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Episode 117: The Sensitive Monsters

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We cover the little girl variety of monsters, such as unicorns, pegasi, centaurs, and fairies.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started. And he knew of ideas. Why Jaya go about moving up as a bad Tenby one day, I'd go back or are we going to be pretty? Dress is on a smorgasbord sunburn. Diesel were joined by Henry the brows Ghana, Lana J Go back. I was J Edgar Hoover Day. I'd go up. This is a really good jailers. Guy a double it's a really enjoy much else about J Edgar Hoover. I know you wore dresses and that he had a file on everybody, including Michael Jackson, He, Martin Luther King, maybe you're thinking of Martin Luther King Martin, Luther King yeah,
violent, Martin Luther king. I dont know about Michael Jackson. I remember that I know about my extending them confused idea. He did not he did not, while in Michael Jackson Nor did I saw you mean a hotline up. That's why Georgia and I love it down. You're, beginning to film season. Two of your pretty faces going to Hell. That's right! You bet your fuckin tall life. I am, and it's really good. It's gonna be a good time. I'm gonna get all painted up. I'm hard already I've been doing pushups. Are you supposed to be hold ups? Are you support to be aroused and rock hard will there painting of your body, or is there a monopoly and the staff while act? There is our hard, no something that no one talks about that is. If that's out hot inside or thing, I keep meaning to bring it up and bring it up on the podcast before, but every actor is hard. Well, they welder and make up while there and make up while they're doing stuff. Even if there are any scene with a bunch of kids, during her heart rides belts it up and dollar lapse its but the but their professional kids know you,
sit on the centre of anybody's laugh, you don't sit on the centre of gene. Hackmen slap radio sit on the centre of burnt land castors lap, I guess they followed you're gonna, get stabbed in your fuckin guts. Young you're gonna have an orgasm look at will. You're gonna have a very interesting careers, Amal Santa and as one who recently that It's gonna, be amazing, well that's all I'm so happy season. Two of your pretty face is gonna, be phenomenal and a very except for those they don't know me reciprocity is quite sensitive skin, so the entire time he shoots this show his skin is literally on Alai off of his body, its literally on fire it really it hurts a dude for you. I do it for the performance. I do it for kids, you don't do it for the money. I can, I add, a recognition. The ego nothing new in that I do it for the France and I you would just be around. You know just little kids but when they ship a men too, to work with us.
The reason of his little kids other my today. We're gonna be talking about some more. Let's call them what I want to say: sissy, flamboyant, sensitive monsters, sensitive monsters and monsters that children tend to look at is a children's anyhow. I love omen thing. Yeah thinks it is unicorns fair. I guess is things like the things that little girls love, that little girl monsters its unicorns Pegasus, which is the true pronunciation of Pegasus didn't, have bigger editing Pegasus the gases and We got ferries and am grit and love towards himself that we're gonna try to make interesting to us and we are working to nail. It agreed you every damn episode we're gonna nail. It morgue is, as the brilliant mind that you are at a million and a lot of research are you'd accords the past week
This is getting your flight and hold another series of websites. Another another government agencies check out. Your accounts. Orca set me there now this morning of all the Centaur porn. Would you I just like photo like photoshopped women to look like horse horse, fuckers thrilling course workers yet there, but they are horses so definitely inadequately or when the movies zoo is traditional, poured in their centre board, which is one step above I found sin toward transvestite porn. It was a chick horse with a dick. Big Orient yards exactly what you said. It was not without its. I officially understand every old person like everywhere,
or to that when they when, when we discuss like our lives now I officially understand other brains- are just blown because, like trendy centaur porn, actually wouldn't what now my body Minnesota arrive. Middle italy- and I remember thinking about the mic flag before going to sleep every night and we prayed to America and then pour bit him out of a tank tread, and you mean it for me- but there are women, horses, fuck and other women horses and they both have hard dick yeah grandpa for get over it there. It was fuckin seventy years ago and in the grandson, calls him a big it and a homo foam and raises the issue of what are you talking about on our? So let some do we want to take a do. We want to take our stepney steps down. The glitter the path towards the bland of unicorn.
Let's do it here, let's clipping clock on over the unicorn land. You know we all know the unicorn is a white horse creature with the long horn read out promptly. Did you well? That's very ones. What are incredibly important about a unicorn. I didn't really do have to be wide. Yes, yes, interest, but, however, not always horses, sometimes their goats, who was just a dumb, go with a big old tooth tone. We'll take it up with a lot of times. It's their brain. The its legal I imagined unicorns la times are just like mutants. They were. They were next like power lines, really all tat. They come out and there are struggling. So you see this like white, go like creature with a big unicorn, or nearly its magical uniquely monopoly, like my dad is a killer killer.
