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You Are Fully Loaded

2019-02-03 | 🔗
In this message, Joel reminds you that you have been strategically designed and equipped by God to accomplish the purpose you were created for. You can be confident that God has made you fully loaded for your destiny.
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hi this is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged i hope you enjoy the message god bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever area please stop by the part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny in one day adam said to god why did you make eve so beautiful god said so you would lover he said why did you give her such long flowing hair god said it and so you would love her too oh god what you give her such a great your god said the same thing so you would lover adam said all right you made her so beautiful so attractive why'd you make our so dumb godsend
that's easy adam so she would love you and all the ladys said a man like you mean it this is my bible i am since i am here this is all i can do it says i can do today we talk the word of god our boldly confess ma is a more my heart receptive i will never be the same in jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you today about you are fully loaded when god created you he put in you everything you need to fulfil your destiny god is a strategic god he's not land he didn't just create you and say let's see what they can do let's see what happens goddess precise he's tension or down to the smallest detail when he laid out the
and for your lie he carefully studied he thought about what you would need what it would take to get you there then he matched to with your world he gave you the talent you need the creativity the strain you the right size you have the right looks the right personality the right family you didn't get short changed you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the re that's been designed for you now quit wishing you were something different i had a better personality then i could do something great if i came from a different family if i wasn't so small jaw have a new perspective if you it is to be taller god would have made you tom if you need a different personality he would have given you want it needed to be another nationality you would be another nationality god doesn't make mistakes you not faulty you a bit
fearfully and wonderfully may god created the universe when he flung stars into space he said that was good when you create did mountains ocean sunset he said that was good when he made animals lions eagles butterflies he said that was good but when god queen did you when he saw how magnificent you are how strong how attractive how talented god look did you and said that was very good he didn't say the solar system was very good he didn't say the rocky mountains were very good the only time he very good is when he created gm food and feed and he called you a masterpiece when the queen of the universe says you are very good that means you a bad to the bone
now don't go around feeling short changed like somehow your lackey you didn't get enough you can't do what they can do if you did get what somebody else has that means you don't need it quick pairing yourselves and run your race be who god created you to be you are an original you have something to offer the world that nobody else has let you give shall show your talent your personality your style we don't need an imitation don't need a copy we need the original you but when we want what body else has we wish
had their looks their talent their personality the truth is if you had it it wouldn't be a blessing it would be a burden it wasn't designed for you the reason it works for them is because it fits them their walking in their anointing you are not anointed to be somebody else as long as you're trying to be like them you'll be frustrated the anointing on your life is to be who god call jude the big i'll put it in what you have you have the right looks the right talent the right personality it means be what somebody else has but you running their rights when my father went to be with the lord he had pastured lakewood for forty years
i had been behind the scenes doing the television production in when he died i'd only minister one time but i knew i was supposed to step up and passed the church but i thought i needed to be like my dad after all people had come to hear him for years and a new that's what they were expecting the first few months i've tried to preach like my dad and like my dad but it was a struggle now had good intentions i wanted to honour my father but there's no grey on your life to be somebody else one day i read a scripture is says an ax david fulfilled his purpose for his generation i heard something down in here schedule your father fulfilled his purpose now quit fun to be like him and go out and fulfil your purpose
it was like a strong hole was broken in mamma i realized i am free to be me i quit trying to imitate my father and i stepped into my own annoying that's what the ministry begin to grab the i've learned its it'll be me i don't have to pretend i don't have to perform takes all the pressure or i can relax in just be myself when you're comfortable with who you are when you're not trying to impress people you're not trying to be something that you're not then your own uniqueness will come out you'll be more created your talent will come out and greater ways the right people will show up why because you ve stepped into the anointing on your life b you you are powerful windsor you here's a key nobody can be too at being you you
can be a better you than any body in the world you haven't image you been anointed to be when our minister a more conversational i don't get real lao really excited but growing i used to think to be an effective minister you had to be allowed and forceful and dynamic and i have minister prince that are that way and they are very powerful that's who they are learned when you are who you are you can be quiet and be powerful you can be small and the powerful you can be behind the scenes envy powerful the whole key is to be you because when you are you u activate you're anointing there's a favour a blessing a grace that is unique to your left but too often when we see someone this more talented wars
cesspool more blast there's a tendency to be india's and think what can i do that i won't what they have if we're not careful before long will be competing with them trying to outperformed in out dressed them out drive them out work them problem is you're competing with someone that's not in your race your raise is specifically for you you're not in competition with your friends your neighbors you co workers you're sick things that only competition you have is with yourselves to be the best that you can be i realize i can't reach like bishop jake's i can't sing like steve crawford i cant do surgery like my brother paul but i can encourage somewhat
