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Episode 116: Gary Ridgway

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Our Heavy Hitters series continues with America's most prolific serial killer, Gary Ridgway a.k.a. the Green River Killer.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time
machine. Your voice on a weird there forget what happened? Nothing. Are you a reptile, not a machine? I am a man, I don't know from build your gears whirring. It seems like you're gonna oil up there. Mr Park hello. I am a man, no you're, not you're, safe or get out of here, Wrobel Mail man. I don't even trust. That's a good boy! All right! Welcome the show that smokers bars on Ben Gisele with this is always hold a job for sure. Randall Jenkins, hey, you know me Sonny, come down here and your mommy and all my no right because I've been looking in or windows, but I got it I'll be right now and the corner get me at twenty four ounce or in a pack a cd. So they get. No. No, no tell me no mean old, Mailman Ronaldinho me going there you're already on your feet, Yuri walking around boy you want you can. I know your mom in home because you know I happens case in your family for years and years want to come out with me to mailman parties need a couple of mail man. We're gonna, have some suds. You know his general tire each other shoes are I'm saying one quick one thing going going going: come I've never actually seen you deliver the mail? No! No! No! I just got this big old truck pain, Eagle on it. You know one caller soulful mail, man, that's been the main requirements of being in a mail. Man is just call in yourself one
that's probably true. You just say it ten times in the mirror. You bought yeah, that's yeah and then all of a sudden and now you're, the mailman, will speaking again, trucks that are probably gonna lead to a murder. What savings there are you yet so how you're gonna get to this? I don't know getting getting there really wish you a big hitters series. Can we get? We just did that with me to do what you gotta tell me. I had a sign, World Series, the big hitter series we're talking about the Green River killer, Gary Ridgway hi hero he's a real demon. Yet tarp is a check this guy home. This is a very different than any other killer. That we have covered in. Our big hitters here is got time to think use your killers, these big hitter, guys or like
talking human sharks. There, murder machines, they're, clever, manipulative gotta, keep on moving or you stop breathing yeah. This man is a bit of a dumb, dumb, he's gotta iq of eighty two high right. No, no, no was normally and by the way, I would describe him as more of a dullard he's a dollar he isn't done yet. But I'll just say it's like my you, and my cousins committed again talk about your cousin, like he was up. He was a manager of a Mcdonald's and if he could keep that job for forever, you know what I mean. Then I guess he it is way we should do, but it is way into being one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. We used yeah the number one Americans you're a killer in terms of victims of the only ones that really beat him there were. Just I mean like this guy named Louis got a got a vehicle from a hundred and thirty eight. But yours is killing street boys yeah. You know it all yeah, they don't count, seven them at a time sure there you just put them in a little cage, gas them and they'll just go drop. Can you do that?
yeah. You did this one, I'm just saying Gary Gary Ridgway was more like of a nazi. He didn't hand made each one one at a time and took him years. He was active for only like three years about two or three years, but he going back to that short an allergy during these three years yeah. He definitely did not stop moving. I mean what forty nine confirmed deaths. Forty nine confirmed, kills that he was convicted for, but you, a few years after he was caught he a cop. To a twenty he went on to seventy one right and the cubs do take that seriously obsolete, because if you were to kill forty nine each right, okay and by the time I called him in two thousand one right that they he he it's been twenty years since he's really committed the murders because he fell in love. That's right! Well, yeah! I don't yank you phone love, because
I love it. He comes your incessant sexual urges, it doesn't keep you from choking. Prostitutes to death with literature is mysterious ways, but will get back to that. I heard Huey Lewis actually wrote that song about Gary Ridgway falling along yeah. I got bought by the back to the future producers for the back to the future soundtrack handmade Huey Lewis and the news Sensations of the nation will isn't that something. Thank you so much Casey, perverted taste so it goes. His name was the Green River killer, which was a bit of a misnomer. Because again everybody was stupid. This everybody example so dumb they called the Green Merkel Killer, because his first five victims were found in the Green River, and then he stopped dumping the Green River because they called him the Green River killer. Of course, of course, 'cause the man was not a complete,
the it's kind of like a. He was like if a fork was a person sure he's kinda like give yeah. If, if above a pilot, candy corn was a guy yeah with dad scary, ridgely sounds very tasty. Of course, all of his victims were prostitutes in as we've talked about on the show before prostitutes are known as the less than half people yeah, and that's why you said: that's why I killed prostitutes because he said they wouldn't be reported missing very soon, if at all which of them. Weren't reported missing and that's this year in the Seattle area, which was a very segregated area of town, it was very there was there was of it was actually a lot of racism. I am He killed largely black prostitute. We've learned that all time is the key to it soon. If you kill bright black prostitute, it's like killing a ghost yeah and that's the the less dead that you just referring to like their dad. But people are just like they could care less religious yeah. Well, you can. But then I watched all some BBC series born evil, the born to kill on Gary Ridgeway and there's a lot of social workers. The main
The regional investigations will go into this. The original investigations were heavily covered by social workers, have been working with sex workers like the one of his first victims was working. With this social worker and just stop showing up, and she was like. This was a woman that she was like this the social worker was saying that she was like you know down in out. She had resorted to sex work because she was living with her for, like three kids you alone in a hotel room and she had shoes like just trying to make it as a hotel, there's kind fun to be in a hotel room,
I mean it's funny. You know when you're a prostitute, you got your three hungry kids, it's not like getting room service and then going out and sitting by the pool. You mean right, downtown EL, a this is some. You know it's your home, yeah yeah. I guess it's nice to have a home when you're in a hotel, no vacation right. That's what I was thinking. It wasn't on vacation, no, she was on a permanent vacation which actually sounds pretty relaxing sure yeah. Then, of course, even more permanent revocation when she was strangled to death by the Green River killer. Isn't that something that is the is the permanent vacation go away, yeah way back to the way back machine time machine? well, that sounds like
there's a pretty primitive things there that you made your time machine out of going to go back and be in the mercury radio, like with all Orson Welles. That's when my skill set would have been used, a ticking clock, a cat door opening that is, that's a henries broke his time. Machine typewriter, though that's the sound of an operator ring ring, ring, ring, that's telephone, rang sure, and then you were able to crack dimensions with all done with this that's just you eating corn on the cob Gary Ridgway was born in SALT Lake City was the middle child of three children. It seems. Middle kids are always a problem. Can't trust 'em, always a problem. You can't trust him at all. Gary was or Greg Ridgeway. He was the favorite.
