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You've Been Framed

2018-12-26 | 🔗
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hi this is jaw on wednesday's we bring you the best dove i hope you enjoy the podcast is always a joy to come into your home if you ever in our area please stop la be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuna in thank you again for coming out i'd like to start with something funny in about this eighty five year old man he was out fishing one day he heard of we say and pick me up looked around didn't see anything thought he was dreaming hearted again pick me up he looked down
saw throng he said in amazement are you talking to me the frog say yes pick me up and kiss me and i'll turn into a beautiful brought the main quickly picked him up put him in his brought park proxy hey what are you doing ass a kiss me and i'll turn into a beautiful bride the man said thanks at my age i'd rather have a talking frog oda revival say it like you made it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says i have do what it says i can do today we'll be taught the word of god a boat they confess my mind is alert heart is receptive i will never be the same jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about how you been framed when we hear that phrase most of the time we think of it as a bad thing we ve been ceta made to look like we did something that we didn't do but this
you're talks about a different type of frame it says the world's were framed by the word of god it's not just talking about the physical world the word in the original language is eons meaning ages are times it's saying god has a frame around your tat he has put a fence a boundary around your lie nothing can penetrate your frame that god doesn't allow trouble sickness accidents they can't just randomly happen the frame is sent you don't have to sorry about your future there's a frame around your health a frame around your children a frame around your finances it's a boundary set by the creator of the universe not only can then get in without gods permission but
in better news you can't get out you can't make a mistake big enough to break out of that frame you can't get to addicted to discourage too angry it's a desk frank god won't let you get so far off course that you can't still fulfil your purpose you may come right up to the edge bad to do something to get you in trouble and your bump into the frame gotta pushy right back had a man tell me how he was so fed up with his balls it worked company for many years in his book was always condescending making sarcastic remarks and this man had had all he could take he was about to give his boss of pisa his mind he knew it get fire but it point he didn't care he had his speech or linda laden in the night before steam thinking i'm will tell him i don't like you i don't know
do you are lousy boss on an own he's gonna let it all hang out the next morning first thing he marched into his bosses office without knocking all fired the strangest thing happened he got flustered he couldn't remember what he's gonna say his mantle molly went blank he looked at the bottom would you like a cup of coffee he said joe i tried to tell him all i'd try to be me i just couldn't do it what happened he bumped into the frame god knows how to protect you not only from accidents not we from the wrong people god will protect you from yourselves sometimes were the most dangerous thing we face the family reunion you're about to tell that relative all somehow you feel a piece come over or they walk out of the room at just the right time s not a coincidence thank god for your frame
on the freeway that person it cut you all you about to give them a signal with your help and now i'm not talking about one way jesus you pull up next to them so aggravated throw your hand but instead of doing what you thought you just smile and give them a big friendly way what happened you bumped into your frame this brain has kept to out of more trouble than we realize you better thank god for you kramer you must not do a job if it had not been for the frame we might not still be mary how many times we go and tell our spouse exactly what we think exactly what they should do and we hear the steel small voice saying don't do it by your tongue walk away we take the advice that's the phrase in the scripture david experienced this brain here men had been protecting a man by the name of naval they were camped next door and just to do him a fake
they made sure that no bandits bothered him or his property one day david sit men to go ass naval for some food neighbor was very rude he told them man i don't owe you anything i didn't ask you to do this just get off my property when david heard what neighbor had said he was here yes he told his man pack up we'll go go wipeout unable in anyone that's half way associated with him this set david all as he headed toward enables house angry offended to get even god sent a young lady named abigail abigail was naples why she met david on the road with gifts with food she said david you a call to be our next king you are destined to do great things my husband neighbour
he's a fool why are you going to waste your time fighting with him you could miss your destiny she spoke since into him david said you're exactly right turned around and we back home you know what abigail was she was a part of the free god ordained her to be there at the right time to know exactly the right thing to say head david gotten dish acted killed unable caused a big stir that mistake could have kept him from taking the throne he went right up to the edge buddy bumped into his brain god is so good he will always send the right person to say the right thing to keep you permission your destiny david said where would i be without the goodness of god he could have said where would i be without this brain jonah experts since the frame god told him to go to the city of nineveh he didn't want to go there he said god that's what you want me
