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Episode 103: Creepypasta 6: The Repercussions of Evil

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Creepypasta returns with voices from the grave, cannibalism, murderous ghosts, and the fate of one Corporal John Stalvern.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started. For some peaches. Oh yeah, I thought you were going so flock and of the biggest have you ever seen, peaches. Now, my god knows a frumpy forty year old. She was born in the picture that eyes. Yes, maybe that's what makes her heart that no, not I may it makes her not. How do you like the women who all women who do like sub sex phone were illegal sex caught line work? It's all, maybe you don't see them ever yet they all looked like me. You know, like I hope your takes hardened make us my pussies real soft number.
Yeah they're, and actually I'm getting real. I've waited methods and the hurdle of my own personal soup once you stupid spoon in it, I guess, I'm men, welcome to the sexiest last podcast episode ever hey my name's cinnamon and based on a set of my boy and then you so much zone, and I have been that sentiment. Cinemas sorry acute in a piece of string, cheese This is our time together, unpaid, five dollars, a minute you and your coffee about. I didn't The change work on my Bush share this. It's all wild and woolly for you so glad you're home from my my AK. Am I still being jars. I was not in a rather men, gotta play yes, and when talking to this ex line. You will, let me read your manager,
well it all you, Sir Ralph Cinnamon hasn't made me come yet novel. I forget about war. Number one mouth nor Davies Henry, because we fear Oh, no you my name's that had been hit said Anthea, Salah guy, then re now that story. That situation is in scary enough. Today we're going to really get it into scarier. I've got em, today, we're gonna be discussing some creepy Boston, some real life, or we were going to do this sort of. Suppose it impromptu episode. Yeah have normally we bring you episodes that are meticulously over days researched, yes, rural and I yes today I was a bit busy at a television taping germane, Fowler filmed his first stand upset, which is very exciting, but the boys really good, really good.
You're doing quite a bit of research on the mexican drug cartels own? Even I'm not measure name, but we ll be so we did. We were about forties into research of M, which is, I want to say, a couple of vera. He injurious organisations working to below the border and more like eight to twelve, very dangerous or do we want a pic for, but then we're just going to say that they, upon our research has normally happens. Kind of, like you know, dear Zachary, a lot of times, a research will actually change what we're gonna do worse. You reference in the documentary dear Zachary, at world level every year. They did die. I dont know if you
our maybe you shouldn't work at a funeral home has eyes grass you're gonna need a tiny one car, that's a tiny corpse. I guess that's why it's called insensitivity, which is another ask if you figure alone, is that certain members of the mexican drug Cartel, namely which is probably the most dangerous all one we're not going away many names, yes, this call them that yeah, like that, they are very. Much so involved on twitter and and Facebook and have killed people that have made fun of them on twitter and Facebook and people who don't post funny means twenty mean he's a wider has about us? I will your brave you know, and we give no. We do not go gently into that good night of man right, I'm not get killed this. We know why do I got a lot of self common down the pike right. Right now, it is without a doubt, the most terrifying thing that I've ever
research when you sent me entirely, then you set it to me and I saw researching an end. It is. It is terrifying. I wish we Try to give you some tidbits of what we learned while we research during the data so we're going to recruit, outlast, we're, gonna, red and green pastures and in markets I mean you can tell people if you want. You want the last Pike S page where they can find all the information about the court with a little just. Do a big dog on Facebook. Page, fascinating stuff is fascinating stuff, the vice all the vice reporting on it is, can top notch it's great stuff. But- is not something that I am God willing. I just dont- need to get twitter followers kill. Will you now but we ll today so unstable we're gonna do is, is turn all the lights off in your house turn all the lights off where you're working I dont what fucking Anne Marie has to say. A re makes a good point. Thirty and Marie Array Emory I've got no one to love her she's. She puts it all in a word when she just sit Nook and wider and wider look at you.
Why don't you realize you're, smart, wider? wider wider and wider fatter, ok, able fatter sure you're there you're young, your taught, you're tied up top you're a man or a woman, you love last podcast on the left, because your sexy and you were born with that edge that verve this water. Leave room is right. You tell the man says: operators only you call. I support them. So just turn off lights, and read biology or the only man who makes phone or phone sex operators come? I guess what I do. I tried him. I was again you rob your client and yes like, because when they orgasm they make their real noise. Their real voice comes out at the body. I body. Ok, can genuine so roll up a fuckin torpedo straight from FUCK in Mexico. Oh thanks to some of our very gentle and smart,
Is this men down there? They provide these things for seventy percent of Americans. Drugs are over. Ninety percent of Americans drugs comes from X and you Joe, I learned a lot of fun. We learned a lot of good facts right, so spark up decent cocaine. Okay, there and let's get crept out by some spooky spaghetti. Regrettably, Basta thus began. I have called creepy pasta spooky spaghetti. All right do. We want to start with the creeping faster than in markets, if you, if you maybe wanted, smattering, that real life story, things germ our rights was the starter off I'll start off. Absolutely all right.