Naturally Hulu eyes. He has, it is simple: mouth number just like looked at Greg and they were they looked at Gary and they're like Gary is going to be a killer, so Greg you're, the favorite by default. So his home life was of course super fuckedup, yet and extremely domineering, mother, who used to beat his father regularly. There was even a police report of her breaking a plate over his head and he had he was when he had one of the hit all of the classic serial killer symptoms. He becauses he. Bedwetter until he was like thirteen years last year's mother would take him out of bed in the pants. You got the painting statues in the park you fucking little Peen baby. I mean I don't even understand why this makes me a statue in the park but yeah the paint scheme. Make you want to kill that's what he said: Lee Camp Kiki and then he went. He started torturing animals yeah he's smothered a cat. Yeah. Ok, he also was a narcissist. He had the triad
yeah he had already in the serial killer symptoms. Did he have any head trauma to his mother overhead hidden hit him in the head with a zero? No, I don't think his mother wasn't physically abuse. You know he was only born stupid. I'm self, people that I mean. The problem is that there are a lot of teachers. Serial killers, TED Bundy was relatively smart and he peed his pants. Or you know I mean it's just it's a sign of deep mental insecurity. Is it safe to say this has got this? Guy is pretty much the opposite of TED Bundy, yes, he's just extremely stupid, but she got married three times he still had to girlfriends. Well, this is they said in high school that he was a ladies man like he did mean. I just don't know if it's too late, I don't really don't think my really don't think he was that dumb. I qs is standardized testing. Ok, yes, you can barely read. He said the whole thing that his mom would have caught. Basically would pull him into her room and be like read to me, and he be like big
and then she said yes, building Gary Building, at least in yourself, Garry's nerve wracking. When you know your mother is going to yell at you. She didn't you read in front of her hamburger, ok animatedly, he didn't graduate high school until he was twenty years old and hamburger was inflamed and that's ok sure it is this Gary Rich, well you're, just sound like every new American superintended sure let him graduate from the twenty keeps him out of the workforce. I don't worry about finding a job. Keep him in high school and one of his childhood friends also said that snacks were forbidden after so his friend says a slice of bread after school was not allowed. You know what I say: Mama don't give me and candy mama gets her breasts them. Well, you don't stab the breast because his mother wanted to make him a healthy young boy, well they're tall and then there's an interview, and here they were talking about. Like so did is kind of where the first Impulses
but he's made him a circular started words like you know he was filled with rage against his mother. We would love Eminem, you, rapper Eminem. I think you would love him. He would be a big fan 'cause, it's all about raping mommy, it's literally about raping, because he would then he would go. He would alternate between rages and they were like talking about in this interview. This woman was like Speaking with him and his him, like literally going she was like. So would you to your mother, better. Oh, you have the clip alright, let's play, let's play a little clip
What was your way of retaliating against her in your mind and what? What were you thinking to do? Does your mom analysts? I think it is earning? I just wanted to stop and the only her for pushing pushing pushing me to to remember- and I just couldn't remember just wanders top, but she didn't she didn't know so somewhere in the fourth or fifth grade. That sense of hopelessness that you cannot get being able to get her to stop would very likely have to produce box of taking backs of power and control over your mom to get the patch to shut up. Someone sounds like a serial killer. I don't know mommy didn't give you guys first about well. No, so we basically what she goes on to say is usually because he also had a sexual fascination with his mother sure I think one thing you because you know how we can because you're pretty angry and women, no not yet no you're, pretty angry about the remand of in a way I mean you know, I mean you said somebody chopping off collection about snap in the dolls. You want to take the dolls and you want to make the dolls like forever dolls. Like you said something like I know, I know that you want to grow ever told me like never mind, never mind, never mind. Look as body language right now makes me upset is build love talking about that! No he's he he to in his rage, turned into this crazy sexuality. In an interview said the same thing or just like my mother uses on the sometimes in cotton dress.
Stacy's mom, he would sit and watch as mom son, bays and just be like sometimes mmhm nipples will be visible. Her dress and now I'd be looking look in. She never saw me see, and I just wanted to show me how to be.
