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Widen Your Lens of Perspective

2018-02-21 | 🔗
This is what God spoke through the prophet Isaiah: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland” (Isaiah 43:18-19). God is asking us, “Do you recognize the new thing I’m doing in your life?” He is saying, “Don’t wait to have faith when the situation takes care of itself because I’m doing some new things right now. Look for it! Watch and see what I will do. It is a new thing!”Don’t focus so much on an area of your life that needs to change or on something you want to happen. Don’t make your plans around an unanswered prayer. God has new things springing up even now. They are springing up for you to have today. Can you see it?
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe hosting dot flash give hope to give a gift today doing man you may be stated i want incur every one of us today that if you waiting on a prayer to be answered or maybe you're waiting for some things to change in your life and it hasn't happened for a long time and you're just waiting for things to china so you can move on with lie want to encourage you to know let those things stop you dont gets in those areas of your lie god doesn't want you to ever gets stuck he wants you to live within doozy ass he wants you to live with joy he wants you to live with it
but the sea of what he can do in your life you see some times we're waiting on things to change we're looking at everything around us and we forget to look at our god see the bible says we are too weigh upon the lord we're not to wait for all of our prayers to be answered we're not to wait for things to change before we can be happy we're too expectantly on the lord exciting with anticipation god maybe in a difficult season but that doesn't stop you from working in my life you see what then excitement and enjoy in a passion for lie that's how god wants us to live you know we sometimes we think seems impossible i can't be that happy all the time really victoria the bible says
that there is a joy in you then she's scathing visa for joy that is in me i've given you you have the ability to tap into the resources that god has given you you see the bible says that the righteous are to get brighter and brighter until the full day we're to thrive like a greenly we're not supposed to wither our dreams and hopes are not supposed to wither but we're supposed to thrive we're supposed to shine brighter and brighter s posed to be deemed sundays bright the others supposed to be bright shiny you're supposed to let the sun in the esa and every single day so that who can be bright and shiny i think that's a good question to ask ourselves
realistically through the day and i shining how do i killed them black cloud over me is there something trying to bring me down and not focused too much on a situation or r r r change that need happened in my life that i'm not shining do i need get my eyes upper this mountain and get my eyes on where the hell can come from from them harrison who created all the mountains who created the universe and who can create whatever i need prison grew to be stars or to let the sun in listen to what it says and as a forty three eighteen and nineteen and this is what god spoke through the profit and he said forget the former things do not dwell on behold i am doing a new thing now now it springs up can you perceive it
i am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland you see there is a question that god is asking us in his promise to us and what he is asking us is this do you he ignores what i'm doing in your life you see it says i and doing a new thing god didn i am going to do a new thing when i get ready when you it straight in your lie he said i am doing a new thing it springs up now see god is saying don't have faith when the situation is takes care of itself goes on in some new things right now right now but the thing is that we have to pay see that and in doing so sometimes we need to change our perspective we need why
nor lynn wigner focus you see it's his behold some translation say look see watch that sounds like anticipation to me doesn't it you watch and see what the lord will do to you it is a new thing i'll never forget several years ago i was going through the most difficult time in my life there was my life seemed to hinge on this one major decision to me it felt like life and death to me it was most difficult thing that i can remember ever going through i can remember what i wanted to do
i wanted to stay home i wanted to cry i wanted to waller listen i didn't want to shine i wanted to do in things down windy spoke to me and he said you can not live like this he said you were made and designed to shine and he said you need to look out beyond this problem because i've got opportune tis i'm doing some new things in the middle of young man i am still working do you know
challenge in my life went on for three long years in cannot tell you they seemed like long years but during that time i shook it off every day i push through was it easy no but i had to change my focus and change my perspective god you don't want me to stay here you ve got new things for me do you know is in those three years and i wrote my first book our road of a series of children's books and at the end of those three years god vindicated me and showed me that i never knew or even inside of me gave me victory but it was a change a perspective deciding that i wasn't gonna where a banner of defeat but our
