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2017-02-19 | 🔗
We all come to places in life where we reach our limits. You may feel like that today, or maybe there are obstacles you can’t overcome. The good news is that you’re not on your own. God is with you, and He is not limited by anything or anyone.You don't have to live life in fear or worried anymore because you don’t see how it’s going to work out. God’s ways are better than our ways. Under the open windows of heaven, God will cause you to accomplish things you couldn’t on your own. All you need to do is keep the faith. You will learn from Pastor Joel how being negative, complaining and living worried can limit God’s favor in our lives, but our praise causes the heavens to open and pour down like a flood.
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god bless you it's a joy that come into your homes and if you're ever our area please stop by and be apart of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funding in a hurry this family that live way back in the woods they never if their little town never watched television one day they took a vague in the new york city the fox i was showing his son a famous skyscraper and they were so impressed they specially intrigue by the elevator they didn't know what it was this elderly woman walked up and push the button the walls opened up she stepped into a little room the walls closed backer they set their contemplating what they just see
in a few seconds the same walls open backup and a beautiful twenty four a girl step down most in this valley the sunset dad what just happened he said i don't know son but go get your mother say it like you mean it this is my bible i am it says i have what it says our hair i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god only confess mama there's a war heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you today about the old in windows of heaven we all come to this is in lie where we each our limits we ve gone as far as our occasion allows the medical report says we're not going to get well we tried to break the addiction but haven't been able to do it it's easy to several where we are and think that is never going to change but this
your says in malaga when you honor god with you giving he will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that you cannot contain you may have reached its limits on your own there are obstacles you can't seem to overcome the good news is you're not on your own because europe giver cause you're honouring god you are under the old in windows of heaven if you'll get your ashen back start believe then again start expecting again gone is going to rain down favour rain down good breaks rain down abundance the medical report may not look but under the open windows of heaven he is raining down god can do what medicine cannot do he has the final say you may have gone as far can in your career but under the open windows of heaven
greece is raining down divine connections opportunities you haven't been able to break that addiction don't accept it is the way it always going to be you haven't vantage you're under the open windows of heaven is as a matter of time before free range down but sometimes we think we're at a disadvantage we don't have the talent we wouldn't have connections the experience joel about taller if i had to your personality anew the right people then i could be successful if you think you're at a distance manage you will live at a disadvantage if you think lack you're going to have lacked said i think and i met a deficit lacking turn it around i'm under the open windows of heaven i have everything i need an abundance of talent and about its of ideas abundance of string abundance of him get rid
of a lack mentality and have an abundant mentality may not have seen it yet but don't worry your time is coming it is about to do something unusual something extra ordinary something that you haven't seen he said he pour out blessings that udall have room enough to contain that means it who have room you haven't seen the four illness of what god is going to do he's got give you so many opportunities you can't take them all you have to pick and choose so many clients so business you have to send some to your co workers so many resources so many savings you have to pass into your children your grandchildren just material things but so joy that you can our joy wherever you go so peace string stability that is of needing to be encouraged you're the encouraging you're the lift
the one that brings a smile to people's face this phrase open windows of and is found another place in the scripture it's when the flood came in noah's day god said he opened the windows of heaven what happened water covered the whole are wasn't a little spray a minor event it was a major flood a huge downpour when god says he's going to open the windows of heaven in your line that doesn't mean he's going to help you through the day give strength to get past a problem that's good we're grateful for everything but that's not what is talking about god is going to send a flood of his goodness he's going to do something major where you step back and so while i didn't see that coming we'll be blessings you cannot contain and you cannot explain all you can say was that was the goodness of god
i know a lady it was diagnosed with a tumor under her arm she gone through all the test x rays and they discovered it was cancerous she had been scheduled to heaven three the habit removed she went in that morning the doctors wanted to take more x rays to verify before the up asian she had already been trapped had the the and about to go into the operating room the doktor came out scratching his hand he said in twenty six years of practising i've never seen this but the tumor is no longer there you could see it on one x ray but not the net how could this be she lives under the open windows of heaven when god rains down healing cancer can't stay when he rains down joy depression has to go when he rains down favour good breaks it's going to thrust you to the next level you're not going to be able to explain you work the most
