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Your Set Time is Coming

2020-06-03 | 🔗
God has established a set time to bring your dreams to pass. Instead of becoming frustrated with how long it's taking, wait with expectancy.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you, I hope, you'll leave. Inspire, makes your used inscribed to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy the best each one of you here ever. Area? I hope you'll stop by and be a part of one of our services are promise you will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much for tune and in the day, and thank you again for common. Am I like to start with something funny each week in one day up, Heaven God said the man I want you to two lines. One line is for the men who were the head of the house. Ass in the other line is for the men who let the woman be the head of the house
where the woman ran. The house was a hundred miles long. There was only one man in the other line, God said: I am ashamed of. You are created you to be the head on one man stood up to make me prior, he turned to me, said: son tell him: how did you and is to be the only one in this land. He looked canican. He's and said I don't know my wife told me to stay all right hold up your Bible, say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am have what it says. I have do what it says. I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. Boldly convey my mind is alert heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus, nay, God I want to talk to you today about how you're set time is coming So often we wonder why something is taking so long. We pray
we believe, but we don't see anything happening. We get discouraged and start thinking. That is never going to happen, but here's what I've learned the moment. God puts the promise in your heart the moment the dream took root. At that same moment, God established a set time to bring it to pass. He will not give you up. Miss without appointing a specific task to fulfil it. When we understand this, it takes away the frustration we don't get discouraged cause, we don't see anything happening. We know the set time is coming. We don't give up because its take a long time. We know the set. Time is the right time we, I believe the laws that it's never gonna happen. We know the truth. The moment the promised took root. God established the set time and as long as waste in phase as long as we keep believing nothing can stop that set time.
Maybe you're standing on the promise that for me and my house. We will serve the Lord, You know down deep, that's for you! It's taken rude in your spirit, but when you look at your family it doesn't look like it's ever going to happen. The more you pray it seems like the worst. They do. If you just look at it in the natural you'll, get this girl possibly give up on the promise you gotta remand yourself of this truth. God has all Eddie set a time for each of your family members to come to know He already established it. The moment. You pray you have to know when it is. You just have to keep believing knowing that it is on its way. Friends in your future. There is a set time for you I wish dreams. There is a set time for you to meet the right people.
There is a set time for you to come out of their set time for problems to turn around. So what it says in the back of the vision is for an appointed tat, though it Terry. Wade earnestly for it. It will surely come one translation says it won't be one second line at tells me. We don't have to live frustrated because it's not happening on our timetable. I dont have be discouraged thinking I'm missing out, I'm getting to all I'm never going to to where I'm supposed to be now, if you'll stay in faith, those problem, there won't be one second life. Maybe single and you have a desire to get married. Who knows this? The person that God has picked out for you to me they're not going to be one second late, you're going to meet them at the exact right time. It's already been said: the queen of the universe has ordained. When is the set time it's the right time
is when God knows that is best for you. If you Like me, you won't everything right now, God I wanted God, I'm in a hurry, got out we'll be left out. That's not always the best sometimes is because we're not ready we're not prepare. As we wait with the right attitude, we grow. We mature we developed or Sometimes it's not us. It's! The other person the one God has ordained, for you is not ready. God is still when a work on them, if you were to meet them right now, it wouldn't work out trust gods time. He knows. What's when he gave you the promise. He established the exact right time When those laws come say and is never going to happen you never gonna meet any body. You're, never gonna get well you're, never gonna, have an exceedingly abundantly above and beyond decade. No, don't believe the never lies our attitude should be may not see away, but I know God
has away he's the one that put the promise in me. He gave me the dream, no he's already established a set time to bring it to pass It's already all my calendar. It's all I ve been sent in my future, so I'm not gonna get discouraged. I'm not going to give up. I'm going to wait for it honestly in faith. No, It is on its way and is I'm gonna be a year laid a month laid a week lay a day. Wait a minute late. It's not going to be one second late. It's going to happen at the exact right time. You don't know your set time could be tonight. Your set time could be tomorrow. You could meet the person of your dreams this week. You could see your health turn around you could come totally out of debt. This year, many of you have been faithful. You stood on those promises a year five years twenty years you need to get
ready. There are some set times in your future, where suddenly, God he's gonna thrust due to a new level, Suddenly you're gonna get the bright you pray about. Suddenly you meet the right people. What happened? You hit one of your set times. You came into your due season, but the truth is in life. We all have to wait. It's through fade and patients that we inherit the promises. The key is to learn to wait. Right. Why not discouraged upset negative? It's never gonna happen. Northern. Wait. Wait is with expectancy. In other words, I know my set time is coming. I'm not live worried and upset wondering hasn't happened. You know, I know, God has ordained it, it's already in my future. Now believe it could happen today. I could get a good break this week. My child could come back home this month. I know there are set terms in my future when you said your. What if I get my hopes,
up like that each day, and it doesn't happen, then I'll go to bed. Another night disappointed, don't turn it around. Your attitude should be father. I want to thank you now. I know one day closer to see in that set time come to pass, you remember when God promised Abraham and Sarah that they were going to have a chance in the natural they were much too old in when they heard it, they both kind of laughed and thought. That's impossible. Can you imagine us having a baby, and God must have heard what they were saying, because he said in Genesis, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen Is there anything to hard for me at the appointed time I will return and give Sarah notice. There was an appointed time for something supernatural to happen courting to the laws of nature. Sarah couldn't have a baby. She was nearly eighty years old. She had already gone through the change of lie, but fringe God is not.