Younger guards about more throw it all your empty beer cans and just wants crunch crunch crunch and have a good lunch. It can only be captured by a virgin relay yeah, now we can't do Iraq as we have all had sex yeah. Now, there's no way we can go capture a bunch of unicorns guys we ve done so my lads, girls yeah we're not like Vert thirty, two euro verging. I am not doing a pike S reign over unicorns habited, my neighbour to so the famous traveller. Marco polo of ITALY created Euro corn was only did the he also. He agree that unicorns were only tabled my by maidens, which means you know fat women from your friends
our times, but we leave. They were fat in the renaissance times they would be plucked many times over. There were considered quite attractive, the larger plump here I think, that's a myth. Food started I felt like maidens were just like: we ve been born with no eyes is untouchables, our eye, you Masood, oh, don't touch old gretta. She was born without nipples, absolutely hate it Why? Then, there were very happy when the unicorn wanted to have sex with them. The other obstacles Priscilla Marco Polo, said that he saw unicorn when he was travelling on and he discuss. Did, as are scarcely Emmeline status, smaller than an early finding out. They are above all nine feet. Elected elephants, a single large black award may mean that they for aid. They have a aid like a wild boards. These in their time, wallowing in a mud, and it's like they are very ugly. Broods do look at and it turns out here
looking at a focal point ass. It sounds very similar, jewelry answers here, the Buffalo feet of the elephant. Is it that something is one That is very very fine sounds like it sounds like the same The dodgers gonna, describe your first born Mr Andrews eyebrows. You look just like my wife, a model Maureen Delete, nor I hate them a wife, a big fat gang leather, sacks, she's gonna make. Rather I wish she was a maiden, but unfortunately, Tournai yeah yeah. I didn't hurt ITALY, but unfortunately I have to fuck her every night, so bad well APOLLO is not the only famous exploring conqueror to come across a unicorn gang Khan? He decided to not conquer India after me,
a unicorn which bowed down to him. He saw me: hey man, that's bromar. Food is going to end here. I, like all the now get out of the way, you're crazy, all look and beast monster, the rise right right, This is also an episode in which every creature, I imagine in my head, sounds like all old fool. Nor do we go and so on. Over with you- and I am with you on that- do men three for three: I now yes, YE Genghis Khan. He decided not to invade India because he saw it as a sign from his dead father and turned his whole army back
that's something so he gave the unicorn all of the armies food and then there are like well no more food to invade India. Let's go back a beautiful you, so you're accords are symbols of peace, a yeah purity, more law here at it yeah, and this is why there, why did they enjoy their virgins Do you mean more Jeff's, the leader of the Mormons, told I think the unicorns might need to be imprisoned. They might be terrible. Had a files amelia- and this also sounds very. This is also another. Very nazi sounding, like fact about a unicorn earliest record of unicorns in western literature, belongs to greek historian such cases he asked. I don't know I'm announced that systems deal. It says it has serious. It's Cassius test, now you can get them for can see in their wake ways there. It is excellent that up he's just fun with you. I hate Greeks, why don't? I love the Greeks. L of the Greeks joy
Does the person we ve ever back track down, and I don't like that. I, like greek people I like them. I like thereby swore the attitudes and I like they're, they're they're, cucumber sauces in the fifth century, busy. He wrote that the beast had a white body, purple head blue eyes and a multi colored horn read at the Tipp blacken the middle. Why did the base programme? I sounds dirty. As already well. I got the purple. Hair purple had read it the Tipp. Ah, yes, dig in India, gets red and the bottom line boy get, notably in their ears like a real disease meet muddle rural player, that that is what that has one disease, Dick you say: meet Butler Meet Malaria. Doesn't I'm calling dogs now near bottlers, I'm down with it? So Symbols of purity endo, where these do they grant wishes, do they. Give good luck. Do they just fine nordic? They do not do not that they do. They do absolutely nothing the only place in which it so the India really even in the Bible. Now in case you guys out there
didn't know this unicorns or the Bible me not. Why not you twice? You put a bunch other fake shit. There too you don't like a free lunch. No such thing as a free. Well I mean. Actually the Bible has multiple free lunches when Jesus made all the more fishes. But I mean really. That was also a little thing was fake. The right this whole thing, I'm surprised, isn't even a book. Was even wrote it down. So in the Bible, I did find a quieter the only people that I could find who seriously said that unicorns were real. I find em on Yahoo answers. I didn't find it on some stupid, fuck and blog out there. I found it on a Bible website, one of those that website it's a bible website that has to take everything. Bible, literally sobs, they have to take any everything in the Bible. As literal truth, they have to acknowledge the existence of unicorn, that's great love to see them at the music,
So what about unicorns unicorns realm Pierre? Had we now god they? I guessed. I guess they are. Yes, you know whether I am able to gaze yea out. We have to believe in unicorns, which is really one of the gay as things that you can believe in one of the priorities of the christian faith. Allow Mandalay with another man, but they just love a fancy unicorn yet, but right in the front of a unicorn. When you go to the shoe store, I'm going to say, like literally pop years pop yourself, a narrow make yourself a little bit of above a bee plug with your fuckin unicorn. Face Juliet solely on Sunday, but plug unicorn users about above blog itself, that would it would hurt it. Wortley bet. You know like with our Only my coffee anymore, no one awake. I wish I was dead. I would If you guys would indulge me, I would like to read a few verses from the Bible. Ok, to read from job chapter thirty, nine verse, nine through twelve. Oh all, will the unicorn be willing to serve the or abide by thy crib cancer?
bind the unicorn with is banned in the furrow, or will he hair the valleys after the now, I would like to read from numbers chapter twenty three Did you just say they want help five or numbers ten through seven numbers chapter. Twenty three vernal stories you of this is that that was a sentence in the Bible right yeah, all those from What is it? What was it that anybody read this and as a tool to follow it? Is that that's when the book a job? It God was telling job that he created all these awesome. Fuckin animals will get my God is better than man because he created all the six. It sure ok. While Satan sit there with the foregoing electric guitar that he just invented Julian humidity unicorn, I rented the fuckin bass beat people are getting, people are to state? How cool this is for millions and millions of years? But when they do air dialogue on a black man, planet really blow people's minds. Isn't that kind of stuff it's gonna make people thought
and now this is from numbers chapter. Twenty two twenty three first went to. God brought them out of Egypt. He hath as it were, the strength of a unicorn. Ah, do Dorani chapter twenty thirty, three, First, seventeen is glory is like the first line of his bullock and his whole funds are like the horns of unicorns with them? He shop the people together to the ends of the earth, and they are the ten thousand of ephrem and they are the thousands of manner say and how do these savages? Who, like the Bible, thing, Gazer bad? They learn an idea that eggs have called due to rob me, but it sounds like due to under me food around and you too, to be taken. They dump on me. I mean it is just the most fecal sounding thing: I've ever heard of my life boy. You want in building their wellbeing. It says here that the Why that there's no more unicorns also was because of Noah. No, no, no! No two unicorns an arc mother gonna put a hole in the boat.