qualified you weren't next in line you shouldn't have been chosen to look up and your further than you ever dream what happened the heavens opened up god rain down increase took you where you can not go on your own in this year of yes you're going to see things that you cannot explain luck with this lady the medical report suddenly turned round your business suddenly takes all you suddenly break the addiction you been faithful you ve given you ve serve get ready the heavens or to open up god is going to do something that you never see it's going to be a bound to four year an abundant you a prosperous she problems that look permanent are suddenly going to turn around doors that are being for years are suddenly going to open you're not going to have to go after opportunity opportunity is going to come after
now do your part all through the day father thank you that i'm under the open windows of heaven thank you that your porn out blessings that i cannot contain your mind may tell you this is not going to happen for you nothing's going to change don't believe those laws keep thanking god for what he's about to do pray causes the heavens to open living worried discourage complaining that keeps the rain from coming down you may not see how it can happen but this is what faith is all about i don't see a way but i know you have away my circle dancing say that i'm stuck but i'm not but what i see a move but what i know and i know i'm under the open windows of heaven when you get this down in your spirit you won't intimidated by the size of your dreams you won't discouraged by problems you won't lose
thinking you're at a disadvantage you'll have a confidence and expect see a knowing that in a moment the heavens the open at all to a young man this battling cancer he lives in another state he would fly into houston for treatment at india anderson it got to place where it was so expensive he couldn't keep flying back and forth so we started driving he would take the treatment and then draw home by himself nine hours he heard a message on becoming a giver entitling your income he had all these medical bills and travel expenses it didn't make sense to his mind but something in his heart told him he needed to take a step of faith and become a giver nobody pressured him but he started tide a month later his boss called and ask about his travel arrangements he explain how he used to fly but now it was too expensive he was driving
boss it i don't want you to drive anymore i won't distort flying and put all you're flights all of your travel on our company credit card this young man was so amazed he said my ball new about my situation for over a year but as soon as i started tidy this happen what was that step under the open windows of heaven when do your part god will do his part here cause people to be good to you he'll open doors that you can't the same god that sent provision can send healing he could see in the person of your dreams he can send the breakthrough like this young man you're about to see the heaven open god is going to surprise you people
when they go out of their way to be good to you contracts scholarships opportunities are going to come looking for you you're not going to have to force it to happen trying to persuade people to before you god is going to cause it to fall when the place quit worryin about the legal situation lose any sleep over that problem at work the bat is not yours the battle is the lords your vindicator he's protecting your reputation state still and you will see that deliverance of the lord is going happen sooner than you think it's going to turn out better than you fall you have to let the seed take root would they all this is not for you today don't let your man talk you out of your giver a planet in the house of the lord god is promised he will open the windows of heaven he will pour out blessings you cannot
contain it goes on to say he will rebuke the device for your sake that means what would have devoured opportunity devoured five answers caused you to lose income harm your children spend on things breaking down because europe giver god is going to rebuke of our for your site is one thing when we pray it's good when we stand against the forces of darkness but when you are the open windows of heaven decree of the universe says going to rise and rebuke the devour for you you do have to live worry uptight your own age you have a protector you have a defender the most tat god is standing guard over your lie there have many times god has rebuke the devout
and we knew nothing about he kept you from that sickness he protected you from that accident he kept that three from fallen on your house causing just so much in repairs he kept that superbly or from holding dubai it's good to thank god for the blessing the promotion the favour but sometimes you need to thank god didn't happen thank him that you didn't get sick that you didn't get laid all thank him child didn't get in trouble that was gone behind the scenes rebuking devour for your sake genesis chapter one the earth was dark and without form so let there be lied in light came he called the light day and the darkness nine this was on the first day of creation what's interesting is god didn't create the sun or the moon until the fourth day
