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The God Who Overrules

2018-03-31 | 🔗
Do you feel stuck or restricted today because of a past mistake, an addiction, a health matter you’re desperate to see change or a situation you can’t control? We all face limiting situations, but the good news is that God can overturn areas where we feel blocked from moving forward and living our fullest lives. The Psalmist said in Psalm 9:3-4, “My enemies turn in retreat, they are defeated before you. For you have judged in my favor.” Let Joel show you in this powerful message how God desires to deliver you from powerful enemies. Whether you’re battling an enemy of sickness, depression, fear, lack or struggle— get ready, God is about to judge in your favor. What has stopped you in the past is going to stop you no more. Let this message help you step into a new level of destiny and wholeness as you break past barriers with God’s help.
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless you to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe those deemed outcome flash give hope to give a gift today about why it's a joy to come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop vine be a part of it of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home fella to start with something funny and i heard about these four catholic ladys there a braggin on their sons the first ones my son is a priest when he talks in the room everyone calls him father the second said my son is a bishop when he walks in everyone calls him
your grace third said my son is a cardinal when he walks in everyone calls him your eminence fourth lady said my son is six put three has brought shoulders is incredibly good lookin dress impeccably well when he ox in all the lady say oh my god say it like you ve made it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god boldly confess mine is alert my heart receptive i will never be the same jesus nay god bless you talk to you today about the god who overruled in the legal system a court on a case and give its verdict but just because you
have the verdict doesn't mean its final you can appeal that verdict to a higher court if they see it firstly because they have more authority they overruled what the lower court decided there can be a ruling from a local court regional court state court they all see it one way but if the supreme court so is it another way then all the lower court rulings are none opa of no effect the supreme court is the highest authority they can overrule any decision in the same way we all have things come against us that look like their permanent looks like it's the final decision you'll always be addicted runs in your family you'll never get well you saw the medical report you're not gonna meet the right path
in human single so long here's the key that's the lower court ruling that's not the final say there is a higher court that as more authority our god is called the most hard guy he's this supreme court all by himself he can overruled any decision when the lower court tells you you'll never get well god says overruled i'm restoring health can you you may too many mistakes you'll never fulfilled destiny overruled ma mercy is bigger than any mistake ever get out a debt overruled you will land and not moral you won't bright data jeanne overruled freedom is coming home this is coming he's the god who overrules now don't let what the law a court decided become permanent in your thinking don't discourage you too where you quit believing it's only temporarily
that may be the way is now but your case is under appeal its being viewed the good news is the judge in your case the highest authority that one it makes the final decision it just so happens you related to here he's a distant cousin alone lost relative that you ve never met he's your heavenly father you have an advantage the job is on your side the psalmist said my enemy turned in retreat they were defeated before me for you judged in my favor those enemies that have come against jews the enemy of sickness enemy of addiction fear struggle lack god is about to judge in your favour he's about to overrule sometimes what you're dealing with is not permanent you're about to get a new verde you going to see a breakthrough in your hair do
you're going to open bigger than you have imagined gods going to bring divine connections the right people across europe have a look over my life and i can see the god who over rules my father was born into poverty during the great depression he had no money no way education his family told him john you better just they hear on the farm with us in pick cotton that's all you know how to do he couldn't believe those last but in his spirit he could you're gonna say in overruled i have a destiny for you you weren't created for mediocrity you have seeds of greatness daddy rose up and broke the curse of poverty he said a new standard for our family they would have ever happen if he had believed in the god who over rules you may not be in a good place right now
where are you are is not who you are what you come from does have the limit where you go into how you start is not important how you finish is what man the same god that overall for my father brought here into a life of victory and abundance is going to overrule for you you're the one to set a new standard you're the one to break out of them all you can be the first one in your family to get a degree the first one to own your own business the first one to break the addiction the first one to raise your children in charge don't settle but what the lower court is telling you nineteen eighty one my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer given a few it's too late godsend the rule i don't agree with
