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The Shaking Is For Shifting

2020-05-03 | 🔗
There are some seasons in life that shake everything around us. In these moments, it’s easy to get discouraged, wondering what will happen. But you have to remember, the shaking is not there to stop you. It’s there to shift you. God is getting ready to take you to the next level.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Here's. The key, the shaking is not there to stop the shaking. Is there to shift Jean if you're keep the right attitude that shaking will shift you into promotion. It was If you into greater influence shift, you into Better relationships God uses these shaking. To get us, in position for new level. This is german Victoria. Thanks for downloading pod. Can't we enjoy spending this time with you. I know you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and following on social media, to stay connected, we appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. The message God bless you it's a joy to come into your homes. We are praying for you. you and your family I'd like to get started with something funny, and I heard about this teenager that just got his driver's license.
He asked his father about boring the car. His father said son I'll, make a deal with you. If you bring your grades up, read your bible everyday and cut your hair, a lift, your borrowing. He came back a few weeks later asking about it again here All this is son. You brought your grades up, you ve been reading your bible, but you still haven't cut your hair. The sunset dad I've been thinking Moses, Headlong Hair Samson had long hair, even Jesus headlong. Here the father said yes on and they walked everywhere. They will hold your bibles say it like a vain it. This My bible, I am what it says I am. I have what it says, our hair. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God, a boldly confess man is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus, nay, God bless. You
talk to you today about the shaking is for shifting this pen Make it we're dealing with is something that we have never experienced. The economic world is shaken. For not able to go to work on your lives are shaken, having to stay a par with all the fear and uncertainty. Many people's emotional well being is shaken. in life. We all have these times were thing shakers to our core and unexpected illness. We lose a loved one. We ve been at that job for years, but now there's opposition people that are trying to push us out all the stability that we were used to. the finances we will counting on the children. Doing great things is no longer. There did they get discouraged and one why it happened, but here's the key, the shaking, is not there to stop you. The shaking. Is there to shift Jane, if you'll, keep the right attitude that shaking will shift you
the promotion. It will shift you into greater influence. Shift you into better relationships God uses these shaking to get us in position for new levels without the door closing we would never get out of our comfort zone. We may not like it, but the shaking is forcing us to change its forcing us to grow. If everything kept going along, as is, we would never reach our potential stay open for something new. Don't go back to the same way as you used to do things the way and God allowed the shaking is to shift you into something better. Maybe a company had to follow you that wasn't a surprise to God. He shook things up, so he could give you a better position with better benefits in a better environment. It looks like set back, but really it's a set up. God is using it to shift you two: were you
couldn't go on your own enacts chapter, two, the disciples we're in the upper room, the Holy Spirit came in like a rushing mighty wind. They were all filled with the Spirit they knew, God was with them and they were going to do good things, but in chapter eight a man named Sol came along. He hated these disciples. He had letter from the government to have them arrested and put in jail. The scripture says, saw wreak havoc on the church in Jerusalem. here the disciples we're going along, see in God's favour and out of nowhere saw showed up in turn, things upside down, their whole world was shaken. It's interesting Saul came to Jerusalem and caused so much terminal Jerusalem means the city, a peace. This was home for many of the disciples. This is where they
secure. They could relax and be comfortable. But now this city of peace was the city of chaos. I'm sure they thought God we're, are you don't you see what Saul is doing? How much trouble were in just a few chapters? Earlier God sent the rushing mighty wind, it's not like. I couldn't stop, saw he parted red sees he closed the mouths of lions. He could have kept all from ever dwindling Jerusalem. He could have sent angels to hold him back, but Sometimes God will allow the to be shaken he'll allow I saw a difficulty and unfair situation. You don't understand that the shaking is not there to stop you, but to shift you it's getting you in position to go to a new level to see things you ve never seen then you'll live worried, upset wondering how
it's going to work out. Anyone can trust God when things are going there way. Life is good. You see in favour. The real test is where you trust him. When things are shared, Will you stay in faith when there's uncertainty things? You don't understand God has you in the palm of his hand, nothing can happen to you without his permission and something or someone may have wreaked havoc in your life. Things feel like they're out of control, Can I encourage you? God is still on the throne. He still during your steps that shaking is not going to debate you it's going to promote. You it is setting you up for what God is about to do. You are on the verge of something better than you ever. Imagine, God is working
and the scenes things are in motion that you can't see thoughts whatever you are going to work out. You're not gonna, get well your child's, never going to get back on course this virus is going to ruin you financially. No, the shaking is a sign that a shift is taking place, it is about to launch you to a new level you're about to see something that you ve never seen. It's not going to be ordinary common, its to be uncommon, unusual, unprecedented Faber, healing opportunity one day, you'll, look back and say well what I thought A bad break was really setting me up for this new level. The shaking was there to stop me. The shaking is what shifted me in the increase in the problem ocean in detail. On that I didn't know. I saw created so much havoc in Jerusalem. There was so much opposition. This
you're says Philip had to leave Jerusalem and go to some area. It doesn't say Philip prayed and decided to go to some area. He didn't have a choice. He was forced out of Jerusalem when you doing the right thing and adore closest somebody walks away. The contract comes to an end. That's not the enemy stopping you, that's God shifting you. The enemy may have minute to harm you, but he doesn't have the final say: God wouldn't have allowed the door to call. How's he wouldn't have allowed them to walk away if it was going to stop your purpose. Have a new perspective it shifting you to the new things that God has in store and I've learned when one door closes. If you'll stay in faith, God will open a bigger and better door. You, get pushed out of Jerusalem, but some Mary is waiting for you there's a place of victory, a place of abundance.