That, though, is that you're gonna put holes and about looking like a cloth sack on these, of course, the Europe we want you to warn you keep it from poking version we perhaps Russell grower. I will answer that. Question really plays Noah and the new blockbuster holly. We created if you want to know some gave out Bible verses? Here's the gayest one for you, and this is a song chapter. Ninety two first him at my horn. Shalt thou exalt, like the horn of a unicorn. Be anointed with fresh oil visits, I mean you should feel if you're the Isle of garden. At the only time you should be talking about knowing no more other oil, because he's talking about procedures or does seamen out of a freshly. You know squeezed young boy. And there's all these guys. Ripetta everyone in the Bible was a pedophile everybody there. All pedophile is a lot of ten thousand the Bible and one
or this one is from a Isaiah chapter, thirty four verse: seven as they autonomous yeah that's right, does worry, sings the Bible and no involves two terrible job cogent and the unicorn shall come down with them and the bullocks the balls and their land shall be soaked with blood and their dust made fat with fatness made about being fat with banners up. How do you give with that US tacos embryos and need to strive everyday. Only you don't walk you Who are you drink a milkshake to calm down at night as far as by new record in the Bible. Go just just say: The absence of a unicorn in the modern world should not cause us to doubt. Its past exist in, of course, not know. Absolutely nothing has had a partner ponder the Dodo bird doesn't exist today, but many do not
doubt that existed in the past. We have skeletons of it right in their drawings right, here's your every little light weight and there was one I mean any some yeah yeah get yet we ve got that, but eight teen century reports from Southern Africa described rock drawings and I witness accounts of fear single horned at climate. Animals equipments Horrocks you're, just not going to trust the scientific might have someone who's carbon, something into around you know just seems like they just seems kind of inaccurate. It seems like this and also the imaginations go, and we thought that the wind was God Fort. I mean that spell was thought. No we're gonna gods for north today will be a good thing battered on board all the horrors, let us think of the local unicorn as the fantasy animal is to demean gods word, which is true in every detail, Maria do they go against the Bible it's been there is this, though there had apparently
The letter there is alleging that the unicorn horns could counteract poison and purify water, and that was bad news for nor walls because they got fuckin face. Rabies all ideal wooden what's nor will nor Wall Norwalk yeah not well business. That's an animal that people kind of the Gatt knock the fuckin. That's the one with the big horn, the toss coming over the top of the task. Well with the gigantic horn. This is a real creature. I do not in fact nor wall they use to harvest nor walls, and they would sell em as unicorn horns. They were. A unicorn horns were worth in the fifteen hundreds worth literally ten times its weight in gold right. Is that used to sell unicorn horns in fifteen sixty money by the way, fifteen sixty modern figure, which were giant salt blocks, Irey difficult to go to the store, Vm Sullivan around thirty thousand dollars yanks.
For this nor well horn, and you know who they solve, that two idiots, the Pope's, the Pope. They saw the pump up really gap thirty thousand dollars the Pope body Unicorn Horn and they had lent like fuckin shoved right up his ass o. Absolutely he saw that include the concept of thinking of the possibilities there were all involved. His ass oars bothers ass. I also imagine you could very easily make a unicorn whore out of like an orphans leg, bone earring, Incas orphans are always fallen off, alleges getting smashed up and rocks and if you go down there and fucking, just fish out one of their Tibby is uncertain. You could cause just sort of sharp and against another rock and sell as a unicorn ribbon uneven Some point, though, someone's you milk is, it is the bone of the child. That's going missing. Stab them status.
Ok, that's a good play. We will have a good plan, so that's pretty much all their worries about the unicorn. No there's more talk about you're nuts. I don't how about if I just talked to fuck, try to have a fucking conversation with LISA Frank once we were just without hurt your fuckin just Bolabola, on about fucking unicorn. So the point we're like woman, I'm gonna knock you out we'll go to knock around. Don't knock lead, markets, and I were discussing these afraid earlier, Chancellor, the greatest trapper keepers and the best folders around. If you were a kid grown up the ninety nine days you know we're talking about, I accidentally older Anne Frank, twice there in that conversation, yeah he's what was what was the Anne Frank Monster and those like that's the Nazi and the only monster that Anne Frank knew was the Nazi. I wouldn't you will you two very unlucky for Anne Frank to have had a trapper keeper, because that velcro, oh you saw them out of that Fuckin Annex, absolutely not ignore a good
hiding journal. Velcro Gerard need a string journal. Everybody knows that no about on journal either no button journal, because the I mean it takes forever. Does I hate my work, our moral So what some other uniform unicorn facts? While there have been some unicorns in the news in the last couple a year the Korean Central NEWS Agency said scientists reconfirm the location of the burial site of the unicorn ridden by King Dong me on a founding father of the ancient currying kingdom of Giorgio wild or on the right and the problems of about yet the sperm toyed Vulcan amount,
That's where they firmly toward moans great, though the unicorns grave was rediscovered near a temple in the capital Pyongyang, with the rectangular rock engraved, with the words unicorn layer at its entrance, Yazoo wrongs it all it yet. North Korea Missis. Of Korea. Yes, so North Korea, really believes in unicorn absolutely got they literally after their put to death that only through yet any king dung young. He has quite an interesting history, as
You know, like you know, they're, like people in the west, think that your name is. Is minister hyenas get over there still audio Dong and they all means are long. Horned, beast just sounds like opinions have more like greenish king long dung young just sounds like someone is making fun of somebody that is asian and they're, making up a name that we be mean. Spirited sounds like the name of a guy who drives a hammer everywhere. Definitely you know. Always like peacock anywhere one leg? Leather like plugs really cowboy hats weapons made other snakeskin really is. Cool guy Cougar, can again. I want to be with As the legend goes, long gone beyond was born from an egg impregnated by sunlight. I did you really that happens? I think that the North Koreans brokered a million. They they're not fuck it. We know nothing about that. That's the bag of I've never been there. I ve never seen the day.
