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Episode 128: Werewolves Part II: Eat the Boy

2015-02-17 | 🔗

We wrap up out two parter on werewolves with the notorious witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries and the wide variety of brutal murders blamed on various werewolves during that same time period.

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There's no place to escape to the yeah. How much is that doggie in the window is still is that doggie is that the theme song it took a baseball, sawing yeah. You give me that dog those old, please right until you give me that dog, because he calls the doggie right. If he's not barking its mute, I mean how many pet stores you kicked out of out of one to
three hundred stores. I don't go in anymore 'cause. I you can take my lexapro yeah. You should probably stick to the medication. Otherwise you just staring puppies eyes and cry. I don't go to a doctor, that's good! It's best not to Welcome to the show, that's Parkside Ben Kissel should medicated Henrys Brownsville will now you're just about in honor of where wolves part too old to be doing. I'm doing it all Peter's tomb today. Yes, I really don't care where there aren't tired, naughty dog, roar, roar, Wolverine today is today, is going to be well where wulfhere well, I think, v and if, if I'm correct I am it's- we're need three yeah. Well up will remain aware of right. I, like a truck, will very we will have a big dog yeah.
Love get exit Well, Wolverine, where Wolverine, where Wolverine we're going to be going through, where, oh, very and witchcraft trials, and where Wolverine Serial killing throughout history, not good to be a convicted of a werewolf in real bad. We say it's bad to be a werewolf and also this this time. It's all. It was also probably pretty bad. You just be a dog, oh yeah. Definitely we're talking we're going back as far as the third or the 15th century here, where all the information is when we started to domesticate the dog
not off the top, like you know, that's actually going to be our next podcast so and then the animal husbandry, yeah episode, two hundred and thirty animal husbandry understand that. If we wanted to get some good research on this podcast, we need to start going on the way way back yeah. When we began to domesticated dog, I do believe it was during the 1400s, though where, where where Wolverine was very common accusation witch trials throughout history, accusations of lycanthropy, which is transformation into a wolf, were usually mixed with accusations of wolf, writing or wolf, charming, never, mind, Wolf, hugging or wolf kissing, and that's what your charm yeah you go along. He is so cute. You dude, then you kids dick. He is guilty guilty with me or just shut the dogs. You are charming my friend, oh yeah. She was pretty charming the way I made that dog come
so, my mouth? Yes, you can technically suck the dog off, but not so nicely well in vowed. I believe, be in Germany, France, Europe. Definitely what is about, I think, vowed to. Is it's a city without a doubt, We do know that with that, it's just a city, ok, a child eating where wolves reported as early as one thousand four hundred and forty eight, where Wolfs roles were cited in one thousand five hundred and ninety eight in Unju, that's France, definitely and a teen. Age werewolf was sentenced to life imprisonment in Bordeaux in one thousand six hundred and three, then he started playing for the prison, basketball team and became. I don't want anymore, no more teen, Wolf, no more team will reference to it. Well, we do I mean this was back in one thousand six hundred and three, but in
if you didn't know, oh teenage, where wolves exist to this day. Yes, absolutely oh and it's a common thing and but what I will say is don't be afraid of them, try to understand them and in fact KEN S5 in San Antonio decided to take little trip down to the local high school to talk to these teenage, where wolves, let's hear what they have to definitely yeah out of the mouths of babes where wolves bay- where babes meet members of the Wolf pack. One of several packs scattered about San Antonio. Spurs gangs are posers; they do want attention, that's why they go on tagging. The pads were family like we go to each other for our problems and yes, they sometimes me under a full moon. That is, if mom and dad let them out of the house were here,
one of the problems with a run out and kibble TAROT. Alright, I really don't know what to buy. We have some San Antonio listeners and if you see any of this Wolf pack Please leave out some Alpo get some help out there, Goodman's Howell Goodbye, how well hello and tell him about the podcast. I think they'd really enjoy it. So
to the old Timy. Witchhunts yeah peak of attention to lycanthropy came in the late 16th, the early 17th century as part of the european witch hunts and eighteen trials. Eighteen women in thirteen men were accused of causing damage to property and cattle, while in the shape of where wolves and under torture, they confessed to having hidden there wolf skins under a rock and rock out of all the things they confessed under torture under the rock rock a lot of times. You're going to see this, I feel like as soon as they get to the torture phase yeah any of they have to confess something 'cause either way. They're dead. Yeah, you might as well go out big and say you're a weirdo like they were going to get into this with these people, the my one of my biggest pet peeves. If I was growing up in the 1600s is when they
for rent out their friends yeah under the books are wired to bring me into this. You know make sure your random make up a name improv. I do feel that it was Gertrude Punctured issued a bunch and we got it go to the mall. You gotta find maybe she's at the the mall to name your best, God Dam Fred Henry, if I'm ever getting tortured, your name, your name. Thank you Ben! I won't say I won't are just not not mention you. I don't know what that means, so you gonna mention me mark is we probably will be guilty and I will tell the truth under torture well during the valet witch trials alone, which not all of them were where wolves, but in those which, Charles alone at least one hundred and sixty seven men and women were killed because we're not even touching the where seals so there, where single. Oh, my goodness in this whole thing he's where seals most of them just ran like rest.
