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Episode 124: Dahmer Part III: Paint It White

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Our series on Jeffrey Dahmer concludes with the his final descent into madness, the murder museum that was his apartment, and his eventual death at the hands of a fellow inmate.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time I hope, everyone's ready for the dinner party. I hope no one's allergic. Your men see because if you are then well you're gonna be hungry, there's some red yeah. Actually, maybe you should be even eat the bread as well, because I've been, I was playing with the with a branch the guy was just but lard in the bread. What I did was I held hung up the by I'd like a clothing line, and then I play
penises with the bread kind of like they were marimbas. It was fun. I just I like to make cooking fund. Well, Mister John. We don't think we have room for you here on the food network, but I think it's a great show idea, which is my other pitch. What we do is right, but it does it all. Involve human penises were not allowed to have a show where human penises on the show. I think there could be a work around to the human penis and, but I think yeah mostly. What I want is: ok. We get Tyler Florence right yeah. I slid hearing from Bush, her to Adam's Apple, released a security security, we're going to have to get mister job or out of here with cooking. Thank you having fun with cooking with Mister Jeffrey Dahmer will not be greenlit this season. However, I think they're looking for shows and Ming met up over a true tv, ok, goodbye, Mister Java. Thank you. Welcome left everyone, that's parks, Ben Kissel, we,
newer over here. This is Jeffrey Dahmer. Just trying to attempt to me it's more of like it's, not Jeffrey, Dahmer himself. It's them women that read Jeffrey Dahmer's books and were inspired. Yes, the woman who loves him, but if you'll never love, you, ladies know it I know said I was putting it up on the Facebook group of people. Talk about how dreamy Dahmer was mean. He you know chance. Ladies, you know who else is really dreamy? Neil Patrick Harris, I not gonna bang him either he might have had sex with more dead corpses. The Dahmer we don't know we don't know, we don't know what was really sad to lose, but like the like, anybody who slept with Tom who didn't get murdered, you work pretty enough, not good enough. You weren't good enough, and you think he's joking and but that is from the horse's mouth hey, that is with Jeffrey, says that he only killed the beautiful one. He did. I don't believe TED Bundy had a similar quote to worries just like you're, not even oddly enough for me they're, not being pretty enough for me to kill. I think you said on the witness stand around the defense. I want to see that in the Louis C, K showed that some sort of sensitive to light hello, yeah, absolutely alright. We got part three dollars or three a job, a ridiculous home. This time mine. You know, I'm almost sad to say goodbye to Jeffrey Dahmer. I really am. I have to admit this is the most fun I've had research in, and I don't know how long we got some great details, the rate of that I did not know one particular full lips, my wig soul. I mean I'm very excited for it. I got it made the my number one resource on this is that it's a fantastic book that all of you should drive further reading. It's called the man who could not kill enough by and Schwartz she was the first journalist on the scene. It was written and it still would put like a pol pot in there yeah. I would like a man who could kill enough Dahlin type. I I watch the show on Netflix called Hunter. I love you amazing, and I was like trying to. I was thinking about that today was watch it. It's like the literally put one way or another I'm going to get shot. That show when I was like this is an appropriate right. That's for Beverly Hills, Ninja yeah, always good friends. He was Bryce Dahmer and everything everything I'd. So I look at it was to start with it just being like hey a good, you got to give you my human. I would love to see you have a world war, two dictator dollar. So then, you want to grab your debts yeah and he just put it in your mouth yeah. So when we get there did jewels in here, so I could suck on their. I thank our bowls garbine, so we pick up with Jeffrey Dahmer on May twenty. Sixth nineteen. Ninety one. This is the infamous escape story, yeah that anyone is research Dahmer for fifty minutes is hard. Dahmer met, Connor Accent, the some phone yeah and the center stone phone. It's gonna be coming this September apple, I more than I said, or whatever just call the Iphone yeah yeah. That is a good behind the scene yeah. So you pick up this kid at the Grand Avenue Mall where he picked up a few of his victims and where he bought the suitcase that he put his second victim manner. Yeah, this is, is you know, Grand Avenue mall that was his hang out. Does his bookbag yeah? He offered the boy money to pose for pictures. This kid was fourteen years old. He already had a prostitution bust use like a lot of the other people yeah the job to get it down there and it right. You know I mean not just the name either I mean there's also the prostitution bust yeah, but here's a very this is one. If you're a fourteen year old, can you be a prostitute? Aren't you the victim? I mean a lot of times. You are forced to be a prostitute. Yes, you're you're, not you're, not like waking up at ten just been like man, oh man, I'm gonna be on easy street right for five dollars. You know you're going to you're forced your ideas put in your head. It was a regular culture supposed to protect the streets, but if you're, just busted for general prostitutes like we have another forty.
Six of her up. It is not going to be three men come in tonight in here. We find one of the strangest coincidences that I've ever seen in that this kid, if you'll remember, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested before in the middle of his first run, for exposing himself to a you know, other young, filipino boy yeah, and this new boy was the younger brother of the first boy. Well, Dahmer definitely had a tight yeah yeah
well, he loves people with bad father's. That's I think, that's what it is. Yes, he loves you unregulated filipino boys runs his favorite, but they also, you know they look alike. You mean man. Imagine if Dahmer met a set of triplets for three that night. So that's a lot. That's like an Applebee's special or something so the two go back to Dahmer's apartment. It's the inevitable scenario: photographs drinks, drugs between Ssi now, which now also part of his regular repertoire, which is drilled in the hole in their head and jump in acid. In their face muriatic acid. It's pretty much battery acid. He injects it right into the frontal lobe, but Dahmer it's at this point. Maybe he thought he was Pennywise the clown. You know, this is battery acid. You slime over many hills. Attempts to kill Pennywise the clown in episode. Part one tv. Tv movie it
Hi Steven appeared in which is legislated sit based off of a book that was too big to read, but thank you for explaining the miniseries in it and then there going back and doing then who lost a lot of weight from running and, of course, I will do that. Yeah would not, but with cocaine you Losta, Waco PS. So yes, it was so Dahmer is just going like aunt. Bonnie had any really really really you feel uncomfortable and then he starts drinking. It's like oh he's, like he better get another slip, so I can get hard and then complaining.
