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Episode 126: Haunted Hollywood

2015-02-17 | 🔗

We cover the horrible place that is Hollywood, CA, featuring tales of jilted starlet suicides, the cursed ring of Italian heartthrob Rudolph Valentino, and the fat ghost that lives with Dan Aykroyd

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There's no way to escape. Tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started.
This greenhouse yeah feathers economies. Peace is gone, baboon bubble, modern muddle deeds with his big Billy Slattern against her flight back yard differ the rapporteur. I would do a good one. He ordered a weirdo everything's good, nor about the miserable that's markers box and I bet guess all Henriette. I have different ideas of what a good time I like a girl, Vashon Poker Party, where does matter which bodies like as long as you ve got a good attitude and you can't not alright. Let's talk about today's subject. Up up up up up right, buddy disease got plenty of it. Rather we want at all. There were only when it is fascinating with this describes you're sort of good time party rhythms yet, but it would be wiser to his side. Of course, not so it's about clear above the original it girl Hollywood in today's dead. Now your key way I did she died. Nineteen sixty one could say we're here. Talk about the odd hunted go celebrity years. Are there so many of them? It has no, because Hollywood is a tragic place filled with broken dream, as we learned as a matter of mercenaries radio pilot, the more the more misery there is in somebody's life. The larger though,
the area bigger, ghost, bigger gas, everything about blanket zone he had laid a beggar, go Slater, absolutely Armani. My one thing also. I want a briefly of top because we were gonna. Maybe talk about the recent mash outta that happened in Lausanne days. It has shown it doesn't deserve an end, but he's a real piece of shit, and I just want to say Could you get rid of all the gun you, but I dont know if that will help. I dont think that'll help how blood thirsty you we are as an animal that the major providential I read a little bit. You know that he was very upset because he got tickets given to him by a wealthy couples. So you go see the Hunger Games Premier upset about that, and then he got
stage passes the Katy Perry, but his parents did afforded me gotta give to do them. We got em given to him what it thinks. The best thing that came out of that whole scenarios that he's dead. Now I know that's what sort of what I was very lays the one silver lining yeah nonetheless, but do you know none of us? The last part,
spamming, we are not that asshole we make fun of that asshole fat assed annual. We also do we elate laid over now everybody last point, as they are literally finger. Bang and some have uniform in love, has been made through the pod cast. Yes, absolutely without all we're beautiful women, powerful men up. Yes, so yes go on living your lives. Have confidence, don't be a fuckin pussy ass, all making your youtube diatribes think you're gonna make things even with a gun who you're not because you are to Hell right now: get no raped by TED. Bundy eighties is a guy get lighted and allied we could talk about above me, this is what I think to blame is the selfish. I really think it's the sell their faces. You don't have a camera man look at you from behind the ledge, like God, that it you're crazy appraisal. It's all the self. I didn't write that that such oh you need is a writer. That's all. I wanted Hollywood up up up by my dad, and that number is glad that this doesn't make you want to move. I guess, but she has, as the Riksdag Hollywood loss Angeles occasion, did. No Hollywood started off as an awful fuckin place as it's like. Not right. Now he's a shit right now in my office place I mean extremely violent filled with gunslingers prostitutes, yet all manner of unsavory care, even Hollywood producer, and this is something that I didn't know about an aging seventy one without Hollywood. First gain notoriety through this massacre of chinese immigrants were bad. It was interesting, yeah, yeah held it end word alley. There is well, it was a mistranslation. The alley was called colleague, Dulcinea gross. We always means black Ali by
in a way that racism raises logically, we gave our listed in the make it like that. You know that the land of fallen rice, several that China is be that you could have made an extra raises. That's all I can to hire a character to leave him ass, a movie active agents. Seventy one of the major bellied I corpse children's cartoons. We're still raises against anti. You know that it's gonna be hard, I should say they shine on all, but then I think what was it I'd yeah? We believe that bodies can talk, but Asians are still thieves. So that's where the fantasy world we are living in right now. So this is a narrow street, full saloons, Gamblin partner, parlours and dance halls. It was said that there were three to four men killed every weekend, while in this alley in eighteen, seventy one there was a big crowd, a white men. They went on a killing spree after a drunken chinese emigrant started. Fire and off is gone in the alley in accidently hit a white man April gotta change how they party the order place. Let open field sure shoot your gun off right. Roy, you now, in Hollywood, Bathing data, holster that gun and now celebrate by M gets it. Actually. I don't know
yeah yeah, celebrate model, but I've never had a good time. Then this is what they chose to do. I mean that's what happens now. You know much less violence for the most part and put on the tab shoes and they change their gunslingers ways. They live better to the texts and we proudly took up than traditional eyes so within minutes a bond to really drunk. Why do just descended upon every chinese person they could find? Eventually, nineteen chinese people were killed. A grand jury indicted, a hundred and fifty cynical Mexico whip some dumpling. Then it is not at all like I'd, come on what's wrong, with only six of the hundred and fifty six men that we're indicted went to jail and after a few days of cool in their heels in county, they were all lie
go, you can give mortar back then do you care what they did was, as they would show them a picture of a chinese person and until they didn't know like rise, they stop doing that they let him out of jail. So it's like the Mormons due to work here being gay idea. He ever let it appears that just show you a picture of evasion, fellow at them, so you can finally say like I'm at peace with that man are allowed to be released yet about a year that incident. That was the incident that introduced LOS Angeles at large to the rest of the world, doesn't want to Hollywood. Then Hollywood has always blown stand. Yes, Hollywood has always been a horrible horrible for complaints and its future. When you walk on the streets of Hollywood, I was by the different words like in New York. The homeless problem is very its apparent and put them on. These guys are normal willing to talk to him and neither does on street creator. They did their best circumstances, but they still remember being normal when sometimes it's a job, symptoms of a legitimate hustler he's look at each other like now. I can see that that's you. Have you have a hand