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Episode 108: Urban Legends

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We delve into some of our favorite urban legends, including the Bunnyman, the phenomenon of Crybaby Bridges, and the great Devil Worshiper myth of the nineties.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started. Said: senegalese has to do with thirteen upon tat. Now we have an hour to do with a resident I was gonna. Do it ma all I'm your daddy now? Are you wouldn't buy me a car, listen vanity or even really like malaria, the house you are that we can afford to with both mom getting caught in a windmill, and
Davy get caught in the windmill stuff that got to spend money on can't get your car this well used illegally. Waging all my money on windmills apparently have singularly that I don't need to go to college daddy. Entire squash crop died, Cosgrove, disquiet, cropper and a lot more than likely. You say wash on your chin, their papa you got drunk and when squash again liquidity like because these do we share the same brain, our that's Marcus parts. I bet guess all we got my father with me today. I would talk to my dead so long, then yeah,
taller than I thought you were going to give me. It has two year old, big, so tall Hauser, whether up there it's about the same that is down there, always love our bay Ben yeah. My inhale right now up up up up, I die and go to Hell, is that while this is taking a room in the middle of the worst part of Guines Gillies ass in here is how there's no boy your mother's ugly, I'm sick of re. While she was a sweeping over I'm sick of re well from what I've heard, you didn't really judgment. Was you that much at all, that's fine. That's one of the jump at a different lives. That's right, then, our being an actor that held, I put on a fireman tat, I'm a fireman on a fireman check. It I'm a fireman. Oh that's a maid I can just play. Firemen will much much like a husband eating his wife's vagina is.
Urban legit, and that is today's big object over those the guest around the Facebook page, your today's big winner, today's subject: urban urban Urban Legit and yet not bends bathroom mirror, which I thought was funny. Now, though, I was half on it, and then I got a lot of likes when I made the kind HIV going back and forth on only one nor on the light exotic convocation not felt like one I felt like I was waiting for a while. You know who one been one that then there we go. Thank you markets in one attend to nine. No way we go no way. I look, I don't act. I did vote for both of you the day you markets and you know the thing is people? Don't you want to vote for? I thought it was just such a better state. I voted for you. I violated I like yours as well, anyway, great invention or mirrors course. What's
one open legend that involves mirrors. A very famous urban legend involves a leading a merry go. I will say this honestly, there was a big part of my childhood was how terrified I was of bloody, marry you going through path at school, and I dunno renewals vote that words like when you heard about this. For the first time I remember thinking I go to the bathroom and like I think that I would come play sort of compulsively just do it job. Four click for I do not like what he stammered the edge of a tall buildings. I thought I would just end up doing it just jump in just jump here. Don't do that when you go to topple rebuild. Oh, that's why I'm terrified of heights of the height itself? It's the idea that I have no control over my summers and I just feel like others like fling myself off the side of the building. It sounds like a super fun thing to do until you hit the grant First YAP three minor second yea like that, has really they re a little Emily evocative go, get it out of the hotel. I bought that I want the rays, but the bloody murder is very terrifying to me, and so do I think this urban legends, especially because the internet,
The internet help such writer religions like fucking wildfire. It's the internet and catholic school years are the two largest spreading of urban ledge and that's what's interesting about bloody marries. The bloody marries origins are firmly rooted in the catholic religion, absolutely ass. They are and when it when I was in middle school, we used to go to the bathroom and do this on a regular basis and people always used to see the the mirror bleeding and things out over the first idea. I always had I'd, heard a story of a kid named John Mcloughlin that they said it was like some rumoured. Kitty was three years older than us who saw bloody Mary and ran out into the street got hit by a car like it was a ghost like whole long story. I happen for years and years will agree
brutal, visceral story, so much obliged job until we have a bunch of and legends to swim through, like a bunch of forgetting that risk Owen was sconces who, yes, the bloody Larry has a couple: a different variations on it. What do you say? Bloody, Mary, bloody, Mary, Bloody Meriwether, another, the traditional yeah? That's the traditional one, there's another one where you say Mary worth three time eerie worth yeah you just gotta fingers yet so as not to say just shows up would like butterscotch handling. Thank you matters that scary, but conical. Although I mean if they take a long time that is involved in your mouth by eyes, vine, it is Henry in their plane Mary worth again or you know, mom plays its a Whore Party Henry, I don't know any party are Shoe Mary Worth Non Tom mirrors and comes out with a pint of Mercosur, or is it I'm a throughout its that's, but one of the most interesting ones is bloody. Mary I've got your baby
which is one that I never knew about. Oh I remember bloody Mary. I've got your baby at and now has its roots in Queen Mary, the first who had a long series of miscarriages and still born baby. That's where the blood comes in, that's where the blood or as yet I injected, and she was also. She was also known to be a big fuckin like she just hated protestant, yet legal Catherine name. Her nickname was bloody Mary because how many Protestants she'd like Mordred, signed a martyr to eyes and because of the Miss carriages and because she never actually had a successor. The catholic line in succession ended with her
as did the prosecution of the protestant. Well, you know, that's gonna, be tough thing for a lady to deal with them. It is the only thing that a woman could really do back in the day was give birth, the kids and there's a big claimed a family with major process like thirty three percent of births ended in death of the mother and the baby or or either one. So it's like its. It was also a dangerous procedure. So it's a good way to kill your wife. You don't just now for them. It is how it is with arguments you strong make us realise you big exactly, another famous one that we have is known as the beehive. This one has been around for ever and looked just like a lot of these urban legends? A lot of people think they only came about the fifty sixty seventy yours, this one is big, was big. Fiftys, when women had the tall beehive hair. I imagine it also like it goes by lot of these are religions. Are it I'm, I'm certain? If you go back in ancient times their stories about reflections have been going on for ever yet I mean like you'd idea of a in the greek myth where
What's his name looked into the river and got caught in a river larsa endorses this year and, like that's, been forever like video letter Luger, the particular I agree with what was his theme. Sometimes I get We regret that a way to make up my american and not an artist s talk organ, not an artist now. Will you loves himself, but not that here the way mania named after the through the media in the version of the story that we owe best the beehive? Is the woman had the long be high visit? My favorite version is a tiny versions favour one. Is this woman had this long, beehive and one day, he walks into a spider web, the spider, lays eggs in her hair one day, she's in the middle of class, blood sorts, trickling down her forehead or are they take her to the hospital and they found that the spiders have burrowed into her head and are vague and they hatched and sorry eating into her head? Another one says that
in order for her did not. Why should every night she covered her hair and sugar water to harden it and next morning, when her mother came to awaken her, her rats had odd through her skull, there's one does have routes in, mediaeval time. Oh yes, I've like a this is what it would actually look like if your friends with the rats in the squirrels and the birds like scenario, give your video yet beauty. Every one is the character ever yeah, basically you're, just surrounded by wolves in rats and bears the net is just about to eat you where they want to eat just enough. Squirrels that day, yeah two, not fuck with you. I have averted this version of the story, but the way they re. That's your perfect woman. Rather what but her hair and sugar, one angels long hair on a woman, more short here on a woman ass. These the sugar here all over. You boy, but I should want all believe belly button levied.
