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Episode 110: Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The Heavy Hitter series continues with possibly the most terrifying killer of them all: Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started a different age, rogue arguing that we want to take your dream. Okay, so I had a dream. Last night I was eating hamburger they had baked pickles into the bread was not a dream, was not entering our that's Marcus Parks, I'm bank. Yes, all we got really creative Dreamer Henry's aroused him. That's what I do. I have different types of dreams. You know I had a dream. The other night we were in their own food. I had a strange dream. Apparently drew food dreams are about sex, no they're about your mood either way. I wake up hoard birch tree one of the hardest AIDS to each day, I wake up like that. No, I had this really strange dream where my landlord came into the
at night. They apparently like he gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas is true right. Ok, I drank it. I got real sleepy an offensive, my couch by this crazy dream, where my landlord they came into the living room and tunnel pesticides suck my dick Zadig, your dad, you lotta dreams about people. Second, your dick, then, second, your dick, I'm just saying it's a download or your landlord sounds like a dream right now, No one knows it was you were drugged and violently molested
Right, well speaking, a dragoon and violent unmolested people today, subject gloves, draw unloved drugs and certainly love violence, molesting people, of course we're discussing this is our second heavy had her third third heavy hitter Richard Ramirez, the night stalker himself unless plays saw. Where are they going to do something I ninety five I wear this guy is real. Deep mirrors was the devil walking the sociopath? He is the scariest most despicable, most evil serial killer that is ever exist. There is now completely upon this round of research like it's. It's mine blowing the even existing it's a long time. He was a person will live to create mayhem and destruction. There was no chance to save him very, very bad public speaker, not one whit, so I won't wait a bit Hitler per se, but you know he actually top pretty well, like legal good, Stephen, like a really interesting idea about the nature of evil, like he talks about it all over the place
so fascinated by this man's audio fascinated by the hour Marcus. Let's get in to the sound was a show, but that was a song night prowler by Ac D. I won't be highway to hell nobody. I left rows of often at night problems out the album highway to how I know neither our last night prowler was his favorite song. It contains the lyrics. Was that annoys outside your window? What's shadow on the blind, as you lie there naked, like a body in a tomb suspended animation, as I slip into your room like lime, pumping myself over the progress. I listened to, that pray go commercial jingle over and over again that up your guy up. Just like I've learned, chefs hat and I'd die fuckin trot around my living. I always get out how I get into character for last podcast own there ever is normally I'm very sophisticated and subtle.
Yeah, I know you're not harm the rigid Ramirez. He was known alternately. He had possibly the most media names out of any of the serial killers and, of course, the night prowlers and one that he wanted to be called. Yes, he was known as the valley intruder the mid. I'd stalker skills on walking killer. This screen door intruder when we got here screen door.
Intruder or walk in killer. What's worse, rendering trader might be the worst name have ever heard for oranges. You mean a real you bein. A really tell me that night stalker that someone who was trying to change the Knights Knocker have rights, Dockers, the most credible, nickname ass. I had seen the editor of the New York posters, whatever the LAPD lay Times the Ellie Dimes Communes lingo. Alright who's got some ideas. You got some ideas, go I'm thinking that the screen door intruder, let him dear you're, fired this silent. Cougar of may have Bob. You are also fire. Does anybody have a name God? I wanted to be fired a minimum of my own Brenda English muffin, your higher than what you to achieve your dream, my nooks and crannies, your honor nooks and crannies, Thomas's investment. If this matter is now soon had nicknames as a kid because Europe will get into it he's very much. So I compare immediately to TED Bundy word like the joke about TED Bundy, the most dangerous man in America, the Eu
was legitimately during his reign of terror. From eighty four eighty five he was the scariest mother Fucker was around. He was capable intense, unstoppable killer, weird even taught them others. If he, if you just worn a fucking mask, no one would have found him, probably not at all. He killed all over LOS Angeles. He drove a San Francisco, we're in a cover everything of course onwards, but he also had nicknames growing up either and bade us, and they call Them- was Ricky Rebel. Worried me rebound yet, which is means Ricky the robber Ricky the thief and nicknames just like TED Bundy. He open a semi nor more, like you,
rudeness with assembly normal family, when I was at the constant thief we'll get into the family semi emphasis on semi normal, but it would say in Bundy's defence I did. The Bundy was a little bit superior just because of his did the length of his reign number one and he cross state lights. I dont know Monday: Bunny was extremely organised, richer. America's was not only rely too. So that's what made him more dangerous every year with the HEAT Richard Ramirez. It's also a makes him a better Okcupid date miss my having something really waiting for non. How about we? How about we break fibres every Cisco in Raymond? Seventy or how about? We? Don't that's another good idea, but no, he tells Us Angeles in a grip.