you put a sock over it for ten, like it's another new Nike. As you are aware, in an ipod end up, there will make comes in here and tells me about her third does husband again. She can't keep a man but day but Uninstall ie what the streets are filled with maniac like anybody. It's on the street, if you don't drive and in your car this again Hollywood driving down. If you are forced to be on the street with these people, they are dangerous, because these are people who went with very high ideals. Whores habits. Are they all further we're gonna be on soap, opera, egotistical, homeless? Yes, oh no, they're, just not stir broken satellite ghost people that walk the foot reality just tend to pilot big Superman. Costumes are banned, costumes in India will shatter. The wearing of all. Children are not argue that they were the lucky ones to be superhero. Our right so what happens over nineteen donation, people know and ninety days, and that's just how Hollywood is introduced to the world's over it had breeding ground for hunting. It started off badly. Yes, let's go so you know it's a place, it shouldn't be there. You know it's a high cellular, really shouldn't it's a milk is or what they thought that they have the truck in water over like three hundred miles, a dump it into a pool until eventually the sand becomes mud. You know it's just a list of America, it is,
what sort of with some of the haunted places around LOS Angeles them, one of the most famous ones, a lotta, haunted hotels. However, gaily gets like the place where, especially in the early days, a Hollywood. That's where the down and out could stay for cheap yeah. That was it. There was a different time back that it was cheaper. Disdain otello have a homer when these hotels that are hunted these are actually very nice hotel. Oh now they are round yes well. The first one is the Knickerbocker Hotel, which is now a senior living facilitator. You say Knickerbocker Controversial or as in the New York Knickerbocker levies, pets appeared at an ugly parents as well. This place was, it was originally an apartment building until nineteen twenty five became a fancy hotel. It said that Mr Rudolf, Valentino hung Lamar will hear a lot about Mr Rudolf. Valentino. Later, though, I don't trust his latin look. Let's make him a village, they re about not kill myself if he died. This is also the place. Word said that there's a Marilyn Monroe Mirror that there's a supposedly a mirror where you can see Marilyn Monroe, Irish, I was every mirror. I write girl, that's right! I've been you tell me the other day about a Marilyn Monroe conspiracy that you fancy. I guilder issues about it. If you really like Blowin Kennedy, any was like the call for no eleven of the nuclear developed barons are sexual fetish or Mister Kennedy. You can't just give the codes in order to combat else. Am I supposed to do? I haven't been regular bomb at a man's balls are very attached to their egos. So I suppose that's true, but pretty much. The CIA Contra conspiracy is at the root of the pill. Bottle cap was odd. There's other where'd, you get it. Do it deeper, there's a couple of other well, apparently what they saw. The the coroner saw that Marilyn Monroe underneath or left boob. There was a tiny puncture will and it said that the CIA they came and they filled her up with some sort of chemical to killer. Responsible fisheries must be very happy that it a gap
rock solid ass. You think you're going to kill the subsidies got back from plan all day, scape on a good day as the Knickerbocker Hotel D, W Griffith also died in the lobby D Griffith. He was the man at the birth of a nation, very famous racism,
well, you offered us a rare raises in the neck about cars, also very famous for being the side of the annual Harry Houdini seance. As we know from past episodes, Harry Houdini was a very big anti seized, anti spiritual is, but he hated all of the guests who blonde hullabaloo voting around the spiritual movements of the eighteen hundred. She was always obvious bunk with that's what got him into it, though he starts a huge believer now and then he was just like I by one of our main again. It is but his wife S attempted a contact at a mute, therefore, how many years ten year seniors and they have a like. You- send an exit. George wasn't going like stone. Tell my wife I'm here. I can listen to her screaming anymore you're, the founding father. Yes, I can deal with your wife added said that on the night of the last say on that there was a huge thunder storm that happen only over the Knickerbocker Haute. I'm sorry, I far too I have raised
but besides never actually work. The best said that he was never actually contact because they had a secret message. Me. I heard that an area Adini basically said everything. If I can reach beyond the grave I'll say: somethin like skaters come rippling eaters come eat. It was an aim of their beloved cat to do all in our daily Mildred at area. Ejaculate. In the cat, though another Knickerbocker tragedy was Frances Farmer who, you may have heard her before she was played by Jessica, laying in nineteen eighty to film her. All too brief career electrified Hollywood in the thirties and Fortys feel it was easy to electrocute like electrify Hollywood. Back in the day, you set the gulag. Where beware enough tat go let's go right about among the idea how easy it was. She electrified Hollywood with a movie called too many parents. Here you woke up. She had six parents and she had to systematically torture and kill the other for extra Para, all just the same or home alone. No parents of horrors too many barriers among three parents, though, by the time she was twenty seven, her personal I've started fallen apart. She had failed marriage, a string of disastrous relation gives she turned alcohol started taken amphetamines, possibly some Benes. Did you date, this girl? No, no! I was alive, then suppose forty three she was in a movie called no escape or drinking and erratic behaviour causing problems on the set. I need more make up this. No Miss farmer, please please. We need you to film tonight. I won't fathom as you'll bring me a talk eyes elephant though with the police and she got new a fight. She was arrested at the Knickerbocker hotel when the police arrived. She was taken from a room half naked in the morning. The core placed her under the care of a psychiatrist said that she was manic depressive and the following day. She was sent to the screen actors, sanitarium and law christian, but apparently she's got the heavy gps. The hullabaloo Samuel by Morlock History, repeating this is exactly what happened to Amanda binds like almost
you're too early, and it gets a lot where I know we, political deadly medical technology wasn't quite early what's wrong. With that. Every time we try to play a brand new Charlie Day hit the century far she does tapetum so see was insane asylum for the next seven year. They gave her insulin treatments that caused you to going to shock, ran noble. She wasn't diabetic now use whatever work in our burgeoning like a fella sugar, faggot atta. I don't know I am maybe it'll do something that would have a nice. Of course, from the insulin treatment she got. Intense brain damage could concentrate, couldn't, remember lines, but she's thought arrive later. They made her diabetic.
