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2020-10-04 | 🔗

Life is full of voices that will try to define you. But you are not who people say you are; you are who God says you are. If you’re going to reach your destiny, you have to go back to what God says about you.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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the only one that knows who you really are is your create he called you a masterpiece he said you been fearfully and wonderfully may he said we'll be mighty in the land that you are more more than a conquer strong competent approved valuable that's who you were created when you say what god says about two then you activate what heap on the inside hide this is german victoria thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time what do i know you're going to leave encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get in messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected we appreciate your support it helps keep the ministry going enjoy the message god bless you it's great to be with you today we believe in for gods best for you in your family and hope you stay connected with this throughout the week we have a daily podcast you can listen to the message is all
time or go to our argue to channel instagram lots of ways we can keep it inspired and encourage but takes mattoon in today i like to start with something funny i heard about this i've been in why they have been arguing for a long time about who should make the coffee in the morning the husband thought it was the wife's job but she just didn't agree after several heated debates she finally told him i can prove it to you from the bible that it's the man's job to make the copy he said what are you talking about there's nothin in the bible about the man making the coffee she said sure there is she in the bible and turned to the book of he bruce say it like you mean it this is my bible i am it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same
in jesus nay god bless you want to talk to you today about who do you say you are there are a lot of voices in life trying to define us tell us who we are sometimes their uplifting apparent telling us that we're talented we can do great things other terms are negative you not attractive there's nothin spare about you our own thoughts will try to label ass you made to me mistakes you miss your chance when you list to all these voices it's easy to think whose tell him the truth who am i and my talent or emma ordinary emma strong incompetent or a week in insecure do i have a bright future or have blown here's the key the only voice that matters is your voice you say you are what you choose is what you will become instead of letting people define you
of letting circumstances label you you need to go back to what god said about you god says you could do all things do christ you're equipped and empower other voices will tell you the problems to be you don't have what it takes who do you say you are god says you have seeds of greatness you are destined to leave your mark other voices will tell you you're just ordinary you'll never do anything significant you have the final choice who do you say you are the problem with some people is they ve chosen the wrong voice so long they don't know who really are they ve let people label them tell them what they're not what they can't do they ve allowed circumstances to define the mistakes disappointments now they ve lost their passion if you let these other voice
play it will keep you from your destiny the only one that knows who you really are ensure creator he called you a masterpiece he said you in fearfully and wonderfully may he said you will be met i d in the land that you are more than a conqueror strong competent approved valuable that's who you created to be when you say what god says about two then you activate what he put on the inside you can't say i'm weak and tap into the power you can't say i'll never get ahead and tap into the abundance you can't say i'm not that talented and tap into your greatness who do you say you are not who to other people hey you are who does your family say you are who do you cold you say you are no disrespect but you are not people say you are you are who god says you are people can't
always see what god pudding they can't see the potential that gives the greatness if you like damn put their limitations on you convinced that you can accomplish your dream you'll never get there you can overcome that sickness then become sure letting dimmed upon you what they're saying is going to come to pass they may speak negative things but it has no power if you don't let it get any don't repeat the negative people have spoken over here in john chapter one the jewish leaders sit men out into the desert to find out who john the baptist was they had heard so much about him at a large following these leaders travelled from jerusalem and asked john if he was the christ he told them no they ask if he was elijah he said it again i'm not they sit in twenty two then tell us who you are so we can give an end
certain those who sent us what do you say about yourself john answered many different ways he couldn't told them about his background his education his philosophy but first twenty three says john replied in the words of isaiah i am a voice she in the wilderness prepare the way for the lord he went back to what the scripture said about him he didn't say what he felt he didn't say how he was raise what are you dealing with he said what god said about him imagine someone asked you who do you say you are so we can tell others what kind of answer would you have pandemic has me worried now backs been hurt my business is slow these it's getting on my nerves i'm really discourage sit that up that is not who you are go back to the scripture and say what god