I'm a lot of short. Let's so he goes out, he goes on a beer run. Did you know that thing at this point? Thank God. I wish I had a sex slave, so I could slip amid ten. Then he can. I I'll buy he'll fly yeah. I'm totally awesome in here. Just a kid you, as you to sex slave going to the corners, are going like good. He was all covered in common spelling. Other fourteeners retarded will better selling the beard. It would take a lot of training, though you have to tell Jack and forth and back, and you would like to your body budget. Let's get, let's just get the hell out of Quebec and house. So while Dahmer was gone Connor I Q woke up and he left the apartment. He was some how able to find his way outside. So this woman, her name Sandra Smith, is about two. In the morning she called nine one one to report a boy running naked on the street disoriented yeah, because they normally cut that off at one am in that neighborhood, so officers Joe Gabbar is in John Bulkers. Act were to substandard walkie name. These guys are terrible. Human being was Jolgeh brace, and this is my partner Jan, but they were called to the scene when they arrive. The paramedics had already arrived. The boys wrapped up in a blanket and Dahmer having arrived back from the beer store, was standing patiently right beside them cool as a cucumber but
at this point you know he's a. How do you say it he's gone. Wacko do first MAC, it is well a he's. He's got a different on a different level yeah. It was very calm, yeah, very calm. He just he just casually told the police, like hey this kids, a house gas to get a little bit too much to drink whenever he drinks. He just acts a little crazy he's. Nineteen officers he's my boyfriend yeah. I know he doesn't have any pubic hair yeah ten years old. Yes, I know he's he's but he's bleeding out of his because he sat on a parking cone, accidentally yeah and then the whole of his head he had. Is it that was deep? Well, we were not in the game parallel parking and he was the car medium parallel park very well. You know what I'm saying office when I swallow this man's g is yeah. No, you can have him back, hey I yeah, Mr Dahmer. Please continue on your way. I can't imagine the smell of the calm and yeah. Now that that was, I mean, that's not too far off from the actual attitude of the Milwaukee Police Department. That time these guys thought it was hilarious. This was a money is seen that they'd come across in years to their credit of, I believe, is about a decade. Maybe a couple of maybe fifteen years later will Ferrell in old school,
let's see with him running down the street in a streak and very very funny stuff, so he called the time yeah people would streak in. It was cool back then thing to do. But you are, you are very feeling the free love. You were showing your Bush head of the world to stop the war, but he didn't have bushehr. So that was the problem. No, no! He was a young boy who was obviously drugged, yeah yeah, so they took the contract and Dahmer back up to the apartment. They saw that contracts closed were neatly folded on the couch they looked at Jeffrey showed them the pictures. They were obviously consensual. This was before I'm going well right now, please, please, please
yeah. He says Christ released. You take to go to the hospital right, he's, probably the good chance. He was gonna die of alcohol poisoned or something something like that. So the what cops walk in and what they don't know is that the body of Tony Hughes, Dahmer's last victim sitting on the bed had been decomposing for three days, and course the and the cops like what about the smell it had to smell horrible in there and one Cobb cities like yeah notice, but it just smelled like somebody took a dump in their beautiful totally normal. When you have too many brats and you got to keep on fought, your wife doesn't want you to know how many times I've been down in playing poker with my buddies arrive in a fair competition, I'm certain baloney, just straight from the package, yeah ill smell, like a dump in there, some kind of walk down there and is it would be a couple of w guys having sex in here. One of my jokes, you know they you should is low, yeah yeah. I heard that you know this got me thinking, Jeffrey Dahmer, he strangled all of his victims in a lot of times is strangling death, particularly odd. That is when a body will completely vacate its bow singer, who so yeah. I know I know they do yeah I mean in hangings, it's always a role that you don't stand underneath the gallows, because the guys always ship them so you're supposed to eat the mushrooms that form underneath the human duty yeah. I know you're, not suppose you are supposed to and then you would you trip? Yes, the call man drinks. Well it. Yes, it's true yeah, that's true yeah! This was some. I think we covered or Witchcraft episode. I just think that it's just it's just some idiot, you fool and his body is being like her
she those mushrooms over there? So I don't know, I think, maybe there poison I think they I mean they are a bit of a poison yeah, so yeah, so that means that Jeffrey Dahmer yeah his apartment was probably covered in schitt most of the time, but he had plenty of soil x around there's a lot of stuff going on. So from what I restarted. Some research on soy likes apparently great for getting any state out of any carpets, Gradle strength, very good yeah. So he's fine in that respect. So the cops leave him there as soon as as soon as they get out as soon as the cops leave Jeffrey thinks like well and
I'm gonna to pour more acid into his brain. What is all these are not listed in order, so you know what I'm going to have to do is hello one of his on ice. Try them before you'll, just walk around in circles, not much out out the front door. So when the cops got back in their car, they called the dispatcher and they said this is actually. This is a transcript from what they said. The intoxicated asian naked male was returned to the sober boyfriend it'll be a minute. My partner is going to go get Del house at this stage. That is funny top jump, jump jump jump as if I was in a radio play about Jeffrey Dahmer. That's the only question: it's the only things you needed to do. Anyone come by my place,
yeah. I just make sure the chef from the muppets doing that the whole thing there- and this is an here- You'Ve- also got like further police negligence days later. The boys photo it shows up in the newspaper and the woman who had originally called nine one one. She immediately recognized the boy called up the cops said all right. You've got to come and check out this guys apt. I saw this boy with this man. It was the last time he was seen. He disappeared around the same time that his parents said that he did know bud hurricane, nobody
never came to further invest. Well, that's the thing this again Henry got into an argument with somebody, I believe, on the internet, about police negligence and a lot of people think that word too hard in the cops. When it comes to these situations, they are completely and utterly at fault. This is how these serial killers stay. Active, that's how they stay active is because department's don't speak to each other. They don't do the proper leg work. Nobody cared about. These missing kids because they were part of the gay scene and they had bad sense of humor. You know if you walk into a room and it smells like Dookie, don't be like no you're shooting at each other. Like the room for the body in the bath, you literally have a bunch of got yeah. It's like it didn't just smell like shit in there. It obviously smelled like rotting flesh every cop is told right pretty much if you smell or rotting bodies got his best and if it out just go around to take ago, looky loo, you got a job. You can do that you're allowed to do that. Only person who can help you gotta ask permission, but your job is to go, be like hey like it deep. They give you a hard time of. It smells like weed in the car right
nineteen bodies, just how many bodies are drum full about. Oh man must be the fish tank yeah that makes sense so the day after Dahmer. He calls into work because he wants to spend the entire day with Cynthia Soma Phones bodies and you don't take a sick day when you're sick. You take it when you have something fun to do. That's absolutely don't waste it. When you're sick go to work when you're, sick poison, everybody at the chocolate factory- and he also got around to Tony Hughes, which had been putting off for a few days uh, so he takes care of those guys a couple weeks after that he gets the victim thirteen. He goes to Chicago for the annual gay pride parade, which he never met him because he was a bit of a celebrity there. He showed up yeah. He was fully dressed up as a game mommy, which was fun for him, yeah, just pink toilet paper. Yes,