The shadow of the value of their war. I think you're, a nice long relationship with her is like a sugar is always a mob of Tagus. Shot out of your mind, put sugar inner butter move. So this is the third. The old version of the story, there is a sermon story of a certain lady of anus sham in Oxford. Shy took so long of the adornment of her hair. That sounds like armpit forts. Anyone who took so long over the adornment of her hair that she used to arrive at church barely before the end of mass one day, the devil descended upon her head in the form of a spider gripping with its legs. Until she well nigh died of fright, thing would remove the offending insect. Neither prayer exorcism, nor holy water until the low
of abbot display the Holy sacrament before it may lead to us where the fire. I really think that there is also something to the new where urban legit have their place in modern society is that there is like a fairy tale, its Maria fairytales it because you blend its cautionary tales. Blended with, like things of the stream or labelling, and they go there. There is silly, is peeing on the third rail link, the subway system and in things that I love urban urban legends are really really for. I mean like handyman yeah, which was invented by the movie. You happened with a good legit, it's it's! If play Mary, there's no other way, candy man very similar to marry worth very similar rising again, it there's a lot of fixation of people being trapped in mirrors. Remember from the movie the witches with a little girl that was trapped in the in these matters a shit out of me it now, so the one with little girl gets turned the rat yeah. That's fuck them. Who is terrifying, that it has. No other really makes me feel weird and weird child.
Good, shit makes me feel really strange We will in modern times urban legends are often rooted in certain. Like real story like you're like this is a real story. I heard from a French yea elsewhere, or sometimes these things are actually reported in newspapers, but when you actually go and try to look as well see later on with one of our other stories that when you they try to dig deep into fine actual police records of this stuff. Nothing exists right. My age, It's what it's a lot like. I can give a very recent example out of North Korea that that whole story that we go where they said: the king Young own, fed his uncle to wild Dogrose kind of, like the hunters Thomson thing of saying something, that's more extreme than the truth actually reflect something. That's even deeper. You didn't like I mean his uncle was essentially dog food in the GDP murder because he didn't clap hard enough that his brow,
they ceremony. I mean you have to clap pretty home now. Everybody knows I know you have put on a smile at a time: Warner, cable, commercial, dressed up as a habit. The linen seconds Eve you, like, I hate that bullshit. I know it's not good, but you have to do a gas. Do you wanna work? Twenty five dogs, yeah exact lobby dog. So this is a story that I heard back in college. I think it's really interesting of it that the really Utah? We, whether or not it's true Nilghai drew get it out. He had by the Wet Henriette, really wanted his infamous bacon big butter muffins. What is there to be a beacon of bacon, cheddar, a baking or enough, and you didn't want the dispersed nature of its like eaten a spicy sponge? Why do you keep on order in Hungary
But there's always you. I ordered a vote, because I only had finally always events he sent you to give. I didn't have the attic stars: they get the correspondent rewrites, my usual audition a little bit harder for those five. Fifty right! Yes! So, what's this true story, so I had a friend in Julian College. It was always going out with boy. Oh, you know means used like very let's say fun. Very good Holler bent over her, but you actually arm she's, very fine, and I made a friend a mega was kind a nerd, and there really talk. Basically one got invited to this party of his hot new freshmen football player, this guy, they sell you a Jamie's Wilson, Jamie used will so we know what happened or Vienna. We Germany grinned within a week later, try to say when it was not charge, grateful Slayer great rapists. He was not he's got around us as clear as name here so many pretty much so interested in going to this party
individual early next year to really big mid term. You, I told you the story, I didn't know sickly, Juliet their tire period, a forward securely wishes like not ready for that mid term. Iranian we'll go MEG was completely prepared for a major study. We eagerly whenever the Julian. Only when the party mangled megawatts Roommate Nick was a room just blood already their story now we're trying to tell the autism or so, at the end of the day, you know Julie, spend hours getting sugar ray for his party, while MEG started. Studying now Julie. Try to get Magna with egg is way in a bit of a bitch, not the horror that Julius Romany, discarded Jerry was insisted that she did. She would study and she's gonna pass the test. You know the girls their close and Juliet, unlike leaving mag alone, to be moored. While she, without having a blast and elegant seamen, blasting she's in language general, was that I watch that Linda Lovelace Movie, I didn't realize deep throat. She had a clear is in her throat
That's enough anyway! So, truly perhaps let says she has a glittering in her throat guy at Julie finally gave up using excuse that she would Cramond home room the next day, another term for sex with her at such an early once at a party, and she had the time of her light all day, baby aiming to cram it in your homer of Jihad. It back to the door round to am decided not to wake magnets right, yeah she's, a good answer me, don't make me a real me all when you waiting raw I've got a good. He kissed him euro. We all know that merit prove sorted. A giant, beetles, haha, didn't really lawyers. She went to bed nervous about mid term, said she'd, wake up early to ask MEG for help. Show now typical, though the legal, typical non studier, yeah yeah. I know this is true. The sewer gets really fucked up, she woke up and she went to wake mag. She told me this:
during our reading that off your phone out. No, no, no! You don't realize by the way you're storytelling, cadences, very natural, yet yet totally this is everyone's by in MEG was lying. And what was made on Ass bill bill, curse will really close is really true. Yeah failure really without emotion, agar, yell, Kurdistan, yeah, ok, bellicose, apparently MEG was sound asleep when, when Julie woke up, apparently young Jill rolled MEG over to reveal MEG's terrified face Julie concerned. Turn on the desk lamp. Had it. Never our member look over was do they not have any windows in this room? No, no, like the sun the morning Sano, what are MEG studies, was so open had blood all over it megabits slaughtered. I heard
Julie and fell the floor and looked up to see written on the wall and mix blood. Aren't you glad in turn on the lights? That's scary, stuffiness real and I happen to foresee university. I agree, I mean the house in one a mean really. She eventually she eventually turn on lights. The judge in unison but he saw the words you know. Aren't you happy it in turn, on the lights the night before it is the erratic waiting I was in bed with the magnitude of the men in their has gone. Like all sore gram, it is in our own role out of her vagina gunning legally
