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2020-09-27 | 🔗

Sometimes when God gives you a promise, you have to go through a waiting season before it comes to pass. Keep believing and stay consistent. He wants to show out in your life.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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God has all some things in your future, but only way you'll see them is if you being consist not move but what's not happening, not discourage because its taking longer not lacking or could you don't see any sign of it? When you try will steadily you're going to come into blessings in favour because of your faithfulness cause. You have great talent, great courage, Great bay, but because, he's doing the right thing hide. This is Joel and dictatorial. Thanks for downloading our pod cast, we enjoy spending this time with you. I know you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and following on social media, to stay connected. We appreciate your so or it helps keep the ministry going enjoy the message. God bless you it's great to have you with us today. I hope you'll stay connected with this throughout the week we have a new daily pod
asked you can listen to the messages any time or You can go to our you to channel its own instagram facebook. But thanks again for in I like to start That's funny- and I heard about this mother on Sunday morning she went to her sons, bedroom and said son. Wake up it's time to go to church. Is it no mom, I'm not going to church today, She said why not he said you're too good reasons number one. I don't like the people and number two. They don't like me, she's all right I'll, give you two better reasons why you should go number one. Forty nine years old and number two year, the pastor. Say it like you mean it, this is. Bible? I am what what it says I am. I have what since I have. I can do what it says. I can do today be taught the word of God. Boldly confessed, my mind is alert. My heart is receptive,
never be the same in Jesus, nay, God bless you. Talk to you today about travel steadily. We all have things that were waiting on waiting, a dream to come to pass waiting for our health. Improve waiting to the right person when it, taken longer than we thought we don't see, anything changing its easy to get discouraged and think it is not meant to be but David said in some thirty seven don't be impaired, for the Lord, the act travel, the along his path. He will honour you and give you the land just the cause. It hasn't happened yet does it mean it is not going to happen what God promised who is still in round the way? period is simply a test. Are you they get discouraged and quit believing, or are you going to keep travelling steadily key praying keep thanking God Keep me in your best. It were keeping
the other people, there's power, in doing the right thing. Consistently. You're, not move what's not changing you consistently have a good attitude you're! Not up one day and down two days you consistent We in a good mood, you don't work for a month and then slack the next month, you consistently excellent They may not be perfect. You deal with challenges, but you're, not complaining. You're consists ITALY, thanking God consistently declaring his promises consistently, expecting his favour, that's what it means to travel steadily. God never most things would turn around instantly it promises would come to pass in two weeks There will be a waiting period, don't we? impatient, God rewards faithful people, people they keep doing the right thing The only thing that's holding some people back is the concern.
Did see what would happen, do you would consistently get to work on time consistently treat your spouse with respect? systematically exercise or consists. Currently put God first place. We you're consistent you're, not by your feelings, feelings will be up one day and down the next feelings. Wanna tell People all feelings when it the whole gallon of ice cream feelings want to sit around in self pity. Don't let feelings, one! Your life, you have a desk. Need to fulfil an assignment for you to accomplish. You have to put your foot down and say failings we're not going to control me. I mean control, I'm going make decisions that honour God. I'm going to do the right thing when it's hard go to work when I don't feel like it, I'm going to treat these people with respect, even no, they don't deserve it. If you will keep track in steadily B
inconsistent you're going to see God show out in your line all said in first Corinthian. We should always be abounding in the work of the Lord. What can use about yourself. That's all ways. Are you? ways worry always late, always hot tempered don't you change those always you're consisted in the wrong areas. It will keep you from your destiny and no people their circumstances. Our per they have challenges but they're all joyful, always encouraging, always at church, always helping others I made this choice that they're going to travel steadily. God has some things in your future, but only way. You'll see them is, if you keep Inconsistent, not move, but what's not happening, not discourage book; longer, not slacking off cause, you don't see. Any don't see any sign of it. When you travel
steadily you're going to come into blessings in favour because of your faithfulness now, cause. You have great talent, great courage, Great bay, but because you keep doing the right thing Many of you have been doing this. You can see currently made decisions that honour gone sacrificing to raise those chill putting your own dream on hall, you ve stayed faithful in that marriage. That's difficult! You been your best at that job, going the extra you ve done the right thing, but you haven't seen what's in your heart, your time is coming. God is about to do something unusual promotion that thrust to a new level that problem, you struggle with four years is about to suddenly turn around. It's gonna, happen sooner than you think, because you stayed faithful consistent the script says. God is going to give you the last you're not going to have
