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A Conversation with My Favorite Murder

2016-12-14 | 🔗

We've got a bonus episode this week with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, co-hosts of My Favorite Murder! Join us as we talk about the differences and similarities between our two shows, why true crime seems to have taken off recently, and the strange things that people get offended by.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started what we're going to go? Everybody failure the I feel. Fine, we still don't know what we're gonna talk about by the Norwegian. I too welcome people to the show thanks so much opportunity and we got a I'm benches. Marcus parts had risen, brows guy. We have some amazing guess with us today for my favorite murderer, tearing Kilgour tariff and a Georgia hard stark. Thank you. So much
being here. This is like a family reunion. It's like a holiday think he's very bad. This is it kill Gareth. It is coherent I'd like you to think about how to do this for years and re and yet embarrassing for the guests, except it's my favorite, merging it up and aim at the park. What do they call it? A library murderer. Oh my God is start. No very welcome Lucia Georgia, Kildare of CARE and hard. We, my least favoured murder, and what to show its gonna be applauded. Ass a package is very powerful. Right now did things right now. Both of us we're on top of the charts, were the best that men can be, John. We know it equally there on top of the tree or determine their fine. I'm fine was different, but because that's what I do know where our fat passer that way with the pack in future- and we are like a cresting that no it's a wave metaphor resting pressing there
like Donald Trump, hair, right, yeah, so worse or on the top of the rear. On top of that right now and then go slide off that into his daughters, vagina No. This is not the political. I know. No aid always comes the minds of the merely political yeah. I know ever since Trump got elected. Did you just back and thorough and drums and get you ordered it, but I mean it does seem like true kind, TAT, specifically are really the ones that have sort, of course deplore the podcast market. Why is that? Is this? because we're you know, people are able to explore the dark side. If their mind in the privacy of their cubicle at work? Is it because people were they felt it two taboo subjects who did not go publicly look, but why Pakistan, in general I'll take this
you know I've no fucking idea super weird I mean to us. It just feels like we had an idea, so we started doing a thing and then people got excited about it here, but I do think it's that thing of like an interest like true crime, as it seems like an individual interests like you have to come. I didn't know my own relatives or into true crime until we started doing I'd Castillo, can it wasn't anything? I was telling anybody else about anything. We go. No, no, no Jordan. I think when you do of high costs like like that, like we do where it's it's just it's not! It's not produced its just as talking they feel like you're, like your friends to like you're talking your friend, I'm it creates an intimate fan is people show up and they'll say things about my life that I didn't realize that they know a lot of things like details about my love life details about where I live,
got a surprise, a package in the mail, the other now someone's got my address and says another thing very similar to that the debit box. We got a call by my phone. I just remembered this homework, got your number can drunk dj, unlike the scotch one. He said he was drunk in these everyone. Ask you about broadcasting, calls back how the fuck I took me to play, and I forgot this fuckin thing happen. I don't know to clarify that he was drunk? We now need to wage war on fast, the actual he's gotta be drunk, there's no denying that So this is gonna good people who love true crime love the dark, of the world in their able to kind of common to the forefront now and not feel as if they're in the shadows- and you know a lot of people and am sure with your guises show is well, they sort of created really great bonding friendships over it.
When at last week's were murdered, like they're they're, all making friends over murder is ice, though it's like. It leads as something positive of the very and yes there so many victims. So my tail and on a pile of that, but it's nice there's nothing. We can do about that part. Now. No lit! Look, I'm sorry! I can't go backwards. We can change any answer. All you say. I think I can. I can honestly say
Thank them. I thank them for what they ve done, so that they know I'm talking about the murderers themselves. Richer mirrors, always studies that one day they will find a lot of it. I will be the cause of that love and then thank me there ain't! No! No! It's because we ve got a lotta, weird marriages, which is nice. You get out of your marriage, normal mayor of loving people like hired Stana, weird, that's a weird married available have invented quite a few people meet through the Pakistan and get married. That's a lot of I have, but just as many relationships of people getting together through the podcasting just having horrific attack on apart of absolute derives run. How did you guys to finally get the mutual inch hadn't mutual interest in your killers in a cab three, where we were at a hollow mean party member,
In parallel we know him and my body double yes exactly. Does it literally the same Junot genes at some point little bit bigger, though he's taller? Yes, he is more masking. The Mccarthy is a brass. Key type is a very strong type in Hollywood. We're out there. You are, you really are, so we were at a party and we didn't know each other really, but we ve been around each other a little bit, but I told a horrible story that I thought people can enjoy in the mail this party about how I witnessed a couple. A couple years ago. There was that terrible, Carson it's at self. By southwest where the guide drove up the street. I was there I was so there is a lot of people trying to get into acts to see them outside the venue, and I was the last person in line and then I walked over to my friends to be like, let's not weedin, lining more and then that car fuckin but the strange. While I love that story. I live near like mere mrs are like. How did you know that? But like what do you have a break and always thinking I take them
