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Episode 115: Creepypasta 7: The High Price We Pay at the Pump

2015-02-16 | 🔗

It's another installment of Creepypasta, this time with salty seamen, mysterious diseases, and screaming deer!

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This is the lost the last it's true. This is, and I remember get out of the ninety yeah because you get the I'm saying anybody you still alive after seventy cut a deal with somebody so that they have
irritable, bowel syndrome, citing his change all around them. They can't keep up it's like that. Every store we see we need to make a wish with the Genie in the Genie makes the wish bad a Monkey Boston area, yeah. All right among Austin Area is religion. Welcome to the show, that's Marcus Parks. I bet Gisele we're joined by a terrible human being. I don't really do these things. It's satire. I know I don't really go in. There touch old man of a wanted to. I could sure what the are they gonna do. Yeah you, one will work to his one that was six years ago. What was it sixty years on the MTV generation right, yeah you for the greatest war, you know what I did. I got no jobs, thanks to you in this country. Do you do you draw? You took your your I can drive up, the well old man, I think you're projecting a lot of things, a lot of your insecurities and inefficiencies on this poor elderly gentleman. I'm just saying that's Henry Zebrowski! It's me it's Henry Sobrowski hi, hello, I bet you better, not be an old man. Well, shut podcast,
your computer, that my generation made possible mine you're. Turning, I think, would be yeah. Give me a lot of credit note of that general. I'm talking like no, no, no, a homosexual, isn't that something all right will begin a computers. All the stories that were about to reach you on today's creepypasta program came from the computer ghostly near all key or nothing like fluffy pillows, I've gone three new Okey ghostly Noki sounds amazing. All man to be able to just go cheese, no plea, no need any eat that you got to blame Raghu on the side. Sign me up
And they do not poor nose. Did you just hit puberty? Please Batman, no yeah, something like Batman. The Batman special, please yeah! That's that's the third, the third puberty when Henry goes through menopause, which is kind of bizarre because he's not technically a woman. Yes, we're going to be some creepypasta today. This is a big thing. You know we've had a lot of flak from people. You know these nine hundred and eleven calls that we used to do for the scary episodes there.
Sponsored by right. You know, and we know we knew we were. We were stopping do when we're not doing it anymore, right, Marcus right, you know we're not playing anymore nine one one calls because it's it's terrible. It makes people fat and so today we're just gonna be reading. Creepy, pastas and it's gonna be you'll, be and we're just gonna scare, you a light scare. Well, you can set up that surprised at all. I mean I mean we're not plan any nine one, one call nine one one calls none. I wonder if we're gonna play a nine one, one call ban yes and prompting you keep the ball in the air right now playing any nine one. One calls, and if I hear one I'm quitting the podcast, oh okay, well, that I hope we play a bug. Alright, we ready to read some in some great about this bill to be dead. Let's read some spooky spaghetti. I you know I actually well this because I was sleeping in my hotel room in New Orleans, but it is true, those there's so many talk of ghosts and that I was really waiting till like wake up and see an old man like for my bed and then it did happen.
Right. It was just the help and obviously I don't think the band will a minute he's an old home. That's similar to your made jokes that are a on the last episode of or two episodes ago. Now in Henry we just covered the Bridgewater triangle of yours, yeah. I got ads that I and Henry you wanted to defend yourself. You want to say that it is a little bit late coming, but yeah yeah, I mean yeah, you guys can say whatever you want about, because I'm out in the studio, but guess what yeah
this fucking hammered right on this tour was for sure you know more than him right, you're going to come at me and trying to tell me what you know, and I know he was into the fact that some people on this tour are fucking experts and paranormal. Technically you came at him 'cause. He was just leading into paid to take that or yes, but he was saying that's why I then said that, yes to that or it's a good tour french quarter, fandoms is a good tour sure 'cause. He answered my questions and sometimes you gotta plug in the old couple that I was standing next to it in the in the tour group. These sort of asking me questions and how do you think that made the tour guide field? I don't get a shifter guide feel I feel like. Maybe he felt like less of a man, and I beat him yeah, maybe something like that. Maybe was making borderline minimum wage and just didn't want to deal with the chair of phased ghost lover. But who knows Henry was telling us uh. He would go
If you do like- and this is you know, such a such a mansion and it's hard to be like- are those the original structure? Yeah good question: do they do a paint job in nineteen? Eighty, three of those structures now, because that will affect made the will affect right all right, all right. So now, let's start again listed so so creepy pastas, yeah, okay, lay down on your bed. Okay, United Button, you're sure to note that if you're a man if you're a woman just take Your bra underneath your shirt looking for can bowl of whatever you can get some goldenrod fuzz. Deep, deep dish. Nugs only marijuana marijuana yeah, no bounds, no crack. Now you could, you could smoke smoke crack if, if you want you do this, you will survive because I don't know how you focus on park as a girl for him and crack yeah, but if that's what you do, Laidback turn off the lights and just let us
coast you to a cemetery load of ghosts on the sounds of our voices. That's great, That was that was great. That is great in the mirror. Don't look at me right normally you sleep soundly, but the thunder I'm reaching outside is stirring you from your sleep he began to doze than other trash jolts. You awake you awake. The cycle lasts most of the night, see you lay their eyes open and outward looking at your room stretching out before you in oblong shadows, your let's from nameless object to object until you reach her mirror sitting adjacency across the room. Suddenly, a flash of lightning in the mirror, flickers and illumination for skin.