Good at sex, how to make good sex. It was so good if you read that on paper, like that's extremely disgusting, but he is such a dole there. When you hear him say you're like get on with your. He never says any in this interview to I'll put I'll post this up, but on the facebook page this interview were. She just leads him into every direction. You want to lead and show it isn't yours you want to hear him say like I want to shut that up by stabbing her right right. I did it with his actions. Yeah yeah, I mean you know I they will give you a bizarre sexual fetish when your mother looks at your p, doesn't just like just like that yeah sexier than that every time he went to bed, she would yank them out and immediately wash him and washing, but she seems like a good mother to me. I'm not gonna lie. Do you think you're up yeah after the prisons of you just let him stay in his own filth? That would be worse. Now. Let me watch that ball of watch. Your balls me wash their. She was scared, it's so dirty. It's dirty a whole! Now you know this. When I pessimist, I might actually be able to get a full refund. She also worked at Jc Penney that she had its. He was very big during the eighties. It was almost on par with the three years. I was there with the dillards, absolutely Shopko, interesting fact about his father. His father was a bus driver, but he was also a part time mortuary worker and he used to tell little Gary stories about is coworkers engaging in necrophilia, yeah yeah, but that's just funny my dad used to tell me weird stories all talk about cops. No,
refill. We know not about them just walking around and I'm certain things, although some of your stories that your father does teller very disturbing. Why, during one of my favorite stories of him, like blasting Poca out into the Bronx, they would take speakers out to connect into a boom box and blast poke out inside the It's very dense, yeah yeah, because the black people in the projects they didn't like focus joy, yeah. There was like the irish Gato, and this is my kind of girl up the polish got. Oh, I suppose, yeah look at it was like your grandpa used to run, so you don't bring it to my grand father were talking about your father. I am one generation removed from my terrible past, but you, my friend or direct descendant of hate God Almighty everything, and she's been reuse. Keep opening the door for the door. Could you open the door? I mean the door is always open, it's fine, it doesn't even matter. However, you could never close it. I mean back to Garys mother being a good mom use of bad memories. Yeah
by the time Gary got to be a teenager. He did he started going cuckoo pretty early at sixteen. He took out of the woods in stabbed him. The key was six years old, wow yeah, the kids survived an he yeah. He as he said he walked with that what do you know? You don't know what you're doing yeah as he walked away. He laughed and said always wonder would be like to kill someone he yeah. He killed the kid but yeah it's a Why didn't he killed a kid? He stabbed him. He just stabbed with one time yeah his shakespearean play is like, and now you die after a nice soliloquy or something like this kid like a couple of times and all them as long as you don't get it in the head. Or in the heart, or any vital organs that you would attempt yet, but I live or what you're trying to kill somebody and you barely stab him in the liver yeah you can deliver generates. No totally yeah delivers fine Gary. He also he claimed to have committed his first murder when he was a teenager. He said that he drowned a young boy by wrapping his legs around him while swimming and hold.
Underwater until he drowned this guy. Who was he was born with a he was born with that fault like he Never he never get out of it as soon as your sexuality. Again we find as soon as sexuality is tide to it because he got a sexual thrill out, but he didn't get a sexual thrill out of these boys. I mean he's not gay right now we got sexual thrill out of what he would still pedophile home builders, not giving gay ahold. Another category of such was belittled his whole childhood. He felt superpowerless. This was a good way to take power back. It was the other way, but you know like that. He said in school that he was largely forgettable. That's how that's what they called him. I can see that yeah net King Cole song
but I mean I'm sure. People were just like with that. The twenty year old in the freshman class under cover did you actually go trying very more or something like that. Yeah, you guys are. You know when you're drinking alone at night and you're, like all I gotta kill. I gotta tell you know I you know, you know when you pay your taxes all right, but Matt Walk is not good at all now here The period from his Larry's old shut up. You want to be my friend, let's go to the let's go to the let's go to the woods. Fricking Gary so Gerry graduated high school in twenty twenty one he joined the Navy goes to ventilate Sept him
the problem, it's Vietnam yeah. This is where we need these guys. What I agree. I agree yeah yeah yeah and you definitely he saw combat to. We don't know, but he never talks about his time. In the it's awesome and that's how you know Vietnam was the worst born american history. Gary Ridgeway's strangling a bunch of prostitutes and things like that. My mom used to make fun of me for pp. What was so you'd NAM like still people over there right now or the government doesn't care about. He got gonorrhea for the first time in Vietnam. First time is a amateur of course. That's one, but the process be boy. He got soured on prostitutes real. He got real mad with this is also true. He'd been here, medially got married right after high school. He got married to somebody. We are just like he can find love
It will be in salt, Lake City UT in SALT Lake City right. It's really, I mean everyone's going to use them in Seattle. He was in Seattle. They Mocha Seattle immediately. Oh, I see ok yeah! So, yes, he did get married in that marriage ended because they both cheated on each other because he kept having unprotected sex with prostitutes in Vietnam, which is just like it seems, like a risk, no gambler. You know I haven't, really invested any money in anything about willing to risk. Like that. You know. Of course, he got married again for a second time in his second wife, she claimed that she put it that he once put her in a chokehold said that they had just got home from a party where they've been drinking. She stepped out of the Van stumble towards the door. She said she suddenly felt hands around her neck.
In tighter and tighter it was from behind. She screamed and fought. She didn't realize that it was her husband and he was putting on a beautiful necklace, a beautiful red. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't know if you're going to be able to be the marketing director here at Zales any longer, because all of your commercials involved strangulation, alright, so here's here's, my commercial, we do. Is you come on? You got the diamond necklace right. You strangle no more strangulation! Please I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just I just love giving jewelry to women. The hard way. Alright, Gary Ridgway did actually give jewelry for to women. He coworker that he worked with romantic yeah. He would take Victor jewelry off the victims and give the jewelry to him, but he did the same thing we had you ever afford this. I killed a bench for it, but he is the funniest guy here at the office and yeah. He was people loved him at work. I'm sure
In fact, they in fact in when he was being investigated from the crimes, the first time in nineteen eighty for everyone jokingly called in Green River. Gary I laughed and laughed everyone laughs our driveway. I I still have to finish the story: yeah yeah yeah, so he got. He it grabs ahold of her squeezes, tighter and tighter. He let's go any darts around the van and then comes back up and try to pretend that someone else had done it all. You people do that all the time that species having fun he's just having a good time, and she also said that he said he loved to sneak up and scare her and I love scaring people yeah yeah, and she said that he could walk silently
I mean the main difference between you and Gerry. Is you know you never give your girlfriend? Jewelry lister is reboot. You mean the older reviewed here, so the second marriage ordering this entire time, not yet okay, sir merging into the eighties. The items are more into the eighties. His second marriage is also when you, we Lewis Purdue, but put out the album sports yeah that right around the time, the sports. This is when he started getting super religious. Okay, he became became obsessed with religion. He started going door to door bike. I mean they've been proselytising Pentecostal, those are, like speaking, tongs real decades. Those are the same time. His sexual urges have or been increasing. Ramping up- and he said it's like his wife said that he would try to get sex from her like eight to ten times a day, and because you can see immediately it's here where it's like, I feel like that's what really spurs.