After he belches in my face or the bad dream daddy. I had a bad dream. You blink your eyes, new, pull up on your elbows, your clock, close read the darkness, it's three! Twenty three! Do you want to climb into bed and tell me about it? No daddy! The armies of the situation makes you out wakes you up more fully. You can barely make up your daughter's pale form in the darkness. Your room. Why not sweetie? Because in my dream, when I told you about the dream, the thing wearing mommy skin sat up and for a moment you feel paralyzed. You can't take your eyes off. Your daughter covers behind you Does she did you get up
There have been some airy, not just for anybody who is in a relationship. You can't trust them once you go to sleep there right. Yes, absolutely! I really did we look this unless I'm how many murders happened in Cabinda relationships most of the vast majority of murders either the drug, Gunnar titles, rail, girlfriend, she's, not gonna kill you she's gonna, kill you and so pre emptive strike. You want your encouraging people to murder their girl, for I must say I am be free, be salience cup and cut them that and you know now, everybody needs to be kept in a stable, Moser management sitting over two and a half years keep to what is to want to write. This will have creepy plots. That's I guess this is my life. My facebook page, I also feel that this is called worldwide. You gamble, inborn and after World war do money was short supplies were tightened. It seem like every one was hungry, probably because they were extremely angry at that time. People were telling.
Tail of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through the crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favor. Could you deliver the Could you deliver the letter? address on the envelope Well, it was on her way home. So she agreed. Then this she's whatever the message which a dirt road see if there was anything else, the blame the blind man needed, but she's, M hurrying through the crowd without is without smoked, glasses or white. Came she went to the police who rated, who raided the address on the envelope where they found heap said heaps and heaps of human flesh, first sale The message in the envelope said this is the last one I'm sending you today, yeah he's the flash man she is going to be for sale. I wonder if he was gonna raper first well,
did you have made your rapporteur yeah he's asking the right questions? That's gonna be fun thing though this. Well, you don't help out the blind never held out the blind or just send anyone who are saddled with them for twenty five minutes, because their look, I can't see, there's so much traffic by Kane Blind. I get it. Stick, that's drone! Dom don't want once you start help it on a blind person. You gotta go all the way through with it, whatever their doing than five minutes you're seeing eye person for forty five minutes. You know and honesty I mentioned. We have some blind people will if we listen to the pot gas. Thank you so much for their wonderful people by definition, but I'm saying you know I don't know I don't know why you need a dwarf for someone to help women live here. If you give him ass a cookie. That's all that's what I'm gonna last the milk is the Ouse he's gotta ask for a glass of milk Go look. Model are covered in plague mites yet.
Stir well either way, don't take an envelope from a blind person. There is essentially an apartment where you're gonna be sold as human flesh. This next wins called Edward Madre, one of the weak just as well as most melancholy stories of human deformity is that of Edward more Drake said to have been air to one. The noblest peerage is in England. He never claimed title. However, it was committed in its twenty third year. He lived in complete seclusion. In the visits even of the members of his own family. The young man a fine attainments, a profound scholar and amusing. A rare ability is figure was remarkable for its grace and his face, that is to say his natural face was that of an end of an Antonius, but upon the back of his head was another face that of a beautiful girl, lovely as A face was a mere mask occupying. Only a small portion of the past area are part of the sky only a small portion of the posterity or part of the skull yet exhibiting every sign of intelligence of a malignant sought. However,
it would be seen a smile and sneer while more Drake was weeping, the eyes would follow the movements of the spectator and the lips with glimmer. An ellipse would gibberish that ceasing noise glibly was right over night ass. Much says you have no voice was audible, but more Drake avars that he was kept from his rest at night by the hateful whispers of his devil twin ass. He called it which never sleeps but talks to me forever of such things as they only speak, Oven hell, no imagination can conceive the dreadful temptations sets before me for some unforgiving wicked. Wickedness of my forefathers, I admit to this fiend for a fiend, surely is I beg and beseech you to crush it out of human semblance, even if I die for it such were the words of the hopeless, more drake to members and tread well, his physicians. In spite of careful watching, he managed to procure poison whereof. He died, leaving a letter requesting that the demon face might be destroyed before his bearing
