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Episode 109: Regional Monsters II: A Hint of Mucus

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We further explore the wilds of America in our second episode on regional monsters with tales of Loveland Frog Men, the Flatwoods Monster, the Melon Heads, and the Wendigo!

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started. All these all these fragments he's gonna do if they want to be accepted by society. If you put a hand on put assumed on a given more efficient co legislator old time, he said clown and put him out like the old figurines. If you did you ever, my grandmother had a sea of figurines of little frogs little value your example trolls days on issues everyone's fishing- I guess his cause broad manner casual well it every time they see emitters. Hanging out seems video on demand in by the roads months. Remark is we're. Gonna go out, Margus barks, I'm Ben guests were joined by a fellow who said the word cute four times,
recently, which is the most have ever heard him say, gain gay gave, get any guide get any one may skin. You guys are crag man you're, a frog, read it being rang, man you're real identity militate and it s grant referenda dip your toes in the water there frogman you I'd like to pay the Burmese. The position you wanna work here at Starbucks just throws up just my all mark all over the Starbucks camera. It turns out it s great in the coffee. Your hired fragments tat carry me I'll get a job. It is a very tough economy rights so that we see that was Henry the frog move around to get through this whole episode with out laying hold in instead of frogman all that's because it so hard to go to joke of core.
You know rise hold the Mcnally ease, the lizard lizard shortages. Gus thing that's right now, and the egg it could have just been most of these are two sightings other MC. Nearly family is positive thing for bugs next. A dirt road is actually interesting, though, because most of them are merely family, very hands area. Very interactive guy unsavory is a dream, but we haven T of course, homelands iranian from his his grandparents, who were first cousins yeah. There was some trickle down Jean there some projects, but of discussing the frogman, because today's subject is regional monster going on a country's zeal masses, you got all hey. No, I mean you got a giant horse good. That's just a big or Syria is interesting when you say country, and that seems to be the place where most of these sightings happened very rarely in urban environment. I think these people, it's because the satellite dish companies don't get out coal mining areas where our agenda, so they have to make fun little shows for themselves. Ok Of course, our today's first monsters are working to discuss the lovely
fraud which is really grow like love land land. I mean where is this? This is which area of this is all higher right. Yes, oh hi, what this love happened or no higher writers import your love winter months, alot of snuggling alot of hair fibres, tingling other hair fibres. No, I love my or a lover. I love people from all higher yeah. You know about. It seems like you got me. You're gonna get a lot of frog: men from Ohio, beautiful women, Frogman Romani! Yes! Well, ladies, enjoy a nice Prague man for oh hi, like you James another array, because if not he's gonna use is, can we find a chicken that's right and wrong having sex with a chicken? There is no place for that. My America Mark, as I don't like it, but markets let's go down. Where did the lovelorn frog begin? How did this myth start approximately three? Thirty a m in the year, nineteen, fifty five and approximately three twenty eight a m. I remember the time exactly because that's what I was going to look for frogs as I did every Wednesday, a business man this guy is these informatics. How does that executive see the kind of environment everywhere we're gonna business? Do you think, is a part of our now
ass factory. Making fake butts we got the most primo fake but said the Ohio Valley can stand had something in two black eyes because going door to door in Ohio selling fake, but that'll get you The fact is that the words and more
give us some info on the eleven frog, so the businessman who shall remain nameless to this day. I love a good anonymous business. Man declared the builder burger Zia. There's this jeez seven thing I think you're giving them quite an itinerary right. I've used in the middle of the woods. Three thirty have already heard the story he claimed to have witnessed three bipedal clauses, reptilian entities congregated by the side of the road. He literally say those words, so they officer was he immediately arrested in a book for method view, was a bacterium, lays down my views on the Benes yeah? What's the banning those would be amphetamine tablets, Venza Drain, it's what like all of Jack Kerouac things were written on now. Isn't that something that isn't that what I have to get back in the day people used to have so many more drugs is lying around cocaine next to the sugar de Arnwood ahead, when it a bad too that there was a time when he'd have like a jar to befall us, as I got two yellow jackets catch your business weavers members hampers things like that. I gotta make it from mass, incidentally, to Saint Paul overnight. Betty evidently hell, I kill anyone. Some weasels as well will be good for you,
so the man pulled the card the curb and witnessed these three Richard creatures he observed them. What is estimated to be about three minutes? Ok, now who had a? How big are these creatures? They must feel really tall or even our feet tall, yet three to four feet, as he said they were covered with leathery skin, had webbed hands and feet analogue, like any measure them and not merely units. So each one is one Mc Neill you unit law. If we get one every ten minutes yeah, is it certain that these workers day laborers up really early? We know he claimed than to eat said they were distinctly frog like in their head region. Ok, he claimed that they bore deep wrinkles where there should have been hair just years. What's very interesting, just as the man was about to speed, awake is barely three minutes is enough. Of the frogmen produced a wand.
From who knows where really any started flinging. Above a certain sparks everywhere, roman candle sometime fraud got into some fireworks and somebody left in the shed and they're just like they thought there were just saying: oh, oh yeah, yeah, that makes sense- or maybe maybe there was three tiny elderly children up with that disease, where you are child eventually buttons, Germany, that producer yes, but three people, with pejorative just out, they're looking for help laying down the only racial slow to call people with Bulgaria. Frog had that it includes a ban on racist, typical business and other things that all of these regional monsters have names that could definitely just be applied to any re. Certainly a goddamn Prague had.