that verdict with long life i'll satisfy you she's here eighty three years also go and saw the critics told us we would never get this facility that's it would never give it to a church jaw you're wasting your time god said overruled he made things happen that we could never make happen when my father wit to be with the lord own thoughts told me don't you a minister he's gonna listen to you you can't get up inform people godsend overruled he's taken places i've never dream when i in a jewelry store and met victoria for the first time every voice she'll never go out with you god said overruled i said thank you jesus you may be facing challenges it look permanent dream
does it seem impossible you don't see away don't worry god has away he knows overruled he controls the whole universe my twenties i was driving on the freeway is right really hard and i lost control of my car spinning around and around i hit the inside guard rail and spun back across four lanes of traffic at one point i looked up i could see the what good ill of an eighteen wheeler right before me i was in the wrong direction i felt like i could reach out in touch his bumper we were so close i thought you know what that's it done somehow he miss me next thing i knew i was over on the shoulder the truck driver pulled over and said boy you must be live and ride i don't know how miss but why when i raised two hits you built a big gust of wind
blow me otherwise as regards the scripture says you rescued me from deep waters and delivered me from power four enemies enemies that we're too strong for me i couldn't stop that truck it was too powerful for me but it wasn't too powerful our god you may not be able to beat the cancer when your own but you're not your own the most god is ruling in your favour he's going to rescue you from deep waters he's going to deliver you from powerful enemies the or court may tell ya know i don't think so just accepted the sickness the legal problem is to be those people are too strong to powerful god is saying is no match for me i'm about to turn things in your
i'm about to overrule what look determine instead a dwelling on how big your enemies are started dwelling on how big your god is all through the day thank you to you're the god who overrules thank you that you are judging in my favor read about a young man at home working on his truck he headed up on jack's while he was underneath somethin shifted in the truck fell on him he was lying there being crushed nobody to help him not able to move but when the truck hid his chest it knocked his cell phone now and somehow push the button where siri came on and said how can i help you barely conscious with a true line on his chest he said siri called none one one she call
the paramedics arrive two minutes later saved his life the doctors another five minutes he would have been crushed today the more we're court said too bad and accident you're done the higher court said overruled it's not the time to go god can even use siri to save your life scriptures is the number of your days god will fulfil the enemy is not in control of your lie he can't stop your purpose and activate can't stop you a bad brake assist this god has the final say if it's not your time to go if he hasn't fulfilled your days then you're not going to go here going to overrule you remember in the scripture when satan wanted detest job he had asked god for permission he couldn't just go in there and do whatever he won't it that's why
we don't have to live worried upset afraid we are in a controlled environment our father is on the throne he is the judge he has in the palm of his hand nothing can statue away but sometimes we think it's god first the enemy but the enemy is not an equal opposite of god we have hot coal lie darkness good evil those are equal opposites but not god in the enemy god created the enemy is the creator satan is a created be he is a fallen angel he was it made in the image of god you were made in the image of god but if you see the enemy as being this powerful force that can stop you control you determine your destiny
you are giving him power over you that he doesn't have when jesus came out of the grave he took away the keys of death and hail he said all power has been given under me now i'm giving it to you you are more powerful than any for that's trying to stop you the enemy has already been defeated we're in a fixed fine we know the final outcome god says he always causes you to try he says he's going to judge in your favour in the civil war ulysses grant was a respected general one day he climbed up over a mountain look down in the valley below to his surprise he saw harrison's army quickly approaching where was overcome with fear seeing thousands of troops horses waiting to attack
ass he stood there with his heart beating so fast trying to figure out what he was going to do here noticed when harrison's army saw him data and around and started to retreat his heart quit beating sofa he calm down ass he watched the army ride off into the distance well said he learned something that day that he would never forget that we adversary i have knows my name and they are afraid of me then i am of them the scripture says grey is he did in you then he did was again soon don't have to be afraid of the enemy he's afraid of you when he looks at you he does it just see you he sees who who belong to you remind him of his defeat of that day two thousand years ago when christ conquered here you are
