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2020-09-15 | 🔗

Most of the time, God's promises don't come to fruition overnight. You have to do your part and water the seed. When you praise God in advance, you’re preparing His promises to flourish in your life.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hide this goal in Victoria, thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages. Every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them. Is it's a joy to come into your homes? We love you and, if you ever, our area, please stop, might be. Part of one of our services. I promise you make you feel right at home, but think so. For tuna in. Thank you again for coming out I'd like to with something funny I heard about this husband and wife driving down the road and they saw this signed. It said neck and don't just forty miles ahead. Maybe and argue over how to correctly pronounced the name. Neck adoptions, the Hudson got so upset
finally said when we get to town almost stop improve you that I'm right They drove silently for the next thirty minutes and it got to town. He pulled into the first fast food restaurant he could find they both mark stepped to the counter? He said to the young lady Workin, behind it my way, and I have been arguing for the last thirty minutes. Can you please please tell us very slowly and very clearly how pronounced the name of this place. Young girls. I've got real big. She leaned over the counter and said a key part of the above all, say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I have what it says. I have can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God, boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus, nay, God bless you want to talk.
The other day about thanking God in advance. We all have dreams and goals that gods placed in our hearts Things were believe in four situate. We're praying to turn around the promises start off like seeds. They don't come to pay overnight. There's always a period of waiting involved from the top We pray the time we see it come to fulfilment, that's called the trial of our faith this is when many people get discouraged and give up, they start believing the negative thoughts, never what happened it's taken too long now that aid is lying dormant in still alive. It still has potential, but you to do your part in start watering. The sea the way you water. It is by thanking God in advance Can't wait to you receive the promise you have to, thank God, that the answer is on the way now
you're struggling in your health. The medical report doesn't look good, don't talk about how you feel say father. Thank you that I'm healthy. Thank. You strong Thank you with long life. You're satisfying me, that's not just being positive, that's watering! The seed in you find it is maybe your struggling. Business is slow. Through the day Father thank you. That whatever I touch prospers, insects ease. Thank you. I'm coming out of their thank you that you're Labour surrounds me like a she'll when you thank God in advance for the answer, not only waters the seed, but that strengthens your own fate. This is what Abraham, dear God, the seed in his heart tat. He would have a baby. Before years, went by. There was no sign of a chap. It looked impossible. Abraham. Sarah were nearly a hundred years old,
every voice and it wasn't going to happen. They could have easily themselves out of it, but the scripture say: Abraham, grew strong in faith by giving praise to God. Notice. When you give God praise it gives strength when you thank God in advance for the answer. That's what keeps you encouraged you going to stay strong in faith by complaining. You knock this day, determined if you're talking about how bad it is, or God you Promise me this baby, but it seems like I'm too old God, you said you wanted me to be blast, but now bears is so slow. God. You said you'd bring me out of this trouble, but these people are so much more powerful than me no switch. Over into praise biz This may be slow. Lord, I want to thank you that prosper me even in a desert, these people be powerful. Lord, I want to thank you that you all powerful pray
makes you strong praise, keeps you moving forward, so off We think I'll, give God praise after the problem turns around I'll think after business picks after us, The solution Don't learn this principle to thank God in advance. You won't have the strength. You need to wait for the promise. What keep the strong is good up in the morning, Saint Father. Thank you. Did my dreams are coming to pass. Thank you problems. Turning around. Thank you that your bigger than this obstacle, you're Abraham got up many mornings was TIM to be discouraged. The negative thoughts came come on Abraham an old man. It's not gonna happen. You been waiting five years ten years twenty years, you must have heard God wrong if Abraham would have dwelt on those thoughts when around worried maybe I am too old
I did hear God wrong. Maybe I'm wasting my time. He would have given up the way he stayed Invade day today month after month for twenty four years is would get up each morning and say Father Thank you for the son. You promised thank you that Isaac on his way thing that Sarah, we can see. Thank you that, true to your work, you give God praise God gives you straight to keep believing that what he promised will come to pass all through the day, just like with Abraham negative thoughts, will come to try to get us to abort our dreams, Here's a key every time, your tempted to worry less be a reminder to thank God that the answers on the way when the come say, and you never going to get well, stead a worrying turn it around father. Thank you,
restoring health back into me when you do that you getting stronger. Your fate is being built up. Thought says you made to many mistakes. God will never help. You there's thing good in your future turn it around Father thing you did. Your mercy is bigger than any mistake. I made thank you and the whitest gets brighter thinking that my best days are still out in front of me. This is how Abraham stayed in fate. He thanked God for the promise long before he saw the promise you give God praise. God gives you stream to keep believing when we were trying to acquire this facility. My mind was bombarded with negative thoughts, saying Joel impossible, the cities, not gonna, let a church have it. You just wasting your time for three, have years. Every morning the same, discouraging thought would come:
when I would give in and start thinking about them. I could feel most. They are getting weak discouraged losing my joy. I did what I'm asking you to do. I would catch my sale, stood a worrying I'd turn it around all through the day. Father. Thank you you ve given us that building you did, it already has our name on it. Thanks that your bigger than any obstacle. Thank you know that you're fighting our battles for us. That's what kept me strong three and a half years. When I didn't see anything happening God want to bring the promise to pass, but he's looking for people that will. Thank you. Before the walls fall down. For, as it shows a faint before the building is theirs before the healing com, before the legal situation turns around The mistake we make so often is when these thoughts of worry com and doesn't look like is ever going to change. We start begging, God
God, please help me God, begging you to give us that building God, please Give me that baby begging doesn't get gods attention one you pray and ask to bring the promised to pass. You ask the heel, you you ask him. Door of relationship from then on. You don't to ask God one more time he heard the very first time now, every time, you think about it. You should thank God that the answer is on the way. I know people in their good people, but Ask God for the same thing the same way year after year, God please, my back on track God, please, These calls them to straighten up There are sincere, but the right approach instead asking for the same thing the same way year after year is switchover in deprived
Lord, I believe you heard me the first time and I wanna thank you that my child straightened up. Thank you that no fulfilled their destiny. Thank you that there can good choices that Abraham did He didn't really strong in favour, pray and everyday God? Please bring this promise to pass God. I'm begging you to give me this baby. He prayed wants any spent the rest of the time, thanking God in the scripture there was a lady that came to Jesus. Started, begging him to heal her daughter. She said please Jesus, my daughter, so bad. Would you please I'm begging you to hear her as was normally so compassionate throughout the scripture here, around hailing. Everyone blind man said: Jesus have mercy this went over and healing soldier said my daughter is sick. We come to my house. Geez one out of his way again and again to heal, so
many different people, but what's interesting, is this lady that kept begging and begging geez? ignored her didn't give her the time of day While she realized begging, wasn't going to do her any good. The scripture says, chief oh Jesus feed, started worshipping here, started thinking here started giving him points all of a sudden, geez stop what he was doing looked at the woman and said your daughter is perfectly well you go home. Everything is ok begging, won't do praising we'll do asking you don't be a beggar, be a believer once you pray it's over into prize. None of this year after year. God, please help me please give me that promotion caught on just begging. You knows if that up all through the day. Father. Thank you that I'm healthy
Thank you that my business is blessed. Thank you that promotion is coming When our sun, Jonathan God driver's license a couple of years ago. We body a used car Alexander is thirteen years old in a few months after he got that car. Alexander came up and said daddy when I my driver's license. Are you going to buy me a record she on get their own record early on as the years Alexandra a more by your car. She said you promise. I sit, I promise you know since I have given her my word. She is not ask me one time to buy her that car she is, totally convinced that I will do what I said so right so that she talks about the car, is if it's already hers, She has no doubt that car is coming, but how would I feel as a father. If she, up every day in today please get me that car daddy
I'm begging you when I get my driver's license. Please give me a call would make me feel bad It was a Alexandra. Don't you believe I said you don't have to keep ass, me. You certainly don't have to beg me just believe that I'll do what I said this. How? God must feel when we ask him again and again for the same thing when we beg him, God says: don't you trust me You have the confidence that I would do without problems when Alexandria goes around. Talking about that car drew about what color is gonna, be excited about. What's in her future, that brings a smile to my face. From time to time. She'll come up and put her arm around me. Long blonde, hair blue eyes, as beautiful as can be ensured me for that car, that is to come you'll tell me how much she loves me and how proud she is to be my daughter,
When she does that thing, do you want one car or do you want to think he does a whole more than begging when your car, stately giving God thanks telling how much you love him? How He is proud. You are to be his child that causes God to want to go on his way to be good to eat but if we go around thing in all mean less hard, can't you see, I'm struggling gotta, skinny, I'm begging, you, God got help me get through this- that doesn't get God Attention praise gets its attention. Thank inhuman advance for the answer. Acting like can on the way. That's what brings promises to pass. One time, Daniel prayed and ask God to help. In this. You have today went by nothing got better. It looks God didn't even hear his prayer, but on the twenty first day angel showed up