Second, the mirror reveals you dozens of faces, silhouettes within its frame, Malves, open and eyes blackened they stare at you, their black pupils fixed up on your face. Then it's done. Pretty sure. What do you unsettled? You don't sleep the rest of the evening. The next morning you remove their mirror from your wall and toss it in the trash. I didn't, the vision you had seen was of truth or falsehood. If you wanted to be rid of that, mirror in fact scrap every mirror in your house, just like the larsons did when Ed was born. Weeks, pass in the event of that night for into passive memory, you were, getting the data friends house and it's time to use the bathroom now you're in there the faucet starts to run without you prompting it taken aback by this you do not yet act. Trying to reason with your paranoia. In your mind, the
search. The steam going to skin of moisture covers the mirror up, above you watching intently his words form return the mirrors we miss watching you sleep at night well, that's great scarier get those years up mirrors. I feel like I've been like you're looking fat. Great, that's, ok, I'll make you look thinner. Those pants don't fit. Oh my Does the meanest mirrors around so yeah, so there you go, ladies and gentlemen, removal, yours! No, no someone took a shitake, just stop it. Stop it. Just stop people talking about people who started hearing about it here in about the weird smell in the basement. I know bad words, other things just something weird smell. I was going to say edit it out, but now 'cause your reaction with. No nobody far did. It is just It is a a
Good odors are pretty young girl going to the bathroom she dumped. Maybe that's it! It's like we're on a date yeah, So I'm going to read these things here, all right. This one's called power outage when I was six, everything was simple, and this is true. This is a true story. I'll read it in a child when I was sick, When I was thinking everything was simple, you know just like every other six year olds life like pretty simple stuff, although there was there was this time when well. Actually I don't know what happened. June. 13Th one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. You work how old, then six yep yeah It was cold, even though it was summertime like three thousand two hundred and thirty two I was six 13Th 1990s true story, so I don't know how to. I can't refute that. I was alone in the basement playing by game boy. This is what it says: one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Gameboy alright
those plug in light, the light attachments, nothing really out of the ordinary until it started to rain. In fact, it was a rather big storm and I was in the basement. Well with parents were upstairs when the lights flickered, let's get your stuff, ski area sensors, when your gameboy and then and then your parents are upstairs in the room or the retailer verbal. The storm starts with the other and that, a year ago, Gary you know I can see how that scary. I was there, so I remember I'm a great feeling chill hits will never learn to read it out. Yeah. Now now Under the lights were flickering yeah, they should've been flickering at the at the time. I didn't think much of it, though, and it just continued to play my game, but maybe maybe Kirby second in some enemies. I was actually about the to beat the no. No that's right. I was actually about to beat the third gym leader when all the lights in my house just shut off As a six year old, I was pretty frightened. You can imagine that no like this is never happened to me before it was so dark so early. I had this feeling of nervousness throughout my body. I ran upstairs quickly as I could pretty slow.