Well, we still times it what's what's the thing that finally pushes it over the is that the the Jim gave him the sort of like remorseful feeling he definitely had a virgin Mary horror complex. It's like he look should women, as basically just as objects for his sexuality and then as soon as they were done with that he not only hated himself but them for doing it, and he fucking wanted to kill it. I mean I think it's. This is a sign of intelligence, though right, because this is the same thing that we did I know, but I'm telling you it's kind of a stupid person, but it only reads: the Bible takes seriously as a function. It's not the sign of a person who is trying to make society believe they're, not a serial killer dairy Ridgeway Diffie Tk John Wayne Gacy all of these people touted around the Bible and everyone's like well, there holy men of God and sometimes they cloud on the weekend. So the difference between, I think
the difference between active intelligence and survival instincts, but I think you can read things it's again, my retarded 'cause. It was a manager of a Mcdonald's he wasn't charged schedule. I want to meet him by the way I can't wait. Henry is so cold retarded cousin cousins going to walk in here and be like hello, little man. How are you hello? My name is Winston Alastair Good to meet you. I do think that Gary was definitely spurred on by the Bible. If I made this is for me, I may read from if everyone would please open their bibles, you may not, sir. I don't think for the opening. The door is also the same for opening a Bible. It is also very similar to the time machine that you created when please open your bibles and read along with me from Ezekiel sixteen thirty five through forty
now. This whole Harland hear the word of the Lord, thus says the Lord God, because your filthy, this was poured out and your nakedness covered in your home. The tree with your lover. I will gather them from all around against you and will only cover your nakedness to see that they may see all your nakedness, and I will judge you is women who break wedlock or shed blood or judge. I will bring blood upon you in fury and jealousy, and I shall stone you with stones and thrust you through with their soul, I'm a wrecked yeah. I know what my favorite Bible he's talking to prostitutes. This is true, it's the heat. This were in reference to. Do you just find this sordid ring, as I just found this, do you think that, because of his believe now in the Bible that are prostitutes are like worse than you know, humans? What he's able to show them without feeling remorse? I think it was that he felt he was hit. Uncontrollable sexual desires were thrilled to see an albert to solve. You would hear the kind of the same thing: that's why he did what he did. Is it,
uncontrollable sexual desires. I think there was a point that he probably felt that he was being punished by God for it. But the problem is impulse control was was with knoll and void, so he started having sex with prostitutes and basically he blamed them for letting them have sex with him. He sort of feeling like because that's what they're too he blame the victim. He said that they brought it out. You should believe it believing that they were bringing it out of him punishing them that they did part of it did that him killing them also absolved himself of his own sense. Yeah, it's all yeah and you and again you just have to be two shades of an elm tree dumb to I can think that all this is real two shades of an elm tree, dumb yeah, it's like when you watch a erotic, pornography film, but then you click it off, and you know it's like when you watch it when you want to mess it up. I'm not noted pornography when you watch your stag films with your buddies in basement in the VFW.
But then you click the x and then it goes away and then you're like well now it's gone forever and that never really happens. Sometimes I end up just watching it. You just watch it after you come you just you stay on the porn that watch a little bit for a bit yeah. I don't feel shame feeling shame. But what's going on on Facebook, you know him out have you feel shame I don't feel shame this is on. You feel a little. I feel no shame artist painting! I keep it a secret. Keep it quiet again safe, but I don't feel shame that's wrong, Gary Ridgeway did not feel shame. No. In fact he told the cops later on. He said I thought, I was doing you guys a favor killing the prostitutes here. You guys can't control them, but I can it's all about control, it's all about control, about punishing its. You believe that you are, you are the hand of God. You're dealing output, God's punishment me, but the fact that they didn't notice the forty nine missing prostitutes in about. What's what what? What? How many would
thirty six months. This was there was a green river task force. So this is the problem and then get on par with the hot dogs with big down he exactly 'cause. They started concentrating on the Green River and waiting for the green, more bodies to show up and they stop showing up because he was sure started dumping them all throughout the four and it was legal in he'd taken a different states to in fact, one time he took his son on a camping trip. Next stay over. He only had one son right, yeah yeah. He just have one thing and they always go. I try to looking up information on him and I couldn't find there's a ton it yeah. There's I found a ton of stuff on apparently Gerry was a good dad sure he had a great relationship with the son, I mean he had a full active marriage at the it was like at the end of all these murders. She had a life that was technically normal yeah. His son said that he had no idea whatsoever that there was anything even wrong with his down. I mean his mom hat. Did tell him: when he was in. Like fourth grade use, like you know, Father might be the Green river killer. You know when there was also time 'cause. He said that he was picking up extra hours at the plan. He worked at a chemical plant and he
