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Episode 120: The Satanic Government Part III: The Franklin Cover-Up Part II

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Our series on the Satanic government draws to a close with the investigation, trials, and the ultimate injustice that is the Franklin Cover-Up.

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Everybody before we get started. I'd like to remind you all that this Saturday April, twenty six we got last podcast on the left, live at creek drive to ninety three Jackson, Ave in Long Island City, queens, go to Creek, Lyc com for more details. Maybe we'll see you there There's no place to escape to this is the last time That's not good for you, six!
Z, United and it's been super feel so good. I'm already going to go. Alright, everyone, that's Marcus Parks, I'm Ben Kissel, back in the studio with us. We have a fellow with who is he I happened to you know I got back into town, I'm a little hungover right, so, let's just say, Gollum Henrys Broski, but don't call him late for dinner, every Sobrowski early, that's the character yeah! that's a very real life character. Today, that's good Henry, so good to be back in the studio. We have a lot of controversy. Then I know you can't say much. Peanut butter gates. It's really been heating up the facebook page. I cannot express the actual details of said peanut butter.
But, let's just say I had a run in with peanut butter. You had a run in with it. Yes, that's the reason why we didn't have an episode. There was a run in with peanut butter. Ok, that could not be avoided. You would be surprised the consistent what peanut butter does? What does the properties of peanut butter or interesting? Ok, what because it's a fatty it's like mayonnaise but for children, I consider mayonnaise for adults. Sure great mayonnaise is an adult condiment. You have to be an adult to understand it. Peanut butter is ver child. Alright, it's a good source of protein, that's right, yeah! So another fact I can say about peanut butter and I can say it takes seven pounds to cover me. Seven pounds. Well, that's not. There was a run in with peanut butter. Well, you look great 'cause. I think you should also yeah the only other yeah I will say peanut butter.
Certainly clogs up a shower drain. That's awesome man! It's really fun! When the made the look on a maid's face when you walk home and she's walking out of a hotel room, and he literally 'cause, it's like a room full Peanut butter chunks, all up in the shower right, I may have left to do in the toilet, Reconna, a weed in their bottles and the sky. Each bottle just like over everywhere stains everywhere mom and not a woman to be found. No, not oh, no! No! No! It's very hard to say when you wanna come back to my place, that it looks like come a senators or g as if it was a part of some gigantic cover. That's right, of course, were on par three welcome back sadism in government, but Henry of course you know, we've had a lot of negative
words in a lot of negative. I need to be twenty pages about anyone. You would you want to. You want to clear the clear to say this name. I just want to say it again. Let's all remember why we are satanists, because it's fun because the girls are beautiful, they are the men are powerful. Well, I That's what you know the I mean the women are powerful and beautiful and the men are us, the men or not yeah, so we're like it in this allows us to hang out with powerful, beautiful women. That's right, yes and all commiserate, and the setting is just great for the legs. Yeah it feels so nice when it's just switching back and forth between your legs around You know I mean so. The robes are great
I go to use our common back. I want to say, let's all remember. I feel like you're, sort of the reason that the vast majority of you know mentally stunted people beak. It became hippies in the sixties, yeah the fashion for the fact you just sort of like a fashion statement about the tenets of state does to a true statement. It's about it's a known as its citizens about symbols and filling them with with energy and power and and you get enjoying yourself- and you know you're fighting for your right to be by yourself sure, which is wonderful. So, let's, let's, let's give everyone a taster remember of what it, isn't fun yeah, let's hear it hit it Anton, immediately think of a monkey. This is Anton Lavey playing the Calliope e big old smile on his evil face
God is terrified. I know it is still scary. Yes, but that's the best part come into the party. Won't you! No! No. Can we at least maybe turn down the volume of the client? Listen. We can speak with each other they're really loud. There's some girl just like moving her pec muscles back and forth to her making her boobys bounces. That would be fun fun. Is your monkey a dolphin with a fucking weed shoved in his whole spark, the top of it and in french kiss it and suck all the weed smoke out of its head? That be amazing. The yeah there sound that uh. This instrument can make no matter the only one who could do is circus drone and phantom music yeah. That's the only thing he climbed. We can make yeah just just been.
With the ukulele E. That's an interesting! Well, that's bullshit! I hate the ukulele e as the worst. The ukulele ease got nowhere near the power of a calliope E. Elisa collide, Beacon, fill a circus with noise yeah, that's true, earsplitting yeah, that's true! I'm in so much pain. We gotta get to par three kids. So, let's jump into this so just again turn on the lights, your hotel room, put on a good old, stinky, robe and start getting out the strings. The connected dots on a map somewhere inside your home right now, yeah get that big glass of bourbon go in.
