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Waiting With Expectancy

2018-10-31 | 🔗
Waiting with expectancy means instead of worrying if God is going to answer a prayer, you’re thanking Him for working behind the scenes, talking like a miracle is just around the corner, and acting like the answer is on its way. Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.---Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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hi this is jaw on wednesday's we bring you the best dove i hope you enjoy the podcast without blessing it's a joy to come into your home if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home that thanks so much for tune in the inn and thank you again for coming out i'd like to start with something funny and i heard about this husband died and he left his wife twenty thousand dollars after the funeral his wife told a friend that she was totally broke france it what do you mean you're broke thought you had twenty thousand dollars she said well i spent five thousand dollars on the funeral and fifteen thousand on the memorial stone for himself how that was some stone how big wasn't she held
her finger and said three and a half paris or i say it like you mean it this is my i believe i am what it says i have this is our hair i can do it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confess mine is alert my heart is receptive outcome would be the same in jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you too nay about waiting with expectancy in lie we're always waiting for something waiting for a dream to come to pass waiting to meet the right person waiting for a problem to turn around much of life is spent waiting there's a right wait await a wrong wait away asea said they did wait upon the lord will mount with wings as eagles we hear that
word weight and most of the time we think that means do nothing be passive but the amplified version explains what the word way really means it's as those who expect who hold who look for gods goodness waiting is not supposed to be passive true waiting is actively expecting prayed believed now i'm looking for gods goodness i'm expecting my health to improve i'm expecting new doors to open a mix acting to have a blessed year that's what it really means to wait it understood this principle he said in solemn five each morning i bring my request to you and weighed exe
effectively when you waiting expectantly you know this could be the day you get the bright you made this could be the day the problem turns around there's an anticipation in your spirit you talk like it's gonna happen you act like it's gonna happen you on the look out that expectancy is your faith being released all through the scripture we see this in david's lie he said surely goodness and mercy will follow me he was expecting gods blessing in solemn twenty seven all kinds of bad things were happening to david violent enemies were chasing him people line about in falsely accusing him yet right in the midst of it he said i am competence i will see gods good day
it not only pride he not only believed he took it one step further he went out looking for god savour like david you may be facing difficulties in the night it doesn't look good but when you're waiting with expectancy you're not move but what you see you move you know someone twelve says when darkness overtakes the righteous lied we'll come bursting notice god used the word bursting he didn't say is going to trickle it's going to barely get their schooling to show a little by little no god said suddenly things will turn around you may have been doing with the situation for many years but suddenly your health will improve suddenly the right person will show up suddenly the legal situation will resolve the i wait away is not
god this is never going to change this financial difficulties gonna be the into me these kids are going to drop me crazy now get up every morning and say god i'm expecting your life to come bursting i'm expecting a sudden bright through a flood of you a favor a flood of healy a flood of restoration a flood of promotion you wait with expectancy like that and you'll see god show up and do amazing things i know some of you have had tough times may be ahead of bad break now you settled where you are thinking you ve reached your limits this is as good as never going to get you gonna kick it into a new gear get your expectations proverbs thirteen says trouble chases sinners but bless chase the righteous you are the righteous what should you be expecting trouble bad breaks hardy
now get an agreement with god and start expecting his blessings to chase you down start expecting godspeed when you go through a disappointment and we all do you have a bad break instead of being discouraged instead of complaining dig your heels in and say this medical port may not look good but i know heaving chasing me down business be slow i'm not discouraged are no opportunity sales contracts ideas inventions good bright searches in media my child may be on the wrong path but it's only temporary i know a turnaround is chasing him day that's not just be an positive that's dude what david did waiting with expectancy saying god i know you're still on the throne you're bigger than this difficulty what you promised in my life will come to pass
reason people don't have the joy they should is there not expecting anything good the scripture says hope deferred makes the heart see if you're not expecting to see gods favour in a new way you expecting the problem to turn around it will not only limit what god can do but it'll cause your heart to be sick it'll cause you to be discouraged to many people today are not healthy physically but emotionally because there waiting with expectancy at one point they had a big dream i knew it was going to work out but it didn't happen on their timetable now they ve gotten passive and they think that is never going to have but you gotta shake them off and get you a fire back god is still on the throne