thought it was the coolest story to tell, and you should have seen it was like eight faces that all went white and people were like I'm going to go, get it wandering away and like from sent from afar. She with her arm. Like. Oh, my god, tell me every single thing that, like I love this says and then from there we just like starting with a staircase and then just like way in these fuckin like crazy direction and it's either sick. So few people- you can talk to them about this and are under crime and like they think, I'm alike kind of like Garrard yeah yeah. You just described the listener bay both of our show every single one of us of all. Had that same, you just start talking about something about someone. You see, everybody in the room. You just see their faces. Go why you see them not wanting to hear what you say, but you can't stop. I have is that my love that store neither see we're like a meet someone and tell me whether from announcing, oh, you guys have some good murders and there like what
Are you talking about right? I think oh yeah, we had this wine and would like to tell me about it and then I might go you're, my friend, the other when you ve got it those Cray, really instant, bought yet, and then you find a who the real actually good people are getting people. There are good people who don't not love to know all the murders that happened. I don't wanna meet a glaring aids. Very boring life is really dark. So it's like a thing words like I'm kind of focus on that a lot oh, my thing was: always probably child prostitution rings it. When you bring that up in selective things there, certain people are all very much like interesting. Is also probably bad, because they're probably involved array. I don't want you know too. Our horn, but we do have business meetings happening in a way and in Henry This brings up child, I M ready and we go in and we're gonna end like ok
why you think, but one thing you can't mention is boy: I'm the only thing you can imagine. I only think that it is actually noticeably bad in pitch, meaning that we had we walked in those like we come up with much like apple ideas, pitcher thing, and the first thing I led with was a thing I thought was really funny, but I just said I was like Episodical boy a boy, murder, snip, snails and poppy dogs tales, and I thought that was really funny. I may just were like desire. Everyone has their like thing that their into like here like sillier killers, I, like fucking, call cases. We all have our little things that we like, but you can't you can't fucking can choose between, like if you're gonna be really into you know, sex workers getting murdered than you can't fucking shy away from boy prostitute thing off you. You have to cannot you gotta get some olive on PETE. Don't look at me like I'm crazy when you're in him, the boy is the all of one of the olives. That's if you sign up a book greener, like a punch all of our lives, but will also there's a feeling to me to it of like
my hand and where to look into the abyss, Russia's I'm used to look into the abyss by myself, yeah. This is that's where you were. You say it starts with that yeah we're you like. I was like problem eight or nine when I first open up the encyclopedia learn. I'd also like thank you with the right, as I thought I'd like a like. We all knew that the world was shit and now we're just like. Unlike horrible and scary, and so now we just had a learn about it and understand that a little more and I felt like safer and I'm not trying to fuckin ignore my anxiety like diving right into Google is one of the things that we try to do with with our shows. The show like these serial killers, they're, not monsters. You know, there's not some somebody hiding behind every corner. You don't have to be afraid, Bergen losers and a lot of time out of it. We ve helped alleviate any fear. I get the emails all the time you have people saying that they beg you know they have.
Anxiety about all this shit because they listen I'm more terrified than ever. That's all. I know that during this year, for five years, six, seven man fairly certain somebody wants Mozilla. You have forgotten that I already terrified I am constantly now looking at people being, I think I can murdered somewhat like I'll say that my husband been from tent, like that. It's a fucking clarity,
but the fact is that we have had a files, it mildly Miller, better. Why, until proven not a pet of having, I was watching. George W Bush, a state of the union the other day Dennis hast or just sit right behind us. They, I really watching I watch old, stated. The unions and the man is weird hurdles render offers. No, I don't think I can, because on the last episode Henrietta Browser, you said something very inflammatory, and now I'm complicit I say I dont know them plenty. I mean that we have talked about the possibility of bankers running for mayor of New York. You see that very finally deputy mayor and do all the real work could machine. We link that should have been city or that show last progress on eleven March is that's an underground deep. Getting as I'm a longstanding fair, I actually used to listen to this pog. Not you see that when I first started listening this podcast, I was home for Christmas and I would do this thing right would leave. I would go to bed, listen to you and leave the Airbus in and then
just play all the episode, so I would have these dreams that we were all at a party, but you wouldn't. Let me talk it. Make me old man, you got what you guys up and they would just be like you're talking about this topic the podcast cast, usually yet you just described my nightmare, I don't want my true fear was, but that's it without a doubt. I just feel like that. It does sometimes feel like were shouting at a group of countries like I think, you're right, your tone is a little bit more. It's like more conversational we're hours every like, We have a more my tone and general personalities, and I think you know I think, with three people it's so much harder than we currently just talking to each other. The way we would normally without and we don't have any not that much accurate and oh, that was now and have never had a really kind of go round and like it. How about as much stuff is? We can do a lot more like work to get over how evil the show is ITALY.