make it happen, blessings define gi. The right people are going track you down, healing Come knocking at your door. Don't be impatient, God to those dreams placed in your heart are still schedule those promises he's with the EU in the night there, steel in your future, and sometimes the red and its taking so long is God has, for you is bigger than you imagined he's getting prepared to carry the weight of the blessing the weight of the influence as keep travelling steadily you're getting stronger. Your faith is growing. Your character is being developed This is what David did Seventeen years old, he was out, the shepherds field taken care his father. She man in his own business when he was called, to his father's house, the puppet say Your chose him out of his seven
brothers to become the next king of Israel. What's interesting is David didn't go to the palace day. He didn't step in the leadership. Put a warrior role borne him. He went back to the shepherds fields. When God gives you a promise, there will always be a waiting period. What we do, while we're waiting, will determine whether the promise will come to pass if we wait discouraged set. Was this taken so long we're gonna get? where we are David was anointed, but he wasn't appointed. He had to go through this season. Approving a season of testing Will you do the right thing when you're not getting your way? Where you can? serving others. When you know you have more n, you David could slacked all taken the easy way out. Nobody was watch. Him in the shepherds fields, but David understood this principle to see
promises come to pass. You have to keep travelling steadily You have to do the right thing when nobody is watching. You have to be your best when you're not getting the crane. You have Thank God, even though doors are not opening month after month, David Kip taken care of those sheep fighting. Of wild animals, make intruding were fed and protected. His father didn't by him into the house when same your first came, David didn't get better and have a chip on his shoulder. He shook it all and kept travelling forward. His brothers made fun of him when he took in their lot. They tried to make him feel small. David didn't take the bait, he walked away after David debated Goliath, King Saul was jealous and tried to kill David chased him through the desert. Was unfair, but David didn't try to get revenge.
He could have killed saw, but he wouldn't do it. He wasn't impatient forgot to act. He knew would keep travelling steadily doing the right thing. God would give him the throne Fourteen years after David was anointed kings was killed in a battle in David became key when God puts a problem in your heart, no matter who tries to stop you, no matter how big the giants are. No better how unfair it is, or how long it's been if you'll, just keep travel in steadily passing the test, not bitter, because people did you wrong not giving up, because it's taken a long time, not slacking off, because Things are improving, then, like David God is. They give you the lane going to move the wrong people out of the way he'll give favour to defeat giants here. Ways: will you don't see away? The key is don't be impatient
It may not happen. Is fast issue would lie while you're waiting, that's a test David. The approved a god that he would be faith. Taking care of cheap before God We trust in to take care of his people, know times. Were you doing the right thing, but nothing is improving that proving season you have to show God that you're not going to get discouraged you're not going to give up? on your dream, you're not going to let what didn't work out codes to lose your passion like David you may know, you're anointed, God is put, Mrs in your heart, he spoken things to you, but you're, not appointed Jim. You're in that season when you're in the shepherds field, nothing is happening God. You said you'd restore health unto me, but I'm still struggling with this signal You said I would lend and not borrow, but I can barely get ahead. You said you'd. Give me beauty for these ashes, but no
doors are opening its easy to get discouraged, but if you're going to go from anointed to appointed, you have to thanking God, when you don't see anything happening praising when you could be complaining, come in a church when you feel like stay at home, being good to people that are not being good to you if you, not be moved Bob. What's not workin out, but you keep doing the right thing then you're going to go from anointed to appointed. Going to come out of the shepherds field into the fullness of what God has in store by Father STAR lake would, in nineteen fifty nine with ninety people. He had travelled overseas and Meetings with thousands of people seen great favour, but he knew he was supposed to come back and pass through these. Ninety people got
what a big dream in his heart he believe one day Lakewood would have thousands and impact the world. My father was a great minister, a great leader, but what's interesting is Lakewood didn't grow, year after year went back still. Ninety people live That could have been discouraged. God you put bigger things in my heart. Why am I not see an increase instead, preach to those ninety people likely was preaching to thousands I just once a week, Sunday morning, Sunday night Wednesday night, he was faithful, he was moved by? What was it changing? He did get sour because he wasn't seen increase. He just kept travelling steadily consistently doing the right thing and night Seventy three, it was, like God, opened up a false it. People started, come into Lakewood from all were the city it grew. Church of many thousands but those