lest it continues its dreadful whisperings in my grave at his own request, he was interred in a waste place without stone or legend to mark his grey see. My mom has. The same will go in for my dad. I was: what are you It is an emerald phase is saying to him. Somebody, corn dogs, are one now I gotta get dad you wretched chicken sandwich from some way up already just had an argument to get me one of those five countries is, I got a mix of the tuna meatballs and rob none that she's rebel alone. Nor will it be great if a second phase to deal with subway Liberty guy. I know what the special is today: the new chicken parmesan. Thank you so much second ugly face, nay, but that's a real. That's! A real story, though, isn't it isn't reaction in case of a fellow with a face in the back of his little thing, and that was whispering. That's reset it that that that's the did that stale, that that the true story,
He turned to the doctrine. Is he says terrible things in the night there will probably be symbolic. Now cocksucker manner, which had a big old, Dick the supper- I guess I'll just go in your brain youth would be. I sound like a case is Tony Clifton. Every new background. Now I had now. Let me tell you a bad guy now you wish in the argument. I don't Allow us Then the only thing I remember that our Gm Blossom, known as knowledge, it's the bend, Doktor, Spain, my gun- that's that is a face
of fate, worse than how the second spate of iraqi same name as a people that make us totally fine with the continuing war in Afghanistan has been doctors. That is true. I let me hear it another one my sleeping life. My sleeping, why Is this a heavy young men take my sleeping wife, please I pull into the driveway from another late night, I am sure the house, the final, the lights are out as usual, my Wife must already be in bed in his sleep. It's late numb tired. So I figured I myself just go to bed too I am really living, as is the understanding guy. I don't even bother turn on the lights anymore. Even bother turn on the lights anymore, and now they are my way. This house blind
Besides, I want awake, the wife, the bedroom door creatures. It opens and, as I inch my way to the side of the bed net crawl in a move close to My wife rub my arm around her. Oh she's asleep. I sum I feel her embrace me as I holders asleep with the law My wife asleep. I are zero like ice. Only begin a wake up. When I find my love is no longer in my arms or in bed. For that matter, open my eyes to see her entire side of the bed is covered in dried crusty blood. I panic and looked at the door to see bloody footprints in terms of blood leading out of the room. I frantically get up to follow the footprints and search for my wife, for they approached you do
the present approach, the door I decide to take one last look at the room as they turn around. I see my once beautiful wife, sliced, open, mutilated nailed to the wall behind my bed beside her painted in her blood across the wall. Where the words thank you thank you for holding me, but maybe next time we should turn a light on when you come in. That would actually got eyes. We'll take my wife, your nails earlier Naylor Rule Wall yelled out with scares me so the whole night. He was just cuddling the killer. Yet If it was you, you wouldn't murdered him. Yeah yeah. I made Ben gelato. This has got to Ben radio. That's what happened with color with this big game, Ben Rita, everyone Don't make that those people lovers, they can't get enough of it already.
He's, got a hearing aid under do all the disability ones for me. So, hang in there at an early dim morning, an elderly woman rested her hand, a topic. Gravestone. At an early dim morning, an elderly woman rested her hand, a topic gravestone Henry Blackwood indeed thirty eight to two thousand and one will lose out I love that troubadour sending us he's got rickets the king, that is, to the graves does that Henry Blackwood night, my kids, are going to have such a terrible time. Yeah you're, not gonna, do any the voice Zulu burn through turnip. Now, each time a Cinderella said she wanted to go to the God, damn bogs and how to hard lot. How many times I add a year at over it over and I want to go to the ball, what happens daddy? What happens daddy Can foot was too small laws to shew? That's what happens when you
lose too much weight, which is a lesson your mother muscle are no. When her report skin on a formal sitting, old, shaker she sang and graveside there's put her out of the grave stowed every black. Would I do that? Eight to two thousand and four or she rested flowers I and wept and usually do she always made. To his grave, her memory, Henry's when she made her a witch their annual visit to his her memory. Wasn't what it used to be in her brain needed. Do I need help to get a job Henry and George, you don't see. Those very often it is there. Are there either brother. He hated his hearing AIDS. She remembered. There. How don't you would never use them always This did green jack, you, who is not its average Martha? Don't you dare average Minos age again? I love not hearing you pretty much That sentence me. That's all. It is a sign that light now ass. You want it was his return to her loving, embrace O Henry issue.