Let's dive into this keeper yeah. I don't do any of that. Yeah with your wife. Do you know how close I came to making a diagram on the wall? No, I don't like really close. You made of nine page outline. You know that was that I made four nine and the first one was twenty pages God bless your girlfriend. That's right, she's, a little screwed up putting up with all that, so we left off last episode with the satanic abuse is of Loretta Smith, possibly the most disturbing uh interviews. We heard so far had a bunch of little boy, char char, and it was really you know it's really hard when you make a baby smoothie, because you know I'm
the proteins great well sure yeah, it's on par with peanut butter yeah. So it's at this point that a man named John Decamp comes on to the scene. If there's a hero in this story, he said John Junior videos or Gary Caradori. This John did camp is a true like this is where I feel
We can inject some hope into the story on people came forward to fight for these kids and John the campus one of them yeah John. The camp is a saint yeah. I mean this guy was a doubt one of the most decorated Vietnam vets that there were he initiated, operation baby left. We had a few actuated twenty eight hundred orphan vietnamese children, that's value to full. That sounds great, and only this. This guy issue also should state you. Should you should use operation baby, look to take babies from what women who don't want them anymore shortly, to go back to being single and fun yeah? Yes, so this guy, he is not a crackpot. This is not your standard, satanic, panic, bull artist. This guy, in fact he's a lawyer for the national child abuse defense and resource Center Nebraska, which fight which fights against false accusations of child abuse. It's made up of adults who have been falsely accused of child abuse, so it is an interesting kind of backwards way to fight for justice where it's like. You know it's it's it's technically! So it's almost! You know it shows how honest he is there. He fights for adults, rights and sex in children's sex scandal right right, yeah, this guy I mean his only interest is justice. That's what I love about this guy, we're alone order, guy, absolutely absolutely very much real boring. A port, really really boring at a party is a problem is a good way of now. I've now eliminated several groups of people talk about this subject right. You know that this is all
Do talks, maybe he talks about like the Texas Rangers, maybe he's into self met like he's going to have to go to. You have to have a plan b. If you start talking about child sexual power or a predator rings, and then you're like their faces, it's one to talk baseball, good thing. I know who would Nolan Ryan? Was he thinking a John Great great man? Wonderful man, not much with the small talk, no, not really just kinda dives right in there with the children and the physical sexual abuse. But I'll tell you John Decamp. I we will when he dies, as soon as the last Steven Segal Fan well, even though I feel like the K loan order, Justice Guy Vietnam, Vet yeah the recipe right. Absolutely. He first became involved in the case when it was found that forty million dollars were missing from the Nebraska federal credit. You can, you can get the government to do all until money is involved. It's a legacy. You know component all these people they were caught on tax evasion, it's all like as soon as they're, not getting their cut. Governments are. Like
but otherwise they don't. They don't care. How many little kids are turned into a Fugging, Jamba JUICE, special yeah yeah- and I don't know how special that is. I mean it's off the menu yeah you don't like animal style at in and out I always get the baby, the baby's movie yeah. Well. I had enough with the babies movie. Is it interesting? It's an interesting details, just a tough visual that I don't even know. Maybe we get a real big straw or something like that like I don't know I just a problem when you have a baby and you name it sevice. You know, don't blame it's. If it's true, it's a good point. Of course, forty million dollars went missing and the FBI rated the rate of the Federal Credit Union and, of course, their whole aim with this is that they knew that there was a lot of bad shit in that credit union. There was a lot of bad stuff surrounding Larry King things, because he knew that he was living way beyond his means he was leaving. He was living this crazy, fucking lifestyle money was going missing. Yeah
a lot of money gone missing, so the F b I went in there and there're aim was to just a race just to get rid of everything. Every bit of evidence that this credit union existed, that's what they wanna just cease fire bomb the whole thing fire bomb. The whole thing, however, John Decamp got wind of this and as he started to investigate it more and more the more he kind of started to see. There was some on things here and there are a lot of stuff didn't add up was going to the children welfare services like deer. The reports are being filed with me, sort of reading and just seeing again and again like Larry King Larry, king, because he'd like that, it's it's yeah. I don't see the same thing happen: to get a what we find out later is that he know he was tracking Sandusky for years and years, yeah yeah this guy. He had mentioned he mentioned in the book that he wrote. This is that this is a book that we base all the research on. He wrote this book, which is called the Franklin cover. Yes, all of this, all these episodes were based on the Franklin Coverup, and he mentions the Sandusky thing he offhandedly mentions it at one point because it was before he was
before he was arrested for Sandusky right over I mean he wrote that nineteen ninety yeah this is how much information this guy has just off handed. Just like the second thought, like a thought, is of the coins and does it again football and stuff yeah yeah yeah he's got a whole collection of those forgotten. Those sweet rings, as candy rings of the back. Me says: everyone comes over tree. They play the Pope game. This is why you can't commit suicide or whatever, but he doubts you to campus entire life was probably considered a schmuck by so many all of them start to fall. He's like yeah yeah that awkward dinner conversation. I was right yeah. Well, I don't care, I don't care that ruin the wedding. I was right. No, that's fine with me and then we see again what's happened with these accusations with Bryan singer and then all my drink, Antic Hollywood PETA filed a ball that may or may not exist. I've been here it does. Is it possible for you to go to page seven, it's really interesting job when you're in the in the the celebrity gossip angle, like you're, actually picking up, which may actually be the fringes of some gigantic govern,
in secret keeping cobol and then also Kiefer Sutherland drinks too much yeah yeah. That's true! That's true! But now you are We are going to see the new x men movie with Bryan singer guy. As I was going to do it anyway. Hey comic book movies, movies, suck. Yeah I've been America's wonderful, so now that he started now, the John the campus start to gather more information. He, despite having opposition from local law enforcement, the FBI and the Omaha World Herald. He forms the Franklin Committee out of these. Let Nebraska state legislature know this. Was an official government read like a about? What's the what's the term, it was its organization committed, yeah, yeah, think tank right,
