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Abe Lincoln's Top Hat: The State of Our Union

2018-02-01 | 🔗

In an effort to show you what else we got going on at The Last Podcast Network, we're dropping our latest episode of Abe Lincoln's Top Hat into your feed. On this one, Ben and Marcus discuss the State of the Union address, dynasty politics, and how much milk Joe Kennedy drinks.

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Hey last podcast listeners in an effort to let you know what else we got here on the network. Here's an episode,
Abe Lincoln stop at the politics. Show that me and been do together. If you want to check it out, awesome if not no worries but either way here is the episode we just recorded on the state of the union. L yourselves, ladies known work. All all Abe, Lincoln's top hat posted by Ben Kissel, get fooled again. The show you been canceled, as always I'm staring at the face of Marcus Parks. It has a lot less saliva than Joe Kennedy. Nice market was in saliva, alright, we'll get into the democratic two tribes stated in a little bit later in the show. Eleven does not stay that shiny for that long. What is things around their mouth remember when TED Cruz he's awful stone, yeah I've never
I've, never seen a human being with things on the side of their on the side of their face. Maybe what's with the guy that I like so much did: Jeff Bridges, Jeff Bridges, the movie cape at something going on with that was a character choice. The Joe Kennedy, the third wanted to go on there with a globular, but anyway it will also get to the actual so stand civil content of his speech, as well as, in addition to his chapstick problem, some catch phrases thrown around there, but we'll get into that. So, let's talk here about the state of the union. First off there was a retreat for the Republicans. Today they were going to celebrate. I suppose what they thought to be a great state of the Union for Donald Trump as markets, and I talked about before the show the bar is low, and I know that we have to we shouldn't even think about that, but that is the reality Donald Trump when he goes and performs publicly at these at events like the state of the union, if he can speak and not follow,
or call somebody fat or call somebody ugly. Yes an remember that it is not about whether Trump did a good job or not or how good is this? How good of a performance this is compared to other trump performances. That should only be compared to The presidential performance is that this is not the. It should not be seen
whether or not this is a good performance for Donald Trump or good speech for Donald Trump. Whether this is a good performance for president of the United States of America. Well, I thought there were some good take aways and then, of course, there were some negative take aways, I'm sure that you've seen the opinion polls at this point of very high approval for the speech. Eight in ten Americans who watched us said that they felt emboldened empowered pride in their country, two thirds said the exact is is said, similar things. However, you have to remind yourself, Democrats and left leaning people and a lot of people who have to go to work did not watch. It tends to be state of the union or consumed by people who voted for that individual. So a republican or a trump supporter that most likely are gonna, be the ones to need in to Donald Trump's, first state of the union. So look at those numbers with a little bit of a grain of salt because you don't have a full
proper polling sample of the overall electorate right. So let's get into the the substance of the speech, starting with what we all knew. He was going to be talking about touting that the economy tell you his tax reform, he's on the road right now again speaking to individuals about the tax reform bill that they were able to pass. Folks are going to start seeing some rewards coming in their paychecks beginning here in February. Us so he's very proud of that. He got a lot of a lot. A lot of praise for some for the most part, bi partisan support there. The congressional black caucus did not stand one time, even when Donald Trump mentioned african american Unemployment, black unemployment. It has, at a forty five year, low hispanic unemployment is down. I believe it to us. I forget what year low and then unemployment in general is down to a seventeen year low
they made a decision not to stand. I thought the optics were all little awkward, but that was obviously there right. That was there hash tag or resist moment. I don't know if it really resonated great with the american people, but again that the people who were watching most likely Trump supporters most likely Republicans and the left probably doesn't care if they seem to be less than cooperative or respectful to Donald Trump. Of course, I believe that we have to respect the presidency as an office, and I was a little bit not dismayed, but a little bit disappointed in some people for not going to the state of the union, but I also understand that those individuals are represent. Consider
you went and they themselves don't believe that Donald Trump is worthy of the office, so I get it, but at the same time, I think, if you're invited to the state of the union Union the other members of the union, all of the union, you should go, but that's my personal opinion and I don't have a problem with them, not going, but that's I I just feel like we are losing so much of our respect for for for for the country and things like that, and it will it when, when it comes to Donald Trump again I get the reason why? Well I mean you up, I think a part of it is that a Donald Trump is taking credit for a lot of things that he's. Should not be taking credit for I mean- and I know every president does this. You know when the economy is going well, they they say it's my! It is doing the Konomi is going bad. They say it was the last guys doing, but with a lot of the eccu.