Residual egg, casings, the cleaner love, did you know that the unicorn has a cousin named the by corn. Did not notice the two horn think so it's like a go well it out without as every animal that we every other land of ingredients. As none of this one is it's a little meaner, its power Panther part cow with a human face, so has the reputation of devouring kind, hearted and devoted husbands. This is how I would describe myself ass. I want to ask me like what are you like us, like I'm kind of a panther, almost a kind of a girl, a devil got a human face. Do our kind, hearted and devoted husbands. Of course, their lives so you heard it here. First guys go out there and have sex. The girl, it's not your wife, otherwise. As the Bygones Germany, I hordes gotta company, you better start eat med, pussy guys what does either
this is by. All these things come from myth rights are, there must have been some. You no pain, you're, some leader, someplace, was just like who just having sex with every chick other than his waivers like yeah, I'm doing it to avoid the by court, becomes an AIDS ever wonder just bangs the person they love, waited and waited Magog. Tell me again. So I have to do is fuck other women that are not my big horrible wife will. Let me tell you one thing: let me ask you: do you wanna get killed bye, bye, corn, no, I go to then you have to do exactly, as I say, have sex when everybody there's your wit, you do islanders video it she's not going to be. Angry and make your life miserable for the next forty years. Just do it. I call this is my favorite thing ever if I ever and they it is a good chance. If you ever get married, you might
apple in some prostitution. Is it right that, but this is a good they d rationalize it on the plane home from India played right out, be like well, I'm not going by the Bye corn anyway, and my wife be very happy to note, as she loves me, and she loves all the money I go home and but little her for three hours, vs Ike. Be kind hearted, that's right, below your views are too big a long face. My ugly, why? Why are you being so to me right now? The by corn is its literally at the Taco Bell across the street. Getting a breakfast aright. He feared the event sees me brooding you a ring or some flowers to surprise you or listen to you, it's gonna check my balls, Mohammed yeah, you want to have kids right. This is great. Let's say that's all I've got an orange. We need anything else. You will need to animate the unicorn phenomenon, their blood tasty
raspberries it so fauna, what you can do with the unicorn? Could you just give all kind of say why ever you want about it rhino good. They want eminently of it. What it is The baron is yours. Cuvier maintained as the unicorn was cloven hoof. It must therefore have a cloven skull, making the growth of a single horn impossible. That Like any say no, I was just a puncture vague skeletons of of Unicorn sure thing called the single horn to go to the land animal, which warrants so. I don't know why they think that the unicorn, it's not a unit. Beauty has one yet also it's a deer right, dear, not a unicorn. So on a limb there, there fake yeah there rag, but you know what They can still do some harm, absolutely They can absolutely do some harm. So Henry found this this young lady on Youtube named view
angelic, ok, yeah, but she's gonna make some guy real happy one day. So this is she's got some instructions for us. Ok, how to look like a unicorn look like a unicorn as it is a human wanted to transform the current Kubi. Then you're totally right here. I'm gonna show you how to do a unicorn make up and hair style it's fine offering a kiss. It will break down a rainbow and class in this back. Let's go!
It is real twelve minutes long minutes. It is like any cream that moist arises and makes your skin look glowing wonder products between your hands up then mustache they cream in tears, came, could imagine like your son, bringing her home like while you're like you, ll, get things giving like Britain her the things giving it is. I think it is very dangerous for Turkey me that someone your finger cape and apply That's enough! Coronet, oh yeah added another! That's absolutely enough for bringing me do you yield why you kill Turkey he's a funny bird. Why not q or mean oil saw mean I ll
meta search. Have you ever thought about like be engage us like a really big burly guy, maybe liked what sports and eat me. I d like to be rather exchequer wings, but I mean nails: he'll circulate the United States, with each other, so you're happy with avian or thought you're gay. I want my. I need my kid. You big, I can't even bring girls like us home. What are your talk about with a lady like that unicorns yeah? I'm not do I've got a thirty two. This is the last globalization remember having about universities and why won't talk about don't women who waited with its it's fast dating right. Do really thrilled with legs waters down with neurons. Let's move onto Peggy sigh paganism. Gases. Forget them Yes, that's right! You have is that how its pronounce entering regards start tell opinion or Somethin Agassiz get. What can you imagine? The shit come out of the bag
whose use flying admissible brutal appropriate. This shit gives in your fucking mouth Tom everywhere, one if a pigeon dumbson your head, it's good luck, silver, Pegasus, Dumbson, your head like if you live with you you're meant to be here. It is a winged stallion that his divine white color, one another why? When you're? Well, we always you know Sociate White, with purity, the area, and so people do. He was fired by Poseidon and fold by the girl. Gone medusa yeah so was wise to do is to Pegasus was like a prisoner Medusa radio. Now Pegasus Medusa gave birth to the Pegasus when Medusas, was cut off by Paris the horse, bring forth from medusas pregnant body and galloped away Same thing happened with them. What's it northwest? I look at you. You're too hesitant adds a page seven, the very varied
Pegasus also aided the hero, Belarus, Fawn, ok in his fight against the camera and the Amazon's without did again that flew all around one of the first things before going to battle. He gave it a bunch of bread. This week's do rising. I do it is to fluid over the camera and it just dont in all. Their mouths has just spoken recovers, really normally on there's gotta lotta mouth. It's now manna from Heaven story word forty days, but we have forty years in the desert that has started raining manner, of course, and this situation its Pegasus duty, what is manner. It's a garbage. Range from the sky, the buy back in the day off your red. That's all it! It's been so much do it also magic, ok, moment for magic together, zoom Medusa, she birth, Peg This would mean she had the like have come from a bat in a whore. Inside of her, where created peg as area she fucks qualified and go and of those programmes.