about you you're answer should be tell them strong anointed talented favoured healthy blast forgive in fear holly and wonderfully may we start up here we service saying i am what god says i am i am not what i feel may feel weak but god says i'm strong my report is high and strong when you say that stewing starting your way you may not feel up to par you deal with an illness struggling with anxiety fighting depression it's easy to wear the labels sick depressed anxious defeat as you know who i am who you are that's what dealing with you not a sick person trying to get well euro well parson fighting off sickness don't let that difficulty because
your identity don't get in agreement with the negative go back to what you create or say gods he's restoring help back into you here and you will run and not be weary he said people endorse for a night but joy is coming in the morning what do you say about yourself i'm sick and depressed no i'm healthy hole oh i'm energetic free i'm happy victorious if you start say in what god says about two instead of what you feel you'll see things begin to turn around don't go through life we're in these negative labels i talk to a man that was so down on himself he ah me how he had made mistakes didn't write his children right he was struggling with an addiction he said i feel so unworthy i don't deserve to be blast you're down on your cell is not doing anything productive
the against yourself is not going to help you move forward the enemy is called the accuser he'll remind you have every mistake you ve made every time you fail he'd love for you to wear these labels unworthy washed up no future had told him what i'm telling you as long as you see yourself unworthy not deserving is going to keep you where you are stead of wherein those labels why don't you say what god says about you forgiven i'm ready aimed restored my past is over and my future is bright who do you say you are not who do your mistake say you are who did friends say you are who did the negative thought say you are what you say overrides all the others what you say gives it the right to come to pass now quit say negative things about yourself i'm so
the way i'm so one discipline never get out of this neighborhood i'll never break this addiction you going to become what you believe why don't you start saying what god says about you i'm talented i'm successful i'm prosperous i'm free i'm valuable a masterpiece what you say about your cell is going to become a reality who do you say you are i'm just average you're gonna be average when the truth is god didn't make anyone average nobody has your fingerprints body can do what you can do but as long as you believe your ordinary you shine like you're supposed to shan when moses was born the scriptures says he was no ordinary child there was something special about him ass he grew up he could since his destiny was to deliver the israelites
of slavery he had good intentions but he made a mistake he ended up having to flee to the desert he spent forty years in hiding i can imagine those voices told him how you blew it then he missed his chance he could have warned the labels failure washed up too late but deep down he could hear that deal small voice telling him your ordinary child this is not how yours story ends there is greatness in you just because you made mistakes does it mean that stopped your destiny what god started he's going to finish what stop us is when we start wearing the negative labels when we believing that were washed up we quit pursuing our dreams after forty years in the desert god appeared the moses and said now it's your turn to fulfil your destiny
he went on to deliver the israelites part the red sea do great things i don't believe this would have happened it moses would have seen himself as a failure made too many mistakes instead he saw himself no ordinary chap he kept the right image on the inside when you were born god said the same thing about you as he did mose is this is no order mary child god put greatness in you he's deston you to leave your mark you may have made mistakes you may have obstacles taken longer than you thought but that doesn't change what in now enemy will work overtime to try to steal your since a value your sins of war he knows it distort your identity who you are
convince you that you're just average nothing special about you then he can keep you from your greatness i wonder what you could accomplish i wonder how god will take you if you will just live you are no ordinary chow nodded gently but knowing that god has placed greatness in that there's a fake you are on your life that will take you were you can't go on your own and anointing that will bring every chain that's trying to hold you back a blessing that will cause you to stand out who do you say you are not ordinary not average you are child of the most tat god you ever royal blood flow into your veins you been crowned with favour what's trying to stop you and have a chance god be in for you is more than the world being against g that dream mace
too big for some people it is but not for you you're no ordinary child that signal should be the end the medical report says you're done but not you you're no ordinary child that mistake you made should have stopped your destiny should have limited your future but not for you you no ordinary child god hand picked you bitch or you could choose him he chose you when he created you god stepped back and said that was very good now god created universes he flung stars into space he made spectacular sunrises mary if mountain ranges but he never said they were very good the only thing he said that about which you now know go round think in your average you don't have much time
