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The Secret to Solving Problems

2020-07-12 | 🔗
Sometimes the key to your breakthrough lies in helping someone else reach theirs. When you bless others, God will make sure to bless you.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Now it's time to go, be a blessing. Look around whereas a need. You can me, go pray for that neighbour. That's not feeling well going corridors that coworker. This struggle go help that friend accomplish their. Thirdly as you are helping others. You may not be able to see it, but God is help you he's lining up the promotion, the breakthroughs that Healy, you can't. So we see without leaving a harmless, This is a jewel in Victoria, thanks, downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I know you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to new messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy the myths about life. It's a joy to come into your homes. Did you ever
our area? Please stop! The apart. A born of our services are promise. You will make you feel right at home that, like to start with something funny in heard about this pasture and song leader that warrant getting along and it started to spill over into the services one Sunday, the pastor talked about the importance of being a giver, afterwards, the song leader got up and lead the song Jesus paid at all then mix. We, the pastor, talked about not gossiping, watching your tongue The song leader got up and lead a love to tell the story another week. He talked about being willing to change suddenly got up and lead. I shall not be moved passer we're so for us did he resigned, told the congregation Jesus brought me here in Jesus is taken me away This on later then lad what a friend we Having Jesus say it. Like you mean it, this is my Bible.
What it says I am, I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive, I will never be the same in Jesus, nay, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about the secret to solving problems. We all face challenges and things were believe in what turn around a child is, of course, a sickness, we're dealing with a dream that seems impossible. We ve been playin believing, but nothing is changing. Sometimes God allow you to solve your own problem. The secret is, you have to help someone else solve their problems. You have to take the focus on your cell and be good,
hers in your time of need as you, so that seed that's, what's going to bring the harvest that you're waiting for but you'll be tempted to think I can't help dim jewel. Have my own problems. I need to spend my energy to try to fix my situation, but if you'll take your hand up your problem and be good to someone else, God will put his hands on your problem and make things happen that you couldn't make happen. While you were on their situation. God is working on your situation. A friend of mine struggled for many years with his teenage son was like they were on different wavelengths. He tried his best to be lovey. And understanding they just didn't get along invariably end up in an argument. Everything was so contentious. He had played about quotas, scripture, ask God to help them, but nothing was getting better
he was the coach of the neighborhood baseball team. There was a young man on his team that came from a single parent family. He wasn't doing good in his schoolwork. When this father learned that he took that young man under his we, he started bring in him home from baseball practice with his son, and he would help him do his. Homework. He tutored him. Mentored. Him became a father figure in this light that young man looked up to him, admired him in a great way about six months after this father started doing that. His relationship with his own son begin to improve. They got closer started, doing things together today, there, the best of friends, you can't keep them apart. The secret to solving his problem, wasn't in play and more
wasn't in work and harder. It was in helping someone else solve their problems. The scripture says when Joe prayed for his friends his Healy. Quickly came, don't you know how many times job prayed for himself when he wasn't feeling? Well god, please restore help back into me. God. Please free me from this pain and that's good. That's releasing your face. I am simply saying: don't stop there, because there are times your breakthrough is connected to helping someone else get their breakthrough. Now, maybe you been playin diligently standing in pay so strong, but nothing is improving. Now it's time to go be a blessing
go round, whereas a need you can meet, go pray for that neighbour. That's not feeling well go encourage that coworker. This struggling go help that friend accomplish their dream. Agile. Helping others. You may not be able to see it, but God is here when you, he's lining up the promotion, the breakthroughs, the Healy, you can't so we see without weakening harvest. When I was ten years old, Lakewood was in an ordered Torreon that held a thousand people. The church was growing, we needed to expand the building. My father asked the congregation to be pray and about what they could give toward it. There was a small spanish speaking church about six blocks down the road from Lakewood. They had started construction on a new building. It was an audit Orient to hold a hundred people.