I mean we we've seen a lot other official committees like the war in committee, and what do they do? They put out of a binders of Hog wash hogwash hard once it's hogwash get him out here, which is so. This is when they hire chief investigator. The chief investors they hire is a man named Gary territory. I love this guy. I love Gary territory so much before we really get any care dory. We got to talk about the witness the Kerr Dory found that ended up being one of the only two witnesses that were to testify in the grand jury trial, the com, a girl named Alicia Ono. They believe that, because of that, she I was a was a hard person to bring into she would like, fought it and fought it and fought it, because her verify because RON Paul but Naqi, were
contact for a long time and pull the neck. He kept saying like you, gotta come forward. You gotta come forward, she's like no, no, no, no and finally, the she wrangles are brings or for the Franklin Committee yeah. I mean she heard testimony like she details abuse. That goes back as far as nineteen. Eighty three I mean in going back to the child, had a file ring. You know these Hollywood in Hollywood, you know the
they have an opportunity to not have an acting career. Would you know who is a luxurious thing to have in the first an acting career leaders, he'll use career of all time? That's right! So it's okay! I'm sorry that I would say I'm not going to suck your and I will say I'm fine with not having an acting career and you never see in boardwalk empire. It will be okay for me, but this woman is going against a huge, very dangerous organization, a mafia style bunch of folks who are threatening her life on a regular basis and then, meanwhile, a lot of time. These peoples, the their their their reputation, is so thoroughly smeared by end of your life, your trash, so that, of course, you knew they were viewed as crazy, you're discredited for us for life. No one believes a word of mouth for the the long live, the rest of their life in this cold. She wasn't home what she wasn't home when she was in a drug, a drug addict, she came from a nice family. She was never abused. She was just kind of a wild child at the age of fourteen she hooked up with a bad crowd. This is where this is where the victim blaming comes in two in this is exactly who they preyed upon a lot of the lot of these times, as these kids are kinda lost, looking for somebody and they were partiers and so now like that,
is the needle that the government can use every time basically being like well, wasn't she looking for it and it's like she's fourteen she doesn't know yeah, Now I did a lot of dumb show when I was fourteen. I used to slick my hair back he's just like my hair, all the way back home myself to fly in grape. I had to have the thing you have to have a thing to do after everything yeah, so she started going tillary kings, parties at fourteen and, of course, her testimony is just as awful as every other bit of testimony that we've had here, but she does implicate a very important person in her testimony. She implicates police, Chief, Omaha Police Chief, Robert Wadman, also Weidman Weidman, and by the way, Robert Wadman, very close friend of Nick O'Hara, the regional head of the FBI,
he claims a lease to own claims that Robert, what men, raped and impregnated her and show the barrel of his gun up her. Now, if you'll remember from our land, that's not a normal protocol, that's bad yeah for a fourteen year old, yeah yeah in so. If you'll remember from the last episode, Robert Weissman was the guy that walked down to the office. Is the Omaha Police Department and told investigators to immediately stop investigating Larry King, of course, because he was right on the list yeah. He was right on the list and and not those of the other thing we. I got into a very detailed conversation which I alienated a group of people. Last night I was saying this to set up. I think a lot of times, especially these legal after after parties were saying the same thing about like I. I think there There's not everybody Fuct the kids, but they were people were asked to stick around and you know it's people like Nick O'Hara and stuff like that was probably like a dude that was just forced to sit there and watch it and just be like, and what did you see?
I'm going to give like no mom. Did you see me do it? Did you see me, do it yeah and then like no 'cause, they have to they bring that they create the gigantic secret. Kabal yeah, the courage with these fellows. No, so on the initial interviews with one Gerry Kerr Dory the chief investigator? He read what I love is he's a private eye to write hi. I love this guy because he's a civilian it's like on. I literally want to play this guy in a movie when they have just like a guy who, if he left it all on the line he signed up for this project he has net like. I was reading a thing about him since thing where he was like. He did it it's big classic like he did it for the money and then he was like my God Bing back forever, and then my god like jumped into it head first. Well, I think, in about ten years you could just make a reality. Show that's going to be your life, Henry Sobrowski, private. I I could see it. So Gary Caradori, based on this initial interview, he subpoenaed sixty two people.
The two people that lease to own was able to name that she said were a part of this ring over victims of the radio one of the two, so Gerry Kerr door. He starts investigating these people. He starts investigating what was named: rusty, yeah right, yeah yeah, the Nelson yeah get arts visiting rescue Nelson, who will remember from our last episode, was Larry King's private photographer tracked him all the way to Chicago he flew his private plane. There any took his eight year old son along with them. Who knows why they just Did you go to a cubs game? He figured you know. If I'm going to go, look for child pornography might as well bring my son along. I don't understand why I don't, but I mean he's a private detective he's got his own motives.
I mean yeah, you guys get in a plane and go yeah. I mean in before this. He had gone through a lot of harassment. His house is broken into in nineteen. Eighty nine, a telephone repairman told him that his phones were tapped to know this guy. He was run through the ringer over and over again, and so this was leading up to this was because they could not get an official investigation. Because, like up until this point, like the Franklin Committee, that was technically, the most officially got, but no criminal charges were ever really put on Larry King or anything like right. No nothing was filed will get to the grand jury invested to grand jury investors. A leading up to the grand jury is leading up to the grand jury, of course, so he's in a plane with his son there having a good time talking about well look how high we are up in the sky subscriber. Is it true
sometimes the plane can just blow up any discount. No, no! That's never happened on the history of planes and another father lies to his son. His plane blew up in midair on its way back from Chicago, and this is also when he could have just made a phone call to saying like we got him. He can't get away from this one. He had some pilot
document he called Nebraska State Senator Loren Schmit, an he said she was the head of the Franklin committee. John Decamp is just a part of it. She was the head of the Franklin Committee and he said: we've got them, there's no way they can get out of it now, so he did make contact with Mister rusty. Nelson did we mention that that sounds like a terrible sexual position. Of course, yeah no rusty Nelson doesn't even need me. Never give him a moment of rusty. Nelson, never could name your son rusty. No, no it's gonna be is a private photographer and if you're a private photographer God knows, love is like a period, but then it's all just like crusted over the years. I've given that rusty nails anyway, I trust you know just imagine it's just like rubbing a bunch of nails in between your hands and fingering somebody yeah yeah, we'll construction worker sex.