Yeah, yeah, good still cook. So Larson family is a long line of wears heels. Yeah very under reported yeah. It's I don't eat any humans. They know how to read a lot of high carb food and they bark. Yes, yes, we one of the women that were on trial, for where Wolverine her name is Claudia, Gilliard or Gaylord.
According to witnesses, she was seen behind a bush assuming the form of a wolf with a tail yeah. Maybe she was just taking a dump, maybe taking a dump at the time, though, like women don't talk, rocks from their back. If they'd n, only stream water from diesel werewolf she's gotta, be here where there is no way that she is doing a human natural human things that just poop, oh yeah, she's a werewolf. Well, she was tortured this one starting the torture of the judge, comma, just giving her they just kept. Giving her orange is the new black's play. They all die. Oh no. They don't know they don't, but the judge says come and repair was again, sir. No, ever saw her shed a single tear, whatever effort might be made to cause her to shed tears and then
it's part of the state yeah. I think they should have showed that Shakespeare in Love movie and also the term common report was against her meant. Everybody thought she was a bit you being tried as a bit, I'm sorry which never mind another guy's name is other guy's name was Michael Verre Dune. He was nowhere will for polygamy. I like that. I don't think it's polygamy rival, I mean out of me Paul, it's I'm insured put on you know. I say it me yeah in one thousand five hundred and twenty one John blonde inquisitor of Besson COM, I'll, ask the questions. You answer them underground, Let me ask you this inquisitor: are you a I asked the question: do you give the answers? Do you know if I'm gay or not, you are getting killed for releasing Maine? What dandy fop tried?
Filbert, Monteau, Pierre, Bourgeois and Michael Ver Dune for having made a pact with the devil and for like and three lycanthropy These are they all just I just Gerard Depar do in my head for all of these characters. Yeah that guys on facts me. Yes, you can teach other draw jeopardy gas song from beauty and the beast, and then candle stick from beauty and the beast? Oh yeah, gay by the way go! No! Yes, he was a confirmed bachelor. So these men, they came under suspicion when a traveler passing through the area was attacked by a wolf. The man was quite the formidable opponent, so he was able to stab one of the wolves in so keep follow the trail of the injured creature. He came Appanna Hut and inside was Michael Ver Dune, who was under the care of his wife and was washing a wound on his body and mind her watch her wash they caught on their penises.
I wash the car on the previous tab in the Penus little bit, yeah yeah and then, of course, the man seeing this. He believes well, this has to be the wall, of course. So he goes to the authorities. They pick up, Michael for Dune torture in yeah, he admitted under torture that he was a shapeshifter. Also named to werewolf accomplices, symbol and then also confessed to Diablo, is murder and eating human flesh and all three men were promptly executed, but really, if you're getting tortured and you can shape shift, it shift right. Oh yeah, the shape this activate it. Do it scared the shade out of it turn into the wall. Utility go like wow, look exactly like they do. This increases like going out like, like we human being like I'll, go and sleep with your wife. You go and any woman in town the bulls are. You can have one
only by about one thousand six hundred and fifty three all this started winding down. This pastor and an actual pastor came out. He said this is an illusion. Is that the only record of there being lycanthropy being prosecuted? There was a boy who claimed he and his mother could change themselves into wolves walls, so they didn't even prosecute that they didn't seriously. This is the slippery slope of liberalism, and now we got a bunch of teams in Texas proclaiming their will, where wolves and we're just let him off free other famous yeah, they can't say big cause. If they're getting hugged in the street, it's awful so why, in the seventeenth century, James, the first of England started winding down all of the. Where will fire and all of that we just area, he called the var valves, and he they were victims of delusion induced by quote a natural super abundance of melancholic god. Science is not come that far. You know really it's
and colic anymore, but sometimes you'll have like a mysterious cough or something, and then they look at you and they're. Like I don't know what they've got it. He said: have you been sad lately? They also. This is a little sad. We mentioned it briefly in the last episode, but then did believe that children in people with down syndrome were werewolf. I like this, though you know, they're not pitying the down syndrome, kid they're terrified of him. It's not just looking lop their heads off as soon as they're born at them. If you are afraid of them, would be a different story. I'd say more power to him. Well take the word in the only word you know, but that's the things is it says here it's because they were born with a flat face, we have the lab, I mean the down syndrome, kids, couldn't be further from home or where Wolf they're very nice. I don't know their high hyper. Naturally strong they are armed. They can. They only know light speed, yeah, it's yeah absolutely can run up a tree yeah and built there, always
sleep on the couch. Now how many times you swat on the butt with the fund newspaper, has anyone tried to put a football helmet and pads on these kids? I bet you did be great. They did not have strong, they cannot remember, plays what you do is that you tire ropes to him right and put him on tracks right. You do like old, like you know that old electronic video game, that it did it in like well they're like pirate around and you post and then it's sort of like electric. The post until they kind of like to around the field and then Do is number one. We control these players. We eliminate the possibility of concussion and also We stopped giving criminals milling upon millions of dollars. Well, I have no idea how you're going to do that with that plan. That is offensive on many levels. You ever seen a guy with down syndrome with a beard, the hell he's seen hairless.