Make gains in a lot of the things, the positive things like just, for example, the black and hispanic unemployment that he claimed were due to him both of those things I'll both of those things Is there an a lot of the things that he talked about as his own accomplishments? Those were all trends that began in the Obama years and not leaving late into the Obama years, like MID Obama years like these, things that it was an early bombing years either work have been attributed to George W Bush. I mean the things they would that work, but starting about me years that could be attributed to the Obama here. Of course, you could never attribute anything economically to George W Bush when it comes to Barack Obama. When Barack Obama took office in no way we were in a recession, he did it do a good job of getting this out of it said recession. Donald Trump took over a fairly strong economy, one of the issues with Obama because of some of the regular
is that he had put in place with the growth was slow and Donald Trump is saying because I've, you know a de regulated, so much of our industry. The growth is coming faster because of me and sort of with the kind of when you draw left in NASCAR kind of drifting on the Obama legacy and saying that he is even taking it one step further as he drifts past and pushes the metal to the floor deregulation. In a lot of these cases is dangerous. He did not, yeah in some cases the such as the offshore directly, which is anyone any any, no sure it's safe and less. Of course it's in Florida yeah, which is very interesting. You know, I wonder if he's tried to perhaps with a stated a couple years, extremely interesting, and course they're governor is also looking to really get involved in more national politics. Yeah. I and dear deregulation. It's you know it
same thing. We see you get it again as I I think we are going to see because of Donald Trump. Some short term gains. You're gonna see some some short term talk about economic gains here, busting your wallet. If you are receiving that tax credit, because we're going to be getting that that's that is definitely going to happen, but those short term gains are going to come at the cost of the future we see it again and again well, which is why I am upset that the corporate tax cut has been made permanent and the Bill Clinton Tax cut is not because who do you think is going to be footing the bill in the future when the, taxes go up or in one party cannot legally have their taxes go up and the other ones us will have our taxes go up whenever they need it. And I mean he said these things are a it's going to come back to bite us in the US in the future, and it's a it's a it's a it's a short term fix, and you know- and it we talked about this, last week where this is a reelection fix this is
midterms in twenty twenty going to be it's a mid term fix people are going to be seeing some very real economic consequences from Donald Trump's and the Republicans policy, and it's going to be about the average age of a positive consequence, yeah the average age of a trump supporter. They don't really have to look to the future. They don't have their own thirty or twenty five. You know they don't really have a lot of future to go so they say you know. Perhaps the next generation can deal as I collect a little bit more money right now, but at the in time. We should remember there are a lot of really hard working people out there who want to feed their families, and a thousand bucks goes a long way thousand bucks does. Let me go along way, but when the consequences come in the future, when the chickens come home to roost on all this, we're going to feel it so Let's go into a little bit more of the speech, that was economics that got applause fairly bipartisan in some ways. But there is a lot of very interesting things.
Than the economy other than tax reform. When it comes to immigration, he a quickly Kate's Dhaka and illegal immigrants, undocumented immigrants with the MS thirteen gang, and he paints the mall with the exact same brush. He had individuals there. There was a lot of power, ones that Donald Trump used during this 4d chess match markets. In this case it was- and you know, I'm not being mean or route to these people. They lost a daughter, it was a killer, the sweat pants, I believe in these in these mickens, though they were the two, were killed by MS thirteen gang members and their parents were there. This was in long island, so these two individuals lost her life to an MS thirteen to MS thirteen gang members, horrible
their families obviously distraught and devastated. But I think it's important to remember. First of all, immigrants have a less crime rate, have a lower crime rate. This isn't so much love then then, then it's not just immigrants undocumented, exactly exactly in the second of all. They all part of these. Ms thirteen gangs he's really propping up this gang in a way that I have never seen before, and he is attempting to use them to again paint an entire group of people, my phone there is an immigrant and, to my knowledge he is not currently in MS thirteen. I don't think he joining unless they want a six foot. Four german immigrant to really go take out the trash. Last time I saw him he didn't have a teardrop tattoo in no point as he referenced any kind of like prison activity. So I I think it is. It was uh
needed and dangerous that Donald Trump tries to warm all immigrants together with this gang, which every single person agrees is horrible, it's, not as if they were allowed to murder or Robert whatever they get arrested, they get, they get sentenced it. What they do is a legal and that they are treated as if they've just committed a crime when they were busted for crime, so they pretended there's this notion out there that somehow, under demented people or illegal immigrants. If you want to say that get away with murder and they point to Kate Steinle, this very unique outlaw your situation that occurred in San Fran. Cisco and obviously the individual that committed that crime. I thought the the jury was wrong. Just like TED Bundy thought but I thought the jury was wrong. In that case, none the less he's still detained at a federal prison. So it really is it's it's not true. When it comes to this idea,