i can inspire a few people smile i'm good at that go get distracted trying to keep up with someone you were never supposed to keep up with when you understand you are fully loaded for the race this in design for you instead of competing with people you'll celebrate them rod attitude is they may have something that i don't but that's ok i'm not running their race i'm equipped for my destiny this is why king saul lost the throne when he's all david rising higher than him gaining more influence stella celebrating david he became jealous people started seeing saw has defeated thousands he was happy people are celebrating me i've done something great
but then the song continued and david has defeated tens of thousands saw couldn't handle any body in front of him he didn't realize they weren't in the same rice he wasn't competing with david if he would have been happy for him he wouldn't have missed his destiny when we start competing with people we get there wrapped in we lose focus before long we're wasting time on things that are moving us toward our purpose i heard a quote successful people are so cost on their own goals they don't have time the look around to see what everybody else is doing run your race and when somebody passage you don't intimidated be inspire if god did it for them he could do it for you but if you can't celebrate people that are for
or along the new then you'll never get to where they are you have to pass the test a being happy for people that have passed you because there will be the tendency to be judged let us start funding for being critical where they don't deserve it they're not that town did any way let me tell you some bad things i heard about them don't fall into that god showing dim favour doesn't mean not going to show you favour be happy for them when you see someone that's blast their rising higher is easy they were they just had a lot of good bright's what you mean not realise is that favour on their alive didn't come without paying the promotion
didn't come without struggles without them fighting off discouraging without the impressing forward when they felt like giving you don't know what it took for them to get where they are sometimes we come in at the inn the movie we see everything workin out they're happy blessed successful what we didn't see was the middle the tea the lonely nights the struggles be big enough to celebrate what cards doing in their life don't be us all don't miss your destiny because your sour that somebody pass to theirs access is not stopping what god wants to do in your life god didn't use up all of his favour on then it's a test are you going to compete with them spend all your energy trying to keep up or
going to celebrate what god is done you can tell who your true friends are not by who comes when you fall when you make a mess people will feel sorry they show up to help here your true friends are the ones show up when you succeed they celebrate when you're promoting their happy when god bless you there half of india when you move into that new house you ve heard the saying it's lonely at the top is because does not everybody can handle your success too often people get envious jealous critical less pass this test when somebody passage you give them a half hour and keep running your rights not look to the left nor to the right he being who guardsman due to be one time without running through my neighborhood i saw this man in front about a quarter of a mile and he was running too i thought i'm gonna catch him
i had about a mild ago before i needed a turn off and go down my path i picked up the pace started gaining on him gaining on him and i was feeling better look what i'm doing getting closer and closer and apparently passed him up a b he did know we're race in but i feel good about it about that i realized i was so focused on catching him amiss my turn i had to turn around and go back about six love i was supposed to turn that's what happens when we start competing with people it's structure we're running in a race we're not supposed to be in competing with people that many times don't even know it if that man knew we were racing i'd probably are we trying to catch you he would have sped up don't get distracted run your rice in the scripture john the baptist was baptized
people in gaining a lot of attention one point the who is leaders came and wondered if he was the christ without missing a bee john said i am not the messiah important to know not only who you are but to know who you're not if you don't know that you can spend your life trying to be something that you're not john no problem say and i am not the messiah he was saying i don't have to be the messiah to feel good about myself i'm content with who god made me to be if you're trying to be something you're not you'll be frustrated there's no graceful it'll be a constant struggle always like it's
he'll if saw would have understood this he could have kept the throne if he would have accepted i am not david he's defeated tens of thousands he's done great things i've defeated a thousand god you bless me it would have been a different story most of the time we're happy until we start comparing when sol heard the numbers david tens of thousands i can imagine him asking someone how many did they say david has defeated when they answered tens of thousands solves whole perspective changed he was no longer content with his success now he was envious jealous he basically in the rest of his life trying to be david we had to do was realized i am not david god has blessed him in a different way we have to
stand the sovereignty of god may not seem fair to us doesn't always make sense but gods ways are not our wings the scripture talks how god is given to every person different gifts different talents according to our own ability everyone doesn't get the same but what he gave you is what you need to fulfil your desk whether you're us saw and you can defeat a thousand or euro david and you can defeat ten thousand the right attitude is i'm going to take what god given me and make the most of it don't compete dont compare just run your rice in the parable jesus told of the talents the owner gave one man one talent another man to talents and another man five talents it seems like if god was fair he would have given them all the same number but go
is sovereign he may give you five talents and give me two talents he's gone i can complain about the to try to compete with you outperform you but that does change the fact that you still have and i still have to a better approach is to say god i recognize you are sovereign and before you gave me these two talents i didn't have any so what debt are complaining about the two and competing with the five m will take these two talents in the best that can be it takes a mature person to recognise what you're not no one what you're not we'll help you stay focused on becoming who you are because there will always be pressures to be this to be that to be the other everyone will have opinions about you