Let's move on, I mean we don't know, I'm just I'm just saying it doesn't go into the werewolf Mithos. I don't know they got a flat face. I mean you know. This is sixteen hundred 16th century logic that that is true, but yeah. Over the years we have evolved in lycanthropy is diagnosable medical condition. Now it's in the DSM five and they believe now that lycanthropy is just a manifestation of schizophrenia. It does meet all four of the conditions for schizophrenia. So now it's just seemed like that's just a real special brand of it yeah, so it possible 'cause. We know a lot of people that you know Richard Ramirez believed that he was truly evil. Then he changed to a beast there, a lot of people I mean. I think that that was true but yeah. So that's close as we have to modern, where wolves are like the more vicious serial killers. Do you remember the vampire of Sacramento eight hundred o'clock in baby yeah? You know, that's not that far off from our next fuckin' character, yeah now we're going to get into actual
murderers throughout the years. Most of these are from this area this time period of the 16th 16th, century after the 18th, but these are some of the most brutal murders that I've ever If I can write about, I mean there was just more freedom before the cameras. You know cameras on every light post on every step. Number, our God dam new cycle, Lee State first guys names Peter still be the. Where will they said bags to? I believe it's pager steering wheel, he's also documented, as Peter's student Peter, Youtube Peter still and Peter and then also enabled Griswold Walled, ideal, Griswold and Bell Chris. What I like bell
Well, there wasn't really as standardization of spelling in those days, no no, never, which is kind of making it up as ago yeah. You could just lie to people about your name back then there's no identification card was crying name is Raven Cloak, Archibold 'cause. Why 'cause it's Wednesday tomorrow will be something different. Don't never called me a nerd again. This all happened in Cologne, Germany or around Cologne, Germany, oddly enough, the place Fuckin' spank. I was going to do it, but you got there first uh. So a lot of farmers cologne comes from by the way, the like champagne. I think so. In German knows that there are Cologne, France. This has been probably one of the lesser accurate. So we don't know much about Europe. We've never been. There are no hell known about mercury. I know about Europe all I know a bit not much
so a for many years, farmers around Bedburg were mystified by the strange deaths of their cows. Day after day. Weeks on end, they would see them all just to route the dead cow. Just look yep here that is e r v. I mice, quick fashion news about six hours. Is that to its feet, although one yeah yep. So what car are you driving these days? You driving us a car, yeah hot very hot summer. Yeah. All right the course the farmers they suspected wolves- I mean they were all into all. These cattle were attacked in the manner of wolves throats ripped. Completely mutilated but dicks
Today everything is done. By what happened? Did you have a sausage dream last night about human donkey, dick or something? No? No. I'm just saying you Prize no cameras again, so you're telling Maine. If we went back to nineteen thirty weather is very little cameras, but he's talking anything stick anything wasn't pen down, so this guy Peter's tube, it was not wolves. It was actually a mass murderer, ramping up to his first murder, boo yeah, so he did start with the cat. Although was he learned how to mutate? Human bodies and things are just getting cozy- come cutting meat yeah just getting comfortable with this fucking awful, for mental disease that he had chill of course started. Disappearing. You'll sounds like the beginning of Dave Thomas's career from Wendy's. Yes, sure. The children began to disappear from farms and homes, young women vanish from past that they traveled daily somewhere
dead, horribly mutilated, others were never found. Course, hungry wolves were a suspect They thought they serve with cattle there moving up to human. Were there any phone just like flea mutilated look at me really really is getting very good at this. No only exactly folded body, so Peter's tube, he did not literally translate into a wood to transform into a wolf of course, but he was known to werewolf skin while he was doing devilish funny. How fucking frightening is that that, rather than him even being a wolf's that he's gotta, fucking bloody wolf skin all over just called like oh, my God, nice jacket, but I'd throw blood on that jacket because you don't wear fur close. That's what I always say that what you always say. No, I just want my money. You call that for their fur coat you're wearing and those mink lined boots you have on. I called him. I, when I want to feel like a woman out, so
his trial, stub confess that the devil gave him a magic belt of wolf or Wolf are at age, twelve that when he put it on transform him into the light have a greedy devouring, wolf, strong and mighty with eyes, great and large, which in the night sparkled like brands of fire, a mouth great and white, with wood shop, and cruelty of huge body and my sms I'm oh l. Oh my god, I'm aware, or you know you could buy that same belt at hot topic for two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Soon after San Antonio kids, I've got kinda sounded like the Lord real voice, yeah. Oh my but is there like this of a greedy devouring, Wolf they're, going to be what a group of more what they're really ramp it up now, good Lord, the white robes are, and it gets dumber and dumber every week. No you just I just out of ideas! Yeah! You know,