that undocumented people have more rights under our current little justice system. Then citizens well the argument that a lot of anti immigrant people make is, Well, if that person, it is a matter that it's already illegal, if those people weren't here at all, then that person would still be alive, but that, but that's the other reason that that's not reason corks never even begins work. No, that's not how human beings work. I mean you, you can make an argument that if we didn't have cars, the no one would drive a no one would die in car accidents short. You know it's, it's the it's the same kind of logic and I think they're just you know it is so there are just other- are some bad individuals who in this country. We all know and the criminal justice system is dealing with them, just as they dealt with them under. Obama, when it comes to ice, there's a reason. Obama always name Deporter in chief, this whole notion that somehow the federal government has been easy on these people is a it's just, simply not accurate. It is not true and I think it was
a massive obviously disservice to Dhaka, to those kids to try to them in the same light as gay, members of a very violent gang that is heavily by by our intelligence community and by our police force so we had a soldier from ice or a, I guess, an agent from ice, so least Tino Martinez he was there. He pointed him out in the to really talk about again, MS thirteen and that is really a cornerstone in him, formulating his immigration policies, and I think that that is not a good place, because it's not indicative and it's not representative of actual undocumented immigrants, but that is formulating or help him for helping him formulate his immigration policies, and I think what a world view issue it's very much world
issue, but I think it it's also what he's trying to pain years he's trying to paint a legal immigrants as for, if it criminals. So I think it's really important to point out well it so when they get put into prisons, we won't mind so my well that was go to it. But that's the thing is that this is not a this. This kind of tactic is not something that is specific to Donald Trump or to Republicans I mean you look back at what Bill Clinton. The Clintons did Oh my keys with super predators. You know like I'm thinking they use this gang thing as a way to fill up the prisoner, the prisons, so we won't also bad. So we think they deserve it. Ding ding Ding, I gotta hot, take Ding ding ding hot take moment. I watched Bill Clinton State of the union from ninety four. I highly recommend it. It sound
more conservative. The Donald Trump did last night. Really it is four Rific. He is talking about the prison industrial cut that the prison industrial complex in this is where he proposes three strikes and you're out in the crowd. Democrats and conservatives, Republicans and liberals went crazy. They loved it. They ate it up. Bill Clinton was such a wolf in Sheep's clothing. When it comes to criminal justice reform, he set us back so far. He in you know he's walking in Strom, Thurman's behind and literally a member of the KKK. His policies did more damage to communities of color to impoverished communities than any Republican could ever even dream up. Go back Watch Bill Clinton. Ninety four and you'll just scratch your head out on how any conservative could think that he's a liberal. It is absolutely fascinating. And that's not to say that what Donald Trump is doing right now is right, like we're not doing what about it, we're not doing what about ism here now we're just
This is the problem in this country for years and years and years, exactly that. What we're saying here is that this is a systematic problem. Yes, is something that has existed for a very long time and it is new into Obama's credit. He actually took this on lowering the cocaine from five times more punished than powder cocaine. He took it on. I think he could have done a lot more, but he tried the very least to steer the ship in a more appropriate direction when it comes to our criminal justice reform, of course, that Jeff Sessions is taking it in the exact opposite direction. Absolute, and that one of the people- and it must be noted- maybe we'll get to this later on, but good old Joe Kennedy is right in line with Jeff sessions when it comes to drugs? Marijuana, it's unbelievable, so you got to read between the lines in these situations. Donald Trump talking about immigration. Talking about the wall now right, so we sort of compromised a little bit on the walls are calling it a wall structure. It won't be just a twenty million dollars with a concrete poor
on the border of the deadly it'll have dates, and maybe a motor media when she's will be in there. I got a motorcycle, the Rio Grande, I'm sure you know we just gonna expect. I have not just I have no idea, but it seems as if they're sort of trying to go with more rational idea yeah. Obviously you can't just have a twenty foot wall on the southern border Americans. It will. There are so many issues with it, you're going to put it in the middle of the Rio Grande. If you put it in Mexico, war. That is an active all four of you know and there's just not a lot. You have to be rational about the proposal. It seems as if he's trying to come around to an idea that is actually plausible. So we talked about the and then transition that into prison reform and the interesting thing about this prison reform mixed with his immigration program,
if you listen to him, he talks about how he wants to find integration programs back into society for people exiting prisons. Ok sounds awesome, I'm like you absolutely! We have to do that right now they are throne. After twenty years, incarceration ten years incarceration thrown out to society with fifteen dollars or what they came in with without a lot of money if they still even have that there who knows. And then he transitions into talking about immigration in the context of arresting and detaining which is just the fuel that feeds the prison industrial complex, the ten percent of prisons that are private, get the vast majority of undocumented individuals the thing about when we are rested technically: theoretically, we have constitutional rights, you will rest on undocumented individual there is no constitutional right. There is nothing he's talking about by the way we opening Guantanamo Bay we got caught.
