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2018-08-18 | 🔗
Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God knew you. In fact, He’s already planned out all of your days. He didn’t create you to be ordinary, average, and to just make it through life. No, Joel wants to show you in this exciting message how God can’t wait to give you His world. Luke 12:32 tells us that, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to the give you the kingdom.”His world is big! His kingdom is abundant, full of favor, joy, peace and opportunity. Because you are His most prized possession, He’s going to take you places you have never dreamed. He’s going to open doors bigger than you can imagine!
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welcome to the joel lose podcast hopeless can we need to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe dot com slash give hope to give a gift today god bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny and i heard about this minister that was driving down the road when he got pulled over by a policeman the officer came window and smelled alcohol he saw thermos and said sir what are you drinking the sir said just water officer he asked to see thermas he took one sniff and said this smells like wine
the the minister said what do you know jesus did it again say it like you mean it this is my bible i am it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god i boldly confess mom mind is alert my huh receptive i will now be the same in jeez first name god bless you i want to talk to you today about your father's world we knew this man growing up that was very successful very wealthy he built a large business with offices around the world his wife of many years had died earlier they never had any children he remarried a lady much younger than he was when it was sixty five they found out that they were pregnant he could believe at that age she was going to have a baby his first child
he was excited he was a little conflicted they were used to in the world going where they wanted and now they were going to have this new responsibility he was looking forward to it of course but in the back of his mind thinking it was going to cramp his style's wife went into labor left an important meeting rushed to the hospital when she gave birth the nurse handed him his son he held that baby and felt something that he had never felt he began to weep and we he was so overcome with joy so overwhelmed with gratitude he i'm in the eyes and said i can't wait to give you my world he was so in love with this baby he took him wherever he went showed him off to friends he the proudest father you could ever meet that's the way your heavenly father feels about you he's been thank
about you a long time before you were formed in your mother's womb he knew you he's already planned out your days he didn't create you to be bridge to be mediocre to get by in life he's lined up amazing opportunities good brace right people he's saying to you i can't wait to give you my world his world is big his world is abundant his world is full of favor he's going to take you further than you've dreamed he's going to open doors bigger than you've imagined he's going to bring talent out that you didn't know you had he's been waiting for you to get here jesus said it is the father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom not okay you're here i have to
care of you yes i love you but you're a pain you're always getting into trouble have a new perspective you are not a burden to god you're not inconveniencing him you're the apple of his eye you are his most prized possession he loves showing you favor he pleasure in giving you his world paul talked about in ephesians the great love where god loved us wasn't a little love by love i don't bother me love god is madly in love with you what he has in store is going to boggle your mind we think natural god thinks supernatural we think let me have enough to pay my bills god thinks let me the overflow so you could help pay other people's bills with the let me learn to live with this sickness god thinks let me every year from that sickness with
let's build a new auditorium god thinks let give you one that's already built let me bring compaq center god has things in your future that you've never dreamed dove i never dreamed i'd be a minute never dreamed we'd have the compact center never dream and that books it would go all around the world i'm not bragging on me i'm bragging on what god has done what he has planned is much bigger what we have in mind the good news is he can't wait to give you his world as they said god is longing to be good to you my question is are you expecting to rise higher to set new standards for your family to break the addiction to accomplish your dream it's easy to let people talk us out of it let's setbacks disappointments convince us it's not going to happen you have to get you a pack
you may not see a way but god has a way he is not limited by what you don't have by your family by your education this favor on your life will open doors that you could not open is a anointing will cause you to accomplish more with less talent his blessing will bring divine connections people will use their influence to push you further ahead you won't have to find them they'll find you now stay in agreement with god you can't go around with a limited mentality thinking you're stuck talking about how it's not going to happen all through the day father thank you that you were giving me your world thank you that you're taking me where i could not go on my own genesis eight seeing abraham was standing outside his tent