Yeah, but as quickly as I possibly could will carry. Amble, yeah load up the stairs like an ape man, I was drunk- and you know, six. I started drinking young, yes, seven feet tall, you moon! I ran upstairs as quickly as I could, while carrying the game boy, it was my only source of light. I look. Parents and they were not there. They were gone. So I like home alone, nothing bad can happen. You know you're a filthy, animal, Daniel Stern, the wet bandits. Because, as home alone reference, This way crowd out from my parents' names like banked, or are those are my parents' names? That's true thanked My dad's name is banked you're getting. This story is banked, like banks like a mummy, know now come up like a German B, Ngt Bank. I didn't have no clue that Father was named after a fake thing. We know your father had a fucking horrible he's a real man. If I can continue, ok, nothing! I cried other names and I heard nothing. I ran into every room looking for them and they weren't there
I started to hear things tapping on the glass footsteps increase on the floor. Someone or something must have broken into the house. Perhaps Daniel Stern, the wet bandits I can process what was going on. I just sat there on the floor crying burying my face in my arms. I can cried until I heard something coming in from upstairs slowly. I shine my light on it big white, very tall who is not one of my parents, you didn't pre, read this. No, no! I did not the white Eyes nice yeah big White ice, so big. Why eyes very tall. That was I was not when my parents, although that is actually kind of this, describes my dad. Pretty good there, but my heart stopped and what is the question mark as it almost reach the top of the stairs at this point that was paralyzed with fear that I couldn't move the lead shot back it on. It was it was staring at me with. Size huge that
like they were beaten it like a hard. They were. They were beaten like a heart, the size of a book, a heart. These eyes were beaten thank you and its face. Skin was partially torn off, revealing its muscles. I could see gallons of saliva coming from its mouth. It was just that's finger for me to come over. Do it well, it's sick, ning, grin was on its face. My pair then came in through the front door. As they had gone to appear then came into the through the front door as they had gone to the neighbors house, and I turned and looked get the stairs to find that duh. Nothing that that that that that So it is sorry we're just going to give him like really short ones, yeah. That was a good one now, which is good because it's like oh I'm, downstairs and play my gameboy right. The lights start flickering. I run upstairs mom dad. Where are you oh shit, there's nowhere to be found, cry cry cry, then, look at stairs big white eyes, being like a heart issue.
Good dog, you see just did you see that pacing drama that's going to gives it an ending? He launch you build you build to another. My parents came home, you will be entering sort of I'm just putting through here. Style is different. You know like it's different, so the pacing of the story will either way that was a really scary one. Various who's on the stairs going to read one called the high price we pay at the pump hill, yet alone forty dollars, maybe the price of gas, is a whole dollar cheaper. At that gas station pull in sure thing okay face packed over there. It's going to twenty minutes to just to get to the pump. So what, the money we save right now pays for your lunch tomorrow, be so lazy RON relate?
really follows his wife's request and pulls into the local shell station to take advantage of the amazing deal on gasoline this written by like BP or something yeah. This is yeah. You can only find it be peep you fuel stores anger, he waits the more and more aggravated he gets. The person directly in front of him, is taking an abnormally long amount of time to fill up his small prius. He almost seems to be stroking the grip of the pump a little too awkwardly for rons comfort. It was cold outside and the weird man had gloves on. So he figured he was just trying to warm up his hand run. When you finish pumping, can you run inside and get me and Sophie some? I cs RON truck was nearly an empty and taking forever to fill The breeze shooting under the canopy was much colder than he anticipated. He notices his fingers and hands starting to tingle and numb from the frigidity. Once he's done, he goes inside to get the drinks as he was pouring.
It is feeling of violent, tingling sensation call his arm at an alarming pace when he put his sleeve, he notices several red vein, like streaks bulging up past his wrist towards his shoulders as the streets, his neck and carotid artery. He begins to feel like his blood is boiling within him. Wait can weave of crimson blood begins to spray out of his mouth and nose hitting the entire line of customers at the counter, as he slowly stumbles out of the store. He can hear screams and sounds of vomiting behind him.
Ron finally makes it to his car and his wife opened the door in a panic to see what was wrong with her husband as he falls within her grip and into the car. She notices his skin slides off his muscles as though it were poached in boiling water. He sprays the last of his bloody by all over her. Let me say that again, bloody blue bayou over her and they're terrified daughter in the backseat, as he sags away, threw her arms. She sees dozens of patrons suffering, similar fates all over the gas station lot. That domino effect was unmistakable so with the red veins protruding from Sophie's neck and the bowling sensation in her own chess and then looked up at the sign and it said three, ninety nine I yeah so yeah they had a they had a good disease, that's what that is right. They just losing their skin. No, it was that the disease is that there was a gap. Station. This is how I see it.