because she was aged version. How you can imagine that actually real yours is another traditional knowledge of ill curse, MEG built, although it was surely Julie, yucky motel, emotive issue scenario that urban luncheon that's entirely real sell by that wide open. I mean you know, dorm room drama. First of all, the moral of the story is go party have a good time blossom deeds every single time we use it just sit at home and study, because the other consumer killers are nerves to hang out, and you know it. Study and you studying and as soon as you put those books down, you are gone and there they're gonna get to aid the exam, a turn on your fuckin vagina into a puppet. All that's right! That's I dont know what universally they're going to, but some Lord of State University. When a state- and of course you know this is
To the extent that you know you have a TED Bundy like Karen. You are of course ass at you. I mean. There's time rooms happen on a regular basis. Whether these are good warning tales. I mean that's what it's all about going to the lot of Mikado Canary Isles yeah go out and have a good time. People envisages summit, but I've heard that story. Ninety different way, everyone at its negative, very famous scary story, but when I think that different cause, I was exciting thing like: what's the difference between urban legends and creepy pasta event that urban Legend says about you learning something about the lesson it's about. Like you know, and then I agree with all of you are you? Are you glad you do internally is like yellow like it's like? What are you supposed to learn is that you go out and have a good time go out and have a good time when you come back just go to sleep in a dark vigorously. Don't worry arc, you don't
certainly not under the black light covered in saving covered in a shade, blinded by a dorm room with that black, like you'll, learn a lot from these stores creepy pastors there more cliff hangers yeah such as the greatest cliffhanger of all time, who is phone. I dont know phone. I never well now, and I want to know I want to add that I think a cone ethically buddhist criminally the who is phone creepy past is the closest thing to the end of a television show the sopranos she goes to just goes to dark. I don't wanna Novi lives, haven't we, nobody dies in ITALY after having a large mean, of course, that we are the protein soprano James. Gaddafi has the perfect tony soprano death yeah, coinciding ITALY, after huge amounts of why you lend me character YAP instead, it anyway so what we said earlier about these actual these urban legends having some written true, there are actually being report in the news? We have one that was reported in the news twice and fair Ex Virginia
I'm in a red you, this bullet in the came out in nineteen. Seventy, three Ericsson, Fairfax Bunny rabbit costume and throw hatchets through car window. How you ask what you gotta be Cadet Robert Bennet told police that shortly after midnight last Sunday he and his beyond, I believe that, shortly after midnight last Sunday he and his fiance we're sitting in a car in the fifty four hundred block of guinea road when a man dressed in a wider area was rowed guinea row with Guinea road guinea Rainy, rode out any road deviant racists. No, the road, ass races, I'm not racist when a man dressed in a wide suit with long bony ears ran from the nearby bushes and shouted Europe private property- and I have your tat number- the rabbit through a wooden handed handled hatchet through the right front car window the first year, Cadet top Lease Susie through the hatchet, the rabbit skipped off into the night. He said they were not injured, police say they have had no lives. In that case, they bid abbot. They say: Bennet was visiting an uncle who lived across the street from the spot where the car was part they could
was in the area to attend last weekend's Airforce Navy Football Game and then introduces us to a careful Urban Legend Fairfax Virginia the Bunny nobody. Man and he's been visit, is all over the south or like a lot of the eastern seaboard, Bunny Man talk, and I think that you'll see that do not always stories are regional. It goes on today right. The bogeyman is of the order born in nineteen. Seventy three and people still report the Bunny man today will, but the Bunny man did start in the early seventies, and it's still I mean by the eighties. It can reach its apex, but one of those that still goes to this day. I hear is at an all time because, like the Bunny Man Bridge is very important, they say: there's like this one bridge in Virginia, you drive pass in all four times. You'll see a Bonnie man dressed in a body sue run an ax next to it, which is just like that.
Scariest crime outfit, although its adorable sworder, but it's like, I guess it's like it could be. They always think about that is scary. To dress up like a big wolf man Costume and weird shit. No horses scared just having a big bunny and do shit bathing its, your face looks like outside of the bunny casket feeling along grizzled gray, beard bloodshot eyes at a fuck money may costume on you and me pretty creepy right now. If you're gonna be a hot sexy, young woman in their gazelle, sexy hot sexy, Bunny Woman Rowan had though it like our window. Yeah sounds like you're putting things up my, but I'm ready to be with you so throwing hatchets through your window is code for anal, sex and
crime and in the home, as your traditional national, had I've. Ok, we're learned a lot word and today there is always a sea storyline for our positions and, like the Bunny man is said to be responsible. The debts of the two disobedient children in the college to New Jersey area is like again perfectly to use a cautionary tale of just like having you like I've never had been always wanting to have that. As a kid words like my grandfather, the grip you by the need is go like he put, it may come you don't like that. I wanted to know. No, you don't know, because I had one when I was a kid at it Falcon five. What was it that I do, sir? you sobering from Argentina up in a town with a really high number of mexican immigrants and the accuser yellow said if you lied. I think I ve talked about this before, but if you lied to anyone,
Cuba, which is a bird with the head of a woman, would come and sit stand on the foot of your bed at night and Gray Matt you can well. I'd is just an elderly man. Talking about the white piece hated penetrating. There is such a male made up and it just streams and you about the dishes, and I don't know why we don't have any kind, take out the direction of more than one. I gotta have picked up the garbage, don't nine anyway, so it is a matter of regos out of luck in its work and its work, and I tell you she's, gettin wings, like a bug in Burma, say the less you, sir, sounds pretty it does it up very scared. Astro, that's very, but your father was with the end my appeal to you. So you pretty much had the real agenda, the yea and they had real. They had real, simply because there are no, my grandmother you. She just tell me me like ours he taught me cigani chocolate, chocolates, gonna, give you a heart.