Do you work at a chemical plant? He worked as a painter yeah Trump said there was another, but there was something he was in tastic at it too. He was really good at painting trucks, so very under the radar, and I do think that it's sort of validates his claim that he's helping out the cops, the fact that they never busted, the guy I mean I'm sort of plays into his theoretically prostitutes, wasn't helping the cops know, but in his mind he thought that it was yeah I mean, I just feel like this guy's, a pretty it's pretty simple to bust forty nine murders. I am in eighty two years and was moving all over the world like I was saying earlier that that trip that he took of his son, but the whole time there were two prostitutes in the trunk that he, he had taken. With him on this camping trip, so we can dump them out of state dump the bodies out of state and he took his son with him on a couple of outings that we would never take me on how to use with his friends. You know I mean it also eggs he'd, taken really better father than my father. I mean that you
you put a price on Father son bonding time. You know, I mean yeah, I mean the forty nine hookers yeah lives on hookers that that's the price. I don't I'm dead, reduce it yeah. One time he went and picked up a prostitute with his son in the car. A key was about seven and he's like yeah, I'm just you know, picking up a friend where you know we I go out and do this thing they went out to the woods Gary left the kid in the car, Gerry used. This is his son down to tell them home yeah. That was that he would use pictures of him or just a kid himself to disarm the prostitutes. Like all you know, he's sweet he's a father right and then you take them out and kill him, sometimes with his son still in the car, which would seem in a similar to Dennis Rader, where he would walk in Anki would kind of set it as if, like I don't like Fuckedup, basically he's like Just want sex from you like, I just want to have sex with you. This is all I want to do and then like like to calm them so that they didn't panic before he killed them. I think it's much
free beer that he had a son with them. The salute much grief for his other. Well, I think that they're like but yeah, but your father and it's like no you're picking a prostitute. Their seven year old son, yeah yeah, he's very caught. Like reason he's here, yeah yeah yeah,
show you pictures of my wallet. You know he would do that too, though, like when his son wasn't with them, he would show them. Pictures like this is gas Ani's, my late in my life, you know because, like feel they're used to dealing with Father's, because fathers feel they need sometime, you know everyone. I guess got some secret on the side. Yeah, I'm sure yeah. You know, and it's not that bad a means like when politicians, what they, the God, give to being a female politician, is having a down syndrome. Kids. So then you can just like all your all over town, the woman who gave the name of the union address for the Republicans after a bomb. All she did was talk about her down a cat, and it's like stop for not that's worse than what Kerry retreated to his yeah. We found six mentions of her down in kitten. One speech yeah well, you have to do is yeah. You take him, put a punch olympic gold medals on a, and that is a picture up. I mean like it's. We're gonna have a lot of pictures that are not gonna make it because he's not like Smilin like just.
Most of the time it. The pictures are counting became reaching for the camera yeah. Well, you should have used the hamburger camera to be fair to get the hamburger meat steak hamburger. No, no, no dolphin! Why did you name him dolphin? He wanted to name himself and we let him 'cause we're nice. Progressive parents had no man. Alright, then, whatever you say, son will never discuss unless it's for political reasons, make a mental disorders. I believe that Gary Ridgway, I believe, the mental disorder that he suffered from the most obsessive, compulsive disorder, okay yeah, he did he very straight. He was very strange, very fastidious, really obsessive, very obsessive about things. He was obsessed with garage sales and junk sales obsessed with gardening and even his job, you know that's it. That's a bit of going back to be t k again. He loved laws is a yeah. He loves good lawns. He kept things really get old like very tidy rise, a horrible mania, yeah
yeah yeah they Gary used to be when I used to go to the dump and just pick through sure the DOM trying to find little gems here and there to remodel his house, because, apparently his house is very nice full of antique furniture. So since nineteen it is actual profession which she worked at you work to do this for thirty two years he painted trucks on an assembly line, but he did the detail work on it, which was very meticulous in very well to do like you know back in the eighties, they would have the stripes on the cars and all that yeah. He was the guy that would put all the masking tape out for it and do all the fine detail working on it. One of CO said he was quoted It gets pretty repetitions pretty over and over and over. If you win in at six hundred am- and you were thinking about something- then by the time you leave at three hundred pm- that thing is gone through your head six hundred times,
I mean so there's people driving around and just like commenting on the great paint job of their true yeah yeah. Never do that! That's a good guy! That's a good guy or bad goodnight, solid, hard working, dude! So glad we were placed these people with robots mean we can't build more serial killers, yeah! Well, no robots aren't going to kill anybody. Good idea, we're fine! Of course these displays into his obsession with prostitution is compulsion to kill these had to kill his active years for eighty three and eighty four right. So it's like this was all head and sometimes in the early one thousand, nine hundred and eighty two to eighty four, more specifically what happened in this time period? What happened this time period is that he is what you would do is you would go and he would pick up the prostitutes, of course, showing pictures of the kids to disarm him. Then he would take them out of somewhere secluded and he had it. He, of course, had a progression of how he killed at