My father notice that the construction had stopped for several months, no one was working, he didn't know anyone there. He had never met the pastor, but one afternoon leaving lake would he pulled in and talk with some people. They told how they started construction but had complications. It was costing more than they thought now they had run out of funds and the building just sitting there indefinitely will. My father was believing to raise the funds to expand Lakewood, we needed the finances, but he told the congregation instead of giving money for our building, he was going to take up on offering for their building. Lakewood gave the finance is. It was enough to finish their auditorium in the natural it didn't make sense. We needed the finances, we had the problem, but my father understood this principle
when you help solve somebody else's problem. God will help solve your problem now. Sometimes it's not going to make sense. Proverbs says it is possible to give away and have more. It is also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything ways are not our ways. Everything in you will say stay focused on getting out of my problem Joel. I can't help others until this problem is solved. No helping others is what's going to cause problem to turn around giving your time. Energy resources. That's! What's going to open the windows of heaven, and cause your dream to come to pass, you would have thought being away. Those funds would have kept lake would from expanding the building. It was just the opposite. The
came in for the foundation we painted on the funds came in for the steel, the lights, the chairs, the sound system. The building was built dead, free, no delays, no complications, and not just that. Building over the years my father built building after building expansion after expansion, he paid cash every time he never left wrist. Horses never lacked the bombs. I believe it all started when he help that spanish church. He had a need, he had a problem, he didn't just play about it. He didn't just believe He helps all someone else's problem when you make sacrifices to help other people's dream come to pass, God will Sure your dream comes to pass. Don't live only focused on yourself, my goals, my problems,
trouble at work, get your mind off your cell and go be a blessing, so we see doesn't have to be financed. Is you can so encouragement go visit that loved one in the hospital cheered them call that friend and speak life into their dreams? Take that elderly neighbour dinner each night make an extra for them. The scripture says when it's in your power to do good, don't with hold it from others that means when you know you can be a blessing. You have the resources to help that person in need. You can teach them the scales that you ve learned, don't put it on when you help solve their problem. You're. Not just me in good to them. You are setting a miracle in motion for yourselves.
When, you show favour the scripture says. Faber will come to you now. Here's the beauty when you help others what you give is going to come back to you, but not in the same proportion Pressed down, shaken together running over my father, help that spanish charge that one time but the blessing from that obedience is still coming. When you are in a difficult time. More than ever, you need to proper for opportunities to do good when your dreams seems impossible. Someone and help their dream come to pass. It's
the prey believe work hard, but some things are not going to happen. If you only focused on your sale as you bless, others, God will bless you, as you show favour favour, will come to you the last sunday that we had services at our old location. I was driving down the road that final time, leaving the services feeling so grateful for all the guarded done. My mind was flooded with good men.
Reason overwhelmed with we're God was taking ass. I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky is as if God was smiling on us saying this chapter is finished, but another great chapter is beginning about that time. Passed that small spanish church that my Father and Lake would it help over forty years earlier there little sign outside said. Thank you. Lake would for giving us are building my man flashed back to that time. When I was a little boy, I wondered what I'll be go into the compact centre if my father had not help them in their time of need? What are we seeing the favour? The growth in that it could have thought we got big problems we need. It
more than they do. We have all these challenges, but he didn't withhold the good when he had the opportunity. Much of this comes down to trusting Joel. I can't help somebody else. I've got my own problems. I can give away what I need for my dreams, I'm counting on their when you give your time. Your energy your resources, your talent, you will never. End up with less. That is ice. Your sewing! That's going to keep coming back to you I am referring a harvest from thieves, but really is that my parents sewed fifty years ago when you live a life of generosity, making sacrifices for others to come up higher. That's not only going to impact you put a good it's going to impact your children, your grandchildren. Those seeds are going to keep warm producing second kings. Ninety
King has a kind was on the throne of Israel. He was one of David descendants. The syrian army had surrounded the people of Judah and we're about to attack. They were much bigger and stronger. Hezekiah didn't stand a chance, I had the prophet told him. The assyrian army will not inner Jerusalem. They will not their arrows over the city wall, but they will return home in defeat that night,
the angel of the Lord destroyed a hundred and eighty five thousand of the enemy troops, the rest of them went back home just like as a proper sign. His kind was so thrilled. I can imagine he wondered why God bless them in such a way why children so much faith. As I said in verse, thirty, four Hezekiah! God didn't do this because of anything you did. He protected you for the sake of his servant David. This was three hundred and five years after David had died. Yet those seeds of obedience, see debate
good. Two people were still producing in their family life. Every time you help someone in need, it's not only going to help you, but you are storing up blessings for your children. Every time you helped saw someone problem every time you make sacrifices to help them go further you so, when a seed, not only for you to go further But for those who come after you in your family land to go further like Hezekiah, they will see blessings, favour protection. Because you made decisions that honoured God in the scripture. Joseph had a big problem as a teenager got
gave him a dream that he would be in leadership and do great things, but his brothers were jealous of him. They didn't like his big dream. They threw him into a pit. They were going to tell their father. Then he was eaten by wild animal. They ended up selling him into slavery. Joseph work for a man named potter per in Egypt, even though Joseph had a big problem, even though his dreams were shattered. What did he do sit around and self pity blaming God? No. In the midst of that problem, he started helping potter for with his problem. He ran his whole household organised. All his staff made sure the grounds were clean. The property secure the supplies in place. Instead of just focusing on his problem. He was being good disarmament.