Dad doesn't want. You didn't have to reply, but data, but did you know, then the dark chocolate has antioxidants? Yes will now? What do I look like in Dallas absolutely I, what are you behind a foregone cylinder because that's where America runs on chalk, so there's like one thing. That was like a you know, said these debts of children, the clothes the New Jersey, airy were pinned on of somebody said, was wearing a bunny suit and another one was like. There was a local her. Though they said, was like dress. Bunny suit offered it where this was and again is saying and influence the escaped Mental Blake tools like a woman. Moving about the bunny man, I mean this could be real menu. Anyone who wants to go through access through somebody's window could just put a bodies you don t. Do it fun went about that and this one. The insane asylum thing also has a paranormal aspect too, because it said that he escaped from the mental asylum in nineteen o four
he's, been there forever. Yeah he's been he's just a spirit, that's always been there. We welcome it and just gayer he's a bogeyman. They know they gonna do on these mental asylum. Specific local escape from this getting at those rotating doors mentally thinking just go around and around and around and around those catch. You only absolutely lebanese illiterate. We only get out because you keep shouldn't we infer lunchtime him. That's out as I that's inside outside inside me. How do I get my might do it? I need my most. You want your most got him inside now I Amanda Duenna Mush, petty dickie, diminish an amended again, but in theirs I gather that they said here too. You have the you put this together: the Clifton Buddy man. What is this full spirits thing and also the worst DJ and Clifton New Jersey, nuns and one that the inmates story came from the ape webs called Castle of spirits around ninety nine told the story about the inmate asked
from the insane asylum and he escaped with another guy named Marcus Walter. He killed. The He killed Marcus Walter and then eventually became the bunny. Sure am highly integrated within areas most dependent on in that's another aspect of urban ledges that there now, usually that detailed. They're usually be able to be told pretty quickly. Yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of miss in pieces because he says he killed his fellow inmate and then eventually became the bunny man. Why did he began The bunny met yesterday, find the Bunny soup audio horrifying process becoming a body man you just you know. I just love and everything that happened in. I would actually really enjoy to see this in a very gruesome your next. Maybe they got you made your next or Hell Henry. Perhaps you and I could write it. I got it in actual guy staple in the Bunny suit Tulia full of blood. I, your leader.
The huge growth on a bad breath, stop saying bad. So, what's up anyhow, I just got here Brad. I thought no we're masculinity mean killed a man, a bunch gap, you're gonna need courage was Upload uncharitable perpetuates is they're gonna, be correctly. We got this book story that I read. The first news story was not the only new story about the Bunny Man for the bony man reappeared. A man wearing a very rapid suit. Was too long, ears appeared again on guinea, road and fair County Thursday. No, he was just hurry bill. What did it go? fluffy, furry hurry area, this time wielding an axe and chopping away at a roof support on a new house. This was only two weeks after the last
The incident Paul Philips abroad, security guard for a construction company said he saw the rabbit standing on the front porch of a new, but unoccupied housing will upset the talk anew and that's when you started job. Are you people trespass around here, Philip said the rabbit, told him as he whacked eight gashes in the pool? Trespassing she bogeyman is all about trespassing. If you don't get out of here, I'm a bush. So they are good chances drunk. I guess she's been comfortable automaton like one. Why, where, when I'm in my house right, I got my valori pants suit. The Jackie bought mean that says that says Chaos rains how the back of it with a giant fox in the back of it, ass right, where shorter bet, you made some gelatinous nothin raw, so I'm totally nude and You come to my house, maybe you'll start seeing the nude men of Mouser shriek just go like
Might I vote typhoid, Chauvelin, better job of my time, food or ominous blesses Samantha, saloon, mademoiselle, Swedish, those terrifying earn the legend of ever heard my life and it just got created, but then you are diluted. Mouser street. Even though, is nude. You can see peanut my I've got that ginger Bush hair makes it seem like it's all. A flame in the middle of him was a lamb and it also was on fire in the claiming crotch ship? no man of Mouser Street. Yes, it is a lot to say whether other any other stories connected to a funny man there's a shit out of liberalization and those are the best one day I was able to find. There are some murders around Fairfax Virginia, that peoples they contribute to the legend of bony man. While I get, then I think it's it's a classic example of what we have with the Zodiac Killer and new. They talk about time. We're like you, can that's a perfect place to do crime? Then yes, would happen. One island serial killers because there's all these like other, can actually happening like they believe.
The body may kill him peoples that you can kill somebody in probably get away with it. Does I think it's a body multimedia Zodiac killer absolutely of you do if you are in desperate need to kill somebody go to a place. Where everyone intends to get killed, and then you are in distress up Buckin Bigfoot, an area touch the woman. Well, Don't do that, but these murders all occurred long before the legend of the body man came about. These are like murders that, unlike nineteen eighteen, ninety forty nine. I think, if there's a place that just has a gruesome past, if it just if you can put it, but you can also attach these stories to the bogeyman, what there was a little girl named even Roy, who was murdered as she was watching her fathers cows, one night she was mounted. I want to ask the calling I call on pre. Hamburgers otters gets any delicious mill. What are they gonna? Let you watch the cows anymore. Mister Browne, Turkey, as a matter of Acta
the police in you're, gonna, look at the eggs. The others are now is looking at the pigs, yeah I'll stay alive, Furthermore, the best was so she disappeared. Twenty four hours later they found her tied to a tree in the woods. Her apron strings tight around Throat, and they never found her killer. There were internists aspects, but they never found the killer were never able to pin it on anyone the resilience and who ran their amusement piled man Jenkins, there's old men, Hake and ass days. Old Watson gather all ready to do it. You know, I think we need to have a plan to get some more young men in a town, because I think we're all gonna die only time you have a murdered child, a especially an unsolved murders or murdered baby a dead baby. Anything like that. That's where urban Legend spring up, especially around bridge yeah, ok, yes, what is it? I think that that is a. I think that there is some sort of
I go symbolic thing with have reduced about because it took about would dream. Like dream interpretation like waters we spoke cement the mean the soul like its whenever, like your in water entering water, it supposed to mean like you're, entering either the soul or the unconscious, and so there's something about bridges. That is if we Therefore, if there is a connection to the symbol of water being like it's, a good urge between worlds. You here, all the time you know it's. A good idea of the Ets is theirs, there's something magical to how many fairytales happen at Bruges. So what does it mean? Then? I was just happen. This dream, where my dad was just telling me. I was a failure dreaming. You sure you did did more to listen to a voice mail. A year ago, Ridge is yes, riches are a terrifying place and a lot of people die umbrage. Yeah, laudably leering icy. There I mean I knew there was a kid my school year, his the those economical, his dad, I mean, while he was drunk
and he just drove right off the bridge, any fucking. I think another thing. The reason why we're afraid of bridges, because one early is a fairy tales that we here's the three billygoat Scruff, yeah yeah you ride, troll under the bridge. I think I've been thinking is like my kid is also having involved with caves. Caves, it seemed dark like what they were in their fairytales holding was the forest, the dark forest member. There is unknown in there's. Also, where do we want to talk about the cry baby bridge? Of course, crybaby bridges are huge. We had one where I grew up all over the country. This idea of its aid phenomena of urban legend basically say it's a bridge people say that if you drive I walked out of you hear the sound of a baby crying is equal access to some sort of childhood deaths that have no borders. One. The one of the world fear is you're. One of the legends is that a family was driving across flooded bridge that realise how flooded the bridge was. They had to abandon the eye. The key and then as they abandon the car, the they forgot. The kid