thirteen years, my father didn't see any grove they were important years they were years of testing years approving God was seen what my father was Meda. Was he going to do when things work go in his way, what kind of added to booty? Have when he wasn't see increase, would you get discouraged? Give up, try something else. Few, not faithful in the wilderness? How can God must you to be faithful in the promised land may you're, doing the right thing, but not seen any growth. Your praying believing working hard, but things are improving. If father was here. He would tell you, don't get discouraged by it's not changing, notes, lack or because it hasn't happened. Jet keep doing the right thing. Consistently. God has not forgotten about you. What he's price what is still in your future. Pass. The faithfulness tears
proved to him that you're not going to quit you're, not going get sour you're not going to get talked out in future. Keep travelling steadily, God give you the lay it's gone. The issue that you thought you, the waiting can be difficult, but when you come the favour things are going too far all into place promotion healing increased that were thrust due to a new level a while back there was this chair and I was dealing with it headed with our ministry and what we will do, to do in the future. I couldn't figure out how it was going to work. I studied it made phone calls got other people's advice but there were still no solution. Every we came to my mind. It kind of bothered me I thought: what are we going to do now is to Did the live, stressed and worried. Finally, ass, a God, I'm turn this opening you. I can't make this work out. My way,
I know you already have a solution, so I'm not going live up time, I'm just keep B. My best honouring every time I was tempted to worry Father. Thank you that model is in your hands? They get that you're. Making a crooked places strike sometimes we're frustrated because we're trying to control things that only guy. Can control we're trying to fit something out that there is no answer to right now. That's when we get frustrating can't sleep it the Good NEWS is God doesn't ask us to figure everything you have. No. What's your job and why God's jobs. Our job is to believe our job is to thank God. Our job is to walk in obedience. This Yours says, God will work out his plan for our lives. Gods job is to work things out that we can't work.
You're, not on your own. The creator of the universe is working out his plane. For your life. His job is to open doors we can open. His job is to part red sees. His job is to heal sick bodies. His job is to make things happen that we can't make happen. Are you frustrated because you're trying to do gods job, take the pressure off you don't have make everything happened. You just have to keep travelling steadily, staying faithful, being good, do people keeping God first place about two months ago I was at the church and a staff member was passing by. He said I meant to tell you that thing that we working on. We figured it out. I said what do you mean? He said I'll show you women and looked at it, it was perfect, could been any better. I thought
this was going to be an ongoing challenge where it would take all this extra effort and energy on my part. But then without me you ve been working on it. Things fell into place, I never dreamed it would be that easy. That's what the scripture says if you keep travelling steadily. God would give. You the land. That means you don't, to struggle strive, manipulate things. Try to force it to work out, it's going to be easier than you think things over the fall into place, the right doors open, the right people show up the school calls you with the scholarship, the medical help. Suddenly turns around in the scripture, Joseph was engaged to a young lady named Mary then aims appeared to her and said she is going to have a baby without no one, a man in there with a name him Jesus. You can imagine how Joseph must have felt when Mary
I him she was pregnant, not with his baby, but with the Messiah I'm sure he thought year. I he was going to quietly call of the engagement, but that an angel appeared to him in a dream. He Joseph that what Mary said was true that was to go ahead with the marriage Joseph could have backed out God. I didn't sign up for this. I don't want my reputation ruined found somebody else, but Joseph did what the angel say. It was prophecy The Jesus would be born in Bethlehem, the Roman four decided to take a census everywhere had to go to their home town Joseph, which from Bethlehem, hello. Mary on a donkey was nine months pregnant, they travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Would be one thing if this was a cross town, but this was a ninety miles journey. It would take about ten days. I've seen
What it's like predict Tory to be pregnant. How uncomfortable a space toward the end, her back was hurting feet swelling. I can imagine telling her at nine months pregnant honey to fulfil prophecy. Have to get on a donkey in go ninety miles. I think our be hearing welcome to Heaven. Some God ask us to do things that are difficult. Mary could have said getting on that donkey. It's to bump My fate hard, you go by yourself, but you never read where Mary complain you? Never. Reed we're Joseph was sour. They just kept travelling, steadily doing? What I asked them to do day after day, getting all the donkey dealing with the he found in a place to sleep at night. God only spoke to them. Tat. This whole trip ninety miles, God never said anything. What are they
much easier if the angel would have come back, said you're doing great keep going Bethlehem, you're right on track its easy to all God. When you hear him speaking, you have clear direction. Things will go in your way, but the real test is do you respond when God is silent? You don't you're anything you're doing the right thing, but it's not improving you'll, be in your bed. But doors aren't opening months have gone by maybe years, and you don't hear anything, here's the key keep doing last thing, God told you to do, keep being insist, keep being faithful. Joseph and Mary finally arrived at Bethlehem. I can imagine it was Late at night, Mary was in close to Heaven the baby Joseph walked up to the end, the hotel, is it Mary wait here, although range a room, the he percent. I'm sorry, sir! We're full! We