The learner bad it's the Eagle Riah, it deserves a water God get right medusa, that although the snakes off and weird had done one day, the garbage personal things like mine. She burst out of this and of these two guess who though a winged and get these yeah. What's so hard, I've issues have incited the mailman radically reduce it was bang and somebody other side that mail man was a giant wing it whore. Mail me down your man. You're right now. I'm gonna bring these two things together, I wouldn't bring the unicorn Pegasus into one animal, the Ethiopian Pegasus, the be it back. I literally just picture like the saddest caught sight of a road rail. I get me for I almost instinctively went to my pocketbook fifty cents out to give you a list, some Alardo, because she's the face-
while the poor, kids right now for just thirteen. Since today you held on three you can help in Ethiopia. Impact has got flies all under like I'm, a mythical creature, a fairly good, it's ok, you, the opium, beg us assure your area absolutely, and it's like some relief workers just being like fly out here, your wings and fly to America, but I'm too tired, refuses, I don't know it. Just came a man with a Well The ethiopian Pagans has had a horn coming out of the middle of a ten year. There's plenty of other there's plenty of other Peggy S eye out there. The toll Paul are ok. Is that from turkic mythology and the Tibetan wreaked. Oh yeah, it's also the state emblem of Kazakhstan and men, Mongolia
It is a little bit a real live jasmin area, so the pig is, is the state emblem of Mongolia and Kazakhstan cause great vacation spot? If you love raw yeah up them every day, These things offer something that's real, usually men. Are you leave? They didn't have much other they don't have. Like I mean I don't know a lot about Mongolia, but I'm pre certain there's no animals there and they don't have any sunshine. Everyone does you just. Let us tell us everything that you know. While Bengali right now, Ok! Mongolian beef, but I'm pretty sure that is a chinese food item. I dont think ass, really, your Mongolia, I just figured out. I just Google, Mongolia and apparently Google started. Know me pretty well because I googled Mongolia and the first thing that came up was mongolian death, worm, at the mongolian death worm, its crib did that it is said to exist in the goby desert. It has the abyss,
Eddie dispute fourth asset, that on contact will turn anything. It touches, yellow and corroded, and also the president, it also has the means to kill the distance by means of an electrical discharge sounds like Dude, who does like browsers porn, seem payments to these poor women and their brook where between two and five feet? Long, oh wow, thick bodied list, from the book on the trail of ancient man written Ten, twenty six by Roy Chapman Andrews, ok, he says I he sides, The mongolian Prime Minister who nineteen twenty two described the worm issue, like a sausage about twofold long, has no head nor leg, and it is so poisonous that merely to touch it means instant death. It lives in the most desolate parts of the goby desert,
that's how mongolian Siberian Julian it sounds like a mixture between between middle, eastern and native American hung over American. I think arrogant. Mongolian is more like like it's like it. Some abrasive its it at a brace of language don't click on they do the other guy, it's my guy. But again I have never really true. Well, it's out of Amerika and I've never wants paid attention to Mongolia give in for a second will ya. Dedicated quantum at times. Mongolia, though we're really educating lines and everything that we have said so Mongolia is is wrong so when he had it have in their like. What's Mongolia all about don't mention anything that we ve said be any about address facts? Yes, well in pop culture, the is this back over to our winged horse friend in public. Sure there was a Terry tunes television series that aired in the mid sixties. It was called Lou
No the white stallion, ok and Lou no was will they be summit. Of course, lunar was a little toy that a lot boy owned, and lunar would be summoned saying these words, o wing in horse or white me on a MAC, it was a jumble of ok where do this, but I want to go fishing lunar Epinay had well now that but I call with wail of the trip but you're the boss. Just get me to trade. We almost air. We were approaching captain Fishing Village now do the same yeah I got earrings handled is nothing about his latest encounter with Moby Dick. The great white way we know that none of his eyes right holders, none of us
Worth an area that none of this is worth not does not matter, that's Captain Ahab, that's also not real, I'm pretty certain is that would Stephen level, a mature, the name of the act or from the nineteen fifties. Aids like what's his name, GUM Poland, I think, as Epp yeah home than a centre square, usually the citizens better there in Hollywood squares what was so what's the state? What was the sentence? You have to say again oh wing at horse of marble white. Take me on a magic fly. I believe it I'm getting Ann Arbor. It is I feelings with everyone, business man in America says well they're getting on a flight to Thailand. That's right! further about to go have sex with a bunch of paid a young boy. He has left a lot like all my life Young boys dress like Lyndon Johnson nicer than links have been Johnson boy. I do I like when they play characters. This is how Illuminati talks. Oh you have limited Lyndon Johnson, but loved him. I'll. Tell you I just had a great It is time we
blue Lavoisier, spider webs all over that kid that dress, like Since Libya, oh my god, it was Digg is. He was dressed like an adult woman, but he was seven and a boy, but anyway and mature, for She s leave Lucky was ten yeah, but he was always snappy. Sometimes he would even say things like water, like you too much both because the Illuminati I'd like to pause for a second to say all: say ten exactness, Lucifer area neck. Romantic masonic gesture would see a mafia shadow governmental led a stab which meant. Oh, my thank you. All hail oh hell, all hell, beheld them. Here we have they then at the end of her, show no minutes that I think I'm alpha. I think so ya think you Joseph Anthony Reese for posting, a wonderful little thing on Facebook or aura, guess made me laugh. Very good, and it makes me feel I mean now we're set they're not going to shut off our funding. Podcast grave.
