two phase over into the regular financing. We found that we were about fifty million dollar shore. It was going to be do in several months time our
ran all the numbers and they calculated projected move things around, but no matter what we did, we were still millions and millions shore had put name on the latter had given them. My were in the natural should have been worry. I should have been losing sleep at night. My man, these We're tellin me that is not going to work out. It's gonna be big man you're not even going to be able to move in all these discouraging thought in my head, but down in here it was the most amazing thing. I had an incredible peas good since it everything is gonna, be all right. God is still on the throne, he's incomplete control. I couldn't make it work on paper, couldn't explain it. My head was tellin me no way, but my heart was saying yes way.
Through the day, instead of worrying I'd go around Saint Father. Thank you that you're supply in all of our needs. It was your goodness that gave us this place, and it's your goodness. It we'll take care of us at that. The church on the television station that win Trying to sail for more than three years the market was very down. No one was by an independent stations. We were told the most we could get for if we did sell it was eighteen to nineteen million dollars and we, eight million dollars on so we if we were to Sally, we were still come up shore, but just a few weeks before the big payment was do a buyer for the station came along, things fell into place and he bought it, not for eighteen million not for ninety, not for twenty, not between
not for twenty eight, not for thirty. He bought it for thirty two million dollars. We were able to make their case and we ve been going strong everything that was a moment of favour that God had already released into my future. All I had to do was believe, all How to do was stay in favour and not let down and unbelief stop or delay what God had already Landor friends. God has all really land solutions for every problem. You will ever have he's already lined up the people, the breaks, the finances, the opportunity, the wisdom, the ideas you don't have to live life worried you don't have to go around frustrated cuz, it's not happening as fast as you would like. No come back to that place of peace, stay at rest, knowing that it's on its way, I love what the prophet Elijah did. There have been a great drought
in the land, for three and a half years, the people were in desperate need of water. One day, allied just said the king Ahab. I hear sound of the abundance of rain? The fact is when he said it, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. No sign of re no thunder, yet he could sit something coming before it got there. I'm sure I have thought the heat is getting to this old man. There's no rain. There's! No! Thunder was talking like this. No allied, you didn't hear it physically. He heard it down in here and he was bold enough to announce That's why I'm always announcing to you what I, since in my spirit and I see an exceedingly abundantly above and beyond decade of God, favor for you, I can, since God is about to open up wars for you, bigger than you
ever dreamed. I can since you're about to see the breakthroughs that you ve been playing about. Can, since the promises you been standing on are about to come to pass lack Elijah, sound I hear over, you is the sound of abundance. Abundance of favor abundance of a health abundance good blanks abundance of wisdom, abundance in your finances. I hear the sound of an abundance of victory over each one of you may, even though Elijah couldn't see any side of rain he could, since that it was coming. You read the story. It wasn't any time before the Heavens opened up the road in, came pouring down and the three and a half year drought was ended. Some of you today may feel, like you been in a drought in your finance, is your career hail your family, but God is saying to you what he said to Elijah, I'm about to do a new thing, I'm about to open up the windows of
I'm about to release a moment, a favour that are already have in your future. You need to do your part and start expecting it in declaring it. You may be struggling in your finances, but don't go around with a poor mouth. Your report should be. I can hear the sound of abundance, no promote in an increase or come in my what you may be struggling in your health. But your report should be I'm getting better and better. God is restore and health. Unto me my you is being renewed, like the eagles and when you do that, other people may look at. You lack a have looked at a large and think. Why are they talking like that? You're, not healthy they're, not blast they're, not prosperous. No, don't worry about it. They can't hear the sound they since what you're sensing they're just looking at it in the natural but like Elijah, you consent. Something great is coming long before it gets
This is what a young lady in the scripture did. Her name was Ruth. Her husband had been killed in a battle She was living with her mother in law every morning she would go out in the fields and pick up the left over we'd that the reapers had, I'm sure Ruth was tempted to be discouraged. She's gone through this great tragedy, her heart was broken. Her dreams were shattered. She could have easily just given up online and settled where she was, but I can imagine down De Ruth had this same promise in her heart. Every It's gonna be all right. I can't explain it doesn't make sense to Mamma, and I know I should be depressed. I shouldn't be hopeful, but I can, since it something great, is still in my future the man that owned all those fields was named BO one and he saw root out their work. He had never met her, never talk to her, but he said to his work.