A few years anyway, I did of killing thirteen people proven to have killed sixteen and was suspected and another for the all right. So, let's get into markets what happened to this guy at a young age that possibly prompted him to becomes one of all vicious serial killers in American has its El Paso right that he ordered his born El Paso? Yes, so the other Alamo Song re whatever it is. You know our move as taxes. Town of El Paso, I fell in love with a mexican guy came into her heart was wholly. I love when there is so much in front of me and then he cut my throat. So is really bizarre. Marty Robins, my for anyone who might have ever has the that the uncut Marty Rob El Paso, so he was born the youngest of six. He had face. Please have some respect for our spanish listeners. This is goes out to you guys. This is as a matter of fact. This is probably I'm gonna say perhaps out of ignorance, but I would say that this is the greatest
spanish serial killer that we ve seen in America in America absolute. So you don't go, they have South America. Has some pretty intense massive like the child killer forget it seems like a dwarf, something he killed. Something like two wondered and thirty orphan kids. But the thing is they don't count. Orphan gets converter, shadows shore and either that its root a yet account kids. But yes, Sir Richard remember how you is Father was named, who Leon Ramirez and his mother was they met, say it is so their marriage pull that his father was extremely violent. He had that old latin timber as Lizzy. I feel like again. It's just a tiny. It's the immigrant parents. You see that a lot like the it's it's he just got beat their lot. People who get beaten don't worry I'll, do the most vicious serial killer revolt. I would argue that I do not rope in the most peaceful of households and at no point did I decide to go through somebody's screen door and and rape and murder there, and you I mean you ve, never done it never die, yeah yeah, well,
although there is a lot, but I do think I mean this is all that, but this is very common with these euro killers everyone's like, but their fight, there was medium back. In the day I was dying It was a nice being a good kid is being a kid, is essentially being a slave you're owned. My iron's, you put in a giant prison institution and I dont want at school. I want a kissable, a kiss all trestle beatin wounded Jordan B of the Jordan family as that's a great last name. That's my middle name! That's nice, middle name, Marcus Jordan Park, I wanna be sent chance. Enrique censure happens that Henry's eyebrows gear, its unique. It's fine, so at the age of two years old and had the first of what happened to many serial killers and they were young children first of two
massive head injury of its really interesting. As a german Gacy, tenderness of an insurance reminds me of a story when I was a kid I was just somersault and the same corner of the wall. Does that we're reminds you that any thought of it they were just a giant. Autistic monster has become melon reference in the last up. A sewed melon have the greatest of all the free. A dresser fell on top of richer Ramirez when used two years old to thirty stitches, to stitch up his forehead three years later, when he was five use knocked unconscious by a swing at a park which, I believe was the same thing happened to John Wayne. Gayle sets right, yeah yeah and keep our end Romero started to experience. Epileptic seizures eventually stop and he was in his early teens. I was watching the great richer mirrors born to kill. I love my favorite series. I urge all of you is great. Richard Ramirez born detail. No, it's the usual angle, but the Uk Series called born to kill or which is my favorite serial killer. It's a great serial killer,
document resilience. Everything is a great document. We are, they are talking about an elementary school them. The interviewed a woman that grew up with him and she's like Ricky Oil, is used those behind me each day me we, these gains a ghost Dorothy Ricky dopey. He go. No me, no, no euro me with the painful and then he followed. Now you shake he shake you did. It is actually a little kid store answers to kill you richer, Ramirez story, diamond. Does a leaky always tearing jogs walking me to school? She was very sweet very loud and little sectional, you're, lucky and poked by a pencil and has therefore ever turn will housemaid access.
Or illegal the woman they used to clean up my parents office and sell us tamales. I love a good to Molly and other work or banking. Who did he raises? The reduced? Was real euro has its own name is also yeah Baby Santa sometimes yet chicken who was wonderful Rosa was a wonderful woman and all of our hard working public servants out there. Thank you for what you do. If you are, cleaner. China would only I hear you, Madam President, Reagan's is not in doubt why that I respect people of more jobs, and I could literally never ducas I'm a messy american pig. Let's just thinking people around this time. It is early teens when he also started sleeping in a local cemetery to escape his father. I thought we had slowly. I used to do that with a girl. I did it in college weeks ago to hang out no cemeteries, also guys saying that a majority is alive. You no girl, yeah
the ideal plenty of David, but even more dated now applies to I stared at you for thirty five seconds to becoming a young you're duty. Burrito a lady in dreams, now never mind I wanted for myself. I also impression of me thanks to me, I want you burrito with a lady lady had better have. I will forget Mary, the woman who wants to do yes. So what was
absolutely more influential than sleeping in cemeteries was his cousin MIKE, and I was in MIKE it's like you really have you ever seen a? U. Everyone has seen a Tommy there, whose Tommy, nay it's kind of. Like MRS nay, my cousin, Eddie feeling about got actually see. That's zones great no cousin MIKE, so he was a very good cousin to him. Ramirez, all the wonderful ways been an upstanding citizen, I mean well, he was a cousin and he taught him a lot of saying he told him. Many things out of former green by re use wondered what war was my yet now so no combats while I pay up and he brought back from Vietnam Polaroids, you ask why
where these polaroids these yet of him helping children spring roles, but that is not right. Good old comrades in the long was instagram commanders of all like Moses. Was him raping vietnamese women? It was him decapitation vietnamese women in torturing, vietnamese women's Alfie, Seppy, a filter on the dead woman. Weird and, of course, these also the guy that introduced Richard to marry one marijuana. Should I helped him to me: thought. You know meeting with the seizures and things that mean any no way thing you know is as easy as dead. Stop around the time that he started smoke. America, water, there's a lot of people that is being used in organs, resurgence of a god of organs, and you ask what did MIKE teach him MIKE taught him
to combat experiences, including stealth and secrecy, and not to kill someone on one. China had no someone whose area of likely Ericsson other programme first serial killer. Yes, yes, if you want to become a serial killer, you need a cousin MIKE Yap Soy and in nineteen. Seventy three on May. Fourth: that's when Finally, last is mine and right in front of little Richie as they called him MIKE. His wife in the famous face note what you will do, the choosing to the thing about this process started one when Richard Richie was when he was twelve and so or is again we see over and over again the sexual impulses at this point, like your sexuality, is changing. His cousin was like this is how you get sex. You take it, you look, you take, you kill, you rob you murder, it's about that. He creates is images head and that's where like, where, Richard has to meet him. Half way has to meet the impulses halfway, instead of being disgusted and being like what the hell you doing, cousin MIKE He law
did. He hid it made him heart. Well, he's always your agent orange yeah yeah Mikey. Obviously he looked up to him so might shot his wife in front of him and then you know it's. I think it's interesting whenever we do this, and that is why I love or heavy hitters episodes you never heard.
