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2018-10-14 | 🔗
There’s nothing more powerful than your faith. When you believe, that’s what activates God’s power. Are you living with expectancy knowing that God is bigger than your problems, greater than that sickness, and more powerful than that addiction? Or, are you discouraged, thinking things will never change? It’s time to get your faith back; God is passing by. He has all power.You have to be more determined than what’s trying to stop you if you’re going to reach your potential. In this message, you’ll learn how to release your faith and reach out to God. Many people are waiting on God, but sometimes God is waiting on us to reach out and release our faith. Show God that you’re ready to be healed, ready to be free, ready to go to a new level with your expectancy. It’s time to believe and release your faith!
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hi this is jaw thanks so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged a hope you enjoy the message about black it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever in our area please stop by the import of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny and i heard about this rapporteur he was visiting churches across the nation in the northeast he saw this gold phone on the wall with a sign that said calls ten thousand dollars per minute he asked the pasture what it meant the pastor explained it that way direct land a heaven if you are willing to pay the price you could talk directly to god
continued visiting different charges sell the same goal found the same sign when he finally made it to texas he saw the phone but the sun said calls twenty five cents per minute entreaty asked the past or why it was so much cheaper than pastures you're in texas now it's a local call this is my bible i am what it says i am i have this is all i can do what it says i can do today our we talk the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is secondly i will never be the same in geez may god bless you i want to talk to you today about your face more chapter five there was a lady that had a bleeding disorder for twelve years she gone too many doctors
in all of our money tried everything she could to get well but nothing hell she continued to go down one day there was all this commotion in her town she found out that jesus was passing through she had heard the story of how he had healed the crippled man how it open and i have endured someone with leprosy something came a law on the inside she thought he did it for others he can do it for me she could have been discourage complaining life is not fair why did this happen instead she said to herself if i can get to jesus in just touch the fringe of his robe i will be here the problem was there was a great crowd surrounding jesus thousands of people all packed in seemed impossible
most people would have given thought hey is not meant to be not this lady she started making her way through the crowd excuse me i need to get by pardon me i have to get up front i dont mean be rude but move out of my way people looked at her luck was this ladys prob she was on a mission she had a made up my i'm sure she was weak she had lost blood for years she didn't feel like it but she fought her weight the crowd one version said she kept to herself when i get to jean i know i will be well she was saying i know healing is coming i know things are turning in my favour is tough now i'm tired i'm weak but i know i'm close tomorrow
the reason she could keep going is she kept the right thoughts playing in her mind i can imagine she was so exhausted she finally fell to the ground had to cross the last few feet just at the right time she reached out in touch the edge of jesus all of a sudden jesus stop said that his disciples who just touched me what do you mean is crowd out here ever bodies touching you he said in effect no everyone may be bumping into me somebody just touched me somebody drew the miracle working power out of me they believed heaving was coming they believe
their child was going to turn around they believe new doors we're going to open they touched me with expectancy that that term jesus looked at this woman their eyes met she was afraid thought she'd done something wrong jesus myles said daughter your fate has made you home go in peace you are he noticed the key was her face was that parents were praying our friends were encourage in her her neighbors were cheer and our own s all good but there's nothing more powerful than your fate when you believe when you expect things to change when you keep saying do yourself i know the breakthrough is coming no healing is on the way i know that person is in my future i know what god started he's going to finish your faith can stop the creator
of the universe that's what activates his power there were other people in the crowd that day that we're since many people that had me no doubt they bumped into jesus nothing happened but this lady touched him are you brush up against him or are you touching him are you live in with expectancy no one that he's bigger than those problems greater than that sickness more powerful than that opposition or have you become discouraged thinking is never going to change god is passing by he has all power don't just brush up against him don't be passive and thank you could never accomplish dreams never meet the right carson never start your business do like this lady reach out in touch you release you if they believe that it will happen this lady was close to her miracle when she pace the greatest opposition