The gas station was the it was the ground zero. For a virus and infection over the waves and they lower people in with low low low prices problem. That's why I stopped going to get gas, and I just left the car just sit on the street yeah I do I did I stay safe yeah. You know I don't go to any place that has to sail the only one who is suck your dick, that's right, yeah yeah! I have time I go to the store and they're like. Oh, we got a sale on canopy's and was like what Skype canopy. I've never had that nearly start, sucking your dick with old man and he's like soul, music and play with your balls. Why I don't have any respect for old men. Yeah I want to do is suck your dick, a real man. I mean all war to war were to also cure dick for five dollars. I'll make you let me suck your dick well, it seems like you want to get your dinner by an old man. No is it because I'm forced me to do it to the now, there's an old man. Frail
then he was hard by being all sluti and then he looking things he's your dick in his mouth. Ok! Well, we no speak, busy thinking about old people. I've got a creepy after Oh yeah, I mean it's about old people that sounds great, so yeah, so so it's great yeah. This does not No. This is not going to be uh. Ok here we go Little old lady I've been terribly upset. The only thing I could do yeah I could sleep pills and all of that I went out and bought myself a couple of small there I thought that was relaxed me problem. I can't open the bottle. Could you send a man over and I'll be downstairs and have you open the bottle? Ok, wait! A minute. Am I correct that you can't sleep, see, went out and bought two bottles of beer
combine open employers. Please, because I don't have any equipment here that seems to handle that kind of a problem never gone in. I think I have a unable broke the proper. Well, listen! I'm going to get you someone out there to open those beer bottles for you, just stay in your apartment now, but I'll send him up to the apartment. What's your phone number, but it's a! I don't. Remember it very well
This is scary. Well, that is full yeah, it's okay! If it's funny, I figured if I only have a little girl and that's to show you enter that. Sometimes people can be phone. That is yeah right. Maybe I'm wrong. You know you guys really yeah. Absolutely. Sometimes people are cute and fun in the sun. They get. It weighs government dollars to call the nine one one services well one of the helper drinker booze, that's okay! I like this woman and I'm happy that the operators said you know office yeah, yes, sir, they just show up and TASER killed if he acts a radic, yeah yeah. Okay, that was a nice nine one. One night I was, I mean a full day and do it yeah they are you know they. You know they didn't see that coming No, nobody saw that coming alright. Henry do you want to read another piece to lily? I knew
fine. I this is called the kaleidoscope. That's when those toys are in yeah. I know you had a you had a very sparse, childhood right right. But it's it's it's a simple toy. The parents are supposed to give you the key yeah. I know this is a simple toys would have since the eighteen eighties at all. Well good telescope, you put up here, I rotated and it shows the pretty pretty pretty thing always ask my mom. If I could see that movie yeah, yeah, but she never. Let me know because you were sitting like underneath the cabinets were underneath the sink right 'cause. It is really keep this, so they kept the bear children. I was just making my physical mister yuck sticker, but my tongue out there don't drink the bleach, I would say- and of course the only movie they never let you watch his triumph of the will and getting grandpa pumped up and scream at television like I was there, I was there holding a flag, that's right, the this is a true story.