they fought you're a pretty good sedate. She figures I have to get out here. She escapes from the insane asylum gets recaptured a couple months later: the shop with sister she was still making movies well the looney Bin. Now I may well, she was wanting to make more movie sure why am I saw is going to rise again. You listen, the world's gonna, know, Frances Farmer, yeah euros idea, reserve from set, and so must be an eye. Hey, isn't that install it up in a tree over the edge of a bad bad, now know tat any differently to address us. A good actress they gave her electroshock treatments and ice baths upon her return to the ice bath was a pretty big treatment. Everybody tat, I do ice pass every summer.
Can I always comes me down you're sweating profusely that only NFL athletes, Henry's eyebrows, you need need ice basket. I run hot because you don't run at all. As all I'm gonna put you order. My pictures guess that kind of range where they can be able to handle the pressure Hollywood. I think I will love booze, he's too big fulfilled to have to put up on stage next to a draft was up economy culture through its ultra sad to say too true. Take it Easy Emory, though she was released, may of nineteen forty five, but she was hospitalized again for five years. This time they stay in the hospitals. Even worse, the criminals, patients mentally retarded people gathers the worst were they were all house together, their princes farmers, beautiful neglect, pretty lady in cases like these open loopholes, touching and sparing my dress, the orderlies. Let me come in, they throw the meals on the floor for everyone to fight over just a table. You don't want man if you want to eat
rise, you'd be willing to go get it. I just feel like we were in over just one. You know high profile director away from walking into that institution and put out one of the greatest performance. Is that how is ever say
As for Frances Farmer in oh there's, a corn Cobb stuck in the corner, but it's all covered and does it will be viewed, go see that our pay? Oh, no, MR, have no. No. This directive is not here to direct a film he's coming into the sanitary lies grazing, very good, Sir Francis things get even worse for on this next day she was subjected, did electroshock treatments. They started weren't around two soldiers at the local military base. What are you going to do with you criminally insane that well, rape M abuse them that hot lordling did over and over again and people complain about Obamacare. Always Sir cried again was. She was just add up our act in up YAP. Yes, what are those a hysterical lady? He was pulling a Miley Cyrus yeah. Why will you should do back in the day to day in the forties? This is what we would have done. The Miley Cyrus or amended by I mean that you back in the day you go to these looted beans, and nowadays you act like Sean Young did trying to get tat woman, and then you just
put an ace buncher. Yet if we know it's a year this time they would like. You know invisible just fifty years earlier from this time, they would have removed her uterus, put her an orgasm machine and then give her opium tells you diner sleep, but also on behalf of ivy and this now in these days and forty seven, they just give you about me: yeah, they lobata miser they freedom from behind billions that, by the way I dont think people really understand of disgusting. All bottom lobata meets a three part process, a sick that needle in your eye, in these nay snap below and Lucy. Do that said that makes you feel angry and centre your brain yeah there, the frontal cortex they what they do is they do to needles one. The needles go inside the ice, aka right on the corner near the bridge, your nose, they put a big needle in there in its literally a fuckin hammer in chisel. Truly, that's it like their english carbon, the ten commandments, yea aged, and you hear that ding ding in here, as that is what you have not in my question is: can you
be a star. Let any more! I think that birds are not good. You can be a star, let me more and they do thou know, though she's been lobata by control, she's a character. Actress accident you to play mothers and AIDS is still around others. That has had a bad David fifties. Alleyway I've been demoted to mothers, a man.
So they are lobata, miserly, Tink, Tink and both eyes and she dies the age of fifty seven penniless alone and broken write. Another a Hollywood skidmore, but now she is truly, but now she is haunting, though time she HANS the Knickerbocker hotel logo to this day, the original site, where everything started to go down the tubes HANS. I already allay my took eyes elephant. There is probably a mirror, like goes taunting war between her and Marilyn Linares, like your Marilyn's gonna, get it ever. Whoever was this email in the mirror, and only in this a second time, saving them after knows is bleeding annually. Oh, it's from the labelling. I look like one of the thirteen goes from the movie. Thirteen Gus. How I love that picture staring your terrify matter. Haunted hotel is the Roosevelt hotel staff. They frequently hear complaints about loud talking in nearby rooms, rooms and corridors that prove to be empty investigation. Phone.