yeah, then that give us your home alone situation which, by the way, I was thinking about a home alone. Recently, when I was watching the movie, your next with hope, Macneil everything in a Europe where we think home loan will watch your next because, all alone in war movie yeah, it's three bars and they tried it twisted like some sort of fun. Situation for child will be at its paid spoke at its work on. I is the purge person. A song says exactly. I remember the horror, the urban legend that was around my town. If, it was said that there was a house that was near by and we Devil worshippers were said to have their little coverage, which will get the devil worshippers later just want. Why now? I know I know, but it was said that if you drove across this one bridge and you slow down that you would
have a hamper and, on the back of your higher heard, tat walk through it. In fact, there was enough. I found another one. I did said a few poor baby powder on the hook. You would see the footprints of children and we have created a friend that said one night, He was driving across the bridge in here. Like me, he was driving slowly heard like on the out of his truck anyhow, that's out of their here drove over to the also stop got out his arm. The all family dinner also acts as a local convenience right next to the gum uncle area, which is a wonderful mulch shop. They haven't second uncles freedoms. Marcus forgets that not everyone is from poof bubble, fucked. Let's get some guys everyone's, I forget by anyway, he got out of the car and he looked on the on the bed of his terror on their tailgating struck and there was a hand
back there. However, this guy was perpetually full of shit here, there's something to the meeting of the ledge into your own brain and why? How magical the brain can be made
things reality, and when we already have again, you do see a bunch of handprints on your car like go back as you might ahead. Somebody go back to where you, where you know only ever go back. Well, I think you have made your personal lie in their arriving oil and its duty and somewhat morality. You want to have good eyes between you and the pigs. Man gets Mexico change, your name to El Karachi down and Fuckin Puebla, Mexico, each yourself. Some breeders have a nice young mexican wife, you never go back to this day. I mean just be elected in your ideas of what been on the run is from the Dutch TV show EAST bounden it out. I don't know if that's right, I think more panicky situation, where one of the other crybaby bridges that I found was called the screaming bridge Maud Hughes row, you jack, you drive your driver. Now this is the most annoying bridge. I've ever been earn up the radio that there is a side of a lot, a terrible accidents, alot of suicide, etc,
There are six thirty six people that are reported to have died on around this bridge, whereas the bridge this is in Butler County, oh hi, ok, you TT, Ellie are all of our higher friends. If you want to go, take a picture of this thing or something or go, hang out of the bridge, let us address periods, ended and there's railroad tracks below the bridge, for sometimes you can see a ghostly train coming through you see, missed you see black black figure. The legend says that a car carrying a man and a woman stalled on top of the bridge. The man got out to get help. While the girl stayed when the man returned, the I was hanging on the bridge above the trees. Another man, that's an perished with unexplained causes
and perished with an excellent Gaza will know the man after he found the woman. Oh, I say oh costly dying from fright. This is another little who'll, oh man. I want to die from fright so bad. I just keep that gets hard Yad. Where was I do diabetes affright? I wasn't like this one to Egypt, the Egypt Road one eyes nail our love. As you know, this is the Egypt Road near Salem. Ohio is actually what used to be you speckled West Pine Lake Road, get into the east of the bridge. Ledges attribute the crying baby to one that fell on and accidently drowned, also rumour that there is a cult of some sort in the woods surrounding the bridge and twenty eleven there was a say, ten, a ritual involving the murderer, sacrifice of an elderly woman that was found burned to death in a cage on that
ok hose road remains that access wait, a high voltage utility lines, the baby Maclise can be heard at night or during the day, and that's really fucking cool yeah. I may not, who I mean an interesting one, that you can lady burned to death in a bridge and a fuckin satanic ritual is an item. Urban line is that we are just trying to make beer elderly lady. We just we started pure, cannot progress here like we're jacket like beer Chicken, but it's an elderly lady. I understand we all go in with me. Falls up about will tell you, you throw a baby in the river and of drowning drowns. Otherwise, you got yourself a little Michael Phelps there and they are going to have a real success. Will live subway commercials and what not, but probably drought, Yoda, let's be honest, but- and this would always brings us too much- Personal favorite urban legends Devil war,
All these. You grew up in the late eighties, early nineties, in Amerika, every single fuckin town had a devil worship restoring only you have real if I was real, but there was always abandoned houses where people would say like that's where the devil worshippers go to, their sacraments. They sacrifice children, they sacrifice babies now, of course they also like they sacrifice to child there. Five ten years ago. You know my cousin like new, this kid they get sacrificed their. But of course nobody like. If It actually got sacrificed
say, ten ritual in a small town, that's great news. Evil would be that we should keep in mind talking about it re day for the next six months. Will the thing about this is tat? It calls and market brings it up. I think it was actually call this attack panic right now. We ve got a glowing, think West Memphis three got caught up and up same way, so I mean not to that story, but I remember I was I was just in Chicago and I went to go. Look for the Gacy House and I spoke with a taxi driver and I will try to go over the Gipsy has house anything you trying to see old, Gacy House and was again he just like. I won't take you there. You don't make me, isn't that something I would assume that happens kind of on a regular basis. Of course yeah you have that due to their I, my human centipede shirt on activities we have basically been. I excuse me, I can take a look at them in peace to please and what is it about? You know within marriage over and it is important series tower people like the look of a serious tower only through the gaiety how's. He sees pointing out what this cab is free of charge. If you just get it out, and I were on the highway just rolled out, there would be fine roll out of your league Walter in the big of a good old fashioned of our day, garb automate Kiki out there, no joint adventure low illegally. How are you, how lucky Loki during Joint Chicken
go to beautiful city. Is it is it? I think that one? Yes, yes, it is a great devil. Worshiper urban legend, where someone said that there was a say the devil worshipping house in their neighborhood in all the sidewalks in front of it were painted black, and there was an upside down cross painted on each of the supports, and there was a hearse always park. Front of the house. There was a house that had a hers in my hometown as well and with our neighbour how it was areas layer, everybody I did see with, because it was a cheap courted by that I mean that its yet that's and so this Satan is house, they would always have one candle in the window and you draw if by with a group of your friends you'd, makes the block and as drove by the house. The second time, however, many people were in the car with you that number of candles would here in the wind, like arson
the candle in the window, Qaeda you're. We had. We had a person that ignore my mom, always affectionately refer to as the which was a woman that she said, did black magic tat lived in a house, but a single. Because, like they were rivals and like the quilt guild like running for residents, are grossly exaggerated. There were democratic assembly. I add attitude which has with the interesting thing about this satanic and devil worshipping. Stop. Is it that even so much they satanic or the double worshippers themselves? Thirty scruples yeah got brains, paint their nails black Mugabe's, but is there christian reaction to it that make its super heavy oil it weight because I really growing up super evangelical and we would have full
shot in like three, our marriage, three up three day, marathons about Satanism. Witchcraft little do they know. Although I do a war, they were their fight, a spiritual war. He added accede is in real life or just hanging around topless Jesse. You know yet crab salad, ethnic authorities. Having it ass an entire Billy's devils eggs, they got all the food like devils. With quotation to mark, you know they are amazing, watch the movie, the sentinel with the great movie the sentiments of railway and that, what's your name from she was in that she's topless, constantly them every dance, Everley De Angela of Inner learned man, I watch rosemary baby again, oh yeah, like the fuckin fifteenth time last night odds its grey one day every place with us than us enough. Last podcast fan, so we all just joined together in a big old house and like plague Techno Muse it can cover each other and Vaseline Suffolk. That role around you know I would love to just go across the room, but never lived my feet. Doesn't you can do with vaseline ghost Walker, that would be great another.
