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Serve Your Way Up

2019-01-27 | 🔗
In this message, Joel encourages us that the path to our purpose is found through serving, not through self-promotion. In the Bible, we read that David, who eventually became King of Israel, started in the shepherd’s fields serving his father. He was faithful in the fields for years before he ever saw promotion. When his time for promotion came, God met David in his place of faithfulness. The same is true for us today. God has things to teach us as we serve others in the “shepherd’s field” that are necessary for our destiny. Don’t discount the power of being faithful, of serving. Keep being your best where you are, knowing that you are sowing seeds into your future.
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hi this is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged i hope you enjoy the message not less it's a joy to come into your homes and if you ever our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny i heard about this little girl she was sitting in our grandfathers laughed she noticed how wrinkled his space was actually contemplated the difference between his in hers she said grandaddy did god make you he can't laughed and said yes honey you made me a long time ago she didn't ass did god make me he said yes you may do just a little while ago she thought about it a moment said grandaddy god
getting better isn t say it like you mean it this is a bible i am what it says i have what so i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god our boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is research i will never be the same in jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you today about serve your way we all want to rise higher complex our dreams overcome obstacles but long as we're only focused on ourselves we'll get stuck god brings people and opportunities across our pair so we can be a blessing when you take time sir you bring that elderly neighbour food each week you clean up at the office no you didn't make the mass you meant that young man that doesn't have a father that's what
oh god to take you hire when you serve others anew couple of fever is released we think we have to work our way to the top the truth is you can serve your way to the top the scripture says when joe pray for his friends he well when he served others he went higher somethin powerful happen when you get your mind off your cell and you go out and do good for somebody else are you serve and anyone beside you you doing something for others outside of what your job requires growing we knew this older gentlemen name mr davis he'd been attending lakewood since i was a little boy he was very kind friendly when i was in my late teams i was driving home from church one sunday afternoon a notice he was pulled over on the side of the road on this main residues
your screen he was in his eighties and i thought so i was wrong maybe you had a flat tire so i turned around to go check it out i got out of my car and said brother davis do you need some help he was getting something the strong he said now john i noticed the the day that this street sign is covered with vans you can hardly read it so i brought my long equipment to clean it up he opened his trunk he had his tremors a garden ho some plastic bags for the next couple of hours he worked cleaning up the sign everything around at eighteen years old that made such an impression on me i thought you didn't have to do that wasn't his job he could have waited for the city to trim but what the davis live to sir he was always looking for ways to be
blessing maybe that's why he was so happy maybe that's why he lived a long healthy lie when you focus not just on a i'll put you in your dreams but on being a blessing serving others then you're going to have more joy live more fulfil the reason some people are not happy is all they think about is themselves my dreams my goals my problems my family i say this respectfully you need to take a break from you it's not healthy to have you on your mind all the time take a break from bothering you take a break from what you want from what you believe in poor and goal being to somebody else
when you serve others that's a siege or sully god will make sure people are a good deal but if you're not getting any good breaks you need to ask yourself emma giving any good breaks showing people favour and not just doing what's require or am i imago and the extra mile in serving as i said when you feed the hungry when you close the neck it you help those in need then your lie will break forth like the dawn and healing will quickly come too often we waiting for the light to break forth we're waiting for the healing the promotion the new level the question is have we done the first part have we serve someone have we been a blessing when that co worker has put their car in the shop hey let me swing by in picking i can bring you to work this week you just serve someone
that single mom that struggling to pay a rent a limit value i raise this month you just fed the hungry that young colleague that doesn't understand the computer where i let me stay late and teach you what i know i'll help you to learn when you make it your business to sir you're going to see breakthroughs promotion doors open that you couldn't open nobody have seen what brought the davis did that day nobody may have stopped to thank him nobody reimbursed him for his supplies here's to key god sees everything he's keep in the record the scripture says what you do in secret will reward in the open don't worry if you're not getting credit don't give discourage people don't think you god sees your sacrifice he see you buying supplies for your students he sees you taken care that for in this not
he sees you getting up early to come sing in the choir god knows how to thank you knows how to open the windows of heaven you can't be just some body without god being good back to you that's not the reason we do it is just the way gaudy is when you give he gives you we're back when you show favor shows your more favor i think about all the volunteers that make lake would work each week ushers breeders we're partners people that visit the sick in the hospital go up to the prisons that help those in addictions and recovery thousands people that come early and stay late on they all they ve already what forty hours they could be at home resting run an errand
enjoying hobbes instead what are they doing serving helping others giving some of you volunteers i have never said thank you too in person one on one and of course i am very grateful but the truth is you don't have to have my thanks control the universe when the most tat god two things will happen that you could make happen his blessing we'll take you were you ve never dreamed sometimes we don't want sir because it seems so small and so insignificant but on the way to the big things god has in store he will test us with small things don't do this