Haven't you add something to society and to then also attacks aside to bring society apart, have you got to provide information. Do you think it does seem strange. I wasn't expecting so many female listeners quite frankly, because I'm not attractive, and none of us aren't. Maybe that doesn't matter I lie like me. I know you, like you, like John, came from planes drains an automobile. You know I like me like, by the way I think his wife was in the box. That's where I realized I movies by people drive in the wrong way down the road John candidate in planes drains as well he's a soul Your path and the White Box. In some time with I set about it you're blowing. I just watch that recently, I think about it. We want it now. Knowing that he's a killer,
this opens up. Please be, unlike so glad you made it home. Everything's giving haven't says only opens the suitcase one time when he's in a hotel room with Steve, more people than a picture in a pillow which is somewhat review, to think there's a corpse in areas where is the boss due to be that big hello? It smells like her fuckin riding core wholly smells like Dennis Hopper in Bloom, relevant, just Bell Smell Becky before bad luck, everything at the center Has it made? You would do feel more empowered when dealing with the subject matter or less knowing how disgusting this is, because obviously women tend to be the major victims. The majority of serial killers. I guess I, like the impairment, part of just the interest. It's like you can't do anything about. What's gonna happen, Fadus Faye, whatever
but it's kind of like saying, I'm not afraid to face reality. You know it's like that. It's that thing of legs things don't have to be nice, nice, all the time they I like when things are bad in the way that its it. I can be interesting things I can like. I can like things that are gross. I don't know, there's there's a little bit of that, like the fur when I was twelve years old, when I saw the map that TED Bundy had drawn, where all the bodies were than in his house and narrow, Dahmer, no TED, I'm sorry, Gacy Daisy Body impose rules as our this. Just look like the kid and flat. I'm not like me. I know the definition of our partners that way no negro cause them of what we do have a mark. As part of all, I have always been the nerdy kitten yeah yeah yeah
LISA Simpson, but basically that feeling of looking at that picture and loving, so much and knowing it was wrong, and now doing a thing where it's not wrong anymore, and actually it's actually very popular but concur, which is so great ionizing common ITALY out these using that a lot of it's not this weird thing: it's not an anomaly. Can I get like I am so terrified of. Like I kind of see, I want to read about it. The more like. That's not going to happen to me, because I know about it. It's the stupid thing like if you can, if you can imagine something, is going to happen, and it won't happen to you. I had an old librarian, which I imagine was like, probably near Miss Autumn Molestation scenario with made where he came to me as I was reading, a book is like knowledge, is power listen to me about how like, if you're afraid of something you just need to really learn about it,
and now you are right, of course, by I love roosters, not for me nerdy. I like you, a nice I come and the deeper I get into it. The more because I am fuckin cynical as shit, I'm looking to pretend that everything's fine, it's not that makes me feel better. That's like it's not it's ok and the world's catching up to us, the gas
the job that Henry was making all years that have Donald Trump gets elected president. The three of us are going to host good morning America. We, the centre less offensive than the president and my good morning. Amerika, will start promptly at two ten p m when what we thought you doing malign the lands on camera integration with any beer of your choice area me, but rather the world is finally catch because we ve been doing this show for what five six years we just an episode two hundred and fifty last week, and it took a lot of meat wasn't until about maybe a year and a half ago, people finally started paying attention. We always had like a list base like a pretty solid listener based, but over the last year and a half its doubled, if not tripled. So weird,
Your journey by, like with my favorite murder, which I did I mean I just have a Wisconsin tongue. It always as extra letters tells you know, that's what was your? What was it like for you guys when you got started, I mean you just throw the stuff out and into the E3 Rio hacks. Yes, please harem found this tax incentive to me this morning and its likes. It super alike. Ass. Cathy Ashton said, but this is for oh shit- I ended it out. I have at eight o now tell her hair. In October, there flattered air ever third, twenty fifteen. She sends me and text that says: can we start a true kind? Podcast ends as crime Pot is written civilized man like about applying a look of secret awry, lovemaking upstairs and I wrote back ha ha, but how would we? How would we ever compete with those fool?
unless paragraphs on the left there so great I'm on John Wayne Gacy now that's weird I was they didn t have much time and then you said they dont only do crime. We don't have to give all the info just kind of talk about it. In gives some facts and get excited and say our theory. Little will do you no longer see we did. The package can open up to the side of the paranormal NEA called because it that's kind of what Mark s eyes Other real obsession is, and then the podcast became a way for us become experts on my back. It was like became a perfect excuse of now. It can completely dedicate my life to essentially all this fake shit. Essentially, but it's only a book- is reels. You wanted to be a night and I've learned a lot and have grown a lot since then, but but that's what's cool
I like that about all of these things come to help each other. All these, but guess can exert worlds and then we can do both. I think it's just. I am so fucking stoked. At this thing we ve been obsessed with honour for fucking. You know, since we were kids is now something we can talk about. And like people, listen to what is her fucking job now it I had. No, we will either be a thing is unbelievable right. I just fine. Finally, only making money off of the podcast is your job. As far as I have to focus on the positive things in life passivity settlement grinding. So what was the first episode that you guys did and did you guys just like jump right in after that text? Message yeah, I think so, is that like a well that was October and we started wedding approved less it. I don't know why I don't need it. I don't know we just kind of like we are having should we were like what could it be and we were taking notes and shit, and I was paying- and I was like my legs-
a member's view by going through. I do my battling gang images like this stupid names like crime impoverishment, and then it was like my fellow murder and we can talk about a favorite heard about weak and it just got it just went from there and then I listened a couple. The first episodes- and you can tell like you- can he can hear us like creating this thing that, like it, wasn't a fully formed thing and draw like episode, fifteen or something that no one really has a fourth fly gets me. That's the trick, but nobody really understands people read some guy tweeted us did. Leading asking us. How do you get started upon gas and, first of all, like we're full and undertaking any lived their desire? I was easily but he'd like you, have to just make the first step of recording. That first thing and in all ass, you can find it and you have to be willing to make a bunch of mistakes and then just no it's gonna handle of their forever and then, if not
If it's really offensive in our case, you could just delete it. Anyhow, they have an old one that I would never like an old podcast. I started, and I we ve got really lucky because I hadn't cast on Pharaoh Audio guy who created that dust in marshals just like so cool and he's such a like. He hasn't this punk rock metalogy knows I. Can we start by getting like he s so behind just like got, you know, we just got a record it and put it out there and he was open to it through debt and for us like it. I don't think we really figured out what we were doing until I think it's episodes sixty eight sixty seventy. So like twenty or thirty two guy rallies added, I don't think I did like the first like research. Heavy episode was like Satan is around the satanic. Panic recalled as eight and silence, which is fantastic. If you're interested in that stop. That started like the Heavy Rica's before the first like fifty or sixty episodes. It wasn't that research heavy was like you know.