had he had light from day one that makes sense how could that be the sun is our source for lie was showing us he can bless you without a source he can motu without people being for you you can hear you without the tree the angel came to mary he said you're going to have a baby without a man in the old testament god brought water out of a rock no like no stream no source when you look at your situation you may see all the reasons why you can't get well why you can accomplish a dream why you can't break the addiction you don't have what you need but god is not limited by what you don't hand he doesn't have to have a traditional sores he's god he controls the universe when he needs lie he doesn't wait for the sun he speaks
he has lie without the sun what god has destined for you he can do without a bank without the treatment without the experience without this port he may not do it a torrent no way i know a man they had now percent of his vocal cords removed he had some kind of infection kept getting worse finally the doctors had to remove then he was told he would never speak again he might be to make some sounds but never speak but he talk to me like we're talking now i couldn't tell anything was wrong the doctor said he was a medical marvel an anomaly they couldn't explain but when i want you to speak he doesn't check with your vocal cores what god has planned for you he doesn't check with your bank account he doesn't check with your friends to see if they approve either
check to see if you have the talent he speaks and it becomes he's going to bless you without a source you're going to see things happen and think how did i get here how did i know how to do this how did we see this growth how do we get the compact centre that was god blessing us without a source this is what happened to root in the scripture she was out in the fields pick it up left over we trying to survive god spoke to the owner of the neil told him to leave we on the ground on purpose for ruth now had more than enough she could finish in half the time it was like the windows of heaven when she came into an abundance but she didn't see a source she didn't know that their owner was doing god is going to make things happen where you see a source it's not going to be traditional quit
and because you don't see how your situation can work out god these are not our ways they are higher and better than our ways sometimes we are waiting for the sun for light gods i don't need the sun i just speak and it happens in chapter eight and eat opium man had travelled a great distance to jerusalem to worship in the temple he was the treasure for the queen of sheba an influential me on his way back home he was riding in his chariot reading from the book of asean philip had been in scenario with peter and john leading the charge having great success angel appeared to fill up and told him to go down to the desert road that run from jerusalem to gaza i'm sure this didn't make much sense to fill things will go in great and some area now he's supposed to go to the desert while
was there he saw chariot passing by with this ethiopian man god told him to go catch the cherry took off running for speed he caught up with it but here the man reading from the book of asean he ask him if he understood what he was reading the man said that he did so philip got up in the chariot with him and begin to explain how asean was talking about jesus came as the saviour he shared the good news this man was so excited he saw some water told his dry to stop the cherry he said to philip i want you to toss me in water right here his whole life was changed from that one encounter what's in thing is this man wasn't looking for philip he didn't even know philip philip chased him down and unexpected blessing this man was mine in his own business riding in his chariot out of nowhere
philip shoulder and gave him inside that took him to the next level like this man because you giver because you are honouring god god is going to have the right people search you he's the calls good breaks to find you you mean not realize it but right now there's a fillip cheese in your cherry there our blessings god has ordained to track you down people that will use their influence their experience to push forward to help you go where you could not go on your some philips or come in your way this and was leaving the temple when philip found here when you too time to go to the house of the lord don't be surprised if when you get home if some this week sometime this month philip shows
something unusual and unexpected blessing is because you are under the open windows of heaven when i look back over my life i can see the philips in my the twenties i walked into a jewelry store kebab battery pull my watch there was up so to speak i met victoria unexpectedly for the first time she kept and me down finally caught me that's my side of the story in two thousand and five a book publisher call me out of the blue ask if he could publish my next book i wasn't looking for him we already had a publisher but when he made the offer us said hello villa a few years ago and executive from serious axiom satellite radio called and ask if our do in our programme or one of their channels each week lemme wasn't interested in that he said how bout give you your own channel i said hello phil
i didn't go after it came after me when you keep god first place when europe give her back you're under the open windows of heaven blessings overtake you they'll catch you by surprise you need to get ready some philips or about to show what good breaks you didn't see coming people that go their way to be good to you opportunities that were thrust you to the next level you couldn't have made it like the ethiopian man you didn't have to actions you didn't even know them the hand of god maybe you're single believe and to meet the right person you don't have to force things to happen trotter convince people like you compromise your values just stay on the arrow key honouring god he'll have the right people find you europe is on the way somebody