And it is said that the sense of Al Fatah and almonds were left my mind like omens. Why would he Lee yet some nice thing a bath and body works or have their viewed a frog sent and then, as the frog men was waving, the WAN small sent mucus came out. Rog men's man entered Mute, a small hint excuse me, oh also, a hint of mucus came flowing out from his name, only want a hint. You want a dash of mucus with the original monster I desire you need, I guess the he saw big ass, frocks re, probably very, of or beat all without one with a wand methods. That's word turns into a humble figurine right where an interview I just have a big Billy, basically turns and one of those, whereas they elegant memories. What are they know? They are what I should have ever ashes. Memorize it I'll tell ya those children were praying alot, they say if you want to leave Aaron's into spend some money and some precious memories make em all frogmen do never mind my parents, when I was growing up data, brilliant idea to get rich all they did was collect tunnels, thinking that they were gonna skyrocketing prices. This is pre beanie, baby faith, oh yeah, and turns out nobody wants a homo anymore. No, they have almost a trash. Nobody wants reared childhood memories frozen in porcelain, any no it's very tear of line, but they thought they thought there was going to be a huge market for these that I also welcome the space that I love it so before will jump into more detail Lublin frogman, but I love these regional monster. It's it's! It's a! U also get something about each society like
animals, they find to be scary, cause it's like you were here, Marcus's terrified of four I hate frogs. Isn't I almost didn't want like when I was doing the initial research for this. I saw lovelorn frogman in some of the lessons that no movement on else's missing link. If I look at what I was looking at drawings of the lovelorn fraud meant me into fragment, have like the same body tiny round. No, but you know and then like what my dad looks like my dad looks like a little turtle because he's just get uglier nobbler every year, right arm, it'll, look to say: I'm gonna turn into a lovely frogman. Rybody soon will
You start hanging out of the highways of Ohio, will know. The transformation is complete. Gay. You guy see my wind up by driving. You don't see. What are these businessman ominous sell? Em all tv show story on us little Cynthia Frogman, my daughter, all right. Let's go back to the bogs, Cynthia frogmen, my daughter, what a wonderful beautiful daughter she is. You just go and tell you should have seen her mother. I guess waste you could be attractive. Just a guess is that it is the swamp. Now you want to sell your for our daughter for sex. You wanna get her into the human sex Frog trade pay Cynthia go over the main going like I thought of Cynthia, and I can say she have flogged he's, got that never quit and fraud vagina view. It is now those long business trips I mean I'll. Take that sounds like the nineteen
If he's version of a flashlight Jason, I set off Cynthia the frog just a hint of mucus Serbia or you are more mucus, Cynthia speeded up in a spirit of rural good. You guys, I think, How can I think she's talking now know that just a sound she's makes when she loves you up a hopeful about. You must love me a lot Twenty years go by no frogman, citing, I dont believe unbelievable. Inter almost twenty years until now, eighteen, seventy, two early march. Leave him he's burning American. His leg women got here. I was in their hair. Is that a chick with no Brazil, IRAN in her dinner with standard, I wanna grabber, unbelievable to police, officers- or at least actually one police officer sees this. Second police officer comes later one
police officer, says reported that he saw a forfeit tall frog faced human, like creature, with leathery skin. This was what the report said: the creature. Three to four feet: tall. Fifty to seventy five pounds, leathery skin, possibly wet mad and hair on its body that made it look textured, possibly a tale I head and face like a frog or lizard and could leap over the roads guard rail. She sounds like every italian grandmother, possibly wet. Maybe where did I would say we don't have the textile evidence, but I try to touch it in a bit me and now I'm slowly. Turning into a frogmen myself and try to sell me a bunch of her famous rigour, tony
it seems like we have some very high class individuals discovering the programme. Usually it's more local yokels who are toothless and a rather shoot their shot guns at anything. Let us not go ahead like that. Had not say these police officers Orange yoga locals. He I mean they are men of the law. They are men of the batch but notes sure to police officer side. We have this one. Please often cited jumped over the rail rain and then another one shot at it right. Another one shot after an anonymous farmer reported citing for
bizarre creatures, while inspecting his feel that Armenia scale Ya'Ll Police officers, Bob remote to have my name be left out of this last I get prevent from the all the frog, men and the far spot of any one. You should go showed it in this big frog, Japan, but I gotta go corns rotten. You should have gone a little while ago them in a new detail, was added to the frog threatened by this farmer, for their mouths were wide and filled with sharp teeth. I just really think this is people seated different rates for the first time I I'm out of the five year with the with the frog bad ever since that Golden Dragon Open up in the corner of Clarence and Withers Freud seen fraud or that all over the place. However, it must be noted that the original policemen recanted his story. He d later on he recanted story. He said
was and is no monster. It was not leathery or had wet method, for it was not three to five feet. Tall did not stand erect. The animal I saw was obviously some type of lizard that someone had is a path that either got to art for its aquarium escape by accident, or they simply got tired of it. It was less than three feet in length, ran across the road and was probably blinded by my headlights. It presented no aggressive action, also just because people because he shot at it, so all lizard in the street and he shot at will that we have made father came out just like it was tall and I had to shoot at Yale Ohio pity I mean you know top of the game. It seems
damn it. What was I going if I hadn't thought, but then I lost it for what is the more reasonable story that someone just had a commodo dragon in the middle of farmlands, Ohio and let it go, he was forced to require the story. The frogmen get a hold of him in the middle. There was deserted tickle industries that you keep your goddamn job. Will inventor chain there, nobody that, essentially that's right, tell him it was a normal lizard. What does it actually being tickled to death so special? How special very much a frog people is sucking on your toes go like my dad. I d like to know why you're still turned upon after disgusted, Cynthia total woman Dotterine, sorry just certain away. She swings and hips melodic and impact because, like up bubble head of a hullo woman, cohabit
