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Episode 119: The Satanic Government Part II: The Franklin Cover-Up Part I

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We continue our investigation into the Satanic government with The Franklin Cover-Up which centered around pedophile sex ring that operated out of Omaha, NE during the eighties and was promptly, you guessed it, covered up by the government.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time I never heard of anyone honing their and then also might hold a hotel room. Just reeks we in for a re record yeah our welcome to the shore. When that's yeah parks, I've been canceled, we got Henry over Atlanta, how you doing buddy doing great Regency sweets come on by it needs a woman's touch. I could imagine would you bags of grease everywhere
There was a bit with peanut butter and I literally I got peanut butter all over my hotel room. So it's just if the rolling stones never had sex. Yes, what would their hotel room of look like just? It was just look like this: just cigarette yeah, an old beers and and just the smell of the ozone of internet burning with the court just you can hear mill the Wi Fi being used for some reason: I, I just imagine a pentagram, just smear it on the wall in peanut, butter and everything. I will say this to anybody if you're feeling satanic do what I've been doing, which is take off all your clothes, which is a given, but then I've been listening to Reverend Cj Thompson. The gospel music, just getting can blitzkrieg hammered by myself hotel room and just be smoking, weed and dance, like literally dancing like a native American like a like a whole all the games back and forth been alone for awhile yeah.
Well, you you don't sound like it. You know. These are all normal thoughts, so I told someone I did this on set and they're just like what are you doing? I was like nobody comes here. Why don't I mean I feel like every time somebody has a show that they're the star of and that she was filming. They tend to have sex with a bunch of checks or like have friends, no doing should a new way. Your new Hollywood huh, it's new hall. This is new Ali. What it's called play with your balls and told nothing interests you about your deck. That said, never I you know you always want to maintain interest in your you lose it. You know. That's really! It's really sad. I hate it. Yeah alright, so we got. We have so much to talk about the speaking of hating penises, some boys out there that really needed somebody in the center meeting members of our government. That's right! Satanism in the government part to the Franklin Coverup and is a segway. This you did it you did it it was very good. Marcus has been shattered. Henry you are so lucky not to have
I have had to see Mark's shattered, beautiful blue eyes just crying under daily basis because of this because of the story, as I said on the last episode at the end of the last episode, this is the first thing this is 120th episode out of one hundred and twenty episodes. This is the first thing that is ever given me: legit nightmares, yeah three nights in a row. I could not sleep like. I could not wait to get fucking wasted, so I can finally sleep and I finally did that's great. Now. I've been guided that the last two nights I try to catch up and fill up some gas, but basically you and I I had a conversation while I was in the aquarium where you sounded like rust, colon you were talking about, like the numbers don't add up,
it seems like this- and I was in front of beautiful blue- go whale tank. I was like I'll take care of it. Let me do some research and so I've been researching and it's pretty tough, it's tough. I wish I could just see a thought bubble of the beluga whale and you're just like how did he get out there stuck in here and how did he get out? The only beluga Whale Denver escape must be very confusing for these portfolios and see the king of the way I could be with him and his kingdom would look at him eating a corn dog, this kelp yeah stupid. Well, I guess I'll say one thing: Man Manta rays: they got big pussies We gotta get to this storm smoking too long, but I wanted to get back to that big Pussey thing, but market. Let me just say it, but me just the again do a little bit of a cop out for this episode. Yeah. This upsets particularly intense. What we're saying is. It may be doing like a little bit of a drinking game where,
anytime. You feel like staring off into the distance like you're, the last tombstone in a drowning graveyard graveyard every drink. Every time that you want to walk off the face of the earth to icy grip of death. Sure No absolutely! You know. I know Henry suggested you take your clothes off, but put your clothes back on if you, if you're close on securely for a glass of bourbon, not like party in around we're all going to have a fun road trip right. Yes, this is how glass of bourbon, listen to this at fucking, one thousand two hundred and thirty at night, with nobody around, especially if you're feeling regret
this is our. This is our old old, sad country all right here I mean it is only really if you are in a if you want to do it. It's it's very possible that the first season of true detective, the whole conspiracy was based on the Franklin Coverup. Absolutely this is. This is entirely true, all the stuff that we found him in. For me, it's it's ridiculously. It's been ridiculously covered up, the the the documentary and like even before you see what you see this podcaster you listeners, podcast watch the conspiracy of silence, documentary on Youtube. It is a must, see it! it's intense, so Marcus you're, going to start this song, I'm going to start it off! I'm going to start it up off with a quote uh. This is this was said by former CIA director, William Colby too. A state. Senator John Decamp, okay wrote the Franklin cover up, of which most of our research was taken from. This is what he said. What
have to understand John. Is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions that cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil are wrong, they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is, Simply one of the hard facts of life you have to
Soon it's like everything's, going against the Eminem Corporation. It's really hard to lose to the New York Knicks told about the Chicago bulls. Monday night right, Michael Jordan, was out of Franklin Child prostitution ring allegations. These took place the allegations took place between nineteen, eighty, eight and nineteen eighty one ninety one, and they involve an alleged child sex ring serving prominent citizens of the Nebraska Republican Party as well as high level us politicians. So basically, we only legally have to keep saying alleged and suppose it like we we we have to legally say that. But again I want to say it's pretty intense yeah and I mean you know again. These are Nebraska high power politicians, so basically they were only the the only people in town with a suit jacket, and then you just immediately get elected because you look, you look classy a firm, handshake and and and blue eyes the yeah and your tips don't immediately Waco. You have to have hard to I've actually heard that you know that's hurt. Miss Hillary Clinton in the past couple runs then of both the old Card Box, a cardboard box. Yes, Taylor, record right.
