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Trusting When You Don’t Understand

2020-07-26 | 🔗
We're not always going to understand everything that happens in our lives. But just because it doesn't make sense doesn't mean God isn't working. You may not see it yet, but He's going to work everything out in your favor.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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God has equipped to empower Jew and anointed. Do you been raised up for such a time? Is this no weapon formed against you? What plus you keep walking in pay? Trusting when you don't understand and you're going to walk into blessings, favour healing freedom, a funding victory like you never see. This is german Victoria thanks for downloading, or can we enjoy spending this time with you? I know you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to new messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. The message God bless you, it's great to have you with us today we are for you and your family of your stay connected with this during the week through our podcast? Youtube Channel, serious exam, social media. We want to keep it in Spain.
Art and encourage, but thanks for- and I like to start with something funny- and I heard about this pasture- he was raising funds for a new auditorium he's he said to the congregation anyone they will A thousand dollars can pick out the next three hymns a little old lady in the back, raise your hand said pastoral. Do it he was so excited. He said. Thank you so much now, which three hymns would you like she looked over the congregation and said I'll, take him in him in him, say it like giving it. This is my Bible I am what it says I am I have, Since I have, I can do what says I can do today. I will be The word of God, boldly confess mine is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. In Jesus Name, God bless. You want to talk to you today about TAT.
Staying when you don't understand. We all go through things in life that don't make sense. Friend, walked out of a relationship that companies downsizing need us anymore or we will be our best. Then the pandemic here business went down, children can't go to school, dreams are put on hold. Sometimes it feels like we're going backwards. It's easy to live frustrated, and thank God. Why is this? Have many, but we're not going to understand everything that happens, gods, ways, not our ways. He can see things that we can't see just because it's not fair doesn't mean that God is not in control your steps or be an ordered by the Lord If he allowed it to happen, he's going to bring good out of it. He promises all things worked together for your good on its It may not be good. It was unfair your uncomfortable, but when it
comes together. You going to see how it works to your advantage, the difficulty the delayed the betrayal was all instrumental in you reach in your destiny, but none of us like bad breaks, loss delay, but without that difficulty you couldn't be calm who you were created to be it I look like a dead end, but really it setting you up for promotion that door closed, so a bigger door could open that person that left you. It was hurtful, but it wasn't just there choice. God move them out of the way, so he could bring someone better. That struggle was difficult. You didn't do anything wrong, but she had opposition at work. I wouldn't do what's right, it wasn't fair, but what you couldn't see is, it was growing you up developing your character,
getting you stronger, more company, more determined without it, you wouldn't be prepared for the blessing, the increase, the new levels that are come in your way. You may not understand what you're going through you can live. Worry discouraged. Try a new approach, I don't understand it, but I trust you know you're in control. Your work in all things for my good, so I'm not gonna live upset. I'm almost stay in peace, no one that you will get me to wear, I'm supposed to be in John thirteen Jesus was. To be crucified. He and his disciples were eating dinner together We now know as the last supper these disciples had spent the last few years with Jesus see an incredible mere cause him healed the sick raise Lazarus. On the dead feed. Thousands with the little boys lunch. They were with Jesus when he made his triumphant entry
Jerusalem with people lining the streets, shouting Hosanna, it was an experience. Greater than they ever imagine, but that evening, as they gathered for dinner, the mood quickly chain Jesus told them how his our head com, how he was going to be betrayed inclusive instead of people celebrating they would mark, can, after all, Jesus took a bowl of water and a towel and he watched the disciples feet. He said inverse seven, You don't realize now what I'm doing but day. You will understand Cheese was telling the disciples in effect, you're going to walk through. Some things in the days to come, that you don't stand up to this point, there's been people here in me on, but now I'm about to be betraying there's going to be opposition persecution. I said I would never leave you, but I'm about to be taken away