lifted from receivers lights turned on an empty, lock rooms. There was a made that was in explicitly pushed a new supply. Climates are an audacious Arnold sorts of egg annually, because I like it, I like how you'll Bob's is like a pie you have breeds and why you would Arnold dies wherever he dies. That plays a chemist. Belike cocoanut oil owes a typewriter the began typing in the middle of the night, an empty locked office. There's a man in a white so who is seen by three different people on two different days who walk through a door and vanished. They were extra bed spreads that were hung on abroad in the basement, began moving on their own and was a little girl that was seen playing in the lobby and then vanished before the eyes of a startled staff. Member very work, but I will say one I'm staying in Burundi all there were many time now. It may have been the amount of weed. I was smoking while I was there by will say in LOS Angeles more times than I do feel excellence. Looking at me. I do not feel that feeling like where I was England Dale. There was very, very similar to David Lynch Levers, exec long,
weird hallway outside next to this hedge and every time I went outside that, I felt like I was being stared at and then an also turn out. There were many armenian fit family people that would just kind of sleep on their balconies was there, as we have in that I like? Does my favorite gonna vibe those slightly haunted, video, you most fun and allies gather via definitely another Junta plays the infamous man's chinese theatre.
We were and I've been there. Now you ve been oh yeah, you and all the spider man out front. You gotta tell Maud front in every one of them's will in a pickpocket you if they just had extra digits on her glove proposal. Mitten gloves at its heart, a pickpocket when you have the renewal of the nineteen eighty two and act or named Victor Killion, who, by the way, is best known as the fir Wood flasher on Mary Hartman, Mary armed men, never heard of it up up up what is from legged. Ninety. Ninety two, like stories of the stock of burning owed flash. I got a lot of this stuff for my prairie Gostar com, which has a lotta Aurelio, Regular Gostar fights granite, a library ghost our colleague has it all. The entire website was written like half paranormal, half blind items, it's crazy ass is like you'll, never guess which star was seen could noodle in along the avenue. The other night, with up I coming out of goes on asthma, tied a DAB Elizabeth chain. So the authorities so that the authorities believe that this man, Victor Karelian and a stranger they struck a conversation with at the bar, never knew that. Never trickery Dahmer taught us anything. Never do that. I mean he's the fir wood flasher from what was the name of a very large area, heart multimillion, Victor Killion, from the as the firmer advisor for Mary Hoffman, Mary Admin,
as I am, I owe you a fan of mine, so their names. I agree there is ever gonna where this name that actor team name tag everywhere. So I get free drinks. Why? Yes, I am a thought of Mary had been married. Man, I'm a close friend of Joan Darling and Jim Drake knows you drag character, didn't have a name Newgate Hollywood. Lord, your character, doesn't even the most well known as policemen number four in the police, men's ball, murders, pre, oh wow, Sewing Louise last Gregg, Blasi, Gaudy, Goodman and Mary K play and also all of them are, or secret Jews and furthering ringlets Grand Jarvis as Charlie Baby Boy haggard baby boy. Yes, yes, he's fifty two years old, but he is born and stays looking like an infant will evaluate our listeners at sea have seen any these movies. Please write on the page that has no other uses. A tv show this guy opera parity that ran from seventy six to seventy seven and by the way, a big long run season art hardwood pleasure. You could find him in one night sky how Martin Mole was in Berlin and by the way, Victor Killion, he was revealed to be the fir wood flasher, but his actual characters name was Grandpa Raymond Larkin PA was the flash or no he was murdered. You was brutally murdered beaten to death in his apartment nets. We don't need credit, as we don't do that income occasionally with eyes those apartment. It was only a block away. Killer was never caught and law, or has it that the ghost Victor Killion can be seen walking the route from Man's chinese people for money for his autocratic, z, flash and then
thou none goes flesh. No, not that I know of wool. Meme we got a little sudden close later on, will close the flash, and now we get some going on there. Next haunted place that we have the infamous Hollywood sign that it that that that that day by day, because how Luis because Hollywood Land, yet an earthquake destroyed the original sign, Is an interesting fact, We now know that up at fucked up the land and they started a fallen disrepair is an ugly scientists. Even realize tat is in this area to write about a little too cool. It's cool. It's called a sea, while the Hollywood sign got its first taste of death on a dark night in September. Nineteen. Thirty two it was on
this night that Lillian Millicent Peg in whistle gets it being all name. Not a Hollywood. Now listened Millicent sounds badge on I dont understand. I names Lillian medicine to end was Albert. Even called me, pay here, they'll actress, now, retail from a nobly knees, blonde short about she climbed the slopes amount Lee with the glowing signs their final destination when she arrived. She scale the heights of the giant letter age and jumped out say on the afterlife Hollywood, a body plunge sound the side of the hill and broken the ground below menace. It's tough to feel bad for a peg.