Richie Ramirez mirrors is just how does you when you walk into Walmart, like that's Reggie Ramirez, but I bet and come up with is a plan d with a matter that is marked by a whole different. I love Lucy Islands will use like you, tied up by those by the ankles continent, printer grandmother, a chance right right. Well, she messed up at the chocolate factories, translation real, like losing the iceberg arena, but it is fascinating because you just never here. These are. These: are children debts these twelve years old and obviously you know, I think I think he was born a sociopath he was born today. That is the question of the time he was born with the perfect serial deck. He was born again ass, yet, but of course, she deserve humanizing in a very bizarre way. Absolute. Yeah yeah Richie makes him seem because he was a kid I was even I was sitting reading. An else like it said
something always are they say of like all these people, you c B, kids, they were hell, kids at some point. They aren't you gonna, kill all the cats Jesse, a cattle are now you ve got a murderer now before they murder is a serial killer. Eggs walkin around, but rather I learn in their letters and therefore about colours and more than can write, helter skelter door. When a murderer, your family, you talk by the things the build a serial killer right so far we ve got. Of course he was born. Something was off. Then he has the head internationally. Then he s cousin MIKE is involved, are being the crab. Bother me other stuff, you didn't do the bed wedding, he didn't do animal torture, not that we know are not there. We know and then another piece falls in the place which I think I mean this is very underwrite. As far as what contributed to him becoming denied stalker, he moved him with his sister Ruth and her
has been was a notorious peeping Tom. You would take Richard a pumpkin thirteen year old kid, along with them on peeping Tom expeditiously, some parent, some parents take their children to work. You know of whole foods, you know, come and see how I run a company that has had little red, Jean De Vries, how to end on a garbage gain hers Bush in their own board, at together. Patients in order on average yoga used to ill. I get, and its also around this time than Reggie began. Spare meaning with asset for the fertile around nine graze, when historic, sparing with as it, and it's also when you started getting into Satanism and
to a cd, see his favorite funny. Every man were which rules they should be regarded as a hill. I just never listened to a c d c and Ben, like I'm gonna. Take these lyrics here. Follow that I went. I thought a disease just meant to like an old shot gun beers to act is not supposed to be too is hard party in this was to be like waving. Your shirt around your I didn't like haven't like a girl named rosy on your on your shoulder. I never saw a pair of boots and weren't covered in beer hazy. Deasey adds a cities yeah the here again. No, there are people.
They did ass it when they were younger because, as I said when I started taking ass, it is doing a loose agenda. You have that idea of like universal conscious NATO get all hippy loudly. What the last thing you want to do is be splashing blood all over your just add a woman dies safeguarding rights. Hence it saves, although I don't even want to have a five hour energy shrink into asset Tenantry, because its shewn, what I can't even have a conversation over like. Can you get me a beer from the fridge I'll just get it myself? I dont confrontation compensation, not yet, but obviously he saw the world that it in your way. I e gotten, if you old into it, he's dead him. A distance are ended and rid of like involving himself for the universe, a distance him from reality very interested in that's it. That is a bizarre I would say not these norm. Of most cycle psychedelic drugs- no, he didn't do make you. You know relatively, am at one with the word it supposed to do that right. Now, it's not supposed to turn you into a civic. We double brain drama we gonna Father being, then we got might shootin his wife in front of us. We had him sleeping graveyards. We got marijuana african, Eagle, scouts system of being a series of his family and that you are going to have a for. He was even out of high school. He had his first rape
yet some guys that he didn't get. Can you get a letter? Not yet again? For that you mean Keziah, I dont you gotta corded graduation. The report actually worked at the holiday Inn He got a key card to one of the rooms for His way into the room- and I tried to waive rape, the wife wild husband was out of the room. The husband comes back, find them due to beat some unconscious, beats the ever love and piss. You weren't you. How long did you think I was gonna? Take him to get the fuck an ice you know is also at risk. Richard Vermeer's, it's not that big of a guy he's not he's weighty. He's really is about my size on your site, my height, my way right but you're here, just like you, gonna looks just like he isn't that he's got much prettier hair than I do very well. I read your Amerika is hairs beautiful, beautiful hair? No, but he yet did that's. The problem is so that's why from then on? I'm sure that that failed, rape, what I think went through his head for ever of just being like? I will never biotic unclear when he says that needs to be a poor plus commercial.
What region of Europe have a look at them Looking at what you have written here, as do the shiny, either here or there even in his hair, was a matter. Why is this as one of our shared fashion? I owe you some people are born with simply one more with a lot of stuff. He was born in nice. You know you, nice, guys, you're out there there that are bald. That's rodya! I've had back years in some nine, that's right, that's terrible its chair. There is the reason why the rape never way was never convict, for he was never even charged with it, because the couple refused to testify, which was thing will know frigid ears for decades,
Turkey's wouldn't go to trial because the victims wouldn't want to go through the humiliation, arrive and actual try, Canada and testifying here because it and that then, especially before, like you know that any Lena and going on for so long? Please offers like yeah. So what you do to make him do you know, I think, over an overly know, it so fascinating. I did grand jury duty and kings County Brooklyn here and I'll. Take a willingness burgers, not Brooklyn and well we're like Wilms Virginia, as I like to say very white, but we you're fine Schwaiger, Jerome wouldn't lose my Virginia, but it was disgusting who had watched a fifteen minute sexual assault. The man never actually got two raper
it was it was violently not ways. Did you ever guy actually going everywhere. I mean you guys. It is again. I did get a different way. Am I getting the better I just I mean I could take it that way, but it shows they give you the benefit that our work is not thank you, but so we watch this and I'm thinking grand jury duty will just send this right to trial won't be a problem literally. The first four questions were from a dude from Barbados, hispanic guy and there like. Why would she out so they? Why wish you wear unaddressed actually lie with drug? Why would she alone I freaked out- and I was the scary white guy from then on the areas you gotta doing it to play that card every once in a while NATO, the horse, two thousand and thirteen at the time- and you can imagine late seventies, we're we're that with the stigma was on rape? Oh yeah!