Either wired or he even speaks like a private eye before he got on the plane, like he told his wife. If even half of what I've heard is true, this is the biggest thing that ever hit Nebraska between that and Gary Gary. I never got that milk
Definitely the biggest thing. That's ever had to breath hello yeah! No doubt about that. So the explosion of Farmers Sol the plane exploded in midair, but farmers they were already afraid of planes there. Every time they see a play that just like that, but news reporting to gay yeah. They don't understand space, God, yeah, and so the plane goes down and initial news reports that you know they quote the sorry say that you know. Yes, farmers saw a flash in the sky. He heard an explosion, he saw a plane go down. T W. Eight hundred can throw that in there as well, my goodness yeah yeah, it's pretty much the same thing yeah is there ever been a reliable former? Do you ever taken? The farmers were? No, we told you know you because how many times a farmer being like all you're going up, told the kivas cap and all well, I
wouldn't be going on up there, because my keyboard is black and he just hates black. I know it's a racial thing now. He goes here always warning people to not go to the haunted cabin. They live terrified lives. That's what these isolated farmers doing talking about there with corn, there's nothing scary about growing corn syrup in Spain and not to do anything yeah! That's true! you don't know until you've been out there alone in right, scary, stuff, you've been out there alone. Then you can talk to me. You tell me how it's not on the scary, so the plane pops in midair this farmers, like one, never saw that before and so he reported to the police. The reports it to a local news casters, but On subsequent reports, all the newscasters say that the plane exploded when it hit the ground sure so what? What? What's the difference? There?
if it explodes in mid air for hits the ground it explodes in midair? Something exploded it and there was like there was either. You know, there's either some kind of problems with the engine, or there was a surface to air missile that took a time where there was just a bomb and on boarding or anything like that, if it just explodes on the ground than that just goes towards mechanical failure. It like something fuckedup, but when deputy sheriffs first arrived on the scene, they reported that there was child pornography that shares his story of that they say it's littered all over the thing. Like all these naked kid pictures everywhere, and then I was at some FBI. Guy literally showed up was like I'll be Can these in, like kind of all in a garbage? Can yeah yeah three flat bed trucks? They say: she's read less frilled edges that truck will they took all the wreckage as well? Well, yeah, because again it was like. Why is the federal government coming here to pick up an airplane kinda like that? What happened to w eight hundred? Why are the? Why did the government show up need they don't show up to pick up truck and wreckage of a private plane crash like
m I b men in black more like men and boys, and I write Heller. That was a pretty good one yeah. It is but men and boys to sell like a forum somewhere on the door. I'm sure that I'm I'm sure that it is yeah. That's an offshoot, enamel right, so much better story. They'll then find in aliens. You know that may or may not be running pawn shops. Finding people have sex with kids like that's what these people should be doing yeah. It would be hard to get the p g. Thirteen rating on that yeah. That's you know if you need my number blocks, but you know so yeah adding insult to injury here. They never notified care dories, wife of his death. Yes, she only heard about it, which she friends heard the news on the radio and they call her the day after territory was killed. The FBI descended on his office subpoenaed all of his records. Everything that I had and this is when John Decamp finally writes the infamous decant memo middle, what yeah yeah cause of death,
If his cause of death clean blow up late, it was it was it was it murder or was it just mechanical failure? It is ruled it as an accident, okay, yeah, and so the John the day. Can't memo was what blew the lid off of the entire investigation. This was when he came out. Johnny can't came out and said this up stuff is happening. There's the shop had a fall rings. Larry king is involved in a rock wall, ovens and ball, which I'm sure take so much string to do because you're just now, you're open for any attack, and you know they've already killed somebody yeah yeah. You know I think, in Gary and Gary territories the perfect example of why it's very hard to be a hero in this country. I mean our anywhere in the world, twice your difficult to be somebody who sticks his neck out for somebody because of most of the time you get murdered, yeah yeah and you get murdered and no one goes down for nobody goes down for it now. True, detective again it's the same. True, detective, Israel, Israel, Israel, is absolutely real yeah, so
This, of course, that the camera goes out and immediately every one of the victims, everyone of the people who are making these. I could get accusations and John to Camp and sell their immediately attacked by the Omaha World Herald which is just like you did the again it's it's. This weird thing of look. They got. Another industry that is tied into this cover up, like you, get entertainment, sports or Sandusky. Looking media, it's it's all the same. The media's been a mouth piece for you know on a on a macro scale at the mouth, the CNN and Fox are all mouth pieces for the federal government. This is just a local version. Local version of it that got that was just so happens. To also have a the federal government still has its hand, elbows yeah, it's. I was just talking to a friend about this. Yet member Syria, when we're going to go in there- and I wars gotten worse, but you know they don't talk about anymore because they don't want to. You know trumped up the
the beats of warning longer, they don't want to convince us that we want to do it, so they stop talking to stop talking about all the right. A little goes away yeah, but it's gotten worse. You know: yeah yeah, the publisher of the Omaha World, Herald World Herald Herald Anderson was a big surprise. Hello. My name is Harold Anderson. That is my real name, Harold, gene pattern and even better interested. We use a big supporter of Larry King. He raised money for the Franklin Credit Union, one of their columnists, Peter Citron. He had been arrested for pedophilia many times so good for seems like one time one time for pedophilia because it was like we said something. Jumping Gacy is got arrested. One time, though, we was just diddling boys being boys or they're just having a good time. It's a stag party. Well, there's no rules at a stag party. There used to be just no rule places yeah yeah,