Disgusting store in the allegations, also claimed that the alleged sex ring was led by a cult of devil worshippers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children. Now again, the deformation of Satan again, a defamation of Satanism or we'll get into that later. On the allegation centered on the actions of one man lair, the king Junior who ran the now defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union Omaha, which is created to serve a poor neighborhood Omaha Nebraska now we're not talking about the everybody's favorite Jews, suspenders, wherein layer. Okay, then we're talking about like a big he's. He was the head of the black Republicans of Nebraska yeah and, quite simply the most evil Faulk who ever existed.
Yeah. I, I can't think of anyone, that's worse than this guy yeah, maybe like an Alan Keyes, but I think Alan Keyes, as she looks very good in the black Republican. I can think of to do seventies and eighties Larry King ran the Franklin Credit Union. He ran it as essentially a ponzi scheme any looted over forty million dollars on from the Frederick Federal Credit Union, for example, he rented a town house that was, I think, It cost five thousand dollars a month in rent. He made seventeen thousand dollars a year. Through these parties. In order to get grants for the Franklin Credit Union in Washington DC, basically go wine dine a bunch of politicians, but basically you're finding out that he's
I mean he's just taking the money. Yeah yeah he's just taking all of the money, and he was a very prominent politician. He sang the national anthem at the Republican National Convention in both one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight w gotta thick voice. You are beautiful voice. A very good voice. You know he looks like a male Oprah Winfrey a little bit. Yes, you got to sing the national anthem, huh yeah yeah. It's! Eighty! Four and eighty eight yeah, you can go anywhere with a beautiful voice for some reason: the fact that this all takes place in Nebraska. I just can't help to think but, like stern and Matt Forte walking in there yeah and you've been around no bruises losses, mine a little bit yeah. I just want to have sex with boys. Yeah yeah, it's a nineteen! Eighty eight! Don't laugh like that. After you say the sentence he just wants to have sex with boys. What's wrong with you a lot of that,
so in Omaha among the black population, everyone knew that Larry King had a dark side. This woman, I read right here, said this sentence about Lawrence King. Let's call Lawrence King yeah Lawrence King yeah that we're doing the Larry Fishburne to Laurence. Fishburne yeah give him a lorentzian Laurence. Fishburne loves boys. He loves the monkey shouldn't Euless Washington said that she was, but you mean Lawrence King. You said Laurence Fishburne Laurence Fishburne. Another accusations were in loves boys, just 'cause his sons, loves his sons, this Lawrence E king. He loves boys right, they love so much. You shouldn't exactly of course, there were tons of rumors all around Omaha about the PETA firing people I mean they. People knew that some was up all over Omaha. It
Larry King. He was not trying to hide the at all. He thought he was invincible. There were multi million dollar renovations to his office, he demanded in his office, it's been a bedroom, be built and the door was a log. Entry rose pro was prohibited to everyone, and king was the only one allowed inside, except for quote unquote friends, yeah company at him and said: okay and Michael Jackson have the same exact thing with this Teddy Bear room that was built next to his bedroom. Also, what
the big thing is a lot of these. Forty million dollars came from directly. It was basically a lot of the front of the their Frankel Credit Union. I would have the accounts of of high ranking members of a place called boys town, which was essentially a fake city built for boys. It was for the betterment of young males yeah, which you can imagine. When you build a place called boys town right turns into a child form yeah, that's what it became. Yeah yeah, based yeah. You can call a child form them. No, you know that's just that's a dead. Give can't call it child form any man. Any man who would ever go to boys town should be arrested immediately immediately and by the way boys town is the richest square mile on the face of the earth yeah, and so it
It was considered a city in a charitable organization, so it got crazy tax breaks. So, there's also a belief that a lot of the forty million dollars that he embezzled when back to the actual shareholders at boys, town to be used as rat holes, to hold his money until he got out of jail. So do they have like boy Meyers? Was everyone just a child like little kid cops like you been trying, simply don't didn't want to win the election of being boy mayor because we've got a promotion. You know, I'm saying it wasn't good. No, so it seems the whole time that Larry King Lawrence King, his partner in crime with a guy named Craig Spence, okay, Craig Spencer, was a correspondent for ABC in Vietnam and he eventually made his way into the black mailing business blackmailing right wing politicians in Japan. Are you told me that the? U S and some, but not We were in Vietnam just you know.
No ABC Center NICE get over Vietnam and they came back all messed up yeah, and then he committed crimes against other people. Oh absolutely, this guy did anybody come back better and for Vietnam. I want to know somebody like her father because he was stationed on the submarine in the Gulf of Mexico him in his boys, literally just play like Mchales Navy type, prank. So yeah it sounds like the movie down periscope. Yes, so Spence he had a gigantic house in Washington. The house was bugged from floor to ceiling, so this guy had dirt on everybody all the time he always bragged about. His CIA connections were going to get into the CIA later, but he also said he also probably could have been a floating member of the CIA. What we learn about the more and more you read into this stuff, you learn about how many of these guys aren't. Even unfucking pay, don't even have paperwork, they really getting paid in brown paper bags back and forth, and sometimes they don't even know that they're working for the CIA, they think they're working for another company, yeah yeah,
and so this guy Craig Spence this is, he was actually busted in nineteen. Eighty nine. This is from a Washington Times call the article is called homosexual prostitution inquiry in snares with Reagan and Bush. The In times, article alleged, the key officials in the Ronald Reagan and George Hw Bush administrations, or connected to an elaborate Washington DC male prostitute, ring and reported that two of these prostitutes even entered the White House at night well then it's actually went to jail for this right? Yes, he did. This makes the whole like Ronald Ragan, being grandpa, really disgusting. You know 'cause it's almost like Texas, Chainsaw massacre, but yeah, so actually Craig Spence. He didn't actually go to jail.
