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Episode 112: Gangstalking

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We explore the nefarious technique of gangstalking, which could either be a real-life tactic used to drive the good people of the world slowly insane or a paranoid fantasy of the more deluded members of our species.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time in the summertime blues. My friends interested. I can't wait to hear you complain about the summertime blues. This is my problem with being, in LOS Angeles, is that my sandals are just too shiny from the streets being so clean. Do you want me to go into my pulled growing? I just got in the way over here when I slipped on the ice, you call pulled it good. Henry like a nine foot growing I lot to a at the law. What muscle I know it's a laffy taffy you just gotta, keep on stretching and stretching it, but never tastes good. Nobody wants how tongue that's right in your horrible long, fucking
might be Salvador. Dali body nice we haven't talked in over a week and a half. So it's nice to have you back. That's Marcus Parks, I'm been because a we're joined by the beautiful Henry Zebrowski you is currently struggling in that LOS Angeles. He tenet that I'm done all man I got too much. Salt in this car from the oceans are been surfing on. You've been here for the ocean, since you got to LA yeah yeah. What I do is I get a garbage. Can lid and I hold on it. When it goes back and forth, yeah this place is to study yeah way at what's gone as Hollywood actors around keeps changing. I'm sorry, that's all my money coming out of my pockets. I think that's really. It sounds more. Like Atlantic City had risen browse he soon there said playing the slot machine
the Tower Henry Zebrowski, I love the boardwalk and I love big fat. People's horrible feet will get a big fat people today we're going to be discussing some of the people of that will be discussing our big and fat. It's a phenomenon that resonated. I don't even know when this thing came about, but it's gang stocking and it's
a phenomenal Marcus. What's this thing all about getting stocking, it's a slang term for a set of tactics used in counter intelligence operations involving the covert surveillance and harassment of targeted, individual, so really jumping into the call Intel pro stuff. It doesn't even start. Their story is so convoluted and crazy. I got involved in this idea like last time. I was in la a listen to this coast to coast involving a man named Michael at Bell, who wrote a book called something like the hidden prison and it's about his dealings with this apparently gang stalking activity, which is like a group of people decide to just make you not yeah. So what's it going to that, so there's a okay, so getting stock is basically there's. There's one target there, there's one individual, that's life, who's, has been turned upside down there being driven insane by a group of other individuals that they don't know that are all working together to terrorize them in really small sort of like. If you are posting you just like turn on the light, but then turn it off, really quick, even
Theoretically, you could like blow up the entire kitchen or something yeah keep small forms of driving people insane right. It's like living with a drunk Ben Kissel. You go, I see and like the firm sure is being re in around rearranged around the house, and you think, oh that's funny, and then oh remember, I forgot my bigfoot roommate drink a pint, fuckin' last night. He got he got really into the house, but uh. Call, decorators, and course, when you come in you approach me with it. I say I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't rearrange anything in the house in black drug that you do this anything make them feel crazy. Again. Gang stalking tactic tactic is like the talking basically you walk down the street people huh. Their horns at you, people put you on the street you over, other people talking about you on the street, get rearranged in your house, you don't realize it. You get poisoned, raped, um draw!
I don't know about this or rape charge. There's a lot of rape in this story, really that the old Jackie about today's episode over there free deal of rape. That is involved in thanks and also people than being convinced that they are dead like a one thing. Is that big gang stalking away they destroy? Any tactic you have of talking to the police? Is that the flag you as being known for a person that has a violent inclinations? And so no one will ever trust you again? I see we'll be you ask where gangstalking came from and where the term kind of originates an uh. People say that the start, the east german secret police force. They were some of the first ones to really implement this idea. They used to call the tactic they're set soon, which is german for corrosion, which so what type of soup you can get yeah. That's my favorite kind of soup. It's not cold like borscht, but it's not hot, like chicken noodle, it's in the middle. It's warm it's
We firmly believe you're better to carded buggy. Whatever you drive in Russia or whatever they did you leave, like a puddle open vodka in a cup holder, anile plumbing there oh I just turned into soup yeah that same suit. We know, but that's really true, that is a that is uh. They talk about this a lot of times in gang stalking 'cause that back end for the Stazi would use like hand signals and they would like confuse people and like get kind of wrapped up into their life in order to make them basically to discredit people. So it was used as a political vendetta to make it. You know so for like political opposition to make them too bonkers to be taken seriously in elections. That was sort of that was the the original purpose of this thing, with the big thing that they used to use them at the people that used to use them against a lot would be whistleblowers, people that were coming out in opposition of the government or against a certain corporation and the point of it. It's