Well, honeymoon in May honeymooning in Maine with my wife my wife and I stopped in the picturesque town of Boothbay on a particular dreary and rainy day since our plan. Nick, was out of the question shelter in a dilapidated little antique store near the harbor. Well, my wife inspected the large chess and side tables near the door. I examine the antique tools and sea faring equipment inside the glass sales counter at the back. You know oil, like tools yeah. We had to be faring equipment, It's great to my super narrow rail, with a poor railroad apartment. I have is going to just fill it with old. See you both being a collector of optics and Mariners instruments, a white person. I hope to find a sextant, perhaps an old leather bound telescope, particular interesting piece caught my eye. It appeared
a heavy brass flashlight bearing a worn brown patina, but remarkably modern in design. I shopkeeper Do you only tell me was found in the same old sailors chest to several of the compasses and the sixteenth, also display player as to whether I would like to purchase it for five dollars or perhaps have it for free it's close to me. Nobody wants it. Well, so Mark Smith Price, he sighed, wearily and then reached into the cabinet and retrieved it for me here see for yourself feller with he said Feller he did yeah yeah with art You want it yeah yeah, that's what they say its main. Ok, he was like yeah fails: Health, LLC, yeah and horrible accent. The craftsmanship was wonderful quite durable and apparently handmade somewhere in Europe Europe yeah no interest
that's your knees. I say you're up Saturday in jeopardy. Warren lettering indicated it might be german or perhaps austrian origin. I twisted the bull housing in a week, red beam swept out poking it into a door Some of the shop. I was greeted fantastic, monotone, swirls, moving and entwining with each other like a pit of eels. They steer they're into this unusual projectors kaleidoscope my fan simple, mind, invented ghoulish faces and sinuous gnarled tendrils shut. Device off excitedly to the shopkeeper like? I said it must. Oil filter of sorts in front of the lens. I have Troy and kaleidoscopes, but none of that none that are illuminated like this. You don't get it do you. Nobody gets it they'll come back to return it after awhile.
The shopkeeper leaned on the counter and I could see that he was breathing heavily perspiring it for four. You'll think it's some sort of trick to the start, seeing it when the nights off any new projection. Mister that damn thing that light any making up those creatures. Your eyes see it's already there, and that's what my mom never bought me one you was like those are the and all you have to do is not buy it bro. Don't go down easy yeah he's boarding bordering style was pretty bad, though that's yeah dollars are free, but I think he went with a five dollars: Victoria Kaleidoscope, yeah. I know the leather bound delighted scopes and I already have because my
Who is boring? He had two kaleidoscopes premium times I play with a bit of trash. Like it's a soccer ball. I took it back and forth to water fun game. That is a fun game. It's great. Well, it's my turn. Do you want? Do you want to take shredders? Do I launch readers. Do you want shredders and I'll get I'll? Take the gap? Are it's the gaper? You were little bit of ruined. It is gaper that is dated since the gap are in creepy, pasta, pasta, I mean. Are you worried, I'm going to ruin it 'cause, I'm going to say the gate purchased, gopher shredders shredders for gaper. Well, it is technically not the ok. So this one is called shredders. Alright. So if you're reading this turn turn your lights
hold on I actually I read some of the gay pride was prepared for some of you for you. If you come prepared, as I read so much that's how we prepare the rest, it just improves inflows. So obviously you know people love me on these episodes. Everyone always says Ben Reid to us so so good thoroughly. Yes, definitely reading something! It's like he cares about this. No I'm a thirty two year old man. Ok, so now this one's called shredders, okay sure if you're reading this turn your lights off before you continue. Okay, so they are. Attracted to light. Ok, ok, so you gotta turn your lights off. 'cause he's got damn things were attracted to light and they there are alive in the room. I call him shredders They will shred any any form of life. They come in contact with. You don't be fooled by their human appearance. The only I mean it just seems like a bad office job. They only seem human with. Expression, space and with
expressionless face and slow steady pace. It's going to kind of Iranians type thing there. But their eyes grew wide with a c life can't help but murder them with their long sharp nails. And they will start with your face, ripping it to shreds then log onto your neck and then you're senior crack and then that's correct after that you're dead, so you can't feel the rest anymore. But they shred you until you are a big pile of rotting flesh should be calling this lawlers yeah sure you in you into coleslaw. I guess it's not as scary as shredder know, where this law boy or this law boys, who makes log out of you, but also cabbage, all sorts of slaw, just make it out of Henry first doing a little bit of slowing down. I know this because ok so yeah, so it's like you turn into a big riding pile of flesh and this person who is Maine knows this because I survived an attack of the shredders. My family wasn't so lucky. The only reason I survived is because I thought of a way to stop them.