We committed suicide less than a year after that Washington sign Martin Times article came out and we're going to be seeing a lot of those throughout this story. A lot of people committing suicide, because this is a suspicious suicide. I would very suspicious suicide. See I actually use a term called get suicided, it's actually it's uh there was talking about this. Guy named web was saying he was journalists. I forget what story was covering something to do with Afghanistan and he called basically said he got suicide because they found him dead of two self inflicted gunshot wounds to the face two to the natives too. So take it never like inductors the corner came out. It was like you know what you don't know very calm, and you see the old two to the head yeah, it's mostly the one, but it seems like he just shot once through his mouth, because he
the policy and then shot himself in the head proper right right, yeah. I mediums rough. If you were the hit man, that's going over to see this guy and you have to make it look like a suicide. That's just a bad day. He has just so you know that's what you can't ask these people to do: get suicide on Mondays! All you gotta get these guys. You treat you take the corpse right. You strangle address. Some of the Bell hop! Take A bunch of bananas at the top of the flight of stairs and just throw him down the flight of stairs that's another way to do it yeah. So it's said that These tours that Craig spends took of the White House at night with the male prostitutes. It is said that one of the people, along with an underage fifteen year old boy, named Paul Benaki. Now Paul the is. The center piece of this entire investigation. This is the main witness. This is the guy that tells us more about the Franklin Coverup than anybody else. He was kidnapped at the age of six and was put into
sex slavery from the ages of six to seventeen. Now I will warn you right now: I'm going to be reading a lot of testimony from Paul Benaki, I'm going to be reading a lot of MS from their up so take a drink. Now this is a drink time. That's true, yeah take a drink. Now this is going to be really really bad. Let me ask real quick: did he come from a troubled home as well, because a lot of the times the way they describe these guys getting swept up into the into this scene is because they were already partying, but it feels like that's just defaming the victims. Sometimes that is true, but not all the time I think Paul Benaki was. I think he was just a regular kid. I was trying to think it's impossible not to be an underage fifteen year old,
yeah I mean, maybe the only over age. Fifteen year old, Lebron James, you were seeing at fifteen bigger, saying, though the bigger you are, then I'm physically larger you are the more capable you are of accepting being molested, sure yeah. Well, we could say sure, all right. This is uh from court testimony. Is the judge? Ask him where were the see, answer down Washington DC. There was it's between adult men, another adult men, but most of it had to do with young boys and young girls with the older folks. Specifically for sex with minors. Also in Washington DC, there were parties after a party there were the parties were there will be senators and congressmen who had nothing to do with the sexual stuff, but there were some senators and congressmen who stayed for the pad a file sex that part who's. The for the pedophile parties, afterwards on a lot of the trips he took us on. He had us, I mean
I met some people that I don't feel comfortable telling their name, because I don't want to the judge said. Are you scared, and he said yes, after party in the after the afterparty in, of course, the hotel lobby they're just full of people, adults and then the mid twenty four seven Mcdonnell's yell and then the waffle house. So but it went when he said by he would take as layer the king used to fly children all around the country for these parties and in fact there were. I feel like
let's not use the word parties, I mean a lot of good books. I love a party apart in event. I don't know what else to call how much shipping? What would the kid call at column bouts about that seems to be a proper term. He would a lot of time. He would use the Offut air for AIR Force Base or no we're not going to get off it way way, of course, but it's like a part of this is where he would go and pick him up was where they had the tarmac and he had a? U you at these receipts for airplane rise, you had manifests and Larry King himself had two hundred seat receipts for planes chartered that always had five to eight a name to passengers. Okay, yeah. I never said who the you would really want to transport boys wrote you could do is have them all stand on each other's shoulders like on like and put a big trench coat over him and a hat, and you all know this is your lawyer. We don't
Actually, Henry that usually works. If you want to transport transport, cartoon cats, that's actually good for cartoon cats and the next thing you know you realize your lawyers been a cat, this whole time yeah! Oh man! Oh no, wonder he keeps bugging destroying my couch. Isn't that terrible I've got the first name right now, I'm going give you the first name out of all the politicians that we're going have here- and this is a surprising name that Benaki simply name the congressman. Barney, Frank. Okay as having participated, hello, all I can say a yeah. I talking on your your belly button. He told the judge that he had relationships with them in Washington DC. It was flown to Massachusetts for sex in the basement of Frank's Boston, home, the annoying way. Barney Frank, would molest
He is the most aggravating man to begin with and that, if he's molesting you that's just that's just tough to deal with. Alright. Let's read this please alright! So I'm also want to say this court testimony came out in nineteen. Ninety nine. This is way after the time period, because this is when they. Finally, basically they got sick. Being that means their lives were destroyed a lot of time. These these things will be done. They would do these things in his presence. They would give them drugs, they would give them. They were give the money they would like Ray would buy them. Fancy, coats and hats right, yeah, these big, then that would that's what the testimony was so controversial because it's sort of a catch. Twenty two words like Muman, far to victimize to be trusted your brain brains, peanut butter, your yeah you're, no you're destroyed. We can't take it seriously, all right, so here's more court testimony from Paul Benaki, they put guns up to my head had guns, put in my mouth freaking center boys men to jump me. He had them pretty well beat the tar out of me from the waist down, so nobody would see the marks
my fingers broken. I can remember them burning me with hot instruments placing inside me, almost all the cattle prod, but be put inside, and then they'd shock me inside my big trails Yes, and they would you mean electrically heated. Would put it in and then push a button, and it would shock me done by Larry King at his direction at his direction If they wanted to get something passed through the legislature, he would put some people that were against it in a compromising position by using US boys and girls. Was this by your being the sexual partner of that person? Yes, any instruments of how often you participated as a sexual partner of one of these persons that he wanted to get some kind of control over four times, and it would be four five in the night sometime