truman the bonds off the streets i don't talk yourself out of go the extra mile and serve in your family getting up early taking care of the children make ensure everything's all right no body may be saying thank you it feels unnoticed god sees what you do that's what leads to new levels maybe you're working at a job that you feel is beneath you oh you have more in you is tempting to think when i get promoted when a new door opens then i'll be my best then i'll give it my all you have to first serve where you are with a good attitude if you all excel in that small position do more than you have two then god will open something back or maybe you want to be in ministry you want to do something significant but the church isn't lookin for a pastor
they need volunteers and children's charge we think ottawas take your kids do i do that all week with my own children i want to be on the platform it may seem small but it's a key to you rising higher it may not be the main thing in your heart but its leaders to the main day you can't skip that step in reach your destiny so this is not an elevator it's a set of stairs god leads us step stay where you serve even though its insignificant this is what david did he was anointed to be the next king of israel when i was seventeen years old the prophet samuel came to his house unannounced and chose him over his seven
older brothers he knew he was destined to do great things god put this promise in his heart but david didn't go to the palace he went back to the shepherds fields to take care of sheep like you ve done for years one day father ask him to take some sandwiches and cheese to his brothers who were in other city in the army david could have thought dad i'm not an errand boy i'm not a go for a key you saw samuel annoyed me i'm going to serve my brothers they should be bringing me if he could have been too proud to do a small day instead the next morning he set out with the lunch when he arrived at their camp he heard goliar the champion of the philistine army taunting the israelites if
david had not been willing to serve in a small area taken his brother lunches he would have never met goliath his purpose was in what seemed to be insignificant you have to be willing to do something small before god will trust you with something grain david was led into his destiny by delivering assembly you would think when god annoyed him came he would say david the next step is to go meet with the commander of the army go to the palace strategies with the military leaders instead god said the next step take your brother's lunch i wonder if a new level is waiting for you in what seems insignificant don't put off opportunities to do good to those around you to serve people like david you may have bigger things
your heart what's in front of you doesn't line up with your vision david thought i'm like not a delivery man you'd no we're that small step is leading your purpose could be waiting for you in your next act of service that could be where you mean you're goliath david was talking with some people in the army he found out there was a huge reward for defeating july whoever killed him would you one of the king's daughters as their why plus their whole family would be exempt from pay in taxes david was so excited he couldn't believe twenty did not have to pay taxes but when you marry the kings daughter that means your status would change david came from a common family they were shepherds with one defeat he could become royalty that would changes
i am really live forever king saul heard that this young man david was interested in finding goliath the scripture says saul sin for david he had somebody bring him here david wit simply to bring a lunch and now he's standing in the presence of the king it's amazing what can happen when you sir just being faithful just doing something that seems small you don't know when you're going to get caught in promotion doesn't come from people it comes from the law what did your time god will cause you to be seen he'll calls you too at the right place you cause you to be called in there they went out with a slingshot slow the rock and defeated goliath overnight
he became royalty he went from struggling being poor to have more than enough not just him but his whole family there are moments in your future we're like david because you're serving giving helping others it is going to suddenly thrust to a new level god knows how to change your status he knows how to bump you up to another dimension one touch of his favour it not only affects you but it impacts your whole family new may not see how this can happen neither did david he was just delivering a large service
and what seemed like a small area you don't know what god is up to you keep being faithful gods going to make things happen that you never dreamed would happen what s interesting is david didn't delivered the lunch is looking for an opportunity he didn't go thinking maybe i'll get a good bright maybe i'll make an important contact maybe i'll meet the king he didn't have its own agenda here it tries to manipulate things he was just faithfully serving do and what his father s and the opportunity came to him when you serve others yours serving god you are honoring him you don't have to make things happen you don't have to try to convince people to like you talk them into opening the door you just keep being your best where you are going the extra mile and the blessing will come to you the promotion the right people the face
it will find you for seventeen years are served my father behind the scenes here at lake would do in the television production i wasn't trying to become a pastor i wasn't looking for this position i was happy where i was i would spend hours can the lighting adjusting the camera angle do and all i could to make my father look good i would go to his house every week and pick out a suit in time for him to wear on television on sundays for several years when we only station every saturday i would have to go to the store should pick up these seven large recorders low demand a mantra brandon the deterred get them all hooked up i never thought much about it i was just doing what needed to be done but god
is watching to see how we respond in the difficult times when we could slack all we could be sour you to be faithful in the wilderness before god will take it into the promised land when you keep serving with excellence serbia when no one is watching servant your all serve and when it does it look like you will ever change then one day like david you come into a destiny moment will god will open a door bigger than you can imagine
one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine my father unexpectedly went to be with the lord that was like my goliath moment i was never expecting to be in front of the camera but god suddenly thrust me into this position taking me further than i've ever dreamed but it all started behind the scenes when nobody was watching when i was doing what i could to make my father look good i'm trying to get the credit not trundle manipulate things thinking maybe daddy one day will choose me be one day i'll be in charge i was simply faithfully serving my father's vision you may have a dream to have your own business or have your own ministry but right now you workin for someone else you're in approving season you need to do all you can to help that companies succeed