Committed by the laws of nature or the laws of medicine or the loss of sites. It may look, impossible for you to ever get out of date or for you, ever leave a legacy of faith and victory for your fan. Maybe you come from generations of lack mediocrity, addictions in the natural it looks impossible, but God is saying: is there anything to hard for me? I've already appointed a time. I've already made arrangements to thrust due to a new level. I've already lined up an exceedingly abundantly above and beyond decade. The moment the promised took root. God set that in your future, it's up ahead of you right now. It may look like you could. Never well, all the medical reports say impossible, hopeless, no way the God is saying
Supersede those laws are not limited by the laws of medicine. I've already appointed a time to turn your health around I've already set the date for your bright through you, gotta get an agreement with God get your joy back, get your vision back. There is something great in your future. You would not be alive unless God had another victory. I hit you. The dreams is placed in The situations you'll believe in to turn around God has already set the time for it to come to pass. It's already on your calendar already been written in your book and you gotta get up each morning say father. I want to thank you that must set time. Is coming. I know the moment I prayed you established it. How may not be able to see it? It may look impossible, but I'm not going to get discouraged. I'm going to dig my heels in and keep pressing forward, knowing that my appointed time is
That's why it's interesting, how God said I will return and gives Sarah and innocence. We know that God never leaves us, but between the time we pray and the time we see the answer, that's what's called Trial of our faith- in other words, God will step back and say all right. Let me see what their Meda, let me see how much they trust me. Are they going to get discouraged and give up? Because it's taken a long time? Are they gonna start complaining thinking? It's not gonna happen. Or are they gonna be like those fanatical people at Lake would and belief that there's nothing too hard for me and just keep praising me and keep thanking me acting like it's going to happen. Talkin like it's going to happen. Thinking like it's going to happen, bring this that attitude of faith that allows God to bring the set time. To pass. It says in genesis. Twenty one to Sir,
conceived and bore a sun noticed when it happened. At the same time When you understand that God is already set. The time you will be frustrated because things don't happen on your timetable, You know, God has established the right time and I see too many people that give up on their dreams and they aboard the promises gods placed in their hearts because it's not happening as fast as they would like, and they ve gone through setbacks and things have worked. But if you can just keep reminding yourself, God is already set the time and it's not I'll, be one second line, then that will give you the face to keep pressing forward. Some of you have been standing on a promise for a long time. You ve been pray and believe in work and hard being your best. Let me tell you you pass the test. You proven to God that your faithful and God is going to do for you what he did for Sarah he's going.