Well to her knees and look to the sky. How I wish you'd come back to me up sky into her blurry blurred blurred. Theory vision? She saw Red STAR, it was faint, but she heard a malignant chuckle and star Flash imagine disappeared with the with the rising sun. She wept where terror strange. It was it was. Was it a product of her imagination stood up and surveyed the area, but nothing it seem like them. It was merely nothing, but smiled at her womanly mood swings a question As she smiled at her silly old self, a question came to her. That fell like part of a dark realisation. Could the battery throw them into a tangible gonna, get that as we get older yet over a bit. It's a hearing for the kind of money, DR diminished, attach that ass we get older yet over the ability to here in parliament. We, like you kind of money. I mean I've gotta best here right now, all right, I knew we will otherwise churches test here and to hers. She
here. The rustling of growth, rather than a nearby tree, probably still worked due to her husband's lack of commitment to use it she swallowed hard. She rested her ear, the gradual on his. I know this guy thinking that swallow in hard. She rested her you're, the gravestone above his grave. Her mouth dropped in horror. She heard scratching, shuffling and a familiar is bellowing, a horrified scream Henry? What sets groom so my reckoning with siren is yours It's burning down again. That's that's hearing aid, that's great Dennis! this next once for all you basement dwellers out there. It's me don't difference Gordon Renate right. I drew me her footsteps aren't an uncommon thing to hear gone Renate right. Footsteps aren't an uncanny
one thing to hear when you're sitting in a basement, so I think nothing of it when I hear quiet thuds coming from my upstairs hallway, I just assume it's my brother and can you continue doing whatever pointless little thing? I was doing at the time one jerk off Would you do you pointing it out? My point was little thing. You're doing point right ahead, run by the port was thing talking to my friend, and I guess I just got here do honour? Those are that's absurd s bigger on for another couple minutes and I'm starting to get pissed off. They you getting louder and louder, and I wondering what how my brother's doing this late at night. I sit there because it's impossible to focus with the racket. I mean it sounds like some was power walk all over my main for what's he focusing on playing forgetting call of duty or some damage, it is played legal
on irradiated in the basement of our water and all over the main floor executors picture budget grannies with sweat, pants, Jack to their belly button. Their go snow covered and blood killed power working where you granting aid. Therein, listen as the thumbs get faster and wilder. They just keep moving almost starting the former rhythm. They move even faster and get even wilder and something all over my main floor and are not a matter of internal? I realise that wherever this is it can't be human. No human can move like that. What duff I finally yo and after that, all the noise stop everything's going like oh shit, all those years who everything is quiet for a moment, and then I hear com, slow footsteps. Moving to my basement door. The doors
should and the footsteps stop again. I listened to my breathing for the next three minutes. Then sigh thinking it's over turns out. Something else was listening to. Suddenly I hear it thudding down this, there's an I knock. My chair over in my hasty stand up, I start to run towards the closet in time to see grotesque, hairless, four legged creature dancing towards me tapping swollen feed didn't intoxicating river. I dive into the Gaza second pause nicer than say rhythm door. It just keeps going in going with no pause at. I don't know no relief, these bidding four hours now
find myself tapping my fingers along with his song, but then just ass, suddenly ass, it began it ends. I wait for a few moments than look out. He's got a flip on a light and fallen to which air it safe. I relax and think for a few moments, but then I noticed my foot tapping. Maybe the song is so bad. I almost like an like it enough today. To it. So I dropped down on my hands and feet and I start and I'll never runs a room from the MC. Neill is again represent hold their daily round table of gentlemen. That was why I would get a creamy like, but let me there's something about like the world's major debts: worthily tapping it swollen feed. This is how the Mormons get their children not to go to Sakharov like honestly though, but the visual would be really scary. I imagine like up like a horse with no head, like just millionaires. Gonna go downtown dumping. Tucked up awesome, yeah you're, here to from confederacy of dances,
He is right that they should this guy like Ignatius, though he stood up swiftly visually knocked over its chair Gmos. Ever irons, infernal rumbling are having to read one another. The sequoia at one open under the covers. So this help of your laying down embed irreverently none. You were in your negligee aright, negligence off them work boots. Why are they having an obvious certain pension, the construction worker and a negligent whose, where I got so ever got it just laid out in bed for this one tonight's, like every other night, you lay there in the dark and silence
with no company other than your thoughts. Let's he's gonna me now, just you this is, it's called Ben. Is under the? U shifted role throughout your bed, just you and your thoughts like Ben Ben kissing. You ponder you plan any friend, Sir anything distract you from the ringing silence. Silence that surrounds you, your creek, to common sounding here in such a still night, when you saw a coil when the sound hits your ears, you hear the sound almost every night, the sheer unexpectedness sets off a trigger in your head is paranoia, takes over the thoughts at once, illuminate your mind or known tar
and, but once with pleasure, and success has now turned to demons killers, the silence at your mind, was distracting. You from now has now become the focus you lay their silent. Listening for any obscure, sound, hoping the silent doesn't leave every little noise at super annoyance silence lingers. Has you wait till the next unexpected occurrence, you're too afraid open your eyes, thought of seeing anything you're mine can conjure. You lay there alone in fear. They fear builds in your mind if you try to find a quick escaped from anything and create to avert your childhood solution. Hiding under the covers. You pull the blanket of your head in land silence, you hear noises, but they don't seem a scary.