No, not that I think about it being tickled to death by frog. People is my worst fears. Your biggest we're right behind prison, yeah yeah prisons like the more real for you, you're the frog in prison or they will buy our Reuters called you. Cynthia frogman asked me back and forth between cell blocks the indeed, wouldn't you what you could use less of them teeth when we just talk about it. Your brain rope, like that, you know you could use more of mucus. Let's get you cry: let's get Jack Ryan and Ancillary prison Lou Whaley! It's yours! You with the milk sector towards move on to a much more famous monster, real, quick, any any in anybody dead from the frog monotony down from the front pages, saw frogmen they just now for organizing a foreign thing. It's a lot of these stories are, both sides like looked up on the hill,
and I saw him and ran away every every one of these stories. So I guess there's not a lot of. They didn't get an interview with the frog. Ok! Well, maybe we should go there any of our friends in Ohio that maybe live in love, love, Linda, Ohio! Please go to interview the frogman in the woods mature, exactly where their located, but if you see a road flare or something like that, stop and if it turns out it just of somebody who has a flat tire in desperate need, keep on going through fraud persant no! No now, but if you ve also, we also, if you ever happen, to have data frogman, getting contact with us, because we'd love to have an interview with him. Yes, indeed, I am sure emails will be lighten up
exemptions. There's a lot of Ladys in Ohio who have claimed to have been. I think I may have raided frogman, but I in the end, I think he wishes to. His name. Was Brandon and he was a buck eyes, fan yeah, so this next guy is someone that a lot of people out there, probably what I heard about, especially if you're really into aliens the flat woodsman my favorite kind of regional non circus. I mean you're a lot with more than its well. A lot of these stories are often paired with you, a foe, sightings. I love it because to me it's I. It supports the idea that there is a grand paranormal theory that, aliens and these monsters and elves and ferries and shit are all the same thing. Don't look at me. Like I'm. Looking at you Roy, I looked away. Yeah you gotta. Look. I have a series of boy, the one funding
about this with the flat would monster he had a little scooter with him. He's got his own little of your gun. Like oh doctor, robot neck yeah, I got a brown. God bless her ex there fascinated well, the first sitting of the fly woods monster was in nineteen fifty two. When a group, a kid saw flying saucer crash into the land out of the sky and they went to go check of course, they saw a large pulsating ball of fire. Which is really cool because it, but this was also witnessed by a bunch of people. This was seen by like I don't like a couple dozen people, so we need only think they call the police say because there were like they thought there was a downed aircraft, and so a bunch of people went out to go see what they saw in the great showing the history journal introduces us to eight investigator, who has been working on the case for twenty years, when tea has had a wife in twenty years and he's got a lotta files and flat woods monster. He does have a lot of files and a lot of say. I think I just got a lot of dirt,
can't listen, collecting all the dirt from the scene. Of course, these kids, though they were the first on the scene, was a group of three kids. They detect it Pungent missed in the air. The societies bonds rose. Water smells like. We see that a lot with big feet as well: yeah yeah skunk, big feet. That would be the deferral bigfoot. Ok, there are many big, because it is a bit. I think big I mean I don't. I've got all know about never been organ but all swear to God. I'm scared! I did that. There's like nod of Toil Bigfoot, soap and other foods use is the proper turbulent big feet in front of you have an opinion on whether its big foot or big feet. I guess thing at a time to emu- will go to them. Ass. Go the last biogas Facebook page in and let us know there- sounds like a whole other creature.
No, we are not all. You only got one big. What he's got to, but always so you want to make an argument that the whole thing is wrong. I didn't mean to big be, and I would add that into my super theory. Are you out of it and it's an ongoing debate than I only with big foot. When I release my journals, one will see the truth. Now. You're gonna be frame for a crime you to commit just because there so I got it so go out there with their flashlight there. Looking at the object, that is of large glowing ball on the ground and they see off to the left to blowing lights in trees, they shine their flashlight over revealing a creature which is set. We at least ten feet tall, a red face, bulging non human eyes and shape
like either a heart or the ace of smell people saying that the ace of spades it look specifically very artificial. Nowhere public, which is really interesting as you're gonna, hear they are there. Several other, citing so this monster, which will here right now and he the apparently this is some sort of costume he was wearing or some sort of protective suit. Yet it makes sense when you take some of the other side and the other sightings were basically that, though the other there was a couple. Driving was a thirty one year old woman and her daughter were driving down the highway near the area worth originally scene about a week later, and they saw a another I can't take nine foretold human or this there were driving, say very similar to you. A full story, blinding light hit the car. They stop the car front of them. Through this light and smoke, which began to run the car which again, they said smelled like Masri, smelled, super sulphuric, this creature and a gigantic look like what We hear indescribably regional, citing the monster. It's like a gigantic metallic spurt like an amazing, yes, and it said the same thing, this creature
forward and look lizard in nature, nine feet tall too its hands that seems a unity described in the first months of its hands were just like too long digits, yeah tomato fingers. They ordered stubby arms ending in long clawlike fingers. We are treated from the front of the body s legs to somebody after an eighteen hour. Rave does body. Painted, vs woods, Rave yeah, but it was floating on on this device and it came out of their car touch their car and fairly Did I ve on them? what are their car and then disappeared, and the car stopped right. They had some car troubles yeah. That was, you're wearing common UFO scenario. What is the name of the town again? This is Braxton County West Virginia rises in county. What it's obviously gonna, limb thirty one year old mother driving
twenty one year old daughter, yes, twenty one year old daughter, isn't that dangerous devoted age where the page to disease and other comets go what you could. You can easily connect this to them off. Man, we're sightings, because moth man same exacting coal, town, giant, winnowing, running eyes, huge nine foot, tall creature and dirt, but he could fly. He didn't need this lie around with tears. It's just connection to the two. Then I think a lot comes from like that poison.