would have been easy if jesus would have come just a few disciples she could have gone out and touched him without a struggle without all the people in the way but she had defied through the crowd the crowd represents broken dreams things it didn't work out thoughts telling it's never going to get better you'll never get well never break the addiction the crowd can be negative words people have spoken over us you not that talented you can accomplish your dreams few going to reach of potential you have to fight through some things you can't have a weak give up this is too hard you have to be more determined then what's trying to stop you you may get knocked down but you have to get back up again you need to have a made up my mind this disappointment is not going to stop me i'm not going to let them the stakes are made the guild the regret caused me
shrink back i'm not going to allow the bed breaks the people did did me wrong the rejection the betrayal caused me to get bitter and stay where i am i'm going to fight through the crap of the miracles jesus performed he laid hands on people and they were here but in this case jesus lay hands on the woman the woman laid hands on jesus are waiting for god to lay hands on you so dismay goddess problem so be when are you do something about it why don't you lay hands on hand instead a complaint about the problem what i want to thank you that things are turn him in my favor thank you that no weapon for the gives me will prosper lord thank you that you hold victory in store for the opera see away but nor do i want to thank you and now you have away when you
do that you're lay hands on god your faith can initiate the healing your faith can be the catalyst for god to do amazing things acts chapter fourteen the apostle paul was teaching people he noticed a crippled man in the crowd he'd been that way since birth and never want verse none says paul realised the man had fee to be he'll hear the man was just sitting in the audience listening to paul but he must have had such anticipation on his face hall must have seen something in his expression and expectancy that something good was going to happen like a little child at a candy store paul was so impressed he stopped his message and said sir i can see you for your miracle stand up them stood up and instantly he was here you begin to work for the first time like that
and we should live with this anticipation that something good is going to happen yes we ve all had difficulties we all have reason to be sour don't let that talk you out of what god has in store you wouldn't be alive if there wasn't something amiss using in your future can your faith they see can anyone notice that you are expecting to go to a new level are you talk like it's going to happen thinking like is going to happen believe in like is going to happen god is passing by if your negative i don't see how to work i'll never get any good breaks in this way a long time you may brush up against in but you're not going to touch you you have to show god you're ready to be healed ready to be free ready to be blessed there being expectancy it could happen today you could meet the person of your dreams this
we u can see your health turn around this month this year could be your year to go to a new level where things fall into place good break spongy promises we believe in four suddenly come to pass joel what if i believe for and it doesn't happen what if you believe for it and it does when you live with expectancy where you play we see in your expressions india attitude and how you talk that's going to cause god to notice you in a new way god is always with us he has this in the palm of his hand but fate what gets his attention the scripture says it is impossible to please god without pain ass a powerful state that means you can be obedient and have a sour attitude and limited vision and not please god you can give serve feed the pole
that's all important we should do that but if you're not believing put things bigger than you can put on your own if you're not expecting difficulties to turn around it not anticipating new levels thanking god that he's bringin promises to pass then you're not will leasing your face you have to stir up what god put in you he's passing by not just sit back and watch while i wish i could break the addiction i wish i could accomplish by dreams why don't you reach out and you know what i want to thank you that your opening doors no man can thank you that taken me where i could not go on my home lord healing is on the way freedom is the way the right person is on the way abundance is on the way that's how we touch god today with our food we urge all i'm waiting for god do somethin maybe god is what on you this light
didn't way for jesus to lay hands on her she laid hands on him realise god has a perfect time but the scripture says now faith is they is always in the present things may not instantly change we all have waiting periods but our fate should stay act our normal attitude should be lord i'm looking for your goodness not next week not next month not next year i'm looking for it they stay in the now live with anticipation that it could happen today for several years there's been something i've been believe in four ways that we can expand the ministry everyday i did what i'm asking you to do lord i think that is on the way i think that you are making things given that i couldn't make happen didn't see any sign of it but