Obeys all over this country, private prisons? Are people are treated just as bad there as we do enemy combatants as we enemy combatants. In the now newly opened Guam demo Bay, which was a fascinating opening if you think about it in context of what we're talking, about regarding war with N Korea, everything he's coming back again yeah. We can This is going away, look what we we can get to North Korea here in a in a second, but just back to immigration. You know talk about them as a teen gang bringing on the ice agent and Gration policy for me, is just absolutely horrific when it comes to this idea. Cutting funding for sanctuary cities, This idea that the federal government has full so much federal overreach when it comes to states rights, and I understand immigration is formed at the federal level. I get that, but I still believe that states should have the right
to be the home for cities that want to be sanctuary cities, if that's the politics that had been agreed. On within those within those societies, and the idea that the federal government is going to go in and cut funding specifically to New York City. Who pays three hundred thousand bucks? I believe a day, the House, the Trump family? Here? Yes, it's a it's a total nightmare to go up fifth avenue. I almost wish it would. It would be less. There would be less police run. Of Donald Trump actually did shoot. Someone on Fifth ave and what's going on right now, so his immigration policy, I find it to be hawkish. I find it to be just intellectually sound, and that's where I really have an issue. So let's go to another fella that was in the crowd, this guy G sing HO he lost his leg while trying to escape North Korea brutal stuff happening there. This transition into Donald Trump talking about what's going on in North Korea,
and I got the feeling, as you were watching this. This reminded me of a of a W Bush yeah. This reminded me of the early days of selling the Iraq WAR North Korea they spent four percent of their gdp on military, the military says the US military, mad dog, Mattis all these folks say that they are closer to having a nuclear warhead on an icbm. They say they're just a couple of months away, which is much order timeline than was previously expected. Scott. The feeling ISIS is defeated. They're bragging about ice being defeated. As a matter of fact, they had army staff sergeant Justin Peck on there who saved a persons life while liberating rock up, and you get so another thing that is already on the decline and it may been accelerated, but it was also accelerated at the cost of civilian lives. Well, now done,
Trump has sort of freed up the military, so you no longer Brock. Obama would approve every drone strike. There were far too many civilian casualties under Barack Obama, and I think when he pulled out of Syria, it is a c it's a series of mistakes from a series of presidents, so I'm not just going to lay that lay the only got the blame on on Brock. A bomb or one individual, but I thought I thought pulling out of Syria: there really allowed for ISIS too good to get a stronghold and create this idea that they might possibly even be able to have a caliphate which is now completely destroyed. You can just see the magnifying glass shifting to North Korea, and it feels to me if the state of the unions are intent. What they are intended to be is a proposal. What proposals will Yeah unveiled or unfurled throughout the year seems to me, like, within this year, we might see some actual military action when it comes to North Korea when it comes to Kim Jong Moon. What does it mean?
do we do what we did in Iraq, which theoretically we won after Saddam Hussein was, was hung of course it's not true. What happens to the twenty five million North Koreans dispatch China. We have a massive, a massive refugee problem. I think most of them would go to China. Culture Really it's more similar, specifically when it comes to style of governance. What would happen if we go in and have military action taking place in North Korea? What's victory? What's not victory? Is it a proxy war, through the Russians were heavily financing North Korea. What does that mean? We have a situation where Donald refuses to to improve, the sanctions that were passed in a bipartisan manner against the Russians, which is a much bigger deal than it's being made out to me right. Is it this is it? This is a huge thing that I mean it's about the closest to a constitutional crisis that we've had well, it's fascinating. I mean Congress passed sanctions and Donald Trump refuses to implement. Yes, that is, I mean that is a almost textbook. Constitutional crisis
this is amazing. So in the context of you, know global, for policy in war and peace. What would it look like? We have the Olympics coming up, it's obviously going to be in South Korea. We have Kim Jong Hoon attempting to create a little bit of stability. A little bit of pc's other north korean officials are meeting with some south korean officials in the demilitarized zone, which is quite significant. They are rarely do it, so I do think they wanna have a p. Full winter Olympics 'cause if they mess with my curling. If ice skating, this interrupted for even a second, I will freak out and there's a big year for ice skating. Oh shoot your favorite Anya coming out everyone again, the situation that happened in Hawaii a couple weeks ago when it was the fake missile test? person was like it's real evidently, by the way that person who was working for this for this government of Hawaii for the for the gun, went over there. That said, it's real. He kept on healing messed up all the time. They're like he had a history of treaty,
tests as if they were real, then why? only job is to be intelligent enough, like that and apparently in the in the in the message that they got. It said like test over and over and over again, it's like no, don't worry about it, real and the guy still just like freaked out. He is the opposite of the guy who saved the world. The Russian who the Russians thought on their satellite they saw seventeen missiles coming from the USA is like, let's think about it. This guy was like well, we better and get on it. The reason why the governor didn't come out to calm down everyone because he could remembers twitter password so which I understand, I'm I'm for government would password many it died. You know, I'm also not the governor of a United States, Denver of a state. I think it's
I g e is, as name Iggy. I think it is yes that was so embarrassing, but that's okay. So the tension is a really there in you. You can feel it ramping up. People are getting. Did you know they are? They are really getting concerned when it comes to North Korea. How much of this is Donald Trump, a ten to get a rally around the flag moment, the political side of this very real Donald Trump. Despite the fact the economy is doing well, sits at on a great poll. Forty percent. Would the american people? Do you we have the will to go into a military situation with a ballistic regime not yet and you can just see the slow but Marcus. I'm not not yeah. I've got some say not not yet I mean yes, I live six months who just let you know he also had the parents of on a warm beer which was unbelievably sad that case? If you don't, if you have