God has already prepared for you. There are people that God has already spoken too to be good deal for that. We use their influence to push you forward. There are divine connections, people that God has already or ain t come into your lie: people that will love you, people that can't wait to be with you quit being discouraged over who pushed you who did, to be your friend who played politics and got the best of view. They didn't stop your destiny, they shifted you. They were a part of God's plan to push you forward, you're about to come into the new things that God has in Store Philip arrived in some area, not by choice. He was pushed out of Jerusalem, he could have been discouraged, but he undressed
this principle. He knew that God was still in control. What interesting is Sumeria is where his ministry took. All Sumeria is where he forest. And stepped into a new level. The scripture says, Philip saw all kinds of miracles in some merry bland, as were open to cripple, could walk great favour was only lie. He never saw that in Jerusalem. If he would have stayed there, he would have missed the fullness of his destiny. Many times a great shaking proceeds, great favour, great difficulties, proceed great promotion, great opposition, proceeds great influence. If you could see what God is up to, you wouldn't be stressed, over the shaking complaining about the trouble upset over the set back. When you realize it's taken, you two scenario, a place where you're going to flourish. Do
you ve, never dreamed see, favour abundant breakthroughs. Then you would think even in the shaky things even oh, it's uncertain. You would have a smile on your face, a spy. On your step. No one, God is up to something all through the day. Father. Thank you that this shaking is not going to stop me, but it's going to shift me. It may have been met from my heart. but I know its leading me to Mass Amerika, where I'm going to flourish and see favour. Did I've never seen keep the right perspective? God never said there wouldn't be times. Were things were, shaken unfair. We don't understand, that's not the time to fall apart. That's the time to kick. praise into a new gear ass, the time to speak victory over your lie. That difficulty didn't come to stay. It came Ass God be in, for you is more than the world being against the scripture says there was great,
joy in some area, Philip left, Jerusalem in great distress. It was a great disappointment, but look at how God works. Philip went from great distress to great joy. He went from great trouble too great victory to the great region. action to people that loved him greatly. He didn't realize when he was and all the opposition in Jerusalem that good joy was waiting for him in some area. You may have gone to things that have caused you great pain, great disappointment, great loss, you be better live discourage, but that is not how your story ends. Like with Philip great joy is coming great favour, great relationship, great hail. The enemy thought he was stopping you, he didn't realize he was setting you. The shaking God was shifting you you may be there yet but stay
courage. You are headed toward great joy, not just joy, not just I'm. Ok, made it out. Thank God, I'm still here, no great joy. He is coming great victories or up here you will have to look back and about the good old days I wish was there cannot tell you there are some good new days in your future. The best days of your life are still in front of you you may have gone to great disappointment. You need to declare everyday day. Father. Thank you that great joy is coming. The scripture says, God will failure with laughter you're, going to laugh again you're going to love again, you're gonna do again great joy, headed your way,
one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. My father had a heart attack and went to be with the Lord. I had work with them here at Lakewood for seventeen years behind the scenes we were the best of friends outside of Victoria. I spent more time with my father than anyone else. I used to think What am I going to do when my father is gone when he suddenly dad seventy seven? My whole world was turned upside down. I thought my father would live to be a hundred Fifty years old, he was my hero, but now he was gone. I've learned in these times of shaking God will always give us the grace we need the scripture says: God is armed with strength for every battle, if what's tap into that string, we won't go around overwhelmed and stressed out all these thoughts flooded my mind, what's going to happen to the church, would if it doesn't make it who's gonna, be
pastor in the middle of all that turmoil with so much uncertainty. I built a piece like I'd, never felt so that I can use Why? Even though I miss my father, I didn't get depressed, I didn't fall apart. A new deep down. God was still in control. What I didn't know at that time was that shaky was about to shift me. I never dreamed. I would become a pastor. I never wanted to get up in front of people, but when my father suddenly path I had the desire to do it. I knew I was not only supposed to step up, but now I wanted to do. My father had tried to get me up to minister for seventeen years and never had the desire, but this almost said God will give you the desires of your heart. Sometimes we think that me,
God will give us what we want, but another way to look at it is, God will put the desires in you in that time of shaky got shifted. My desires, I didn't know. If I'd be any good, I didn't know if people would come. I was afraid intimidated, but I thought I'm not going to come to the end of my life and not know what might have happened if I would have taken that step of faith. Some opportunities don't pass by a second time out of that shaking out of that law. Team talent that I didn't know I had like God pushed Phillip out of Jerusalem and he began to flourish and Samaria God had to push me from behind the scenes to being in front of people. It's significant that my flourishing Philips flourishing came out of a shaky time when there was uncertainty. It look like