Return envisage your house and bring those promises to pass, God is gonna reward your face. You obedience your trust in him. That's what have to a young lady. I know she work part time as a reception is at this big film studio in California. Deep down her dream was to touch people all over the world through movies. That was the promise God burst in her spirit, she went to college and study this God or degree, but in spite of our education, this was the only job she could find a temporary position. She worked for three years. Part time was only called in one of the regular employees couldn't be there, but she didn't get discouraged. She understood this principle that her set time was coming. She never complained. She didn't slack off, because it was
prairie. Every time she was there, she gave at her best went out of her way to be kind and friendly did more than she had to do it. One point: the main receptionists went on maternity leave that opened the door for her to be hard full time several years later, the man in charge of the studio. The ceo of the company said. I really like that young lady. I want her to be one of my assistance that lead to promotion after promotion today, seven years later, that young girl that started all part time as a reception, as is now the vice president. Of one of the largest most influential film studios in the world. She decides which movies will be produced. What happened? She came in to her set tat. Here's what I want you to see. She had plenty of opportunities along the way to get discouraged. She could have settled where she was
In that all great just my luck, I've got all this education, and all I can find is a temporary job is not meant to be friends, it's easy to abort dreams, but if you will stay in phase and just keep being the best right where you are like this young lady You will come in to your due season. The dream God put in your heart is for and appointed TAT the scriptures though it's taken a long time to wait for it earnestly. What does that mean? Stay passion, keep pray, keep believe and keep hope and keep being your best each day when you do You are passing the test you getting one day closer to see in the promised come to pass. I think about the apostle Paul,
put the promise in his heart tat. He was going to stand before sees Paul believed it at that moment, God set a time for it to happen, but Paul went through many adversities and disappointments and set back it didn't look like it was going to happen in fact, one time I was on a boat out. An ocean in this huge storm arose, twenty one days, the storm battered the boat back and forth, they thought they were going to die. It got so bad. The captain had them through all the cargo overboard to try to keep the ship from sinking. Paul could have gotten depressed thinking. Well, I thought God gave the promise that I was going to stand before. Caesar didn't look like he's gonna happen. Nepal knew this truth must set. Time is coming. I can't die in this storm. God has something else for me to do. He stayed in favour. That boat eventually fell apart and they had to
when the dry ground on this little island Paul reached down to pick up some wood for a fire and a poisonous snake bid him on the on the natives, expected him to swell up, get sick and die. They had seen it happen again and again, but Paul simply shook the snake all and went about his business. His attitude was no big deal. This snake can't stop my destiny. This ship re kit defeat me. I've got an appointed time. God is already ordained I'm not going made a few setbacks and bump on the road cause me to give up. My future is in God's hands, and he has already set the time for me to stay before Caesar sure enough. One day,
Paul D, just what God said he stood before Caesar. He came in to his sent tat. Many of you have a dream in your heart, a promise it you're standing on, but it seemed like everything has come against. You disappointments bad bright setbacks. You could easily get discourage. You could easily settle where you are. You gotta learn to do like Paul in just keep shaking it all. You go through a disappointment, no big deal, God, stealing control shake it off. Somebody lies about you. They dont control your destiny. God does shake it off you get a bad break. One door closes gods, gonna open up another door, shake it off. The medical report doesn't look good, don't dwell on at night and day shake it off. You may get not down, but God has already said a time for you to get back up again
I received a letter this week from a gentlemen that was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. He had one kidney removed and ran test to see if it was in his limp knows to see if it had spread. Those tests came back positive. Cancer had indeed spread. The doctors gave him the grim news that he had less than two years to live. He was respectful, but he said doctors, I dont believe unfinished gesture I've something else to do. They said, Sir you're in denial. You need to accept and learn to deal with it. He went to another very well known hospital for a second opinion. He took all of these charts and records, and the doktor study didn't said yes looks like they were right, looks like the cancer his brain. He asked the doctors to run some new test a week or so later they came back in amazement and they said we ve never seen this before the old tasks They show that you have cancer, but these new tests show there's no trace of
answer in your body that was five years ago. He is still as healthy, as can be still go and strong. What happened? He came in to his sent tat. God visited his house in did what medical science could not do Let me tell you if it's not your time to go, you're not gonna, go God has the final say down. In here like that man, you will feel the promise I can't die I've got something else to do. It may not look good like Paul.
