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Waiting Well - Victoria Osteen

2017-03-01 | 🔗
Sometimes in life, we have to wait. We have to be careful to not allow the waiting to open the door to doubt and discouragement. We have to trust that God will get us to the right place at the right time.Today, I want to encourage you, no matter what you are waiting for, learn to wait well. Instead of worrying, turn your focus to the Father. Let patience have it’s perfect work. Trust that He is ordering your steps.Think about a butterfly coming out its cocoon. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes difficulty to get out of that cocoon but once it breaks out, it comes forth in such beauty. It’s ready, it’s poised to be able to fly. That’s what happens to us when we wait well. We become strong and beautiful, ready to embrace all God has for us.
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i think about when my daughter sent out her applications for college she was going to go to university and so it was the end of her senior year she began to send out application sissy where she would go to school remember they said it was gonna take a few months to get those applications back and see which cause she was accepted in but you know those months just seem to take even longer it's me like it was taking for ever to get a response back from the school and she was anticipating what school she would go to offer we're going through the same process they were waiting for their answers and it's got funny because as they were waiting it was as if they had more quickly since in their heart and mind there were like all
what have i get accepted this school who alone everywhere if i get accepted that school where will i you see they were just paid in all this and it was just formulating more doubt and more questions in their mind about this situation you see that we're waiting and it was making them weary have you ever waited and been frustrated calling my daughter she couldn't make plans until she got this answer you see to all of us we all go through this weighty process it's no fine it can be difficult it can be challenging and it can be but can i tell you god is not making its way to make hard on us he's causing us today val up in our character and in our strength you see we all have patience we
acquire chances are strain patience is what brings forth gods promises the words its through patient endureth that we bring forth the promises of god you see my daughter was accepted to a college she was really happy about it but then he started waiting to see what you're already she would get in she was waiting to see what kind of brain she would me gonna be waiting to graduate she'll be waiting to see what job she gets who she marries waiting to have a baby you see life is a process of waiting she's eighteen years old she's got a lotta waiting to do so the earlier now we learn this process the happier we're going to be you see i wonder
sometimes that those girls even enjoyed the last semester of high school because they were so concerned worry and frustrated about what was going to happen in the future you it's interesting got always puts us at the right place even if it's not the place we think we should be got always works out for us you see we're going to be waiting most of the time so we need to learn to wait well as they are thirty one says why on the lord and he will renew your strength they were i've got a white well unless we wait in the strength of god sometimes we make the mistake of thinking waiting is passive we're standing in the corner with our hands folded just waiting for the right thing and waiting for us to get this great break eighty four hour career to start missing doesn't
think that we should sit around and way we should be actively waiting should be pursuing god not just waiting to see what happens but preparing ourselves in the weight you know i've heard it said like this that patients is a muscle that can only be developed in the way you see we ve got to wait well to develop patients we all patients we all want to be strengthened the right james says that like this see the farmer how he waits patiently for his crops to come up then it goes on to tell us how you wait does he waits with cheerful endurance with expectation he's waiting look for the signs the rain he's out there watching
his soil believing its rich he doesn't go out there inside her no plan seen the ground i wonder if it still there have you ever thought like let me get up and make sure it still down there are also leaving happen and yet you see that's easy we all feel like that but he stayed excited about its crop when he didn't see anything happening because he knew it was just a matter of time that the earth would bring forth his harvest if he kept his endure and his strength and his patients please we should all wait with that attitude shouldn't we we would enjoy life more we don't need to fill the struggle when we way we need to develop our patience knowing that at the right time guns gonna get us where we need to be we need to start enjoy in our life right now not looking so far into the future that we forget what's happening
right now i was in the elevator with my daughter not long ago we were going up like the twenty fifth floor in this high rise building in the elevator stopped doors open at a man walks in and work standing there and he looks at me smiled at him and he looks at me and ask that high he was gonna say something to me and he stopped for a second i could see and thinking and he said can't believe you're standing in this elevator i can't believe i'm saying you right now he's alive talking to a friend of mine the other day and then said i was talking about how i've been waiting for something for a long time and god help me i need to increase my patient so i can bring fourth what i feel like he's called me to do anything no i love the ministry i getting caught from the ministry because i see you today is that i believe assign thanks god