So does he met this kid? Twenty year old, Matt Turner at the Greyhound station promised him photographs once again, just a head over to Milwaukee with me will take some photographs. Were you get that pink money out that you got a slogan pepto, just a normal toilet paper, and you just put it all about Jennifer your creepy, but I'm gonna call you back with you to Milwaukee, so you could take naked pictures of me. That's a great idea! Stop and you're creeping me out. I almost won't go and how far is it from Chicago to Milwaukee? It's about a forty five. Fifty minute drive, that's it. I was very close. You'll though I mean it's tough for dollars. The driver with the Dahmer was good at that he was really good at small talk, music. I hope you like. I hope you like, where I am well. I got. I got one tape, just like listen in a way, I'm cutting dancers like age. Everyone put your hands on the wheel is like I just like to take chances, so he say: Matt Turner's, head in a freezer in a plastic bag and Matt Turner was the first person to go inside the infamous blue barrel. Now this blue Beryl came really in handy yeah, because you I mean you know yes, yes, to get a hold of you, composing bodies, sure of all your your mail prostatectomy, but also you put a chess board on it and it's a fun little small town. Just people bring a team in square yeah. Would you do with it? If you don't put troops on it? Now it's another type of table. Yeah. Are you Billy Mays with the big blue tank, others saying we got a big blue. He got a big blue tank. You put a record player on it, yeah dj booth, I'm really made the big move, one of those poses a body but another Derek and then of course yeah yeah, and so now he this is him talking one hears recipe, yeah, absolutely here's his recipe. Here's this cooking rice is a human recipe yeah. This is this is kind of his process as far as killing people and we can go anywhere. You want to know if you approve of this red role, yeah, absolutely John Siliceous. During dismemberment, I see the heart also meat from the thigh by Sept, liver, cut it into small pieces, yeah, wash them off put them in because
here, plastic freezer bags and pulled put them on the floor of the freezer. Just as in Escalation of trying something new to satisfy and I'd cook it and then look at the picture into I'd so complete he afterwards he didn't eat right That's not how you eat. I don't really know you know. Just coding and jack up on it. Instagram is all instagram. Is people taking pictures of brunches and some of those people zhirkov to him sometimes later? But you know that's a good point. It's different, you know now, and it just made me feel like they were a part of me and that's what he said over and over again that that's why he ate the people. It was a way to keep them in his body within him forever. If you feel like you're living in this world of madness or so long, he been doing so much Fuckd up schitt. It just gets to a point where it's all just becomes it's
it's easy, you know like what, because gay bed and I kind of go on eating binges all going during binge, I all of a sudden. It's like yeah. I had a burrito for breakfast. I guess all also eat half a pizza for dinner, because you're already in the minds that way, I have Mexico and ITALY inside the whole countries- and I will do I don't have to travel because I have the countries as a part of me not a problem at all. I mean: do you wash off the the meat, though I'm wondering if it is it like an oyster situation where you're shocked him and then, if you wash them off, you ruin the whole thing. You got to be one of these guys yeah they they. So the problem is: is that I'm a long time? I imagine the reader Cologne yeah, I know yeah. Can you cook well? Well, you know. I mean the human to human flesh is a lot very similar to pig flashing you're, not going to cook a pork chop without washing off first good point yeah and has to be thoroughly cooked. Yes, well, he would cook it really lightly, which is daring because technically like pork, you should write it. If you wanna we've, you want a rare piece, so you just kind of stared at her just considered it, but at the same time again he was taking a lot of chances. So he wasn't really worried about food poisoning. Maybe it does Eserver show on the food network actually now that I think about it. It's really it's very money. It's very nose to tail, which is very hip nowadays in the food community, nose to tail yes, okay, so the Jeffries next for victims after contract this all this happened for victims. Ten days he's going the classic zero killer route of at the very end, he's just kill in daylight. Yes, employee blood frenzy victim fourteen his name is Jeremiah Jeremiah Weinberger. Third, after this, after Connor, I can after trying them your attic acid, a couple times, dumber things that he's going to take a different tack and he injects boiling water into wine. Burgers frontal, cortex, okay, and it made it Lee. He did last longer. Some people say that he would do a coma for two days. Other reports say that he was actually walking around the apartment. Did you catch that? He was going to Jeffrey. Thank you, you don't think so excited you know like I'm changing your name you're, not Jeremy anymore. Your name is SAM. Is our you're gonna start by did no. There was only you you all. He died that more boiling water in his brain, both move, might wake him up now. Put cold water in this great that'll work out perfectly well. Actually we have. This is one of the few times that we have an actual witness that saw Dahmer leave with the victim. In fact, this guy was a friend of wine burger and a wooden Weinberger Assam's like hey. Should I go home with this guy tonight? The friend said he seems alright, not for the home with them and then later he added you know who's to say what a serial killer looks like, because that makes a good point with that, but generally what right he's a quiet guy he's good, looking yeah go home with them. They all look like they all have. The old timer looks like a serial killer, yes,
Well, I mean in hindsight he looks like the main character Hill country for old men are damn. Do we describe to me all the time, which is that he sat alone in the bar, deter killer, anybody yeah sure up again and again, nobody that's the one thing. I don't really understand that we've seen in other cases, all in the small communities is that there was no general warning like nobody knew there was something going on. Is that when we alert one of the good with that with the Green River killer, like the prosecutor talking about there was a guy killing prostitutes in there was an awareness it seems like here. There wasn't much communication amongst the community there's a reason behind that will Milwaukee was known as a transient garea, meaning that anybody who came through was coming from out of town to be gay there that night and then leave exactly people were coming and going all the time. So it when people from as far away as cut no shot boy got all come in there to Milwaukee, so his next victims on July twelfth he meets all over Laci on the street. Take some up stairs, kill them as sex. The corpse places Laci's head in the fridge in the box keeps his heart in the freezer to eat later two days later, and some people say this is where Jeffrey truly lost it. He was fired from the ambrosia, because now he is also all semblance of reality got nothing. Mr Dahmer, you are coming in for the third straight day just covered in blood. Yes, use chronic lateness in the fact that he's had me stop beating, yeah and washing clothes, and this is already in the top. In there I mean he was showered on top of it. He knew we had to keep his job for the shower. The body is up cause any here later. We statements later on to see. Basically, he knew he was about to pop. The whole thing is about to be over. Like you, there's always someone you can do it because it yeah and you keep trying to make sex slaves and they're, not working. So it's just like a water. Well, I gotta do right, you know so he gets fired and that's the other thing is: is that why are people going home with a huge? Thank you man, I mean if you didn't, kill all these people he's like a Wilt chamberlain type down. You still got all these people have sex with them. He was very smooth with a certain way that guy he's extremely smooth. Here's another up there, the better he caused. Did you ever able to get the body, I hate to say it, but it did not that it's! It's not easy. Is that crazy, easy, but it sounds like it's pretty easy to have sex if you go to a gay sex club and everyone's there to have sex. Your are seducing people you're literally just like pointing and it's his guy going yet or move. So you know it's easy to get lobster red lobster, but is it any good? That's the question. Yeah Jeffrey's last murder was this guy name Joseph Braid Hoff. He was twenty five met him on the bus and the day after the murder. This is when you start to see that his actual his killing fields is his house, the maggots.