Couple hours before the shooting a couple hours like looking shit up, making, maybe a spreadsheet or something, but after Satan silence. As I oh shit, I love this. Like I love you, We get a lot of information and then it got to be were like a book a couple. A book synonyms just kind of built from their and our episode to fifty. And we're about to do Jack the ripper and you can see the stack of books that I had not thought only live now. If we think he gesture that people several times like. Do you see that
there's nothing in those books is the flowers earlier goddammit thousands book into shining seem like a masterpiece. There's no words, and I want to be like for me. I could read that at Yale by putting new appoint, were it's just so much because I love doing it so much like I've always been like nerdy book kid now. This is my job is like being a nerdy book. It underlines that, like being the expert that thing that I've discovered as we have all these people, that listen that are so passionate that when we fuck up it's like big alike, you mad, but actually it's this right and it's like that thing we're. Yet we don't have to be the way we do it. Thank God we want to be perfect about it, because there are people who are like die hard experts that no
every day and every staggering and you ve every single and that's the thing we seem to get feedback to it. It's never like you guys are idiots. This is the truth. It's always in addition to the information, and I think that so refreshing, except for this shit, where they get at us about when we are, we pronounced thing, I'd gone gone, mess up on a gun, donkeys how you are so intricate about these guns. They just shared and there's nothing more of noxious than a gun nerd. Yes, I shall make. I ll make a mistake about as caliber anger them. Nor did I think, as you don't give a shit like I did, I would have thought can learn. It's like, for example, like the Columbine episode, where I was suddenly thank you, but you know really. That was what people really focused on our hands. You know they used attack. Nines is their long range weapons and they did they.
It actually is techniques for long range weapons, and I got so many emails and tweets like the technology is a shooting gone for long range wrote weapon. I think you got that wrong. Like you know why, because their kids did they don't know what the fuck there do and they still use may got exactly GAD Van Cleve IRA they're nice guy moment a long range. Rather, I don't think it's a long range. I missed happily there eight for me my kid. There was the one thing that they got round. Yes, I like everything else, is bought, thought so good down the aisle someone's gonna, fuck and think you're serious about that. In fact, in the repute like so many, not something at the majority, the people that we get commenting ensure the fuckin coolest like the listeners, fucking, coolest, yellow and then there's one person who doesn't can get it like. Someone thought Neuro Republican, because we made jokes about we're all over the map is creeping
like people tell us that we're number one cook I get the word for my life. I had only one I'm sure that whatever is as a means of an active but also then were called like nazi- it's like all over this, but they don't know what to say they just got mad. They not upset about something they want to tackle. Summits. I use lean in what I want to ask you guess what you, what you feel your most controversial episode was because I know going to that the danger of hearken to your point Henry. We didn't black serial killers and we know for a fact that People on the left, oftentimes will want to. You know, put individuals I just don't like there's no black sea oracles people on the right, don't care! That's what's not talked about, and so that's. Why, Is it such a great job in Henry with research in that episode, and dig it a lot of black boy. That's a racist episode when, in reality, no this is a these people exist and their communities serves to have some like it or not. Only that a lot of life from why people firmly and with a very great I don't want to see the word diverse, because I think that the borders over used are. We have a great group people listening. Did you
ever find they just. May I can't wait for the apology tore you might do they know it won't be. What are my apology for two or what I apologizing for tour? Let me know than what last August on the left episode would be complete without a word from Adam and Eve. Dog com got Adam Eba COM and for a limited time only you'll get fifty percent off. Just about any item. You select your one item at fifty percent off. You also receive three free, Adele Dvds plus a free mystery gift to top it all off overthrown, free on your entire order, Adam and Eve dot com use the code alley after you check out, that's I'll eat empty and Adam and Eve dump. Use, T Adam and Eve
subject matter that you guys we're like how we should have talked about that. We talked about that. We weren't expecting the blow back, that we got people don't like children. They don't like deep, like heavy details of children, getting murdered, now and they fucking hate animals giving murder or Vienna which it, but I don't think they're mad about it, and it's like canvassing of like if you're gonna get if you're gonna fuckin research it you should know everything about it like I want research, a murderer and not look for crime scene photos, that's fucking, dick of meat alike. I can only died in this deep and now fucking understand the detailed and I think they don't like really rusty to do one thing, really hit me with bad about crimes. He murder specifically was going into a J Simpson. When we do that, then we can observe. Look at that because you don't really lies the ferocity of which you are a murder. Cheer almost choose peace with CAP de I am you will look at that milk, oh wow, somebody was really pissed off. I don't think I think everyone needs to fucking, see those photos and got a fucking wrong Goldman slumps in the fucking bushes.