think. Good was happening when, in fact, God was using that shaky season to shift us to get us in position to flourish, to see his favour blessings in new ways. In one sense, that's where we are now things are shaky uncertain. We ve never seen this all these questions. When will it get back to normal? What about. finance is one of the children gonna go to school house, it all going to work out. We don't see anything positive but in this shaking God is shifting you. It looks like a setback but really he's setting you you're, going to come into new opportunities doors that weren't open before are going to open for you. You're gonna have desires that you ve never had. Talent is going to come out to you that you didn't know was in where you been told. No,
before, because of this shit. You're going to hear yes, yes to that business, yes, to that new house. Yes, to that promotion. Yes, to that ministry, the shaking has changed people's minds, those that were not for you wouldn't give you the time of day. Things are shifted they're going to before you they're going to want to help you the medical check up every time you ve heard no improvement, nothing's getting better get ready for some. Yes is Yes, you're getting healthier. Yes, your blood pressure is back to normal. Yes, that cancer is gone, there's some shifting taking place. You can't see it yet, but don't worry you're coming into it. You don't have to and it is going to find you it's already in round. The miracle is already in motion fringe. God is doing a new thing.
I think that the whole world being put on pause is just a physical thing. There are spiritual things happening, God is up to something big he's looking for people whose hearts are turned toward him. People, like you, people that honour here people that keep in first place you're going to come out of this shaking into levels that you ve, never dreamed proverb says the wealth of the ungodly is being laid up for the righteous. There are things that God has laid up for you there's going to be a transfer of wealth from people that have nothing to do with God that only think about themselves to people that we use the resources to build the kingdom to lift the fallen, to feed the hungry, to bring justice to those that have no voice to make the world a better place. God is about to shift some contracts, some businesses, some opportunity-
Some inheritance is it's going to be unusual income things that you couldn't make happen. It's all ready, headed your way. It's just a matter of time before you see, God do unprecedented things. Now make sure that you keep him first place. You don't have to seek the blessing, just seek him and the blessings will seek part of this slow down is an opportunity to draw closer to God one thing: this virus shows us is how little control we have with all the advances over the last years. We can fly airplanes, we have incredible technology, internet smartphones, there's amazing medical procedures. We can transplant hearts, but this one virus, this one. Seemingly small thing has shut down the whole world. If we put our trust in our finances, they can go down like there if we
put our trust in our job are career. It can suddenly change. That's why is so important to put your trust in God he's the one that doesn't change He's our source, that's where we get our street. I d is creativity, resources, wisdom, God is the giver of all good things. And yes, we appreciate the companies we work, for we are grateful to have the income weak, but they are not our source. They are simply a resource that the source is using now believe. The source, the most God is about to do some use your unprecedented things in your finances. you're going to land and not borrow he's gonna prosper you even in a down tat the scriptures. As even in famine, the righteous will have more than enough, not just enough, but overflow. There are Seeing tat are going to come. Looking for you just
recently during this time. When everything is closed down, we were, if a large payment to the ministry, it was they were old from over ten years ago, had to do with broadcasts rights. I've had people, explain it to me three times I still don't understand what it is I read about it studied it, but I don't see how it applies to us doesn't make sense to me I'll, stop, trying to figure it out, and I just received I believe it's one of those far and beyond blessings that God, has laid up for the righteous it's a part of the transfer of well, but it's interesting that it came at this uncertain times. The shaking, is a sign that things are shifting in your favour. Joel, I believe this is going to happen for me, you're right. This is for believers only going to happen if you will
they sure Faye, Say father. Thank you did this shaking is shifting me. Thank you that you're giving me new desires, giving me creativity, opening new doors blessing me. So I can be a bigger blessing, to a lady that watches us on television. She owns her own business and has been very successful she's in the manufacturing industry, and she s stores all over. The kind every few years ago. Things begin to slow down, they made adjustments and were able to keep going, but they were struggling, barely survive having one day she received word that thirty six of her stores were closing. That was almost half of her business. She could make it without that income. Her whole world was shaken. She had porter heart and soul into that business, built it from the ground up. She never thought she would be in this position. All the circumstances said it was.