New figure? If they can't see you you're safe, the heat builds up under your blanket new put up with it simply for the comforted supplies visited, hop in dress. Was dutch oven such care silks its forecast year cycle on being yourself with their own funds? You begin to calm down and relax and revert back to your usual logical self, bent sooner thoughts again alone, alone alone alone under blanket you think, of how silly and was to get so scared and worked up over a silly little noise eyes closed. You lived a blanket off your face is the built up. He does release in the farm moves to the bedroom. You breathe a sigh of relief and roll over only be here. A deep grading voice whisper oh there, you, as the sound of footsteps, griefs towards your back true to stir
The head was roused the assyrian story, least once a week after some thai food, forded myself on a bed Ever further myself awake, I will say: might never have upset poorer people around me. That's very nice you're was it you that was on the plane with sea low, yes seal? Of course he was larger than our boy. His father was very. Z Lowood relay views about like what, for eleven years, very tiny, but that is tiny, but these tiny but big, liking, low cannibal, farther to himself awake? Neither blueberries violet border, that's great, that's great! So dont fart bed, everyone words gonna, create a demon, it's gonna come back and each or so Alright, this is called amputation so so far and discussed some blood. And ban storing and that we had a hearing aid story, and now this will be my
One of these is got amputation during the war or so refunds alone, she's long, for air than she was I should do a whole. Our whole series on unfair details will be great series. Yeah agree. Just read the fairy like an audio book. Yeah you'll be real, quick yeah. Because we have been witnessing potter's his way through the period of time Scully. Really really popular people are gonna like it writes oa here go with this one. This this one's called ambition, during the war, a soldier faithfully wrote his mother ever weeks, though she would know he was all right until one week shooting a letter and was immediately worried within a couple of weeks. The letter from the army in son had been captured and was being held in a prince. Work amp, there's not a good lettered, again
let me assure you that they had no reason to believe the american prisoners were being mistreated anyway, which Emily TAT they were limited to prison working. A few weeks later, the woman finally received another letter from her some red deer mom. Try not to worry about me. They are treated well I'll be released as soon as the war is over, make sure the little teddy bear. The stamp of his collection gets this step for his collection, love you Joe love, you the road was overjoyed to have to do was confused because he had no idea who, Teddy. Was she decided the steam stem from the envelope and have a look when she did. She saw the written on the back of the stand for the words they ve cut off. Length. I've got kind of my off my legs. That's cried! His creepy is, though, that we actually get me a little share that is really creepy on the back of a stamp formally, we just had someone with a hike
was the hesitant to sell the story, the already very career during the war soldier Logan. I was good. I nailed that they caught. I cut off my leg. Where are they then adopted here somewhere? Some kids play with, unlike their new joy and actually you'd, be amazing, giving bad news in a hospital they re? I value your sons. Gonna live but he's. You bet he's gay that how Adele I'll, see you initiatives should organise a broken heart. Now this next one is of a John. Rather, we haven't really a jar of creepy pass to the way we ve kind of neglected the, a video game. Creepy pass I'll, get you a lot of them them in the vast majority of them have to do with strange enough. Sonic, the hedge Sonic Poky mine, is a big one, but since I know nothing about poky mine, isn't it with there's like lizards, hidden, orbs,
love peculiar? That is its like Pokemon Blacker, some would not mean, but there's he's going to hold your dentist kid. They have or prisons that have lizards in them and then they try to be tried to they throw them out. Each other yeah? Ok, adults play this game now, today you have grown with it, not only I've. Seen like thirty forty year old men, blimp, oh yeah, I just I don't wanna sadness that boat locking that's about it did not as a stinky logging. Lunch, slushy, ridden boat, that I don't mean it Try not to worry about me. You know We need try to get a mole again. Really male bow and want to read anything from a video game that I know a whole lot about, but I did find one from one of my favorite. Video games, childhood doom,
I loved you and this one is called repercussions of evil. John Salver waited the lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air There were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now, four years his warnings to Colonel Jos, we're not listened to, and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway, John was a space marine for fourteen years when he was young, he watched the spaceships end said to Dad. I want to be on the ships Daddy Dad said now. You will be I'll demons. Was a time when he believed him. Then, as you, older he stopped. But now, in this station base of the? U S see he knew there, demons. This is Joseph. The radio cracker you must fight. The demon Sir John Grey Money do like that that good, so just
Ho Jon guided his plasma rifle blew up the wall. He going Sid demons. I will soon said cyber demon any fired, the rocket missiles, John. Plasma at him and tried to bloom up within the ceiling veil and they were trapped and not able to kill a scale that he sounded. The radio said, John, you are, the demon and then John was a zombie nerd alert nerd or learn your hurry in your make it out on the phone rang creation of voices. What are you doing? My daughter, you tell your girl and she say my daddy's dead. Who was They got all my life. I've never lose doing over here