I know it's kind of a two prong type of process there are. There are two uh. I guess objectives in this, the first one is to completely remove any and all credibility that these people may have because, of course, everyone there talking to the same just people following me, there's somebody with me, I don't know what it is, but it's so anytime! We want you going to like get me. Yeah, and so every time you go to the hospital- and you explain, these things are happening to you like that with Michael FL said, is that he spent a week in a psych ward because they take you and they're like oh yeah. People are open and closes their car trunks at you. Come here. Just come, come a little closer and they're like oh. What's that big jacket and then get in there get in there and then, like big Footed, Jim, never thought he was going to have a job until he was hired at the Psych Ward to kick people into the looney Bin. The other purpose of this is, of course, these. People are spending a lot of time. Gathering information about these. Ferments or certain corporations or individuals is they
suddenly, all of their time is being used to try to figure out what the fuck is going on they're, doing more investigations into their harassment. Rather than the actual important information that they were working on. In the first. This is also this was the real, the stuff that we're dealing with now is people who believe that day or the day of the they call them targeted individuals, they call themselves like t eyes and then, if they are chosen, a means that they are like now we fixed calculated to fuckin'. Whatever is happening in the middle of psychotic America. They believe that maybe they were up to something they were unbeknown to them really important to some gigantic global fuckin' net
work and and now they're being targeted for a specific reason. Well, nobody wants to be fat Susan sitting on the couch. We won't be fat, Susan Crack in the case, or you know the end and, as I say in in figuring out what we're doing over there in Afghanistan or something like that. No, no, if you're already all if you're already super paranoid. All this does is confirm your bullshit do you believe that you are that you all? Well, it's real, like that saying you know, like maybe you're, not paranoid. Maybe they really are out to get you so do you think I mean okay, I feel, like you know, maybe back in the day like old school like men tactics. I would imagine that the there was probably someone who found a couple of books. He wasn't supposed to see in Germany, yeah and perhaps you could have a very rational it would be very rational to explain that people were you know granted him, but nowadays I don't, I feel like they're just really bored and they want to feel more important than they actually are.
Going now some message boards in this a couple of ridiculous conspiracy theories. Next thing you know guy farted on him on the subway or to do it on their face on the bus ride in there to talking about gang stalking, and you know what I can give you an exact example of that exact thing. Henry sent a great article from Yahoo voices. Are we talking violent flatulence here? No, no, no, you see Yahoo voices. This is a real America coming forward and talking telling their stories alright weeks, I'm sick of looking at Wika Pedia, I'm sick of what the fucking government has got to say about it, and so called police and medical doctors have to say I want to see what the american people got say about that's right, So this is some excerpts from this woman's experience with gang stock doing their person woman by the way. Yes, we did. Ok, it says: ok, yeah. We definitely know here is her personal experience. Just this is a day in the life yeah, this woman, here's what she says across We were two college aged kids, taking pictures of me and talking
me loli, but loud enough. So I could hear behind me was a man in a suit who, after the bus ride, said they were being loud for you weren't they caddy. To me was a curly, haired woman who seem be talking on her cell to someone in the front of the bus. I couldn't see saying Something like how can she I'm off so sophisticated and then do something like that right bus, so very specific sentence like that and you're like that has to be about me, because no one else would come across the Pacific added something like that when the bus stopped. I followed the curly haired woman and tried to get her to admit why she was following me, but she practically ran away from Maine like she was terrified of a lunatic chasing her from the bus, because you're going to go like what you said about me, it's just so funny because the same woman that she thought was gang
talking to her could have the exact same thing like I got off the bus, and this woman followed me and demanded answers for me. I ran away I'm being gang stock and about halfway to hers. I was chasing her a big intimidating boy, black man. She does sort of write it like that stepped in my path. Until I stopped following the woman, though so I just feel like this. Woman has a whole bunch of very specific examples of that. She has another one that I thought was But if Lee Hilarious, when she was talking about going to concerts and she's like people will come up to you at concerts and they'll, talk to you, like your friends but Don't really like you and they're all wearing the same shirt. You know Metallica shirt fatality in concert: oh yeah, 'cause, it's a Metallica concert in there selling them outback know these people are. I distinct that there's a lot of It's really very strange, but I do love when it heads into that
Spirax, see angle. We like word about this thing, called the Royal Queen society, there's a lot of people who believe that they are being chosen for this, because there are part of some sacred bloodline. Ok, Let's go into that. So what is the first of all Henry? Do you actually 'cause? I mean obvious it's kind of fun to make fun of this chick. She seems like not that credible, but it does this. You could organize this online. Now you really could torment somebody. It seems, like you know,
talk about. How do people would there's probably somebody very powerful in charge, but it's probably someone like Jean me from the private school girl, wonderful Netflix thing: it's probably just some. You know the coolest girl in school, telling all of her friends to go torment. You know whoever she kissed the wrong boy. It's like sincerely. You really believe that there's a dude in the Bilderberg group would just like. Oh man, I hate fat Timothy. I hope he failed his chemistry test this week and then start sending people to harass and terrifying. That would be if you get your chemistry test in all. The answers are already filled in and they're all wrong, and then, but I didn't know it had not it fill it in this woman. I mean she explicitly says she says. Yes, all This can be chalked up to paranoia, but I know better and then embolden says paranoia does not exist. Paranoid does not exist which, just like the most paranoid.