on tomb how he is powerless he can rule over you all day long the good news is he's the lower core what he does is temporary wings says overruled every force of darkness is broke you need to get ready gods about to overrule some things in your life overruled the addictions overruled the depression gods going to overrule the injustice the unfair situations that's not your destiny god has a life of victory for you this is what he did for the israelites they had been slavery for four hundred and thirty years now i'm sure they had accepted it this is our lot in life no wonder were being mistreated taken advantage of most of them were born into it it wasn't therefore but one day god had enough he said
i have seen the afflictions of my people i have heard their cries i have come down to delivered in the report said they were stuck god said overruled this is a new day no more injustice their captors were bigger stronger had more equipment but god livered them from powerful enemies god caused the pharoah not just to let them go but on their way out fables people gave them their gold their silver their jewelry they could have left empty handed that would have been a great victory just to be free but god said now pay back time i'm going to compensate you for what you ve been through god knows what you're old he knows every person it's done you want every injustice every bad break he's not just
want to bring it out but he's going to pay you back when he settled jewel case you're going to come out fully compensated blessed prosperous vindicated honoured people no the god has ruled in your face no young lady she came a very difficult environment her father when she was six not long after that her mother had to go on dialysis they were very poor most other kids were play in the neighborhood she was at home taken care of her mothers twelve years old you walk up to distort back groceries cook for the family she'd get her little brother dress ready for school every day being such a disadvantage it look like she would miss her purpose but despite these hardships she kept me in her best
she didn't have a victim mentality she believed in the god who overrules she excelled in school she got a full scholarship to a prestigious university she got agree then went on get our masters today she owns very successful business she's happily married has three beautiful children she said aw i never dreamed i would be here the first one in my family to get a degree that one to own our own business and the first one to raise my children in church all the odds were against her could have become a statistic what happen god said overruled he didn't just bring rout he compensated you i have situations that put you at a disadvantage god sees he knows what you ve been through he knows what you didn't get he know
who left you where you are is not your final destination that's the lower ports verdict the good news is our god is in the over ruling business your time has come indication is coming promotion is coming abundance is coming here being your best keep on ring god like with her there is favour in your future this going to amaze you mean the things we struggle with have been passed down our family life is not a coincidence that were tempted in certain areas having to deal with an addiction depression a hot temper those or spirits they keep getting passed down from generation to generation slight we can pass down physical traits are looks are saw our hair color we can pass down attitudes dysfunction depression
the enemy didn't start with you he started way back in your family lie in the scripture isaacs wife rebecca was this lest she manipulated her children she does i need your husband to try to get her way or her son jacob was just like her he was a deceiver he tricked his brother out of his birthright jacob's uncle laban had the same problem he was honest he told jacob if you work for me for seven years i'll give you wanna my daughter's as you why he did that labour said our change banana me seven years i'm fourteen years there was spirit of deception in their family life look like it would be passed from generation to generation but one day god in his mercy said enough is enough
putting an end to this generational cars jacob humbled him so he admitted he was long god changed in that was the turning jacob son joseph was just the opposite he was a man of great intact eddie you won't leave one negative thing in the scripture about joseph up to him there was deception dishonesty manipulation but when it came to joseph everything stop what happened god said overruled this curse is broken you some of the things that you're dealing with things that have been passed down it didn't start with you but i believe it's going to end with you god is soon i'm about to overrule negative baggage in your family life overruled the dysfunction the addictions the lack in struggle this is a new day freedom
come into your house wholeness is coming your family line you're the difference might be cause you're honouring god you're going to see the god who overruled put a stop to it like with jacob that generational curse is being broken the generational blessing is beginning talk to a man recently had struggled with alcohol for over forty years has only now stand was an alcoholic his grandfather was normal to him he tried to stop many times with no success but one day he in his car listening to a message and i was talking about being three how that's not your destiny he said he something like warm oil the import all over here from that day forward he never touch the alcohol that's