We see that voting, you know he did such shitty karate defend always about working as a waiter, and there lay a thought I symptoms of professional work. We wanted a gust of all time ago, drifts freely green belt and all those pictures of him like doing great elected, was on him. He's got like yeah, yeah, yeah, tiny Norway's on his like Reza may, like I can do now. We just where the beginning. We were getting a lot of comments about how we need to be intersections feminists. What can you explain them I cannot. I personally resent shit like that, because it's like,
cannibalized when there is such a huge enemy out their lights of what are you fucking doing, but we did. We ve made some mistakes. Like recently, we said something talking about a Trans person said it incorrectly and the people who, whoever heard it took it like. We meant it as if it was derogatory yeah. We they took it into derogatory way, so in that used to piss me off, but now it has the feeling of like either you dont know us, or are you just need to do this more? So you understand where we? Actually? I'm really scared of like not. I want to be diverse in my in my murders. I don't want to just do it. You know the thing of life the white women who get killed it's just like no bigger killed seems like isn't happening. I must ask you how those are those are covered more than anything else. I don't want to do the work of this kind, but I also don't wanna be like you know, em sensational in and talk about. I don't know it's just
there's a lot of ways to fuck, there's a lot of eggs, I gotta on the opposite side of where you were talking about. I got called a social justice warrior on our there a bad they honour, manifestoes episode, because we're covering Elliot Roger
and I can went off on entire. It's like if a girl does not like you. It is your fault. It is your fault, you what you are doing something wrong if our own world, but yet have be girl, doesn't like any girl girl does not like you. It is your fault. You be really charming sometime slightly, if there's a guy on an area found very and that's exactly what people got mad about because being defensive, and I was like no, no, not enough a girl does not like you. It is your fault we heard my best, so I always say I'll have a little bit of soap left on my apology to twenty nine nine one of my apologizing for, but they didn't it yet. But they call me a social justice word and said that I was awful for saying that right and that means that that you're just being fucking nuts he's a shit dude. I met the social. Just like it's like your being
liberally you're. Being second, politically correct really has been a good fucking per se, but on the other hand, I got tweeted out by a guy the other day, who I think his name was proud white boy and he had yet a leg, swastika brow, yeah, big swastika, in a noose as his tweet arena. As his profile picture is just some like: hey here's video, the here's, the theories about the real Adolf Hitler and it was like an ape heart series of you to video, you look like love the shell of the collective group. Last, not only Van do not enough man. White men are proud of their weight. Has any meaning is I'm k again saying I saw over and over again I rode to any white homeless man. I can be proud that controversial the other dance winter was about to respond to someone who wrote to us very critically- and I was gonna- do
all the colors of the rainbow middle fingers and- and then I just went oh, this is giving them what they want, because when, when people interact in negative they always get a response. Is that you you're, always especially, I think comedy- are always ready to fucking snapped back and like try to you know, put someone in their place, whereas there's all these people who are like yours, I'm makes b b. I never even think of like going hey personalized response. Here for you, but but of course the second someone's criticising I it's just getting all the only way to get attention. I only do I only respond to the positive. I always mute, the negative. I will make Oji Simpson. Look like a priest. Wait, that's not good at what they do. Not they are in the world. Were priests are good people tired number two and twenty twenty one is getting so much better than the twenty nine. As you know, you know, it's really could do that as I do. The instrument obsessed with it
some asshole say some shitty thing and I'll go to respond and then, like fuckin, ten listeners will have already rip that fucking person apart and I d say, share its awesome. My mom taught me the most with a bill subtle best way to punish someone is shower with affection than sigh what size silence? If that's? What you do is you pick and choose and they can see, then the whole feed who chosen to respond to new you, don't user responds you re everyone's while if I'm really hammered out respond to a negative thing, but normally I do it. This is the same mother that fed the dog to death a really very soon hundred and hands. There was a two hour is chopped lab network used to see the dog anymore because she would listen to my mom's delight. Basically, ye would say, like you have, to give up its target of diet. Mom said you have no idea what you're talking about. I yo Take care of this daughter, my other, towards thirty pounds. Talking move any more than my mom's like we decided to.
August just so upset that we had to put it this way. I so then they killed the dog. She felt it really big, and then she Gaston about backing share a motherfucker with a zoo of man. Absolutely lack conversation that seems to be a growing from these cod catches is really relevant right because it seems to be translated into real life. You know actions we're selling our only shows, and I'm sure you guys are meeting these people in real life. I wonder why, Radio radio was dead, you know Now, I guess I wonder what the country would be like Specifically when it comes to these countries sort of conversations about true crime, they they would still just all be underground right. Well, I think what are they
just think things about these true crime chosen. I think one of the reasons why they are popular is because things are better now than they have ever been violent. Crime lies. Violent crime is at its lowest level, similar to new serial killers coming out of bed. In enemy we do deserve a, but I think, there's a lot more, a lot less people that are extremely intimately in touch with death, and so I think people account loud to be a little bit more fascinated binary ass. He was like ATLAS up until I think of the hour. Podcast. Do this thing not so there so many dramatized shows about your car Everything about your crime on TV is like a fuckin. He reenactment that super depressing right hawks like this and it's insane and then like a lot of them. You know that produce Prague Castle, really dark and fucked up, but Then, if you're not talking about it in a way that people like us really like Lui wheat,
for nice Joam around yeah, I just nice, you feel like I can be made of as it is me and now please accept my writing when people kind of identify with with the way we do it better. Just like fuckin, sick facts like we are sort of going back to Marcus is point. I mean the wind into your point. The whither. They cover these true crime things like forensic files and one that they make them seem like masterminds, but again mentally insufficient individuals who are no social. Whatsoever to weakest thing in the world to do is murder somebody it's so it literally the bid you gotta do the long colony gonna marry them yet boys on them too, then get them on a bill that that our snack, yes or no and put it in that with the yellow power it s step by step, is all about, and that is a step by step by step back on the black get kids area gap. It's really gets its leading.