It is that one can say well, I feel like you would feel super turn on if this was happening to you what she was saying like, but then she goes on to do down. There was another story about how so I'm another thing I will get into the royal queen stuff. I got kind of jump at a high enough. That is, but again so which one of these cases it seems to escalate. Where this one woman from the story. This thing called gang, stalking journal, dot com. We talk about how people would getting close their car trunks outside of our house waking her up at all hours of the night right and that's where it started. Then she, getting evil poems written, I put inside of her household stuff seems like but stuff like not saying, I'm going to kill you but just stuff, saying stuff like you're, not good enough. You don't come serve this light right. She was just being courted by a really bad romeo. You just tried to love her in nineteen. Forty five this is Jimmy Stewart hitting on a woman you to step you, no one loves you, but I do. I do I'll take care of you know yeah. So,
so in two thousand for it escalated to this. While on a trip to visit friends in Austin Texas, I was covertly drugs, interrogated, raped and well tortured in various ways involving physical, but mainly psychological forms of abuse. She says that she went out. She said that that day was drugged with Xander acts and a cup of coffee over the three days, two hundred pm? Sorry? What is she a Mormon, coffee and xanax? These are the same. These are the same grade now it's like weed and heroin. Xanax just makes me feel groovy yeah This is great for planes so I'm sorry, I just don't believe that you just she just had a gang bangin felt bad about. It stands coffee come on a kind of mirrors, then of what could actually just be victim blaming from police, and so it's like, I was Ripley Diddly Drug with alternate doses of Xanax methamphetamine is strong hallucinogens. I can only assume something like PCP. This went on for three days total during these drugging says the latest form of harassment. I was made to act up all kinds of stupid human tricks, the dance of joy.
Simply or to act out of sync scenes. The meter do a shitty, Letterman gag yeah. That's what I want to read it M K Ultra trying to get make make a you know super hero, as you know, superior warriors now, they're just doing bets. Yeah, absolutely yeah that whole comes out of polls are open. The dude with the back of his head comes out new. Does all the dumb jokes answered? Did you just touch a stump which is on the APOLLO before she got? Does your little tricks I was in so I This made to say inflammatory things about various ethnic, political and other groups. So maybe she was doing a podcast, she was just drug. She says drug. So here was to use footage of these remarks. To sign me up for harassment for her to sign me up for harassment from militant factions of such special interest groups, and so basically she said they were on. Then they were in mass like very similar to the Michael FL story, where he said he took a drink from a beer in a warehouse with two dude, with two dudes, with a max playing with his balls.
Which is also again just seems like a wild weekend out of control and like MIKE Tyson, showed up in an asian guy jumped out of the trunk naked. I mean this is the hangover, the Chrissake Hangover, four yeah, I don't know the truth as well how these regular as people, how they justify themselves being targets of gang stalking and because they say you know, the big thing is that it's mostly was so Blair blowers. There's a lot people that were former Scientology members, always claimed that they were getting stuck, which that actually does have some. I think that as some some,
the to it. Well, I don't know that sell for is cold gang, stalking and things like that. That happened with Warren Jeffs. You know the the fellow there in Utah his huge call like. If someone left it, they would be getting stalked. I guess I don't think was called Gang stock yeah, definitely scientologists when obviously Miss Katie Holmes yeah. When she broke up with Mister Tom Cruise that by definition she was being gang yeah. What scientologists they call it fair game When someone leaves reject. We have fifty people all working together against one person with us when someone leaves the church or says anything negative about the church. Those people automatically become fair game which The scientologists can do pretty much whatever they want for a I want to them. I heard a story yesterday, someone told me about is that there were. There was a graphic designer that Done some work for Beck and back is a big scientologist. His grand father was, I think, I mean among the founders, but Becca see you still keeping like it's a dumb fucking photo shop of like a
it will given a haircut. It's like it's a devil's haircut and so back, never paid for it, and this woman started talking shit about back and start talking should about scientologists all around Hollywood. She lived in Venice at the time and after that there started to be this. Very concentrated effort against this woman. To drive her insane. She eventually killed herself like through gang, stalking in that act and that is supposed to be the number one goal of gang stalking is I mean either so crazy that you're useless or you kill yourself yeah and how regular people how they justify themselves being gang stocked, even though they haven't pissed anybody off they're, not big whistleblowers. They say that they are practice, individuals that before he's getting stalkers really before, like say: new an Edward Snowden or something like that. They have to practice on fat Timothy,
of course, sympathy. All he wants to do is go to the hamburger stand. That's it want to be followed fact: Timothy's, the Pisa little Buddha he's a little he's, a little monk. There's no reason come at him, but he's the perfect victim legalism is a victim born victim. She is so the end goal is to have these people kill themselves in this is a fairly common horror, a trope. You know driving people insane driving families and saying that things like that yeah I could also just the turned and they term gas lighting is thrown around who might in day, because it's also the truth is that the the problem again, is that you it's it's just and right wing. What's what's gas slide in gas lighting is when you do when you, when you, when someone does something, and basically would you want to do- is destroy in their argument of logic by making them appear or or you believe them to be crazy, just being like. If someone has a certain opinion, you stated