thanks and I'm assuming you probably haven't. I don't know how a lot of people who have listened to his father talk about on a warm, be used. Of course he was the person who was detained for over a for stealing a propaganda poster dumb thing to do in North Korea. If he did it, I don't believe anything. But who knows his father describe what it was like without a worker came back. He said his teeth were rearranged literally top on the bottom bottom. On the top, his legs were both broken. He had couldn't hear he was blind, Alleviate a tongue, he said he was shrieking like a non human he's. He was, he was gone yeah. It's it's brutal, it's extremely sad! So we have the we have the The escape from North Korea, we have auto warmbier's parents, there, it sugar, it's sugar and spice you've got you've, got the inspiring story right at the horrific story, all better same time, any exact you know, so we wanna go liberate this guy or people that that this guy represents- and we were
go make sure that never happens again to auto warmbier exactly and it's just the just watch. This low tread 'cause. I see it happening and I think we're going to get closer and closer and closer to military action in north korea- and it's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen. My prediction is this year: if it's going to happen, it happens this year and if it happens before the midterm elections, what does that actually look like what does mean. If history is any indication, I think it would help the the party in power. I think so, and I think that that would help the Republican and you've got the property. This evil, even if the low level and info wars Alex Jones, you know the all right media that are bang on the door. Yeah the anti globalist alt right that I don't want foreign intervention and less horsepower trump is doing it or setting up a global government or being literally the
planet and in helping create it, yeah uhhuh yeah, a against all this stuff and last on Trump, is doing it. They've been beating the drum for North Korea for awhile. Now in it, I thought of when I'm starting this the North Korea I mean we all in the thing, is we all agree of course people are starving. We all agree I want. I wish those twenty five million people were living, much better lives. We all agree, and the horrific thing that I'm starting to see is that if you really want to see where The policies go. If you want to see what's going to happen in the future, you look at the guys on the bottom. You look at the little guys, you know All of this shit kind of started from the bottom up. You know it all starts at these low levels and then slowly worms its way up two american consciousness Ann Alex Jones and all those guys, they've and bright part. They beat the drum man, I mean they. They beat the drum hard and you know looking at what possible minute military intervention in North Korea like what is that look like to?
we had a truce. Do we have troops on the ground marching into Pyongyang like do we have Do we have lawyers airstrikes? Do we start with their strikes? The my because we have quite a few troops in South Korea all right, I would, I would be willing to bet, obviously there war game in a lot of scenarios. I would be willing to bet a nationally. It just begins with airstrikes On their military on the military complexes on their air strips on all of their missile facilities, the best the ones that we know of best of our knowledge, North Korea. It is quite remarkable, as a matter of fact, how little information slips through yeah. That place is on lockdown yeah, so we really don't know what's going on and to one think we did just find out recently is they they think steam? What's team? Is no it's like an online gaming server? You know it's like
the story that you go to where you can Essentia Lee by just computer games and they released a map of everyone that has a steam account in the entire world and there's one little dot North Korea steam account hilarious It's also so. One answer or literally eating bugs and he's just like well yeah. I you know I I can't wait. I can't say that That is an absolute fell asleep. That is, I will admit, that's a meme that I saw uh well. It was something that it wasn't an image that I saw on Reddit, but entirely trust. It kind of seems like it should be. True, went went, went until he tries to Swat Donald Trump there's a person in the White House with a nuclear bomb. Swaddle go there and take care of
business. I guess I also really would you you mentioned under wins. I want to talk about this. One point in the speech that when his it is gone completely under the radar from corporate media Donald Trump. Was discussing his cabinet and he was discussing how his cabinet he wants Congress to give them the right to basically purge anyone who is anti trump. It's and it's just kind of subtly put in there. This is the life He said ten. I I call on the Congress to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers singing and sounds like Kim Jong, and that's exactly what you're putting Kim Jong Hoon it's it's very dictator. It should sound horrible end to. Do federal employees who undermined the public, trust or failed the american people. What the fuck does that mean and no one
Well, I'm sure some people call it, but as soon as I heard that I was like my spider sense was like woo hoo with fascism. What's going on own believable, so talking about it purging the government of anyone, disagrees with his administration in this goes to the larger issue that we're seeing right now, specifically coming from the Republicans specifically coming Devin Nunez, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee regarding this memo, this board page memo that supposedly shows Barack Obama colluding with the Justice Department to undermine and derail the campaign if they are so good at fixing elections, Hillary loste yeah, so you know as I said, on Fox NEWS there worse than fixing a contest then
Pennsylvania, Polka, king and I I watched the documentary fix the election who fixed a beauty pageant for his wife. She got dead last. It was amazing, it's the men who would be polka king. It's only like an hour long, seven minutes, six, seven minutes! It's all right! I have I watched at night before last. It's it's amazing! Honestly. If cheers had seat belts, I'd say buckle in it's a crazy story that I want Jack Black actually made a movie about it. I watched after that is, it is any good on to the documentary is better because it's just the guy John was a young Luanda young Lee on the vine, my poker, it's it any about a polka, a polka musician who started a ponzi scheme on accident, he's also the american dream by the end of it. You know I like the guy. I don't think he did anything that wrong. There were a lot of people who he anyway advantage out. He took the puck up pretty bad yeah. He he he