better than you can imagine how you men phyllis is on the way that's philip sister and she's good looking ass now stricter scripture but she had but here's what i've learned you don't have to seek after people seek to go he'll bring divine connection the right people there will move you further into your destiny enforce kings eighteen there had been a dream in some areas for three and a half years no why no rain crops a dried people had little food struggling to survive the profit elijah couldn't say god it's not fair i'm a giver i'm serve in you but i'm not under the open windows of heaven i'm in a drought instead of complaining eliza went on top of mount car more and begin to thank god that the rain was coming i can hear him
lord thank you that rain is on the way thank you that your chain doing things in my favor he sent his assistant out to see if there were any clouds in the sky the man came back and said in effect no sir a larger your praise didn't do any good there aren't any clouds is perfectly clear this is when many people give up and get discards don't i've been good men are being come up in helping others but nothing has changed i'm still in a drought when it lodge heard the news that there were no class steady being discouraged i can imagine that he turned up his praise lord thank you that your put in the windows of heaven thank you that rain is on the way he sent the man back again and again and again say mass or no clouds but on this haven't time the man came back in this time i saw something different was march don't get your hopes up but
saw a little cloud up in the sky i just sent word to king ahab saying the sound of the above of right here's the key elijah heard reign in its spirit for he saw rain on the outside god always puts things in your spirit before they come to pass that's why you have to let all the promises in them of struggle and lack you'll have to hear abundance in loneliness you'll have to hear friendships in sickness you have to hear hell in trouble and opposition you need to hear victory elijah told king a hand you better get in your chariot and take all there's about to be a huge downpour god in that chariot he headed out ass fast ass he could got his horses go and full speed ahead the scripture says that god
elijah special stream he talked in his cloak and ran ahead of a heavy cheerier all the way to the next sitting he out ran a chair when you're under the open windows of heaven god will help you please things that you could accomplish on your own philip caught up to us terrier helped help the ethiopian man elijah ran a cheery goes in detail how the heavens opened up the three the happy or drought came to an end there was a huge downpour what elijah in his spirit suddenly came to pass you been hearing in your spirit the abundance the dreams the healing ciao coming back home meeting the right person you ve heard it on the inside it's taken root like us it's about a suddenly happy you been praying thanking god doing the right thing get ready the heavens
we're about to open are you going to see an abundance of favor funding of joy and abundance of heat that drought is now just going to come to an end you're going to outright the cherry you're going to go further than you ever imagined when they discover ability that you no was in god is how bless you without a source quit focusing on what you don't have all allied head was a little class no as for rain in the natural but we see of a supernatural guy he can give water without rain lie without the sign healing without the treatment from ocean without people being for you now all through the day father thank you that the open windows of heaven have an abundant mentality if you do this i believe declare god is about to pour out blessings did
cannot contain the philips are about to catch up to your cherry unexpected faith divine connections healing breakthroughs the fall of your destiny that clear it in the name of jesus if you receive it can you say amended i am like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just lord jesus our repent of my sins come in my heart make you my lord and saying if you pray that's prayer we believe you got born again get in the bible base church and keep god first place victor and i will be right back to speak a blessing over you as the thing
you for your support of our ministry this month javelin victoria we'd like to send you a copy of jewels new series unlock your promise in this new three part series joel low steam remind you that gods promises are yours today god will you do to your destiny and use all things for your good to request your copy of unlock your promise visit us online or call eight eight eight five six seven joe you are following essential their gifts and talented you you haven't tapped into yet dont let and discouragement talk you out of your dreams be taking longer than you thought but what got started he's going to finish it's just a matter of time before you see things change in your favor request this resource it's going to help you stay in faith so you can unlock the promises that belong to you my name is trunk i was drawn to the streets and eventually ended up in jail for nine years here in joel talk about god's love change me
been homeless to being a chemical engineer i have seen twenty three of my family except jesus as lord and save you your support it is making a difference in people's lives thank you so much for your prayer and generosity if you'd like to partner with us to take hope around the world go to the website and find out how we appreciate our champion a pole partner so much victorian up for you and your family every day we believe twenty seventeen is going to be a blast prosperous double year know that we love you that your blast and you're a child of the most tackle
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