three men came traveling by one of them asked him and his wife sarah was abraham him that she was in that in the man said about this time next year when i return turn your wife sarah is going to have a son well god had promised abraham and sarah some twenty years earlier that they were going i have a son but it hadn't happened now abraham was ninety nine years old siri it was almost eighty it was impossible enough to believe back then but this man was saying it was still going to happen sarah was in the tent listening when she over heard him say that she was going to have a baby verse says sarah laughed to herself and thought how can a worn out lady like me have a baby especially when my husband she was saying god is not just me i
i'm worn out but look this old man i'm married to what god promised seems so impossible that it was funny sometimes god will put things in your heart it seems so far out of reach so beyond what you think could happen that is laughable when my father went to be with the lord and i heard that voice telling me to step up and pastor the church after i got up off the found i said god i've only ministered one time ever been this seminary i don't have the serious so unusual that it was funny when i met victoria for the first time in her mother's jewelry store and saw how beautiful she is something said call her back and ask her out first i laughed she's not going to have anything to do with maine i looked in the mirror thought what am i thinking about i got minerva call
god is a god of miracles we've been married thirty one years now but here's what i'm saying don't be surprised when god puts things in that seemed laughable you don't see how it could happen like sarah could come up with a thousand reasons why it's not going to work you're too young to old your family couldn't do it your boss doesn't lie even when it seems laughable dare to believe let the seeds take root god wouldn't have given it to you if he didn't have a way to bring that to pass what's interesting sarah laughed but abraham got in trouble god said abraham what did sarah laughed when i said she was going to have a baby is there nothing too hard for the lord i love the fact that when god puts big things in our hearts even
we laugh even when we think yeah right there's no way god doesn't say you're done you laughed i'm going to give you my world god is so merciful he says alright let me give you something to really laugh let me show you what i can do a year later eighty years old sarah gave birth to a son they named him isaac isaac means laughter every time she called his name she was reminded god brought past what i laughed at you may be laughing now in disbelief thinking how it could never work out one day like her you're going to be laughing in amazement laughter with gratitude overwhelmed with the greatness of our god serum held her little baby that she waited for a lifetime tears running down her cheeks i can hear god
say in serra welcome to my world in my world i do the impossible in my world i bring dreams to pass in my world i take you further than you've imagined sarah said in chapter twenty one god has brought me out with laughter all who hear about this will laugh with me a little earlier she was laughing in disbelief saying a worn out old lady now she's holding her baby laughing in amazement the scripture says god will fill your mouth with lab some of this laughter is going to be from the amazing things you see god to what you've been dreaming about to start the business to get out of debt to break the and to finish college it may seem laughable the odds are against you but like her you're about to come into this second kind of laugh
god is about to surprise you to do something you didn't see coming over door that you couldn't open calls to help to suddenly turn around show your favor that thrust you to a new level sarah told her friends who would have ever thought i could have a baby and yet i have even abraham a son in my old age god has some of these who would have ever thought blessings in store for you who would have ever thought my mother would still be alive after being diagnosed with terminal cancer thirty seven years ago who would have ever thought we would be heaven church in the former compact center who would have i thought you would lead your company in sales who would have ever thought you could pay your house off who would have ever thought you would break the addiction and now be help
others get ready for some of these who would have ever thought blessings well you know this sounds good but you know well my situation i don't and how it can happen for maine look what god did for sarah i bet you're not eighty years old believe in for a baby if you are we need to for you god did it for her he can do it for you but i don't have the connections i don't know the right people you may not but god does you friends in high places the medical report says i'm not going to get well god has another report it said you will live and not die you may be laughing now in disbelief but god is up to something there is a time coming when you go to be laughing in amazement on one hundred and twenty six says when god
the israelites back to jerusalem it was like a dream our mouth was filled this laughter and we sang for joy the israelites had been in slavery four hundred years you can imagine someone back then telling them there is a day coming you're going to be very blessed living in the promised land sure they would a laughed and thought yeah right in this passage there laughing in amazement they're saying it's like a dream it's too good to be true and some of the things you've given up on you i believe that seems so unlikely stay in for a like them you want to come in at that day well god fields your mouth with laughter it's going to be like a dream what do you think who would have ever thought i would be where i am promoted