dozens of times with the same person take a drink over a wet fart. I thought that was a fart. That's what I thought too. As long as Henry I thought we talked no fart noise, no fart noises, alright, everyone well, that was Marcus and Marcus, and Henry in a new Broadway play called pillow talk, so yeah, that's pretty rough yeah, so just the perfect, so again, Mk Ult! This is so this is taking place what nineteen eighty one. This is more like: eight thousand five hundred and eighty six, eight thousand five hundred and eighty six. So again, this is way out of the official timeline of the Mk Ultra Thin and they're. Doing the same exact shed will MK ultra. This doesn't seem to have the end game of like we're, making Jason Bourne like they're, just like we're, making it we're going to shatter lives, but just making sex slaves. That's all it is. It's like we were talking about the other day on the last episode with the finders is that there are are their entire purpose was to breakdown children, so they could sell them into sex slavery like that was there, but
well, I mean we'll get into sex slavery later. This is the one the one positive of all. This is, if you are a victim of the toy box killer, You know when you got to escape if you're the gal who escaped you, read this story in feel lucky. You know you really well, we've done on time at least there's only a couple days. A couple of days. You know it wasn't. Nine years was an Oscar, but not you know, so you look on the brighter. It's like with that's been give me good perspective, and I read Damien Echols book about solitary confinement. I said not going to feel so at a you know, a sorry about comedy, sometimes because I say I'm not in solitaire e, you know Jesus Christ, so Paul bonacci. He told investigators are Paul. Benaki told investigators that the x ring was based out of office, AIR Force Base near Omaha, and he said that he had been taken there to be abused many many times. He said that he was trained by tortures, heavy drugging sexual degradation. As Henry saying breaking these people down- yeah, I'm not here, is
where it starts getting a little weird here it starts to get here. This is the weird part is I I know so far as a child has been penetrated and in the rain is by a heated prongs. Yes, but now it's going to start to get weird, okay in a national sense, nice and start again. We're now all AIR force base. This was on the day of September 11th, two thousand and one. This was where President George, W Bush went from all the way from Florida all the way from Florida to Omaha NE to have the very first planning session for nine hundred and eleven, the first actual national briefing
It's one of our main. I did some research, it's one of our main nuclear hubs in the country. There's a lot of heat is a lot of feel. The feeling is is that if there was nuclear war like globally, you would be to our deep big United States Center of the nuclear planning. What happened at all fit also Warren Buffett was there on the day of September, eleventh and key had brought the two companies entire companies that were on the exact floors of the plane hit when it hit two. A charitable golf game. Two. I had Offit AIR Force Base coincidence
it could be. Yeah no, but mark is playing well actually about that markets, and I were just talking about that. Yesterday in North Dakota, South Dakota as well those those countries are, those states are off the map. Those were all our hard target silos are, they were all gone and there's other stuff coming in on Nebraska, especially the Franklin Credit Union, the IRAN Contra affair. It said the lot of the money from that was followed through the Franklin Credit Union. It seems to me a shirt that just has the an outline of the state Nebraska with all this information and then Nebraska be like not so boring anymore. Thank you very much. The chapter two of the Franklin Coverup is called Nebraska is death waste that's good. It's like it's like when you see somebody who dresses really really well and they're like really super polished, and then you get to their house and you realize they want to do nothing but you're, but you know that's it.
It's interesting! The stranger began. If you could tell me what we said the before suffering a lot more horrible details here, but again I think overall assumption of now I am now almost I'm almost convinced that it's not satanic, it's not magical, there's not even a reptilian around, because I think even the reptiles and be upset because they will be like you are you them. You should be eating them, but a nicer in a way. I think it's almost nicer, but I think that day
it is it's it's a secret keeping organization. That's why all the is put three things, because they got they get dirt all over these guys, so that nobody can budge, and nobody can with these in quite because IRAN Contra was then tied to how much all the bullshit I was reading about IRAN Contra, which we could we could do a whole flock, and you could do whatever tire podcast about about like you know the connections to that and and how the run off from that money went to help Osama Bin Laden get trained in Afghanistan and its master yeah. It's a mess over the Colombians like that. The drug money was also phone through a lot of this stuff, sir getting sweet, plantains yeah, that's what it's all about a number, so basically, nine eleven was because so Bush had a reason to go to to the snow outside of Omaha just to get yeah just to get his rocks off. You know when you're ovulating going in invading two countries, it's good to be it's going to have fun around. You know you got to be comfortable and have a have about. You know get some beers yeah
and so you ask ok, yes, then all this stuff is pretty weird. The Bush at George Bush Junior may be involved, but you know who was implicated by several different witnesses was George Bush senior. Ok, yes, and they said they saw him at one party paying for a nineteen like was it said something fourteen year old black kid named Brent to lake with him yeah. Sorry, I don't know if it's been boring, when we have, you ever met a black dude named Brent. That story is flawed. Well, this girl, her name was LISA. She was alleged child prostitute. She testified to the social worker named Julie, Walters that she had met. Vice President George Bush at the Republican Convention, where Lawrence King sang the national anthem. Now this little girl LISA, she was pours funk. She came from a horrible background. She doesn't know who the vice president is. She doesn't
with the Republican National convention. Is this other girl? You is Washington. She said that at one particular party she was the one that saw George Bush senior taking money and then leave with the black dude name brand, and this was there was another party where Lee show this is a public. The party were Alicia was, was told to dress in a negligee and sit on the couch and that everyone could deal with ever. They want her sexually, but not to penetrate her we'll get to that. We'll get to that later. That comes with that comes with the leisure Ward Block, okay yeah, so that was the only show, and I'm sorry and sorry that comes only Show- and this is you often okay,
yeah how old this ties in even further to George W Bush and how it ties into Paul, but not keep the benaki said that when he was ten to fourteen years old, he was used as a decoy in malls and parks to lower other children. His age, near in automobiles of the adult members, could grab the victims, force them into the cars all in another, youth would jump on the victim's chloroform and the victims will be taken to a secluded location and all she, the off in places like LAS Vegas NV.