I have discovered it now. It's finally gotten to the point where the boiler today, which is kind of like when the hipsters finer restaurant in New York City, you know and then it's ruined totaly. So the day after the murder Dahmer, I found the head covered in maggots. He decapitated the body clean, the head, put it in the refrigerator today for those maggots. You know the kids are all just dad. I don't think it makes any more dead. Like Eureka, it's a filipino boys penises. We can eat on this for days boys and as I get off that head, that's my head. Maggots. They had dogs to me, maggots maggots versus Dahmer. That's a hell of a horror movie, Sci FI. That was going to pick that up so his head, a brat, brat Haus Head, goes in the freezer, with all the rest of am, and the torso ends up going in the blue barrel with a couple other guys an
his last attempt comes on July, 22nd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. This is fascinating, because this is the first time we really get an insight into what the kills were actually like for Jeffrey, like his actual rich once again. So, yes, although it must be said that the victim Tracy Edwards is extremely unreliable, extreme he was unreliable because for a few different reasons, when the day that the cops rescued him, he thanked the cops so much. He went to the police station, he thanked the cops and he gave them one story and then he was on. He was one of the talks circuit got talk, show so yeah. Then everything changes as soon as they get on the talk show circuit, because, if you're willing to talk, you
for the money and the story is going to become more sensational every time you say it like: we see it all. We see it over and over again every time, one of them or because a lot of times like did near victims, just don't talk to anybody. They talked to the place and then they disappear 'cause. They don't want to also well I mean when you're talking to Phil Donahue's producer, who just saw you want Sally, Jessy Raphael he's going to have more amp it yeah once you amp it up a little bit better than Sally, and then, of course, you gotta go on that big fat girl. Fat girl show remember that from Ricky Lane, Ricki Lake show yeah. It was a great one So this is one of the. This is one of the times when the stories differ, because we actually get to hear from the victim this guy Tracy Edwards. He was at the Grand Ave mall. He said that he was with friends when Dahmer approached all of them and invited them to a party at his apartment. He even
even said, like the kind of alleviate fears like a my girlfriend's going to be there in weird follows gelatin with the way gone. You know like these. It's like he actually thinks there will be a party when they go there he's pretty certain that he he's got them he's been talking to them for long enough. That they're ready like the Teddy Bears picnic. Maybe it's kinda like toy story where I go away and they all talk to each other. So if I surprised him with a bunch of new friends, we'll have a big gala, your old Walker was masquerade. Masks on this being, like a lovely part to Jeffrey, is like thank you. Amy pigs in a blanket Dixon stale roles, choose your words he'd seen Dahmer in the community. You know course Dahmer was that huge, weird white dude, it's always walked around right, so he said he has. That could be hope. I have been a walking away with go, go dancers and people who bought blue informatik town and then they disappear. Yeah Edwards said that his friends never showed up because Dahmer gave them a different address. Then what what it all but then sounds like to me as to what Tracy Edwards is covering up is the fact that they were there to have sex with each other I eat at all. It was saw each other. He was he picked him up. He doesn't want to say that he's a homosexual on the talk, show circuit, right and so yeah, because this is not someone like Jeffrey. Do you don't go to Dahmer's apartment for a party? No there's nobody! No! No! No! It was a good one on one yeah we Jeffrey Dahmer. That is how we works yeah.
And so they gather great shofar. That's another great talk, one on one with Jeffrey Dahmer, and it's just him like talk trying to interview questions, but every once in a while, he'll like sprinkles, salt and pepper on you and you wanted to do- was get hit in the water. There look in your finger, but also try some white wine to see what matches best this continues. This is Edward story. By the way they said that they were drinking together, Jeffrey brought out a huge knife and threatened him put handcuffs on him. Edwards said that he remained calm. He said Jeffrey, I'm not going anywhere. I'm your friend
yeah all fine, just gonna be hanging out. All yeah could mean now you're. You have to hang out. Why? Don't we just make it better? A bad situation yeah to Jeffrey he puts on the exorcist three loves what yeah eighty at you know, originally the worst one, it's the worst one, absolutely kind of a fun one though I love all the x yeah, so they watch the exorcist and Dahmer was sitting next to add words. He had at the q. He had the knife, you swim back and forth. He was in a chance, a trance and he was just chanting some over and over again, like some sort of mantra. Siege gene this away said he's big car or do they turn it into soup? Do I suck use feed your order? What caught him off and play with them for an hour? I I can hear you. I can hear we, which are chanting. No, I'm just planning. I want to play with her nipples, like the radio dials, but I kind of want to rip them off like I did to the radio dial. So my radio,
so the guy said Edwards says that Dahmer just kind of casually says hey. I want to eat your heart, so it was very similar to Henry's interpretation, yeah yeah. Whatever this endeavor, he denies all this. He says that none of this actually happened in Edwards yeah. I mean after everything he says it's like in the Dahmer's been very honest, he's been very on right and Edwards. He punched him in the face of wind, Dahmer wasn't looking. He punched him in the face kicked in the chest, ran out the door. Doll more dumber, almost grabbed him on the way out, but he was able to run down. I kind of want dumber to get this one out of all the victims lose some of the guys and now we're gonna bring one of the best detectives that Milwaukee is ever seen. We're gonna bring detective Patrick Kennedy on to the scene. He was the guy that took Dahmer. He is but wait a bit to say about your for you as a lot, so we're gonna be exposed Kennedy the next best detective in a walk with the same Bernard. So it is not like that so yeah Henry! Well, you tell us what detective Patrick Kennedy said. What Jeffrey said actually happened. I'm Jeff told me is ideal was that since he ran out of pills, he
trying to drink these guy under the table, but he said this guy could drink as watches him. So he said I might get. I mean a bandage fold all then I don't know. If I am, I am he and coughed I could Strangle am, and I can tell We did that's also kind of how he talks yeah yeah yeah. It is a very yeah yeah, yeah yeah and that's I believe that is actually what happened. It was no where near as dramatic or anywhere near as derailed, as this guy made it out to the same thing that he's on every other. He