telling me it's gonna happen hang on don't give up it's just a matter of time you would that man was doing it is doing the same thing that the farmer does he was looking for a sign looking for the rain he was saying i need this cheerful hopeful endurance god gimme a sign give even thing to get me to my next place strengthen me i'm waiting on you so that you will renew my strength you see when we're strong we can endure i said i want you to run and not get weary i don't want you to think i want you to be strong with this virtue to call patients so we don't need a birth anything before its time we ve forgotten be ready for what god has in store for
and if we are going to bring forth the promises of god we're gonna have to develop patients patients is a bad thing patience is a string it's a good thing jesus told five hundred disciples wait here in jerusalem because the holy spirit is gonna come upon you he said don't leave wait right here do you know that only a hundred and fifty disciples of the five hundred didn't get impatient and lee the rest flag there was only a hundred and twenty out of the five hundred that's stuck around you is sometimes i think when it takes long time we get bored we lose our enthusiasm we forget what what eighty four we quit expecting see that day the ones stay got renewed recharged and reinstated energetic
by the holy spirit the holy spirit came in and suddenly did exactly what jesus said the holy spirit was gonna do habakkuk the profit to cod this vision you told me to write it down you told me to hold a clause but it's taken a long time because you said here he said though and terry wait for it we're gonna tell me when wait for it me and sometimes you know how have you ever thought of that we're waiting you all you can see is long lines lots of traffic you're sitting in the doctors office with everybody sitting there waiting but why don't you stay in that chair because you know the nurses gonna come out she's gonna call your name she's gonna call your name that's what keeps you in that chair let me tell you something guy
it's been call your name it's worn appointed time why did i think you know job is our job is to get ready for the appointed time because we don't want to birth anything before it's time we won't take it into our own hands i think that moses in how he led the israelites there well equipped when they came out of egypt strong added to the miss lan listen he opened the red see they saw amazing miracles they want through on dry ground so incredible even though they may have been fearful they look back and they watched the sea swallow of their enemies using did amazing things he said can you do that place called the price this land stick with me keep them promise then don't give up they were in the desert moses said hey i'll be
i'm going to see guy i'm will give get our instructions for the next half of our job so we went out to mount sign now and spoke with god you know what the israelites did in the camp site of the promise of god they lost sight of where they were going and what god was capable of doing what they said they said we don't know of moses even gonna come back he's taken so long they were so impatient you know what they did they took the gold if god had given them but he had supplied for there and they
do it in the bar and they said we're gonna make our own god we're going to celebrate and worship that god they thought that god was going to make him happy he didn't he didn't make them happy at all in fact you know what they did they fell short of the best playing god had for their lie we need to be prepared there's a appointed time what are you doing to get to that appointed time you see it's how we wait that's important a god how we work can often times later how long we wait to see the weighty is what god is interested in he's interested in what we're going to develop within us we wait i believe he's is more interested in our development then what we're waiting the gods got amazing things in your future hired brought you this far he's gone you all the way
parted red fees for you you do miracles he's your well fed and well you got everything you need don't jump ahead ahead of know if he's brought you this this he's gotta you all the way enjoy we are right now begin to learn to wait well knowing that this patient endurance that your birthday is gonna bring forth every promise he's given you a man as a thank you for your support of our ministry this month joel in victoria we'd like to send you a copy of jewels new series unlock your promise in this new report series joel low steam remind you that gods promises are yours today will lead you to your destiny and use all things for your good request your carbon unlock your promise today abdul osteen steam dot com or call eighty eight five six seven joe dont let
and discouragement talk you out your dreams it may be taking longer than you thought but what got started he's going to it's just a matter of time before you see things change in your favour request this resource is going to help you stay in fate so can unlock the promises that belong to you before i ever heard charles speak i felt loss in my life i didn't know where i was headed but do the message of hope in this ministry i feel like i found my purpose i've got married were expecting our first child this ministry has completely changed my family sign your support it is making a difference in people's lives thank you so much for your prayer and generosity if you to partner with us to take hope around the world go to the website and found out how we pritchett our champion of whole partner so much victorian i pray for you and your family every day we believe twenty seventeen is going to be a blessed prosperous
bountiful year know that we love you that your blast and are a child of the most
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