beginning. He killed the prostitutes with his bare hands. Only saying that he could all these defensive wounds yeah. He would get defensive wounds as they fought back. That's when he two ligatures, since it's just using robes to choke them to death he would dump these prostitutes in different areas, which he himself called clusters, ok and he would return to the site sites clusters and have sex with a prostitute. Sometimes he would even do it with his son, stillness car. He would take out. Girlfriends to the side, the side of the clusters just nearby and next with him, and he said that he would drive by these clusters all the time and he said he would wake up at night with nightmares he forgotten where he dumped his body's because
if he loves his body, he lost the buoyancy, lost his control. 'cause, that's what he wanted. He wanted forever. He could always go and have them whenever he wanted. He ever go to the Bundy route of necrophilia. Did he go back in touch on the movie, absolutely as a matter of fact yeah? In fact? Yes, he did. He went back and had sex with the prostitutes multiple times after they were dead, but after a while he began burying the body. So we wouldn't have that temptation. He literally had to block himself yeah. They really had to bury them, so he wouldn't you would stop digging back up and then during the investigation. So part of this movie called the river man that brilliant stuff- and they talk about this- is that during the investigation they literally went to TED Bundy and so we're like. Well, what do you think they were like trying to figure out like how to stop the Green River killer and he was like, if you in a grave, a fresh grave he's like steak out the grave, because this guy is going back and he's working with the bodies, and he was dead on the money it didn't work, yeah? No, no, there's cops. The cops look at it now there are, then you could ask Gary Gary the question of like what
what time in the composition is the best to have sex with the corpse and yeah. I could give you an answer. Yeah. Absolutely I go and I and eight days about eight days after your murder, that's one of the right. Yeah absolutely has to be has to be before they start to future fi fi yeah, because then they're, not a lady anymore, now they're, just a bunch now, which is the what's it called the compost heap, yeah yeah, no, no bonanza flowers and area gets a nice to meet us. Okay. Some good tonight is that of a brass told stories: the gear Ridge we tomatoes like they. They taste like human health, kind of a light and the crime scenes, though Gary Ridgway. He did think these things through he used to a deposit, cigarettes and chewing gum at the graveside. Take him out of ashtrays and stuff like that. Other people ate it and leave it so that they would run dna tests on it and find somebody else,
before we would really running dna tests. Yeah like he was he was only putting on so they could say. Like our I mean look at youth, we're looking for a guy would choose gum, we're looking for a guy who smokes cigarettes and he would also draft and was the early eighties yeah. I didn't smoke or chew, gum they're, looking for a roughly three hundred million all right now, so what we're willing to whittle it down? You know how many suspects they had the Green River case. Five hundred yeah, that makes sense. He was busted in nineteen, eighty one and eighty three yeah yeah. He was here, but he was busted for a in conjunction to missing prostitutes. How do you get off? It was a good thing. Rosalie took a polygraph test. He passed a polygraph test, yeah what she's said they went back and they re did they re? Did they look at the the is also there like all according to two thousand and one like the testing parameters he would've failed. Interesting though the polygraph can be very easily passed if you're a true sociopath. If you don't react, if I give you like, did you kill eighty fuckin' toxins? Your
right yeah, I mean you could be holding a woman's head in his hand and like do you have a woman's head in your head now Well like I guess I always leave me so it's after you. Finally, he gets caught in connection these prostitutes. They let him go. However, they do take a dna sample yeah and this is being his fly on the wings yeah. They take a dna sample from him, but it's also around this time, that he needs Judith Mawson? Who is his third wife? And you know he stopped killing right after that. Because you know what I loved it. It keeps on going to be something seen her, though I wonder what does she look like? I must have been gorgeousness. She was a pretty average looking woman, alright yeah Jews are pretty yeah, it's ready still Gary Ridgway's third wife, I forgot yeah exactly and she said she said that he kept
where is she kept him from killing? did you really just loving him so in that deck gotta suck not suck suck suck that dick If you want to be with a man or like let's say you like this guy, he seems kind of cage. It could be a murderer or play with his balls like three times a day, you're going to say but killing you're, going to you're going to stop murder that slow job save lives is a direct quote. She says I feel I have saved lives by being his wife and making him after that. Just let you do you play with his you play with his nipples right once you know you run your hands through his her. What's her name, her name is Judith MOSS, Judith yeah so like, if maybe junior, she just stays in the tub for like four hours, and then she comes down and she's not pretty and wrinkly, and she plays dead. Well. This is close enough. Thank you, John. Maybe she was just gave it to him and she had no idea anything was going on. She didn't even know the Green river killings were a thing because she said she didn't watch the news.
This is another great thing. You need to be informed. Well, yeah I mean watch the news, people, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! You! Only with that ignorance! You want to ruin a marriage. You never want to find out. Someones murdered somebody because last time murdering you because those thing they're having fun they're, probably doing doubles karaoke after going out in canoes together, surely doesn't answer murder, I mean he still murdered three times. He still did murder through smoking cigarettes, and then you pick back up eight thousand seven hundred and eighty or Two hundred and eighty seven, eight thousand eighty eight hundred and ninety eight.