not change it. At this point he told him he offered him money to come. Take naked photos with him in the apartment he handcuffed him like was normal and then tried to kill him, and he just got away from him because he did have pills. Yeah, there's no way going around this and waving around tonight for chanting. That's all nonsense could have chanted, maybe maybe it's mumbled under his breath. I don't think he's not a chance. Look at this point. As a every serial killer says, the TED Bundy quote is the same thing as a good. First time he killed. You have everything planned down to the last detail. The last time you kill you figure out here like should I put the wrench the crowbar yeah we're different across yeah, it's like. Where did I put it? So it's like you were just it's paint by the numbers. He just didn't keep an eye on him, yeah
so police officers, Robert Ralph and Ralph Mueller were flagged down Edward. She comes up to the car, he says, I've been I've been attacked, there's a freak up an apartment. There is, I have to get. I had to get out of these hand because he was in his underwear and originally he didn't even want the cops to go up to the apartment. Yeah like hey, listen, I've got these hang cuts. You gotta get these off me. I don't wanna make report. I don't want to do anything because you're hiding being a homosexual, examines how afraid people are getting out it. It's so sad, yeah, there's a reason for it like you could just well. You know well, ninety one a walk to the last in the return I gotta Dahmer's apartment as it turned out so well so yeah and they you know there was this other US zero killer in San Francisco, the doodler right, yeah, yeah yeah, and they had a nickname. You give yourself. No we're not going to call you doodle or scheme, haven't, haven't check, no man. No, nobody called me and to get more, I'm the dude now someone over to me because they look dry even clues as to which dickies suck last night, like the riddler yeah it is made. But sack is football sick of a question mark this riddle and I'll tell you. Why did you drug me and I'm a question mark on my ball? Sack? Yes, the dude, just as just a legal
So you have to do. There was a guy that was in San Francisco. They caught the guy, but the two witnesses who got away refused to testify because they didn't want to come out. They don't want to be out and publisher, so the guy got away Scot free. This is. I know that this actually could that could have happened again. The cops one up. They asked for the hand cuff key Dahmer point into the batteries. I I don't really know where it is. I mean if you want to get him off, you can saws handoff, it's pretty much. All you can do and he was serious because that's what he done every other time you has anyone tip yeah! That's why I get him off and here's the there's, what items you can cut the whole arm off and then sometimes I mean you sit near it. No harm in your is like a we're. All I'm late for work he's a things that have Dahmer had the key. He would've gotten away again I'm sure you've given the key yeah he would've gotten away again and so that you always have to have a plan b. It can always yelling cut off the head. He wanted to go. He wanted to get caught
and so the officer he figures. Alright, I'm here on the search for the key. That's what he's here for he just wants to get in and get out as soon as possible. He starts moving towards the bedroom, Jeffrey leaps in front of them. The other guy says back off get out of his way. The officer goes into the bedroom notices, the draft dressers half open, he looks inside and he just sees dozens of polaroids just naked men in various poses, and then he starts kind of going through him a little bit. Who knows why? Maybe actually being a police officer? It's getting something to go round it's gone through and he sees all these pictures just decapitated and mutilated corpses and he starts at he's like oh holy Shitness locked up and he starts looking at the pictures and then looking around him. It's like. Oh, this is the studio right here. This is it. I mean if a king, I'm here in magic land. This would be a funny scene if they put like a sitcom laugh track under it.
You know, like a big bang theory joke go in order to go in my room, you don't want to go in there and it's just like this catch phrase. You know so he saw that they were actually in the apartment. He turned to his partner. He said, grab him and
Dahmer he tried to escape, but you know: Ralph got him to the ground. Mueller goes over to the fridge he opened. The door sees the human head and Jeffrey he's just sitting on. That's pretty damning evidence that very damning evidence and he said for what I did. I should be dead, oh absolutely, and so the call start going out over the police channels. They start saying hey. I know you wanna coffee break good good. If you could come by his apartment, we got a bit of a shitfuck. That's already called we're going to call it a shitfuck yeah. I think that's appropriate at this point. All they know is heads
Well, there's some other things in his refrigerator as well: oh yeah, but at they'd all they news they opened up. They saw the heads and they closed it immediately. 'cause these guys are beat cops. You know, they're, not detectives. They just they're trying to bring in the like the friends, oh yeah, so you want to pass the buck on this pretty seriously, because this is a lot of papers, so they open the fridge and the guy jumped into his partners. Arms like Scooby from Scooby Doo, just scared going with what shack they had other thing. I'd like my first I gotta go away. My dad always talked about being a copy, so I could leave season Sucia severed hand, he's like well, that's five hours of fuckin' paperwork right there. You know there's like now. Now I have to go to court and they start they start bringing detectives over. They start they looking over the apartment and what they found in the apartment is,
it was like Vincent Price is house, as you would imagine it without it all being just props yeah, but I love what's in the refrigerator, is also some ketchup yeah everything here yeah. So this is Patrick in Patrick Kennedy inside The apartment when I saw was in empty refrigerator door handle. You know the answer. Some mustard dijon, he'll put a classy guy, had shopping Simao but in the main portion of the refrigerator, was- and it was empty, except for an open box of arm and hammer. Be consoled are to keep things fresh. Of course you know in about. It's containing the freshly severed head of a blackmail, and it was just sitting there are no blood, that's what was under a surreal. You know it was a Macul. It Lee Clean Slate, Stepanek perfectly and 'cause. You know I opened it up and here who's that guy
talking about, is, if, like it like, it's like everything's, like a baseball game, there was a collection of scrolls, I'm going to go through a laundry list here. Yeah got also some of my favorite facts. Yeah, like since all of these to put everything like those old, the John Commercials rules on your windows of distilled one inches of big severed foot again so collection is called some bleached, others hander spray painted three additional severed heads were found in a way upright freezer compartment and locked in ice. At the base of the unit. There was a bag loaded with flash an internal organs. Another freezer had two hearts, each individually, wrapped in plastic bags. It was a thick slab of muscle, muscle tissue on the floor of the cupboard there was a large cattle containing a pair of human hands, a set of genitals in the bottom drawer of metal, filing cabinet and armors bedroom. There was a complete human skeleton, dried remnants of somebody scalp and another that had obviously been there for a while. That's that's a problem. It's like you know, old friends. You don't seem for Albany to much of new friends. You know that portion of a little was been so alone. You gotta you gotta, cut off a lot of human fetuses to lose one full full full.