He knew they were going to feel lonely confused afraid, so he told them right up front. You know going to understand it now, but one day You will like these disciples there we times in life that you don't. Their stand. What, God is doing things don't make sense, trouble. Lays closed doors. People that betrayed your prayers that haven't been answered. It doesn't make sense now Don't worry one day, you're going to understand, God is to connect all the dots he doesn't allow things that he doesn't have a purposeful. That trouble is not a surprise to God the sickness. Catch him off guard the child. Getting off course is not going to stop his destiny. God is still on the throne. He's still ordering your steps. You can't see it right now, but behind the scenes
God is lining up things in your favour, when it's the right time when it all comes together, is going to work for your good you're going to see the hand of God. You look back and say if that had happened. I wouldn't have this position if that door Hatton of Closed, I wouldn't have met this person. If I hadn't gone through that difficulty, I wouldn't have stepped in to this new level. Now don't waste your time, trying to figure everything out. There are some things you're not supposed to understand. Right now we can see the plan of God we can, add how he does things we think natural. He supernatural, if you're always trying to figure it out it's going to frustrate. You instead of using that energy trying to understand what's happening, use it to thank God that he's working. Thank him that he's fighting your battles thank and it is making you could place
straight thank him that your surrounded with his spade the scripture says God will work out his plan for your life. You don't have to work it out. You don't have to live frustrated over what's not happening discouraged we're disappointments. You not do in life by yourselves to create of the universe is breed. In your direction, you honouring him and hill the right doors you bring the right people he'll turn negative situations around he'll make things happen that you couldn't make happen, his plan for your life is much bigger than your own? going to stay in pay. You have to learn to trust winded. Understand after Jesus was crucified, I'm sure the disciple star, Was he really the Son of God? Did we weigh star with him. I thought you said he
would never leave us. There was a time of doubt confusion where it looked like Jesus abandon. Then, but ass time went on. They begin to realise the crucifixion was a part of God's plain. Judas betrayal was a part of the plan. The opposition, the mocking the ridicule, It all had to happen. It was leading to redemption. To salvation. Are you frustrated? cause, you don't understand what God is doing upset because that friend betrayed you discourage over the contract. Lost. How do you know? That's not leading you to your destiny without the betrayal we wouldn't have salvation. Without that situation, you don't understand and you couldn't see the fullness of what God has in store and sometimes we're trying to pray away, God is going to use to take us to the next level. I know it's uncomfortable, but the book
I also necessary the lonely, are necessary. The delay he's the struggles it all necessary if Jesus couldn't reaches destiny without these things that don't make sense that weren't, fair people that did him wrong? How can we reach our destiny without them? But the way to stay in fate is to recognise that it's all a part of God playing, it's not happening by accident. The enemy didn't somehow get the controls of your lie, wrestled them away from God. Now, God is standing by open things, work out, God ahead, you in the palm of his hand, nothing can snatched away him be enforced. It is more than the world being against. Gene is very freeing when you can say God Adona stand it, but I trust you doesnt seem fair, but I'm not going to live bitter head. Some bad breaks disappear
it, but I'm not gonna go around sour. I know you're still in control and you will work out your plan for my life for in demand. Is in commercial, real estate. He specialised in hotels, you'll, buy them The emperor few years then turn around and sell them at one point he owned. Or two hundred hotels, most of them were small in rural areas, his dream was a large hotel in a major city. A couple ago. He had arrived, opportunity to purchase this prestigious hope, Hell in New York City. It was in a premiere, occasion overlooking central power. He was so excited he weren't from months and months arranging the funding. He found a partner that would go in with him, financially. This was a huge undertaking. He was going to have to stretch leverage everything he had, including his house, for it to work. Occupancy had to be strong,
business had to be good. This was the only way he could make this huge payment. After over two years of putting it together, This January he was supposed to finally closed on the property. But at the last minute his business partner backed out. He couldn't believe it he's ramble defined. Another loan stretched even further He was way over his hair the day he went to closing his bank called and said they change their mind and wooden, lend him the fund. He was so disappointed. This was his dream, a prestigious hotel, two years, what the work all for not. He couldn't understand why it didn't work out. What he couldn't see was Three months later, this pandemic would here in New York City would be the epicenter all the hotels had to close no income, no business, no customers. He would have this huge payment in no way to me.