I mean finding time because people people keep coming up to him being like wins, the fight old solution going to happen. It's like next week next week, yes, but until then and take her back. She doesn't make them into shorts. You want them to wear jorts your more everyone, so Peter do you think you made a mistake there, Lord rail? They all are they all look like klansman tell him to take the hoods of which you so, of course, be Stu was actually, if I absolutely insane serial killer, he was responsible for the deaths of thirteen children pregnant women, numerous livestock, some of his actual? This is as some details on his murders. Most of the young women were sexually assaulted before being ripped apart. Pregnant women, he ripped the fetuses from their wounds and ate their hearts panting, hot and raw, which he described as dainty dainty morsel heart.
Anti morsel, small children were strangled bludgeoned in their throats were ripped open with his bare hands somewhere disemboweled and partially eaten the lands in the Cavs were ripped apart and devoured. Ralph in morning he sounds like a werewolf to Maine, but the same time is pretty much what they would do right, or I mean he was a very early foodie and he really like to get hit very naturally original. Like George Zimmerman, like bizarre foods, can you believe it
kids, I'm eating it, for the television show, and I gotta say yeah yeah, but he's I am horrified at the deaths I've crawled to in one instance of a triple murder, stub sauce, two men and a woman. What taking a walk outside the city, walls, a bed, Berg and crouch out of sight and hid behind a bush. I am hi eating. I am aware of this. This is kind of comical. This is very comical. He called out to one of the men by name he knew one of them, hey buddy I need out, but what some would get alright stubs will be right over there, but yeah just come over here by this bush. Just why are you behind the Bush stubs Adelantar, when the young man was out of sight, stub bashed his head in with a man return. The second young man went looking for him. Where could it be my buddy over there
and then of course, the woman fear danger after the second young men to not come back and even go looking for the other young men and women fucking dead Yoshida. She should have two strong men with missing she's. Just again, I don't know if they're strong well we're all strong back then went they smell like oxy reformers, it was one or the other. They were there incredibly strong are there were weak with malnourishment and disease and yeah? these bodies were never found. The men's bodies were later found with the woman's body never was, and some said that after he raped and killed her, he ate completely as their richer, Mark song is all about. I swear or left or by the river, which is kind of interesting visit. He she's been drowned. Yeah really yeah interesting it's my Peter. It's about Peter Steele. That's about Peter stood yeah. Well,
least one child was actually able to escape from Peter Stew. He saw them. He ran after them. He's tried to grab one small girl by the neck. All the other children ran away. He tried to remember his road out. He just went into it like a just a crowd like a school of children. They were playing in a meadow among some cow. This is we'll feed right into this thing. I, I literally think he was running to reveal go like yeah loosen, Darwinism here, right or so about what it was is the survival of the fittest, yeah yeah yeah, that would be our winner yeah. So this this this is the law of like this low fat would just a guy grabbed by the neck yeah. But if you had one of those homes for much delicious strawberries onto chocolates did you finish mind desert all fine baby eaten by then would know that
the girl who had murdered Josafat Young boy golf why so fat young, very boy- I don't know why he's there, but this this little girl got away do her to her very high 17th century neckline. She started screaming and since they were playing in a meadow among the cows, the cows became frightened for their cattle and attacked Peter Steuben. The girl was able to run away saved by the cows saved by the capillary interesting yeah. It's tube wasn't only just a rape, rapist and a murderer. He was also purveyor of incest. That's right! I'm Mister Stubbs, not only a man over rape and murder. I also
I can remember, one of us is to do what I can get any worse. I guess I got my day, planner full b and know where will thank you had incestuous relationship with his sister and his own daughter, whom she impractical, whom he impregnated. He was also into infanticide murders. It murder his first born son led the boy. The forest killed him and ate his brain. He with his son. You come out with me, so I made I made a nice swing for you come on here, yeah yeah, no little Father little falls in the forest. Just kidding, I know. Well, I don't eat your blade. Delaware was. I wish we could play that Bill Cosby bad words like. I brought you into this world and I can take you out which is like that is funny, that's funny in the damnable life and death of stupid, Peter written just two years after his trial, George Boros wrote I'm, so hungry type three will go through the streets of colon bed bar and pepper.