you're, crazy or, like you know, like what these people say. All time they'll find someone taking a picture of them like haha. This pitch can see me over here and then she's like. What do you say to me and you're? Like I didn't, say anything, that's gaslighting. I couldn't stop thinking of that image from dumb and dumber when Jim Carrey, let us fart on fire drop the pants. I think this is a good way to just like someone could have the greatest point ever. But if you drop Rowan, let a fart on fire. You won the argument, although uh as soon as the Ed Larson Express yeah, okay good. So good job Henry other tags on gaslighting, include a breaking into somebody's household, an moving things around like he just walk in, and you know a lamp will be you leave. The house in the lab is on one table. You come back and it's on a completely different table, and then here furniture will be moved around
and then the blends into the glitches in the matrix thing to wear. You, like you, start to believe that maybe your realities falling apart and there's there's a lot of people like that. I don't know if there was a series of videos that went up on Youtube that should put up or a woman was convinced that this mailman was following her and harassing her and they're very frightening. She was she was highly terrified, but you watch this video I'll, put it up on the facebook page of her confronting this mailman being like. I know what you're doing. I know what you're up to and he's like ma'am you need to get the fuck. The mail man, I am a mail man I am I can. I can put you in a box. I can send you to England. That's right: Xander! where, where did the Garfield? Always so normal Dobby send the right job? Job is the main, the main difference between like this, because I can't stop thinking of the pair of the the similarities between like cyber bullying and things like that yeah. But the main difference with this is that people are it's like. Life is like improv, everywhere yeah, it's like your daughter, yeah, malicious in in sadistic.
But they hire a certain like they'll hire criminals for this type of the higher criminals homeless. People they'll go to it's actually kind of nice job creator. That's right there go to neighbors and they'll tell how they get neighbors into his they'll, go to the neighbors and tell them like list and this person is under investigation for a possible crime. We need your help on this. We need you to do such and such to him, yet
Do you still like pray and use people that love to get off on a feeling of power? That's what they say, but then there's also the it ranges to their family and doctors and police like this woman talking about how they did. She said that she was assaulted. She went to this emergency room, the same story from Gang stalking journal. She went to the emergency room after said she was insulted and she said the nurse essentially like they did the rape kit and then she's like you're, not going to get anything from this, and the nurse threw it out in front of her and that people would walk past. There smashing the windows of the whatever they room and she was in, but it again maybe is she crazy or is this stuff happened, because it happens to hundreds of people? yeah. I don't I mean it seems like something that could happen. It certainly would happen. I think it happens to like political figures. Relative regularly. I mean there's a whole bunch of files, and things like that. Everyone knows everything there is to know about their political opponents and stuff, so I guess it could make sense. I'm
if it really works in these really micro levels but possible and we want to find you want to talk about a micro level. Here is a description of a psych. Let's operations tactic, they use like on the smallest level, says when walking through a mall or downtown shopping district. The surveillance team will intentionally interfere with your route because, if you're black atom all over black man's life in America, isn't it a payment? this will absentmindedly cross your path, forcing you to change paths. Other people will- in inverted Leah. Obstruct your path, then, as you know, the pressure continues to build people start to bump into you, know: jostle, you you, the last step on your heel from behind the create big line, ends for you. So you have to wait a long time. Your vision is just living in New York, city yeah. That's what I think I I just feel like these are people who really think that the the the day
are the most important people in the world that everyone is just out to get them when in reality the mall is packed. 'cause it's Christmas time down, and one of the one of the people say is that if you notice this happening to you in public, if you notice people fucking with you like this in public, here's what you Just to put yourself onto your ear as if you're on a phone call, and if you do I have a cell phone immediately accessible. Just put your hand to your ear, as if your were cell phone look directly at the purpose, face smile and say very loudly: they sent up No, no can you hear sorry, I have bad cell phone connection I'll try to talk loudly they said they sent a brown noser yeah. Just some retard will do anything he's told he doesn't even know he's working for
Some brown noser overwhelm me what you were just doing. Some brown noser, you were just talking to your hand, there mam and it's mentally challenged. Retarded is a very offensive word. I never mentally challenged sons. I know what you're doing it get in my way, I'm trying to get into the emperor company of Fitch. Oh yeah, I'm sorry what use electronic harass that's the other thing that that I I discovered throughout all through researching gangstalking, which is just say is that they have a thing called electronic harassment, which is this idea of using people like in the van outside your house, using like your microwave to talking to your brain. They believe that they send messages directly into your soul or use the microwave to meet me cover your body and burns, and well I mean, is the messages that ninety second lead perfectly cooked, burrito
that's a that's, a nice message to get Miley manner. How is the food ban? You you've been living? Okay out there yeah I've been eating like a maniac, again, nine nine pounds you've only been out there for twelve days. I have just been right. I ate a lot other breeders. I may be beating a dozen breidis while and then I had burgers and tacos and I've been really going to town myself. Just do a whole another podcast about it, and then you can, I can see Henry's face, but you can't see him when he was just talking about that. But look of sadness on his face was I mean it was o'henry heartbreaking, you're, sad when you eat right now, it's an activity to do will come to me and they're like what do you want to do, and I was like I put myself on a taco treasure hunt and they're like you, are gonna get diabetes, you are, you are a John candy in the fucking, making That's wonderful. He was a very successful actor. John Candy died heart attacks at once