Yeah, I mean ninety eight you got mambo number five came out. You gotta get back DR anybody and say I totally agree. Yeah you're walking around and keep Seein Monica's everywhere, you're ready just yet, and he was happy during this time all of his neighbors at described him as an extreme at extrovert. He was always talking. Some people even describe him as too friendly one person said when I was out in the yard. I couldn't get anything. I want to talk all the time. We had a lot to say this is great, so this is it's the transformative power of what you read a story we've heard so closely like. I did at one time you ever see. Think true, love saves him. You know I mean it didn't, say forty. Nine prostitutes lives now, possibly seventy one. It may be no, but that's just what it you don't need to keep searching, fill out that Eharmony profile. If you think you can find somebody Gerry which we did and so can you yeah, I agree yeah. This is a
use the sweetest we've ever had on the show and we're still discussing a man who killed just under a hundred women. The only seeded like I don't know why. I feel that there's something different to him. At least you know he did try to wear their skinny, wasn't playing with our eyeballs and stuff. You know he was a decade like b t k, yeah K is the worst. We can't even think I had a bigger negative effect on the overall psyche of humankind, Gary Ridgway or Dennis Rader Dennis Rader yeah, because I'm a little poems comedy any her poetry, no yards away was the least he was nice. He did a good job, painting cars. He was given back a little bit a little bit. You know good father, for I feel bad for the prostitutes. Definitely I feel bad for them. They are they're very when he was killing the prostitutes. Where was where they clean kills because you look very organized, it was barely got wick yeah, so just be writing about owning torture. It was about just getting getting it done and it was
just you know, and it's that it's that fucking dumb religion, that does it to people you religion will take dumb crazy people and make them violent, crazy people yeah I think his older brother's really to blame for put his hand in cold water? All those? No that's the problem he was growing up is Greg. Ridgway yeah, the other one could just use shaving cream in the same place with a feather. Yeah is right in his journal. How to make your brother is zero. How did he end up getting caught him getting called by soliciting prostitution and November of the same problem as a two thousand? Would it yeah? He went back to again thirty bucks, an apparel latex gloves in
he didn't get a prostitute for thirty dollars and Seattle you can all you can two thousand and one. The information of the last thirteen years has been vastly is like forty five dollars right Nordstrom. It's like the Nordstrom rack, a prostitute, so yeah that makes sense yeah. So they he got arrested for their older young prostitutes were super young like he went after the very inexperienced. Prostitutes. Yeah well one of 'em that he said one of them that he killed. It was sixteen. This is creepy as shit is that he first started choking them face to face and looking them in their eyes, but he, after he killed sixteen year old girl. He said that he couldn't get her your face out of his head, so you have that high started doing from behind. So we'll have to look at looking in the eyes anymore. Yes to so it wasn't a thrill, it was just. He just fell fuqing
each about the fact that they would even have sex with him and then he'd murder them alright. So what happened? You know he's got picked up for soliciting proxies aspect of for soliciting prostitutes and, and they the I mean- I guess at this time they were just running dna samples of every about, obviously running denies him a much every of science at that point, and so they ran dna samples on him and they were hits to three de um murders way back in the day. And then they looked three more murders and they found that there was a kind of paint on these women that was used in a very specific time period. Only in the plan,
for Gary work. Now this girls, you know she got a racing stripe on yeah, yeah yeah. She got flames on the side of her head. I mean it looks awesome with the great. So that is what his courses I have ever seen. That was big dicks, seeing him flames on the side. It's like she's, moving real fast, but she's dead, girl, yeah, yeah, she's, actually really cold, cold, cold, cold freezing cold, still stiff flakes, look like they were moving shadow in world so Gary's going down for six murders. He knows he's going down. An organ has the death penalty, so he knows he's getting a needle up his arm. That's when he
to a plea. Bargain he says I'll show you where the bodies are, if you don't kill me yeah, if you don't kill me I'll, show you where there are forty nine more by and he still sitting on a he's, still sit in jail. Yeah he's. I live here serving forty eight consecutive life sentences. So yes, so he got nailed for forty nine. There is one that was on identify. That's why I got took off the thing because they couldn't officially identifier, because we just Kelton yeah right, and so he he because the all these murders now world murders are at least eighteen years old they've been married for eighteen years, as your two thousand one damage until he just kind of stupid is way to success. I mean it's just kind of what I'm gone and four yeah yeah we'll run a Mcdonald's on their way up the up the ladder. You know you know It's weird is that he didn't admit that he had sex with any of these prostitutes until after the trial
because you so wish. That was what he was ashamed. I was ashamed to the facts, not the killing the killing yeah. He was fine with the killing. No, because that's what I said I'd say the validated it. I read a Bible verse earlier. That said: well, it's okay to kill prostitutes, but then of there are dozens of Bible verses said. Let's say that it's horrible to have sex, so in his up rival addled mind he didn't do anything wrong, though the sex was the bad part. He was clear the slate every time he and send them to yeah. I mean really it's not the most compelling of stories, but the numbers are so damn. No, I mean it's the mystery that was involved in a given was with that. Be that, but that's how he was able to get those numbers so high right, you just just like so under the radar, and there was on the radar he was somehow under the rate and even after I mean not even talking about the murder when the murders themselves are happening, but even after he got caught, the Green River killer story. Wasn't even that big of a deal didn't even go out like among people who know the like? I yeah I, of course we knew about it, but as far
like National news stories, go it wasn't a Dahmer wasn't Agazy, because Gary Ridgway was boring as fuck man. His victims were prostitutes, no problem again, it's just like it was under investigated. He he just let him go for so long and it like this. It's it's more if it is like showing a problem with criminal discussions country is always every time. We see these the reason why these string of crimes come together because of
eating districts competing, give your office who police offices like the FBI and again the local police, not communicating it's always a malpractice and why they get out. They get off so long. The ignorance of people around, if you were a bar bartender injury, Withdraw Ridgeway was in your bar and then he leaves any put all the cigarette from the ashtrays into LZ. But it's there like that's weird that he took all of that. With the K Data collection use, a guy cool Gary School yeah, hello, don't get those prayers. Basil's flames of those trucks back day goes good, guy, yeah, very, very good guy, all right! So now we've covered the quote, unquote official store, oh, ok? Well, then, let's get something, but there is always, as we know, as we've discovered, you know We've covered this other episode. The government allows
certain things that happened behind the shades. So wasn't the power of love. No, no, it was not Seattle, Green River, mass murder, Gary Ridgway work for the state is the leaders to control the entire northwest infrastructures. The feed truth see the average man on the street would have never been afforded. This state fronted financial legal support. So how to Gerry we're Dray deserve such silver spoon treatment from the state of Washington unless the legal expenses were necessary to pay for the cover ups and the protection of Ridgeway's leaders, fear mafia handlers can say: Lydia CA, mafia mafia and lawyers and its connections to the northwest, leads and they're all controlling satanic infrastructures. You know Seattle, Washington is full of the elite yeah. I know yeah, it's absolutely Kurt. Cobain was an Illuminati over soft about that resist Christ, people's like you're, not even paying attention. I don't know much about computers, I'm more of a writing things down man. This is something that I didn't know the elites of already had their judges and legislators make the term Satanist Luciferian end necromancer, not admissible to be usable as terms to be used in any and all U S. Courts of lawn care at some time in the not only is non same as long as a fair in the non necromancers were to finally get their act together and come up to the fast membership of this all powerful super wealthy network. That includes most of the legislative judicial Enforcement bar association. Corporate only to the United States, including all previous US president, that the only two I don't have Kitty Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, to name only a few of the many hundreds of thousands and millions of people in a bad mood, Jimmy Carter, but this list includes only family and all of the remaining leaders that works. You know this is a lot of people.