it may not have happened on your timetable but gods of faithful god he can still bring to pass now do you apart and start expecting the lie to come bursting start expecting gods blessings to chase you day don't let people talk you out of it don't believe that never lies they come to all of us you'll never get way you'll never get married you'll never get out of there let that go in one year and out the other our attitude should i know my answer is already on the way i could see it before i go to bed tonight i could meet the person in my dreams before i leave this building sure look around for you leave i could see my health improve this week i could get tat the added it pay my house all this year it may be impossible in the natural but i know a service supernatural god when your weight with expectancy
the most powerful force in the universe goes to work in the book of james it tells us to wait for gods promises lack a farmer waits for his harvest when a farmer play his crops he doesn't wait all worried he doesn't go to bed at night stressed out wondering if they're going to come up if somebody says to him i don't think you're going to get a harvest this year he wouldn't pay any attention he's planted his water he has no doubt that is going to happen so he waits with a competence not just hoping not just believing he takes it one step further he knows his crops are going to come up that's the way we're supposed to wait or what god promised us like the farmer you pray you planted you watered you're see juve thank god now you ve got
come over into this competence on knowing that says not if it happens but when it happens somebody ask if you still think you're going to get out of with the economy like it is tell them i don't think so i know so my gun is jehovah jara the lord mar provider he is not affected by the economy he control is that all you still think your child's going to straighten out looks like they are wilder than ever to me i don't think so i know so as for me in my house we will serve the law you still think don't get married been single a long time i don't think so i know so god said he would give me the desires of my the right man the right woman they are chasing me down even as we speak you gotta have this unshakeable competence just like you know the sun is come up in the morning you
what god promised you is going to come to pass it may today they happen next week our next year but that farmer you know that you know your harvest is on its way this passage in jail uses joe but as the example of how to wait you remember job went to a lot of hardy contain lost his health his family his bill but about nine months later he came out with twice what he had before not only saw it all restored but he had twice the cattle twice the she twice the joy twice the piece of all the people in the scripture god could have chosen as the example of how to way god chose joe i believe its significant god is saying when you go through allows a disappointment a bad break don't expect to come out this
i expect to come out better off than you were before maybe you're dealing with the sickness light now or a relationship didn't work out somebody cheated in a business deal and you could easily be negative discourage settle way you are no god wants to take what was meant for your harm and use it to u advantage to increase dare to believe like joe did you go come out with twice what you head before some of your just hope and halfway recover if you at least get back to where you were before you got sick but you were laid off before the disappointment you would be happy if you could just get back to even but that's not the way our god works god is going to make the enemy pay for bringing that trouble into your lie god is say get ready for double you have not see your best days weeping
may indoor for a night but joy is in the morning there is going to give you beauty for those actions he's gone the rest of your life better it would have been if that would have never happen but you gotta do your part and start waiting with expectancy if you're sitting around discouraged in self pity they can you ve seen your best days it will limit what god can do shake it off and start waiting list joe father i want to thank you that double is come in my way may be sick right now but i'm expecting to come out twice as healthy we twice the energy twice i may have gotten laid off but lord i want to thank you for a job with twice the benefits twice the freedoms twice the fulfilment twice the income this person may walked out on a relationship done me wrong but lord argius thank you for me somebody twice as phone twice as friendly twice as good looking
twice as well as i do this kind of far out yet we saw about far out god he wants to do more than you can ask the thing he wants to bring out like joe with double what's interesting is when a farmer is waiting for his harvest he doesn't sit around passively and not do anything for me some months no while he's waiting he sharpens his tools he make sure his tractor and equipment is maintained and ready to go he calls its suppliers his train