This town is spelled c p. Perhaps r could d where is shivering. I was Well knows all the inhabitants there about, open arms. Will she scrutiny of those whose friends aren't turtles when he had put out, though nothing suspected for the same time, someone is going to get that must managed Wall riffs back into the ocean. That's what it sounds like to plow my britches keep pulling bow, I'm covered in Newburgh, they found the limbs of several missing persons in a field- the towns, of course, this is where these are all right. This is probably a wolf or many wolves, so they sent out hunters to find this wolf or Wolf Pack, an
they saw out in a field a gigantic wolf and they followed the wolf. They tracked him and when they finally had the wolf cornered, it was not a wolf, but instead, a cowering Peter stood disperse tube within the yeah wow. We just sort of look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the beginning. In the beginning of Terminator two, just good in the fetal position, yeah 'cause. He thought, of course I can escape from all of these wonderful, german hunters. So I'm going to take off my wolf belt and then I'm going to greet them as a man yeah sure absolutely cops. Hate cops, Two arrested naked man yeah the Germans they're, not in killing people at all,
so the only had an ordinary z optimistic. That's why I just wanna grandfather's juror, no, I'm sick of it. Henry your father was an Nypd officer who used to play a german music to towards the ghetto. Yes no, I mean he was a good man, but he was on the right side. And, of course they thought Alright, we know Peter stoop he's a nice guy. He is wave to us in town on a sudden everyday, rather do back in the day was like hello, how wonderful man so, of course, they come back to us and said this must be a devilish trick. Let us take Peters to back to his home, but on the way the became suspicious and, of course, arrested him on the spot and tried him for his crimes. He was brought to trial and only under pain of torture, on the rack, of course, because Iraq is just like literally just like breaking your arms over one slash two an hour, and he just like dad
but then I get up, but I also feel like the detail. These crimes so that he said. I really think it also gets to a point. It's like I'm going to die. I might as well go out like on top being, like incredibly notorious sure I mean, but I think he also probably did what a lot of zero killers didn't do when he exaggerated a bit. Yeah
You probably wouldn't know. The rack is where you sort of get on that like what is it? The price is right: where you spin the wheel: no, it looks like they crank it now. The rack is where they tie ropes to your wrists and ankles, and they just crank a wheel that it stretches you further and further yeah dislocates your shoulders and then eventually it just pulls your. If you pull enough, it will pull your arms off yet or didn't time. It was also called making a Kissel. That's where my family comes from longrack survivors. Some say that Dm Peter's tube was actually probably innocent, because all this was the, Inter all the confessions were made under duress, torture right, but he was all, but regardless he was found guilty in Oct on October 28th, one thousand eight hundred and eighty nine one thousand five hundred and eighty nine, the execution was extremely gruesome, his body strap, spread Eagle on a large wheel, so this is after the torture after we just went through it all. You've seen all this torture and it was slow and long and with Red
Pincher's his executioners poll flesh from his bones in ten spots. His arms and legs were broken with a large axe and his head was cut off yeah. You know what I you know what I would just like to get to the phone get head part, you got a kill these. Where rules dad, though yeah I never heard of this before just the ten, but they just pull a pulled pork just yeah and spots all over the body. So that is what I hear that no, he, of course it will you they. The pictures were red, hot, so sure it caught arise. The ring the wound, as if they were doing it, so he wasn't injured yeah yeah. I was just a different kind of death penalty, although not much worse than what we have to know. When you see someone's hot new, like that, your political like lose, they used to do that for real
your fucking skin. So stub was stupid like. Why? Do you think I'm attractive? Is that what this is about said yeah? Now we're going to cut off your dick? Ok, so on October 31st they executed Peter they. Well, they burned his body at the steak and you know they went ahead and threw his wife and mistress on the fire as well for well, you got the fire going. You know it's like a big added extra couple of steaks in the fridge and you already got the grill on them of course, after he was already burned, they took the wheel on which he was tortured, set up. Hi upon a pole which hung sixteen yard long strips of wood representing the sixteen known victims. The first freedom tower now this. So it really isn't humans have not changed at all. We really haven't at the top was the framed lightness of a wolf and above on the sharpen point of a pole with placed
Peter's tubes severed head now that is fucking heavy metal that is heavy metal. Is there been any bands called like Peter stoop tubes? There, the band macabre wrote a song called the werewolf of Bedburg, which is pretty fucking sweet. It's like did he do n name from games and had a good time yeah. He had a good time, it's a little bit to metal for our kids to our next, where a man, a real, is still open. We're done with stews all that do, but he didn't have a tale about what he did was. He went and he killed his son, his brains, another song by Mosaic was a man called, so the next one is Gilles Garniez, who is a french hermit known as the hermit of Saint Bruno or the werewolf of Dole Bob Dole.