do i wanna go my own way he went in the opposite direction and god will always let you do you own thing he let you go your own way but he so merciful at some point you go bump into your frame he let jonah go the wrong direction jonah ended up on a ship in the middle of a huge storm he finally told the crew that he was problem this crew had no mercy they said jonah here the problem good riddance you out of here they threw him overboard you would think this would be the end of june this lie he brought the trouble on himself he knew the right thing but he did the opposite here nobody to blame except himself i'm sure jonah felt like he was finished he said is goodbye made is peace but what jonah didn't realize was the frame god
put around his lie yes he made a mistake but it was an outside the frame yes he was in trouble but that trouble wasn't a surprise to god god allowed the difficulty in jonas frame not to harm him but to push him toward his divine destiny when it looked hopeless out in the sea adding water no chance to survive here comes a big fish and swallows jonah you know what that fish was like abigail part of the frame three days later that fish spit him up on the dry graham jonas and you know what i think i'm gonna nineveh after all light you can run as much as you want but good news is you'll never run out are you afraid yoke bumping up against it again and again it'll always push you back toward your divine destined in other words in gold
party living not give god the time of day but while you're fringe apart while their enjoy lie deep down you'll be miserable thinking why can i enjoy why am i still unsatisfied it's because of the frame gods put on your life you are ruined for living a defeated mediocre compromising lie gods calling is on you you can go your own way but guy has a way of getting your back on course god is what a frame that you can penetrate the enemy can penetrate drugs penetrate the wrong people can penetrate the most high god has to an he's put hungary's around your life so strong all the forces of darkness cannot get in and you cannot yet and yes we can make mistakes we can run from the call
we can try to ignore it but the free around your life was put in place before the foundation of time when god tis life into you he framed you weren't as while parents we don't have to worry about our children they ve been framed they may get off course but sooner or later this month in the fine they may run with the wrong crowd but frame is they can't go too far to miss their destiny the gold bump into it again again in until they finally say i'm tired of fighting gotta let you have your way i'm gonna honor you with my life some of you because you had a pre in mother you had a play in grim you had relatives in honour of god you will give
you don't have a chance your frame is so said you can t bobbin into it until i got to know where you're supposed to be i know this mother she was concerned about her son he was making very poor choices she tried their convincing to quit run in with the wrong crowd convince him to come to church he just wouldn't do it he ended up in oil one sunday morning he was watching television in the common area in may came in and wanted to watch something different they started arguing and ended up in a struggle for the remote controlled trying to get it out of each other's hands about that time this huge inmate walked in six foot six looked like a professional football player had these muscles bulging eta his shirt he grabbed the remote control gimme that our side what we're gonna watch started flippin through the channels he came across our programme
he said watch joel today those two inmates got up to lead he grand the one young man by the short and pulled him back down says city and you can watch with me what happened he bumped and the frame a really big frame ahmad parents god has the right people not only land for you but for your children for your grandchildren quit worrying about them and start thinking god for the frame only if we go around telling your friends how your children are so off course and there never gonna do what's right zip that up and get an agreement with god lord i want to say view that my children have been framed outcome did them into your hands and lord you said the seed of the righteous we'll be mighty in the lane as this inmate was watching the programme with the six
six inmate making sure he watched he began to feel gods presence he started weeping right then and there in the jail that big inmate led him to christ now i see this young man at our services all the time sitting next to his mother you may not see how it can happen that's not your job your job is to stay in peace knowing that your children have been framed your prayers are activating gods power when you pray just imagine the frame is getting smaller the boundary or getting tied god won't let them go as far as they used to he'll make them uncomfortable in compromising situations he won't let them enjoy doing wrong like they did before god knows how to tighten the frame when i was nineteen years old i was driving home a ball game very late at night