Another feeds dilah we're gonna, be just fine we'd still gone, oh, and by the way, if you really want to find some fun, Google the corn orgy I mean, I don't know. If you don't do it, you want to find something disgusting, maybe unicorn about I wanted. I was about to posted on the facebook page. But then, when I did posted there was a picture of a year. Corn, like it, was a statue that someone had made of unicorn fuck in a wood nymph and is the problem The problem may mean it was very great. How would you uniquity than to have sex with a wooden? In my view, this is the ins and outs of that, they're not meet. Let me let me kind of maybe figure it out. What they do is a wooden emphasis, probably I'll pick. It up sticks to make its work in house right item under what what names do right and hot yeah a unicorn comes in just fucking.
Not sit down with its whose rights roads unconscious. No, you did you really and then forces itself inside of the wooden em cause a wooden. Him spoken two feet. Long number I kind over here and a unicorn a unicorns day, this probably kite alike Carmelo So you draw girl. I don't Willie's afoot now call the and is just fucking its glitter. Liddy spearing. This would nymph like it's a swedish Mabel Thorn to know your gate, rills that it kills it yeah it was very. There was a very hot description. Guess it what're you else's hot centres. A yes. What about what some information on Centaur slow there, a half human half horse our wild and savage and their known for their lust, fullness and drunkenness, just like the Miami he'd. Give you that
and centaurs. Definitely I mean I definitely did a bit of a search for the course it all it. I didn't have supported that and on the stuff I centaurs. Definitely by far of all the mythological creatures represent the van, A majority of mythological pornography. They, like it It was nothing they enjoyed. The model of the vast majority of it was the best part about a centaurs even get some tips on it. Yeah, as if you you can have half half woman have sent, or so you could still how you can look at boobies and then you couldn't get the horse stuff that you like you, but I mean if you're with sex with the centaur, though you will have to be behind it. You can't see the boobies. You can't get a blow job from Centaur yeah You don't know how you avoid to not that's how you avoid breaking any laws. Duty Worse his mouth. It offers. Is t? No. No, it's ok! Now it's a woman be around Norman. It's worth our neck of the horse is supposed to be ignored, curves upward into
form of a woman, the Corso of a woman. You like, like Holden's mother yeah, handed from the round table yet, but I mean I'm just concerned that they might have the mind of poor goes down on the blow job. They only hangs. They were arrested, oats Yale they like that kind of stuff. They like apples. Sure that question and is really thought about this, and you know perhaps Mark is Henry the two brilliant my Did you could help me out what they eat? The eating a horse or to the illegal human do bring em to buffeted already bring him to a field. Humans can eat humans and horses alike can eat apples been yet. I know but heritage and Oates known because horses eat the core: Scott there is no corridor apple. Yet who are you never had a dapple go either
of Potato healthy development aid, Helpin Self, once by an apple in eat it there is no core there's like feeds it in a hurry. You aren't through. Truly, this is ridiculous about a year ago that we pay a horse. You can give a horse a hamburger, What's that you can give all the horse, I thought you can only ITALY any this shit. No, I know they'll eat it, but they dont seek it out. No horse wants a hamburger, didn't want to talk about break out of love. Now you know. Because they never gonna go I've never seen one in line and burger king cause their prisoners. They wrote all around. They would all around within the confines of their prison camp? It's you! You can, through a billions, neutral shackled up and are forced to walk down.
This avenue in the middle of Fuckin Manhattan, Rigel, Largo, blogs, young workers, you put a Mcdonald's on the on the cattle ranch. You have you think any of these horses are going to go into the Mcdonald's. I mean horses, don't really they don't have currency they, nobody, What did you say you don't tell me a horse. Has come up and go up to the counter and go like plop Klopp Clock, Klopp you're not going to give it a free hamburger. I mean yes, Sir knew where you are rise or that it at all, and then you just spoken in the horse. You just want to get jobs over grapes. Poor Mandy Harvey harming our Bardell from no control measures comes and shoots it with an era airbrush arise or in other words down, and then you have your meat for the next day correct I boldly and checked out, you know Centaur porn on Yahoo answers. Where can I find Centaur porn and the guy make sure to clarify? centre on human I'm sick, but not that snake
very good, very good and So you can go to den Boolooroo dot com for per cent or what is in Dan, Dan, Beirut, dumb blue letter, low value, be plugging it. Try reply. I should not be on this website. I have Should I went on a website on board, as I do that behind the largest Saunders I swear to Christ. If we ever names you, you for your eyes will be half as agape as they will remember that Centaur poor. I should not be just a place where they have a bunch of images like half them could be like fourteen. Girls right exactly what it is. That's. Why should not be on our right to note that our aid all over the world, let alone ok, let's get back to where we must ensure our target at night. They were more interested to report that we are centaurs centres are boring yet I believe that the best part about Centaur our rights, really beautiful you do know out about the centaurs. Why wrote down one sentence about into it? Wasn't as then to or is known for its form of half human half ores.
Their wild and savage known for their asked and drunkenness some like hamburgers, right so now we have completed. This directive may arrive later due to relax yeah that's about round this whole thing out with fairies its derived word. Fairy is derived from the english word say: ok, for such means, gay yea, nouns like yes, yes, as various they'll glorious traditions, referred them, euphemistic Lee by name such as we folk good folk people of peace, a fair folk, which in Welsh is pronounced till peg. How do you is that? How its prevails, as I think you a clear way: You tell me that you take her to take there are regions. Are their origins, are less clear in folklore being variously described, as
Ed or some form of demon or species completely independent of humans or angels, some people say that fairies were the angels in the middle during the war in Heaven that there were some angels that were on God, side, mother those that were Satan side in the fairies policies in the middle who didn't take once and pray. Princeton was their father and they had a wonderful television show and the like Alice was just areas like combing, his hair, discussing like where's. My trailer smile give me up a fire in the middle that much better than welcome in the mental very much so. Various animals have also been described as ferries Sometimes this is the result of shape shifting on the part of the fairy as an old case of the EU that usually result of liking musical theatre when you're a third grade, usually so Some people describe as sulky as as ferries sulky. That is they. Scottish folk lore Scottish scottish animal.