that had been in his family line for generations was suddenly broken you were created to be free to live health whole secure don't get comfortable with dysfunction knows that'll for things that are less than gods best that's not who you are put your faith out their father thank you that you're overruling every negative thing this holding me back god not only overruled what comes against us sometimes he overruled are wrong choices without his mercy we wouldn't fulfil our destiny god told jonah to go to the city of nineveh he didn't want to go there he wanted to go to tarsus the other direction what's interesting is god didn't stop him from going in the wrong way he didn't stop him from getting on a boat headed toward tarsus god respects are free will
he allowed all that to happen but windows huge storm arose the root through jonah overboard here drowned that should been the inn that's when god stepped in and said overruled he had the is there to swallow him take him to dry ground god didn't stop all jonas mistakes betty did stop him from sing his destiny how many of us would not be here if god had overruled are wrong choices you could have married the wrong person but god said overrule he shut the door that addiction could have taken your lie gods overruled i have a destiny for you you lost your temper and we're about tell your boss off godson overruled he called your bail for some reason you couldn't do it you we still have that job if he wasn't the god who overruled you may be headed down the wrong path today
making decisions you know we're not the best don't be surprised if you encounter the god who over rules he loves you too much to let you miss your purpose the scripture talks about the mercy of god not singular pearl mercies again and again shows us mercy fringy had grown up used to party where some of them may not still be here they didn't make it that could have been you but the guard overruled stepped in here your free clean healthy you could have had a nervous breakdown buckled under all the pressure but when you you couldn't take it anymore the god who overruled put a stop to it now you're stronger than ever some of the people you grew up with if they could see you now in charge honouring god clean three bless generous be so shock you'd have to pick them up off the fool
it's all because of the god who overruled jesus said the peter satan has come to sift you like we but peter i have prayed for you to strengthen you so your fate will not fail jesus saint peter the enemies come and against jews trotted distract to discourage you get you off course but don't worry peter praying for you i'm going to street you are not going to let you be defeated and the god who overrules when like it's tough things come against you you're not on your own you have an advantage the scriptures jesus is it the right hand of the father right now praying for you there's one thing to have people point four stand in faith but when you the risen save your play and you cannot
defeat two thousand years ago jesus hung on the cross he was beaten by soldiers marked ridicule it look like it was over all of hell was rejoicing but in the head and god didn panic he didn't say what happened my plane didn't work out he simply said overruled the law we're court said jesus was don defeated the higher court said i don't think so on the third day jesus came out of the grey he said i am he that lives i was there but now i am alive for evermore if god can overrule there the brave forces of darkness don't you think he can overrule what's holding you back those obstacles may look permanent but in yours spirit you need to hear saying overruled that
dysfunction may have been in your family land for generations this is a new day they're gone who over rules is about to put a stop to it i believe and declare god is livery you from powerful enemies right now is judging in your favour what stopped you in the past stop you no more you are coming into freedom wholeness abundance victory the fullness of your destiny in jesus name if you receive it can you say that today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lie would you play with me just they wore jesus our opinion my sins come into my heart i'll make you my lord and savior if you play simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base chirped keep god first place
victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you as a thank you for your support of our ministry this month joel in victoria we'd like to send you a copy of jewels new three message theories fresh favor i see the dreams you have in your heart he knows how hard you were through life's challenges to make your dreams a reality are not allowed to god
he's all of the disappointments and hard eggs and is working behind the scenes on your behalf god has fresh favor for you today his favour can take you further than you ever imagine god has placed his favour on favourable open doors you couldn't open it will help you overcome what should have held you bad gods favour is going to help you accomplish our dreams and go further than you could imagine i found when you live favour minded you'll see more of godspeed request this resource it will help you live favour failed lie it belongs to request your copy of the fresh paper collection today which includes jewels three message series and a one hundred page book believe in god's favour order today like joe loose dean dot com for cop eight eight eight five six seven job your support
lord is making a difference around the world thank you so much for your prayer in your generosity the ministry couldn't keep going without faithful people just like you and until we made again made the lord bless you may he shot down his favour only you and may you see his goodness as never before
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