I want you to leave extra we'd on the ground on purpose, to make it easy you're on that young lady notice, he didn't talk to her. He talked about her Ruth, never heard what he said, but all the sudden Life got much easier. She had more. We then she could handle. She got done in half the amount of time all because of somebody. She didn't even know put in a good word bar here's. My point, God has already spoken to the right people to be good to you. You may not ever even hear it. You may not ever know them, but just like Ruth as you'll be in your best each as you are honouring God. You are going to come in the blessings that you ve never seen before, blessings that you can explain you gonna get break.
That you didn't deserve. People are gonna, go out of their way to help further your dreams. That's a moment of favour that God has already Linda. This tells me we don't have to play up to people try to in their friendship. We don't have to try to manipulate things try to win somebody over gain their favor now? Listen God will give you favour with who you're supposed to have favoured with Somebody dont want to be your friend, don't worry about it if a door closes, don't get discouraged, just keep being your best every day. And God will speak to the right people, the people that man to your divan destiny, he'll caused them to be good to you. I have a friend that I've known for law Tom and he's, always had a dream to own his own business year after year, he's been faithful right where he is in the position, He's had just be his best and he's all
he's being good to somebody not just encouraging them, but You go over to their house at night and fix somethin form gives somebody arrived at the airport. You just gotta giving spirit in a while, a man that he had known for some time. Ask him to go to dinner. He thought they were just going to catch up on old times, but this man brought a proposal to start. New business. This man already owns a very successful company, but he wanted to start something new. My friend thought that he just wanted to get his advice about it. Maybe get some encourage, but he said no. I dont want just that Would you to be my partner and we will split it? Fifty fifty friend was really What is it men, I've loved to do that, but I don't have the funds. Like you do. I can't put in fifty percent. Like you came, the man said, don't worry about it. I don't need your funds, that's taken care I just want to bless you because you ve always been so good to me. Now, math,
and only fifty percent of a growing business his dream has come to pass. What was that he will into a moment, a favour that God had already learned for him. Business was dropped in his life. Just like those workers were told to leave extra. We on purpose for Ruth he walked into an increase double opportunity that God and already spoken to some. ITALY for him fringe. God has done the same thing for each one of you. He has doors that he's going to open that are going to amaze amazing he has opportunity, he's gonna, bring across your path that greater than you can imagine. Some of you cannot think. Did you reach your limits and you could ever accomplish your dreams and never pay off here, I'll never leave anything for your children know. You don't know God is already spoken over you, you don't know
Incredible things God has come in your way. One verse talks about how when you stay, for to honor of God and the very best each day it says then pay day is coming. Fringe, God rewards the people that seek after him. Many of you have been faith You have given you have served, God is saying Your pay day is on its way. He's a after release a moment, a favor did he already has in your future. All God has to do is speed. One person in your whole life can change for the better. I think about how when we were trying to acquire this facility, the former compact center. We needed ten votes from the city council members. We had worked on this for over three years. Up to the last week we had the ten votes. But then one of the council members changed his mind and decided to be out of town.