yeah. Is that what it was? Nine our taxes, 90s heart literally, went like it's like he went to sleep one night apparently, and he woke up and his I had a fedora on and a back and like moved out oh yeah. It was too much for him. Interested in It seems like something out of a Red and Stimpy Cartoon or something so it is uh. That's pretty great talking and showed me that there's a lot more to life than just let them yes, yeah! That's the lesson. We're learning today, there's a lot more to life than just living. You can also live with a bunch of people, stalking you and making. You seem like they're going crazy. He mentioned the electronic harassment, there's also noise, harassment, which I find absolutely fascinating. With these, it called the round table of gentlemen burning yourself. They use a few different tactics. They use hypersonic sound first of all, which hypersonic sound is that they can achieve
a certain sound that can only be heard by you because they can directed where it is only to be word in the immediate area around your head, so you'll tell people like listen. There's this sound, it's drive me insane, I can't find out It's from and they'll say I don't hear anything like what are the ages of your that's. Your doctor dray beats headphones that you're wearing their and there's another one that I have an you probably heard of this and have you heard of the Voice of God weapon this sounds amazing. The voice of God Weapon is where you can. It works the same as hyper sound where hyper sound is more of a white noise type of thing, but the voice of God is that you can direct. Annoys specifically a voice directly into a person's head like or the immediate area surrounding it, and no one else can hear what this business hearing, so they think they're going fucking nuts, and this is a real thing
very that's, actually real. There is and your patents and, like I was reading about the electronic respite, and there has been extensive research and gone into using this for crowd control. If you talk to you, they do it for The idea is that the the barely there was real patents that came out awhile, but using these microwaves using microwaves, you put not the actual machine, just the actual waves microwaves, you put information on them and you can be made to a group of people and apparently all of these, these, like sort of public patents with private government month, the mall hours yeah, and then what and it would have been using them for the what apparently, what they were using them for was to help control insurgent populations. That's what they want to do is create confusion in life. Militia o each each group is getting a different message. Yes, and even though the ten feet, apart from each other, you make them. Patchouly confused, but there should be don't know what that's. If it's real or not, I mean
If this means anything. But a couple of years ago I was sitting a massage chair at a sharper image. It means something that doesn't. I would just. I just want to plug the sharper image massage chair. This is story, no massage help. They kick me out eventually, but no, but they had a radio that that was the whole point of the radio. Is that you stand right here and you can hear it and if you go to the right or you go to the left, you can hear it in the whole point was to have like a quiet living room or something like that. I forget that are marketed Come my brain, that's why I play my tubes, he's on a violin, that's right! That's right! Here's a listen to was alive violin. Well, it's a great day. Great piece of music. There So I'm a little here, fucking, Mozart or something I don't know- I don't know either but Henry, mark. Is you have something yeah? Well, you know. We've been talking about a lot of these people, these people on the internet, they're, writing, and you know these people their paranoid, but ultimately they're harmless. You know
how I guess so, maybe I mean, but now there are more and everything I don't know if these people are harmless because This seems to go like they can still yeah gun right. Well, that's what happened on September, 16th, two thousand and thirteen Aaron Alexis, bought a shock on and went to the Washington Dc Navy Yard and killed twelve people, including himself, the Navy yard shooting. Now. This is a great time yeah. He because he truly believed that he was hearing voices, stop what he claimed to have been stalked by multiple perpetrators and reported that he was a victim of electronic harassment and noise harassment, tactics. That's right and remember we remember what he a card on how gun he carved my elf weapon, which L stands for. Extremely low frequency, interesting, interesting and, of course, the way they I mean. It was a very difficult thing to get into a Navy yard and the fact that he was able to get in so deep and last as long as he did with a shotgun and take out twelve people when you would think that's a relatively
well, armed group of security guards at a Navy yard and these people by surprise. Wasn't it like on a saturday or something like that It was, I believe it was a week day. It was where it was a work day, because it that's how we got in because he had worked there for a while. His security clearance have been it. Actually been wiped out, but he was able to talk his way in even with the expired security card, but he said like interesting thing about him is that no everyone city was schizophrenic. Voices all this stuff, but skits of That shows up in your late teens early twenties, yeah. I he was thirty four years old and he had never exhibited any kind of symptoms for skin. So Frenyea up until a few months before the the incident notice, our assume that he must have passed the health test in the psychiatric exams. That would allow you to work in a navy yard and it's a relatively safe, secure location,
we never thought that it was supernatural or anything like that. Like a lot of these. Actually a lot of these gang stalking people do believe that it's demons. King to them. You can pop into this where it's like, I was really, I was about to say, is like this. Is I mean that's a full example of because then it's all like wool. These are the two who are targeted individuals. It's like normal people or activist losing the people were doing the stocking. They say, of course, babies, giant, clad assigned some black book government group for it's a a symptom of the hyper dimensional matrix reality by the way Henry is standing up right now that happen is I thought you went to the bathroom. Your voice is totally changed. It back before said. Sit back down. Your voice is changing yeah, but I know you were getting a little yeah little excited there, but take your seat, young man trying to tell people to go into it, go what is the? What was the thing? The hyper reality? What was that other thing called?