and send Daniel the first day, you prayed gone her Jew and dispatch me the answer, but it took twenty one days to fight through the forces of darkness. When I you to see is the first day you pray, God heard you, this time you ass, God, set the miracle into motion. The very today. The answer was on the way. That's why you don't have to keep in about the same thing: big and God again and again, the answer is already on the way. The problem is already in motion. The boy through is already in round the room. Person is already in your future, the victory is already up ahead of you. You played about it. Now, which, over into praise, start thanking God that has come start taking him in advance for the healing the restoration, the promotion, the vindication, the drawing its headed. You away
even Jesus when he was on the earth he thanked is here, my father for the answer before it came, Bryn Lazarus had been dead for four days. Jesus who did the tune, looked up to the Heavens and said father I want to say, Q, that you have heard me past tense last we're still dead, Jesus was thinking his heavenly father, that he was alive if you is thought. It was important enough to, thank God. Before the answer came? then we should certainly did in a habit of not only asking not only making our request known, but less taking one step further and start. Thanking God for the answer. Even when we don't see any sign of it happened. I mean Lazarus was still wrapped up in grave clothes, been dead for four days. Sure and the people around Jesus must have thought. Jesus had lost his mind.
Here, he's thanking God for life when the man was still clearly there. This is what faith is all about. You can't just look at it with your natural allies. Some of you today have situations that look dad you, health finance is a relationship dream you mind telling you it's impossible know you even believing but would you dare me as boulders Jesus and say father I wanted thank you in advance that you have a resurrection, come God. I know you can bring things back to life. You have the final say may not see a way, but I want to thank you in advance that, promise you spoken over me will come to pass This is what allegedly There has been a drought in the land for three and a half years, people struggling barely making it. But a didn't complain here. We start begging. He understood,
this principle he went on the top of Mount Carnival start in thanking God for the rain that was coming. He thanked not that the answer was on the way he thanked God that loud were already starting to form six and his assistant went out to check for rain. Came back here, said no rain, not a cloud in the sky. Elijah didn't get discouraged he didn't start begging Come on God. I've been asking you again and again. He just say in more detail for the rain. This come I see away in the natural, but I want to thank you that you're, a supernatural go, the story on the seventh time that assist it came back and I saw a cloud open this guy this time. Largest said you better get ready, can hear the sound of the abundance of re as he kept thanking God. Before long the heavens opened up the promised came to pass.
You may be in a drought today. Don't complain about it. Don't keep begging God to change it. Don't Ask again and again for the same thing do like Elijah. So job in the every day. I'm your tempted were tempted to get discouraged. Did they complain? You gonna dig your heels in and say Father Thank you for the rain this coming. Thank you for the healing this coming. Thank you the favour this coming, Thank you for the restoration this coming now. What I want to thank you for just a little bit, not forbear get by, but like Elijah. Thank you for that. Abundance that you have installed. Now you may not see anything happen for a week a month a year or like Abraham for many many years. The question is What are you Meda? Anybody can quit body can get discouraged and give up here's the key as
keep thanking God, your faith is getting stronger If you keep thanking him in advance, then, like a Joe. You won't get discouraged. Even though you don't see anything happening. Sometimes it is difficult. You may not feel like Jeremiah said if you will offer up the sacrifice of praise. That means If you do the right thing, when it's hard, then go will cause they captivity of the land to be reversed, fortunes to be restored. This is saying, if you ll, thank God in advance, even when you don't see anything good happening if you're on offer that sacrifice appraise then two things are going to take place God is going to reverse negative situations and he's going to restore what should have been yours, this done happen by complaining. Does happen by begging. It have when you get up in the morning
and say I don't see how this could ever change, but Lord, I wanna. Thank you that the answers on the way, thank you that healing is coming. Thank you The problems turning around. Thank you that my children will fulfil their destiny. If you live like that, you might as well get ready God. Going to reverse and he's gonna restored. He's. Gonna reverse finance. Is that we're going down he's gonna reverse a business that was slow he's gonna, reverse a ban medical report he's gonna run, There's a legal situation. Not only that guy, he's going to restore what should have been yours, he's gonna, store the years you ve lost, because somebody did you wrong. An unfair situation he's going Restore a relationship. Restore a dream is going to happen because of your praise, because you are thanking God in advance. Friends. Lose your praise. The battle may be tough, but keep praise
people. Do you wrong cape praising the We're not look good, keep raising funny! You go down keep praising as long as you have praise coming out of your mouth, then is not over. I've learned, God will lead, appraiser be defeat, they'll lose your brains, are Samuel, seventeen, the fiddle, stains were on one side of a mountain. The Israelites we're on one side of another mountain There was a valley in between them that they were fighting over. The scriptures is the valley belong to Judah people? to the Israelites. Judah means praise Every morning and every evening for forty days, Goliath would come out and stand on the Philistines side of Mount, the huge giant and he would shout threats and insult. Would the Israelites trying to intimidate them, bring fear caused them to pay?