Throw salt on I've got a picture of my mother and held it out of the front. Ok, got a picture of my mother and held it out out, held it out in front of my face. They can't kill. What is already dead? Foolproof, nothing dumb about this idea that just got so their footsteps, sound, like leaves cracking because of the way their bones rub against each other. If you hear this noise if you're. If you hear the stories outside your window. Don't worry maybe time for you to save your life. A picture of the one of your family members before they get to your room. I bet your thing. What Family is alive and well are you sure, when the last When was the last time you checked on him, Are you sure you last time you checked not, do that read the read it? No, I'm just kidding
thirty said and done yeah, it's all good. So that's scary, scary! That's why we're here to do a ban 'cause! I did so good. 'cause, you're, scary, yeah, hey hey what you're thinking? What Are you my family? Where is secondary friend? My family is alive and well it was the last time you checked. Godsbane yeah your family is dead in human eating young boy. He tried his shredder called pancreatic cancer. No, that's sad! That's sad! Well, very scary story and I'm so happy. I got to read it for all of you all right. This is called. The gap. Are the Gabor starring Asia Akira Relic in the gaper, the gaper. Everyone is hurted, the voice. In your mind that comes from nowhere bringing absurd thoughts that you have to shake off The voice urges us to pull into traffic jump from deadly height It reminds us just how easy will be to take someone's life
phenomenon has been labeled as intrusive thoughts on involuntary thoughts, images or unpleasant ideas that are upsetting or distressing and can be difficult. Manager eliminate. But how are the thoughts intruding where they coming from. Why do they come? Who do they come who do they come where you're ruining the story? What do they come to? There is a place. Rumored to exist between the living and the dead. This place, however, is not for the living it's Portland But then it exists just outside the reach of the souls who traveled this world to the next Cold and dark place, and it's only inhabitant is resign into a lonely, miserable existence. It is beyond reach but not be sites like being in your room. It's a funny joke him. The poor creature that lives in this real reality is to watch as the bright souls exit our world and continue
the journey onward, the gaffer paper as it is called, is banned from entering the next world, and so stands with its mouth open and contorted in a frown. Disbelief in anguish, watching as we pass within sight. The gappers world is true really dark and the only illumination comes in fleeting flashes from the traveling spirits. This comfort, in order to the lights coming, the gap are Is in prods towards our end psychologist call wondered why we get these intrusive thoughts, but the truth is I own, originate from within our own minds, we're being used called the death like a match in the basement
I don't know Kat matching the base, I don't know yet hold it like a badge and they were called patches, bantons yeah, it's a cool sentence, really cool sense, but yeah there's a magical place that we could go to the match in the basement. I don't know, I don't know what it is you light the match in the van in GTA dying wish. Is your cold to death like that, like they're, saying that death is the match in the basement, so you're going down to the match in the basement in the it's not written! Well, I mean I'm burning, I'm burning to get your match, your Flynn yeah. I shall read another. Yes, you shout in the headlights. Real story. This is a real one, they're all real. I see I was driving home late one summer evening. It was Can everyone was in their beds? My eyelids felt heavy. As I struck pay attention to my driving on the dark and empty country- road,
this road so well, I could probably drive home with my eyes closed, didn't sound like a bad ideas. I sleep lean on it's a horrible idea that I should drive all your sleep before I Do it my eyes were closed and I was asleep for a couple of seconds before jerking my head back up and shifted my body in the seat I roll down my window and let the cool air blast in my face. I was almost home need to focus on my driving a little longer focus. Then I could lapse in my soft bed focus focus I open my eyes. I must have fallen asleep again something in the middle of the road ahead. But I was still waking up and didn't even cross my mind yet that I should slow down. It happened so fast. Is wide and as I saw a deer, a doe, a female deer, pink Floyd White in the headlights, but something was strange was bound right towards me Adrenaline suddenly shot through my body, and I felt numb thanks for vehicle in hopes of evading a collision with this maniac animal. Check and see. Mike minutes, I heard a thump 'cause. I sites.
The deer, but managed to get back on the right side of the road look in the rear mirror. I swear. I heard a woman's blood curdling scream good, It was still running straight forward, but somehow its neck was completely twisted around. Is it broken and it was looking at me still its mouth gaped open It disappeared into the darkness behind me, along with the screaming, and woke up in my bed, the sun peeking into between the curtains were set a dream. It must have been My body feels shaky and paralyzed from the nightmare and I was wet with sweat. Where swear that's disgusting wearing sweat, at laying there for a while reviewing the strange dream in my head. I finally had the ability to move again and I rolled over to look at the window beside my bed. The way, Do you were staring at me with pinkish red soulless eyes? It screamed Who is it Thank you.