I'm not a man, a man with a dream who got in too deep that could have gotten out and was given a couple of chances to get out. Didn't know what I still didn't get out all right now, what anyway so check out the documentary so when it goes to this released, the memo stop Donald Trump at the end of the state of the union said it's one hundred per one hundred percent, I'm going to release it, despite the fact that his some members of his cabinet, and specifically when it comes to the generals or like I don't think we should release it bad idea, yeah when it comes to Donald Trump, the question: can he release it? Guess anything, a president releases is no longer classified and he could tweet out everything tomorrow hectic Lee. That would be one hundred percent legal. If a president releases it it's not classified and well within his constitutional rights. So we have the situation where Devin Nunez wants to or newness wants to really take extraordinary steps using
provision that has never been used. When it comes to this intelligence committee to release this memo. That again, mostly shows this Obama administration colluding with the colluding with with intelligence communities to derail and undermine a Donald Trump's campaign? It goes into that larger, now that we're seeing right now of purging anyone who disagrees with the president when it comes to Peter when it comes to Peter struck and LISA Page all those text, messages that were exchanged, fifty thousand text messages. This idea RON Johnson from Wisconsin was pushing of c. But societies which turned out to be a joke regarding Vladimir Putin and beefcake calendars. We're going to send around the office for a good giggle and a good laugh after theoretically, Hillary Clinton won. This is the secret No, that everyone was talking about this uh, everyone had visions of bohemian grove and,
It seems that I think should have been deleted from the movie JFK, but it but it, but it proved to be nothing and so now we have a situation where the intelligence community, how that information was gathered. A lot of people think the steel dossier, Christopher Steele. Of course, that's where you get your pee pee tapes and all this other kind of stuff. When it comes to economic interactions between Trump and his corporations in the Kremlin and russian oligarchs, and things like that they're concerned that that will lead the door open for for national security. You know for for danger to national security and things like that. More it said something about where they're worried about revealing sources. We've re revealing sources and tactics right now, when actually not what what the it might not be a national security threat. What the actual document contains, it's how that information was was received and how that information, how they got that information? That's where the national security threat is, if you're ready
they have agents in the field that may still be. That may have worked on that. It's similar to what happened with the outlook of Valerie Plame, or something like that. You know so they want to protect the operatives that are in the field and I'm sure, because it's a relatively new memo going back just a year or so or two years that they would still be a lot of active members who might have band individuals who collected or help collect all the information that then I would be used in this memo. So it just goes to the larger narrative, they'll, of the purging of government, of the purging of anyone who disagrees. Ordesa sense with this administration I under in all ministrations, have the right. You know to have the people now that they want to have around. But this is a new level when it comes to a mark as read regarding congressional approval to have cabinet members literally up route in in throw out anyone who has a different political opinion, and it goes to also what Donald Trump a supposedly asked
former FBI director Andrew Mccabe who'd, you vote for, and the kids. I don't vote because I know all they're all idiots watches a boat, forty slobs. You know I just talked to this more on for, for you know, for whatever amount of time, yeah that's what it is. Is they could fire anyone for undermining the public trust failing the american people, and what does that mean yeah? What does that mean? I mean I don't mind it. The public trust, releasing it accurate information about what the Trump Administration is doing yeah. Is that what I think it's so subjective yeah is undermining the public trust looking into Donald Trump's business dealings with Russia but I mean that's what's happening, but does that fall under under? right, like trust whatever that one all it does, that fall under failing the american people. I do not want the president to dictate what undermines the public trust? No. The whole point is checks and balances a congressional level, but also with with these institutions we decide we're undermines the public trust where the public.
Where the public we're the ones who decide who undermines the public trust. So I did think that that was a fascinating line that I don't believe got enough attraction and enough attention to do not Donald Trump also did briefly talk about the epidemic, although not really about this album. Police officer, Ryan Jollett, who adopted a young child whose mother was addicted to heroin, but we kind of screwed in the larger issue and again, both sides are complicit, as you know, big for MIKE's, given ten million bucks, basically evenly a little bit more to Republicans on the congressional side, other complicit in what's happening with the opioid addiction and unless we get big, money out of there. We're not gonna see any changes anytime. So I mean that sort of thing and if we need money yeah, I just start taking money from all these huge corporations. That will be the eight billion dollar. Industry of marijuana yeah, I I mean him up porting a pointing towards a cop- is very telling going out with
the opioid addiction like pointing pointing towards a copies in like look at the Sir? Doing incarceration is not a form of of number croupier. The incarceration does not. It does not lead to a wellness. It does not lead to any kind of doubt to recover yet to recovery, absolutely not because he can. What Donald Trump can do is that he can point at a cop in relation to the opioid crisis and not say like, we're going to prevent that mother from dying in the first place. It's the cops will save you when those terrible people died when those when those terrible well who are on opioids whether it be you know your your mother, or your brother or your sister? Your kids, like you, know it's it's Moving, though, that you know it's removing it's making it completely impersonal, it's again villain. It's vilify
and the role they're all complicit the FDA, allowing Oxycontin to be given to eleven year olds did a couple years back. I they're all complicit and judges actions trying to roll back medical marijuana. This whole idea that just say no you're getting that from a doing a lab coat you're supposed to respect your supposed to trust unless we wanted to completely undermine our the the doctors and medical institutions in this country. What are these kids supposed to do if your eleven and someone gives you an opioid? And it's coming from a doctor I eleven year old to be like this is not right. Now you have to. We have to have some leadership coming from the top, and a lot of it's just empty rhetoric and empty words and it's unfortunate because, as we mentioned briefly, I believe that we mentioned this derailment, Republicans are yes there in Virginia Donald Trump won that state by forty two percent. I say they just get out there and go have fun in the town.