more and i went out with expectancy lookin for gods goodness no one could happen at any moment this went all month after month even year after year no sign how badly do you wanted the lady in the scripture waited twelve years but wanted it so badly she fought through the crowd every voice her stay home too much trouble so much opposition her attitude i've come too far to stop now tar maybe uncomfortable but i will get to jesus when god sees you do and what you can believe and when there's no sign thanking him when you are weak taken steps of face when you uncomfortable god will give you swing that goes beyond your natural ability he'll help you do what you couldn't do on your own i just can't believe in day after day thanking god
last week on monday something happened that i've been believe in poor for over three years i was so great then tuesday morning something even more amazing happened i couldn't believe it that wasn't tuesday evening something bigger than the first to come by more than i can imagine happened it was like rapid fire boom boom whom a flood of godspeed that's the way it is when you stay in favour consistently thank him even there's no sign you will come into these suddenly s work not only suppliers issue you didn't see it coming but it see your expectation descriptive talks about how god will do things that will cause our head this in my head spin in that night maybe you been playin believe and expect for a long time state
encouraged it's on the way you are closer than you think it's going to happen sooner than it looks there's no sign of things improving everything looks the same get ready it is full of surprises he doesn't always do things in a normal way where it gradually gets better he'll do them suddenly out of the ordinary you didn't see it coming it's because day after day we kept a week you kept touching here you kept
expecting it you kept thanking him it was on the way you just kept talking like it was going to happen your face is going to make you whole your faith is going to break the addiction your faith is going to bring it out of that your faith is going to help you accomplish your god given dreams talk to a lady that started having problems with her legs for muscles and joints will causing her such pain got to the point where she couldn't walk all the doctors could do was give her medicine for the pain for several months she couldn't go to work she couldn't stand up to stay at home offer her feet the prognosis didn't look good she didn't know if she would ever walk again one saturday evening she and her husband were watching our sir this is online at the end always ask people to stand to receive christ or her
spend stood up right there in the living room she smiled i was pleasantly surprised he looked at her and said come on honey stand up with me she was kind of confusing what do you mean you know i can't stand here sure you can talk about the hands and he helped or up he held her while we were pregnant i can imagine god senior their stand in great pain being held by her husband but determined to take a step of faith i said at the end right this date down it's going to be a new day of victory that seed took root in her hair she believed it was a new day in a few minutes while he was sitting on the couch she felt the bone in her legs begin to pop and crack and her mother begin to move she said i can't explain it but something unusual was happening street begin to come
kinda her legs suddenly all that pain was gone her husband had fallen asleep she stood up and walked into the bedroom he couldn't believe it the next morning they both got up went to church she's a jewel i don't know what happened but i've been walking nor more ever since then what was tat her face made her home just like that lady fought her way through the crowd we god sees you releasing your face it gets his attention that's what activates his power she could have been discours told her husband a bother me you know i can't stand but as an act of faith even though he had to hold her she stood can god see your face are you doing anything that says i want to be well i want to be free i want to go to the next level that's what a man did in mark chapter ten his name was bartimaeus
it was a blonde beggar sitting on the side of the road jesus leaving jericho and about to pass in front of him when he found out it was jesus he started shouting jesus son of david have mercy on me with jesus technically wasn't the son of david he was the son of joseph wadded boredom call him son of david he recognized he was the messiah a few chapters earlier the religious leaders didn't recognize jesus they thought he was a fraud they were jealous intimidated it's interesting that this blind man a man that didn't have physical side was one of the first ones to recognise jesus as the messiah when he cried out jesus son of
david he was saying messiah healer deliver most tat god jesus stopped in his tracks i can imagine jesus thinking here someone that knows who i am he knows i am all powerful he's expecting my goodness when bartimaeus started shouting people around him sit bartimaeus why it because in the sea and he's gonna get upset with you people will try to talk you out of your miracle they'll tell you all the reasons why you can't get well why you won't break the addiction why you want meet the right person it's because they don't know what god put in you they can't hear what you hear negative voices will try to discourage you but when you get quiet you'll hear that still small voice saying this addiction is your destiny you're better than this