So it's dear dear. Yes, he's haunted by deer coast here out of all the things to be haunted by ghosts here goes, you know some ghost speed and have him fucking ghost eat ghost here ghost All right well, scary stuff. Do you have another one Marcus I've gotten well, Ben Reid is one now this isn't actually a creepypasta. This is something amazing that mark is found in an old time in newspaper in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight well. I found this in a book. I was on one of my book buying expeditions and I found this wonderful book called went to buy a book I mean. Did you did you? Did it was an expedition? It makes it a lot more fun. When I call him expedition is more fun that way, it's a lot more fun. That way, but I found this book. The encyclopedia of martyr murder inside. I found this newspaper clipping from nineteen eighty
Oh this is awesome, so is inside the box. Yes, some other freak had this old book, and here you know and then Marcus inherited it yeah yeah. No, the book in sound through the ages, the encyclopedia of modern murder. This little snippet was found in there and its title it's about John Wayne Gacy and, of course, as we know from our gaze episodes, he was a huge political figure and things like that. So the headline is gaseous sales tactic. Springfield IL I'm killer. John Wayne Gacy, is complained to the state republican officials about campaign leaflets. That say he would have been eligible for weekend passes committed his thirty three murders in Massachusetts, and this is of course tide into. This was due because when he was running the the with soft on crime. That was the whole thing in it. We've written letter received Monday at the state GOP headquarters. Casey said it's an insult to the voting public that the Illinois Republican State, central,
Committee has to drop such a sleazy level as a drop to such a sleazy level by exploiting the name of John Wayne Gacy. In order to scare people into voting for George Bush. Can't Bush is running his own record and truth. Instead of all this scary fantasy, the letter, which is really humid? It's you. First of all, your the scary thing is you're the terrifying you're defacing, the name, the good name of John Wayne, Gacy which is really amazing at George Bush. He said because he not only was it like. This was a big pamphlet that was put out and he said last week that all the murderers, rapists and child molesters in Massachusetts supported Dukakis yeah. Of course he did actually just want. You look so silly in that tank. Yeah just watch just watch a documentary on Lee Atwater last night, because I'm a very cool guy. He won't want to hang out with me, and I was very troubling hammer talks, a lot about Willie Horton, who was of course the black fellow who got out and killed a person, and that's why everyone thought Dukakis.
Going to win in bed with all those who love the fact that gay sees a lifetime Democrat you still did he could Barack Obama could have used that leverage. That's right, I mean some daisy supported, Dukakis, which that's probably not good if he really wanted him to win him like I love Bush Casey for Bush, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, but of course he came out at some point in time that Dukakis still let him just like I'm a big supporter of just going like mister. We get this out of the newspaper, I'm happy that you, like me, Mister Gacy, but you or share your vote. I am glad his hearing about your fellow you can vote at all is 'cause. I killed all those boys, ok
yeah so anyway, and we might actually talk about that more on Abe, Lincoln, stop 'cause. I think that's really fast and it's wonderful but yeah. So that's why you gotta go to the bookstore people 'cause! You never know you might in old time he quoted Bookstore bookstore. I found this book at half price books in Dallas, TX gotta, stop going to that tv and movies store, go to the store, the books for go to your discount book stores and go to the crime section. That's where I find crime, and it's called a discount bookstores- is where I get all of and we're the hands of his men. There yes well far. Powell's books in in Portland is and has an amazing yeah, mysticism and true crime. Section very fast at the strand here in New York City also has wonderful crime and researched over a lot of those guys are pretty weird. Now I work there yeah I love going down to the basement to buy gas about zero. It is always fun compelled to go there by a match
to go to the basement. I'm just trying to death, calling a message inducement little edge, alright! Well, let's get back. I think we only have one more Boston's really really don't, but it went right. Yeah we got one more, maybe something now yeah, yeah, ok Marcus will then are we going to do the one more? It's called the medic who in the winter of nineteen. Forty four with overtaxed supply lines and the r like in the german army, had completely run out of plasma, bandages and anti septic during one. Particularly bad round of mortar fire, is in Canton was a bloodbath Those who survived claim to have heard above the screams and barks commands of their lieutenant someone capped with an almost girlish glee. He girlish not ghoulish german cackling with girlish glee.