over. She could have accepted it, give it up on our dream, but in the middle of that shaking with all the uncertainty she said, God. I trust you. I know you're still in control and you can make the way I don't see a way. A few weeks ago, a large company that she's never done business with called her and said they wanted to put her product in three hundred and sixty of their stores overnight. She went from thirty six stores to three hundred and sixty. She thought she was going under, but suddenly she had ten times the amount of stores have learned. God is not so much into addition he's the multiplication one touch of his favor will catapult you ahead. We look at our circumstances in the natural think this could never work out.
but we serve a supernatural- God he's not limited, but what limits are one good break one contract, one phone call, and God will multiply what you have heel thrust you to a new level. If this lady were here, she would tell you the shaking is a setup. It's a sign that God is about to. If things there's gonna, be a shift in your finances, a shift in your career, a shifting Hell, health, a shift in your merit, it shaky right now seem uncertain, your tempted live, worried, stressed out, get ready, a shift is coming, God is going to make things happen that you couldn't make happen. Perhaps the medical report doesn't look good? It shaken your world. Come back to a place of peace, God can do what medicine can do. He paused was the number of your days he will fulfil. Maybe a chair
It is, of course, your business went down your enemy, legal situation. You never dreamed you'd be dealing with this to keeping you awake at night. It's not a surprised he wouldn't have allowed the shaking if he didn't already have a solution. If he didn't have, Mary already lined up. He wouldn't have allowed. The troll or in Jerusalem instead of being stressed over the shaking. Why don't you start thanking him for the solution? Father. Thank you that a shift is coming breakthroughs here. in favour. Thank you that what you started in my life, you will finish next chapter. Sixteen Paul in silence had been put in prison for sharing their faith. They were in the deep
dungeon with change around their feet. The authorities were so afraid of their influence. They went to great linked to make sure they couldn't escape, but God will never let you get in a problem that he can't get you out of it may look like you're situation, doesn't have a solution, the odds against you, but God has ways to do things. You ve, never thought what's impossible with people is possible with God at midnight, Paul and Silas were singing praises and thanking God. First, twenty six suddenly there came a great earthquake. All the foundations of the prison was shaken immediately. The doors were open and everyone, change, were unbiased and notice, what the shaking did it open prison do Worse, it unloose chains that we're restricting their Paul, and so, Alice walked out as free men. The shaking
on the surface may have seem like a negative thing, but without the shaking Paul wouldn't have fulfilled his purpose, the shape It was necessary for him to become who he was created to be. We may not like the shakings the times things seem out of control, but like with Paul they're, not going to stop you there going to shift out of this, shaking new doors are going to open new opportunities, new relationships, things that you didn't see coming chains that lacking struggle. You back addictions about to be it serving of depression. God is using and struggle chains of addictions. Don't complain about the shaking its serving a purpose. God is using it to thrust you were you couldn't go without it now everyday father. Thank you that the shaking is shifting me. in their promotion, in the healing in
new levels. If you keep this attitude of fate, I believe and declare like, you're going to come out of the shaking indigo Joy, great favour, great increase, great relationships in the fullness of your destiny. In Jesus name. If you receive it, can you say men like to give you an opportune, unity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior if you play that simple prayer, we believe you got born again. We love to send you some free and promote. action on your new walk with the largest text. The number on the screen also get into a good, viable based church. Cape God, for
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