He told me if that deal would have gone through. He would be bankrupt. He would have lost all his other hotels. His personal finances would be gone. Sometimes, what we think is a bad bright is really God Texting ass. You may not understand what God is doing now, but one day you will understand one day, you'll say I'm glad that door didn't open. I'm glad that prayer didn't get answer, I'm glad that relationship did it started? I'm asking you to trust when you don't understand, God can see the big picture for our lie all we can see is a little down the road God. Where the deadlines are. He knows where the short cuts are he's
ordering your steps. I used to just thank him for the open doors, but now I think him just as much for the closed doors, because if it's not supposed to be man, I don't want it. If God is closing the door, don't find it if you tried Jabez and it didn't work out, yes be persistent, but at some point you have accepted as gods plan and move on. That's a sign that God has something better, something more fairly more rewarding. Does it mean that is never going to happen? It may just mean that is not the right time, but too often we get discouraged it's not fair, but if you believe that God is ordering your steps, then your trust him with the open doors and trust him with the closed door. You'll trust him with the good breaks entrusted with the bad breaks, how we respond to these test has a great impact
on whether new doors are going to open whether we see things turn around? If we go through difficulties, discouraged God? Why did this happen? Why did they do me wrong? Why did my business partner back out? Why did my health go down? That's going to keep us where we are it significant that Jesus wash the disciples feet. The scripture tells us to put on the armor of God part The armor is our shoes of peace. When he wash their feet. He was saying as you go out and walk to things you don't understand stay in peace. He didn't wash their eyes. He they wouldn't be able to see what he was doing. He didn't want their ears, he knew they wouldn't understand what was happening. So he wash their feed and sent them out into something they didn't understand. It's like today, who would have ever thought this year would have turned out like it has a pandemic.
The economy. Shutting down, not aid. To go to war. People's lives put on hold so much uncertainty, unrest, tension. There are a lot of things. We don't understand troubled, that we'd never see light Jesus wash the disciples you're his disciple. If you would have been there, he would have watched your feet, academic. Didn't him doing that today, he's saying you're gonna, walk through things, don't understand, see, difficulties that you ve never seen, there's going to be plenty of opportunities to live, upset and afraid. But don't worry I've watched your feet prepare do, but what you're going to face of armed you with strength for the battle? It may not make sense. But it's all a part of my play. God is getting you ready for new levels of influence, new levels, a favor, new levels of leadership, new levels of least
forces now make sure you keep your shoes, a piece on. Don't panic over the pandemic, don't fear the unknown, don't loosely over what doesn't make sense. God has equipped you empowered you and anointed. Do you been raised up for such a time? Is this? no weapon born begins to will prosper. You keep walking in faith, trusting when you don't understand and you're going to walk in the blessings favour healing freedom, abundant victory like you'd, never I've learned when you stay in faith when you don't understand you going to come into blessed things that you don't understand when you trust God, when it doesn't make sense, you're going to come in to favour that doesn't make sense. Could it be that the
disappointment. You're, so upset about is really a blessing in disguise. You can't see it, but it's a part of a divine plan. Critical piece, tat. God is going to use years. On the road to take you where you ve, never dream, but right now that situation by itself, Does it make sense? It seems random, just a bad break when in fact is the hand of God setting you up for increased without challenge you won't see the far and beyond favour that belongs to you, trust him when it does it make sense, and no this is not easy. We dont like closed doors, unfair situation, be an uncomfortable, but God uses these things to move us into our purpose. It's not just
good breaks. That will take it into your destiny. The closed doors are as important as the open doors. The betrayals are just as important as the divine connections God use them all. When you understand this, you won't live upset when your plans don't work out. You won't go around sour because somebody did you wrong. You'll stay in peace, known that I wouldn't have allowed it if he wasn't going to use it for your good. It may not feel good, but this is what have to show God what you're Meda Anyone can be happy when things are going there, where anyone can God when doors or opening, but if you want to pass this test and see gods favour in new ways you have to think in when it doesn't work out. You have to have a smile when you could be complaining, be good to others when someone is not being good to you. This
What faith is all about? Not god our trust you. As long as you keep me happy answer, my prayers change. My husband move my balls Keep me in the icy it's hot outside the problem. With that thinking, is, God, uses difficulties to get us to our destiny. If you're not willing to be uncomfortable and keep a good attitude when things don't work out, it will keep you from. Rising higher. When I was in my late twenties accuracy this five letter in the mail saying that we hadn't found our tax returns properly and now we owe thousands of dollars the men. Did our taxes lived in another state? He wasn't for me,
with a certain law in Texas, and now we had this unexpected bill to make matters worse about half of what we owed was in penalties. We were a young couple, saving up for a down payment for a house, and this was going to take all of our funds. I thought God. This is not fair. We heard a professional, he messed up now, I'm having to pay for his mistake, nothing about that situation. Seen good. I thought it just a bad break, less pay it and move we ended up finding a man that helped us get that straightened out. He's attacks attorney. He came over to our house every night for several weeks we filed the forms. Did the people were? We became good friends, we go out to eat, run errands together. Ten years later, when I was working for my father in the television department at Lake, would someone offered us a construction permit for them
ass for power. Television station in Houston. Tv stations in major cities are very valuable, but I didn't know where to start I was young, I didn't know anything bout buying a permit for a television station, then I thought I'd call my friend the one I met during the taxi Three months later we had a sign contracts. We put the station on the air. My father went to be with the Lord and I became the path After a few years later, we acquired the compact centre, it was going to cost a hundred million dollars to renovate we decided to sell the station. We were told by an expert Amanda sales more stations in the? U S than anyone else that we would get a certain amount. We believed it was worth much more, but he was very vocal about how it would never sell for that, a man how we were wasting our time.