We cool man I'm way over Bob Dole Manual for me I'll vote for you and Bob Dole yeah. I got this pen to my aunt 'cause. My arm was crushed in a war you keep on bringing that up and I really care about who is with yeah, all those old, timey war, Vets yeah, we talk about it with the arms about torture. No like the same stubs hold a pen, he fell on old sack of fucking bananas in cartoon is something so the off of dole was a reclusive hermit living in the town out outside the town, a doll, and, I don't know hope, with the Bob Dole God he was recently married when he committed these so called billion supposedly committed these crimes. Move his new wife out to an isolated home. Please enter imagine what she was getting into. She mirrored the God Dam town, hermit, yeah, yeah
If you don't understand the Herman, you go away from town yeah you're, not naked, not change him. So of course he was unaccustomed to feeding more than just himself, so he couldn't necessary. I mean he couldn't provide for his wife. He was a permit, is jam for one ounce for one one, my god it gives you sit in silence all day. Just like we don't talk about anything. You got accustomed to talking more oh my god conversation for one and that's mostly say: ask myself: hey I'm at the dole. You need to use the bathroom. No, then During this period, many children went missing or found dead. So of course, the Thor The
Sorties issued an edict that encouraged and allowed people to apprehend and kill the werewolf responsible lying to anyone you think, is the way. I will forget it. What about that strange Herman, the nobody likes, killed a hermit all right of course. What evening a group of workers were traveling from a neighboring town. They came upon what they thought in the dim light to be a wolf, but what some of them recognized as the hermit with the body of a day child. You can't arrest hermitage all right, to go to my house, my house hold. He was just trying to feed his wife. Well, that's what is defense was he said that and he was in the forest hunting one night trying to find food for himself and his wife, yes, and it wasn't wearing an orange vest. I do know that when it's hunting season, you got to be fully fully visible s.
Actor appeared to him, offering the easiest troubles and gave him an ointment that would allow him to change into the form of a wolf making it easier to hunt. No, I can't give you a special orange pants. It's like oh, hey, give me some how I meant to harm an adult and he's like. Oh here, we go. Oh wait for assault is assault e, eight thousand four hundred noise. When I can make you think I've been. Sexually abused, so Gardier confessed to stalking and murdering at least four children between the ages of nine hundred and seventeen. How are these kids just out in around, though they were different time? Yes, they had all these kids ran wild. They were trying to kill some off. You know they had. They had to lessen the load, no matter so yeah they let the kids play next sure, Timmy, go play in the woods today. Had no you didn't well, then, how is he going to die? Becky
so his first victim was a ten year old girl. They dragged into a vineyard outside of dole strangle remove door, closing and wine right outside of dome ihate the Dole thing yeah stop it. He strangled her, remove her clothes and ate the flesh from her thighs and arms, and we had finished. He removed some of the flesh and took it home to his wife. See there we go. Did you want the meat honey? it's a trickle down yeah pull down meet honey. Here you go, he killed your. He attacked another Gore girl in a bit and clawed are interrupted by passersby. He fled the girl eventually died from her injuries a few days later. He just doing this on the trail that people walk on a daily basis, horrible. He doesn't have self control is not a werewolf,
He he thinks that it goes cheers on his face and made him a wolf. So now he's invisible, he's eating the girls yeah! I see his next victim. He killed a ten year old boy, cannibalizing a made. His thighs belly tore off a leg saved it for later get hungry. Sometimes just listening to details, I do every those would be the two parts that you eat in the belly I mean- and I is feel weird to be thinking that you know like eat the boy. Hit the ball like there's a village problem. You know like it always seems like who do we eat like? Let's take the boy If you just throw your voice, is that somebody goodbye do? You want the boy, german brand Henry that delicious boy.