Another great urban legend again concerning Helen saying as end, there was a couple of these: our member in Texas. There was one in a cemetery in Dallas Fort Worth it there, as there was another one in Possum Kingdom, like taxes, Possum king yeah, yeah posture on them is, is the greatest lake in the on that in all their got your past we have an effect in order to avoid a garbage died. Now Europe will delay to get a burger, just gonna Possum tale that still repulsive king so she is Angus Beef and milk.
Yeah. I answer is you know what they want and what it does, what it could? I actually name that parliament, through a serious anchors, believe that's a little drew. That's no, it's part of our here's. What would a hundred percent below daddy opposite? I like and good you after you outside. I tried to lie to you. I don't even know why I don't even know why did it name of the book and restaurants so these are squash raise made out of pure pure honduran squash, though, that I heard of a great one in New Jersey, it's near the town of York, it's story of towed run row new in the eighteen hundreds there was a colossal mental asylum that stood in the woods, because its remote location. I mean the mother. Fucker lie
on fire, firefighters, couldn't get to it in time, a lot of the penalty for easy people, just person, flames air there all highly flam all covered in kerosene along likely to absolutely don't. Let me call my best for doctors, zoos paper You have a cell phone, their anti has sought to sell products of animal origin. Excuse me: I'm gonna call manifold the most of the made in the upper floors burned to death the ones on the lower level. They let em all our rather than let em burned to death, but a lot of these people were, of course, crimson the insane anyway, you don't you get a bunch of criminally saying in a group. They scanner
the only these scattered to them through the forest they always debated. These people had that when the top floor is burning and then there like, when we could lead the age, we let the bottom flora we could just like Burnham all known and give it a second now see what happens and because these people are criminally insane. The search party was extremely aggressive time already, five eight and they found the inmates. I mean no questions asked: take no prisoners, be there the menacing submission, won't kill em on the spot. Let's find the she's a Bernhardt sharpshooter type technique that would also probably so they say that the psychic impact of this event, all the people burning the death, all the people in the woods being beaten they're, just straight out shot or stab, they say that because of this, a gateway to Hell
opened the movie. Thirteen goes kindly. I love that movie, that movies great. So they say that there are seven barriers, which is great, because someone did their homework anew. That seven was a very important biblical nanos. Really this a great story, a debt, so they say that there are seven barriers along the path to the former side of the asylum. Most people can't even locate the first one, but for those who manage to find the path it is said that the sense of evil and overpower feelings of death will turn given the bravest of explores pay back by the fifth gate to, whereas is in New Jersey, York, New York New Jersey go check it out and take pictures? Please go walk the seven path. Absolutely, I believe it's in New Jersey, I'm not a hundred percent sure no Yossi yeah, but you can look it up. You can look at authors. Hell's of dates have dates of hills everywhere everywhere. This is a. This is a fog and, I would say, probably a worldwide phenomenon by in America. It is definitely a huge phenomenon,
legend say that if one did manage to get past all seven gates that they be standing upon. The burnt remains of the mental Hospital, a bona fide passageway. Hell. It's an you, get a car that gives you free peeps for life, isn't that nice and I wanted to be punished, and then you see bill gates and my radio Satan these the devil, their reaction as a good foundation so doesn't work. He made the condom thing. He made. The economy dates of hell. Henry audits and Henry's bundle, big bad guys. I believe it took us that long Ramadan, homer too there's another one more cause, it's kind of a gate to Hell. It's called gross point devil gross points, devils mill, it is said that there is probably right: don't go there, there's a sibling rivalry and win the girl died. She said the two rather sell her part to Satan, rather than give it to the brother and,
if to seal her pack. The mill was cloven too at the moment of her death by lightning and then burned to the ground, and it said that the distraught their saw Satan himself, hoping a french quads real amid the fleet, we french quadrille, like maybe a jig, I think Levant. Oh, oh, oh thank the other yeah prayer about that bad about bad about anything. You can't really see what we are doing. So that's why I was wondering why we were doing in the first place bigger Satan. Can we talk about that car, real, quick
oh yeah, which car the vulgar o the vulgar calls you use under what what does Satan? Dr? It's an eighteen, sixty black vulgar and its because it has a bad transmission- knows our windows. Then he doesn't work remains at player. You are able to lead car that I mean the devil. He doesn't need a good transmission, but he needs the heat the everywhere in the Temple and become a well when the devil's in Poland. He drives the black vulgar, that's right, and it said that the black Bogan isn't the devil in Poland as Everley Paul. It really authorities there right now. So it says The blood vulgar was driven by soviet high ranking soviet officials who kidnapped and pretty girls for sexual pleasures of the highest ranking soviet comrades again, this is in Poland, so yeah I had always authority its objective Lenny. I know: there's girls a five year old, largely thing when a polish polish women and men
women are incredibly attractive and to let the aged forty two and then they turn it is early turned to which women that number, although the growing for there's another legend, says that either its driven by vampires, mysterious priests, body, vendors, Unimak, some say that children are kidnapped, so they can drain their healthy blood to be given to reach. Leukemia suffers yeah. That was an interesting thing. The leukemia suffer any evidence. You stated that works. Now it doesn't work. You can just switch out someone's blood. This isn't fuckin seven hour of fuckin fifteen thirty two we can just drain out the humours naw. That's when I guess I d than in his brain, as is ended, said that sometimes even Satan himself drove the black, drive and road rail travel, goodness, four five, it's
the guy I gotta do to get a good closet. Drugs asian MRI they loved his classic rock, better, go rape that fuckin rapist over there will I thought that you would rape the rapists and, while we're in Poland, let's The move on to the debate we re has its origins in Poland in the Holocaust. Like this, I tell you that for Smith? I got a weed box that was sanctioned by the church of Satan. Well yeah. I have this great we'd box that has a bafflement symbol that in this age of Satan, has a copyright on arise. Chorister, not idiot. You have to get permission for them to use a specific one. Have you smoke the way that you placed in that box here a day every day, you'll like it, has a different effect on your brain other non, not to say the same old same all great me. Well, change one day. Will you may remember the debit bogs from the movie? The came out a couple years ago, where you know