Did you know that you feel better housing and she jumped up? The Hollywood is big. I just really going to have to ask our pegs do when she's like. I was she's, always job with this asset queues of failed actors. Just couldn't catch a break. She was the type a girl they kept getting bit part after bet part she was workin, she was workin. Can I know how lucky she was in these days. She would have now people are begging for paper, can't get enough bit parts italian, just one. We are one movie after another, just kept fallen through. She couldn't take it anymore. On that night she told her uncle Harold that she was gone for a walk, Peg, scratched away up the slope to the Hollywood sign folded. Her coat neatly down with her purse and the next day a woman hiker in Griffith Park. discovered that I think is similarly Hollywood slang for prostitutes, woman, I each. The woman hiker open the purse discovered a suicide note inside my written it, of course,
I am afraid I am a coward I am sorry of all everything. She's no linden job done this long time ago and would have saved love, Bain, P,
a few days when everyone knows sign off on a letter with their h, younger men, very romantic idle. Why? Because Otobu I was longer than her letter. If she wrote like signed Lillian Millicent Peg, I don't like a romantic suicide. Affiliates overrated. You know not only of the jacket all that's to go. I will give you a blaze of glory. You know I love you, I wanna see. I know we generally. I got in a blaze of glory on Saturday. No, there was it a suicide. There was a murder suicide retailers who s writing. You say blaze of glory the enemy that means grabbing the controls away from an airline pilot, be unlike revised, otherwise mean what I mean. My blazing glory is waiting dollar. Seventy three in cancer gets, you know we're already. All dead suicide is needless snow. I just Yom Odyssey. Let's go Metz job in front of a training. Go slow baby
helluva hiker. She put the note back into the purse and in the early morning, hours took the purse over the Hollywood police station just kind of through all of it, on the German all about in care. In two days later authorities found the body of Peggy Whistle and here's the ultimate irony. Two days later, Ankara Uncle Harold was sifting through the afternoon mail and he discovered a letter that embed mail to pack the day before she jumped to her death. The letter was from the Beverly Hills, Playhouse, and it had been written to offer peg the lead role in their next productions. Promises that the name of that play was supposed to be the fattest ugliest pirate woman yeah, but she was gonna, be the late check, your email, your mail before you kill yourself?
but you're just give yourself one last little, like maybe potential reason. The late over now in someone's gonna come down. The pike never know that dude you wanna meet could be held an Ex Boston from used lady, I'm in a museum for the next bus from Santa Clara New Mexico plausible, and why you would you? Wouldn't I just this one, more people, and not just say this? No, no one! Those Hollywood thing is my brain. I was, they might kill it myself, but then there's a poor man on a greyhound bus. Come all the way from the south to some pretty home, an aluminum he's a bit of a border, but he's border have gentlemen com? So here's how it even it gets even better. The part that she was supposed to play. The beautiful young woman commit suicide in the final act, but this was not the end. A pagan whistle every word was she's dead
next l broken. So in the years following her suicide people reported a woman in nineteen thirty's era, clothing abruptly vanishing when they approached her, she said to be very attractive. Blonde seems,
very sad indeed. It says that some people can still smell the pungent aroma of Gardena Proof you, it was said to be peg with let s just say Rossiter she had run away. I think Sir law enforcement, as has happened in their I've gotta, go yes, yes, yes, esteem, punk, prostitutes, yeah! No! Sorry up up in a Hollywood, hillside Wyndham rose with Nick Turner, we went hiking were too large. Individuals may hanging. It was the beginning of the eighties comedy, but we live in the eighties comedy. One is supposed to be thin and attract gas. Yes, yes, yes, that's why we doubled the funny level up as they have no skins, and so we dwell on one side to smoke. Some led off the side of the trail and, as you are coming over Nick jumped over a Bush didn't clear. It is the brain is ankle, so they Forest Ranger had come. Get us a put him in the back of a pick up which of the pick up down the side of growth of park right. So you too, fat
asses who went a little rough up it for awhile. The back of a Rangers, pickup truck, but you had reared worry, goes measures eyes did I guess no one. I have acted in a hospital bed when I was talking in their programmes, your nose like so as anything we were to happen on hearing psych. We see constant like like satanic objective at ease has like weird little ritual listing like alters, built and not try to get this woman back no they're just saying just in terms of the then the Hollywood Hills right by the Hollywood sign. There is a lot of strange activity that happens there to stay where there was a russian mob head, like the string of its basically found a severed head with two separate hands put underneath the head, like it was the heads little feet: Otis
adorable of like one of those little things have Snick stickers on the bottom of all areas that a lot of that did, though there was as we like three or four those composer. They found its like the always find body parts of their cars. Were gangsters, go to kill people leave him on the desert, fragrance Edam, weird, neither honey place. We got paramount studios. This is pretty creepy. Little tail was actually is paramount suitcases directly across from the Hollywood memorial, which is a great if you're in Hollywood, ever that cemeteries, fuckin, awesome and yeah it's great and what what did tombs due to visit our symbols tomb huge there was, it is bigger by erotic. Small was very it's a boy big black. What's also nice Is he in their no
No, no, no you what they did to him as they took his body when he died and they just drag out in the street near lunch. But your fuckin orphans cut out, put the fuckin knife and they in an pigeons came and ate it well. Didn't live are very often as they do the most amazing Filmore whores, that's what they do to them. Now we know a good or a bad was unceremoniously shot in the fuckin lobby of the Knickerbocker good
pronunciation? Yes, rye, make sure to enunciate that word. Oh yeah so Paranoia Paramount studios. Creepy little tail story goes. There was an executive who had rented out one of the rooms of their city went into the bathroom was washed his hands in sink, look in the mirror and his eyes were glowing red, so he runs overdue. With secretary says: look my eyes! What's going on, she said that the ice adopting somebody's fucking eyes of my eyes glowing red eyes. You seem angry and I'm scared, so I guess yeah then the guy in so that the signatories is absolutely she gets frightened. She screamed. She runs out of the room, the executives and try to get up off the chair, but hands were pressing down on his shoulders and he finally managed to escape whatever demonic possession was there with a horse? You must tell us
A lot of people say that, yes, the Hollywood Memorial cemetery is right there next, a paramount which causes a lot of hauntings over into the paramount set as paramount studio players. Only Orson Welles is over their home people down on couches. I dont think he is probably saying asked it to do it, but you know who's also buried in the Hollywood Memorial cemetery, the wandering ghosts of Hollywood Rudolf Valentino Valentino. Now this is because he was a bit of a man who just a little bit, of course, with the name like is given name was those funds are Fianna Piano Vienna, but Goody Goody, Amy, deepening Tina the unwinding. Yet up with your woman, I would say: go by peg, but I will go with Rudolf Rudolf Valentino in just seven years and tells untimely death nineteen thirty one. He appeared in fourteen major films in any good there's. A good amount of work is aware tat. He was ard throb. Many of his early rolls were minor parts mainly cast. As Henry said earlier. The villain, thanks to his latino, looks with this is again doin with Dexter out there right now. Ladies love, a good villainous character. Oh, I forgot to say some latin.