Toronto benaki also said that the base in Nevada is about fifty miles north of LAS Vegas on an air strip. There were kids that were placed in our mark. Planes operated by said foreigners with accents wearing turbans would be weird if, instead of they went instead of going to sexual slavery, they went into like those places. Like you remember, the movie, the toy yeah, where was just like they just go to these like perfect places that everyone is all free because they think it's as big sex slave like straight, but it's really buying kids and send them to Wonka's chocolate factory. That would be nice yeah as of a golden ticket. No, no, no, they were just rude and they were also putting campers and they were drug when they were putting the campers in case the a cop stop. There was no Richard Pryor at the end of the road, for these players have also this was this Johnny, but not by, but not. He said that he was involved in taking a little boy named Jonny GOSH, yes, Johnny GOSH was the kid that was we get featured in the Michael Aquino Sex.
Allegations tape, Michael Aquino, also comes into this story as the do they called the colonel, and you show up a lot of Larry King's parties. Yeah yeah. This is all this is all together now Johnny GOSH, he said Papa Doc. He said that he was involved in kidnapping this kid Johnny GOSH and Johnny. Gosh supposedly shows up years later at the White House yeah. Now this Glendon fellow now this is Jeff and served as a pool reporter serving for the younger Bush. In that think. The first administration heat also advertised himself as a male escort charging two hundred dollars an hour like now been. I know you know some stuff about this part of the case. This is Paula. This is like hardcore. Politics is well.
I don't think it's him. I watched a lot of this. This it is getting character, it gave you get molested a whole bunch of times and stuff and then,
I promise you a job better than that. I'm sorry, I don't you know all the secrets about foreign policy, because I was blown you. What you guys were talking about. You know the the the the Cold war and it was you that was blowing me yeah. So I already know what I'm doing just give me into a security position where maybe I can have some foreign policy. You know some real opinions on something that matters just want to be a cub reporter in the press pool I mean you got the lowest job, I mean the flat, so I just want to clean water fountains, and so we we just make your life miserable for twenty years. You you want to add or that electric bold about hold, maybe jump up and down the skip it, but yeah actually would rather sell hot dogs outside of the window. Are you sure you can have any position you want? We almost doubled, landed just likes mustard, didn't tubes of meat, as you can tell when welding yeah yeah very good, very good. So this is what this is a very, very fun conspiracy, theory and the funk, the man what you want to go in a test of one of the one of the fun, because this
it's interesting, what they want all these kids. They have not gonna gets they did, and you know I mean really people there's just so quick to be like that's impossible, but that you don't in places overseas, born into brothels a great documentary about it. The human sex raise a very real thing, very detail, real and, as a matter of fact, it was just a fellow up, and I think it was up in Harlem that was call two kids He had kidnapped and was about to, like you know, send into the you know, put him into one of the of the system and having flow for all around the country. So this is very real. There's a woman who's just kidnapped outside of the port authority. Here in New York City, she made it all the way to Utah that's right for and she was in the sex slavery, trade, the entire way, Black slavery in America is very, very really, but
Of course, what people say to themselves like? Okay? Yes, it's real, but there's no way that the government can be assured this there's no way that the people in higher echelons of power can be involved as a. Let me tell you what the people in the higher echelons of power I mean this is not in. Of course, this is a terrible dictator Mohammed get out of the office like Gaddafi. It just came out today that that that this guy kept us next dungeons in Tripoli University. So he could rape, students after lectures and, of course, went after the invasion uh in Libya. There they toured his house and he had a lot of John Wayne Gacy Rooms, in other words no one was allowed in, except for him, and they were just torture dungeons as well. I mean yes, he was blood. Real thing is that at least it's only what's fuct up as they do it just do it. We do it here with political gain involved. We're doing it here in order to get things over on people like It's not it's again. It's not. It is about the sex, but it's about building
and this boys club it's about building this if you want in, if you want in on the real power players wear come to the after after party, you have to watch what happens at the after after party and not open, and we have now gotten to the biggest after after party. There is the biggest boys club for the elite in the entire world. Bohemian Grove. So I'm going to say it again take a drink and on this one after the end of this, I'm going to play you something: yeah it'll be good yeah. So, let's get in here now. This is Sunil Bahamian Grove. We know well yeah, it's a bunch of places where people go and they you know they finally, each other and they talk about rockets and then sometimes her assures there will possibly so bad that Bahamian Grove and if you get a chance or one of our favorite guys are on Alex Jones, he's got a great video of himself outside of the growth and just just fat just screaming. So we have a strong. His voice is going man, oh yeah, real, fast, good, Paul Benaki
He insisted that all this took place at the base of a forty foot. Owl and that the location was somewhere near Sacramento. He said that he they landed in Sacramento and they drove somewhere with very tall trees. Okay, GE, bohemian Grove, okay yeah so take that drink. There was a cage with a boy in it who wasn't wearing anything. They told me. I the boy and stuff, at first, I said no and they held a gun to my balls and said: do it are also lose some we this stuff. Honestly, if I do what I want to do that, so I want to have a daughter, just so when she starts dating when she, seventeen or maybe twenty seven I can have a gun to dudes. Balls is like you're, no different than them no way to ruin. The mood been sorry already go bad testimony, sir. We do with this stuff and by the way, when I say we did this stuff, I'm not going to read that part of
is too bad. It's it's gratuitous He said if it and playing prince of Persia. No is that what you're saying he said We did the stuff to the boy for about thirty minutes or an hour when a man came in. He grabbed the boy and started fucking him. The was ten inches long and the boys screamed in the man was forcing his dick into the boy all the way. The man tossed him and put the boy right. Next to me and grabbed a gun and blue the boy's head off They then forced me to fuck the dead boy of the AAS. They made us is the boy's lips and eat them out Then they made me do something I don't even want to write. So I want they've been filming it They cleaned us up and took us to a house. They had to film and they played it as the men watched they passed Nicholas and I around as if we were toys and sexually abused us they made Nicholas and I screw each other and one of the men put the dead, boy's penis. In my nicholas his mouth, I didn't want to write this
the man forced me to buy the boy's, penises and balls off, I was there for about five days. It's that It's nicer this way. I just feel like it's worse. I really think it makes the whole situation we're talking about about Mister Rogers you're, going to play something to clean a pallet, and I said it should be like fart noises place that it should be in for else happy. So yeah, that's what I said. When are you bringing Mister Rogers into this and this because Mister Rogers is the only good thing then this world? That's very true, he's the one pure good light that we have. We gotten Jimmy Saville Room somewhere, I'm sure he doesn't know. I know I'm sorry. I didn't mean that Mister Rogers well in a separate testimony. Descamps said that Benaki told him that Larry King was smiling and laughing the whole time the film was being shown, of course, being like. I can't believe you
this film this then I would be. I would be question what he was doing yeah and he. This is weird. This is a really weird thing that he said that they want you to read this yeah. I don't want to say it, but I'm not going to ignore the facts. Henry yeah He said that they had stopped in LAS Vegas on the way to Sacramento. Tyson was there in. There was a tiger in there's a bachelor party that I love this movie yeah, but he said that the guy, the jury picture of the snuff film that they picked up in las Vegas. He named him as Thompson Hunter S, Thompson!