Those are seal people, Are there not just talking about scottish people in general, not just scottish people who live by the sea. These are half men, have seals so If you were married to somebody and you want to really defame their mother in law, you Karl column, rascality cell These are not always I'm gonna steal woman, you're telling me mother, really your clapping, your cue chance in some folk. Or fairies have green eyes and they often bite their biter. Ah, you have any real and electric you you'll. Still your children and their children will go with that. When you feel like it, you can make a change link for some reason. I dont know why they steal them because it seems like why don't you just more fairies got our fairies like what you fuck and trade In short, they all full a magic. Why do you want some regular? Dom kid steals right? Children, I think you're Miss Browning, in gypsies You could use the way they did. You steal your watches and your hearts. Ah, yes, yes, there's one popular
Belief in Ireland, particularly that ferries are really the spirits of the dead, the ban she for one man. She translates from the Irish Irish Gaelic. Then she It worries pronounce it correctly, but J J. Or the scottish Gaelic Ben Schiff Oak, which both mean fairy woman fairy were banned. Jail Ben. She may I shall be a chief as a value. Around woman I mean Zoe dash Adele in Scottish. Very interesting and there is one place some people who, I believe them to be a class of demoted angels, as I saw that they were won the game. Bolted, God ordered the gate shut. Those still in her remained angels. Those in Hell became devils, and caught him between became very soon Are you telling me that Fred from the late and deceased Fred, Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church might have been ripe,
very well know where they have been so upset. If we found out that he turned into a fairy when you don't wanna tiger Lily with the flexible, the bogan tennis and avoid good big butterfly wins, it would be horrible. I would love to see that old hate filled bastard as the fairy go like. Ah, oh I'm alive, Herman arrive. I can't believe I made it to the after and then we want, everyone must play in the mystery is born roller escapes with illegal speaking. I hate filled created INS The Puritans came along and ruin the whole fairy game is they came in and they started telling everyone. The fairies were actually demons and they were there to hurt. You No, what some day I will admit yes varies. They can be bit mischief makers. They can definitely make mischief out there. There's gather tricksters. Sometimes they tango all your ear when your sleeve and they commonly L locks, is gone.
Creepy uncle John, but that dreading- because you haven't slept in days like you, because you have been sleeping a Europe of fuckin like crust bulk, underneath a bridge somewhere they also steel small items. They lead travellers astray man, but there is a dark side in form of sudden death might stem from a fairy kidnapping with the apparent being a wooden stand in with the appearance of the kidnap person, that's cool! they so when someone dies, make sure they're not made of wood, yes Other things is an american apparel if he golden seals, mannequin with all the Bush airs hang out, though we're models that we're stolen by ferry, serve you kiss they come to life, and then you could ever really romantic even with them. Inside of the american apparel. Only the american apparel can't live. You can't eat in one of those because there is a strict, no eating only drinking diet. Coke bodies like the cheap dates, cheap dates, not an plenty, a Bush air lock up. I share so the Puritans came in and said the fear of ferries were, do
yeah, there's no point where they like there now real. Now, there's! No. These are real. Where's eases people, had to acknowledge the fuckin existence of unicorns right right, right it will merely be they are real too. Yes, we're did feelings. Come from What is the whole basis? Why did people start believing you know, there's a whole lot of different, fair and around forever yet exist in a lot of different cultures. There, like anything else that just there to explain away certain things, I got what I but are very did it growing. Also, if you want to get into like real theories, are usually it also talk about you known Iceland. We cover the whole thing about the Hilda Thick yet which usually hidden people, and there is a lot. If you do believe there are many dimensions which I sometimes think, especially if smokin punter we, but you like that there are entities,
that live on this earth with us that organ home, sometimes called alien, sometimes called fairies, sometimes called goes, and that all of that could be a part of a gigantic like you know, sort of a big paranormal theory that they are all just died there, their spiritual creatures, the images, standard. Recently. Georgia, because not through her when they call very scarce, sometimes dealt tie up your butchers enemies. Sometimes they'll have effects of their life and has also been all day do other horrible things. Do they also cause the consumption as it was called in Ireland, otherwise known as tuberculosis in the rest of the civilised world, or whether those called Zobraska Christmas It was some deliberate Henry you'll, never consent,
and was sometimes blamed on the fairies forcing young men and women to dance it revels every night, causing them the waste away from lack of rest, and if any of you out there have read Jonathan strange and Mr Neural, then you laugh that this is true. That's all lady, lady, green, first, lady, poor. She wasted away. For a time and I'm getting very, very much on used up. Nerd alert the man. The fears of down came every night and lady appallingly good, but this is the it's. The it is. A good book is a very good entertaining book elements if you begin to describe them, make you ring them. In Vienna. The Nord alert I mean you know. I know people. Only last biogas page I've been trying to figure out drinking games, nerd ruler
you and swam a bundle of vodka through very rare, the normal or Vienna Hoarser Walter Pole had lost his wife, lady pull on the eve of their marriage, so he brought England's foremost magician Gilbert Normal in to reiterate our story. This is what I don't wanna oriented up here and now the story is Alan's south. That Mr Neural varies. Also, if you see them writing domestic animals like cows or pigs, are Dunk Super Pat, because there the curious thing in the world and the curious thing in the world mingling a little and then put it in a sunflower run away. Because of this causes paralysis. So if you see the curious thing on earth, it literally can have ever again. Yes, ITALY, you gotta, get away from that. Our aid, which is the problems I watch all this stuff on pugs earlier today, and I've been having problems with my feet. Never sense, in autumn. We maybe it's the same thing just be into q. You know it all,