guy, and so this poor woman, and in these? How old were you when that happened? There was like, what's that exceeding the India he was in high school here, because of course he was high school dropout. Yea did not graduating cannot graduate deal is another one of those things where you know when they do they. These people didn't gradually from high school Rosa Jim. Hence in January I write it already over their origins. What was that interview like when he got the job for holiday, as has is linked to see when everybody's looks like a new sleep and when we all good customer service, can you imagine a better job for the ease of peeping Tom? Only wasn't you gonna Mallory enduring router, because here s, how many I think I've lived at a hotel she's got a long time in hotels. You treated like your house, you I'm with you, forget that you have a human being. I don't like you know, he's got you did your house, you leave com everywhere, like it. Oh tell room yours, beer, nasty rooms, they cause you're driving in private and they walk right in there and if
you could just they play. What is now if you're a listener, and you have any like made experience or any sort of like a hospital or any any experience, we walk in a random people's rooms. I would love sending your horror stories. Gsm Jerry, you ve, seen some fucking weird shit man, what a great job very young Richie to have. Never really. I really struggled with that did not well after you fucked it up by trying to rape, and I have never met at eighteen. He moved out to Southern California about the rest of his day. Where's takes place and gets jobs. Tat says I actually did. That was that, what's the name of the beach boy, why I wells, and I think that was Brain Wilson's lyrics for that's a breeze MIKE Mike love, is going like a brand
I don't wanna Stepan groove another draft, and I think we need to give a second revision to these lyrics, because this is about being a serial killer and we should be right about surf in cars as other I'd love me, I wouldn't surprise yet. Another richer Ramirez did not have the best diet in the world. He lived on. Convenience store food. Teeth right it out and she's going. There was something to TED Bundy doing the high sugar diet, none defence yeah yeah! That's for how can you so tat riches riches, fuckin teeth were rotten out of his head and he had horrible how tosses, which was something that almost every victim who survived
pen on him with Alice Dosing browsers, Hell is chronic bad breath, and so he went to skid row. Any became later skid row allay became his perfect home. All he did was drugs in party and fuck prostitutes and hang on skid row. Steel, stuffed stealing powers in this. At this time, skid row it was much like times square of New York. Emily was actually we're. P just out of prison, went barely any better. It's barely any better. Now I drove down there because I look because the where the hotel, where he lived, was where that asian woman went missing like last year, those found in the water in the water well above yeah, that was the same hotel, so I drove down there and the police a fucking nightmare, its aid stilled exactly the same. It's a huge war zone, yeah yeah, violence, stuff
You know what we really don't know much about the first three years, the richer America's lived in LOS Angeles, knowing when Jesus disappear them right. Now there are thirty three. We don't really know a whole lot about. I write some US three year you have entered the pizza. Will our views that Jesus did? He no doubt had a lot of breaking and entering his time, and we don't know if he raped anyone. We don't know if he killed anyone, although if you would have killed someone here have told us about it. We, as he was not shy about tat, king about what right you spread. It was spreading as say tat message. That's a little, no value, as you rightly say, Nazism yet know he has he had since he was twelve, oh yeah very well about fourteen yeah journeys, a person that actually had that's. Why was saying that when you listen him talk, he really did have a point of view like you
tat. He was doing what he was doing for purpose, which is basically saying, like everybody lives in a prison, only free manual, meat of climate you're eating that from the more poets clip. No, but there's another interview. They did the same thing. He said the same exact loves to talk. This will be what we Suppose we. I bore during our last part session the left alive so tonight, and there are some great Morey popish interview footage with Richard ruminated auditors make fat people than audience. Don't like Richard were mere. No, they don't just scowls discovers the audience. Indigenous peoples go like camp and be somebody because you're watching this man who was murdered. Multiple people is an awful human beings needs to burn in hell forever, and you look at more poverty and you're. Like he's worth your hearing of you, the other side of the words at european level, and they didn't just a fat audience, members, cholera, and so we made richer meares, look reasonable. It did is its awful anyone. Richard Ramirez Ease on us three years. Hang out hang out and his first murder. We act
we did not find out about his first murder until two thousand and nine when DNA evidence linked him. His first were was a nine year old girl. Yet you noticed now, issues could think his first, because did he D sexually assault her too, that I did it start without to de escalate. To that I believe what do you mean did I did, he starts actually become you deregulated escalated, a murder. You know he didn't charter, including sexual salt days, murders as official murders and telling Ivorian yeah yeah. It's like I'm certain, I'm certain that was really easy, because you notice that this kind of the same thing that you'll see with the Boston strangler, which will cover at some point he preyed upon, very easy people to murder, like you went after by the elderly and alone people single women, like you, want offer anybody that was easy to get.