A world where these serial killers oranges, empowered as they were before because I was now are we taking away their power? I think you're, taking away their powered by talking about them. You take their power in just the George. You know they just have terrible breath. Richard Romero, I mean BT case due to close the points raised by MRS Geyser, just idiots, who don't know how you don't take your themselves. You're gonna get murdered, as fact me, I was, I think, I'm gonna get. I ought to grow yet because I don't want to get murder now and will be great for our own means that I don't want him to be the one who got. I'm not gonna get murdered. While I do worry, when things you don't want him to be the one who goes, and that means you want me to be the one thing we should be me, I'm the one who would have the most maximum impact. If I die you have been aren't you he's been on tv more, you count more. If you ve been on tv mortar excitement, I am nervous that like pissing off,
murderer for sure, like Loverlike module. I did a cold case recently and I was like the guy who did. It is clearly this guy who's like alive and a fuckin, like attorney and as carers like you, we shouldn't have set us back in May. Do we do that on the air I was and so all of this is actually Josiah hearsay, and we don't know you like a legal shocking account right. It's called case, Andy's an attorney. Let's not yes, it's not safe for death or maybe just spur joking nice, my name I maybe I'd, had even hit me and I'll make of it. That's how we're learn. I mean those those kinds of experts the eye insinuated that a certain building owned by the USA should be destroyed downtown, and I know that you insinuation. I guess it is exactly like a simulated. I said it in a joking satirical man. That's the thing that should be done. If we really want to take back control of Man s down, whoever does that is gonna fuckin talk about hunters are asking how being the culprit and wondered
Madam president, I did my worst nightmare Ryan manifested real. If that is, the attitude is worried by this morning. When we talk about one credit, we talk about a we're friends with which are from our Ross, your browser, yelling orange with because it is through ad larsa news, discuss enemies, goes round, table gentle and they ve worked out. I'm Jeff Ross was in their Richard manifesto. He gave a shot out to him. Just emulate. Ok, here's one of my favorite comedian Jellia and they had a blast with it. We have what is ass off. What you know Economics listed in that Manifest Aurelio, Leno carried hard. Millions are UK might have been in there. I think you're, just like I'm so primarily honoured that I might like, amongst these other people. Chris again, no women come on women. How many pray? Let me have you ever gotten, some really like seriously disturbing emails or contact
or anything like that. Do not react reader emails anymore where are we going to do next? no nose up unworldly overtly sexual ma. I think that we do this thing where we ask sorry that I found tat, we really excise duties have got its sexual nature. Did you get my email them? Dick budget I now know doesn't know We will we ask listeners to send in their hometown murders of like the fucked up thing that happened when they are commonly. So you think people like so ended, emailing method, they don't email. I crazy, showing like some others put me males are crazy, but again people's him. I mean and there's a Well that her leg. This is my friend, or this is as the kind of that, our personal. Where we do, we don't want to go into that cause. It's like this, isn't about us, bringing anyone to justice like we waited, and we don't money. Into having come the new law enforcement genuinely to rein in the neck
administration, you guys could boast up a real crime. I get it one of her head of a broken crime thing with the crime thing we're head of a crime things in her eyes. Yes, I n c. I s second Karen and carry out their outfits solemnly get other wow, suddenly a that's. How receipts and share best reason to get into law enforcement is the outfit I love a good health had looked like a little fat batman. Have you thought about getting into you opposed to help me get that across to more people? I he Ufos story, I hate and I don't care about culture. I'm sorry, I'm sure I love a call, and I love. I love Crypt Zoology Isle of anything else. You F, o makes me feel like I'm going to
screaming I mean that they should feel ready. None of it makes sense, and everyone should just like git up change all the years weapons in going to John, I'm just saying, makes sense. If you let it makes you have let it makes a spear seafarers alive, and so, like sometimes wouldn t you ever thing and ties and no conspiracy, theory I'm into it right, but you gotta, favorites conspiracy, theory. I love you. I love a little one that John no, that M per Macartney died in a car accident like I can in the love all of that love the thing all our wish and they got you got replaced by a fuckin do that they like they they make. You feel was he wanted a look like contest. They liked even plastic surgery, for fifteen years after the first album that was in Power Macartney, he died. Cracks and owings epidemics I agree with that, actually is funny. Elvis Presley he's dead and got you meant Documentary Orion on Netflix right now,
this. Do you look just like oversee saying just like Elvis and they put a mask on him two years after the passion of Elvis? After all, that he was told. I got a couple of orion records. Oh no way there actually pretty saw that I recommended highly enough that, should you think you could it wasn t actually to dine at a very sad, tragic shoot me out. That's how you nonetheless, the pole Macartney things about is that there is an episode of, I think, its thinking sideways, where they do that, and I have to say I successor that I love it. I do like it echoed it's about, because that's my all they are guilty of that you could fuck with reality. Really they later. That's all. It is the kind of entertain that idea, which are absolutely good. Then you open up a whole avenue of thinking that party is real, and so that means given that soon wanna get it, you got you don't say India with its dangerous, better guys and ends up at a comet pizza with a gun or not, but he is public at this point he is he not per Macartney, because poverty, exam
How do you view the way to being a chaos? Madeira engaged, I fuckin le I love like will you I mean steam bear shit. I fuckin law, the man. I love the Lincoln Credit Union. Four Larry fell horrifying and real. I mean now Israel has now. It just seems like you, you see who not who took Johnny. Yes, I can't watch if it's very brutal, but it's real dear leave that do, though the fuckin guy got what's his name I really am at the tea table came in and I M not second deposed, and it was like I, he was part of this hard x ray it's like a great Magee yeah,