Gases coming over the mountains. Thus removing my favorite thing about this guy would you would just get everybody super messed up on this and these inhaling mustard gas? Must they smell like because the people who originally saw the flat woods monster got incredibly sit down. Yet they said even later on a mountain that monster Quest episode on about the flat. What's monster, they basically said, like everybody who is involved in the original sightings, have been dying a cancer. But the thing is it's a very old cited and I have a feeling these people all chain- they won't get any around a whiskey and they all died. Just did. That seems to be natural cause, which is also a whole mines. I mean there is a very rational explanation for the flatheads months. They ain't that right and throw cans, asteroid owl call in the hall. You, though, that's the thing. I don't understand. You mean exactly this hour. They said that they did the way they have explained off the fight. What's monstrous updates this chain Oda announced that they saw, they saw an asteroid there.
Fire in the forest, and then they saw big ol owl added shine their lights on it. In the end, then, everything call them expectant purse, action. I dad we're like they use encrypted you all GI, which is that this idea that like if you are told that you're going to see shit and if, like once cause them off man, was also happening or not. Nearer to the same time, in these stories have happened all over the country for forever and Social Europe. Packing to see something. So maybe you'll take the vision of an hour that you shine a flashlight on and make it into a giant month act in reality, not only that, but a nineteen. Fifty two, this was win aliens and you have foes were our over movies they're, all over comic books, television, the kids. They see some fine out of the sky member, their children and then that they will they or what they want. Already there were in their tv, they were in their teens, but still these are the types of goods that are going to be seen, a tempest of and the short term
but protruding limbs with claws sets out the army. Now, let's get you a pretty big, they came is nine feet. I mean I can't well if they're up top and you see, if they're, on top of say, a bush or something like that, but It was also described as being green in nature. The actual pleaded skirt, could be an owl sitting on top of a bush. How am I, the wine that is being right is crazy. Right now is saying it sounds crazy. They just some hours can be around the forest. I've never thought it was the flower might not. Even one is not at all, but you never know there is. These stories have been told for years and years and years, and so, and so we can probably hop from that to the moth man, of course, demand, which is just that we have we ve withered moth man start nineteen sixty six nineteen sixty six so in this is again whether young Junior mapped it it's about an hour from flat woods and so to same area again uptown sitting on and that specifically appoint pleasant right
pleasant was sitting on a cool waste dump like the ground they dump all that all of the waste products from the coal mine into the water applying getting poison for why who they were just sitting on things maybe, but I feel I give you get poison for twenty years you get used to it. Oh absolutely item is how you know yeah there the cancer comes in the class is going to come for us all anyway, most ugly yeah yeah massive heart attack as well. That's it that's a very good possibility. We, No though going back to flag was reopened, we don't know where the smoke came from, and everyone does seem to think that there was a well known almond. I just sounds like this smoke is a part of what made you see. The thing is at its peak Thirdly, some far from a mountain of oil or gas, it was mounted him out in area made. Everybody just go like the impact of the asteroid upon the ground could have expelled some sort of gas because their asteroids, following on record
a day at that time. In that area, also, that's it. Almost came from astern, that's a very, very good, positive ill, and I saw it in a big out right right lot of smoke, but to take a look at the evidence again and decide for myself if it's not the black, with monsters real. I owe you the children's drawings yeah well, there are very well vary greatly gather creepy shit. We describe. You know how the there's just the earth forums like a guy's resources, you're taking a big piece, more came or discuss shit, I'm not a scientist right. That's your detours! Take a big shit! You're bad of all know them out there, you motors of spicy, poor, look because both issues me instead of us really getting into the mouth man, because we cover them off them before everybody knows it until a real brief, a butcher.