I'm sorry. I think I put wrong mister skeleton nothing. Human penises don't take your attractive to him in any more. No, that's not right realities at some plastic surgery or don't say that to the little PETE's breast cancer radically change things you suck me play with my balls, I'm sure somebody will- or if I was still alive, would be nice yeah. I don't think I don't want to still be alive
First, there was the famous fifty seven gallon blue plastic drum there were they found three human torsos marinating in their own juices. This is what and where are they? I don't know if the term marinating this right here, I see congeal in a disgustingly hanging out, here's a and towards the woman who road the man couldn't kill enough. This is what she said. She said in the back of the closet was a metal stock pot that contain decompose, hands and I'd love to find a place for this much storage space yeah. I have no one closet in my apartment now on the shelf above, the cattle were two skulls also in the closet, were containers of ethyl alcohol chloroform in from out of the hide, along with some glass jars, holding male genitalia preserved in formaldehyde and Polaroid pictures taken by Dahmer at various stages of his victims. Deaths one showed a man's head with the flesh still intact lying in a sink. Another displayed, a victim cut open from the neck to the growing like a deer, got it after the kill, the cut so clean. I could see the pelvis bone clearly, no, not a soul. This, indeed, is like welcome to detectives to my version of the mother. Museo now notice, all human, it's also a bit of a restaurant. Would you like something to eat? Well, the I mean you say museum, but the head investigator, the guy that dismantle the crime scene. He said it was more like dismantling someone's museum. It was all left out for him to constantly be looking and and for people to see it yeah he wanted to be fat, he be found, that's why he left it all out there. The John Wayne Gacy kept everything in the basement put away like everyone else. With the six c proceed, they kept a dividing line between their mad side and them where Dahmer was up to his eyeballs in it because he built the the whole house became a shrine. I just don't it's an apartment, yeah
So if we had a crawl space, he would love to use it. Yeah, maybe to Graj, have dumped the bodies in the river. There would have been other ways for him to deal with. We already put him. If you're killing something it's tough to get rid of a body in an apartment and go downstairs, and things like that, so I think it is. I don't know for sure right, so this is yeah. This is so. This is my favorite factoid Patrick. A five gallon plastic pail. It added a couple of penises one here Blake, you know he started saving the penises, he didn't save the White One, so the on penis we found. A bought foundation like the one women use for the exits,
he made a light interest paid to dead man's right, so he could suck on it. Okay, and so I literally it's just like a up on a this colors can look beautiful on you. Are you going to make over with yeah? I think it's gonna fall, thank God you're white now and then he just got white make up all over the place to go offer with paint all over their face. The unbelievable so Dahmer was ten, of course, taken back to the to the station and Patrick Kennedy. They put him in the box with him, because Kennedys partner had gone over to the crime scene. The confession was a hundred and sixty pages long Dahmer said you know honestly I, but he was so relieved to talk to somebody once it finally came out because that's what he said before was that when he it's like how he wished, he could have spoken about his horrible impulses before. But how do you tell something to somebody? It's just going to put you in a concrete square for the research yeah. They can be treated, I'm pretty good. At some coffee, some cigarettes Dahmer was still blackout drunk, and this is how dangerous game, what your pepperoni ropes, that he could just suck on himself off. You could take the down hello Kitty, didn't believe him at first yeah. I F foresees I all right. Do you know? Okay, so you had the heads it's pretty up, but Dahmer immediately started going into each murder in detail. Finally, Kennedy's his
once these guys are right now is down, because I can't remember anything because I may have to yeah. You did the right role drunk. He didn't write anything down until partner called him and said like hey. This is for real. We found all of the this guy is the real, because that's what is really a yeah they would. They are member that and Jeffrey Dahmer files. You talked about that. It's like sitting down with him. I literally he just thinks that he's got like a couple of murders at the hands him within as he's getting a call. It's a call after call after call come to just being like, and now we found the stew pot filled with and now he's painted, a bunch of them in the house and its roots. All it's pretty crazy, so yeah I mean yeah. You would think that he would have started writing down things kind of immediately. Once you find one head in a refrigerator, I'm just going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he's killed somebody before yeah, because he immediately told the story about the Joger yeah. He went away
and this is how dangerous the Milwaukee jail system is. Dahmer was terrified of going down to the general population 'cause. He was just going to ask it of course, and just so that's where the lady, just because his crimes were gay. If you were straight, he would have been a fucking superstar
the prison system. No because it's true, you look at people like Bundy and stuff like that. The prisoners looked up to him, but if you're gay they're ready to all jump and jump, beat him Jersey, all we'll see that yeah any gave I'd given Dahmer started, giving him all kinds of weird details. He said that what he used to cook them with used a vegetables, mushrooms, onions and they said the deer and the month before they caught him. That was the only me thirty eight yeah and he said a lot of things. It's it's just so, and then I still love Patrick Kennedy, just being mystified yeah. This is it. He had a lot of lovers, there's lovers walking around and I see some time in Milwaukee that I know got by Jeffrey Dowell, but he didn't kill because the only kill, the ones that he thought were really truly the moles. But you were t full. That's a city city, only eight, the ones that were truly beautiful to him yeah and he only killed in cap parts of the ones that you thought were at
in his eyes the perfect specimen of a man. Yes, because I would like the other thing we talk about who was on the search for the ultimate orgasm yeah. And it's like all this other shed, yeah, speaking of which he had Jack elated in the torn open rib cages. He drank himself with a bloody entrails. It took really good creative yeah. He really good time. Yeah I've never had so good. I guess the only thing I could really put it is eating chinese food alone. That's a good time like me, were longer covered in sauce. No shirt on is pretty you know, like I mean just be, watching Aqua Teen just smoke in a blunt, even chinese food, that's the only thing I could say
Quizlet, Jeffrey Dahmer, yeah, these bodies, timers, live in this whole other, like eighty Sci FI movie just covered in human entrails, really raise that already. I'm sure you know if, if yeah we're in also work at the chocolate factory, yes, some of these guys got improv troupe, so they got stuff going out of it alive. Like a band. You know I mean that's younger Jeffrey. What he does that he's just like. I ask you by myself I stay busy. I promise you that yeah crafts transcription me classrooms blood all over his face in sort of a native american patterns speaking to himself in the bathroom mirror, all not all. What is your time he started? This is again Patrick Kennedy. He started saving heads a lot of times. He said the plot, the heads you know, because you're a cool you're trying to do is try. If there was a while, he was trying to prevent himself from killing yeah, so he'd use his trophies yeah, and so it's like yeah we found seven heads in the refrigerator. He pulled him out tax. Stick a stick in their mouth. We've had. Couple of penises he just suck on you know. He said he do
We should try to satisfy himself, so you won't have to keep going out and killing people. When I ask Jeff, why did just go? Get a boyfriend? Why the fuck? You have to kill everybody and you look at Jeffrey Dahmer into his blue eyes. You didn't see that can w know what I'm saying you saw. At least I saw a pathetic human being, who so hedonistically selfish. That only could think about was the pursuit of his own sexual pleasure, and this is why in nutri system doesn't work, you know you can't have a drink to substitute a meal. That's right, you have a shake for a steak. Doesn't work can have a fake penis or
there's a separate human being is for a human penises can get some severed. Human penises and pill forms will be able to cure the serial killers. So the trial comes up this trial. They said that his court appearances they had the air of a movie premiere. There was, it was huge said I had the biggest security measures ever seen in AUS courtroom. They swept it for bombs daily with sniffer dogs. There was an eight foot wall of bulletproof glass. For now we went out there and we we deputize the states biggest pigs and we put the put him on the outside their problem. Is it guys kept killing the pigs in order to make sausages barbecue yeah barbecue detective? They were calling it well. I know anyone out there who was, I guess at any age in which you actually paid attention to shift in nineteen. Ninety two, you saw this everywhere everywhere there you saw Derek. I was talking to one of my assistants. Here he was born in like eighty nine.