first thing they heard in the morning was Goliath. Shouting your day These are numbered. You don't have a chance. The last thing they heard before they went to bed was and so much bigger than you, you may as well give up the enemy, works the same way today when you first get up you're here his threats, you're not gonna, make it. You don't have the money. Your health is not good. Your children are never going to straighten out loud staying here before you go to bed is not going to work out too much is come and against you for forty days the Israelites couldn't sleep at night they were intimidated, worried living in feed but one day a young man shoulder named David he had secret weapon. He came. The tribe of Judah, the tribe appraise David knew. The valley they were fighting for, didn't, belong to fear, didn't belong to discouragement,
didn't belonged intimidation. He knew that Valley belong to praise. His attitude was, I may be in a low spot. I may be in a tough time, I don't see a way out, but I know this valley doesn't belong to discouragement. Intimidation is not going to keep me up at night. Goliath not coming into my valley. This valley belongs to praise. I can imagine David begin to thank God for what he had done in the past and then is which Dover and started thanking God. But what he was about. He's dead Goliath this day I will defeat to impede your head to the birds of the air he would say load. I want to thank you for the answer this coming. Thank you that things are changing. In my favor, David went on to conquer the enemy. When you're in a valley, like David FEAR, we'll try to occupy that valley in the morning.
Anxiety, we'll try to come into that valley at before you go to bed stress down, TIM, we'll, try to keep it up at night, but know this that valley doesn't belong to the enemy. It belongs to praise. Now you got take your valet back. To the day when the thoughts come saying is not going to work out. The pro I'm never going to turn around. Don't went on there. Don't let that occupy that valley. Turn up your praise. Father thank you that you're still the throne. Thank you that your bigger than this obstacle, Thank you that you're fighting my battles. Thank you the answer is already on the way. When you learn to give God praise in the valley, you will defeat every giant. Dead matter. How big that obstacle is you and God or a majority? He will always cause you to the really. Any of us can give God praise. When takes the mountain top
that's easy! When everything's going away makes a man or woman of great faith to say God, things go in my way, I don't feel well, I'm tired These people are doing me wrong. Businesses, slow equity, we'd be discouraged. I could easily complain, but I know a secret this vote It belongs to praise. So god I want to thank you that I'm coming out Thank you that you restoring and reversing. I want to thank you that things are changing and nothing you do that more stay in the valley. Pray These causes, God to go to work, pray he's breaks chains that are holding us back pray opens up supernatural doors, pray, causes things to fall into place. Some of have prayed about the situation. Long enough, you gotta which, over into praise every morning. Father. Thank that my dreams are coming to pass. Thank you healing is coming. Thank you. Promotion is on its way. That's what's going to happen
the strong, not begging not pray and again and again, no remember like Daniel. The first day you pray God herded and sit miracle into motion is already on the way. As you Keep giving God praise he's going to keep giving you strength to believe, and yes, sometimes it's difficult. You may be in that valley, but Would you dare let fear occupy that valley? don't let intimidation in that valley, don't let doubt and complaining come into your valley. That valley belongs to pour. If you did your heels in an offer of that sacrifice, appraised promises he's gonna. Verse and restore like Abraham see the dream come to pass. David you're, the feed, every giant like Elijah, that I will come to an end.
I believe and declare you will see the abundance of rain abundance of joy abundance in your health abundance in your finances, abundance of God's good, this in Jesus name, if you receive it, can you say even today, we never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me just Lord Jesus, Our repent of my sins come in My heart, I make you my Lord and Savior. And if you pray that simple prayer, we believe you got born again, Getting a good Bible Base Church keep God first place, he's gonna. Take you places that you ve never dreamed. Thank you for listening to the Germans. Dean podcast help us Continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke. Steam dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks
much for listening to today's message? I hope you'll subscribe. So you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy no gods. Best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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