I've been sightings happen and then a bridge collapse outside of this ten point pleasant, West Virginia, they believed it became this harbinger of add newsman reality the bridge, glad because a bad government, bad I mean regional infrastructure in this country- is not doing well nail in it now, but let us go to the land of the barred. I want a Europe. Where was I I love doing this when we're researching topics are already covered? It's like, let's see what the a man has inspired. Let's hear some music, that is my man based that I mean surprisingly good music. Every artist has one story to tell rats what IVO that's what I was heard from from ancient times Eric Land that has a dead son. Let's tell the story, tell the story over and over and over here or not in the world. Yet, but this is this: is it a couple of tales, a couple of discretionary songs invent from the folk lore of them may I mean the reality of the mouth memo
sixty arrival, a finger pod, Jedi, so red alert to this is my favorite repaid for this cheese whisker. This is great
you close your eyes, you know, must see them closely feels about man. This is wonderful as much as this is dwindling human conscience. Lady, you Ben Challenge- and this is my men- saw and heard too well what was acoustic and it is very pretty he had his girlfriend on tambourine. She called to the temporary, but it was just a dried beans in a drawer that shape. That's that's normal, and you know this is a metal style which you know you expect that from a mob men nerve unless entire level, Adele of us, like not old man, lives, metal, weary bragging about because both management, bad luck and unlike and make sure that your guitar does it really know how to play guitar. Could these guys are experts, know the monies, and this is it. This is one guy
ongoing dialogue wheeling the wrong kind of place. All the instrument I've recorded sounds like this in my bedroom before and service is pretty much what it sounds like. I was wrong about Becky, not mad version too knows about scissors myself scissors scissors hooker Well, I certainly heard my own ray. I, let's move on to another style, very good of homesick. This is just called the mob man's. If this kind of sexy Thou guidelines, a woman is involved, who, let's check this? Oh yeah, hell, yeah Excellency MAGIC vote right, that's kinda thing in this way
a sauce waiting helpful. As a start, you were good for peaches viable because the exact beef from Brazil out with his face when he saw me yeah definitely nowhere.
My I thought could I just say that actually did put it through a converter. Everything- and I put my- does normal. I beg you again and then the dessert stuck my getting high, which is great. We all get high. It's right in the recent truth to those lyrics. When you get high, you do start seeing things. A lion absolutely so happens to be through the entire West Virginia area you can get high just by walking through the forest. Its users talks a gas such as ground line through their don't eat the grass. Don't don't do that whatsoever. Let's move over to Michigan for one of my favorites, the melon head again, another possible slur contribute to any race that you want. I got a lot of this, I think, is again. The dangers saw somebody with a different shape, tat the up a lot of that out. I'm just trying to think what what
these would go well with the melon. Am I going to say I mean: is that it's up for you to decide the eye of the you know? Maybe I now already it's always the Irish. They have the huge heads its What to say. I was thinking the Irishman appealing. We harbour some people have big sad. I was gonna. Try have a big cable than you can say. I was actually turned on to this by listener. Pga Griffin sent a wonderful emailed, gave Germany Radio Genome. We love story so much on the stories great Mellow hears what we know about the melon heads, according to one story from Michigan, they were originally children, Hydrocephalus who live
at the junction insane asylum near Felt management. I wish I drew yet what is hide yourself Hydrocephalus one is a bet. It's a condition in which there is too much water. Young. Your head in your head is Josiana literally, where the term water had baby come from, and what not to do it. This is going on baby, never water, add it's a term for women. They use it for all mentally disabled people. This doesn't have you ever see, karate, really hot potato heads? Well, you could call him anything, you not really, and it's a regional. Yes all people have wall was some people. Have you no Albert's, quick utterance? There was an elderly a growing up. There was a great gas station called Kickapoo Kickapoo gas station. We would laugh and last lap and it was great times the document. You crazy? They show the original footage of of her rolled over there. This is the story that broke him when he went into the insane asylum. If you want to see what these, what they
You mean water has just so much easier to remember that the technical address several as hydro that, if any of you want to see what these kids look like, they're all in the background sin and their own fecal matter and in their own urine, and they just shake back and forth and its open Oberlin sounds like they did a lot more than shake back and forth on this story, as they did they. Eventually, after much physical and emotional abuse, they became Pharaoh, mutants, yeah and those into the forest where they eventually settled in underground. In Asia, they let these feral big heads out into the forest. They were like. You know. Why didn't you put the code in on MBA jam girl? The players just have a massive, well, obviously taken extras that the food line? Why why cinema before they are very difficult to deal with the always know meagre splashing around sea sick, just going around arrogance drama in just do a therapy session. I only though I was gonna pick one been goes around just sounds like waters run it all the time
this is interesting because they think they're what take all those human snow, globes and put him on the phone don't show up too much maize their brains. All while do them for issue. There hang his interest. You know, because this is the first move stir.
Is actually does stem from a real human disability. Visages civility there does seem to be a supernatural transformation that goes along like someone who's unreasonably afraid of Michael J Fox have just be like. I can't go anywhere near that jump and being man. Yes, of course, with the I believe he has Paul's Harkin's hereditary, be park and that ain't, no Parkinson's, that's devils fever. The asked who makes a shake a little Ben you gotta sick on, so that's actually not bad at sell, my soul. For that there are other versions of the story that say that the hydraulic several babies, the melon heads, devise a plot to kill the evil doctor that was causing them all this pain and they didn't know where to put the body, so they just cut him up and
pieces of em always think of their weakness, bingo embargo recent around their goal me, like I dont in tune with the duck a detour put forth it, my fucking? Isn't it a guy world if it wasn't for those goddamn milliner this whole place, what a burnt down revenge, but also through their head, and they all down the entire insane asylum so we're saved. Thank you. Melon heads over in a high is an actual slur by the way he s really ok over. You know where I, oh there's another version of the story that says that the melon heads were created by an evil scientists, name doktor, Crow, also called doktor, true baino, or Doktor melon had Doktor MEL over the name came from, of course absolutely, and these are my melanin, so it certainly is a regular style that jewish and about the other things so the doktor melon head. What does he,
You have to have to go to Doktor Melanie we're, not a big head got a big head, or do you go on with the normal size had need pumps? You pull a liquid many gonna big. When you come out, I that eighty eight either that that's a doctor melon had did is that he took some children who were normal and made them has hydrocephalus and the melon heads the actual kids, who already were already hydrocephalus pumped even more like what is bigger. I believe this is just the arrow before the collagen man. This is before they would deliver watercolors. Do it libyan reminds us that human watercolor, I will also see I can see also now, between doktor melon, had end. These melon had just run around inside of the insane asylum there.