living in la not able to get ahead is not your lot in life it is on the way been depressed no passion that is not who you are freed in this come joy is come breakthroughs welcome god whispers in your spirit dreams and promises what you can become the enemy would do his best to drown that no matter how loud those other voices are don't let them talk you out of what god is whispered in your spirit the scripture talks about the secret petitions of our that's the dreams god gave you at night the promise that you haven't told anyone about it seems too far out like it could never happen that's god speaking to you his dream for your life is much bigger than your own but these p
saw bartimaeus is insignificant unimportant just a blonde beggar i told him to be quiet but bartimaeus shouted even powder when jesus heard him he stopped and said let him come to me first fifty says bartimaeus threw off his coat this with significant in those days scholars tell us when a person had a legitimate disability they were given an official co from the government that gave them the right to beg the beggars coat was very valuable that's how they made their living the other hand it label do as a beggar just as we recognise people by their uniforms police officer firefighter adopter when you wore the
beggars co everywhere you went people knew your at a disadvantage you're not up to par in a sense that co gave you the right to feel sorry for yourself the right to be depressed the right to sit around in self pity when mayors her jesus say come the first thing he did was throw up cover his attitude was this is a new day i am done feeling sorry for myself don't worry this label that says disadvantage done begging i don't need this coat anymore he chains is said i am not a victim i am a victorious god is on the throne he's bigger than this problem has beauty for these ashes he got rid of the excuses
as long as you justify where you are making excuses as to why you can't ross higher why you're at a disadvantage why you're better than you'll get stuck i wonder how many of us are we that beggars cup joel i had a bad childhood i've got a good reason to be better somebody walked out of a relationship i lost when i came down within the illness islam negative as well sour before you can get well you have to take off the beggars come can it hell you we all have a reason to feel sorry for ourselves everybody's been her everybody's made mistakes everybody's had disappointments get rid of the excuses it may not have been fair but god is fair he's god of justice he would
have allowed it if it was going to keep you from your purpose and i am all for being compassionate loving can but i don't believe in giving people the right to feel sorry for them sales not because it wasn't fair not because life didn't throw you a curve but because it will pupils seeing the beauty for ashes it will keep you from being restore here vindicated promoted god wants to make the enemy pay he wants to bring you out better do your part take off the self pity take off the hurts take up the disappointments you can't reach your desk in the making excuses as long as you're wearing the beggars co given you self a reason to be better feel disadvantage feel less than it will keep you from the new levels god has in store when bartimaeus took
that coat he was not only leaving his livelihood he was leaving the negative things of the past it was symbolic he would leave in the dysfunction the bed breaks you have to willing to leave some things if you're going to become or you were created debate you may they delete bitterness leave a battle to leave compromise jesus toll bartimaeus to come he couldn't see but he started walking towards is is based solely on what he heard you may not healing yet but you have to go about what you ve heard by history i am here you don't see increase year businesses love go about what you ve heard will lend and not moral your child's off course no sign of heaven
being as for me in my house we will serve the lord walk by fate and not by sign jesus ass bartimaeus what is it that you want me to do for you he said lord i wanna see jesus said your fate has made you home go in peace where he instantly he could see god is saying to us what he said to him your face is going to turn things around your faith is going to open the right doors your fate is going to bring unusual favour is going to happen sooner than it looks keep expecting it keep talking like it's going to happen go out to each born and looking for gods goodness he's passing by don't just brush up against him
like this lady reach out in touch him if you will do this i believe and declare like bartimaeus your face is going to make things happen that you could never make happen it is about to open supernatural doors turn impossible situations around and take it to the fullness of your desk in jesus name if you receive it ten they have been today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just say lord jesus our repent of my sins coming my heart make your my lord insane prince if you pray that some prayer we believed you got born again get in a good bible base charge keen god first place bitcoin i'll be right back to speak a blessing over here
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