all this in your ability to help that ministry flourish don't wait till you get what you want if you don't give it your best where you are that door won't open for you i've heard it said you have to carry a crown before you can wear one you have to serve someone else with excellence you have to help build their dream help them succeed which all i want somebody to serve me what someone to help me to be successful the scripture says if you're not faithful to that which belongs to another man who will give you your own every day you go to work with a good attitude and give it your all every time you sing in the choir usher someone to their seats every time you help that bring with their project you are
and faithful to another person's dream you are showing god did he could trust you with your god has a crown free he wants you to rise higher give you more influence opportunity then you ve ever seen the question is you carrying somebody else's clouds are you help and somebody else succeed so one into their dream maybe servant in their ministry first kings nineteen god told the prophet allied two annoyed a young man named eliza as his replacement he saw elijah out ploughing in the field he went over and through his cloak on him it represented his mantle it was an invitation for a licence to work for him
maybe elijah had a dream of being in ministry this was his big chance god answering his prayer i could have imagined elijah said elijah i love to work for you what will my position be he thought he'd be on the platform leading to for i can hear a lot to say now i dont need anyone on the platform i don't need any one in the limelight i need you to get my food bring my water set up my tat it was a test he didn't tell elijah than he was replacement he didn't tell him a little earlier god said to anointing eliza could yokota said i'd love to do it but i don't want to be in the back
i don't want to serve and a menial position i have big things in my heart instead eliza understood this principle did you have to carry a crown before you can wear one he faithfully served elijah month after month year after year in fact three times eliza tried to get rid of him he told them to stay in a city while he went farther eliza wouldn't do it was so committed so faithful then he went with him anyway when alike was taken to heaven in the world when eliza received a double portion of his anointing he performed twice as many miracles it would have never happen if he had not served him all those years don't discount the power of serving being faithful helping someone else succeed
which all i have my own dreams i'm fallen behind know your time is coming there's a goliath moment suddenly we're god is going to throw up due to a new level you are never wasting time serving others it's a part of god's plane you cannot reach your destiny without being faithful to another person's dream that showing guy he can trust you with your own as a young man god gave joseph dream that one he would be in leadership that people would bow down before him and he was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery he worked for a man named potter for high ranking military official in the egyptian army joseph had every right to be better to slack all his own family turned on him but instead
being discouraged joseph kept excelling where he was doing more than required and potter for noticed and put him in charge of his whole household even when it's not fair you can are your way people notice when you go the extra mile you should be so excellent at work that your company can't make it without you when your boss your supervisor looks into they think while there are cut above there always on time they also do more than they have two they always help solve problems if you gone and nobody misses you everything it your company runs justice smoothly then maybe they don't if you won't job security you need to be so productive so up but beyond the norm that there's a guy when you're not there this
i mean you have to have the most talent it means know how to serve well joseph was eventually put in prison for something that he didn't do surely he'd be sour now surely he would slack all know he can't be in his best so much so that the supervisor put him in charge of the prison betrayed but still serbian faithfully not fair but still serving with excellence that gets gods into one night the faro had a dream that he didn't understand were reached in that this young prisoner this slave named joseph could interpret dreams he sent for him joseph was standing in the palace important of one of the most powerful people of that day the betrayal the bad break the injustice it was a test god was saint joseph will you serve me through the bad breaks
will you saw me through the lonely nights when you face big challenges its because god a big destiny in front of you joseph pass the test he not only serve this way he served his way he interpreted the dream the faro was so impressed he brought him out of prison and made joseph the prime minister of egypt when you go through unfair situations don't get better keep syrupy keep being faithful keep help when someone else exceed that difficulty not there to stop you it's there to promote you now do you apart and serve your way not negative complain in our joy me and do it i'll do it but it's not fair you can do that thing
the wrong attitude in miss your blessing god is not just looking at what we do he's looking at the attitude of our hearts the saw miss said serve the lord with gladness serve with a smile i go to work with a good attitude seeing in the choir with joy to many people are servant with sadness they wonder one nothing changes if they it would have taken lunch to his brothers with a sour attitude complaining i dont believe he would have met goliath i sure would have served elijah negative i can't believe i'm still taking care this old man this is not what i signed up for it had never received the double portion don't miss your blessing because you're sour you doing the right thing make sure you do in it with gladness remember you not working under people you're not just serve in your company serving your church serving your neighbor your servant
the creator of the universe the god you breathe life into you you might be in a difficult situation like joseph serve your way out keep being your best where you are don't discount the small thing taking your brother's lunch that small active service is leading to the big things god has installed many of you have been serve and faithfully go the extra mile doing it with a good attitude get ready your time is up god is about to open a new door he's about to put you in position where you're not just carry on crown you're wearing your crime you ll see in a dream come to pass it's because you been faithful to sir believe and declare breakthroughs or coming emotions are coming healing coming new levels of your destiny jesus name and if you are even can you say
then today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus our repent of my sins come into my heart make you my lord insane if you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good babo base charge keep god first slice victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much were listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing
oh yeah i'm no gods best is still ahead will see a next time
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