Bill must have been out of control and say it's not one's eyes. You all deliberately some to the four year, no fitted caps. There can you imagine if these human melon heads were just use, does the water founded and all the water found conversation just would have to be about that? Just one prohibition theme to party just bankruptcy: entire hoss? It's not all the fedora see how I good said: oh yeah, they can't dress like a nineteen twenties, flapper or a nineteen twenty years. No man, it's a real thin society in the nineteen twenty we can't get. The dresses over their big melon has insisted essay.
So now? What does that mean lotteries items of melon, hence the modern sightings? Well I mean it's kind of an early and late reign. The g drain has the real melon wisely teenager type thing they were. They go to the one that I mentioned earlier. This story felt mansion, which story would that be silly? You have in mind, so a group got one story is apparently you see them often on the sides of dirt roads again frogmen. They just hang out like that. He so the story is a group of teenagers went to go. Neck out the woods like these boys were like out looking for, like scary shit like scare, their girlfriends Roadrunner, the forest. They went on this dirt road, they pulled off, they all got out like I guess,
never did. The thing where I made out with my girlfriend with a bunch of their deeds like I'd. Never did a group book with all my high school friends said: Amelia guitars got it ends at its disgusted, but you could argue you never knew just never behold your girlfriend, but everyone else I made her. I made out with my girlfriend a high school, so hard her face was flat. Really
I had already Y, know ably lobster wherever you're from so we story right near make it out, and apparently there I'll hang in there for their courage and Robin and they looked and so for melon heads in the car drivers who for its hollerin out? Oh my god, it's all right. Do you smell due to have a confederate flag had on as well with attention that, like they saw the mellow hitherto other car? Yes, and so they looked at they literally just I'm illogical like you, so the flat would monster is knocking people out with it. With a with with a gas strange, Connecticut Valley, Mexican, yes, steel
in the car drive in it at all around these melon heads. They seem like we actually have real evidence of their real and they saw it. There's a couple other citing savages, big head kids. Now what they say about Connecticut Gazette citing wasn't Connecticut rest. So what they say where the mellow had come from in Connecticut is that, of course they were turned out once again. They were not. They did not develop hydrocephalus, just as they were going out into the world by because they resorted to cannibalism yet and because of em breeding, They eventually developed hydrocephalus icy ideas like falls if hydrocephalus now I don't know a dyed. Yours I mean there's all sorts of things. I think they're making up a bunch of myths are there to treat of my people. That's probably what's happening here, but that's ok. As a matter of fact, we get a couple of amazing emails this week and another one was from a girl who works at the CDC, the Centre for Disease Control and email,
His back and let us know what's going on here with these melancholia. Are you guys making MEL? Are you pick it up? Is Nobody had we're gonna see as diverged getting into this. I now you know this point. Does your melon heads another thing for Mengele ignorant? very, very plausible buildings, whirl angle, Towser warlords who stories straight, and here is in America, do and sought more use in Argentina by his these double wasn't America do in all the M K alter stuff, so he can we make it melons. Yet if you say like that, it's so sounds drew, it sounds drew I love it. So I mention cannibalism. You know this is a great story. Is my favorite. I love this markets idly this up. Then. I also love this idea because in these rural areas Cannibalism happen a lot like especially guinean around X, and put places where you have like squaring Condense Woods league condense communities that were not necessarily connected to cosmopolitan areas. If there was like an epidemic or
Something happened. These people, like mass of groups of people, would die, and you just have people living on the remains, because they can your vote I mean you know, that's that's snowed in there we have here. We're on the law must be weird. You d like to look at a group. A dead people are like alive people at or about the diabolical future buffeted like future, the faithful right yeah. Let's get me my daily value meal, don't fuckin Wednesday, Missus Henderson. What's the best part of the human body? Do we know but the but is the best platform we live in a brow scale. Even not well. Look at this fine meat. I got right, you got. That is your fly, that it'll start right here from right on my balls to my knee. That's that's a flame eel right of here I got thick rid me. Your happened. I looked at her shirt. Look at Henry is one I don't want to get an Henry I've seen it all seen it you're, always lifting up your shirt and tell me I'm a goody. I'm a person
The other prime suspect I said you're, but wasn't good to eat. Your entire body is amazing. Now I would love to see a general sounds the brows, gay yeah sure to be great when I'm ready, you well as are all long and your meets, can be all fuckin stiff and marble because of my ups and downs with weight is good or bad. Have marbled meat depends on your preference. No, that's Coty beef! That's going on Uncover castle Bay, Linley Little fat is littered through because has been massage for so long. Oh and I yes, I've been solved. The Indus string yet be like a rabbit ass. I got you gotta kill. Suddenly, Jackie myself, their Jackie Murat, beat her that already begun. So, let's go to the best cannibalistic regional monster of all the way ago, also known as when Diego wind gotta go Wendy, go when Diego, we Tito we tackle and manner Well, is a better plan. Are these
car brands. Do those seven monopoly, Mama ray for door not pass through the window is a demonic, half beast creature. It appears in the legend of the Algonquin people on the Atlantic Coast and the
legs region. Your whole Canada. I in Amerika I take. I take issue with the term half beast: it fits of the happy. That's a phobia. Failure to centre like happy, I'm looking at the whole thing. Buildings are behaviour, any part B, you're all beaks yeah you're based and I like they say you makes five pounds ice cream, a fine, five pounds, a shit. You get ten pounds of shit, that's right! It is a great site. You prefer that ever, but that no just applicable to many things in life ever word. At a word to scan illogical coldstone before, ah, yes, of course, scatter logical, coldstone, so Gatt Stone the window go could be one of two things. It is either an evil spirit that possesses a human, ok or it could be what a human becomes after eating the remain again another Hume very similar to the skin Walker stories swung. His is true. One is also another native american legend.