at this point, king has been busted now right with the credit union scandal all these financial problems. So how did they even have the audacity to still throw support behind him just on those grounds alone, because he was a stand up. Man who just had big appetites so yeah king was he presided over the Franklin Credit Union for eighteen years, eighteen years, Larry King had control over this and the newspaper the entire time they knew Larry King. They knew him personally. They never once reported on anything that he had. You know these jug just this fucking extravagant lifestyle. You know how much money he made on the books. Officially, it was twenty five thousand seventeen thousand and seventy saints poverty line yeah Seventeen thousand I mean which I guess in like nineteen eighties money as we have private twenty five thousand, not yeah, yeah, absolutely yeah. It means more than what we make, but
everyone. I just started thinking about. So if you want to go even further into the shed the Omaha World Herald, they are the cone co owner of alexian software and systems. Okay and in two thousand three electronic software and systems claimed that in the past decade alone, it installed more than two hundred and sixty thousand voting systems. More than a hundred and fifty or more than fifty thousand electronic poll book books and provided services to more than fifty thousand election and then an event that a new study that just came out that showed that America is way more of an old guard key than a democracy, and you just like watch these controls being put into place by the same people who cover up the same. It's the same thing word for were trapped in it. Yeah we're trapped in their run, the run our lives will he will get out of it. We've had two families in the White House for pretty much the past twenty five years, going back to eighty with Bush three years in a row and Clinton. Now you know, of course, Bush again, and then we had Hillary in there and and of course, Hillary's the you know the front runner get. I mean the it's the same people, the idea that we have choice and I was like hold on the bomber, but you know that he went to one of these parties, if only, I think saying thing the Bilderberg group and all that he does not have gone into room see no, no, but he was he was visiting the plaster away yeah. He was in room b in the or the noises and they're like. Oh, don't worry about it. They're playing a charity game of twister in there yeah yeah yeah.
And despite so despite the Omaha World, Herald coming against him despite the Omaha Police Department, the Nebraska State Police, the FBI, the local and state judiciary. All of these people are telling him this. Don't do this, don't do this. You cannot do this. He still finally manage is, along with the state, Foster CARE Review Board who had been investigating this for two years before he was fighting it because he said the same thing: they bring the evidence to the FBI and they're like no no they're crazy. I still love that hold that I don't love it, but that thing of just being like oh no, these kids are raped. You can't believe it I mean that vicious cycle of it. You can't believe anything they say, but I mean growing up in foster care system. When I was twelve, we started doing it in my family, taking in foster brothers and sisters. They are so stupid also for anyone who's in the foster care system because they got the kids know you still run. It are literally on par with someone who works at like
no doubt that the drivers light if you'll see it's like a DMV yeah, it's the same thing up again on the times I've dealt with our city government. I went into the city hall and it just feels like you know, there's no care, they don't care. It's. I understand that they did that industry, the foster care industry and you can integrate your call, but it's it's it's a it is a drug. All you get is horror stories yeah. I understand that. There's no pleasant day at work when you're working for foster care very live, very, very few, and so, but I understand how that can deaden a person, but he's comes down to a point where it's like these kids aren't units to be moved. These are human like in all, you're doing is perpetuating the cycle of a pain and misery that just makes more miserable adults that makes more PETA files makes more killers and makes more jaded people again a gigantic gray fog in gear machine. That is our country and just as they do with prisoners, they give him a number of, just as we did with the Jews and anyone who's like you know, putting the
play where you're going to be humanized. No, no, my grandmother never did that. He wasn't. He wasn't a number of duty, but it just dehumanizing and unfortunately, these kids, who are abused to get that exact same treatment. Even though they've done nothing, we've done nothing wrong. So the grand jury starts, the grand jury begins and they want that they're trying to get depositions from eighty three people, the eighty three witnesses are supposed to give depositions witnesses and people who are. You know that what is it? What exactly is the grand jury system? So what is it like you? Can they can they file a petition to get a court like a court hearing and that's what it is? A grand jury will ban you for. Sir John Granger researcher are just did. There's there ten three twenty two twenty three people, twelve of them, have to agree to send the send the case to trial. So it's just the prosecution that comes in and makes the government's case of the state's case again.
The person who's on the the defense case, the people versus okay. You know the people of Nebraska Verso was like the people verses. The Franklin Committee in this cast John or to the people versus the Franklin Credit Union, okay, cool yeah, Larry, K and but and like also Larry, king and other okay. I just do that explained to me because I mean the whole thing is innately flawed, because odds are twelve at any twenty. Two people are going to be able to side. The whole thing is completely. I mean yeah, it's pretty much ripped from the beginning. It's just a small speed bump to get people into you know into trial yeah. However, this proved to be much larger than the speed bump. This was an absolute nightmare because out of those eighty four people after they got through four depositions, the next seventy nine witnesses said. There's no fucking way. I'm doing this now, of course, not because they watch what happens in the first four witnesses, which they were in publicly embarrassed, will two of the two of the first four they were killed.