I don't even don't even bother going to retreat, but places like West Virginia are devastated by opioids and those are places that Trump is a. Holden, and he has an opportunity here to actually do something about it and I hope beyond hope that he actually does. I just feel as if the writing, if I'm looking at the tea, leaves here focusing on law enforcement and focusing on that as a solution, it's not going to work. It's going to continue the problem and more people are going. Hi more people are gonna be incarcerated. More families are gonna, be ripped apart in this family that he applauded, which I love that they took in this child. That's all unbelievable! It's great, but there's not a lot of folks like that. No and we're we're the we're the unwanted kids go yeah. Why don't you did prevent that woman from doing in the first place, or do the best that you can't? You know we have to figure it out and not talking about having and I'm not talking, you know going the way of Vancouver 'cause, they did it all wrong as well yeah. You know we have to have a rational policies in this car,
Incarceration is not the key to the opioid epidemic, the only we need to look at is named Jeff sessions, and that will tell you exactly how Donald Trump is going to approach the opioid epidemic. He was happy as hell by the way. Alright, just let's briefly go to joking the third. I am so sick of people trying to bring back to life. John F Kennedy, ok, he's not coming back. I don't care who is? Descendants are, but I know Mark is your license, got red hair. I know which is nice, but you liked his speech a little bit more than I did. I did not hate it or not hate it yeah. He had a crowd which I thought was a smart move because usually it's like a huge yeah, the president clapping going crazy, and then they just cut to someone who looks like they're, giving a hostage speech, or it's just an old man in a diner in Virginia with a bunch of silent, patrons
guy Fieri back. There's like this is not flavor down, so he gave the rebuttal to the state of the union. What did you think about it? First of all, I know what happened with the lips We know what happened. We we covered that chapstick. I guarantee you just don't get but went over well, first of all Joe Kennedy. The third is it extremely clean cut guy in college they called in the milk man because intricate the only thing he drank when they all go out to bars together, you don't drink milk that'll get the youth involved, all right so we got a guy who likes to suck down milk. If I don't like it, when people do things that are not normal for the institution that the rent, if you're in a bar, you have a beer- or you know, just a mixed drink have or or not, even if you're sober, maybe maybe cranberry, coconut milk. They gotta do white Russians, some have milk.
And if you down slamming down cream well, I have at the The guy, what he exactly what happened is that he went up. They did a little test camera test before, he went on there and his lips were fine. Before the speech he got a little nervous, slathered on a lot of chapstick and then once he got up on screen, they realized that the lighting they gave him was a little reflective and that's why he was so shiny. It's like a russian doll, Conan O'Brien in the open it up, and this guy well. As far as the speech when it's it's pretty stand, democratic stuff words. It's very lofty high on rhetoric low on ideas, but I think this is a good first step. What we were talking about last week, you know we're talking about like. Where do the Democrats go from here? How did the Democrats win and I think that's why
Joe Kennedy was trying to do. I think that's what the speech was trying to do, because I am very Hence the saying this is what Joe Kennedy was trying to do, because this wasn't about Joe Kennedy. This is about the speech. What the speech was trying to do. Joe Kennedy did not write that speech because it was. It was a fantastic speech I thought it was just copy and paste without able to catch. Phrase is very well written and just feel like it was. It was a copy and paste an it wasn't reflective of what's actually going on when it comes to like the economy and stuff. That's an area where Republicans are currently winning, so I don't know why he list in the way that he did, I think there was a lot of inroads that he could have been making with with immigration and things like that. But you know I just did. I wasn't feeling inspired huge enrolled with him aggression, but, first of all the economy, things that I think on paper. The economy is doing. Very very well
paper, everything is doing great, but I think what they were doing what the Democrats were doing there is. I think there were reaching out to the people that are looking around in their own lives and think and that's not happening in my life right now. I mean, I think, the reach out to people with me student loan debt, the reach not to people that are working three right time, jobs, because you know no one will give them full time where I guess I think, there's been those people, but as far as like immigration and rose like man, I that spanish part It just reminded me of a w moment: hey it. I think I I think that hit like a mother man- I I think it hit. You know, maybe I'm just clouded because they hate dynasty politics so much in the alley. Just let got a gold wasn't for him to become a congressman. I mean it's just well. I I think I maybe if he was a senator of North Dakota, yeah I'd like well Kennedy when North Dakota, impressive yeah, I I think you got to remove a a little bit from that, because I think when it when he had that spanish part, like I,
