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We're Wired With God's Power

2019-08-13 | 🔗
When you make Jesus the Lord of your life, you become fully connected to your source of power. All you have to do is switch it on!
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hi this is victoria thank you so much for downloading this podcast i believe god has amazing things in your future i hope you enjoy this can you imagine living in a big beautiful house all wired with electricity well able to run your refrigerator well able to run your air conditioning your all of your lights you can plug in all your small appliance this is all the modern things that we have can you imagine living in a home like that but not being able to run any of that stuff
it's all wired with power and electricity but you didn't go out to the breaker box and flip on the switch when that me crazy i can't even imagine how they live there without power it may be difficult to to imagine because we have gotten so used to have in our appliances plugged in with an up and nobody and here pretty much would go out of their house without charging their phone would they and i know if you're like me if my phone runs out of battery i'm looking for someone with a charger i'm going to plug into that power because i don't want to be disconnected i want my phone fully charged it would be crazy to live without power when it's available to you but do you know
how many people are living in a house and there never switching on the power there never switching on the breaker box you see god has wired you with power you are fully wired with power but you got to turn it on how do we turn on this power listen to what it says in romans one hundred and nine that you have to understand this first it's so cute
to the power of god in you it not only tells you how to get wired but it tells you how to flow in the power it says if you want the clear with your mouth that jesus is lord and if you will believe with your heart that god raised him from the dead then you will be saved with the heart man believes with them now man makes concessions and to righteousness you see when you make jesus the lord of your life by saying i believe god sent his son
he died on the cross for me he rose again on the third day so that i can be free from sin that i am all my way to heaven guess what happens you go from my house a temple that has no wiring to be fully wired you're fully wired but to switch on that how or that is in you it says it's with the heart man believeth and with the mouth he confesses you see that is the switch that turns on the power i talked to a man the other day and he told me victoria i've had seven strokes the doctor has found three lesion areas on my brain he said i found myself walking with a cane i could hardly get around
he said i'm a pastor of a church he said i began to realize my life is just powerless and i began to say god what is going on why do i deserve this what is wrong and he said victoria i felt in my heart but i saw in the spirit i don't like i saw this sewage swirling around a thoughts an i had been thinking this these poisonous thoughts an confessing these he's in his thoughts about myself for so long but it's raining
you were right out of maine he said it was just like a sewage of thoughts i've been so critical on myself i've been confessing how i wasn't good enough you know i didn't have the favor of god that nothing goes right for me and he said that confession made me believe it and he said i had no power he said i found siriusxm one hundred and twenty eight he said a nob yeah and to listen to joel i began to listen to the word that he preached i began to transition my thinking little by little he said i stopped those negative words and i begin to confess and believe the right thing over my life she said i'm not walking with a cane anymore victoria he said
able to get around he said now what i confess and now what i believe are the promises of god you see that man was fully wired he just wasn't using the power correctly he wasn't flipping on the switch he wasn't believing in his heart and confessing out of his mouth now if i asked you today do you believe that jesus christ
his life so that you could be safe many of you most of you would say yeah i do let me tell you about it when i was a little girl and it was when i was in sunday school are you and tell me when i was a young man i met god and he saved me you could tell me a beautiful testimony i bet i couldn't talk you out of being saved in fact if i tried you probably save it or just leave me alone you know what i'm saying i am sad we will anybody talk us out of that would we why do we let our circumstances whi do we let discouragement talk us out of believing that god was to bless our life why do we let what people say about us define join and tell us that we don't have favor we're not talented we don't hold great value
we wouldn't let anybody talk us out of being safe but will certainly let things talk us out of our destiny talk us out of the good things god has for us why is that we may be fully wired because that's what happened when you gave your heart to jesus but you're not turning on your breaker boxes you're not confessing out of your mouth so you can believe in your heart you see when a circumstance comes against you you have to say now god says this about me he says i am fearfully and wonderfully made when you start feeling sick no god is my healer he's not redeemer he's not pearl of great price when people are talking about you when their pricing you down no no i don't listen to that and i certainly don't repeat
they say i don't repeat what the enemy says about me i repeat what god says about me that's my confession that's what i believe in my heart and i'm i taught anybody a me out of it king david the psalmist david king of israel god called him a man after his own heart god called him a man after his own heart but when you read some of the songs you see that david was susceptible to discouragement he was also susceptible to cutting off the power instead of turning on the power in psalms forty three and forty two you can read his writings any he begins to talk about the overwhelming feeling his all raged within him the armies around him on every side he begins to talk about all the problems that he has you can
to read in all of a sudden you see a transition in his prayer you see attorney and he stops and he challenges that discouraging voice he challenges those negative situations and he says this he says why is my soul so downcast why am i so discouraged he's like i'm a wired man i know flip on the switch and then he begins to say i'm going to put my hope in god i'm on trust in the god my savior i'm going to praise him yet again you see he turned on the power this is a man that's that's a man that served under god that god loved
i believe he is there to show us that we can go down the road of discouragement but we're fully powered up to charge our batteries to change our situation to super size our strength to stay strong against the power the enemy we have the power in god jesus said i'm going to heaven this is i'm going to heaven but i'm leaving you my power and then he said because we're going to do greater works than i did yeah i don't understand all the theology in that but if god someone do great work so i'ma do great works
discourage me negative self talk it hold you prisoner it held you captive the only way you can break that chain the only way that you can break through that is to begin to confess with your mouth and believe in your heart on to salvation i am too your righteousness because the enemy doesn't want you to know who you are he doesn't want you to know what god says about you he wants you to hear what other people are saying he wants you to be dictated by your circumstances hey your bills are getting calling up in your finance they're getting a little low he wants you then pour up or gotten but you know what the bottle says he says that the poor sam rich he says let those people who are weak you begin to say you're strong whi because it's a principle that's been established by god what you can
out of your mouth and what you believe in your heart was super size your power it will you in to the greatness of god a three hundred and twenty says to him is able to do more than i can think or imagine according to the power that works within me doesn't say according to god's power according to we've got is happy with me it says according to what i release any increase on the inside of me listen you're wired today and you can flow in great power you can come every obstacle you can climb every mountain you can get out of valley you don't have to be
discourage you don't have to be defeated you're not a victim you're a victor because god is on the inside of you your words are weapons use them for yourself not against yourself and i believe you'll see the power in you come home with strength they man he's an awesome god thank you for listening to the tunes dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joelosteen dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks for this play the podcast be sure to subscribe so you can get all of the latest messages know that we pray for you god bless you
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