I utterly he's latin no
stores, nappies, evil. Tat kills. People may as well be latin what's wrong, but despite Rudolf Valentino adoration by the female public got more than a share of abuse from newspapers and magazines. Colonists at the time was some of em hinted that decoding quote sensitive actor was a homosexual dress himself up like a like, I lay low when word or whatever they want to make up at actresses, name Marguerite Leyla. When were you did preferred aware? Heavy perfumes, mink coats and other oddities sounds like he's, wants to relax, I mean, might Thyssen where similar clause yeah, where dresses yeah he challenged one man to a fight one s neighbour com is that I am in a challenge you to a fight, MR, come away from Boston and say that to my face, obey and Hollywood Argovie TASER Valentino. In amendments by left hand, I call my left hand Valentino now my first and Spaghetti Valentino, some spaghetti whispering getting awry, look out for him and his virility was further question when it became known that both of the women that he married were lesbians who which, by the way, that's not that
masculine thing to do Mary Lesbians, yet, though, as male idea, as is marriages, were never consummate out there just not talk there. This is also the time in Hollywood or its like. When you read about the. If so strange they could, everyone was live. Living like secret lives fund, whose laws one place. It was a place where, because everyone was leading a secret life, it was like. Okay now could go and you could live and openly involved. There was respect for privacy. Yes, you know is a different time. There's also because back in EAST Asia has reached contract, there were contract players for studios. Now they were like they were employees of studios like now we're your centrally and actors of freelancer whose later on words like this I'm secure and employees. So if you were heard in the bottom line, yet you, if you fuck things up, you fought things up for the company out, so that companies can do anything it takes to like hide anything that would affect your Fucking box office numbers. But I like this, Valentine o guy just live in life by his own rulers, have regular ease ass masculine, as Liberace earlier than Kevin Space would have liked to live back. Then you know now everyone's I come out. Kevin come out back in a desert extends day anyway. I love it here. You know what you tell me: if you're more quiet person, you like an isolated life, and you happen to be gay, but you don't want to be like the spokesperson for an entire
group of individuals come announce a huge, barely s, DNA Brian singer parties every weekend and it was fine or valentine. Oh, he was in fact a tough guy. He said on his death bed. He actually died of a pin decided on a diet of the data, the old her. the cancer there that took. I was the lead singer of queen Framing Hallo here was no AIDS back there. Well, they might is baffling. Condiments were made out of aluminum. Why isn't he was a fighting on his death? Bed needs stay historically, fighting the intense pain, and he said, and now
do act like a pink powder puff? No! No! Mr Valentino! No! No! Please, though, if you could stop playing the flute for a second, we can give you your medication right at the news. A Valentine's death to women attempted suicide in front of the hospital in London. A girl took poison before is inscribed photo groundless, an elevator boy at the Ritz in Paris. It was discovered dead on his bed, which was covered in photos of Helen Tino Emmi. This really was the golden age of. How would now it is of Bieber dies. There's just could be a bunch of checks, but can you two videos and crying we'll leave Brittany alone? No Asia they'll be a couple of like Bieber suicide. You think a beaver all it will go. People still commit suicide for their for their movie star. So rude our Valentino. He was the very first celebrity big, celebrity death and the whites of the times have hated. The family was land, no noticeable user talent Yang. Just just look latin, oh, I say because the whites did not to have an opinion of the Italians either you what's causing shifty shift day. All they try to give us his carbs,
the Atkins Diet, very anti italian, so Rudolf Valentino. It said that his march misfortune comes from and I love these things HANS the object, is anyone who thinks he bought this ring a cursed ring a curse ring which the guy, who basically said, hey, don't buy this ring. Apparently it's cursed. Anything I'm gonna do not, of course, can affect them, but I do know definitely so he wore the ring in his next film. The young raja, which turned out to be a huge flop, is just starting. He was starting to get his career start at this point, but the movie was so bad. They kept up the screen for two years. He decides he's gonna put the ring away until he, and then he went to New York. He found son of the Sheik. Another Arabic, film, Yang and
He decided after son of the Sheik after the movie wind big after was a Haiti decide, I'm an put on the ring. I really love this rings. A sort of a sheep did well said. The sheik was a here than the Rajah one didn't do. A young Roger did not do well son of the Sheik that also stored, Polly, sure right, I loved so well wearing the ring he suffered from acute appendicitis and within two weeks he was dead a short time later, a woman named Paula Negri, who was asked to choose a momentum from among Valentino things and not knowing the strange tails behind. I want the silver ring because I deserve it. Does mine almost immediately her health failed in an unknown. Ailment almost ended her career a year later, while still recuperating from the odd sickness. She met a man named Russ Colombo, who she said was rough Colombo immediately. My best friend my dick fell off well you're, a strange one. By stuck in semi should I got brown at a fairly well, when I saw your Ok Cuba profile, I thought you were very different yeah. You know what my two really office, something pretty spectacular lobby yeah, it's all. So how was the day with Ross Fur go of re was: did that Ross was a double for Ruby effort, Rudy Valentino, as his friends call so Poland Negri gave him the ring said what, from one Valentino to another and a few days after receiving the ring, of course, Russ Colombo was killed in a mysterious shooting acts. It has also been its promise of than they had did that the very rare Hollywood hairstyle of the target is cut a target into the back your head. That's a problem. Only remember that all care cut down it is the old walked fast here. So from Russ Colombo, the ring move to his best friend joke seen. These are all fake Colombo. Valentino casino agree today. This is just back cause. Everyone's real name was, like my name, was Herbert Work of Otto. I handed it shouldn't casino because I was trying to get to the pictures I so sometimes they do stick with me. You know Frances Farmer,.