Not at all. My legs Gub all right. Let's see you, Henry you have another one: where should we do a rich? We do area a true livestock months. Do it's your life one right now tat? This is a guy that I just found out The stories a couple years old, buddy, it's new to me, rush impulse, of a rested, a man described by local media as the cemetery collector for digging up twenty nine corpses and dressing, the remains and female clothing to display around his I lay all, though I mean in the end, you just gotta make its all about building your own family these days It is when you do. I honestly, I don't know what it is about people to dig up graves and dress of corpses. I really have no problem with. It was just human bone. It's fine! Thank you. I really don't it's not that bad. If I'm dead, I would prefer or to be sitting on somebody Iraq and share watching old episode shares in a bonnet and ahead of us and the Amber half of my people. We appreciate your understand more people than the bone, colon
the phone collectors. Ok, that's good wages. Dork No, no, I'm still unaware of Aachen nerds an I am. I gotta the clubs, I've always around people, those buildings that guy, what's he with ethical herbs, yeah I'll, have you know that I am now on. My second read through Jonathan Strange and Mr Neural Neural undeclared no one is. Why has there been so much better? I'm gonna put it out there because Harry Potter's, DOM around its Norman, stupid Dumbledore isn't real. I like that one I like that is then, along its non gay match, puts Dear John Strange, MR all, that's like cool man. That's cool Mary I'd, like super cool Harry reactors, are gone. Magic. I've got a wand. I've got a scar in my head, like I'm a boy, gonna come of boy. Jonathan strange, don't need no want. Yeah he's a man. He sample
Do I have to call another Nergal cool, hip young man? Do you know about the man with the physical air? wherever bodies, no Stephen Black is undertaken in. Do we know it's really. Weird aside, I am not really crept up, a guy who just dresses up bodies, in this house know it's not that I other things that are creep than that these people I feel like it happens, a lot more often than Then you we're? U audio used to happen extremely regularly and green. These video images of the man's cramp flat showed what looked like several life sized female dolls without faces, some with platinum, blonde, wigs cool like this guy
let him like me. I'm and our girls best friend signals are used as enhancing back and forth legalism, yield, Carol, Channing Wreck exactly what now he wasn't accused of murder or something let alone gestures, grave Robbie, whose ascertain that he used mummified human bodies from graves to make them the dolls yelling. Described the man who was arrested following the desecration of graves in the area as a local historian, an expert in the study of place names, media cited friends as saying they had never seen the dolls and that he was a learned. If eccentric man eccentric, I would say, eccentric for sure. I'm sorry about what I did. I guess I would just two involved in reading my books. I how to do it much like Mr Neural, they asked me to do You don't understand. I walked by the graveyard Gardner like hearing aid. In another thing I had to do something moving away
I mean I just took him out and I just left them as is, but they begged them from here to make them dresses. Now. I know, of course, that did like little american doll calming their wares meanest links. Why? Wouldn't it That makes a lot of sense. Did you fuck these corpses at all? Now now, He just trust him up and placed more. Do you want to see him yeah? Of course, look
not bad at sea? I will put this on the last bog cast Facebook grossly look with warm you guys out there. You haven't journalists, Pakistan left Facebook group working come on out. Man like we ve got here. We ve got like fuckin six enter members. Now people opposed and fuck an awesome people reload some shit every single day. Another yeah got a great message on Facebook, ferment, fellow, whose number six hundred- and he didn't mean no about it, so that was sent a thought that everybody knew about it. So the Facebook last part guess page entering this. Where we're goin everybody were men going over. There are. Many of us are eight everything every day by again people post great. You know I discover shit from there. All the time that you have proposed are amazing up like a lot of fun and funny stuff, and also the complacent creepy stuff on. Yeah there's some previous Devine, thereby yes, absolutely Croatia or another We sorry please. You could call these com. Let's see you ever see women that seal I mean you can always make atomic see what you can do it I'm sure
a fifteen year old boy in a small town in Maryland, sat down downers computer after getting home from school, and please he turned on and logged into his instant messaging programme and was in surprise receive a message from a classmate of his. Absent. Did you sign into Google the message it broke her hands on it, just as they could just use the goal rouble. It consists the two words please call views the voice. In a reply asking, why had you after that date the two more messages in fifteen minutes with no response he decided to get in its point can head over to his classmates house like we all use, It was very busy, primitive kid. It was a short ride of only about five minutes when he got to the house.
Found, the door was unlocked inside partially, dried blood was flattered all over the walls and doors, and an unrecognizable figure was Crawford's against. For missing an arm and a leg, bloody streaks and the floor led away from the body into the kitchen. The boy slammed the door close at me. We call nine when one on his cell phone we'll police arrived. They found. Three corpses spoil his tracks, leading away from the house from the back door. The friends Ex report concluded the entire family, the boys classmates and his parents had been killed some time, the previous. Now, let's it please Please come yea wanted a conscious in council, then please just showed up and discovered that Charlemagne, sure I'll do ashore one, but it was the most There's just showed up and we get through people got killed, yet we I mean the kid he wasn't killed. No, I wasn't killed so the boy killed every Do they cut off his legs or anything now that it was nine no debts?