I do not always an easy. Sometimes he he acute pick houses at random. There were a couple of times where he attacked couples like now generally, however, to an average remarriage ale, but it's kind of like if you're on a home run streaky just swing in a bunch of pitches, yeah he's just on fire here you can't miss it's like it's like one, Michael Jordan scored that fifty points just like that could most seller, who was very big and was very small. He just through a right in their souls, I can murder was an old lady named ginning fight cow. He stabbed her repeatedly while she was asleep he slashed your throat so deeply that she was almost a Kapital. I that's it we're saying: do not rape her the Edward for he got to his second murder, though he moved over to kidnapping and raping little girls for a little bit. The first one was a six year old girl. He took her from United in there. They owe you took the little girl stuffed or in a laundry bag. Milan Her and then during a nearby located worshipfully Irma Santa Claus. Like the buggy man,
the old man like give my gunnysack little girl has very illuminating voting monster you, and there was a big thing- is: have him testing the water and fighting how fuckin, capable and evil he can believe you were sent within. He also jumps M oats like he does real. All close. It's really interesting because the next one he shot that woman and ahead the next one. He goes to Maria Hernandez and Dale O Zaki, who roommates Maria Hernandez she's coming home from work. One night she pulls the garage Richard Romero, as he cycles up in this, is by the way after he had raped and care are raped and dont another little girl vision on the same night. Now none of these levels aim now because it is over. The little girl was in February of nineteen eighty five. This is less than a month later. His first kill the first kill that happened of the of the seventy, a woman, and he nearly decapitated that was in, like March of James, you, eighty four innovative anymore, so he had like a six month.
What were they call hibernation period between and then he turned it off like once thanks it only five turned over. He ran nineteen. Eighty five, just Roquat markers a question for you. I saw you said that you always confessed to the crimes with dna evidence and oh nine got him. Oh yes, infected neither cry, he never confessed to killing a nine year old girl. He never did ok summit. He did feel a little bit of guilt or shame for murdering a child. Now I don't want any horse aid because no cause I mean the last crime that we will get it into the saving grimy. Does he purposefully rapes an eight year old We, like you do know, is that he has no scruples now go he's not he feels not an interview. I bet he just forgot that he did it ever do their bit, always think us, oh yeah. There was a period of time that he was doing lots of fucked up shoving NOS three hour that that three year, time period that there's no official news on him, he was probably out doing everything Work is my second question to you: is it possible that this boy,
was the rain maker from this from the movie loop her, is re maker from view make a fan fixed or are you just talking like users, writing science fiction rain era for again like singling out in an Harry Potter and remind Hogwarts wherever that guy don't hold or when they are? I don't get the movie loop. Gotta stop is one thing. The Sahara Gore coroner going to stop that raw rendering Lord of the rings, though brigand I used the nine rings of man all right, so he's on its these on a tear and nineteen eighty five. This is when he really starts to run. He attacks Maria Hernandez twenty two year old girl, with a twenty two calibre. Hang on this woman, possibly the luckiest serial killer victim in the history of serial killer victims, yeah richer in marriage, pulls out the gun she
brings her hand up to defend herself. She's got her keys in her hand, and the bullet Ricky, chaise off of the keys she down and plays dead. Angela mirrors goes inside fines, Dale, O Zaki, hoots thirty four She heard the gunshot she ducked under the counter and Finally, when she checked to see if he was gone, Pip picked up her head low, but still there my darling. I hadn't really because even you see, this is like again like any other shiro killer, he started off with a very personal by Kay murder and then did a gunshot kill, would use just like where's his head at ease, obviating testing what he wants to do now like yeah.
It's the other because you look at it did the differences, if you gotta, fuckin TED Bundy, or you got sauna, Saint Maur, Ozanna SAM, just shot everybody because he had a mission was of the mission and then TED Bundy. It's all about get your dick hard, but then he just discovering all. May I, like all this shit, I'm like a boat Jackson, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, right jack of all trades, yet and son of SAM overrated
Abby? All we will again. We all know that we all know he don't think that he actually classifies as a heavy hitter need is less likely. He's got like a character to imagine that setting about any made New York really scared. He did. We might all about him by anyway. Let's go bachelor mirrors you're, so he's a man of his time here. Send me what was the name Johnny Winter, that an albino as it did at the end, he had a very specific time. Periodic members relevant still good gourds that I live in. Are these the first two women that he has killed with the gun? He only kill yes, absolutely right. We will do whatever it was. A nice Yahoo and the same one hour later, and he does this a lot where you go out and just immediately he'll go for another one. He found girl. Her name was Veronica. You he stopped the cart put Current apart walked over to her car pulled her
The car called her a big shot in the fucking. Then we know that he called her a bit because that would be idea you here, over and over again all the people who survived him so that that was, you think I know. It's very strange, but that's part of what like lead to getting him, was that he said: shut up, bitch every woman he murdered they are they, like everybody, went on with my its lessons of courses MIKE, of course, I'm sure you have let you gotta have aid like everyone's gonna. Have a motto you now, gentlemen, Gacy. What people didn't really know is he had a really fun catchphrase was like. Oh, there goes the Cheerios like ha ha, that's all I'm. He strangled a boy and he came all over himself of those Ngos. The cheerios error was the cheery. Ass. Ok
your merit, in fact in the lineup after they arrested him, and they were trying to find witnesses. Bitch was one of the things they had him say and the line up- and I see that's why I would be grateful if you ask whether we are really serious breach. Is that what you wanna hear me all prevailing legal got your mouth or I'll, kill you bitch and Well, you'll image, Ramirez delivered the line perfectly means greater arising as exactly as you said, like a relic irregular Russell corral. Oh yes, indeed, although probably a better singer aired alot of negative as financing methods with the next murder or the next couple of murders. Actually, this is when his Emma really starts to take shape, and this is when he starts to get really really fucked brutal. Yet breaks into the house of these people, known as the last there Maxine and Vincent Zangara Zangara, we was sixty four. She was forty for his first, the first three there they were all asian right.