gonna where a banner of victory over my head she always changing what i was thinking thank god had opportune t for me but as long as our sat and we're waiting for things to change before i can get going i would have missed out on all the new things the new opportunities the new things he wanted to show me and do on the inside of me can you imagine if would have given into debate and discouragement and said so focused on what are needed to happen i would have lost three years do you know that exponential growth in my spiritual life those three years using god turned around because i was willing to put forth the effort i was willing to shake it off i was
willing to say no this doesn't have to change before i can keep living absolutely not serve a great big guy and he's got a great things over the horizon for me he's doing a new thing it is in process the printing press have already been turned on it is happening now in your life speaking to a woman the other day and i've been praying with her for a while and seemed like every time i prayed with her or talk to her all i could see was this just rigid stiff just wanting something to happen in her life and what she was wanting was this her husband and left and she was wanting reckon
asian and her marriage and that is what i could see was the main focus and thrust of her life and i told her this i said listen do not make plans according to this prayer being answer doll made plans around your life according to this happening don't stop living you see i believe that what she was trying to do was work it out in her own mind figure figure out how it was going to happen and as soon as he walked back in the door then she can begin to live then our life could go on but that is not what god intends for her to do because he's got things springing up in her mask right now you're too valuable you got too much to offer you got gets you got talent you be the best you that you can be you let god grow you learn
progress take on new and exciting challenges that gods got out there for you be the best you can be i didn't tell you to quit pray i didn't tell her to quit believe it i said don't get stuck dont get stuff you keep livin and i believe that god has a word for somebody in here today you need to keep on living don't make all your plans around that unanswered prayer i got new things stringing up even now say their work was not going to be wilderness you say there was going to be some wasted things you look at what it is having one this is always what happened he said i can make a way in the wilderness and act and refresh you in those times bill wasted i can bring out a few things you never knew were in you i can do the impossible as long as you
why your limbs change your perspective don't get narrow and don't get so focused that the strains and stresses of life don't allow you to see beyond you are i was reading about i strain and i strain becoming more and more of a common problem because above all our screens that we look at computers ipads telephones and so i strain is when you know you can be focused on your computer and and you're reading material for long that you get dry or are you get ahead agar sometimes you know you feel like its blurry that i strain and i was reading the article giving tips to alleviate this ice strain and it says if you're in front of your computer you're working on this you know really focused project which you should do is try to get up from your the area that you're at at least three times a day
and for ten minutes a day you should look out of a window maybe you need to walk outside if you don't have a wind in your office or the place you're working and instead do this cash your eyes at a distance is far easier see and take on all the lie around you it says when you do that when you cast your eyes and you begin to see lie trees sky clouds you're watching all this step around you what it does is it relies the lines of your eye with eyes stranger linz flattens out and what what this exercise does is it causes it to be more flexible it causes it to relax now i'm not giving you a tip on ass train today although have it that not worth what i am saying is that same thing
parallels our life when we begin to focus so much on an area of our life that needs to change or something we want to happen or something we want to pray about we get so focused in that we struggle and we bring strain upon ourselves and god is saying we ve gotta get good gearing up out of that situation and cats an our i passed the situation into the distance so that we can why our lands and take on the line that is out there that god gave us to live got more in store for you wherever you are whatever you're going through doing a new thing can you perceive it it is bringing but if you are not looking for it you might not find it jewel quoted description from another package in asean is god is lost
to be good to those who are looking for his goodness our beholding the new things watching to see with ernest expectations can i tell you where you are today is it where you're going to stay but don't waste your play just like your precious time when god is already put it in the motion there are new opportunities there are new ways of doing things theirs browse there's a new refreshing there are sprays springing up for you to have today listen you not will stay where you are it may not have happened in the past but it always can happen keep europe as on god and watch but the new opportunities and new things than he's bringing across your path amy
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