offer you are no ordinary child you are a history make you are a world changer you are destined to leave your mark this sounds good but i think you have the wrong person not an unusual about me i'm not super talented i don't have a great personality i'm from an influential family as long your discounting yourself you're not going to see your greatness who you say you are ordinary average you're going to become there may i ask you to get an agreement with god he said you are no ordinary child it doesn't matter how you were raised its not dependent how much education you have how many connections what obstacles you up again when you believe doors were open you never dream would open god what take you further than you can imagine the problem
george said wake up the mighty mean wake up mighty women i want to wake up your greatness wake up your dreams wake up that business god put in any way that book the movie the song the orphanage the ministry may seem it's over your head but you have to understand you are no ordinary child you not average you can accomplish more than you think you are stronger than you think you are more anointed than you think you are more favoured than you think you are more talented the new thing the dreams and gives god put in you are much bigger than you think if you're going to the bonus of what in new than you to see yourself the right way who you say you don't you you're say i'm average i'm ordinary gideon agreement with god i am no ordinary child i am highly favoured i am destined for great
i'm surrounded with gods goodness when you know you're an unusual child you will unusual favour unusual healy unusual doors open unusual breakthroughs we would have never gotten the compact centre if i didn't believe that i was no ordinary child now everything in me and i was ordinary when i stepped up to pass through the church i felt unqualified but you can't go by your feelings i chose to believe what god said that i was equipped and empower i had never ministered didn't have the training the experience all the circumstances said i was there was nothing special about me but deep down i was bold enough to believe that i was no ordinary child i didn't tell anyone but i could feel the seeds of greatness doors could going whispering in the night that big doors we're going to open picked
we are told me ten years before my father passed that one day i would pass to the church net seem so to me i thought boy i've got her full i can't get up and go people are felt ordinary but the scripture says there is far shut up in your bones there is great shut up on the inside theirs i stepped up i discovered talent did i didn't know was in me there was a boldness and confident that i'd never had before when i heard that the compact centre was coming available i didn't think twice i never thought about where we get the funds or how it can happen i just knew we were supposed to pursuing when you know that you're no ordinary child you go their dreams that seem to be your point bowl prayers you'll believe for things that most people think are impossible there are costs
pack sinners that have your name on their dreams much bigger than you thought businesses ministries how could it happen you don't have the experience funding the connections you are no ordinary child there is a or on your lie there will catapult you were here a blessing noble cause people to help you god is not asking you to figure it out he just asking you to believe not only believe in him but believe in who here we aim to do to be heard you say you are if you're going to reach your destiny we're going to see your compact centres your dreams your healing you have to know that you not ordinary there's something special about you not cause of who you are but because of who you are the most tat god bless his life in the eu would your lot all feel special you don't have to feel you just have to believe it if your belief
that long and then you're not only feel it but you see i didn't feel special felt ordinary but i chose to believe it bad thing now every time i walk into this stadium i know i am no ordinary child no i couldn't have done this on my own but creator of the universe favoured me i didn't think i could speak in front of people i was too quiet to reserve every time a flip through the channels and see my up on television i do a double jake i'm amazed we're god is taken me i realize i am no ordinary child no i'm not you know me i'm bragging on the greatness of our guy he wants to take their places that you ve never dream what he has planned for your future is bigger and more rewarding than you ever imagine judges chapters
the media nights had overtaken the people of israel and were in their lives miserable a man named gideon that was high in the wine press afraid of the media knives and aid you'll appeared to him and said my hero the lord is with you imagine giddy and looked around and thought who's talking about i'm not hero i'm hiding i'm afraid angel went on to tell him that he was to rescue the people of iraq real from the media night he was to lead the charge gideon was so taken aback he said to the angel how can i liver the israelites outcome from the weakest tribe and i'm the youngest one in my family he was saying god you have the wrong person i'm young we i'm intimidated he started making all these excuses tell him god what he wasn't but i've learned god won't ask you to do something
if he has an already given you what you need you may not have tapped into it yet but it's in like with gideon god is called a new a mighty hero other voices will are you ordinary not talented we afraid someone is wrong these are two conflicting a porch you're either a mighty hero or you weak and unable here's the key you get to choose who do you say you are either voice who to pass it's all depending on who you agree with are you gonna agree with god and say yes i believe i'm a mighty hero equipped and empower well able to fulfil my destiny or are you gonna do like gideon and start making excuses to stay where you are i wasn't raised in a good environment jewel i've had some bad break