Snake. Maybe poisonous ban will shake it off. I know a set time is coming. I know the God of the breakthrough is about to visit my house. Some of you need to get ready. Your set time is closer than you think, you're about to see God open up the doors you been praying about you about to meet the person that you ve, been dreaming about. God is about to thrust due to a new level, like Sarah God he's gonna return in visit your house Here's why? It's, because you been faithful, you pass the test. You ve done the right thing when the wrong thing was happening now, you're set time is coming for, since this is not the time to get down and discouraged This is not the time to let your own thoughts talk you out of it and start thinking. It's never going to happen. I'm getting too old, I'm never going to accomplish my dreams for the scripture says: don't get tired,
of doing what's right for in due season, you will read. If you just don't give up, you got keep reminding yourself? My news, these and is on its way. God is all we established it he's already set the time in my future may not be able to see it. It may look impossible, but I know my future is in God, hands and if God said it, he will do it what he promised. He will bring to pass on her titty Jake's tell him about a major turning point in his. Like most of you know, Bishop Jake's he's a great minister and a good friend. Bars and he told how years ago he had a dream to touch people all over the world. He knew that God was gonna, use him in a great way, but at that time he was pestering a small child in West Virginia, he prayed and believed and ask God to open up bigger doors, but nothing seems to be
happening for years. He would go across the. U S, speaking to a couple hundred people here and there, but nothing like he had in his heart and this one on year after year, and you didn't see any signs of growth, but he didn't start complaining. He didn't get discouraged. He just kept in his best right, where he was doing what God called him today. One day he went and spoke at a church conference in Tulsa, the pastor of that church had a television programme after the conference. The pastor decided that it down the highlights from the three or four conference speakers just might be for five minutes each one and put them on his weekly television programme when the broadcast aired. It just so happens that Paul Crouch, the founder of the Trinity broadcasting network was slipping through the channels and he came across this man. Did he had never seen Bishop Jake's? He was so impressed so start by Paul Crafts told their staff
I don't know who that man was, but I want you to find him and tell him. I want him to have his own programme on our network that one moment that one good bright was the turning point in Bishop Jake's ministry. He went from ministering to a couple people to ministering to millions all over the world. He came in to his set time, but I think about all the events that had to get. Typically land. In order for that to happen, Bishop Jake's had to be speaking at the right church. The pastoral had to have a television programme. Paul crowd had to be flippin through the channels at the exact right time. If he'd have been five minutes later if he had gone to make a sandwich. If you're going to take a telephone call, it would not have happened. What am I saying? God is working behind the scenes
our lives, whether we can see anything happening or not, that was not a lucky bright, was not just a coincidence that was almighty, God the creator of the universe, getting everything land up and at the right moment, at the appointed time it all came to in the same way. God is getting everything lined up for you. You may not see it Everything may be the same, just like it's been the last ten years, but all the sudden in a split second is gonna. Come together. God he's going to visit your house and bring a set time cross European. When it's your due season, no person can stop it when it appointed time. All the forces of darkness cannot keep it from happening. Suddenly Your business will take all suddenly you'll get the break you need. Suddenly, your health will turn around,
some of you right now, you're about to walk in to one of your appointed times. Keep praying keep believe in keeping your very best. Your set time is clear. More than you think I was reading about a young man that set out to swim across the english channel. This was many years ago. It had never been done before the channel is twenty three miles long. It takes between twelve and fourteen hours to swim, extremely dangerous. The water temperatures we call the current is strong, not only that there are sharks and jellyfish other things to deal with. Several people had attempted before they had not only not been successful, but they had lost their lives in trying
young man started out. He was in great shape, so determined he swam and our two hours three hours for hours, five hours and you begin to get tired. He was in great pain, but he wanted it so badly. He just kept on keeping all late in the day and unusually thick rolled in two where he could barely see in front of him. He swam hour after hour in this heavy fall. He lost sight of the other side he begin to slowly get discouraged. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer he was so called, and he didn't know where he was so. He decided to quit any gave us some little boat travelling beside him. Crawled into it and ass. They rode to the other side. Much to his amazement. He discovered he was less than fifty yards from the shore less than fifty yards from making history.
Had he known he was so close. He would have never given up so soon like this young man. Many of you are much closer than you right around the corner. You going to see the situation turn around you're going to get the brakes that you been praying about. Your going to see your health begin to improve the most difficult time is always before the victory in things may be a little foggy in your life. Today you look out, you don't see anything good in your future that look like is ever going to work out. You tired you ve done your best, but you're ready to just call it quits. Then let me challenger don't give up for the yard, before your destiny, your opponent time is coming it's right up ahead of you. Now you got gotta, dig your heels in git, your second wind and say I've come too far to stop. Now, God is incomplete. Control he's brought me through in the past, and I know he'll bring me through again,
keep pressing forward, no one that my due season is honest way. If you do that, God promises, it won't be one second light infringe. We all have to weigh, but let's wait the right way with expectancy this way, no one that the appointed time has already been established. Many of you have been standing on a promise for a long time. You need to get ready. God is about to do for you what he did for Sarah he going to show up in your life in amazing ways, you're about to come into one of your set times. Let me just to clear this over you in your future You gonna, come in to a set time of promotion are set. Of supernatural opportunities. A set time to meet the right people set time. We're your health is restored, a set time. Where you can put your goals set time where you fulfil every God given dream. I believe it
a clear and over each one of you in the name of Jesus, and if you receive it, can you say a man and amen Will we never like oppose all broadcast without giving you? opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with just say. Lord Jesus repent of my sins come into my heart. I make you my Lord inciting fringe. If you play, that simple prayer. We believe you got born again get in Bible Base Church keep God first place, he's gonna, do amazing things in your life. You for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke. Steam dot com slash, give hope to give again today thanks, much for listening to today's message, I hope you'll subscribe. So you It received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing ball yet
No gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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