And he had no idea what Jeffrey Dahmer looked like in that smoking mystified me. I couldn't believe that someone could Noah daughter. Look like is so huge to you know I mean like that. I show is making fun of them as well as making fun of him like all this stuff was happening. He became he became ways. We know that's. Why he's I mean it's important to the serial killer. Fuckin', is it. He is the he's. The one yeah yeah use their number one killer, everyone's heard of Jeffrey Dahmer, yeah one point or another. He did a lot of stuff to earn the reputation, always the jack of all trades. I mean you look at someone like Michael Jordan or you know, Lebron James. You got to rebound, you got a pass, you got to shoot and you gonna win the big game. I never thought about. Yeah you got a win in the postseason made humans obvious. He raped he killed. He ate he
Everything did everything every single thing yeah and he of course, keep hitting us with a woman yeah. We never had sex with him. He did not yeah. If you want to, you know, go through some trials, he should try getting married yeah. That would see I'll see if he could survive getting married. It easy to kill your kill your boyfriend, but try being married for ten years
so he pleaded guilty, but insane telephone counts and what that means is by pleading guilty to the charges brought against him in there by waving his rights to an initial try to establish guilt. The issue debated by opposing counsels at Dahmer's trial was to determine whether he suffered from either a mental or personality disorder. The prosecution claiming the any disorders did not deprive Dahmer of the ability to appreciate the criminality of his conduct or to deprive him of the ability to resist his impulses. The defense arguing that Dahmer suffered from a mental disease and was driven by obsessions impulses. He was unable to control. I mean he wasn't well yeah. I know I mean if you're dumber, I would just stand up and say members of the jury. I got five words for ya. You had to try it. I have so many God. Damn you appears on the face of the planet. If you had one bite, you can stop yeah, you would you be addicted yourself got allergic. I love that it would look money into the much from your home with the trial goes on, and this is when some do you see little detail or high out about Jeffrey Dahmer. Apparently he fancied himself the emperor from return of the Jedi hi. I will always want to beat you yeah. We yeah he bought yellow tinted contacts to make him look more like the emperor, such an error, and when these these details came out that he lover turn the Jetta and he loved the exorcist movies. It was said that in Milwaukee there was not a single a video store. We you could rent any of these moving. I'm just everyone immediately went out and they wanted to see what connection there was like they want to do is just see anything about. They just rule the right move. I love Jenna hi. We found out that he couldn't get an erection of his partners were awake and he hated that, because Intel is par if they had sex before they were drug. He was always the bottom eighty hated being the bottom, because then he was completely powerless yeah. This whole thing was control.
And he also this is a funny. This is funny little story that came out.
Thanksgiving Day in nineteen? Eighty nine. Thank you yeah having hi, he woke up in a strange apartment. He was hog tied in suspended from the ceiling. Dahmer said you know he drank too much and blacked out his legs were tied together. Is arms are tied behind his back in the fashion of the hog tie, he was hanging by hooks and ropes end. The man was sexually assaulted, him with a candle you just it knows he was invited to a birthday party gets as well and he was the cake yeah. You gotta ask my the cake. He told the story the whole section of the corps where they were family members hanging out. They just lie after a rough day yeah. They thought that was very hilarious without any separate him a cake, and this was when he was at the house of correction, the halfway house. He said when he got back. He passed several inches of candles during the day. Yeah, I don't have it. You have to have a laugh to yourself about that. You know no yeah, everything as you do and you feel like you know him should not the candle moon, like you know, there's some real perverts out there. It said that he when he was working at the plasma Center Milwaukee, he took a vial of blood home and drank it yeah. I hated it right, a lot of yeah he's. There are a lot of when asked about his fascination with body parts. He said. Maybe I was born too late. Maybe I was an Aztec, I I don't know at the same time, they'll be at least four mexican yeah. Maybe it's maybelline psycho I mean who knows maybe a bunch of things happen: the brightest supervisor from the Ambrosia Chocolate company. He said I had no problems with Jeffrey. He was always very polite. I've seen Jeffrey still bad he's bread, but I mean I've never met a finer chocolate mixture. Until I mean he just needed so creamy smooth, because he just
yeah yeah, yeah yeah. He said he was like he was making a mold for a black person, but he's yeah he's like oh how I wish. I could ported to a big six foot. Tall molded had take out a home, you know and we laughed about that- never got green with, though no hello. This is my favorite detail from the trial, his lawyer, the same guy, that is, that that that had a defendant in the first case boil he brought out this huge wheel.