Once you do go cannibal and you start eating indicted on all of your greatest friends in peers. You do begin to go and say what now? What region is this mostly located around? Mostly the great lakes region, places where it gets very cold, very fast and there's a lot of snow, because when the police don't freeze to death Keyser, yet it's very much a cautionary tale. This is one of the only ones that we see us as far as regional monstrous go because Rico monsters aren't really Cossonerie tells us much as urban legendary they're just more fun. However, the window is very much a cautionary tale, because apparently there were so many people eating each other in time in history in this native American tried that they had to create a legend to keep people from doing it, because a lot of these people like what exactly Jesus Christ, exactly as they were when there's a voracity house did with the cocoa.
Monster. They said we need all the cocoa paths than the monster. Cobb's watches you sleep all of us here. Well, do we have a more go up with? You know he's not here, because we have cocoa part Oregon, bring up the cocoa of months around me said when the windy go, eight someone it would grow in proportion to the meal it had just eaten. However, it would never be full, so windows were simultaneously gluttonous. An amazing aided they were always hungry yet always grow also vary a german like a zombie stories while yet it also something pomeranian. If I may say so, I don't want any your dog, many of whom are home arabian. This changes dna need made ever youthful courts once a person tasted human flesh. They would immediately be consumed with the hunger they would develop. These violent violent thought there was a reason why this legend was in place. Yes, they didn't you shall you in a cloud eat safety, yeah yeah, don't need Becky with me would be so well preserved, it's freezing cold and these are greatly communities. I mean I feel like I love you, the temptation very they did they to install resolve in alike of other tribes of among other areas. The and the Mayans committed did a lot of cannibalism in Africa. There is a lot of cannibalism, theirs
places with that happen, and there there is diseases associated with eating human me. I owe you so before the heroin epidemic of the seventies, the crack epidemic of the eighties was the cannibalism echo epidemic and that neither he nor if these, yet fifty and fifty I mean it's a bit of a similar, but me you, you get addicted to it after your first bite after your first smoke or talk, and then you go absolutely insanely you'll do whatever it takes to get it including murdering your fellow man. It was in these cultures in the Northern Algonquin cultures that, cannibalism. Even save ones like you absolutely could not do it, and if there was some sort of fantasy because famine would come across quite often in these harsh areas you would they would either whole tribes would come It's suicide rather then eat fellow man the Argo. They would hurt a paradigm themselves to death. I
I would have just you know. I ve been so bad back in the tribe time in Europe. Is that we must commit suicide too in order to commit kick and keep the honor of our people. Are you guys have away just do like a sit branch abroad? You wanna, broader it whatever it will do abroad. She will check in you know like I've made. I made these things. I invented this thing. It's called it's called a pig
blank. It is what I call it a year. That is, that your shit rapid, a leaf. Oh I'm, sorry, I guess visits five pounds, a shit with five pounds, a pig in a blanket all you get a sand pounds a shit. You have to tell you that you can makes anything was sure that is just what I would actually only one pound of shit: yeah, that's a quarter! Vanity pc shit, your crew with even want to ask you to leave the tiniest. No, I know he's all mixed up in there. Now Haydn does not chance for it. You know even have a hard time when I'm brush my teeth after I've taken a big old dump. The bathroom, because I know this shit Poohpooh flakes- is all over my stuff, yeah yeah yeah. You know they do stay. There, don't go away. Why melodious, poohpooh flags might get up and leave. I dont know I play a flute. They follow me down. The hallway to the night brutally I throw them at a hopeless, but that's great
very interesting about the windy go is that it is the only urban legend or the only monster that has actually it's the things that people say about. It have actually found their way into psychology in what is known as windows psychosis interest. However, I mean a lot of people say they have debunked it, but it is done commended many times that people once they get that taste for human fledging. They dont want to stop
it's all. They want what you get keen interest for the primal ism of it. The best kind of interesting sore final two here with the with the war with a melon heads and the windows. These are real phenomenon. These are actually things that exist so that they are not something you're not like Adele had sounds like a combo of an urban leginn and what is just seems to be. I dig in huge fear of people with disabilities and this is more like keep you? Don't you don't need each other? I would love to see Summah, so melon heads and the special Olympics is run and there you don't steal, unlike all the judges, cars and stuff right around the parking lot. I mean there. Be a great skill? What would be the perfect olympic skill for a melon head? Synchronize swimming UK yeah, ideological and I've been top other thinkers of your life. All aim density is the water yeah yeah, that's true. A degree drowned. They come in groups
I'm letting that, with the biggest mistake with the idea of melody heads on their debts as they do, the mill heads for any ship from your audience. You cause you could just time to the boughs and you one of the honey it's going down. It just keeps it are. You could do that, everybody dies. You want me to tell the tale and it'll be like a weird. Like melon redtail yeah but I love these really investors. If we're saying we have of flag and more oh yeah- and you know, arrogance, and you know what else there is an actual. I have an actual documented case of windows psychosis. So what window go psychosis is actually defined, as is eating human flesh. When there are other foods readily available, you choose to eat human flesh over other where a man named Swift Runner planes crew trapper from Alberta, Canada Oh, he waited long Italian from Brooklyn in areas like does sound, like he's wearing attracts here that in