because I ate em for breakfast and I'm starting to feel faint. You know, who's so been reporting has been sightings of a fairy funerals theory, and this is why I do die. They have little goblet little shiny goblets, and maybe they like good dump, like you know what it is their purity elixir disbelief? That's one of the lady Fani mean it's really nice rival. Fairy group shows up with a bunch of functional fairy machine guns in form, but I, rather than legal lights him up the whole thing down. It's like that guns and roses video for November rain, everyone's jumping through the fairy tale of various ahead ruins the whole wedding when these very gravel groups come after each other, whereas I witnessed does come from a credible source. This comes from famed poet and painter, William Blake, tiger, burning bright that guy over the rest of it. And he believes in various
we are using a poem, bad shit in like literature and overtime. I'm so glad we're passed all that dumb shit now we're making good stuff well yeah Lulli, I can't get enough Alina Dunham in that show girls. We are making a nothing but quality. Helen Cunningham in his lives of imminent british painters, records that William Blake claimed to have seen a fairy funeral. Did you I see a very few nor Madame said Blake too lady who happened to sit next to him William Blake and eternal bachelor. Now said the lady I have said leg, but no to perform asked. So he saw fear a funeral last night and he went on to tell her how, in his garden, he had seen a procession of creatures of the size and color of greening gray grasshoppers bearing a body laid out on a rose leaf which they bear
with songs and then disappeared You say that there are also in a very beginnings of learning, how to make booze Heyward drinkin stuff. Maybe they didn't know what they were. Drinkin here means. I have the time these guys we're just gonna, they're, just drink and straight up Robin off all equivalent, they think fancy boots just trip It does seem cabin Barnett from the round table. This does seem like a pickup line. He would actually I've never seen a fairy funeral. I saw one last night anymore. Usually get laid because of it, and you know what unicorns they're, not the only ones that are in the news. Lately, we ve also got fair. He's in the news lately, where else, but Mexico the media and in fact this story is from today taken our american fairies jobs, an unemployed one or two year old bricklayer from Guadalajara who claims he nefarious caused a commotion in this western mexican metropolis Jose
all Donato he charged who charges a monetary donation in exchange for displaying what appears to be a simple plastic figure captain Dana formaldehyde, since these already bit received three thousand visits from people eager to see the so called fairy at his home Lomas, availed days, one of Guadalajara, the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods, either the only me in very was asked your Delaware that egg are at stake. We're gonna hear a bit of a quote from Mr Maldonado. Ok, oh you want to talk to me. I was speaking while as an aside We blame, I thought he was a fine you're drunk right, The way I am you are hoping glad about, and I saw it
I thought it was a firefly sure, a big data, and felt that it was moving. When I looked at it, I knew it was. The language way was newly there's a movie firefly, don't leave me hey data and there s a big data and felt that it was moving. When I looked at it, I knew it was a fairy godmother, the fairy godmother, given the fairy them all. The limbs, who is discovered last weekend has run like wildfire through the area in his home is now besieged by the curious some whom wait for up to an hour to enter this country needs help absolutely. How did you know that? I regret the other one. Other thing absolutely says that is this is this is from Caesar America's one of the visitors seen every you, like the other guy Wang
you they'll, just like one Caesar give my brother from nine different generations ago. Waxy I've seen everything, engage, I'd, be he'd, be. Areas real. Therefore I wanted to come and could confirm that those means are true. It's just for each citizen. All. In all I mean it is simply that he got what he crossed the border and went to a hearty he's. Gonna get happy meal and it came with a toy. It's just a fuckin, I think. Seen is no. I haven't ass. You see the next year, a yeah, it's it's just Tinker Bell. Limousine markets that is figure out. Maldonado shows, when wit, what Molly
this shows the paying public as a small container filled with Melba hide containing a human, like figure by two centimeters tall, with the gelatinous consistency and a certain resemblance to Peter PAN Stinker. Let's not tinker about you know. That is that's that's the wasp for Marvel. Comics is due it was not its where it's even wherein the suit in everything and its pointing it's it's pointing at the dumbest thing I've ever heard guy. This is amazed me, we gotta get it back. Go. We gotta go to. Maybe if anything in your Birmingham just build. This was piston by the bye. You know Mother Mary yourself, common smelling, bottle smell portfolios. Snoopy mother, may I speak. I king dead because I have seen every being spell, did indeed smeared like peace. As the work in this whole thing with these two adorable little girls, I loved her watch these videos
I'd love to see you or their regulars on the Alan show. My favorite show was Well, is it your favorite show great show I love when she dances cause? It's just so very funny light hearted people to enjoy that sort of light. Hearted comedy near so these are two little girls. Their names are Sophia Grace Rosy there. These you adorable little British and they're gonna. Tell us I'll see. Well, I can't wait I saw you cross the line I read Z. Would you lied alright, yeah sure unicorns, fairies Pegasus. What else do we? John Help everybody learn something today. I think that no this was the least educational zone we ve ever done. No, we learned about the Bible. That's true visa. Unicorn in how the Real Wheeler
to ban the other animals at unicorns could possibly be, which we know is not true right. We learned about here are like a gases yeah gases is and horses and what they eat. Apples have course, don't have coarsely right just like this just always the way that we argue big. You just say things that are wrong and I say things that are right, but then you just keep on saying you're wrong things. I just I just make my own reality. That's right! Yes, oh right, one who show we would then only knows what proposals it was wonderful where the live show. This Saturday gathers Saturday, twenty nine, that the Greek in the cave it'll be a ten p m, yes, which will be very, very fun and yes, come out too. That nets Marcus Parks on Twitter, unbent. Guess one twitter and that's Henry loves. You want twitter and other look out for the new season. You're pretty face gonna help coming next year. Absolutely really foreign advance would be.
The look out for me on the look out for it. You know they're, not gonna blast you with a bunch of marketing you'll want to pay attention to look out for it. It would never do that to you and if you're in New York on April fourth, my bank account men were trash bar at midnight. Time time. Gonna. Take assured of boys girls, mostly girls and ends? Always some of the girls get right? So Hale, yourselves aches and hygiene Elsie make us too, What time is it.
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