in 2worlds dot net when the article gang stalking and targeted individuals. She this woman explains that, of course, maybe it's just some gigantic shadow government thing with also maybe just possibly paper it'll matrix reality right, yeah, the hyper dimensional matrix. Yet we all know what she's talking about the people involved with Gangstalking tivity's made always be piloting their own wheels? To put it straight forward manner? She says other stuff, maybe manipulating them working through them. Definitely seems to me a hyper dimensional component to it. All hi dimension lies in non physical rounds and sees what hyper dimensional me. I don't know what a higher dimensional means that exists outside our own third density, physical reality, unconstrained by spacetime, manipulating reality and working through people like puppetmasters. Behind the scenes- and you know who could possibly be doing that Terry, the no no gnome.
What's up Terry, I had no way I'm driving his car. She got his truck shut. I can probably wake you up beach theory why you been gang stalking all these poor women leave him alone. They have tough times big long clips that I just want to bite on him like a salmon at the end. Still in your bedroom Jesus Christ. Here Terry, it's been so long since we've seen you how you been what you been up to, lifting weights you're getting stronger, yeah yeah, just left in stacks of pennies 'cause, I'm so fucking small yeah, I was gonna say: did you? Did you go to golds gym or do you just you just left in the front yard I'd. Seen he's flags run around their leather suits lifted, it's just goggling for each other. Well I mean there muscle men, their body. Builders are very strange. What kind of a gym are you going to where everyone's dressed in leather Ah, you know it's a it's a cow.
For Jim to cowboy seems like you're just going to gay bars there terrorists, no, I'm just so sick, I'm going out every night. Every dude comes up to me just being like hey Carrie, I wanna suck your cock and I'm just like you wait here. I mean you know we have Michael SAM is a gay football player. He just came out to myself Do you want to come out as gay, or Dolly alike and modest. I will let you calm down Terry. Thank you so much for coming back to the show, though yeah it was, I see here. From him? He was in his room and he ran off that something skittered off into the night. It must be love the Angelus. It must be ninety five degrees in this room that I'm in red
we just can't I'm just not feeling bad for you. No not at all. It is seventeen degrees. You just took his shirt off. He just no allow. I feel bad for markets because he's getting the visual literally get like all off steam, underneath my to yeah, he just pulled up his right, did it steam or to the dog in fallout right. So is it demons? Is it? Is it dimensional beings that are doing this to people here in my theory is no no you're going to say no, so ok are there any examples. Let's just say somebody go through the whole process of getting gang stock, doesn't end up killing themselves. Does it ever end? Do you get.
Write a book about it right and it was done and like Michael of Bell and then you make up probably a solid three thousand dollars and selling your book on coast to coast, maybe yeah, maybe I did read one woman say that she is being gang stocked for the last seven years. Any continues yeah so for a long period of time, what he will say, they're suffering from it, and they- and it's also, I wanna always do this, it's very similar to UFO and ghost phenomenon for a lot of times. These people experience it when they were kids and then they come back when they're adults yeah this one woman said that over it she had moved her in her childhood, moved to a different town course because of the gang stalking activity only that she went she found a new person that was gang stalking. Her like she said that her child's new school all the parents of Other children started stalking her all the other children started, stalking her children. It's
this woman is obviously very ill. Brands. I think this is a Pacific Brands of american paranoia yeah. I think that there is a you know, because we even talk about back in time. Back in the day about, like M K, ultra affecting this did judge, I get don't hire some conscious of the country. I think that there is something involved with how America operates between, like constantly being bombarded either by people advert basements or television? And there are just some people whose brains are jelly immediately and they not stay just go nuts, they just snap in the middle of America and because of things like Youtube and because you can put up a website about your experiences it be out in the open and that every person who's damaged is desperately looking for a group to belong to, and so it's perfect to belong to a group of targeted individuals. It also seems like we have,
he goes out of control here right. It's pretty egotistical idea that everybody is plotting against you right yeah. I mean no normal person thinks that and less eurofix. Thanks stretching from the record scratch your baseball. It involves, it really is. There is a. There is a type of ego, that's involved in it's a lot of it got to do with that idea of the people said that they you know a miracle we're all considered. We all consider ourselves temporarily embarrassed millionaires. Everyone is ready to be star their own show, and this is how you get to be. The starting gun show right right. I agree because, back in the day, the 30s, the 20s, the 40s, if you were schizophrenic, you stayed in bed, They don't let you out of the house and now you stay in bed, but you have a laptop and you're allowed to rant and rave on these insane websites, and then it also put it this way. So one of these theories is so one, but in the in our searching for this for this it did on this topic. There's a thing called