The Medicaid made his rounds during the fire and almost complete darkness, as he had so many times before, but never had he been this short on supplies, no matter, he would do his duty always prided himself on his resourcefulness, the main board MIT, moved to other end of the line, and most men dropped off to sleep in the dark still hours of the morning new years day, one thousand nine hundred and forty five, the men that woke at first light with screen- They discovered that their bandages were not typical, bandages at all, but hunks and strips of human flesh wound. Several men have been given fresh blood transfusions. Yet there they've, been no blood supplies available. Each treated man was almost completely covered head to toe with a maroon stained blood. The medic was found sitting on an ammunition ten staring off into space when one man, coached him in tapped him shoulder. Is tuning fell off to reveal Large patches of his skin muscle and sinew had been
trip from his torso and body was almost completely dried of blood in one. And was a scaffold and in the other, a blood transfusion vile. The men treated for wounds that night in that camp song end of January, one thousand nine hundred and forty five
Seven, that's why they were so hard to beat yeah the German yeah, the doctors just work so hard, yeah yeah. It seems like a really nice, DR yeah yeah yeah. That's the kind of care that you can get the mirror. Kenichi moves, put it on the line. Yeah! Is this emails with this podcast it's all been leading up to? Is that the HMO and you bye Fizer, it's been a long ruse. Well, that's a very scary when it is very well yeah that yeah, that was pretty cool yeah, it's a medic that sacrifices himself. You know it's not like the Russians just kept, throwing more and more yeah yeah. They had been. We had bandaids your yeah, you gave a man is we gave our medics all the band AIDS and they can help yeah. So can you light in the relatively cheap? Yes, bad, it's yeah remember calls yeah we're here, because we treat people right normally like we should be like normal people. Now, like Doctor Frankenstein, that's why You know,
I can't believe we believe we've just breezed through all that gives you one more thing. Oh yeah yeah. I got one more thing. It is you know it's got. What could it be? You know I guess you know just check it check it out. You know what is the cop shot, if I shot web address now, you listen come over here and shot for people. I don't look around focus group football. How many people are injured? for people who don't like
I didn't lose a single, I'm is it in the bank yeah. I got to always good to nine one. One calls yeah yeah. I hope it ruins your day go. We want like never woman who had been killed by your father's sixty one year old, Altran Beasley are actual it was that was forty. Seven year old, Elizabeth Beasley, she was shot by her Father Alton and he also called Alton makes it sound like he's from funk among blacks, are packs or something like that daughter. Well, we don't have any criminal record here at K packs. So I guess I guess she's just an egg she's, a part of the hive mind, so it doesn't really matter. It was yeah killed forty seven year old, Elizabeth Beasley in thirty six year old, Anna Loebsack. Would they do wrong? Well, they do bad, nothing Henry. They were victims of a terrable, hey describe. It was a murder suicide. It was ok.
All right, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby boss. I like to throw the nine one one calls when we can. I hope I hope they choose your bones. Yeah! No Henry! You don't like the people that listen to the show just end up listening to wanted to do thirty, nine! I know when you really want these were actually the first one was a straight up joke and it was comical and lighthearted this wasn't it wasn't so, but the first one was a straight up joke because after finding that first one I refused to look for anymore and that's really what it's about it's reach for the moon. If you do get the moon you land amongst the stars without using nine hundred and eleven calls, though, so this is like different than that analogy: human, pure human misery, we don't see, you laugh so hard here, a lot of there's a lot of source material. We use for this show full from a lot of different count. Yeah, that's right, yeah, a lot of different cows right! Well, that's Marcus Parks and he's on Twitter and Marcus Parks. Henry Henry loves you and I am at Ben Kissel, I'm red Ben Kingsley and then oh yeah,
and listen to the roundtable enabling him yeah human activities, yeah yeah yeah. Those are the ones that are family and yeah. That's our fan, but it's really just sort of someone's up his people. Very kind of you know they're all equally inappropriate yeah, but you know with different sensibilities, different ways: Hail Satan, Hail, Satan, algae. His power help you as it helps me look terribly, it's all matters right now, yourselves everybody and Magoo Stellations. I believe. Yes, retire to the embankment. That's all right.
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