You didn't read this arise. I say our well, I got one Marcus's murkison. Let me only the goods. It's called in the kitchen, my favorite place to big business, for you been thank. You are right in this situation. I'm really gonna amp it up. I this person. Does another legs Girls partnership, what do you do it? You know with suspense you do with our eyes girls pointed anyway we zero euros planet or fuckin, Roma and energy. Here's your mother call from the kitchen woods, And then she ran downstairs to meet her mother? Who is due to the kitchen hate, as I that's that's. Ok, she's running through the hallway, the door of the covered under the stairs opens and a hand reaches out and poles or in its your mother. Authorised your child dont go into the kitchen.
I heard a two hour scary though. Yes, so basically to summarize young girl. Here's your mother, column, kitchen right, runs through the goddamn all way. Mom grafter throws the Viking closet and just like, I think you know that you do. Like good boy, older men, because all boiled of you to do so many boiled owns. This is called sir, being pills in. The fall of two thousand eleven a man hung himself in a bottling factory of a popular over the counter sleep aid company just out such a cog. Let's call it here. B and, let's call the embryo days like half the men were. Does the quality control manager and had just been laid off to save the company money corporate in the morning meaning crews found him swaying in the breeze from the air conditioning system. With a note in his breast pocket that red sleep tight over the next
months. A string of strange deaths were associated with areas where the sleep aids from the factory, worshiped, Seemingly healthy people had died in their sleep from apparent strangulation of the victims had severe bruising throats. Oddly, please were unable to ascertain how the murderer entered, injured the victims, home or apostle possible motive for the murder. Further vivid reports began coming in from people who had taken the pills but not died. One lady reported taking the pill and right before He fell asleep. She opened her eyes and a bald middle aged man wearing a short sleeve white colored shirt was hovering just above her face. She closed her eyes, helping the man would disappear, but when she opened her eyes he was there. Just one face. She even were false feeling the man's breathin forehead. He then began strangling her. Luckily, for her, her husband noticed her gasping for areas sleep and quickly woke another man recalls falling asleep. After taking the pills, He walked to the figure of a man swaying in the corner of his room.
He turned on the light next to his bed and saw the man with better accuracy. He was a bald middle aged man wearing shorts, leave like culture, the bald man then remove the news from his neck and reportedly floated towards the man attempting to strangle him again. It was the man spouse who woke him. He awoke gasping for air and sheer terror. The FDA did a full investigation and found no evidence of tampering. Even after a recall, the pills and a public awareness campaign warning a possible tampering. The deaths in the reports of the bald man didn't stop. It was only when the company shut down the factory that the deaths in reports decreased is unknown. How many deaths were the result of the apparent tampering or how many of the pills from that factory are still sitting and cabinets across the country and that eleven to Detroit you no matter what happens outside of Chicago music of shared factory in all goes to shit ambient I did. What I did you want to do.
Who does make it, you know ye. I feel good they are very much in story just all gig american corporate society and new murderers and creates oh yeah gets. They are posted workers episode? Yes, it is in postal and watch the documentary and Netflix it's great. I like idea. Vain yourself in a year in the business has just fired you I'd love. To do that. You know I will come back to. You could see the faces and ever once Mayo PAMELA like sweeping up the urine, the Jew. You know what kind of a company That said no to us, you already are any of us at a point like I just got really do have the fantasy of just sort of like dump gasoline all over the lobby, and just like those set myself on fire with the whole building goes, don't you do it? visitors, are meaningless and now he's not going to do Well, then we are going to do it.