Finally strangled, as he was strangling another warrior after he strangled. Of course, that's when the passers by came yeah, I had to abandon the prey before we could start eating and on January eighth, twenty second at Herman, a dolazi that boy we've been saving craze, the food thing, a judge, 18th one thousand five hundred and seventy three he was found guilty of crimes of lycanthropy and witchcraft was burned at the stake, but not that badly burned in the state compared to what happened to US tubes as a courtesy again is another like if you are a werewolf and you're in a place where that, where wolves get a particularly harsh, fuckin' punishment, get out of town
go to where they'll just at least burn. You burn at the stake mean really. If you get burned at the stake, you pass out, pretty quick. The smoke comes up, and then you're just kind of there to cook for little is that true yeah yeah definitely easier ways to go. I cannot imagine it really is your unless they do it the way that they did it during the witch trials with real slow burn. Put some Kohl's down there, which is that was a brutal. You start swallowing fire and then your lungs just go yeah. You die very quickly. And they want to make it a slow process. It's like eraser roast, I think, cooking anything interesting. I can't wait to die yeah other more than fifty witnesses. A caiman testified against him and he was sometimes seen human shape. They were just bored. They had nothing to do that day. Fifty witnesses, that's a lot That's a lot of witnesses. Fifty like an entire town back in the day, yeah yeah. They all want to be cool. The word in a French in that time for werewolf loop, Guru
loop. Guru sounds like the first baseball player that hit a home run that Snookeroo spittle fashion loop guru. He won't be any we'll see it anywhere, but that newfangled hula hoop One is the werewolf of Pavia in one thousand five hundred and forty one as a wolf. He fell upon many men in the open country and tore him to pieces after much the maniac was caught and the shortest chapters. Anybody anybody who said labeled a maniac is hard to get yeah yeah, definitely always He shared his captors. The only difference which existed between himself and a natural wolf was that in, through world Wolf, the hair grew outward whilst in him it grew in very interesting statement by a true mania, any this is sort of a it reminds me. I was just watching something about a Trans fighter, though, and she's sort of describe her sexuality in a similar way. Yeah I mean she was a man and now she's a woman. She
Wolf. She was we saying that all trans people are happily, but maybe this guy felt like he was a wolf more than a person. Well, in order to test this theory, the magistrates cut off all his arms and legs with a full of her. It was not full of her. Ok. Well and I post op. Yet You never going to be implanted her first, I feel like in the middle of sold off his arm. He's like it's a metaphor.
Because the last werewolf, the Rick last a man will fit. We have is the where wolf of Shallow owns who his crimes were so heinous. His name is lost to history, move he was burned to death of his crime. First car was doing as the demon tale. Yes, the demon tale of channels, hello, visual suit, but it's fall two small yeah. Do you mean Taylor? He decoy children of both sexes into a shop abuse them slice, their throats, open and then powdered and dressed their bodies, and then Joe pointing them up like a butcher. Cuts of meat, interesting right, right right, powdered up and kind of fun there. Looking like a little judge, it's funny. I make it a little makeup. Building all dressed up like a fund all know, do some shake.