areas where armor is good and whistled minutes have been aunt whistles, the good last name. Is it you're, an author gaily, ass, short whistle, Sharm whistle is in the name of Puglia. Short was able not against one of the worst part of a short whistle. As always, we wars against whistle fino places the ring under glass and then, after a while key can't fuckin resist the temptation to wear the ring. His eye seems casino. You know he's a gamble and he gambled wrong for ye put the ring on in a week later he was run over by a truck and killed. Then I'm innocent, like Lord of the rings here than was so hard with these this at a time trucks only travel that, like fifteen miles per hour, I really feel like were scapegoat in the ring here for just a dangerous aside, however, would just seems begin shot ran over. I, like the rings fault well after Joe, could see. No the ring went over to his brother down casino,
Dell Year Casino in Spanish, and I hear he didn't have any problems with it. But a burglar who broke in and stole the ring that burglar was shot and killed. Five police cuz was a burglar. Yes, right, but he also had the bad luck ring and I love it is better than the other day I could there was this huge ring, and indeed the leader of the bank robber at his trial, HANS stated is aim is offered Harney said they had known that. What was in that bank fault? Apart from the money pick myself another bank. Definitely the depths of the ring was absolutely curves and to this day it disappeared in the nineteen sixties, and we have no idea where
with magic. I been on any other abba use that ring the curse aids out of his body. So Valentino was Connell. I glee, though, what's his name of his day. He was like the Albert GINO, but the others span Nero Antonia open their total vendors of his day, Yanza Lula yeah, but there has been cursed one damn bed, these Marian yeah, maybe he's got the ring under glass somewhere and I do like the air
valentine I'll go to wrap up on him a little bed. He has been seen in many places around Hollywood. The falcons layer was what he called his home. O d was seen their user guide. An offended overhaul is that I think he was getting idle hands layers like I just like it, because the Falcon goes Valentino you're trying to charm these women and I'm sure they loved that obviously did another old, Timer Gostar Long Cheney launching any from he was the Wolf man. Of course he was also the phantom of the opera and, as studio are stage, twenty eight on the universal law was billed specifically for phantom of the opera, and it said that on stage twenty eight you can see a man with a black cape running on the cap coup. Is it the fern? Would flasher notes on some of the upper no honesty. I've loved that idea loved, see launching these fuckin go definitely be super actual. You should be a ghost
I also that he's a fucking go saps. Anyone should be a ghost, it should be launching because you, I would love to just problematic its journey. Goodbye like trying to eat a bunch of pepper. Only pizza, lunchroom yeah. The next goes. This nose takes a bite, a pizza does, does it? Can you tell us your color, the pizza periods? I gotta go to loved pizza yeah John Belushi Blowjobs is doubly Lafayettes yeah jumble of bloody, absolutely a pizza, and this is an odd haunting because you don't really see comedian hauntings. Now, because I mean, even though comedians mostly live lives of sadness and tragedy. Oh yeah yeah, I mean the can media in this sort of. If you're looking at a shelf of food, the community is the canned ravioli. You know people like it on occasion, but for the most part they say too much too much and I feel sick
comedians- are not fun to hang out with in reality versus sad and desperate. You have to handle them when you get all messy, when you do so bed, the most famous story that I found, or at least the best, or that I found that there was a woman, Family who temporarily moved moved into the Chateau Mormon Hotel on hormone he's better than State Party who, with their won't, want to ban on their french chateau about now. Is the moment our eye so that normal parks or go Dolly was show. You got any sort of shit and budgets here. Do you got a manoeuvre fangled bathroom, so they ended up this family there
Now is the moment our normal parks or go Dolly was show. You got any sort of shit and budgets here. Do you got a million new fangled bathroom so they ended up this family? Those Sacho Mormon, of course, is where John Baluchi died. Have you in crime even want into the wood panel on my car freak out? What a lets you do, I will break out, we didn't drive to LOS Angeles in a vacuum. Would paneled station wagon we drove, and our diesel Ford or wide for we are low camp or on the backs of the kids, can hang out with voting rights. Other read my ad magazine mother does honeymoon we're staying initiator moment. You stay in the car rats. You can't hear none of our land in the night, so eighty wave, your fuckin done during this time when the family stay there late at night.
they hear their young son, who was about to alone in his room, GIG Lynn and laugh into himself with. I was very outgoing child playful by nature. This was sort of his thing so when they finally asked him what he was laughing at the kid said, the funding the fire. That's not fucking most terrifying thing. I kill you Belladonna, the one eyed the woman was hockin or friend about it, and she said John Baluchi died at the chateau moment at the showed, the chateau, more terror Marm hurriedly Winter Cosette was a tobacconist spin. You can't that's up anyway a friend of that. A quick online search asked her if they were state and bungalow number three said yes. Apparently that was the bungalow that John Belushi had died in, doesn't stop there.