healthy out of debt blessing others seeing my children honor god that's your father giving you his world scripture god gave joseph a dream told him how his brothers would bow down before him how he would lead a nation didn't happen without opposition those brothers were jealous of him and they threw him into a pit i ended up selling him into slavery joseph was falsely accused put in prison for something that he didn't do i'm sure there were times he laughed and talked so much my dream how must a heard god wrong thirteen years later he interpreted a dream for the pharaoh he was so impressed he brought joseph out of prison and made him the prime minister second in command only to the pharaoh
but what joseph went through wasn't fair he didn't do anything wrong yet he had to endure betrayal those lonely nights disappointments all those difficulties were a part of god's plan it was to put joseph in a strategic position a place of great influence inside a foreign country so during the famine and the israelites would be able to survive and some of what we go through that we don't understand the friend that walked away the closed or the business that didn't make it it's not going to make sense right now because we can't see the b picture but god knows what he's doing he's positioning you so you can carry out your purpose in the difficult times you have to trust him knowing that he is or
in your steps he would not have allowed it if he didn't have a purpose like joseph god is going to send some of you in this strategic positions of influence leadership authority we are not how to run away from the world system we are called to infiltrate the system god is raising up more joseph's godly people running the television networks serving in the leading the universities in medicine finding the cure for cancer alzheimer's in the arts singing on broadway producing award winning movies leave others in technology business real estate development our father's world is a big word he is going to position you higher than you dream isba cause he knows he can trust you he knows you'll handle the success the employee
the resources with humility he knows you're a person of excellence and integrity awhile back we went to new york to meet with the television network about carrying our program young lady came into me she's about thirty five years old she introduced herself as the vice president of programming very important position at a very prestigious net she pulled me aside and told how she would watch me on television since she was a teenager how all of her family attends our events she whispered don't worry i'm moving programming around so we can carry your program
what was she a joseph god strategically placed her there so she could take the kingdom for i'm no today i am looking at more jokes god is going to open doors bigger than you the match he's going to give you influence responsibility authority to where you look up and think who would have ever thought i would end up where i you may here this in saint george this is far out i don't see how this can happen for maine you kind of laugh under your breath that's what sarah did but it didn't stop god from bringing the promise to pass you may not see how it could happen neither did joseph stay faithful keep honoring god one day you'll be laughing running the network laughing franchising your business laughing
walking out of the hospital laughing seeing your family restored laughing meeting the person of your dreams friend of mine came to the united states europe when he was a little boy they didn't have anything this young man excelled in school god opened the door for him to go to college he attended law school and kept rising higher hey he argues cases before the supreme court the highest level he spoken at the united nations didn't look like he had a chance but
god strategically positioned him there he's a joseph what about saying god knows how to get you to where you're supposed to be he can open doors that no man can shut there may be obstacles in your path things haven't worked out same way for this man that didn't stop god he came from a low income family many of the great leaders in the bible did not come from prominence esther was an orphan had no parents nobody guiding her no income yet god calls things to fall into place she ended up becau the queen not just for her sake god strategically placed her there to save the israelites god is raising up a new generation of esters of joseph's it's not just because your talent your ability there are skilled it's the divine purposes of god it's here
favor on your life now do your part an honor god keep him first place when you're being your best where you are not compromising faithful developing your skills helping other people when you oh god that he can trust you god will take you to levels higher than you've imagined hill canister esther joe i was in charge of the food supply in egypt there came a great famine throughout the land joe father j sit his ten sons in the egypt to try to find food these brothers showed up at the power the same ones that through joseph into the pit thirteen years earlier they didn't recognize joseph they had no idea he would have that kind of position especially after what are you done to him instead of trying to get even joseph was kind of them