Our children know why aren't you speaking children? Why aren't speaking I killed them? ah, should give them the play and have them read it. And then kill them all right back to the drawing board and the werewolf of shall on at night He would roam the woods and leaped out on straight passersby and tearing their throat to shreds. Oh well. I know I think it's the same tactic. All these people he can around leaping out of Bush is barrels of bleached bones were found concealed in his sellers as well as many other foul in hideous things say the same thing about the Fuqing parks, his horse ranch where cattle ranchers the Marcus Parks, his cattle ranch. I'm sorry thanks you. We have horses as well
said that he died unrepentant and blaspheming. You got my god. That's the only way to go, though, and it's a two pack went out: yeah unwritten, Piper Fuckyou cop or something like that. So round out everything with some actual wolf attacks yeah. These are fucking scary, because these actually have like this is nature. Coming in an fa. Not man. That is again. This was a scary time period. Yeah I mean you actively believed in in true malevolent forces existing on planet earth and a lot of it was covering up. You know if you'd, like you know what you're probably psychopathic behavior and then also just straight up: plugin packs, wolves, yeah, that's real wolves existed in one thousand four hundred and fifty a pack of four or uh
Back of Manning walls killed forty people in Paris, four killed forty huh yeah. I mean it doesn't say exactly how many yeah pack, but yeah a pack of mandating wolves, killed forty people in Paris. They entered the city during the winter. We just kill the werewolf now because I think he probably could have killed the actual wolves goddamnit. The Wolf named court Todd was the leader of the pack. They said it was reddish in color and eventually the wolves were killed when Parisians furious at the desk. Lord Todd and his pack into the heart of the city. There they stoned and spear the walls to death right in front of Notre Dame That's a great. I love it right after church under Wolf, murdering half their guys, who, like leader of the pack like like in the this time without her impromptu leader. The pattern is him just fuckin' grease in his hair back and his finger in some girl in a pink sweater, yeah yeah. Next
the grief, bold, where wolves in one thousand six hundred and forty, the german city of Greece, Volved became overrun with wolves relation of the bees grew so large that any human who ventured out after dark was in danger of being killed by them. So, finally, a group of students decided that they had enough. They gathered all the silver goblets plates buttons anything else. They could find melted him down for bullets struck out into the night. It was all over killed all of the but they had no cups to drink anything out of
Many dead dogs, little poison, his killed these dogs. You know it's how long ago was it I mean like 'cause. Now, dogs are precious love dogs. You know we have a whole. The whole Westminster dog show, yeah, I mean 'cause, it was pastor. Dog show, probably started with getting a bunch of different dogs. Together shoot shoot him in the head and working stab him with swords. Though I watched a documentary in the Westminster dog show, they are harming. The dogs. The inbreeding, but we'll talk about that on our new podcast dog parade. Maybe they will be very excited. Thank you. Have you seen that new dog called pig? That's got its head morph into a shoulder, it's crazy, what they're doing with the kind of fun fun, but it's also like disgusting's, really playing God they're making like Mario Brothers. They really are yeah, give it rock. Larger on a shoulder and so far,
they were going to end with what might be my favorite, the werewolf of Ansbach in One thousand six hundred and eighty five, the bavarian town of Ansbach, was terrorized by a large wolf. The rumors were that the wolf was actually a werewolf whose identity was that of the towns dead. May you never? Let me legalize gambling get a big win with the casino people they should've, let him in and when the wolf was finally killed. The people of Ansbach dressed dressed the Wolf carcass to resemble their mayor. It was
and put on display in the town square and later moved to museum. You know guys, I'm new to town here. Where do you like to do for your free time we kill wolves were dressed him up like a politician moving along, he mentioned how nervous that must make the new mayor's hey. I hear you are not funny. I just want to start this press conference by first personal saying not aware, was not aware of that. O'donald should be like I'm, not a witch. No, no! No! No! No especially, I mean I'm a democrat to well well, where wolves that Ray love, this I love storyline. I love this so yeah, so much so much death in the werewolf history will be kind, be kind to your dogs yeah. He kind to the greek people that you know that you may actually accidentally think
Well, that's just nasal hair. Yes, that's just thick coarse kind, mediterranean body, hair that doesn't make wolves on notice. We want to put out So there's been there's another school shooting. Yesterday we have. There is four of those three this week, three bags we can't want to put out another sort of mental health advisory. If you are ever having thoughts about shooting somebody contacts, contact, contact, our teacher or police officer. Don't contact us. We cannot help you but contact medical professional to talk about it, then yet and don't kill people could slender man there's no real thunder man is not fucking real, that's we talked about it. On top at the kids are being charged as adults because of their cultures open. Well, I mean the fact
Even slender man proves are not adults. No adult kills because a slender but Israel, but their combination of their dear store, also Eddie, so they had to be put in other. So well, it's yeah. Yes, I know, but Centerman Israel don't kill for him. He's not gonna. Do anything for you because you're not really he's a real laugh at the killers because they tend to be very douche they're. Very yes is this, and they are of the aids in a friendly to all these lame hash tags to stop the whole yeah and the other one is also want to put out a hail. Discordia the power of chaos, yeah or listeners over at the the land of Discordia. Yeah, yes, Hail, Discordia, Hail, Mary discord. Is that a country? You don't understand? How will you in later when we have our sleepover? Well, alright. I can't wait to hear about it tonight
and then I believe Zorba she's our listener in Australia. I think she's having a birthday or something so happy birthday. Happy birthdays are happy. Birthdays are alright, everybody and I would have whatever will do that later. Alright, everyone hail Satan, hail me, I'm gay male, yourselves, don't be a werewolf. Oh yeah. Definitely not.
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