At the center of the wheel was a picture of Jeffrey Dahmer like your wheel of fish, whatever it is that you right yeah yeah, so stupid, yeah alot like that and so around the wheel, where all of these things listed that the lawyer said was wrong with Jeffrey Dahmer and he just listed among other categories. Are the jeopardy categories was wrong with Jeffrey Dahmer use them I'll. Take skulls in locker for one thousand things he said skulls in locker, cannibalism, sexual urges, drilling, making zombies necrophilia drinking alcohol is every time that I'm trying to create a shrine, lobotomy's defleshing calling taxidermists going to graves for years. Masturbating masturbating this yeah, that was this- is Jeffrey Dahmer. A runaway train on the track of Matthew is jerking off yeah. That's really simple people shouldn't masturbate, he pig it get. It
enough. So we had some jerk off time, yeah, so this is where the prosecution order they argued against. The insane play he said first, is that he did not suffer. The defense argued that he suffered from primary necrophilia. You can only fuc dead body and he has an uncontrollable compulsion to do it. But the prosecution rightly argued that it was not primary necrophilia because of his attempts to create the zombie slave know you. How do you feel when you're making up the argument? I'm just saying yeah, you know when you're sitting there at night, you know 'cause you're working on your notes in the kitchen and your wife and your kids are probably playing any other rooms that just like. Well, he didn't want to just put: the bodies can keep trying,
these zombies. He wanted them to be alive, sick. Legally, we got about a ball yeah. We got a real good here. They said that he was extremely calculating. He went to great lengths to be alone with his victims, which is also true and, and they said that he, the the the prosecutor, felt that Dahmer's habit of getting wasted before committing the murders was very significant. He said, if you had a compulsion to kill, he would not have to drink alcohol. He had to drink. Alcohol. To overcome is inhibition to do the crime which he would rather not do yes, yeah when you want to go with like when you want to go skydiving, but you get a highly shots yeah. No, he didn't because again he didn't like the killing yeah. It is like playing with the afterwards like he was a man called Mister, Rogers yeah, you know and you that's a hard job to just go apply and get this will make that you or a small businessman. This is, I want to make take soup. You know he went to Milwaukee Mental Health facility two days before he was caught. He stayed for fifteen minutes and then left yeah. So he started it. He knew he was crazy. He knew there was some yeah. He was a cat figure it out yeah. I really look in the mirror jet and everyone really Jeff. What are you doing
What's your five year Plan Jeff, you know like what do you want to be it's like kind of want to be a pilot? Oh well, going to stop talking all these severed human heads. If I wanted to be a pilot so yeah, so on February 15th, the jurors found him guilty and sane God suffering from a mental disorder. At the time of the fifteen murders, two of the twelve jurors, they signify their dissent, the defense convinced two of 'em, you know majority rule. Well, they were hungry when they were doing the during the ending low blood sugar yeah, not paying attention so on. The first two counts: Dahmer was sentenced to life imprisonment plus ten years. Then, of course, the remaining counts. Life imprisonment, no death penalty in Wisconsin, so it was life in prison and so Jeffrey Dahmer go.
To prison where he will spend the rest of his life and it was kind of like Ernest goes to jail. Where they'll double came. He was all it was all a mishap. He was the evil brother of a set of twins and he got the good one went to jail, and then he went to the chair and then you have the electric power. I remember that yeah, that's also shut up yeah
Di Mare, of course, the on the much better looking Dahmer. So at first they didn't allow got Dahmer to congregate with the other inmates. They kept him completely separate, but after a little while they started to bring him into the general population in June of ninety four, he was attacked by a fellow inmate who tried to slit his throat with a sharp and toothbrush, as he was coming back from the church service in it. You know it should be noted that Dahmer did become a born again Christian yeah. I mean you deal yes well, you know they did find it King James Bible, among the skulls and is a part of if you don't know that he was using it till he gets as napkin papers are images that will you know if we need a space, no apple, a good scriptures, though Willie was clean. This is we're going to add. That is interesting. How on how I and I I got all this ticket usable only knows four months after they introduce at four months after that initial attack. They put him on work detail with these two guys. Jesse Anderson, who is a white supremacist, was the best one of the some of the stuff along the thing yeah. It was a white supremacist who murdered his wife and try to blame it on a black guy and another guy Christopher Scarborough. He was at a schizophrenic who is serving a sentence for first degree, murder and thought he was the Son of God, so one of
November 28th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. The guard left them in alone to do the morning. Janitor work and no one really knows what happened. But within twenty minutes of the guard, leaving him alone, two of the three men were dead, the well. It started with the guards slip in those two guys, twenty dollars. That's for sure. I know we've all heard. I know I heard that heard it growing up that Jeffrey Dahmer was killed by a fellow image shoving a broomstick up, as I thought it was a barbell well
the thing is that there I always wondered where that detail came from. Why did they say broom handle of the s always thought? Maybe, as I all you know, gay guy, you know he gets his just desserts. Yeah turned out that there was a tiny, no gonna truth to that story and that Anderson, the white supremacists had been beaten to death with with a broom handle, and then he got beats get death with the mark, metal bar yeah yeah, and they get on or through yeah timer Dahmer died from a blow to the head by a twenty inch metal bar crushes school. He made not the inmates of the he didn't, make a single sound and he made no effort whatsoever to save his life yeah. I know that was done. Security officer just left him alone with two other murderers through just a room surrounded with a bunch of metal bar. I mean he was in with the he was in with them yeah. This is
who is constantly surrounded by other murderers yeah. This is the Wisconsin death penalty, though I mean they knew he was going to die in Dahmer knew he was going to die to him in GEN pop was the thing that was going to kill him yeah. They always knew it. You know like he was never going to live and so ends the fucking horrible shitfuck life that was Jeffrey Dahmer. His parents were the only mourners at his funerals and their ashes were divided among them and they were and they demanded, pepper yeah. I'm gonna see if Jeffrey was right, Marcus happen with those two cons to be discussed at the top of the program. Hi yeah. This will do a bit of an apple log on on this one. The two cops that found the guy fired and then their lives are terrible from then on it at the time they were immediately fired but later on, they appealed the decision.
They were reinstated on full pay. An were later named officers of the year by the police union. Unbelievable, you know that's what you gotta do is just not do your job and you'll keep getting promoted. That's part of true Jesus Christ. Well, this is just what I learned a lot now does a lot of interesting, a lot of interesting factoids
we're going to go with this next week. We're gonna be doing some Amy back to some real news. Really amazing. Seven aliens are in the mainstream media right now, because the Pope just came out and said he believes in alien life and when they do reach earth, they want to be converted to Catholicism where she is grubby. Yes, on the alien okay aliens are in the news. Right now and again, we said a lot of five year olds. It's like they just like it, because they look like hairless little boys shore instructor decks. Dahmer would have loved him, but I don't know, I don't know if they have, though, so that would been. Frustrating Israelis keep showing up or in top hats, in order to hide their heads in being high waisted pants like Zoot, suits yeah. Alright, everybody thanks. So much for listening, follow Marcus Parks on Twitter and then kiss on a ten religion. My show a dizzy for NBC. Has he done lately a different side of the road? This is on the television show, and I can't wait for people to google me. I I, while watching the show and see this so we're all going to get a bunch of new fun fans, they're going to be terrified of Boycott NBC. Go to if you got some time go to Itunes, leave us a nice little review that helps us out getting in the top two hundred and all that, yes, a lot more attention to a go to go, make some reviews say something nice and we'd. Much appreciate. Thank you guys. So much yeah, hey yourself how the hell list, all the other county programs on cave calmly, radio page seven is good. Thank you not bad.
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