I know that all is universal. Vanish Asian show me vanishes areas. I was Asians man. What our these new working class of people is killing your little guy anyway, and then it was only because then he started neighbourhood hopping and city hopping. You lived all different areas right up Hollywood wasn't alone worthless. Either there were some opera glass I he went in the beginning. There were some upper class people all through yeah ok was that that's one of the things that made himself to catch because there was no pattern to his victims, he'll kill and You say allies when only one here you didn't, he didn't kill any mexican women, Maria Hernandez. You try telling her it didn't matter to him. It was just, however, was their. Whoever is easy. He go out scope out the house's he'd say that when he'd go in and he do shit. Logo did to the tsar, as he broke with our house at two: a m Vince,
was sleeping on the couch just walked up. Parliament had made at parting is his Nemo. Now yeah yeah I takes the dude, kills a dude immediately and then moves to the woman. So if you're in a fight with your husband or your wife, just sleep in the bed together, you know: don't don't make somebody sleep on the couch, whereas love each other say I love you before you got a slave is a very dangerous place to sleep. So here breaks into the house. She the guy, the here's him. She goes in fines, Vincent's, shot gun, her husband, shot, gun and she's about to shoot. Em click
No, but I know a guy lights in the guy's been couple days before had taken the bullets out of the gun, because their grandchildren had come to visit three million and being a nice good grandfather, doomed his. Why you and his wife too, to a proper. This is a problem like the ghastly die, but what we can have Alex Jones. We can avail shown here this event. It had already people here they re caped, apologetic gun. When there has been a man comes down, knocking at our door. Did she die in this in this attack? Well I'll get it. I wasn't exactly grave. She absolutely die because after she tried shoot him with a shotgun Bobo three shots right in the chest, and then she died almost instantly this. Is when the mutilation comes in here now he starts getting really a day. I e changes. Here's what gears police found the crime scene. This is. This is all Edward. Our changes in exile from a book by a Clifford L, Lynn, Decker,
vital rated, lend decker or maybe linebacker way than ours. A Dick liquor was dormant, dagger, you're you're right. I will ride your wonderful true, grime novel one hour alert beggar to get him on the show some gas Nolan Decker, please. I want to show a mechanism, Dick Liquor, here's what Here's what he said they would never forget. The sight of magazines is ours, mutilated, face her eyes were gouged out in the empty sockets were ring with blackened gobs loud and tissue. The killer blot plunged a knife. There were left breast leaving a large ragged t shaped wound. There were cruel injuries to her neck face and have them in and around the pubic area. She had been butchered, the early closes, the meaning of the closest library there we could say she looked like was it. Older Suzanne Summers, reliably richer, scooped out the eyes cut. The eyes are put him in a jewelry box and took him
I figured I'd, say I should interests its jerry or back all over again. You you don't put is always he gave the gift of science to run on banning serial killer. Well of you, so I think that with our eyes but his hands anyway, because they are going to deal with his eyes. I mean if it was me, but I have kind of a go, sheer style a good year government. You want your eyes to launch this conflict. Just keep an eye out for me. I'm going so you want to be killed. Your eyes gazed out their uses conflict. So then your serial killer can be pony, be really funny joke and some kind of cocktail party. He goes right. We like Hitler's relatives, yeah yeah yeah. It just seems like this woman should be taken on your body paper like what does what it would have. Delhi's, wrapped sandwiches- and you know
paper ladders whacker paper you. I, though, why meet made her straight up. Delhi me yeah me now is the goal: that's what he wanted. Then she becomes not human at all. She become he's totally control is uses plaything. He can do in everyone's. Actually now- and I don't know this- is it? Is it like Dennis raiders like Bt K, did he come as soon as he killed her and when the blood was, it seems like it's not like that? It's more like me. He got hearty, probably jerk off about it for days, but I dont think that it was that further My work has convened a k like the first, because when he came in with that, would build up the suspense of doing it for months he railway and he'd, but sit and build and build the bills are, of course, you d shoots as soon as he's gone mirrors was just one getting one gettin one a lot of times he's doing, he's heading commit
sexual sold, so it's not even just the act, he's doing he's, raping and getting his release and then murder, but he doesn't rape. Every tonne doesn't have any, doesn't kill every time you that I'm the only. How does he just rapes and and walks away he's regret. The was too what an evil Hocker. Why I like use is the worst of the worse is that everyone is value there with a first class The cops had besides the easy, Deasey CAP that Richard left at the Maria Hernandez mad. If I left my cdc had buried got back and it was like fifty, oh yeah, you gotta go grab you gotta, give that is easy to open up my thumb. Look a state of shock, good guy, beautiful hair flown in the winter. Workaday cities favour one when you left behind this one would be one of the things that would lead the police to him. The snake,
yet the infamous avian sneakers you left tissues. While this is how will need an leave issues, he left a footpath wherever it yeah, and this is how the police finally figured out tat. They had a serial killer on their hands because they found this footprint. They sound found the same footprints over at Maria Hernandez. They found the same footprints over. It is very first victims, they Vermont Veronica, you they found they had a link. Finally, and pretty much daddy's Wyndham. That's always when the serial killer cases start to immediately cruelly this
secrecy of your actions, monsieur killers for to crumble. As soon as the idea of a serial killer is put together as soon as they know that it's a serial killer as other looking for the comparisons cause, you is obviously playing a game by driving for different cities around Us Angeles so that he could. If you dont you separate the crimes you make it look it's happening over years. Having here you change by most, no one can find end at the time the law, the LAPD, was notorious for not communicating with indifferent precincts. They was highly competitive, high extremely competitive, so they just didn't work together at all. In fact, the guy that we're on the case that revengefully put on the case same cop that caught Gary Ridgeway by every cop gigantic fantastic time, Green River, the investigator area, never we'll get to him on the next any such a cruel fucking like I was watching interviews with them and what a great fucking cop course Dearie Ridgeway the Green River killer. I think that his he's not