he not only gave them food but he had them go get their father and all of their families and come back and live with him here's my point the brothers didn't recognize joseph but joseph recognize them and show them face god will put people in positions of leadership so that can you show up they will wreck as you you don't you know them but they will know you they will want to be good to you to open the door to give you the contract to set up the there are positioned to hell you rise higher you could have made it happen it's the hand of god having them there for when you show up david as a teenager was out in the
taking care of his father sheet just another ordinary day nothing special just v in faithful he noticed way off in the distance his father motioning for him to come he thought was he calling me it's the middle of the afternoon he went home all of his brothers were their neighbors had gathered around it's b the prophet samuel this well respected influential man had come to their ordinary neighborhood while everyone was watching samuel pointed it david and said that's the next king of israel david had never met never seen him a resume never followed him on social media samuel showed up and anointed him king god has people in positions of influence you don't know them
but they know you they are ordained to help you rise higher to open a door to show you favor a few years after i started ministering i was at an event in another state there were several one thousand people seated in the auditory on the stage there were four former presidents next to each other it was amazing seeing them up there i was you don't know about the 20th row at one point during the program one of the presidents looked at main and started waving i thought he's not wave main there's no way he knows who i am i just been the past or a couple of years and when he finished waving lean to victorian said i think press so and so just waved it maine she looked at me like i think imagining things about that he started waving again looking right at me well i know from being up here
if i wave to somebody in that section it can look like i'm waving to two hundred people so again i dismissed it he turned to the former president sitting next to him i could read his lips he pointed at me and said that's joel sitting out there the other president looked at me and shook his head and said i don't know him god left him out but after the program now we're about to leave when security officers came and said the president would like to say hello we went back there it was we were all friends joe victoria we watch it every week we love you he said i'm going to send you an invitation to be a part of my program that helps people around the world he opened the door to all kinds of info
relationship a couple of years earlier i was working behind the scenes i was running camera i didn't see this coming but our father's world is of he's already lined up these who would have ever thought moments people in positions of influence in even know they knew you but they're going to show you favor well jill it's because you had that church because your own television that's not going to happen for me okay sarah you can yourself out of it not like that sarah you can talk yourself out here's what i love even though sarah laughed even though she didn't believe god still brought the promise to pass joseph brothers did wrong
they didn't deserve anyone to show them favor yet god had joseph not only recognized them but he was good to them despite what they had done that tells me even if you don't deserve it even if you don't think it's going to happen god is going to surprise you and do it anyway because your father can't wait to give you his world what don't you take the limits off of him quit thinking of all the reasons you can't accomplish your dreams god breathed his life into you he's crowned you with favor you have seeds of greatness the prophet joel said wake up the mighty man wake up the mighty women i am looking at mighty men mighty women
right now i'm looking at joseph's i'm looking at esther now do your part store your faith up believe being pre bold prayers have a god sized dream if you will do this i believe and declare you're about to see some of these who would have ever thought moments god is going to open doors bigger than you've imagined going to call the right people to recognize you you're going to i higher in reached full fullness of your destiny in jesus name if you were leave it can you say men today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray with me just say lord jesus i'll rip in of mice come into my heart my lord and savior if you pray simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good
bible based church and keep god first place victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you as a thank you for your support of our ministry this month joel and victoria would like to send you a copy of joel's new audio devotional fueled by faith seventy to your victory in this new devotional you will hear seven hundred and fifteen minute messages that will encourage and empower you to experience a life of faith and victory discover how to live full of hope filled with peace and fueled by faith we all have times where we face difficulties but god wants you to keep your hope alive in your faith strong he's right there with in the midst of every battle what was meant for your harm he's gay turn around for your good right now god working behind the scenes arranging things in your favor request we resource it will encourage you and help build your faith request your copy of fuel by faith today at
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