I mean honestly, I you know, I don't believe that for a fucking. Second, I think it's the least shocking information we've heard so far. No, I don't have a possible sure. I don't think honestly you. He was also working on the conventional lot and I'm sure they picked up. He was not the director of this. Nothing just say again: bite the kids by his balls, yeah yeah yeah, the directory of the snuff film. Like the word party, I think we're using the word direct are wrong. Guy holding the camera We didn't see the movie yeah, but it was amazing, osado mean so now it's horrible, it's horrible! That's! When you first thing: I've ever read on errands, so worst thing, I've ever it's the worst thing. I've ever seen in my life when you set a ten inch man I for some reason I just picture Terry, the gnome. I really did even Terry just sitting there, just like just like
guys. This is a little bit much hi guys it was a through the thing with the dead boy, just go fox right, yeah. Terry has a heart. Yeah Terry, definitely know he just rapes animal yeah. So that's it that's fine. I mean that's. I talked about the very least comparatively acceptable, comparatively exceptionally acceptable. So now, let's get into how to put some perspective like how weird it is that idea that people like fucking dogs and stuff was like fuck a dog, that's what you need to do totally. Instead, now. Let's get to the. Investigation of the case. This is when I don't. So if this is when your stomach starts to really turn, because this is when you say after hearing all that horrible shit. This is how you to see this entire case. Slipping through the fingers of
dozens of people that are trying to do is is we would believe these kids. Nobody would believe. No, that's not true. Like know what id people believe them after a bike after the grand jury. Testimony after came out, they did one under Brzesko Radio station did a poll and, as like, is there some sort of pet of all ring going on in Omaha Ninety percent of the people that called and said? Yes, like the people we arrested, they knew something was up at the same time, people still there a lot of people who actively believe that Barack Obama is a iguana talking about the a yes we I didn't believe in them. The child attractive services did and they did everything they could. But then there would be all see it again and again, when you watch conspiracy of silence to like we bring the facts of the FBI in that nothing would happen. Yeah eighty seven percent of people believe in angels and things like that yeah well the for,
worst case that started leading investigators to Larry King was the Nelly and Kimberly Webb case in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. According to a Nebraska state Police report, the Nebraska Foster CARE Review Board letter to the attorney General Nebraska SEN. It's Franklin Committee Investigative Report in a fifty page report. By boys, town welfare case officer, Julie, Walters, pedophile, victims Nelly and Kimberly Webb detailed, a massive child sex home. Actual important pornography operation run out of Nebraska by Larry King, with close ties directly to Congress and The White House Nelly said that at these parties hosted at these ballots hosted by Larry King. She said in a good looking pretty and innocent and gas could engage in any sexual activity they wanted. And how old was she here? She was fourteen years old. Okay,
any sexual activity they wanted, but penetration was not allowed. Nelly said that's where she first met. Vice President George Bush. She also mentally cannot watching movies at these parties who George Bush he's a swinger behind closed doors. Man you know like his father was his father. Was a real fucker Preston? Bush was another part of the majestic twelve original talking. Mk Ultra group is fucking people, and now we gotTA fucking cuddly George W sitting around Peyton was terrable painting, so Fuckin' Kim Jong Moon all day. Well, I think there were some good paintings. He had one about a dog that I thought was kind of good, yeah, yeah dog one. Will you get remember that George Bush Senior was the director of the CIA before he was vice president. He was the director of the CIA, so he's down with some dirty dirty dirty. You know, some things very dirty shit yeah, so the other guy that came like selling a lot of socks on I don't feel like they took their stocks off.
No, I don't think, that's what it's yeah. I socks, Argyle Argyle, yeah, sweaty, glasses, yeah, reconnects, cigars, not good. But you know I wanted to say this though- and this is especially 'cause- it was came out in the 80s- there was a diff, I don't always like the way they lump homosexuality in there. If it was just gay parties, I'm like yeah cool hell, yeah cord for the most part, that's just all it was, which is I mean I feel like. There was a lot of that where it was like these after parties. I don't think it was. I mean I hate it. I mean I don't know, but it feels like it's all mixed in where it starts with just like whatever peccadillo is come out to the after after parties and you can get it. You know you want drugs, you want, do you want a menu, want women and then it's just like for the spice year, partygoers right, the other room, yeah yeah. It starts with dudes blowing each other and then eventually goes a two sided biting the dead boys cock off.