you're the highest numbers record again. He's got that you address that repressive. Mustache would always is really not so demanding a terrible taste and shoes. That's what I've learned some veto far right, remember yea! I mean he was it a fancy? Dresser Eddie? Was it a smooth talker, but he waited. He did what he had to do like a certain president, Lincoln Privilege. Over there. He made a career for himself. You gotta do in this world. You gonna take the bull by the horns. That's right! That's where I was first EVA now. I dont believe that EU companies still exists. I had no idea, I don't think so. I've met issued a hobby on it. They should adopt on this as a marketing campaign. You start your login elegans dams and battles. Quiet the women won't even hear you sneak into the closet, won't even wake up a guy. I gotta know there's still around hell yeah, by Guy in Oregon
What better of Orange one man in order to keep my legs, you go see of golden across the quite beautiful action. My did my ten issues sneak. I love those tat runs. Gonna keep Jerry Stubble field down our rights, though we have an observation on the nose enter or Killers Ongoloo. They know the third accept goes on the loose, but none has said there not on his trail. Yet in May at Fort, nineteen. Eighty five he breaks into the House of Bill and Lily, enjoy them into bad news about it's a bad memory. I mean like data, they lived horribly, you know, and we cannot just say just don't: do that, don't don't like WWW, it's hard I would even say that name who wrote the dog boy knowingly boy, your guy like right, you know, what's his name government over grape and there, Sir,
people their lives in order to comprehend the area that I would argue that now genuinely violated. Do it pyramids hooted. Who did he kill most we owe you really do religion Lillian liability knowingly all right all right, so miss joy in her husband died is bill. Lillian die, they have names, they were human being positive in family, so I mentally sir dames we're like cracker pants. You know like you in and worse last name Bilbil. I guess a richer America's walks in and shoots bill in the face of rude like that. I don't like it. He build survived for a bit. Ok Ramirez beat among conscious, so he
and into Lillian's bedroom found William their grandmothers. Nobody Lillian! It's amazing. How did you and eyes wherever you are so rude about? Mrs Del Rio, didn't mean I didn't do anything bound her with thumb cuts. So He brought those which this is an interesting thing, because Richard rarely brought the weapon. Destruction with him, unless it was his gun from found, everything in the house was usually he'd. Use ties reduce robe Ok, I know divide guarded, know nobody either the sum I bet the thumb cuffs. That idea probably came from his cousin MIKE. It's like. I bet that that was a because I'm a loaded I've used in detaining, as used for like like with like, make sure to get their hands minor backrooms great for questioning. I think I know we're going to ask ban yeah MIKE only
we found criminally insane. Yes, because they only husband in Vietnam and he always spent four years in prison before he was released him and Richard stay in touch all throughout this through the door. The toys are not having a good night now. Lillian is thumb coughed. This is starts, you know, of course this is, starts with a shudder: Betcher I'll kill. You really getting shot a bitter I'll kill you. That was the line that yet that he said the line up when they brought the witnesses and key. What did he do? You think he thought about different lines like keep quiet, what oh no, you is, he Lady did turn it into a performance data. Yet downtime. He really did he got to be a master at the performance zone- the guy that he had shot in the face and be unconscious bill. He woke up a hand. For all to the telephone, and while Richard was busy with a busy raping,
Lillian in the other room who, by the way, was an invalid as well. Yes, everything they fell in separate rooms because she had cerebral palsy, she doubtingly and she was bound to a hospital bed in here. Yeah it's bad crime in your hands? You not like those on crime now this does not mean, though, that is as follows. What we bring light to DE tipped, these monsters are not scary. They are. Leslie stupid people, and we must make you're very scary that they are wholly Ramirez, is a terrifying gear, horrible hush, now strata rationalized. What we do to show that we go and see it as a no. No, no, no doubt will be yours, sir. Now, when they do born to podcast they get their one day. They will examine our lives at sea whereby we started right right so that Lillian Doin survived because this is the man called the police, he went back and
consciousness. Richard heard irons coming and he got the fuck out of here before he killed before he was able to kill the woman. Of course, Bill die from his injuries? Five in that morning, not before saving his wife so bill. We made the Henry specifically made full name and wider bed. He died. A Europe United Europe Eridu a lot of did what's cool, but I mean we'll get into the second. We do the second half of the episode as well. A lot of heroes in this story gets a one thing about like normally when we do these serial killer stories. It's to be honest. Mostly these people died away because it s done cops in competing shit, but it's like honestly you'll see this story made people kindness up to the plate, they did- and I know em in the end, obviously will get to his capture, but the way that he has got has surely one of the radical one of those impelling crazy stories. I've ever heard, of course, will get to
yeah, so the toys are no longer one day is no longer with us. Now wonder is no longer with us. Let's move on to when he starts to move on, If you please, why don't you say it and you look you do aside. Look at me real, quick and then you just move on, like you didn't do that you have kids videos yellow continue. Let's continue with them. Contain yourself Ma Bell. That's it I never believed he was like a neighborhood nicknamed la belle and letting murdered Florence Lange I assume ever what brought up by Mark is really murdered a somewhat. Definitely they were eighty three and eighty one room active openness he walked into their house. Why have you just saw it all over the place he slew nine years old when he heard the only worsen to an eighty year old media.