bless, if not as Yahoo bless his heart modesty. We never put modesty within over his head he more than he could too. He was a thing together with Russia possession he really putting. He put. It is all but only as whilst you have new. Besides put not a costume and shorter preferred a camera is mine. Is you have to do anything else? It decides that and yellow law, because you know it said the dear big is you know it's a possessing. Spirits are restless souls jewish demon, you know just liking cathartic, so we ve exorcisms. He is always nervous. Always complaining about the heat is, though, that, though it's right living bird, would jewish people tend to complain about I'm totally on board what yeah, yeah sure urinate spicy food I don't know and they're afraid of cats. Have we seen in mirrors hard thing that I like a vampire armed with a union that is normally it's what they said. It was a wine cabinet which was basically contained a thing called a dip
which is a malicious, goes something it's like contain, and basically the movie came from this apparent whose story about a Dick box it was sold on Ebay? Yes to a family according to manage the story, he bought the box and estates sound two thousand one. It belonged to a holocaust survivor of polish origin named Havana who had escaped to Spain prior to immigration, to United States, how veil of purpose seal, the debit inside the boxer after it contacted her and her friends will performing a science with a homemade Oracle board on opening the bar man is found that it contained two nineteen twenties pennies, a lock of blonde hair bound with cord a look of black Brown here bound with cord such grave with Huber words Shalom one tried rose. But a single Cato, holder with for Octopus, shaped legs and small golden wine goblet all I'd. Supposedly use a jewish folk lore to exercise demons. Numerous owners of the box of reported that strange phenomenon com
and his story. Man is he experienced a series of horrific nightmare share with other people? Are they represent the box or when they say it is home while he added his mother sovereignty, broken the same day. He gave her. The box is a birthday present October. Twenty Eightth, every owner of the boxers, reported that it smells of cat urine or jasmine flowers nightmares involving an old hag involving accompanying the box. I wanted to see you rarely
you people debate is the urine earth that Jasmine revere these every where you dogs, that's where the whole house smells like popery over Fuckin differ Viana. Do you smell Dalia TAT Year, and I think it just a belong to an old cat lady for along hire them. They cannot take all over it. All right, ok, suggested that you have just said that is to pull out here. I think jasmine is just what they treat used to try to cover the small cow. She wants a cat pieces on some that smelly, never going as a people about gas cap pistol. My drawn second college from then on. We were known as the ban smelled like Catapez. We just words never had, could never get it out. What was the name of the banned by the side of private hugs a bunch- My whole is abolished panel via the smells like cap is now actually kind of works. Yours sounds nobody here than for, and I would love to see that you didn't baroque hugs opponents, pedophiles
offering subtle hints as to what the two thousands will bring to music. We wanted road is that on call jungle touring which there was a robot there was programmed to feed homeless people, but there was a malfunction, so we just federal sand until they die at the thought of it, and it was put aside the difficult so apparently Jason, hacks and director of the Museum of Austria path of medicine in cork, Swell Missouri, hey, following all the blogs written about this debit box and he bought it, he wrote a book called the defect box and claim that he subsequently developed TAT strange health problems, including hives coughing, a blood in headed to welts, his wife experience, bloody weeping. Blisters ads are coming in contact with clothing. He wore during a failed containment attempt is office. All that also experienced the bursting of light bulbs about removal of a box from the museum hacks it locked. The boy in the back of his truck parking at his home in the evening, hacks it experienced nightmares of had like women now, like Manasses claims, the final straw, hacks and claims
and while he and his son were watching television is son notice, a black flame like mass in the room with them? Lax and consulted with rabbis who, to figure out a way to seal the debate on the box again, apparently, six, swore he took this firstly resale box and hid it at a secret location which he will not reveal, will Matt reveal, probably around somewhere yeah, we gotta go dig it up. We gotta find a debit bauxite around somewhere, but I just want one. If you got one some one to me, I mean, is their only one: yes general story into this story. Ok, but there's multiple did a box boxes, I think they'll guy and this is the villages of the vis dipping box- is the one that, like there is a definite urban legend running out. It's a very recent one too, we want to know. I had a Ebay listing for it, because if we can
I did not pull him, you know there's anybody can find it put it up. The third, a bunch appointed things on Ebay, if you ever google that there are around so fascism pollyanna. So we want to read today under the great thing about dealing with the internet in urban legends. You know they started women in the data. It would just be stories and then eventually, we learned had a right than they were written stories and with the internet. Now we have a whole brand new version of urban legends, which is really predicts. I absolutely, and they are now through the dew email, which is perfectly I feel like a lot of because we talk about it, isn't like. I know that if my grandparents were still around and could have access to the internet, they get caught into how many can differ. Only those things online show up on your on your email and sound, really official and really scary respond immediately, and so now we're gonna read some famous chain emails that went around in the early two thousands or like late. Ninety nine means and like it you'll see Tell me if you remember him
What is really going on in much as people were scammed in the what you know by Jordan Villefort there, the Wolf of Wall Street arab world, if anybody halls, yet what check it out now? If anybody calls you randomly and you don't know him or somewhat seemed somehow, not loyal, hang up and delete the fucking email. I don't dura Lex victims, and sometimes it feels difficult to have sympathy for them, because what are they doing whose hidden apply on the nigerian uncle scam. The more just morons with no money so. You want to start with the first tales, sure, let's start with this, and this will supposedly came from this. Actually, this is great because it looks very efficient as it does the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, Louis J Free and it gives the headquarters. The FBI gives the telephone number and then it begins act. In the agency has become aware of a group of gypsies operating in the southeast these.