it was no body on the freeway i had a sports car the fastest i'd driven it about seventy five miles an hour i thought this would be a great time to see how fast this car will really go to one o clock in the morning five shillings a freeway in front of me i was on the top of a big bridge could see about two miles down the road hardly anybody on the road just a car to here and there so i put the pedal to the floor net car took off go and so fast i'm not going to your health because my mother sitting on the front row but as i was flying down the highway feeling so cool i looked over and there was a car right next to me i thought i can't believe it he won't rice he can't raise me you ve got a piece of jobs and so i put it down even faster took all i looked over very was again but this time when i look he was holding up his bag
i merely wish to heaven right then and there my heart stopped back over any mound the words slow day i drove through miles an hour the rest of the way home parents god has a frame around your child even when they do dumb things they can't get out of the frying god will always have the right person whether its abigail a six point six inmate or an off duty police officer going down the freeway at one in the morning we can't get out of the frying acquit looking at me like you we're done anything done in the scripture there was a man named saw he was the biggest enemy of the church he hated believers he was having been put in place
in doing more harm the gods people than any person of that time one day he was on the road travelling to damascus and a bright light shone down on him so bright tat he fell to the ground and became belie the voice said saw what are you persecute me don't you know it's hard to kick against them pranks god was saying saul i've got you in my free you tryin to kick trying to run trying to ignore it but saw you have to understand ass the frame i have a destiny for you to fulfil and it's not to start my work is to advance my were lay on the ground are not able to see saul said who are you the voice boomed out i am jesus whom you persecute notice when people persecute you give me a hard time for honouring god make fun of you for coming to church
don't let that bother you they're not really doing it too you they're doing it under guard all was harming believers yet god said you persecuting me god took it personally the boys told solved to go to the city and sea and a nice and and pray foresaw he got his sight back long toy short saul became the apostle paul who went on to ride over half of the new testament some of you think that you're too far gone made too many mistakes people tell me often joel i'm just not a religious person this none of that matters all that matters is the creator of the universe has put a frame around your life you can kick run trotting nor at that's she's going to make you more miserable like god send this all it's hard to keep kicking against the fry the frame is not wounded move
there's a calling on your life a destiny for you to feel it has been set there by the most tat god the scripture even talks about how gods calling is vulnerable god not going to remove the frame the sooner you surrender and say god my life is in your hands i'm only for you i'm all get rid of these freedoms that are pulling me down get help with these bad habits i'm going to get in church and serve and grow i'm going to pursue the dreams you placed in my heart the sooner you do that that happier and the more fulfilling your life will be you may have family members are friends like saw you ve been playing for a long time didn't look like they are ever get on course back the more you pray the worst they get don't get discouraged stay in peace just like all they ve been framed a part of this brain
is a hedge of protection god has a boundary around your life that the enemy cannot cross friend of mine was driving home from work the other day and he stopped at all when it changed to green he looked at the left to the right just being cautious but just as he is about to go forward so then said to him so strongly look again he looked back to the right for a second time a car was coming full blast never attempted to stop ran right through the red line if he had not looked a second time he would have gotten broadside no telling what would have happened what was that the phrase if it's not you how to go the enemy cannot take you out the frame this placed around your life was put there by the most powerful force in the universe that's why the is said a thousand may fall at my side
thousand at my right hand i'm not worried it cake near me i know there's a friend around my alive met it can happen without gods permission had somewhat complaining to me once about how they were hit on the freeway it total their car they were really upset this gaheris they didn't know the insurance was going to cover it was a brand new car the feeling i got from them was that god have let them day is a jewel up i've got this brain how come i had an accident who keep them perspective you may have lost your car but because of the frame you lose your life because the frame you're not paralyse the codes the brain you can still see and talk in here i'm convinced god put access from so many things that we don't even realize we some donwell didn't have anything good happened may just an average we know you can thank god for what didn't happen
so the frame you didn't have an accident because the frame you're not in the hospital because the brain you didn't get laid all because of the frame your children are still healthy and whole a few years ago i was in san antonio at brook army medical hospital praying for some of the soldiers this hospital specializes in treating people that have burned i left one room and a couple stop me and asked me to go in and pray for their son had been badly they told how he was a soldier in iraq was the middle of the night was only army base refueling these large tanks of gas was all alone about from the main area something called the tanks to ignite when he woke up he was twenty yards away flat on back on fire not able to move he's wearing all this ammunition they could explode any moment out of nowhere these two