but down in your heart you know who you are you can't let the outside pressures and other people squeeze you into becoming something that you're not when i first started ministering i was young and didn't have much experience and i had a lot of people giving the opinions they told me how to lead the turks how to minister what i should speak on and sometimes it wasn't what they said just what they infer i could feel the pressure to be who they wanted me to be and they were good people but people didn't breathe life into you people did lay out your plan interprets people didn't put gifts and islands on the inside now was ways respectful but i was far allotted their advice when i heard it i knew it wasn't what god put in my heart i had to be bold and say i am not that i am
that i am not that this is who i know you have to be strong it's your destiny when you come to me end of lie you're not going to answer the people you're going to answer the gun people may mean well they made love you but if it does it bear witness in your spirit you have to be built old and say like john that is not who i am now here's a key you don't have to have a great gift forgot to use you in a great way you know what took david to the throne wasn't his leadership his ability to write music his personal that is what promoted david was his gun upswing in iraq he was good with the slingshot out in the shepherds feels he had spent hours practising as a teenager while he was taking care of his father she
you gotta thank god why don't you give me an impressive gift what did you just give me one talent i'm an expert with slingshot big deal that's never going to take me any place but if you'll be faithful with the gift you if you will develop bit grow learn get better that give will open doors to places you ve never dream don't discount your gift it may smaller you compared to others it feels insignificant but there is nothing ordinary about you you have the fingerprints of god all over you god made you in his own image he crowned you with favor you have rule your blood flow into your veins don't believe those last there's nothing special about you you're not as talented is your brother you dont have a big personality
like your friend you don't have the design skills like your co worker maybe not but you do have a slingshot there's something god has given you slingshot may seem ordinary but when god he's on it the european a twice your size you promoting beyond your talent your gulf this is where you didn't have the experience you weren't next in line but suddenly the door open son the compact centre is yours suddenly people are celebrating you but too often we look at others think about how great they are we put them on a pedestal but god has put greatness in you he's given you creativity dreams he created you to leave
if your mark on this generation you're not supposed to live and die and nobody knew you were here there is something significant about you some then that will cause you to stand down we're years from now people will look back and say you made the world a better place stir up those gifts stir up that thing don't get caught up in celebrating others that you don't recognize there's something in you to be celebrated jeremiah said you word o lord is like far shut up in my bones there is something shut up in you something big it's about to be released dreams book movies inventions businesses ministries potential that haven't tapped into and talons that you didn't know where their you
haven't seen them yet because it hasn't been the right time but your season is coming the good bright the promotion the opportunity it on the way now don't be surprised if there's opposition that promotion may be disguised as goliath that giant looks like it's there to stop you but it's a set up going to thrust due to a new level you're going to discover what slingshot was all about it was a test you proved your faithfulness you did the right thing when nobody was watching you kept a good attitude when it wasn't there you celebrated others when you could have been jealous now your time is coming what's been shut up in your spirit is about to be released its be bigger more
warning more fulfilling than you ever imagine it's not going to come through your neighbor through your cousin through your boss through your pastor it's going to come through you it's your baby it's your time to be celebrating this is happen in the scripture with sarah she and her husband abraham were very old sarah had been here and her whole life and not able to have children but in genesis seventeen god said to abraham we'll give sarah a son she be the mother of nations kings of people will come out of her every circumstance said it was impossible she was out in the desert no four hildy treatments no medical procedures eighty years old yet god said you have kings in you nations in you he was saying sarah what i put in you is more than you can imagine
god is saying the same thing to you there are key sinew there is listen you it's much bigger than you think don't let's i'm is talk out you may not see how it could work out god has ways to do it that you ve never thought one touch of god's favor put you to the next level when sarah heard this it was so unbelievable she laughed she said may have a baby i don't think so she loved the idea but since she was so old she thought the baby would have to come through somebody else so she tried to help garden she had abraham sleep with her maid and they had a son she was so excited god you did what you said said sara that is not the promise child i did
put the promise in somebody else i put the promise in you nine years old all she became pregnant and gave birth to a son named eyes what god put in you he's still going to bring to pass you are pregnant with destiny you are pregnant with greatness it's not going to come to others you're going to show you going to excel you're going to be promoted you're going to be celebrated fringe you are fully loaded you nodded a deficit you not lacking you're fulla potential fuller like sarah you may have been baron for a long time you don't see how it can happen get ready this is a new day things are changing in your favour i believe and declare what's been shut up in your spirit is being released dreams are being released potential promotion healy
abundance vin occasion breakthroughs the fullness of destiny in jesus name you receive it can you say men today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus repent of my sins come in to my heart you're my lord and savior principally that simple prayer we believed you got born again get in a goodbye will base church and keep gone first lies thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world joe boosting dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing
i know gods best is still ahead will see him next time
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