mark Martian, making direct payments for so many years under a dragoon. I guess I think that he did you and what was the final internally Rodriguez TAT was the name the utility of is a victim or dog. No, no, no, it was a victim turn aggressor. I am completely. I completely believe, and I think that there is a part of the U S, government and we ve talked about the couple times at use uses. That is a way as a smokescreen in order to blackmail. People are to get them to do what they need them to do. Absolutely man, that's the one thing. I mean jeered folk. When he was arrested. No one remembers: he was texting, accompany to give him a boy to give him a girl, the text it a company we're doing what I dont know already. Let's I can say is that as a compound internationally plan lonely, but no one was like you they're, like oh he's, gonna get a six interim prison lol who was used. And how would who is delivering him? These children, that's right and there's the pipeline from foster gear in those sorts of things, go right into a disaster. It again the guy,
other ideas it s doing, but let us also dismissing the fact that, like it, so fucking ease like he was screaming like fourteen sixty years. That's it dismissing the fact that that's probably really fucked museum. Some say it's like that's, not a complicated thing that you need a fucking right, a fuckin text message to accompany you can just go like to second Craigslist and finally, have you in Georgia, Disease personal experience. May I just say, leave her. I believe, and I had a rough job and I can talk about it. We all were forced to work. Earl appointment would give you gave me a back about european workers. I ate. I think that its, albeit in plain sight, in the fact that there are certain things that are already happened, are very much so like that. You know me like nine. Eleven was obvious I don't know in my head was arrive every item. I tell people in your pockets, it's our time. I'm fuckin go but go to nine eleven and fuck in Germany there is a fucking bastard.
So, finding his Germany's, the other when we get the most push back on by far the when we get the most push back on. Only I wanna hear about fucking dead Kennedy. They want you lucky that than dead, but we are about to push back on your theory about it, both both the theory and just our temperament in general. In handling the case. The fact that we are what has been called a reverent I had to say your impression of Charles angers me through a very difficult time, and I part of the reason I was laughing so hard is because I was thinking of the people who would be so in fuel oil sewing on going. I am tell you that I listened to a recording of his boy. This is that we talked a knowing it wouldn't matter. If it does it matter, what any end users healer use of the own up to the speech you made a city like I'm doing. It may be so happy that, like I'm part of that, I am not just listening to this thing. Talking about it, it's just like so
Fucking horrifying an awful like I'm laughing at this and that's the kind of person. I am I'm fuckin so glad at me, but you re people. People were defending a like a mole tie ports. Murder, murdered murderers, like how dare you Racist against, Charles literally, you do realize, like he'd Naga pay em, he did videos like a real person, an end result, character and early. I was born in art sang. I realise that was a really good access to accommodate. I actually think that to my head- and this is if it was appropriate if this is a different time, I've you could put some make up on play Charles Inefficient, and I would do it very well and I'm not saying like just cartooning I have there was depths of area. I have. I have emotions for the character of trolls that ip aid in because it did really was just them, a man that did not steam where he fit in life? I was angry about it, yes,
Maybe you don't go back to that time that wanted to demand friendship, man right on another feeling in and tell them what he's gonna bring to who doesn't want to know that up top. Yet the bologna aware that easy for I was I was that I knew what I was gonna bring. I don't fucking now I gotta do what are you? What are you guys bring to each other's friendship? I'm always on time, I'm never on time it under vulnerability here, the icy one. Do you like that? How do you guys did your friendship? You guys, like really close now from travelling time and do and work together on TAT was a good thing when you feel like you're, still feel like we ve moved a part here. We have a lay just started travelling together, so I learned a lot about a friend when you, Dr Weir, learned and it was good, it's really It has really helped our friendship once we learned how to travel each other here and will also
cause you're married, so we don't actually real, like it'll will be like a working to go on this day. There's nano it there that we don't have to do a lot of that I doing that. I couldn't do that, I'm purposes because I just got off like a fuckin seven year career with my friend alley. Ward were that's all we fucking dead and it like kind of made us inside yeah bring together, is right, really fucking hard times trying to maintain this thing like when Karen and I get into fucking Brooklyn we're so happy to see each other because, like people are fucking dicks when their travelling occurred, four percent and I want to put that on her and so just like forced times it's over. It's we're because like when we started, I had this job that took up all my time, maybe retired, and also made a lot of my said stories that I recorded terror because of what it is. That kind of thing we're like. We didn't really have the time to do extensive, hang out or any of that, and I think it's like I don't know. What's that, keep it fresh thing that I think is actually helping us
you know I I try not to take her for granted or like take the situation for granted, because it's like those almost like I have to go, do that I urge me money and then I get to go. Do the thing I love Gatt round. We do have hang answer financing years and yet only nine is about rolling with everybody lives and not be dramatic. That's what I found in this business just role with everything, because its goes is just gonna, be in saying there's only ever variables happened. We do that we, both in and dealers a couple times, so we kind of no the dynamic and how its really fucking tat the pitfall. Yassir, your I think, we're in a good place to like work well together will mark is, and I always enjoyed travelling together, I get airplane drunk which is drunk.