Trying to get that much. He gave us all the reasons. Why wasn't going to happen? The market was down too much supply too many stations for sale. He had all the facts as to why wasn't is valuable and why was it going to attract a bye? We let that go in one ear and out the other. Don't let people talk you out of what God put in your heart? Sometimes people have too many facts. They have too much information dont, let their debt get off when you, God is not limited, but what the experts say his favour on your property, your business, you give your talent will cause things to happen. That should not happen, we had a buyer, come to us and offer almost twice what he said. We would never again when he heard the figure he nearly passed out.
We saw the station and use those funds to help renovate the compact centre. What's interesting is None of this would have happened if I had not had the tax problem some twenty years earlier hours discouraged by it was a bad break. It wasn't me for I didn't realize. God was order My steps- that was a critical piece for me to fulfil my destiny. I thought back. And it would only be the good breaks open door. Things fallen into place, I didn't know, would use disappointments bad breaks things it weren't, fair, like Jesus, told the decide, you're, not going to understand what I'm doing now, but one
you will understand now. Looking back, I can see it so clearly. If I had not had the tax problem, I would have never met the attorney without my attorney for it I would have never pursued the station without the station. We wouldn't have the funds to renovate the compact centre. I wonder if you're upset about something now that later own you're going to realise it had to happen to get you to your destiny, you didn't like it. It was unfair, but God use did to connect the dots. It was instrumental. You wouldn't have met the person you wouldn't have been at the right place. You wouldn't have sold the property. You wouldn't have started the business, maybe like with me what your discouraged overnight how is really a blessing. You can't see what God is up to, but later on you go to understand. God knows what you're going
need twenty years from now a disappointment today, a set back a betrayal you may not see how that works out for you good until years down the road when our daughter Alex Andrew was a little girl. She loved to put puzzles together every couple of weeks. We get a new puzzled and work on it sometimes take two or three days to complete. Invariably we'd banned a peace that wouldn't fit anywhere. We would try every option put it here. They're still nothing. I was convinced that the manufacture made a mistake. They did something wrong left something out. They put this peace in from another puzzle because it does not feel it was so frustrating watch. Interesting is every time we got close to the end and more the pieces,
together all of the sudden that peace that I was so sure was a mistake, would fit perfectly into place didn't make. Since on its own, I had to wait for the pieces to come together. You may have some pieces in your lie that don't make sense. Why did I not get that promotion? I worked so hard for. Why did I have that tax issue? Wasn't my fault? Why did that person walk out of a relationship by itself that peace doesn't fit right? Now it's not going to make since you have to wait for the other pieces to come together. The scripture says all things work together for a good guy, It is in the process of connecting the dots in your life, be patient and led him work out. His plan trust him when the peace does it make sense I can assure you, your manufacture, didn't make a mistake when God designed
for your life when he major puzzle so to speak, he didn't accident, put in a wrong peace, something they didn't there. He didn't leave something out. You have been fearfully and wonderfully may everything is serving his plan, but here's a key He never said you're going to understand everything I'm going to show you what I'm doing it's all going to make Sant. He said my way, These are not your ways. He said what bad faith and not by saying you have to trust him when you don't understand stay in faith when it doesn't make sense, God is working behind the scenes in your life right now. On the verge of seeing him connect some doubts. This is not the time to be discouraged. This is the time to stir. You have faith that, if you do this, I believe in
Claire you're, about to step into a new level, a favor breakthroughs, healing, divine connections, things We haven't understood in the past you're about to understand. God is about to bring it together. You going see what he was up to in cheese. This name. If you receive it, can you a man I'd like to? Give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus, I repented mass in come into my heart made my Lord inside you, if you're pregnant, simple prayer. We believe you got born again. We like to send. Some free information just text than on the screen and we'll get to you'll get into a good, viable base charge and keep God first place he's going to take it places that you ve, never dream, thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe.
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