And that's the most embarrassing thing they have saying them and
asking yourself, of course, and the only people that were really left at the end of it to really give their witness testimony were Alicia in and Paul Benaki Leach own mentioned earlier Paul Benaki Basement the lion's share of last episode. Talking about his testimony to the pressure on these two are just add. This is nuts yeah, it's insane and you ask yourself: where is Larry King and all this course Larry King was indicted because of the embezzlement of the federal credit, but of the Franklin Credit Union, forty million dollars to go missing. Of course, where is Larry King in all this? They whisked him away to Minnesota to a mental health facility wineries, psychiatric evaluation. This was just because this is to lead up to whether or not he was crazy. There, too, which is ludicrous before he took the stand at the grand jury. He never write a standard. No, of course kept him in the sanitarium tennis like all well, he kind of went cuckoo for cocoa puffs. So here's a ranger actually said because they never even called Larry King is a witness. They never even tried here's what they said, because king is presently in an institution out of state pursuant to an order from the federal court and because we believed he would rely on his right against self incrimination. We decided it would not be fruitful to attempt to require king to appear before, which is insane attempt to attempt it. I felt
give it a shot, see if there's a see, if somebody can wiggle their way around to get him to answer some sort of question, how would be the most powerful manager of a credit union I've ever heard of yeah? I just want to make any sense. I got a medium, I I have to know what is he really that charming? No, it's just a guy with what we said it's his he's got all the pictures he's got rusty. Nelson click, clicking away with this. I phone you got from him and he he's got a bunch of people, semen in a vial. Nobody I met and that's true like we were talking about how we can just mention skull and crossbones what they do inside of these ceremonies. You find all those rare thing, sexual secrets of somebody's life and then all hold onto him forever, that knowledge is power, and yet it comes to politics. That's all night that everything's about leverage yeah
so on July, 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety after hearing hours and hours of testimony from Paul Benaki and Alicia, oh in the county grand jury, not only throughout all the allegations concerning sexual child abuse, they admitted that abuse. It happened but said that the Franklin Credit Union had nothing to do with it. Not only did they throw out all the allegations, but they charged both Alisha Owen, an Paul Benaki with purge with g and jail time, which we had we had Jim poke on Abe Lincoln stop at, of course, the lawyers often on New York City Crime report, perjury,
stream only under charged. It's no charge, never charge yeah; no, they did because they believe that it was the. What was the one thing it was a do: a jealous former employee of boys, town yeah, and that the day that a leash in employment act he had gotten together and devices whole story, and it's just like somebody like Penn State's football team in the Sandusky, was involved. I wanted a book in bed on the rose bowl granddaughter and said that it was a carefully crafted hoax scripted by a person or persons with concern, really feelings of Omaha yeah. It's a really fun d and d game. It's great! It's a great story to tell I'd love to go to court for for look in months and make this faster. Yeah, that sounds great. That sounds really that's exactly what I want to do on my fucking Saturday, actors. Yeah sounds wonderful yeah. What would be ok, let's say it is a hoax. What is the possible benefit?
A possible benefit for the I mean. Does the point. We never underestimate the power of getting attention. That's the wrong things like I was gonna tension from the victim of a huge profile rings. Some people do some people are really fun one attention for anything, major, that's why a lot of you know false rape, accusations, happy sure sure it's either bring either wanting attention or trying to get revenge for your around Ben Roethlisberger yeah and he's got dollars hang out of his pocket. Yeah they'll you'll just pay you at the bar. No, not yet I, but no this. Is it right, but it just seems like
I mean who knows according to judges at like it stuff like this. They believe them to be lying, but it just seems so fucking nuts, that they wouldn't s. Ok, so they got charged with perjury we got charged with perjury and king was charged in this grand jury selection. This grand jury trial. He was charged with embezzlement, a few. The other officers in the credit union were charged with embezzlement. Let me give you a kings. Well, what sentence first kings sentence he was given nine years in prison. It's hard Alisha Owen. Is charged with eight counts of perjury with sentence? Twenty one year, twenty one years, twenty
which is ridiculous and then she came out. What did she ever make statements as to like good luck? Did she ever admit? Did you say that she was lying? No, no once she wished, she did four and a half years, and so how do they even prove that she was lying? They because they? It is because your your claims, the eye witnesses disappeared. They had nothing to back it up, they don't have the only have like or their word against, the powerful
peoples, words, you don't have the main perpetrator on the stand. It's like it's! What are you going to do? It just comes down to it's just this girl who, as far as you're concerned as just a former drug addict who's lying to get some kind of settlement so that she can get back on the horse. It reminds me that we talked about on top had also when it comes to votes or does your vote matter? Does your opinion matter? If your lower rung on the social scale it just doesn't matter, she really is magic. Yeah, yeah yeah. She was sentenced to serve nine to twenty seven years in prison for telling a grand jury. She was sexually abused. Here's this is fucking heartbreaking here is that this is an exempt from the Franklin coverup. This is to camp sitting in the judges chambers right before Alicia sentence. Ng says
I do not understand it. Your honor I kept repeating, as God is my witness. I do not think there is a judge or other person involved in this case who does not know the horrible injustice has been done. Everybody knows that Alicia OWN is telling the truth and that she is being punished for it and your honor, a person has to be blind or totally dishonest, not to know that some of this states and nations top businessmen in public officials have engaged in the worst crimes possible which are now being covered up, and these kids, instead of being honored and protected for exposing these things or being sent to prison, why he said: Judge embody looked at me slowly, his voice shaking he began to talk I'm, just a man, I'm God. I wish I were. I have no choice in what I have done. I'm just a man, just a man, not a God. I am doing what I must do with the evidence before me. Well, that's always