Like you kindly leave the hot hats: yeah, it's the hot, hey! They don't even think about you know they just start writing a blog. Please stay on the right on the ball. You know so I'm gonna say to everybody out there right. You know before you sit down and you want to write that treat us like against the CIA Mafia handlers and how they're connected to Green river killer. You don't take a smoke break. You know, take a chill pill to get your pay could chill pill. You know also otherwise known as xanax. Quite you didn't write anything that is a Johnson and Johnson Pfizer problem. You don't need to go straight to paper with it right. You don't have straight to print and with it sure you know maybe write a rough draft sit on it. You don't put that out on the internet. How is Becky going to know that you're a genius?
that's the major, so you just have to have a really good lawyer to use being a necromancer as an alibi. Like that's the thing you have to have like a really good, literally Robert Shapiro time, to really use that the necromancer defense yeah other card, and he couldn't possibly kill them, because he was too busy making look with a plasma fire with his brain magic with you necromancer. Yes, well, we can't try actually more of a pyro man, certain he's the funniest lawyer. I disagree right from the heart, whatever comes out just put it out name of this website, although this website let Check just want to hear the title of the web. So it's going to be very intent. Let me let me get to it. Real yeah. We got know these guys always of clever names for their sides. Yeah I mean it's from the website is called a p f in dot com. Not this, but well the.
The name of the article is Gary Ridgway ago according to save satanic establishment, part two and do you know, look for a job yeah, and just so you know the first article was filtered on the way to posting only the first one, although you do kinda need to know everything is going to feel like he's like taken up in the middle of a topic like you got, started on some else living first, he was talking about like the Rooty Tooty fresh and fruity breakfast special, and I all, but how that is. You know a part of the satanic, a lead forget it Jen, those yeah yeah and you know, there's a lot of stuff going on in Seattle, and did you know
Tire Seattle, Boeing, Microsoft, corporate North West is a jewish Zionist, wilder a feller car! Well, Carlyle Group Bohemian Grove may Sonic Secret Society Mccall others to do the core weather's decision, whether Black Pope Jesuit ca, it is a satanic, was Afaria necromantic, mafia and huge cover up that has been incurred at the expense of and the abundance of, the extremely trusting and nine Ivete Non Satanic, Northwest Citizen dream and they're having been extremely misled and not a form by the satanic, elitist owned establishment media. If there was a a necromantic, it see, panic, ca, mafia, I'd be signing up for an internship, or I mean I don't know the final sentences and those are all the words. I know he let it all out there. No doubt about that. I love that guy good for him. I'm glad that he's at your office right now time for that yeah he's doing the tv yes report, we're gonna Chase Bank, or something like that you know is- is in charge of your money whatever and what's his name
We don't know, maybe I will never know it's anonymous, yeah it's and I eat it. Probably I love the courage or yeah exactly the courage it takes to post anonymous. You know we're just gonna do one partner on Kerry beat again that's pretty much all the real. I mean the whole ca Mafia Luciferian a lead. Do you Zionist Microsoft connection, which is a whole other? I don't know where the connection is, but all that's because you don't have your third eye open yeah, because you're a puppet of are the shadow government. What happened general job like Jk Rowling and the satanic Potter, yeah cut the strings. Man yeah right, yeah, don't be a put Nokia, because this leads have a vast network that annually kidnaps and ritualistic Lee sacrifices murders for more than Four hundred thousand american children take off your mask and women and women and their political enemies annual,
don't serve their agenda right. Your ignorance, your non action, sir, did Zionist Microsoft, Charleston, chew Shadow Willie, no Charleston too. That's a candy! That's just a nice tasty treat when you're a part of the brain dead, fantasy, sitcom and sports Channel world
that's when they break out of it. That's why I say that's why I jumped out of the paradigm when I've been doing like that left the grid along time ago, and that's why I have Appletv. Oh wow, I choose what I want. I won't. Let them tell me what to watch, but I do like the suggestions for you, because it seems in their algorithm, has gotten pretty tight as to what I enjoy yeah. Well, you know that is that's just subtle: Lousa Ferien Witchcraft, oriented Microsoft Zionists! These are just again while Disney Time Warner. I forgot those yeah. These are just paying you know they don't bring burger king. You don't even talk about what salamis made out of because you want to. You want to look at your dogs missing on the street. That's missing on the street. You got cops involved? Who is that um whole bunch of people before you pass out. We better end this stupid searches hip escape. It's just keep you company in one one spot right: does he jump in one spot? So you don't go out and you don't vote.
Number support for kids, Microsoft, Charleston to establish a Bagans straight all right. Those are all dog food. Those are treats all right the better than a well your cells produce away. Good Lord, don't forget the Charleston Chiu anymore. It's killing your brain. It's not controlling your brain, but I did miss. Microsoft has partnered with a bank is on twitter and religion, but I did. I did put the the tape over my computer. The screens to do that in reality, oh under tape, I did good yeah. Do you have that I yeah, I'm proud of you.
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