We are more episode to come out with the sweet, sweet click. Lack of the eight cage is called click to purchase gone we need to rely. You're. Getting scared now discovered when you just see all your problems and the other. Under that scope and its link, it tried to your finger itches every single time. You know the trigger it's like your. It's like a scratch and in which you don't judge it keeps you fuckin awake at night. All night long, you think man. What will I do? He put in creams all over your finger to try to stop the Fuckin ich, but some reason it doesn't go away till you pull that sweet sweet trigger. Well, I was actually read by Henry Ask because greatly pastime. Yes, who was phone then he is getting everyone who is phone. Gostar. Add that on that saying a good sport, you accurate, I mean it happens every week in America, somebody as that exact thought process and in the discussion
variety in your may, get our own ranks in the voices. Were you do I with my dad. You tell your job and you say my God is done. There was a group of yellow no more more. I hear about it, I'm really starting to wonder who was I think we are guided like obsessed with? You was all, but they moved with, who? for whom this phone, if you think about it, ok so with your Europe Girlfriend with bright eyes, you everywhere alighted, and you and your any my site, you and your make it out yelling. Where was the broader yeah maybe maybe Uncle maybe, but it's her daughter, I'm Italians, everybody knows anything that the Ep Father, it's tough, it is Maybe they'll go step father, it's just one of the woods one, largest me. Trees on the internet and I don't know I'm going to figure out who was phone new. What's phone nitrogen no, I don't know anymore. I don't think I have any stories. I think
well done with stores actually yeah. I am, I think so many we're gonna Parker. So I think you are a good thing to remember. Is that hey? Let's say if you're going Wanna age. If you wanna join a certain unnamed organization down in Mexico, the first thing you have to do is have you know, no fear of committing murder the ode to joy. Everyone can figure that out of the negotiations that they're gonna do is at your twelve years old and the hand. Were gone. He may have somebody there are not very. You know that sorry that they are not particularly a fan of tied to a you know: cement works. What's a term pillar is some sort of parking lot. You know and then you're gonna be twelve and you're gonna have to put this guy out of his misery. They then maybe later on online you're. Gonna get Harlequin tattoos in June
hail O. Doesn't it makes you scarier, I guess we'll do or member of the insane clown policy fan base year either way, but you know this is how prominent these murders are in Mexico. Just add from the round table of gentlemen, you worked in many rest. Run throughout his life and he Tell me stories that are just told him by mexican fellows there's one story where there was a drug dealer, son of a our glory? Was a total ass only ran the town, he was collected too much for too long opens the door one day. Looking for some money, do shoot them, but instead alike, we in the body of this asshole they they just come to the middle of the street, let his body, and dogs just eat the inside of his corpse and like it was literally just all week. We now about two weeks, We would, however, long it took four days to come, who is by now. It just happened in that down that we grant majority in reminding those unnoticed, or they said that this guys, like you, knew this guy used. Oh yeah, eat hearts, yeah. You can make allowance to make himself scarier, he would kill people and then the hearts, and there was.
The story, but the men which is drink the blood after after we kill people inordinate incident I or which works. You would kill people and then wrap up in yellow ribbon as he that was his his thing like a big precedent, you dump them on them on the steps of their homes, where their families worded show everybody a lesson. I bring them up in a tiger print fabric because he owned a flag of like seven tigers and new and say no dont think its growth. And then there is the guy who used to make stew out. Oh yeah So now, though, is the other guy used to stop people, an oil drums poor gasoline in them and then set the guys on fire. While there were still lie down, there's lots of different story. There are men here roused up to choose which, when you want to have happened, if something, I guess, sixty thousand deaths since two thousand six so inside there not afraid to kill American
full are naturally not devilry, not afraid. Acumen almost wants to want to Are you looking for an excuse for any chance to do it? Well not going to give him a chance, nor excuse now, because you can't find me One is not like. I will work for. Tell him just like me we're we're underground we're not going public, they all say a prayer to somewhere TAT Sun somewhere, TAT, Saint death, nearly one that really works, and- and this also I hazy smell VERDI, the growing of drug dealer agency in a dark drug dealers will all right when they have bullets blessed by one or to I make sure that they fire straight and true. Digital. They show on breaking bad tame. Tat. Mary came a watered down version of what the cartel
you just go out research in yours, just you yourself, you are gonna, go at near gonna, go out there and I'm gonna do the kind you a bit of a plug. Can people please watched the murder fist? Those are new to gather video with sad watch the video that is just how sad blog we need previous plays. Our thoughts go to Youtube. Look at murder Fidel Jerry, Louis about it real world. What will cured disk must go destroy, predicted dystrophy desert Dystrophy yeah yeah go check out free, cable blow job, that's my family. I think I like it. I like shit popsicle as well. Yes, ship bicycles, also great well that includes the sad as forty five seconds that is Apple hard gas does ever say if I were a plug as well. If you're in the New York City area, the comment and in which I'm part of withhold MC kneeling? We're playing this Saturday Matchless IBM in Brooklyn mom hollered? Can we
Greg. It's gonna, be very good. China come up to the show Thursday. A dog shit region bothers me crazy doing. There is no reason why we know. I know I just I just feel like you're in the. If you're in the Brooklyn area, our men and or in the New York area, come too Legion BAR tomorrow night Thursday evening, and I and we will be there with murder fast and market, sometimes shows that its guy he's not boys in his girlfriend rehearsal on Thursdays. What I always say out: locker doors, because people case you for he was going and radio. I just think you have resorted what we literally just had a friend whose house was robbed. You just move into his house out here in queens. Nobody was stuffed and raped, but it's no. It is just a perk because he was a man. He was you know it's just a man. People case you all the time, they're, looking any vulnerability that you have lock your doors.
And the next last August on live show is on December twenty eight as simply a mere Craig indicating that it rejects and have already well that's good wrap that new nailed. It really just put a big bow. Hale sites inhale, save my ogoni, say tat check out. Www is at times allow yes check out the Facebook page ale, yourselves, legislation, lagoons, delays.
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