to go. When you go in for the judge, Pontius yeah highly wash my hands of it. Did you absolutely and he said that he appeared even more shaken thing to camp the judge like some Oh, so I'm sorry judge! Oh, he must interrupt Daily Badge, absolutely he's not wearing any pants under that robe. No. Every year year, old Nude, every judge you see he's got his nipples sucking hard, an that stiff, Judge ruled that there, where yeah ours and we shall win spent almost all of her prison sentence in solitary confinement. Yeah gives remember Chris beyond ludicrous for on a perjury charge, yep that is absolutely insane, but then again, but but then we find what we will be where this whole story began. Is this idea that, but there, but evidence was enough in the civil case, the poll, but now
Becky was awarded a million dollars versus settlement right yeah, but we'll get to that in a second, ok, so Paul Benaki, who also testified with Alisha Owen. He received five years for perjury in by the way his claim held a hell of a lot more water because he had reported all this shift to the police when it was two years, yeah, two entire years before the Franklin case started. What's the race on when white the okay and they're, both white and so after Alicia owns trial in nineteen ninety day camp found this other kid named, Troy, boner
I and he was gunned fortunate having but he's a victim yeah we have is that maybe we just called Bonner how yeah the honor I going pronounces it Bonner yeah. I don't think anybody goes by and then made the worst name. If your like sexually assaulted, it says it was like all of you. He was asking for yeah. I want to. I can't this him, so he was. He had more information like he had. Actually he was willing to testify under oath. He was up yeah and he he said that as he came to the courthouse, he was immediately ushered into a private room for account. Data by county judicial authorities, Troy was in a room with the special attorney and other officials for the prosecutor's office. He came out of the room and he leaned over and whispered to the camp. He said, oh god, forgive me they guaranteed. If I talk you today, they will put me away for twenty years. Told me I would be charged with perjury for my original testimony. If I open my mouth today in court, look at what they did to Alicia look at what they did to my brother and
by the way his brother was found dead, playing a quote, unquote, russian roulette yeah, so he's learning were learning here, never going to a private room, private Gina, specially in a courthouse, oh yeah, just other public rooms, yeah go yeah. Jim did not even the bathroom no go into a bathroom at according to plant, going to play in the corner outside yeah, where diaper sure and then he was 'cause. He told a crazy testimony and in the conspiracy of silence documentary he his testimony is very vivid and very intense kind of the same thing. He talked about the cattle prod treatment he talked about,
We play a game where they would drop a cigarette between him and another kids arm and to see which one would pull off of each other, and it's like we did that in high school. I know you did, but your view Grubin, Texas, yeah, you guys were there, was an adult playing the game. Yeah maybe watch Terry Gilliam movies difference, but we did too, but no, he and then he just said the same thing and he's like you would like to talk about how he could he would go at freaking and should be like you're, a sick fuck. What he do this he sick, phuck and he's like. Oh you like this, you like this and then they beat him with an inch of his life and then drop off in front of his house. But again they were saying they were several times you supposed to show up to all these witnesses things, and he just would blow it off because he had a very bad drug problem. I think I mean that's sort of you know going back to the Hollywood thing again. The Corey Feldman Interview say when he was fourteen. He was surrounded by these people.
Forcing oral sex you know, demanded oral sex and Corey came of course, they've both got huge into drugs yeah. There was a very interesting interview. The two coreys was a was that reality show, but they did have an interesting conversation where they both said. You didn't defend me when we were getting molested at fourteen you weren't there. For me, you heard what was going on and it was really telling if you get a chance to watch that clip. So just do you get into any wanted. Ronnie exclusive group know all the way all the way since the beginning of fucking time. Maybe I think it's drugs are the best escaped from these mental. I can't imagine having been stuck in a brain knowing with this history. Was it the btk? The was the name of that documentary will survive, but I survived btk. His whole life wish fuckin' and they're going to prison. What was at the with it was a terrible, terrible yeah all right so do
the camp. Here's why I love John the cap is that, after all the setbacks, after all this the never gave up, you never gave up, never killed talking about it still talking about to this day, your anytime any sort. I'm surprised people haven't start asking him about this. Hold Hollywood PETA firing, because you know when Sandusky came up. People started talking to him about it. Yeah I mean end. I found like a great article where you know if he was just pretty much at this point in his career he's just saying like yeah yeah. Of course
yeah, but you didn't read yeah Green just the way. It is just look at this thing all day. Long just like him, just like all he does is scream like look at the evidence. Is that, all day and day camp in nineteen, ninety nine, he stood by Paul Benaki, this entire time and admittedly benaki he was a fuckedup guy, they're, all young. He got hurt this mean in full disclosure. Benaki got arrested for sexually abusing a five year old. You know, like I mean that's just in full disclosure and he spent five years in prison for perjury as well, but you know so, please be You know no ones, but no one is. That was the thing. Is that all this does? Is it spread filth all this all this stuff does is spread that evil to everybody, yeah