rotation people gets everything land the fact is he hasn't seen one plant come about at the greater the whole field is completely empty yet he's making all kinds of preparations for the harvest that he knows is coming he has such confidence that is putting actions behind this bay that's what it means to wait like a farm you're not just hoping you not just praying you're getting prepared taken steps of five years ago i went to this young couples apartment friends are banned it was a very small place and they were happy there were content but they knew guarded put bigger things in their hearts they bought some furniture for the apartment that was much too big
one couch was crammed up against another cat you could hardly walk into the room looked like a mistake and i thought to myself what in a world where they think it i didn't say anything but later the young lady said joy you'll have to forgive our din we bought furniture for our new house i didn't know there were movement acid that's quite where you going she said we no yet we just know we're not stay in here this is only temporary they stayed in that tiny apartment for several years and when i would see them just in friendly i'd say hey when are you move in their answer was always say that's a great answer when are you coming out of debt so what is the problem of going to turn around soon what are you gonna get married soon one is that child come back home not any of this our joy i don't know more operate a worse i guess
tell you what you did last week zip better you're answer should always be soon say it by thing this young couple had such a conference like too far they knew their harvest was coming one the lady got an unexpected promotion and huge increase everything fell in the place and do you know where that furniture is now it's not their new home they gave it to another young couple disbelieving for their dream to come to pass that's what happens when you put actions behind your fate it gets gods attention one time in the scripture a paralysed man talked for us in the carrying him to another city where jesus was teaching when they arrived at the house was so crowded they couldn't get in i'm sure the man that carried him we're tar their shoulders were sore they wanted to rest but the parallel
man said no we ve come too far to stop now you gotta hate me up on the roof and let me down through the ceiling jesus is up their teaching and he sees dust start to fall couple zealand house drop down all this commotion as they lowered the mandate this good you're says when jesus saw their faith my question today is can you have faith bc are you doing anything to show god you're not just hope and you're not just pray and like the farmer you getting prepare when jesus saw their faith he touched the man and he was made home now that men could have data at home for twenty years believing he could have prayed rest of his life nothing would happen happened but when you faith can be seen
the creator of the universe goes to work when my father was in his sixties he had to have open heart surgery it was a very serious procedure because most of his arteries were blocked and there was no guarantee that he would come out ok our family was all in the room together before he was going to be taken into the operation he asked me if i would go back home and get his tin issues and run ensue and lay by his bag my mother had already brought his pajamas and how shoes and everything that he would need but my father was those ten issues there as an act of his pay while he was recovering every time he looked at them he was saying i'm going to be run and again i'm gonna go all over the world i've got many good years left in me you may be facing a health issue as well in the natural it doesn't look good but don't make plans to go down
he'll don't tell your friends how bad it is how you never gonna make it expect to get better put your ten issues in front of you plan a visit to go see your relatives renew the membership to their health club do something so you a faint can be seen when my mother was so sick with cancer she told how she would lay in bed at night and these thoughts would come tell her you can be buried in that new paint dress that you bob see the enemy wants you to make plans for your funeral he won't you to plan for defeat for media he would love for us to go through life with the wrong expectations you gotta get off and made plans to live made plans for victory ned chris in nineteen eighty one when my i was given a few weeks to live all of us kids went winning together to buy my mother some china that's what she wanted before she got sick
when my sister lisa went to the store to pick it up only eight pieces were in stock the other two pieces would have to be ordered and we were told that could take several months to come in with my mother was only given a few weeks to live and that was a month or so before she opened the channel she saw the note in saying that the rest would be delivered in the spring of next year her first thought in the natural worse i might not even be here but we ordered that china on purpose to live another know we were expecting her to still be here that china came in thirty one years later my mother is still here healthy alive strong the funny thing is she has not served me one meal on that china i'm going to talk about being grateful
can your faith bc are you waiting like the farmer making preparations for your harbours the apostle paul did this he was in prison for spreading the good news in the natural there was no reason to think that he would ever get out it look like that was his destiny but paul wasn't complaining he wasn't discouraged he was making plans to be free he said do a friend that came to visit him keep a guest room ready for me for i am filled with hope that god will answer my prayers here he's in prison he doesn't need a guest room my mom's been given a few weeks to live we don't need an order hurry china my father's recovering from a major surgery he doesn't need is in issues now that's what it means to wait with expectancy when god can see your face he can do the impossible i read about this