have no more room. Joseph could have thought God you come to Bethlehem. You said this: your baby. Why is nothing workin out? Instead Joseph went back out told married to get back on the donkey there We're tired disappointed, uncomfortable, but they just kept travelling steadily God rewards faithful people, people that don't give up people they dont. Let a disappointment caused them to be sour people that don't let us set back a lost, a delay to stop there destiny when things happen, that we don't understand, are added Who should be father? Thank you that you, workin out your plan for my lie, you ordering my steps. Do opening doors had no man can shut. Thank you that you'll get me to wear I'm supposed to be don't let a bad breath, a delay, a pandemic, a person, Did you wrong cause you too
we believe and for your dreams and pursuing what God put in your heart you are full up, can do. The same spirit that raise cries from the dead letter. Z knew you are not weak. Or a more you now, dig your heels in and be insist not just whenever thing is go in your way, not when there's room at the end business. Is flourishing, but when the d a closes when the contract doesn't go through when the journey is longer than you thought, God is looking for people, that are determined people. There stamina, you, be weak and reach destiny. You can't be half hearted and become who you were created to be God. We silent at times you don't hear anything things are not improving, you're that donkey soldiers? The doors aren't opening
You too do keep being faithful. Keep getting the work on time keep singing in the choir. Keep me good to those neighbours. Keep thanking God when you feel like complaining, it was going to happen instantly. You wouldn't need anything, don't be impatient, for God to act, this, because the issue is full doesn't mean, there's not a place for your baby to be born just because you ve had a setback, Body walked away, the medical report isn't good, does it in that your dream is not going to come to pass what God promised to come be stopped by people by circumstances by bad breaks, God have allowed the end, be full if he didn't have something better. My question is: are you gonna do traveling steadily. Are you going he believing keep praying
keep doing the right thing. Joseph and Mary packed up got back on the donkeys disappoint, but still moving forward, tired, hungry back hurting me. Traveling steadily Joseph looked up, So this all bar where they kept animals A nice all tail didn't have a Belmont out brought. No, service the manger where the sheep rest, it wasn't what they had in mind, but God doesn't always do things the way we have planned his. These are not our ways. If you don't say, open you'll be frustrated because they wouldn't let you in upset because the door didn't open. Can I tell you, God knows what he's doing when it's time to birth, your baby, all the forces of darkness, cannot keep you out. There will be applied is for you to show for you to flourish,
for you to show this world what God put in we worry about who wouldn't let you in one didn't work out. It wasn't fair! You work supposed to be in the end they weren't supposed to have, room for you, your blessing is not in the end, its in the manger. You're increase your favor, you about This is not in where you been its in where God is taking you not even where you were left out. It's in. Where you're going now. Do your part and start moving forward, in fact not bitter over disappointments, not discourage over what didn't work out, not upset, because it's taken longer. There were delays and detours God saying if you ll keep track link steadily being faithful nobody is noticing doing there. Thing when its uncomfortable not complain because you don't see things changing then you're going to give birth to dreams, big,
Did you know that, guy it's going to do uncommon, unusual, extraordinary things. The nightmare gave birth. There were shepherd. Out in a feel, an angel, to them and said I have good news. The Messiah has been born in Bethlehem. This is how you will recognise him. You will find him lying in a manger. If the keep her had not turn Jesus away. He would been in the manger. The shepherds wouldn't have found him The inn was supposed to be for the innkeeper whistle poster, not let them nothing happened to you is a surprise to God. Ordering your steps. If the door closed, it was supposed to close. If the person walked away, they were supposed to walk away. Don't get better, keep travelling steadily, keep doing the right thing, keep being good to people, keep expecting keep believing
when you get to your manger, so to speak, the shepherds when defined Jus, the blessings there filling the promotion will come to you now. My challenge stay consists don't be ruled by your feelings. Make up your mind you're, not going to be moved, but what's not changing, not discouraged, over how long it's taking you're gonna keep do the right thing? the God that you're going to be faithful if you traveling steadily on God good good decisions believe and declare God is about. I give you the lay he's about open new doors, bring new upward, unities problems are about to turn around healing freedom, favour the fullness of you destiny in Jesus name, like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line? Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, our repent of mass
come into my heart made My lord and Savior, if your pride, that simple where we believe you got born again. We love it. Some free information on your new walk at the largest text, the number on the screen or you go to the website hope you get into a good Bible Base Church and keep God first place thanks. So much for listening to today's message, I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep. You encouraged sparred all through the. We help us to continue this year. The message of hope with those all around the world busy join those dean, dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share. This mess. With a friend and be sure to follow us unsocial social reply and for you, I know, got best still ahead with the next step
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