then it's certainly not an excuse, but that tends to be the case with a lot of pedophiles sexual abuse in their in their history, as well as everything with GINO drunkenness and spousal abuse yeah, but to camp stood by him through that and if you're lucky, then you sort of like a berry sanders situation where your son also plays football, and he could do that too yeah. If you're Kirk Douglas, you got Michael Douglas yeah, yeah you're, happy about it yeah I mean his sons and daughters yeah. That's right! That's what but you actually met Donald Sutherland, but we'll talk about that at the end, so One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Paul Benaki in John Decamp. They bring a civil trial against Larry King for one million dollars. Paul Bonacci goes on stand on the stand and he gives a testimony that is so damn
so vivid, so real and so believable that, despite the fact that he been charged with perjury talking about the exact same thing, nine years earlier, a judge awarded him one million dollars in a civil case, so it held water somewhere, it's kind of like they did the same thing with OJ. Simpson, yeah: that's your judge, doctor evil,
Austin Powers, reference to learn this Heller things as Heller. Sure I mean if I think, I'll just doctor, EVIL Heller. That is a joke by the state. You don't know, but not all of them got off. You know not. Not all of them do got kind of a happy ending the benaki Dead, Troy Bonner in two thousand three. When the book came out when the no the book came out, ninety six yeah, but when the yeah, but he was aware of it, we can now addition, a new edition came out in two thousand three with a lot of updates to it, so he walked into a hospital in New Mexico. We're all bad things happen. This is the perfect setting for some to have. Of course, you know he came in, he screaming thereafter me they're after me, because of this book and he was holding the Franklin Craven around yeah waving around they sedated in the calm them down. When the nurses went in to to check on an
In the next morning you just sit in a chair with blood pouring out of it. Yeah he's not good he's dead. Now, just only bump bump got suicided. And as far as Larry King goes, I know all of you asking out there don't look for him. Yet I'm looking form and today today I found, you found the most Sterling Virginia looks like yes. Apparently, you found a yelp review of his sales skills and a Bmw dealership he has been working. I have is, of course, is a car still as far back as to the at least up until two thousand eleven he worked at a Bmw car dealership in Sterling Virginia he'd worked there five six years of all time. I want to get the people there's a well now this Bmw, no, you could read about two three. Do you make sure I get it? I don't know that. I know that I I mean fit them in. Do you have to have children? That's what I was saying. Do you have children yeah the card together awesome talking about not the right thing. There was an accident
So this is a man who brought in his mini Cooper for maintenance. Of course he was looking around, maybe buying a Bmw. He said on occasion I had the unfortunate opportunity to have Mr Leri can assist me. He was belittling and walked away from the mid sentence. He is flippant and cavalier in his dealings with customers. Yes, one star review was done. A star that is caving in Iraq is Withers ship. Overall, it's just two stars. Is our dealer store? Bmw, the hired Larry can yeah not a lot of background. I'm in me this guy was because what happens when a bully good, I'm sorry man, you should you're an older man. You're not gonna, get the special later.
Taking treatment yeah, you know they're not going to get the red carpet treatment that you'd get. If you were just a seven year old, looking to buy a Bmw is best route. That is that he's got his own money and that's so important in data. You have the view of the really. You can't always be pulling all the weight yeah yeah. This is a good job for a pedophile to have no one eighteen and under we're going to buy a new car. So that's going to be in w no yeah that you know there may be more dealer yeah. You know yeah, not a whole lot of families coming into a Bmw dealership. So yes is pretty. This is the end of our saga and by the way Sterling Virginia, I mean it's right there next to Washington, DC yeah, so yeah ill there right, along with all of his buddies. He had already found Ellen car within. So no one was punished. Don't think Who is fixed now all of the victims are trashed. Yep Gary is dead yep uh John the camp is a screaming lunatic somewhere in a in a H6 somewhere. So great
yeah. I guess that's it then yeah nothing worked out. Well, I don't wanna die really do want to thank everyone for like going on this journey with us. We've learned all we've all learned a lot when I propose the idea of doing Satanism in the government did not realize the scope. But it's interesting what you discover. We've done this all the time with different types of research. The fuckin' rabbit hole, goes nine miles deep. It shows you that there's a lot more to reality than is that you think it is there's a lot more to what goes on until there's a lot more than once, just in the function. Newspapers y'all, the research it but I'm also glad it's over. Yes, it's all done. This is taking a month of my life away from it. It's all done and we're going to get back some awesome. We have some great shows coming up big hitter coming up, it's going to knock your fucking, your fucking slim, those awesome.
Great we got some goes come on. We got some aliens come in. We got a bunch of I'm very much later. I want to say goodbye to V Kelly from Atlanta. I miss you. I miss Casper Callie people who listen to the show in Atlanta. I miss the land and- and you had a one and it's so nice- to have you back it's so good and feel great with a nice place, a flight back. You guys sat next to Donald Sutherland, Stir Donald's, and I was that he he it is sick, yeah, I'm not doing well. What did he say about his son Kiefer? He was just like my sabes. Like my son, he brings home terrible women about a forty five minutes. We talked about God. We talked about you you've hit on the flight attendant with me. I always fun, that's cool and we want to say thank you as well. The wizard, Frank Mendoza. Thank you so much yeah candy dear to the tee shirt, some of the greatest stuff around and it's very very. We got some of the most beautiful fans in the world. I'm sorry! We outraged you for missing a week. We will do more and we're gonna come out with a pair of very very soon so yeah we can all dressed terribly together. Yeah, yes, so we'll have lots of extra extra large that'll, be the smallest size. I'm sorry mark is going to have to wrap it around. You like a diaper, follow the event. Has one twitter. I think I need to get a thousand. I need to get over a thousand deal happen. It'll happen. It's a good feeling. I know I want to, and Henry loves you and mark as far well he'll say, Hail, Satan, I'll game and hell yourselves and then a and don't
use peanut butter all over
yeah. Absolutely.
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