Well, I don't think that word starts. That seems like something Fred Phelps would save. A lot of my party started for the group to sing along to golden slumbers. I'm not talking about homosexuals and talking about the government, because these people write these same people that are doing this horrible ship. This is, what's walked up as the same people that are doing. These things are the same people that rail against gay marriage. Of course yes same people, and you know what I don't think the more I think about it. I don't think that these people do this shit and then rail against gay marriage, because they are shamed of being homosexual. I think they rail against gay marriage, because it's funny, I think they enjoyed thinking it's funny, it's hard to get some all juiced up for it and they know they're doing some extra naughty and there it's totally truth. The whole thing
Looking at you know, that's my that's my view where I just want to take. I don't even want to put kill these people. I just want to take a mall in Lynam up and tar and feather oven, funking spank coming to town square and leave it in the stocks. We need to get rid of our government now as soon as soon as they can start. There was like we just need to get rid of our government Well then, just another bunch of psychopaths will fill the vacuum, but I think that if you're talking feather am and spank him in the middle of the town and they're going to love it they're going to die yeah and then yeah and they're going to love it they're going to die doing what they loved it. So the second piece of the puzzle in the lead up to the investigation was a man name Rusty Nelson yeah. This is a funny name, rusty Nelson. He was reported in eight thousand six hundred and eighty seven by a mother who said that Nelson had tried to force her underage daughter to take naked pictures.
Of course, investigators went to Rusty Nelson's apartment, his studio. They found lots of pictures of underage girls in various stages of undress short rusty nails. But they started following the money. As far as how rusty Nelson was able to afford this very nice studio only taken pictures of little girls yeah they found that his rent was paid by none other than Larry King. He was also Larry King's personal photographer and Nelson also stated years later in that civil trial in nineteen. Ninety nine, the as a private photographer Larry King. His duties include taking photographs surreptitiously of specific people into make sure to photograph certain people if they were close enough to be photographed together. We have one thing: these guys knew what to do with cover their own fucking ass, look at the same time, it's out in the open, it's all out in the open, right, there's receipts it's written on pieces of paper that they were there, that they're spending money on these people
things where I would say, no need for a receipt with a donut perverted Peter Parker. This fella, Spiderman taken taken all the wrong picture. I don't get a receipt for my coffee here in the ongoing receipt. When I don't do her books, why would you get a receipt for the kid that do the taking pictures of the naked boys are raping? I guess you just need for tax reasons. You have documents to guess so yeah. So the third part of the third witness in the lead up to the investigation, Loretta Smith, now she told. This guy Officer Carmine, who had been investigating the other guy who have been get investigating rusty Nelson yeah. I he also caught wind of this, because Larry King's name came up in uh a report that Loretta Smith had made to a child services woman. With regards to Larry King. She said that she knows that he supports devil warship activities. Ok now,
we are about to get into the Satanic WAR type stuff, the same test, the cool stuff. Technically technically, this is yeah technically
Klay So- and this is very in a very interested because at this time in America, the satanic panic was in full swing full swing by and I am to see- and this is the problem- and I think that's why the only again it's well, it's a very complicated psychological game. You know that these kids are being basically told that they're crazy over time they come forward. They say that they're witnessing satanic ritual abuse, and so we do what you can do is it do? You can trust up in a big fancy robe and do a bunch of sick and then, when that kid tries to go and say that I was abused by a satanic cult, everyone calls him crazy. Your keep buying the gas lighting going you're, keeping up the logic on your side and making the victims look crazy, and these are individuals who create the logic of the country right everything they control the media. And again, if you look at all the people that the name you know he got
government you've got the finance you. The finance world you got military you've got entertainment, you've got it's all over the map, it's every fucking, every every platform folks in a lot of different jobs. So this girl, Loretta Smith, she had started attending these parties when she was about eleven years old. And The same is Sir Quote: unquote saying is when I say Satan is from now on. I use the term very loosely. I mean as soon as a devil, Worshipper Devil, worshipper. Yes, the devil. Worshippers they decide the tester to try to bring her into the group. Leroy can act and sat test. Some might that seizures yeah our first look at a sixty, it's kind of like an act yeah, it's kind of like that. No essays, though so, no ss, okay, good yeah yeah. So in her for, test. She was locked in a room with an infant, the men inside cut. The little girls head off the infants had off
stuck it on the wall and made her sit in front of it she had to. Take the head off the wall. The men held her down while they cut the eyes out of little girls head, then Loretta in the body locked in the room for twenty four hours. While she could hear another girl screaming the return and told Loretta that she had passed the test. Identified, two of the men as king and a mister Finn who she indicated was a high school principal and uh ocean ily. She identified other men with names such as ACE King horse, Jerry Lucifer. In a man known simply as MIKE jury, a loser, that's your name is shows very little. You're making up a satanic make came on the spot. You're gonna have a problem, I think about it a bit of time. Other one is just like these are the same people that are making abortion illegal yeah they do this to a child. Yeah seems extreme
no, but other sacrifices that you witnessed like she saw female get her head. Taken off by saw she four year old hung from the wall and had darts thrown at him. There was a little indian girl that was about three or four. She had several body parts cut off, after which it was ground and poor the girls and then they were made to drink the remains of the child. Now, let me ask you this: why do I have a better time, believing this than I do of Hunter S? Thompson directing a snuff film because hunt? Thompson it because the Hunter Thompson's a name Hunter Thompson, just to name the idea that someone would make this up is No crooked and ridiculous. There's like this, even if just a fraction of what this is that happened happened and she was like If one percent of this is true, then all of those people should have been put to death. Yet I mean