At one point Joseph was falsely, accused and put in prison. Surely now he would be better discouraged, but in the prison two of his cell mates had a problem. They had a dream and didn't understand what it meant Joseph didn't say too bad for you. I'm depressed. I don't want to be here. I don't like you anyway. He said I can interpret dreams. Let me help you with your problem. He interpreted their dreams, one of the cell mates was released from prison. Two years later, the fair row, the leader of the country, had a dream that he didn't understand. The former self made said I know someone that can interpret dreams. Joseph came before
the Pharoah and told him how the dream had to do with the food supply and how there were years of famine come in and how important it was to store of grain and get everything prepared. Put the drought, Fierro looked at him and said Joseph. You are the right man for the job. Nobody could do it better than you. He may Joseph second in command of Egypt. What was Joseph do in four Pharoah solving a problem strategically getting everything land using his talent, his skill his expertise to help the people that were holding him captive. He was so excellent that people from other name
since came to study his operation, and I'm sure Joseph was grateful to be out of prison to have this influential position, but he still missed his family deep down. He thought he would never see his father again, whom he loved so much heed already accepted that it was too late, but, as he was held being fair row with his problem back home in Israel. His brothers were loading up their camels about ahead to Egypt to look for food. They had heard the only place that had supplies was at the palace, where Joseph was in charge notice what was happening while Joseph was Workin on Faye rose problem. God was working on Joseph problem. He couldn't see it at the time everything looked just the same, but what Joseph didn't know
was the camels. We're coming his brothers were on the way I can imagine one evening there was a knock on the palace gate. The guards looked outside and saw this caravan of camels. They ask the people what they wanted. They said they were looking for food. One of the guards went to Joseph said: there's a goop, they just arrived. They want to purchase some grain The day Joseph was tired. He was about to say, tell them the Lee don't bother us, but for some reason he changed his mind and went out to me. He couldn't believe it. It was his brothers. You would think that Joseph would want to get revenge. The truth is, he was so I wanna see them. He was overwhelmed with emotion, they didn't recognize it eventually. He told them who he was and they all wet together. He asked them if their father was still alive.
He said that he was all those years Joseph spent working on other people's problems, doing the right thing, even when it wasn't fair that whole time, God was watching gods, your face bonus. He sees you helping others when you need help he sees you encouraging that friend, when you need encouragement, praying for that neighbour. That's not well! When you are fighting and illness may seem like nothing is happening, but God is working well you can't see. Is the camels or be unloaded? What you thought would never happen is still on the way Joseph S, father and whole family came to Egypt to live with Joseph. His father thought the Joseph was then Joseph thought TAT. His father had already passed
now, the two of them are embracing weeping. It's a dream come true. Joseph problem is finally saw it didn't happen. The way Joseph thought he didn't go back home to Israel, but is fair we came to Egypt. They were able to enjoy all the blessings and honour that God given Joseph, but none of this would have happened if Joseph would have lived in grown not going to help this man part of her own problems, not gonna help these prisoners, they ve never done anything for me now can interpret the Faro stream use my expertise to run the food supply they needed, something for me Joseph understood this principle when you're working on someone else's problem- God is what
on your problem. It may seem like you could never get well, never break the addiction. Never accomplish your dream, it's been too long, but if you do like Joseph and just keep being good, do people keep help and solve their problems, keep Helpin there. We now come to pass. What you can't see is the camels or coming what God started, he's going to finish its going to surprise. There's gonna be a knock at the door. You didn't see it coming like when Joseph brothers showed up unexpected, healing is going to come to you unexpectedly, freedom from addictions. Unexpectedly, suddenly the right person bungee suddenly that door of opportunity opens. You thought it was too late, but the whole time you are helping others. The camels were in round.