a rocky men civilians show and started role in him in the dirt to stop the fire without those two men he certainly would have burned down what's interesting those men were not allowed on the base they were in a secure area three o clock in the morning the parent send those men had do have been put there by god to save our son what was that the fine it wasn't time to go the enemy doesn't determine your destiny god does it is bigger than an explosion bigger than an accident bigger than a car run in a red lie god has you in a frame ten years old we went to hawaii with my parents we arrived about three o clock in the afternoon we were so excited after we checked into hotel all five of us children ran down to the beach to go swimming brother and sister
paul and lisa were in their late teams and they were supposed to watch over us we rented some floats but in the excite of play in the big waves and having so much fun we looked up and couldn't find a little sister april she was eight years old we searched inserts searched so frantically five minutes ten minutes twenty minutes thirty minutes i had ever felt such a sick feeling in all my life we were just sure april had drowned the waves were so big for five minutes every one was looking in our still nothing our in fifteen minutes late we see april where away down the beach walking toward us carrying her flock we have never been so happy and so mad at her at the same time what happened issue fallen asleep on that float it was six hours later here at home about eleven at night she drifted
the two miles down the shore she could have drifted out to sea she could have woken up in deep water not been able to swim in a thousand things could have happened but guy had her in a frame godhead up boundaries set around her and reassure you death can penetrate you have forty has to allow it the number of your days he will fulfil as we always tell people that have long the loved one especially went home at an early age we may not understand it no this the enemy didn't take your loved ones he doesn't have that power god call them home god received them into his presence the angels carried them into the heavenly fathers arms when jesus arose from the great he said you don't have to anymore i've got the keys of death
he was saying nobody determines your time except me death can penetrate you applying an accident can penetrate you afraid sickness can't penetrate you refrain god has to give it permission he controls the whole universe when you understand is you can say what the apostle paul o death where is your stay a grave where is your victory i'm not afraid of you you can't defeat me i know there's a frame around my lie not worried about my health i've been fine not afraid to drive on the freeway thousand may fall at my side that's ok i've gotta free ten now and my right hand no problem i've been framed it's a hedge of protection a blood learn that the enemy cannot we see this principle in jobs why he was for somebody to test god said to satan
have you seen my servant joe there's none like him in all the land satan answered back something interesting he said yes god i've seen job but you know i can't touch him you put a hedge around here you ve gotta frame around his life he went on to say if you remove the frame and let me get to him then he'll curfew what i want you to see if the enemy can't just do whatever he wants he has to ask god for permission god has to allow him to do it and joe went to a timer sitting he fought the good fight and in the end he didn't curse god he came out with double when you go through tough times you have a bit bright facing a sickness don't get discouraged remember the frame is still up you keep moving forward and you're not they come out but like joe otto bring it out better often you were before my
encouragement to us today dont worry about your future you been fry there boundaries around your lie put in place by the most powerful force in the eu of course not only can nothing gideon without gods permission you can't get out you may run like jonah but there'll be a fish waiting for you you may kick like saw but before long you'll be the apostle paul you may be about to tell somebody off like david don't worry abigails will show up that's the frame now all do that instead a worry instead of being stressed out now under your bread lord thank you that my life has been framed thank it at my children are framed nor take it at night my finding answers my dreams my future is in your frame if you do that not only be happy you're not only have more peace but god promises the number of your days he will fulfil
you will see his protection his mercy his favor now believe and declare nothing will keep you from your god given destiny in jesus name if you receive it can you say we never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus our repent of mercy come into my heart i make you lord and save your friends if you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bye will base church keep god first place he's gonna take it places you ve never dreamed thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast help us continued a share of the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks
much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing oh yeah i know gods best is still ahead will see a next time
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