I I know. Being in in half spanish house, yeah lost a mine because it it felt, like you know, actually speaking towards a a population that isn't just the white population? Now, let's true now, I think that made huge inroads with immigration, because I think that's who he to be speedily, and maybe I'm just a little bit cynical. I just felt like I don't know it was just such a political like and now we speak Spanish like wow. I can't believe it. You know but yeah when I'm super cynical to about this. I'm definitely not saying like this was a home run or that you know Joe Kennedy. The third for president a thing like that, because I I think what, if this it's going to. This could be seen as a turning point for the Democrats if they actually do anything well think because some yeah, it was very good lip service, but if the in less they actually do if they. If this is the start of the Democrats, actually
sing, something done and possibly purging their own leadership. A little bit will sucking grade law if they, if they got Poulos Ian Schumer, the check out of there. That would be fantastic if this was the put it this just the beginning of a new younger democratic Party, then I'm saying that this at this point is going to be looked at positively in the future. But if the Democrats just keep gonna keep go keep going. This is going to be it's going to be just like that's gonna, be a colossal stone moment like it's going to be something that well, it's either that we for get about or it's going to be a joke. You know like remember the chapstick like You know we're just we're just going to ruin the water yeah. We just remember Joe Kennedy's shiny lips. You know, that's all we're going to build Kennedy. I think. Sadly, it's already got branded that way, but but that's true, I just I'm losing faith in the Democratic Party to actually purge these elder
maniacs ticket out of here, Diane Feinstein is recovered in the last episode of last podcast on the left, new gym, it's in the 70s. What is going on? Doesn't anything disqualify you anyway, I think it you know and bring up Carolina again like she made a pretty good point like after the speech. You know it's kind of like when your body brings around like a new, significant other they're, very cute, very nice, and there are very fun to be around you going to kind of wait and see are: they are waiting CR like they, they look very nice. They seem very nice and I think that's what Kennedy is- and I think that's with this kind of new sort of, I think that's This tax is the Democratic Party is taken. It's like you know they seem nice. Let's see, I just aren't they not. Can I just don't understand these, not Clinton yeah. Well, I mean there's I mean the Democrats really have a. We know how low their talent pool that I know, and I think it there are a lot of people that are jockeying for two
twenty write it as we talked about you on yesterday, on, two weeks episode. The the purity test for the Democratic party. Is it's almost impossible, so I get it. They can't really put. Like they can't put like Cory, Booker or Elizabeth, or they can't they, because they can also can't be shown like okay. Well, if you put Elizabeth Warren up there, I think that she would do it anyway or Cory Booker. Well, it's funny position because it's actually kind of like a good little. While you know actually yeah big moment for you what I would like to win, that's the that's the you know the depth of your career yeah, but you can also see like if they put any of those people up there if they, if they put anyone besides like X, somewhat unknown, then it's seen as have a tacit endorsement for two thousand and twenty, but because of how long a presidential election cycles,
Of course you know it's almost doing that. Already it was keeping the midterms entirely is going right in general, and so I think putting someone like Joe Kennedy up there. You know the Democrats, don't have a lot of choice. Had Kennedy killed, one yeah, that doesn't have anything to do. Canada, I'm just gonna, say. If I was, are you twelve people are now your sweet? That's all I ever going to bring it up everyone. I only bring up TED Kennedy JFK, but you were the first person I saw to bring a couple of other people want to think. I know it's on and that is that is unfair. To bring That's something I under called the high. No I'm just saying hi, I'm so sick. I just the key anyway, it is fun. But yes, I will see but I see your point, is and isn't as a two, well. I want like bonding global steam or some, I I I really want something new, but I don't credit party still does the old way which seniority based that's how they so the rise people up through their political ranks and and that's why I think it's been detrimental to them.
So I'm not like the Republicans are spring chickens by any means. Obviously not they had a similar process, they've actually kind of flip process. Back in back in the day, the Republicans used to be much more like well Bob dole you've been for fifty years, you're, the nominee you know and in since then this sort of flip their way of of elected nominees into. I don't know if they're happy you're not happy when it Donald Trump, who the heck knows either way, I hope, but everyone is okay, that was in the Amtrak train and the the there was a I, I believe was a dump truck driver. He might have passed away, which is very, and it might have been a derailment in which case go talk about infrastructure. Republicans infrastructure is extremely important. Well, Donald Trump did mention that. Yes, he did and we need it, because the fact that we live in the wealthiest country on earth and we're worried about taking trains is not a good sign.
Alright. Everyone will like that with the state of our union. Is it alright? Well, thanks so much for listening. Everyone support all the shows here on the last podcast network obviously know last pod bay, seven all the shows here and finds twitter at Ben Kissel APP in case. I want to Instagram Marcus parks for everything how do I heal yourselves and I think that's, but it and good have good What am I supposed to do with that? Good good night and so long.
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