Him, not being there was just like a vote against as we needed his vote. We were so discouraged so disappointed. Look like all of our work and just gone down the drain. But we got word the night before the main vote, that a young jewish council member change is mine and was going to vote for us. We couldn't believe it We had worked on him for over two years. I've done my to try to convince seem to persuade, but I could never do it after the vote. We got the facility. I ask him what it was that changed his mind. He too, old, how he got a call from a long lost friendly is that he had spoken to in years and years she was an elderly, jewish lady that he had a great deal of respect for his. George. She told me in no uncertain terms that I was to vote for your charge
was that one phone call that one lady they changed my mind. The funny thing is, I don't know who they are Haiti was I've, never met I never ask her to call you know what she was. She was our boat. God did for what we couldn't do for ourselves. God somebody we didn't even know put in a good word for Us- and here we are today, and God knows who he needs to influence, to get you to wear you're supposed to be you not be able to persuade the they may not want to be your friend, don't worry about it. God will speak to the right people that can make it. He's, got it all land that some of you little frustrated culture time to make. It happen on your own conduct. Vince somebody like you trying to impress they know, listen just do your best and, let God take care of the rest, do what you can do and then trust God to do what you can.
You have no idea the amazing things they, God has spoken over. Your lie. The incredible doors he's going to open. He has opportunity and promotion that he's going to bring across your path that greater than you, ve ever imagine I think about how one young lady from the New York Yankees small organization really liked our ministry been to some of our knights of hope. And she invited us to come and open up the new Yankee ballpark. She was not in the top management she had to go through level after level after level. It could have been stopped at any point. They could have come up with plenty of reasons not Hey it's just too new. We don't want anybody on the field. We got too many bugs to work out. There were plenty of excuses. They could have found the listen when God want. Something done, is gonna get done, no person,
stand against here. She got approval after approval after reproval things fell into play. You know how. Last April we opened up the New Yankee Stadium, all because God spoke to one young lady. One young girl. God gave her a desire to be good to us and she opened the door bigger than we ve ever even That was another moment of favour, the God at all ready released into our future, the coming days. God is going to give you favour with the right people you don't need valuable with everyone. You just need favour with the right one. It matter how high they are or how low they are. All matters. Is God ordain them to be good to you, he's going to speak to people bout, you that you won't even know about this, going to give you a new level of influence, no beast,
prize when doors open bigger than you ve ever imagined. That's God moving on about ways don't, we surprise when you get bright's that you didn't really deserve. Somewhere. God spoke to somebody to be good to you. How go into this new decade, not just excited about your future, but Would you to start sensing? What's coming you ve gotta, activate your fate. Our attitude should be. I can, since it something good, is about to happen. I can, since it things, are changing in my favour in the natural it may not look like it. I can't see it, but I can, since it I'll, walk by faith. And not my side when you do that. Your faith is being released. Just wanted to clear this over every one of you, you ve been faithful, you need to get your pay day is coming you're about to walk into a moment of favour that guy He's already released into your future, God is going to take you places that you'd never imagined he is
but enough doors that no man can shut. He is already spoke to the right people about you, you to come into these blessings that you didn't even have to struggle for you to get promoted, even though you were not the most qualified gods phase is down on you. This is what the scripture says. God is going to give you houses that you didn't have to be vineyards that you didn't plan whales that you didn't have to dig. That's the goodness of God. I've seen it in my whole life? I know if God did it for me if he did it for Ruth, he wanted to do it for you. I don't know about you, but I can
this, is gonna, be a decade of exceedingly abundantly above and beyond favor. I can sense that things are accelerating. God is about to shift you hire thrust. You faster than you ever. Even imagine. How can you the sound of abundance, the sound of good breaks, the sound of healing the sound of promotion, the sound of victory over our life. I'm asking you today to get your sensor going in the right direction. Git up every morning, expecting gods, goodness expecting breakthroughs, expect to accomplish your gold. If you will learn to since the good things have gone, no one there, favours already been released in your future. Then God, one amaze, you with his goodness like real you will come into these unexpected blessings you go from barely gettin bad. Having more than a god, will
when up supernatural doors, he was to the right people to be good to you now believe declare you will see a decade of exceedingly abundantly above and beyond. Favor Promotion increase Greece, Hale Healing a decade of Godspeed Arabian, do receive it today. Thank you for listening to the Jews Dean Podcast, helpless, help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Joe Loose Dean, dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today thanks Much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the week. We're praying for you No gods best is still ahead, will see him next time.
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