lol town that had been in a drought for a long long time and the local pastors call for a day a prayer on the town square they ask everyone to bring some kind of object of their fate just to show that they were believing in most people brought their bibles some were across or a teacher with an inspirational message they joined hand and begin to earnestly pray the very moving scene they were all gathered in faye asking god for re after about ten minutes almost perfectly on cue it begin to they started shouting and singing holding up their bibles their crosses in praise to god but one little eight year old girls object stood out among the rest she opened up her
big yellow umbrella that she had brought the scripture tells us to have the fate of a little child you pray for rain is not complicated bring your umbrella lit your be seen you remember in the old testament the people of israel to the jordan river they needed to get across earlier moses had held up his rod and the red sea part a great miracle this time it didn't happen that way the scripture tales how they had to walk toward the water and as their feet and legs got wet then the river opened up i wonder how many of us or waiting for god depart the sea like you did last time god showed your favor opened the door and you walk through it but this time god has a jordan river in front of you it's not going to open up until your faith can be seen
what can you do to show god that your trusting here i am not suggesting that you quit your job but can bring a big yellow umbrella kinda by new outfit aware for when you get healthy again can you take that management course even though you were turned down for the promotion that's waiting with expectancy you're saying by your actions god i'm expecting your light to come bursting i know this lady she's always been very heavy struggled with her way she heard me talking about this and she went out and bought an outfit like tin size is too small for her people thought he's crazy she told the lady help honour it was for some one else she put that outfit up in her claws every time she sighed she we say lord thank you that i'm gonna lose this white thank you that i'm strong disciplined focus
i'm going to wear this outfit no i didn't ben overnight but several years later she was wearing that outfit just as beautiful as could barely a year couple i know they tried for many years to have a baby with no success the medical report said that they would never be able to a child and while we love and respect doctors we know god can do what medical science cannot do this couple went out and bought a baby's outfit just a little girls dress they put it in their kitchen every time they saw they would say lord you said children are a gift for me so we want to thank you for one of you guess about two years later they can do the altar to dedicate their beautiful baby girl you know what she was wearing that outfit they had bought many years before
when your faith can be seen god goes to work i heard the story of gabions macleod he's an actor probably best known for play in the captain of the love a popular tv programme years ago he needs patty we're married for seven years they hit some bumps in the road and long story short gavin left they went through a divorce he was devastated she never wanted the divorce instead of giving up she not only prayed but she put actions behind her fate every night even though she lived alone she would set to places at the dinner table one for her and one forgave him like the farmer making preparation for her harvest for years later and unexpected knock at the front door she opened it it was gabby patty smiled and said come on in your dinners getting cold
today they have been re married for over twenty six years prince when you're way with expectancy amazing things can happen here's my challenge let your faith bc made preparations for the horrible that you know is come get up every morning bring your request to god and then like david go out looking for gods goodness looking for good breaks expecting god spain when you face disappointments something doesn't go your way don't get discourage god promised the light is going to come bursting in suddenly the answer will come suddenly you'll get the brakes you need god has some suddenly in your future he's not only going to bring it out he's gonna bring it out like job with double better can you were before now get your exley tations up today may not happened in the past but god is still on the throne it can happen in your future
if learn to wait with this expectancy not get discouraged if it doesn't happen on your timetable then like paddy you'll see what you were expecting come to pass god's blessings will chase you down the lights going to come bursting in leave and declare you will overcome every obstacle defeat every enemy and you will become everything god created you to be in jesus name if you receive it and you say men today we never like to close our broadcast with giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lie would you pray with me just say lord jesus repent of mercy come into my heart you're my lord and saint friends if you pride that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible based chart kate god first place he's gonna take your places that you ve never dream
thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continued a share of the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy god's best is still ahead will see a next time
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