In the house? Who knows what he had planned to do that with him? And that's what this case tells me. I don't think even he knew you can have the oh. He was walking in and he was real Johnny Coltrane about it. Improvise have em, if you, if you would say if you shoot an eighty year old on a couch, it's probably the you know at least. Its covered and plastic. The count You can just gotta. I mean I've. Seen older people, there was something about older generation. They look to cover everything, a plastic. I wonder what I'm not making this double homo, vigorous or a bitch to clean. You go on beer criminals of the digital network. You get all their weird little dutch flat. Hats is acutely, maybe no walks. In first thing he sees stop. Had no that's why it's a hammer. The count grabs the hammer bludgeoned, one woman guy goes in bludgeoned. The other goes back. Two. The first woman gets an idea, heat
egg, saying no lily light bulb. Show the boy get alluded to undergo logistics, all that's very appropriate because he took a lamp. He ripped the core it out rip the wires out. Started shocking, more bell with the wire wishing alive or dead ass. She was alive. Yes, she was alive and he made a makeshift the orchard. Revising women survive for three more days you think, might totter how to do that as well as yet. Yet another honestly, that is a debt, is a army entreaty acne? That is what they do. They do that. No I'm certain when you look at the he learned so much from his cousin MIKE Mike was just the fork and shipboard E. This alphabet sue peacemaking. You know I'm not sure about the analogy, but also Yoda saying my job. All right. I, oh hello, did he torture Miss bells its unknown, how long he muttered or for but after he was done with the electrical cork is after he hit em in the head,
He raped them there after after that, and then that's when again, something just click in his head, he went and grab a tube of marbles, lipstick, Andrew a penny, gram, honor saw, and this is one of your game, because I think that We talk. Also, this all he's lit Insane psychic experiences, I'm Sayin Maso Nettie, like I mean just like psychical, like he's having public dreams and like walking person like hallucination, legally talk about. That's all the time he's lit his fantasies, we're always more real than reality like today. That's a big thing with your colors he's now, literally, where they are going to deliver. These fantasies were more real than reality. He in his fantasy world when he was a kid and doing these sort of sadistic scenarios in his head for so long now, it's like building,
we talk about time like if you, when you make like performing like we love perform it when you wanted, when you're finally doing what you're one do and it feels satisfying. There are moments when I feel some surreal vs you're walking through a dream. He was all you're looking at their dream, like an English, Rita too, he is in this sort of high, not height. I hate the term high functioning leads in this place now already high functioning Tirana, goddamn lamp he's not he's a man would not shocking into who's. Gonna plead completely feral, and now it's him doing like putting that the dependent Graham on her right mean like he's like this is my fucking thesis. This is gonna, it's gonna be this is my zodiac sending in there. You know when he drew the pin aground on one bedroom. All went over and drew a pin examined the other bedroom wall and here's an odd thing win
found now we're gonna get one thing in areas that are very well. If that's the way, I weren't eight deaths, so here last nine snoopy dolls there, what have they would actually be. Ok, I had made a very tense newbie dolls. Only one snoopy doll. I let day this it really is an old thing, especially for a serial killer. He makes self right at home. He go What do you use various immortal, BT? Gay again, he did stand united as you like it yeah, but this guy, but Bt Kate, was due to be Aditya. Usually Dick Owen, Richard was due to be no Richard reviewing the hunger and he was hungry. He ate to bananas, drank a couple. A Kansas, soda passed in the toilet, didn't flash that's road. Very root of its yellow, let a mellow. Maybe he did say that in a few days later a handy man found these two old women still alive, railway revived for day.
Dinner your mother could that I stay me all yours is talking about her as a year olds, bother me and use- and I mean not literally chewed- up unjust, Saint chewed up in the Texas, since your arm Cotonou combine arms can be altered up outside. I am aware there are jobs, worry area, readout arrow, no except it's gone, I don't just shoot and leave it, who is always a gum type, and that is where we're gonna end Richard Romero. Spargo on doing it isn't comes- and I want to ask this, though quickly, because I was lucky raises opinions, forest news media goes, he has his pen to Graham. He has all this press coming to. The almost eight are really the night yet, but is night stalker created now, yet, no, not at all. It's not yet again. At this point, you still known as the walking killer in the valley intruder, also thereby disoriented orange and make it now. I was very short, sir: do you guys think that the fact of the media covered it in such a glamorous way it fed into as he is he wouldn't? Ireland is gonna, make the front pages and did the Pentagon PS. That is why he escalators brutality definitely doll about attention, because then it becomes once it's getting past your because that's the thing these people have such this sense of superiority. They want. They believe that other people are bugs. They look at people like my fucking animals and bogs. They hate them. They hate everybody else it. What I want to see like I'm the fuckin kid
people have such this sense of superiority. They want. They believe that other people are bugs. They look at people like my fucking animals and bogs. They hate them. They hate everybody else it. What I want a ceiling on the fuckin king at a hail now everyone's gonna be scared me. If someone sees my face, I was like a portable when his face gets release later on. He enjoyed it a little bit. They don't like a little bit. I ain't no, nay want you want. He was a student of zero killers as well. He was a guy grew up, a greening, monsieur calorie common same thing: he's GDP had the fuckin like he may means we have had five zero cattle trading cards. He knew we want ivy. You know we were to put himself and serial killer history and zero. Concentrated guards did exist for quite a fact that might be around what we're gonna do more this next week. This there's a lot too in the most brutal murders are yet to come. This guy is the this guy legitimately scares me reading about his stuff scares me when it. How would he escalate to it gets home scarier like it's hard to even after what like, I want a joke, but their demands for two, so fucking brutal I've been desperately trying to make. I know you really bail Marcus. Take that out. That's rule! No, I want to say- and I don't know the name of the fellow but somebody just made. Some amazing fan art and I sent to us on Twitter.
Really phenomenal stairs. So much for that, and at the last part, cares pages. Been fucking unbelievably also gets a joint last Parkhurst page on Facebook have fun pudgy pushing you know it's a lot of fun. Followers on Twitter, Ben Kissable, Marcus parts in Henry loves. You hail Satan, Hale, sane and then Henry's actually to be addressed on top ass, a check that out we're gonna talk about to speedily in order to Camper interpreter experience and with rules for industry. As the news I want to give it shut out too, that guy's name is Nick write. His twitter handle is at F, F, Marv illustrate how, years ago, following like I did amazing family, I again by buying shirts from atomic cotton dot com? That's right, arms trade, our guys will negotiations patients our game great wealth,
and Hale yourselves and let me helps us go ahead due to the fuck you wanted to download yell at their mobile love. You yeah, oh right, good guy. We do.
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