gang stalking world that we found where basically there's another there's like a whole other side to the targeted individual thing where there are people who believe that they've been chosen specifically and that they look at like this guy puts himself as this blog is going to be about my adventures with gang stalking. Where is the idea of you actively participate in it Thank you believe. You've been specifically chosen for a reason. Is there anyone game? Is there what would be the? What? What's the end game forum, You join a possible brand new world community. That's trying to change everyone's life, and this is like so. This is sort of like a fraternity, hazing process and then, after he goes through getting gang, stalking his life as miserable. Then it's like the end of the game. When Michael Douglas falls through the ceiling and the like happy birthday, yeah, making your life a living hell for you know whatever how many months here happy birthday and their friends
she wrote this sort of allegorical story to help people from help target individuals like join up with them, and it's called the world of the royal clean. He really does believe that he's a part of a super spiritual bloodline. It's been chosen in order to be a part of the next next new spiritual society. He did so then I was like okay cool, so this guy, taking a fucking, positive that kind of thing he's taking it back. It's like you know, I'm not even saying you take things back without forward for you fat fat unpredictable. So so one of these chapters is for all of the real queen, the role money. So we were again. We read to a lot of interesting stuff and reduce podcast, so this is from the royal mommy. This is why he. He wrote this to help. You understand your place better in the world of the royal queen
royal queen and later you're. Spiritually ended up being called the royal mommy because she had so many dozens upon dozens of children spiritually. She would become not just the royal queen, but also the royal mommy but seriously be making sense her family extends from the heavens onto earth, province and beyond. She. Children from the galactic provinces as well. The royal queen children and children, children so far as the eye can see by the end of it there were millions. Millions of people related to the royal queen, spiritually and on earth province. There were thousands upon thousands due to her marriage with Lucifer and a few other key individuals. Ok seriously be making sense, he says, They seriously be making sense at the end of each paragraph: okay and here's an. I I'd like to point out an author's note that before we get too far into this, he says the advice pictures of the real queen have already occurred? The vast majority of it was there in advance. She is
but most of it loved LAS and it was there, it is there and it continues to be there yeah, how ITALY, beyond filling me with a calm energy about my gang stalking. Next chapter, If this song should be Song World, the royal queen, if this song should be sung, is a spiritual based product that allow that enables you to know what the song has been sung or a child has been created. The spiritual base product is in real time. They can also to be checked later on it serious. We be making sense identifier system to check your history. When and if a song has been song. The information is private. If this song should be, some will also enable you to check your various intimate or not so intimate encounters, situation seriously be making sense if you were grown up the cutest products ever created. It is a two
sections created for grownups and also as a section that enable parents to keep track of other situations. That suitably be making sense is one of the most instrumental products ever created it really making sense wow. I have no idea what he's talking about. I said and try. To read it for forty five minutes, I found it- I went through it. Back through the I went back through the website. His personal website which includes a blog that has stuff like destroy, Victoria's ivory at the palace We did ivory chair that Queen Victoria had a part, three, a part of human history, a part of the Tories history. I was surprised, shocked and dismayed to learn that William, which is destroyed, give away or do away with the ivory at the palace is great. What he wants to set some modern day example be sure that is always commendable, but so So these items belong to Victoria, Queen Victoria and they ought not to be destroyed. They are the nature and significance and should be berserk and then Kim and then
random postings about, like other people, that he says are but individuals and then various things about like saying that. Kate Middleton isn't queenly enough to be queen, and then he posted Madonnas. Something to remember video. I see I see so sometimes he likes to Jack Optism hot stuff this show is so he'd. Do you want to to? Is it was taken the power back to the target. Now has all the power and you're supposed to start playing along with the people who are gang stalking you that that's his overall message as his game? Well, you know what we can ask directly all egg As on the, as the authors note says, to find out more, if you have questions, the offices of the royal queen are now open to contact. The offices please just verbally request to be in touch with the offices of the royal queen, so Ben. Why don't you is that question once more and we'll see if the royal queen response, I would love to be in touch with the royal queen.