if one percent have any. One of the stories are true and so you're just looking at percentages. It comes down to a good good to a point just like. Even if one fact is right, even if it was just, she was in a room with walk in a skiing horse, jury, Lucifer and MIKE, and she was being you sexually. Even if that was just a story, all all those dudes should be in a fucking concrete square until their skeletons yeah well right and the woman who took her testimony or nameless got. Her name is Carol Stitt
I she said that the girl was very concrete about who is present what was happening, the dates specific information and she said that in June you know she works with children all the time and she has one of the ways that you know it's not a fantasy is the details that they give you sure and she wasn't going off the rails. It wasn't like you know, because you can compare this to it like the satanic, panic stuff, the Mcmartin preschool trial. You know this is dumb, you know, doesn't make watch it on the toilet, flushed out into a being flown across the country being buried alive in semester. Again, if you look at the idea that the world drugs- that's my problem, that when it comes down to it, it's like I I I believe, a kid. The kids come forward and saying they should is happening. I must believe the child comes down to it, it's like if they are getting lace, fuqing LSD and they don't know what they're talking about I don't know I don't. It sounds like it sounds like crazy, but you know, then you would look at that case that
They were saying that there was a tunnel built through the bathroom that went down in the like one when he says he's flushed down the toilet. It's just a kid being a kid and then being drugs in taken all three of these together, the information is overlapping through information is getting corroborated, but yeah I mean the webs the woman who reported that the rusty Nelson trial of the rest. You know if investigation which, by the way nothing happened with that and this girl all three people, all three investigations implicate layer. King, the entire time, the police chief, this guy and Robert Weidman, the entire lot in water yeah, of course, is what and so what men, the entire time he's trying to sweep this under the rug he's trying to tell the investigators like listen back off as soon as Larry King's name was mentioned in any other way. As soon as the police chief heard, that Larry King's name is mentioned in any of this stuff, he got his down to the officers like hey. Are you investigating Larry King? Don't don't do
and it's only because it's like, because the man himself was not very important, but is the ship that he had on people. It's what people allow themselves when you feel like you need to belong, or your ambition is so huge that you want to. You know like goofy. Looking like you will do anything to be president you'll do anything. You know like Let me do you, like all the every politician that you love, has done something Fuct up. Well, yeah you're, going to do a lot of you break some eggs to make an omelette as they say, but I'll tell you what I'm really learning here is the banks are good, can't These credit unions. You know you can't trust them one bit
so you've never had this happen in a Bank of America through Citibank, known unknown Chase Bank, where I'm at no one is. Thank you can bring your change in there and you just need just give you cash. They do and you don't even have to be a good customer. You don't even have to be yeah and it brings you they give you they give your dogs, you know a dog treat which is kind of nice These credit unions. They're having sex with all your kids but yeah cheap. I was wrong and that was what occupied was talking about. When I talk you as a part of it. So is yeah, of course it is yeah. So all of this investigative stuff. This is all background it doesn't start really getting gone. The investigation doesn't start going until the Franklin Committee is
form- and you know what we're at an hour already and we've got already at an hour. Well, let's do a three parter with. Let's do a three part. We have to do that. 'cause, we're just now we're just now at the investigative committee very good. Well, I'm hanging up is only begun. Then I know I know I'm happy you're going to be tortured for another week. It's always nice yeah. This way heavy, very heavy episode and of course we always bring levity to the situations, but that this one's a little bit a little bit heavier than most but have area, but is interested in good to know and, of course, good too good to be aware of the possibility that at any point in time, you're voting for somebody who is a terrable maniacal super villain? just don't trust you cannot do don't take buddy by how they look on how they sound do some research on them do some research on the
because it really only people. You know lyric king, like his first question, you ask any politician: do you know lyrics king and if they say yeah yeah, not goofy, suspenders Larry King shall prostitute Larry King or you catch them, and they say like black, like call Larry, king or suspender wearing Larry, king and they're like black after Larry King, and they say oh no. No, I don't know him. No, I don't know him very interesting. The way you raise your voice and then I didn't even mention. I thought, of course famous Larry King Larry King needs to be this lyric king should be more famous. This is our Kony, two thousand and twelve yeah we gotta make this Larry King, more famous than the actual relatively, good person. He needs
found wherever he is. He needs to be pulled out from whatever rockies hiding on over and he needs to be embarrassed. He's gone, and this should should never leave, have never leave him. It should exist like a stink on him for the rest of his life sounds like you're gonna make him wear a dress. I mean I don't know where. On Tuesday we should be a long fight. You will be embarrassed. Mister king, I mean I would love that punishment would love to see that everyday him have come out with like it's like a cow with a big bell on and the guy dressed as a farmer throwing eggs at him. Yeah, I mean yeah? Be amazed? That would be fine. I mean honestly again, I'm any jokes that we're making here is just because this is a comedy podcast yeah. We have to bring her back. We have to deal with the should somehow all right. Well, that's the whole show for today and we'll go come I This is our first three partners, absolutely our first, three potter yeah yeah hours straight partner, Hail Satan. Everyone said true Satan, the bringer of knowledge, not the hydor of secrets. Yes, the illuminator,
and, of course, hail yourselves? That's Henry loves. You on Twitter, that's mark is parked on Twitter, I'ma Ben Kissel on Twitter and yeah hail yourselves and how gain let me Asian, that Saudi, be careful out there yeah be careful guys and just just remember it's a check right feeling you know you're alive, it's such a happy feeling allowing inside and as such a sinister yeah. Now it's actually going to ruin the song. I think we should have went with this was saying we should with such a good, it makes me feel better. I mean, I think, there's something wrong with you guys, there's nothing wrong with me: yeah! No, no! No! It's sweet, it's sweet, it's very sweet and very nice. It does make it sound. Really bad, and you know you guys, are running.
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