this company did me wrong this person walked out on me nobody would help me with my dream respectfully none of that matters what god has ordained for you cannot be stopped by people by bad breaks by disappointments god already knew it was going to happen here already lined up what you need now he's called a new a mighty hero i call on you to set new standards to take your family to a new level of my the hero to break generational curses they keep getting passed down he's calling you too what an end to that dysfunction the hero to stop the poverty and lack and step into abundance and overflow what's interesting is when god call gideon a mighty hero he hadn't done anything significant he hadn't
did a giant like david hadn't parted the red sea like moses had brought a dead person back to life like elijah it seem like he was just ordinary just working on the farm everyday gathering up the we but god calls us what we are before it happens he knows what's in us he's the one with the potential that gives the talents gideon finally did what i'm asking us to do instead of seeing himself ordinary not able to something rose up on the inside he said in effect god says i'm a mighty hero then i believe a mighty he will he went out with thirty two thousand men to fight the media nights but god told him that was too many he kept weeding it down more and more finely when you just ted three hundred men he went out to fight this army of thousands and thousands sometimes god will
the odds be against you in a great way so we he turns it around you know it's him in not you at midnight gideon and those three hundred men attacked the media nice they rushed to their camp shouting a sword for the lord and a sword for gideon here a few days earlier gideon hiding from his enemies now he's lost toward them with all the men shouting his name god wanted gideon we hear them declaring that he was a mighty hiera the median i've got confused and started fighting each other they ended up the feeding them elves and gideon one the victory when god called you mighty hero if you'll get an agreement with him you will
com a mighty hugh row he will make things happen that you couldn't make happen now quit discounting yourself if i had the training if i came from a different family if this pandemic hadn't have hit then i could do something great god wants to do something great in your life despite odds being against you he's not it'd by what you don't have by what the economy is doing but what has it worked out he doesn't need everything you think you need he's got cause you to accomplish great things with less resources just ass david all yet was asleep shot and a few stones but that catapulted him into his destiny god is calling you a giant killer i history maker a mighty hero why don't you get an agreement with him what a shame to live and die in
but really know who you are what could juba com if you saw yourselves the way god sees you what dreams could you accomplish what obstacles could you overcome what businesses could you build what books could you write what improvements could you have if you only knew who you are in didn't feel like a mighty hero he didn't come from influence in well he was strong and courageous nothing about his circumstances look like what god said but good i called you what you are before you become then it's up to you if you will believe it get it down in your spirit it will become a reality gideon never dreamed one day he would be in the bible never do thousands of years ago we'd be talking about his story you dont know we're god is taken you you know
no the doors he's going to open the giant you're going to defeat the inn when you're gonna hair there's an awesome future in front of you but it's dependent on how you see yourself who do you say you are average limited disadvantage not able to that will keep you from your destiny instead of letting people too and you still have letting your past label you why don't you go back to what god says about you he's the one that meiji gideon you may not realised who you are godson an angel to remind him he rose up and left his bar an angel may not appear to you but maybe go it is using me to roma and you who you are you are mighty hero you are a masterpiece you are strong valuable talented confident healthy anointed
victorious forgiven you are no ordinary chow put your shoulders back hold your head up and step up to who you were created debate if you'll do this i believe even declare you gonna see god show out in your life new doors are about to open new opportunities giants are about to come down healing favour breakthroughs the fullness of your destiny in jesus i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus i repented my sins come into my heart make you my lord and savior if you pray that simple prayer believe you got born again we'd love to give you some free information on new walk with the largest text the number on the screen or go to the website
i hope you get into a good bible base church and keep god first place thanks so much for listening to today's message i hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep be encouraged and inspired all do that we help less it continued to share the message of hope without all around the world basic joel hosting dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today we hope your share this message with a friend and be sure to follow us on socially reply and for you i know got best is still ahead with the next step
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