The offices, Hey offices of the real queen, I want to be in touch with you Oh, it's been making no sense yeah believe it. I didn't think it was going to work. I thought this whole thing is kind of a sham bolt, Ethan Moreau Green as a rooms. Really, oh, it's such a privilege to be here with you Royal queen, you have any advice for me. I would like to be targeted. I want to gang stock to do. Is you have to make it Ben Kissel? strong enough. The main, I'm not going to kill myself a couple of folks get in my way in a line or talk poorly about me president. You should feel bad about it. Take it from the chest up who holds my gospel, oh my, goodness how how big your call their man
Oh ok, oh it's Henry Henry! I don't mean a bus, so I don't mean to squelch in the parade, but I just didn't think we're going to hear be hearing from the royal queen and such a specific way. I was really wondering if maybe our podcasts are just shut off it's a good point. Thanks for saving the show Henry, When I go to the taco stand later on today, I'm gonna see if they give any fucking, give me any fucking problems we had in the taco 'cause. One person gets me into fucking problem. I'm getting taco. I know what the chick is up and I'm going to start. Again it's the streets, yeah, that's right and everyone's actually everyone's going to believe you. If you start ranting and raving about how it angry with the taco stand I mean they're, going to think you're crazy, but they're going to think you're, probably right feel like you know, you're, just like your taco blood level is, is ninety percent yeah
Well, let's see anything else. With this gang stocking stuff completely. I put up a documentary, not not that long ago I'm gonna put up this information on the Facebook page really get into it. 'cause honestly, like one scribing it as well as we can, but you really it it's creepy as fuck. It is It ties into well, they the two things that they get they bring up a lot in relation to this is Co. Intel pro and M K. Ultra impaled, her shows up a lot. In fact, some people say that that and TED Kaczynski. The reason why he, crazy was a combination of MK, Ultra Angang Stock and a bad haircut and a bad. Cut down a little always helps you go gray, hairball toilet paper, that'll may know to be alive. You can go nuts with no to apply. No true You see, we see a lot of the same MK. Ultra tactics been people who describe their gang stalking scenarios like getting the psyche
driving and then having like barbiturates and then speed. Putting on their system not not using hallucinogens and like weird, like hypnotic suggestions, in order to get them to do shyt that they don't want to do. Yeah. I mean it's a good way for a government to maintain control to having your population. Each other. I mean you look at the Germany, for example, that was a very strong tactic, the government's use. So it's really it's very interesting. I really I I mean, to be honest. Every part of me says that these people are totally insane, but there's just so much of it. I think there is some truth to. I think it is rarely used, but I do think that I mean I think I use are used a like you mentioned earlier. I do think it's used it's using called. You know if you is, is used for cult power. Here's to control their populations and it certainly used, the Scientologists think they use it. So
so it does exist, it's just or just random people, but actually the really running tests on people in order to perfect their gang stalking techniques, all mobile. Yes, they are who knows who knows how many port, the policy, but I do feel bad for the people, but more you read about it. It's like whatever it is, it's going on. It's like it's either just I mean 'cause. We do have a mental health issue in this car, where these people are overlooked- yes, yes this- whoever writes about being gang stock- should immediately on our flag down a list so when they What are the gun shows and when they go to Texas, except for Marcus you're fine. I do not think these people need to be armed and dangerous, because they're shooting at everybody regardless of, if they're talking about him or not yeah, but well, it's so good to hear,
his voice again, so good do the podcast against one we should put up a Yahoo voices if we could mark is on the on the page to accelerate our, because that was really awesome. Yeah sounds great, and it's great to be back here. The everyone was so nice to Marcus, yes, yeah. Well, you want, as guidelines sincerely thing I've worn it really helped out a of all and and Henry actually you're, not able to partake in this, but perhaps Marcus will be kind enough to hide some of the I think that was sent to us from a fan, Randy Katz and you cats and he sent some amazing beef Jerky Henry. He said vacuum sealed? Homemade beef jerky? We destroyed entire bag of it. You know we coming round table. You can't send beef Jerky twice in the mail. It makes it go bad. So it's going to have to stay right here, but it's the best beef jerky we've ever had and he sent it to the last podcast on the left it to me. You said it to me. You break into the yeah you you just got so passionate about beef jerky. You broke up the feed, we lost the feet because you got angry over jury,
The beef is not join now and join the facebook page everybody when I get back to the swing of it here. That's right, we have the other. The live show is gonna, be on the twenty second yeah here. The creek in the cave Henry will be sky being in there because, obviously, yeah he'll be, I think, you'll be in New Orleans. Actually, because you got to you, got some good news: you'll be working on a film with Jack Black right. We hold this will happen? That's awesome, but they that is going be a wide lens, Jack Black and Henry Zebrowski on screen together, I don't think that's ever been done. Share beignet with him, lady, that style. Oh it's going be adorable, he's going love it all everybody thanks so much for listening and I am have been canceled and that's M Marcus Parks and that's at Henry loves you for the twitter thing and hail yourselves. How do you Hail Satan, Mogu installation, this Bring me someone find me an awesome, LOS Angeles and pick me up and take me someplace drink it.
Right so you have your orders from vendors. Dabrowski pick him up. Take him someplace drinking Sounds good. Alright guys will digest it. Goodbye bad.
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