Caesar the in the employ of the Chinese Communist Party. They are responsible for up to seventy cases of testicle mutilation result. The bureau's investigation into this matter has developed the following profile: any mail travelling alone in the southeast, as is at risk, do not attempt, Take unknown women of Turkish descend to your room. No, not attempt to engage in a line was heritage if they got belly here, do not to engage any type of sexual behaviour with unknown turkish women case these were you're responsible for over seventy testicle mutilation cases they are all
very intelligent and should be considered armed and dangerous by the use of their female attributes, they lure men into positions of seclusion. At this point they will drug then remove the testicles of the unsuspecting men. Our investigation is determined that caucasian black and hispanic testicles are being sold in China as a form of aphrodisiac. No one has lost his life in this way. The serious loss of blood is dangerous, but should not lead to death. If you think you have been a victim of this crime, please contact your nearest FBI field off. I don't know what needs to be in that same rightly calls you gotta get we like you are you're sure just checked around Emmy check they're! Ok, you must a sad ottoman. They may now we're all gonna cut up, but I don't know she was turkish. We other volume we care, they'll, be Anti Gypsy department
all right I'll I'll. Try to read this one here. This one's called rock hard abbots a forward. Please read scary, okay, so stay! Please warning warning state! Please do not ignore this very serious, so please, reposed, state police, warning for online. Please read this very carefully, then send it out all the people online. You know something like this is nothing to be taken casually. This is some You do want to pay attention to. I think we ve got it if a person with a screen name of rock hard ads or goes by his name, Jason, Stalin's contacts- you do not reply. Do not this person do not answer any of his. Is the messages or emails, whoever this person, maybe he's a suspect for murder and three in the day, three women so far contacted you might still get their content did through the internet he's killing these checks through the internet is assessed. I dunno, shooting and is known for, raping and beating young women? He is located in the MID Michigan area. Plea CS, adjacent Stallings, we're look
four, we're gonna find your Jason. Please send an email to all women on your violets and ask them to pass this on as well. This screen name was seen on Yahoo and a well so far, so he is up to date. AOL and Yahoo visits from like ninety nine. This is not a joke, please! two men to just in case he turns looking ten zero directly serial killer industries started with women. It went demand new sexual Alright, but just a guess, you'd have said everyone Ladys. This is serious over the years These messages have been named in several that for men, allegedly who allegedly murdered women they contact. On the internet, a slave master. So
Kelly Guy for ever Joker kid, six, thirteen Jason Money and Jason the S money sign and now rock hard adds slashed Jason. Stalin's that's a boring that worry name, just Jason Sol exacts Bore Jason's jolly. So that's pretty much the gist of this, when only in this case slave masters, real name was Johnny Robertson, that this does have a little bit of a little bit a truth to a, but it wasn't honey, not actually that the guy Johnny Robinson was charged in two thousand and with the murders of five women being done in this way. But this, of course, this email didn't start until two thousand, once my oath probably does make above average, I'm sure that there are some serial killers who found women. Now this is John. I remember receiving. I received this one called spunk ball date too. If every one two thousand subject: spunk ball, warning: spunk ball, worn, I just wanted to warn all of my friends about something that has been occurring more and more lately, all throughout the country group
of teenagers have been caught in alarming numbers playing a new and dangerous game called spunk ball. Spunk ball consists of a group of teens at a car, pulling up to a stop light. Looking for a car stopped your by with an open window when one is spotted the eighteen shout spunk ball and throw a gasoline soap drag that has been rapid, aluminum foil through the open window, which they spelled they spill through wrong. In July. The air is a lot of emphasis on the outside of the files attached to small firecracker, with the fuse lit with a firecracker explode sheds, shreds the soil on the rag is ignited, causing a large flame. They may catch the interior of the Koran fire spunk ball playing. Already claimed. Two lives cause uncountable injuries due to burns and caused thousands of dollars and damaged automobiles. The best events they authorities is to keep all windows rolled up when supper traffic lights. Only cars with windows down are being targeted. If you are at a red light and here a shudder, spunk ball, so big
flying in her window. The best thing to do is have all passengers immediately exit the vehicle to now. Try to retrieve the object. Do not eat the real ignite once the fire cracker explodes, please pass this on to everyone. You care about. I would say that if you see a nineteen, sixty black Bulger spunk ball, throw it in there, and I will say this feeling out still do that every once in a while, just two cars with open windows want everyone: Rowan Valentine, just throwing a wet the just a wet rag water is Cargan, seem actual see. I thought I mean it could very well be less even then, but those are some very funder of emergent yeah and this one is a lot like a ton of urban like emails that involve cars. You had the one where, if you flash have lie that area, meaning I say that's true, but I guess there's the one about the image: thirteen is they'll bump your car and once you get out to inspect the damage that shoot you, but this happens all the time there were just that bet as well, and I believe we could have been
racist. None have not be re. She was that she was a beauty contest it and they they took out the car with spikes, and then they shot him both and took their money ones as data they can. I get angry immigration while we get that the urban lesson legend is that it's a gang initiation when, in reality its full on fuckin rob yet robbery, and the other is all I urban legend here when I was a kid, was a story of a seeing a woman on Halloween Day of a guy machete killer chopping If the arms of woman, India, woman being found armless on the side of the street- and I remember that being always about when I was a kid you did so funny- I my beard urban legend. When I was a kid they would all. I fuckin heard this story, so many goddamn times
Jesus of Nazareth. There is, if you lose, it does no more than any other than those in taxes in you really are actually Felix was involved. Is you know what I want you to him? I mean nailed him nailed a few, this entirely good demon. He die, but then he came back as a fucking goes back you, nobody wants the artist. I believe you gotta use a silver bullet tat moment is: then you're divinities, bargain wizard, face in whatever you do, don't be left alone in a room with Jesus, because you Wilma less those holes at his hands of your dick, the parameter in her own up. For this episode, this ready we didn't get to the slit mouth up with this lead mouth woman. We have another up. We have so many these thing. What we're gonna be kind of continuing this in a couple weeks when we're going to be doing regional monster yet so also again, if you have any monsters, geike stories of your in your area, wherever you live policing,
towards rubbed to read em on here, and I thank you yet over them, it's just can't wait to get to the donkey. Will the donkey woman of us Antonia you? I can't wait to you just tell you why, though, and let's all right but each other and making the pages will respond,
each year we are back to ensure as a matter of loving community, and that is what happened. Delays are put good scares. You know they are not with me sob with me how well it was just. There are some funny one. There are the very ones, but he opposed the like contributes to the Congress today, even though they did a lot of people. Do yes in a lot of people been persons and very sweet stuff. That's all you know, I'm really not days our ladys days soon, Ladys poster Mundus like this will be my eyes. Ladys work is you're like the idea why why you're, the one that was audibly sailing Monday Lady Day? So that's why well, let's not only airlines can pose. Let's say that, ladies are encouraged to possible. Ladys are always encouraged. Encouraged pursed encouraged her ass, your cursor Hirsch on Monday, and offer fight that we're having. Thank you guys. Silverbridge, we'll see you next week. Hale say: yes, that's right ones are next life show the twenty eighth of. What's your twenty seventh ashore at the last days of the month, sadly fuckin our last Saturday's use, less energy, already everybody hell, Satan, Hale, Satan, Hale may gain and, of course, tailors- and I got an age at your piggies.
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