a friend of the boys mother visit the bungalow. While they were staying, there was for a birthday party for the boy. While I was a bit creepy, nothing really out of the ordinary happened until later. After a time, the boys started complaining that he wasn't sleeping well, because the funny man would wake him up at night and want to play with them. Now. How can you believe it now for mark as Berta we're? Gonna go to shit both morbid abrogated bungalow number, three, a new danger that the big film far from that movie. Nineteen. Forty one word here that my voting I you're going to do for no I'm signal our these John Baluchi around cause, I'm sick of Greeks hours. They slush what I think of a luxury. Her raises the kids grades. Well, races
some, but not greek razetta with do we did it in character, sowed the mother of a child. She was sittin embed one night. She was looking at a book about the Chateau Mormon Arena downward in despair. That word is. This word is worth talking picture, look at the pictures, and so the boy he sees a picture, John Belushi, and he points out nieces lukewarm as too funny man, oh also slammer and ghostbusters- also based off of accomplishing real. Yes did another! Yes, because the deep mould these and made it was missing. There was rotten wolden stank. They called it. Onion had annoyed that eighty four, while the called an onion headed, they were like that's the ghosts of John Belushi, and they would call it John after awhile to he died and immemorial. There was a piece, a mole, that's melick, onion, yes, that I then Ray we're just take
ass of the Mama's, then the Papas Wonderful lady near the egg, lady massive woman Agro said the ghost even crawled into bed with him. He said I rolled over and just nestled up to whenever it wasn't went back to sleep. The ghost also turns on the stair mass. As a joke. I guess moves Yuri across the djinn redress are, he said, I'm sure it's mama cas because you get to feel and it's a big go as they all sizes M is still going on. In the after its right, Mama casters, a hot check, they'll harpies, asked and really get a moment. She was rather Momo. She made popular yeah as at the time. You know,
the feel and it's a blue go as they all sizes M is still going on in the after an hour. Right Mama cast was a hard check, they'll, harpies, ass and really gotta move. She was rather Momo. She made a popular yeah as at the time you know it's just hard define pants. I rarely. I wonder where I wonder: where does she d? Twenty four seven? Will you didn't college? I did when I was cool, then well another with another woman that HANS Hollywood is Lucille Ball People who live in her old home on Roxbury drives that they ve heard loud. Voices in the attic furniture be rearranged. Unexplained, broken windows she's also said to have haunted the building that serve as desi loose studios on the paramount lot. Also paramount, also paramount we're night Watchman have reported a female goes on the upper floor. Who gives off a perfumed sent I'd, be I bet that yeah I've these pressure. When someone is so
important to Hollywood. She was there like these big names when they show up as go said, just feel it they're so connected to what they did their. I imagine it's very hard I think, we're old timers is going on I'm happy with my life. I would be very upset to die and I am certain that you would receive if there is such a thing as the afterlife. As I am happy in my career and I die, I'm gonna wanna come back there. all members a mould, Andrea. Thank you at the old stinkin stump rub my forgotten, wet bought on the starboard common network. Henry's goes days, I don't know if it is, I just call it that yeah yeah and we're gonna end not in here it was the movie. She did go mad enough to get a copy of the play bushes and when she was in the Basle with all black
Anna Nicole's I was handed Smith was. I was my thing growing up. I all manly a man yeah totally. Of course she was guy scrapers at the moon. Was there the movie? She did our go mad enough to get a copy of the play bushes and when she was in the basket, with all black background, she's great majesty was studying and she was a guess model and I loved I loved her big bosoms yeah yeah. I like I would add strong, bodied woman and she was strong sort of a decade up another time
however, today Carl Smith, she died the seminal Hard rock hotel and casino. In Hollywood, just ass, the laser wage rationalize to go right and heard a parks. Family goes Hollywood Florida now we're gonna go whether all the stars ring and our markets are you wearing shorts. Are you weren't nearby shorts? I won't see my nobly me. We ve never been Florida, so analytical ethnical spirit is said to wandered the halls of a seminal hard rock hotel in some believe. Her ghost might be confused because, after her death, the hotel renovated this we were, she died in re numbered all the rooms on the floor. Very early was not very bright in life was on. Drugs gets to be fair to her. I think she could have been smart, but she was on so many drugs stupid, like those downers, are terrible for your brain frantically, Psmith View and see some truly horrifying go look for a home video that she made horrifying, rightly set up on the facebook page. I will put that my eyes, but page we almost showed it at alive show, but we decided not to because it was so disturb Gatt drilling. We're just gonna make up done by our daughter, her
and yet a lot of hills lie really yeah yeah feels like the most unattractive drug pills. Yet because you had it does to you, you just are gonna hear here the princess we need to say that she thought she had a baby.
that was just a dull cool down at all, not sad said at all will sit outside. We took a trip. Town ghost lane. Yeah we saw a high, would avenue them exactly as if they were going to be an actor and actress my advice to you what they'll kill yourself until you know you can get the role the rows of mark as parts is comin up your on June, first radio, the Craig in a cave at eight p m that Hamas next Sunday can be a wonderful time. Henry will be there. I will be there and, of course Marcus you better, be there I'll, be there there I'll be lifted, wait till we get all pumped up for that's right: Mama, goose, dilation, Saint sacks of Gene Hale yourselves and we'll dance. You guys go far in a bucket and smelling Donald.
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