God has not forgotten about you, though, see juice zone have not gone unnoticed. Those times you ve come to church served in the kids ministry. While you had problems at home those times you ve sung in the choir our shared prayed for others. When you are fighting and illness, you could have stayed home God when you do something for me, then I'll be my best, but you just can't be in your best kept making sacrifices. They help others giving away what you really needed for your dreams. Get ready for. Some surprises did for God to show out in your line, get ready for did you haven't seen it to be unusual uncommon and it's going to thrust you into your destiny. When I worked for my father here, those seventeen years
who, in the television production my goal was to make my father look the best that I could when I started. I didn't have a lot of experience, so I found the best lighting consultants, the best care, real people? The first year we heard an older gentlemen that used to produce that today show how was with him every minute. He TWAIN be how to put the programme together. I would spend hours trying to improve the lighting and making sure the platform looked the best It possibly could at one point we were going to remodel the platform area. We had some top designers come in to help us We were going to make a new podium as well, so I had them marker
a temporary podium just so we can check the size and see how it fit. My father, I had him come down, he stood behind it and we looked at it on Cameroon made several adjustments. I wanted it to bid him just why I wanted this stage here. To be as perfect, as can be when we finish the remodel, it looks so beautiful on camera. I was so proud. It made my father's a year later, my father went to be with the Lord. I never dreamed one day I would be standing behind that podium one day. I would be the one on that beautiful platform. I thought I was building it for my father. Really I was building it for me, when you're helping other people, you think you're doing them a favor. Really you do yourself a favor as you help someone ill shine, God is going
make sure that you shine as you help others come up higher. God will cause you to come up high at sea. Your sewing for where you're going, my friends, Robin Laura Coke Pastoral Great church in Austin Texas Years, Oh there. Sixteen year old son was killed in an automobile accident. It wasn't easy, but they didn't get better. They didn't give up online. They kept moving forward. Eventually, they ordered a charity in his name called the Caleb Foundation. They built hospitals, schools, orphanages, done great work. All over the world is one of their orphanages in Haiti called Caleb House. Some young men grew up there and we're about to graduate from high school. They were going to bring a few of them too often to be interns at their choice
one of those young men that came notice, Rob and Lord S daughter they started dating. Ended up falling in love a few ago. Their daughter the young man that grew up in the orphanage that they started in Haiti all burst out of the loss of their son, but what, if Robin Laura, wouldn't have reached out to help others in their time of need? They could have been better we're not going to help body. We lost our sun, we're in pain. Somebody needs to help us stared. Their attitude was, yes were hurrying, but God we know when we help others you help us. We know when we work on their problems, your work on our problems. They started so in all these seeds taking care of orphans, giving an education to the less fortunate being good to people without expecting anything in return. When they
built that orphanage in Haiti. They never dreamed their son in law would grow up there. They never dreamed he would marry their daughter and become a part of their family. When you are helping others, you think you're just doing good for them, but you don't know what. God is up to you can't be good to others without God being good back to you, you don't know the favor and blessings that are connected to you, helping others rise high I wonder how much we miss by living in grown. We only focus on what we lost and how we ve been hurt, and God I've got this big problem. You gotta help me go be a blessing Your miracle is waiting for you and you help others. Sometimes the reason you can't solve your problem, Is because what you need is found in solving someone else's problem, as you help them succeed like with Robin LAW,
Your son in law will show up. Things will happen that you weren't expecting now know many of you have In doing this, go on out of your way to be good to others, making sacrifices to help solve their problems, get ready the camels or coming what you been in about is already in round. I believe Claire, though see you been Selwyn, are about to come back to you, pressed down, shaken together running over it's going to be more then you can imagine promotion, breakthroughs, healing the right people, the fullness of your destiny Jesus name and if you receive it Can you say it in today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your lying? Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into
hard make you my Lord and Savior. If you play that a prayer. We believe you got born again, get in a good Bible based church and keep God first line thanks so much for listening to today's message, I hope you'll subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep be encouraged and inspired. All help us to continue the share. The message of hope with those all around the world Joel hosting dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share this message with a friend and be sure to follow us on socially reply and for you, I know got best is still ahead with the next step.
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