I'm on the ground, but I'm in the air is today it's the party row. It's not your visits from the less. We were ultimately writer. What are these played trips? That thing was about to go down and Margaret was shown aired, and I was like Margo and thought it was a really fun moment. You're scared. You were the worst thing that could happen. We die, I dont bad said their terms like for the person my fuckin might everything's workin out everything scourge goddamn it you want to die integrity in the Atlantic Ocean, I'm in a separate playin like highly I d, never again to a situation where you haven't already thought about the way I'm gonna Diana. Yes, of course it's just there always there. I use that if I die early, it's great career while famous has from their own out as long as that, I know that so my I'm jealous of my don't even think about it.
Goes down. Are you the most famous person on it does not know what gives you know? I will be used as a political when spoken throat, so that the guy who killed David Bowe, monoplane or whatever approach of ivory, if he's on my plane, lands, I'm in winter therapy create crashing plain slasher ambassador was only Wang. Horrible adds everyone crying, and I love your whenever something like another player out. You like how sorry I'm so sorry, sorry, my final ass day. My final word, but that is one of the interesting things and we'll wrap it up here, but one of the core things about covering all this true crime. It does make you less afraid of death. I really believe, I'm Just as my anxiety like when I before we did this, and I would stay up all night, looking at crimson photos in reading about Fucking I've been watching me shows any ways, and then I'd have to take a break, because I got so depressing fucked up, unlike scared, but now it's my job, and so it's not as bad. It's like I have to be reading, let others horrible things so it didn't. I solved that given paid too.
Scared is pre, eminently a dream. Come true, heart is what I wanted, except does Marcus gets really really sad when it comes to answer the child's be in bad bugs me, nobody get yeah. I didn't thereupon. Obsession recently rise like this is she's like what are your triggers like reading up buck, getting killed all the time. Gimme a break bulldozer? Wouldn't you we're living in me like do a thing about people getting murdered old times? I know you are a mess. Dainty explains everything for me the really hard was like, for example, the last epizootic children, a God, we're still in the middle of the torrent got up so, but the last one was about all of the issues pedophilia, molestation, all that type of stuff, so what researching the episode like I'm just going aired like next that next step next step, just gotta get to the episode we record the epoch, and then I am added, and then I added ash yeah. I added the episode I press release and then it's just like just like four like it all, so
comes in and it all just overtakes mean sometimes it'll be like a day, to where I have to stand and you're pretty much just go be allowed Well, when you really know what the world is like and what really happens, and you can't pretend it's not. In every person you see on the street and every he story, you hear your fuckin thinking of it. From that perspective, it does get you if you're already prompted oppression, which I think we probably all our it. If I can get you D Ye, did you see that I'm sure you did? I commend area about the the survivors of the house in either ivory of what it'll all second honorary heavy rollicked second generation, kids that were born into the call drug at most drug ladder, drug addicts, lot of suicide anyways. I watch that in those like. Oh I'm, never going to watch anything like that again, like that's. Why don't I launched who took Johnny because I D,
wanna watch a mother who either whether she's, crazy or she's rise of lost her son. Oh, it's is like that part is so hard that why even why go there when it's hard enough so if you want what you really like light, hearted documentary dear Zachary mandate as I am down- and I'm feeling now- I'm just like. Oh my god he's at that's an eighty, don't ruin the ending of Zagreb, boilers and agreements right like Happy spent at the annual zig, no way to know the last. What are we trying to flip out of the variability? Why, at the end of our episodes we started being like so it's the best thing that happened? It's because it such a barometer be like, and then they all got money.
That in died? Things were listening everyone! You can't do that. Just with us, it ended with and now you're gonna kick next episode. You're gonna hear how one of those kids got. Molested became. Batman, live dates come up here, but I saw your motion and of all that the twitter, beyond the insecurity of our will, think you get so much for being here. We love you, I love you re so cool. Then I often think here tell your inspiring as the only people. Thank you so much for talking about us on your show. So many people have found us through you and hopeful. Hopefully vice versa. So it's been wonderful talking with you guys think you're. Having my favour. Murder check it out a right and that these data I do to get it right in the first place. Now you have to say I was just going to say monk installation,
Hey man, you I go more, shows what the one just to go to cave, calmly, radio, dot, com.
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