dean. Seventy eight, this guy Swift runner, butchered and ate his wife and his five children who, although there was a food storage, only twenty five miles away, which he called my could have made. It he's a swift runner, but he's our distant guy as his version of de Giorno. I mean, instead of just making the a twenty five mile trip which he could have done. He Did you just kill his wife and children ate all of them every single one of them? They did not find him until spring. Came they didn't realize, is crime. They didn't find out about his crime and he eventually confessed and was executed by authorities at Fort Sketch one. So it's illegal. Whilst we because I feel like if you may your kids? Should it be legally, I mean this is sort of a bill. Cosby joke on very true laid his world take out, and I'm a two year by, even though shit out here I just feel
yeah with kids to me. It's like. I made my own little rub: brows yeah anytime. I want there just happen to grow up in a people. I'd say I knew how the age of five did they go to school. You can eat him anymore. I can't eat m o k because it may have a registry and ned some sort of book someone, so it gets. You kill them all at once, or do they just like slowly start to realise that, like their brothers gone like your dad like super happy in full, but slurry didn't like Jack Nicholson from the shining? That's the only way I can imagine killer my whole families to be like there's a surprise, they party in the shed for mommy and their liquidity. We didn't Bobby's birthday, it's mommy's got the shed and then I just line the whole ship with dynamite and its pop it off. But that's you can't get good food out right, strange memorial vigil? That's it may have why that just sounds really premeditated exiles like ours does not off the cuff. You ve thought about that for a little while and see all shipboard up the shed trick. I love you
that's good! There is so many regional monster zoonotic yeah. This is so much blood what we could do night. Episodes of these yeah I mean in future, will get to the Jersey, devil would get to the Dover demon. There are so many the Dover Dave and was the beast of without the beast of the air, which is just a hat cat is a real big cats, there's also flying people, which is a big phenomena like people's via near you see that alone. Like South America, Africa there's like a lot, but that's international and as a whole, other cattle amongst the bees to blatant, borrow, yeah dental, damn you know, but its funding. We did and sorry I'd like to give a shoutout to atomic cotton.
Who saw me where, in a t, shirt of your error, sound you make it sound like it's a part atomic caught the company yeah faulty shirk our, but it's all seven they gave their there. They are, they are, they saw me Weren, t sure, there's a best recover and what the teacher of the human set of peat love is. What I say thank you to them. Go by shirts from them from us is just atomic conduct, Tom cotton dot com. They urge its a mom and pop from Kansas, its awesome they make their own shirts and its good sure. It's a stand. The test of me wriggle on around venom. Absolutely if its strong enough for Henry the browser, you'd strong enough for anybody on the face of the planet and- dare I say In a bull verena as well, I like any sort of creature or winged beast, probably where they could dress. All of those yellow resting fact involve rains very first appearance. He battled wind ago. Why you're a credible hold one, seventy seven. While you knew that,
we knew that they give one seventy seven, I can't believe you're gonna blow your family and a shadow knows about What book did remind me of the scene from the birds that Great Tom Hanks movie at the end of one eighty one one, eighty you Eddie have Argus no one's gonna love you now. Bones. Coming from the chimney like the end of the birds, the brows give flesh enlarge the fat, there would suck your brother geothermal, Jerry there. You know you should have damaging, but that would look like I just want to steer clear that we're a thousand people massacred in this. Yet no, no three, the browser version of meat around did a film small army, I'm all right. Well, we must,
yes, my we're gonna do what you border on this at some point, all absolutely waiting, I ninety. Actually, this is the second one of these that we ve done. Oh yeah yeah, so twenty five was a regional monsters episode. Yet within moth man. Oh that's right! Yet we just branded a moth man. That's awesome! All right! We actually brain at regional monster regional month. Well what have arrived? Alright, any other plugs no, if you guys didn't, know me and been also run a politics. Podcast called Abe, Lincoln style. You find on cave calmly, radio, and we also do the round table a gentleman. Always enclave gum Henry's, on that, when every once in a while, then we found lately that a lot of people who, like last biogas, fuckin love,
the round table down. That's right, enabling us up at you dig politics you gotta mine, for that gives you a nice guy. Did its toll in politics is its goofing? Yes, all guph, we'll health makes an everyday reality. Hale yourselves, and yet I guess we'll just tightened absolutely medicinal boost relations that we have a similar boost relations into. I say every area, as I always say I'll, be that's that's right. They go to atomic cod dot com and get your introduced
yeah why? It is one of the army by that shopper assured is really nice. You want one of the shots at shoppers sure. What's the chopper shirt is really now you. I noticed. Henry markets are fighting over medium. It's good night right. Everyone Hale yourselves with large issue.
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