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Episode 132: Australian Serial Killers Part 2: Essie Made Me Do It

2015-02-17 | 🔗

We conclude our two-parter on Australian serial killers with Eric Edgar Cooke a.k.a. the Night Caller and John Wayne Glover a.k.a. the Granny Killer.

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time okay, the only that might be good yeah by a garage, okay, someone on hold on today. She wouldn't come out of a nine mile that Don I okay It was better, but we started the episode. The interim Dolly Dolly I'm desperately trying to learn how to do this. Yeah I mean I feel like it's going great, I mean if it's any consolation, there's not a lot of room for australian accents in Hollywood, so I don't think you're ever going to be requested to pull this one off. No, they just keep hiring australian men to play american men. I know, and it's only because they are stunningly handsome. Now they are dreaming of
we're talking about australian serial killers, part number two very interesting. I think we're going to start off by going to do a little presentation here. Henry has been working very very hard and his australian accent mean I feel like it's sad. If you tell people he's been working hard on it, because then people say: oh, that's sad! But if you say oh, we just we just pulling it off. You'll see his head you'll see so I've got some slang, words and terms from Australia. I'm going to feed him to Henry and he's going to give us what it's been working on. My name is Graham Templeton and I work for the literary and good speed choueri. Faculties over an Oswald University dead in the center of highly contemporary London England. I have learned from my years of working verbally with actors. Directors chimney sweeps garbage the column Binman
been men in London how to properly use an australian accent now many of these tips, so true, all right. So now, yes, the the sound hi in the australian accent urine actually sounds like ole ole right, like an oil, we'll fight. So many say, like the light, hi. It's Laurie Lloyd, but the thing is is still as ridiculous as ridiculous. All white, it's long all Eyez! the same thing I feel good about that yeah, I'm voice sound like this, and that or hat can cat. To goat sounds like Ed, so to fit Bette Bette. I love you Will it by Lloyd
withdrawal. Roy Roy Roy Oh, I, like your at, like the guy that we hired teach us how to speak. Australian really only taught us how to say cat and light and boy law All you need to get around contemporary Australian is the words like right hat that can Lloyd you can boat was, although I I'm that all the casual tips you needed to properly speak in australian accent We have please give me any sentence. You like and I'll show you exactly how it sounds: alright, first one as cross as a frog and a suck it seems, like you, didn't, take your own advice there. He, but I'm still playing the character character of Crikey Peterson Crocodile, MRS
Oh, I see well, of course, they're very stressed out. They need a nice massage Anaheim skating, yeah, yeah, tough to get in yeah right next up. He doesn't know Christmas from Burke Street eight now back Straight Arrow White Knight. Does it does like your your ideal and the result, one body bad fisher? Some of it comes out to yes, yes, and they do say, Australian does sound like the cockney accent, but we do not blame of the Australians from being the progeny of me. Rape is who we blame is the original cockneys for being raped. Stop. It leave your workers yeah, Dick's and letters. Even pass. I always to let him pass your let him past well, Cockney was
very interesting lesson. We all learn something today, I believe yeah, so you go home now and take those lessons impress your friends sound, Israeli. In order to get tossed in, the brigade then sent to some how awful beach wasteland where you're forced to live out your days, making thatch huts and rape and your sister, whose name is Gary Search by training. They might confuse you for Australian. Send you right there to that beautiful place. Well, guess what man I'll work my way to the top of the food chain because being funny counts starting off today with Mister Eric EDGAR Cook? Can we please pronounce it correctly and I got cock right now, so that's properly, it's club approximately. They know what call
yep, he's called the night caller a full of fifteen to twenty years before Richard Ramirez was called the night stalker right. There's one thing that I've noticed about these guys and a lot of these australian serial killers there, like these weird sideways versions of american serial killers because I'll never drink a bottle of merlot movies. I mean I've heard through eight times. I said this joke yes, yeah yeah yeah, that was Paul, Giamani I will never drink a bottle of it here alone. At night time is dangerous, which is the perfect foil, because he really was no, but it should be colors much much much worse than night. Stalker though yeah I mean I color is just like. It sounds like his refrigerator running know this man killed eight people
yeah. It's he's terrifying when I felt what I like about these here, kill is recovering. Today is that they have, I feel like the first batch we were covering were specifically like an australian type of crime, with a back back a little yeah. This is going to three, it is. It is a urban setting serial killers and they're pretty looking intense our first guy here, terrified Perth from nineteen fifty nine to nineteen sixty three, and I also got to say about Perth: it's like the wisp, constant of Australia. Is that so many serial killers in Perth yeah. I've heard great things about Perth. As a matter of fact, I'm here, because it's your office like a beautiful sort of seaside country town that they only had to get because of this man. The night caller actually changed. The whole attitude of Perth well look to who will benefit
and then you have yourself a serial killer. It's obviously the new lock company that moved down. They have a little sun. They keep locked up in the basement. This mister cook character, perhaps well cook. We go through his early life. A little bit we'll see that he was burnt born into a very unhappy violent family. He had father named Vivian, oh well. What do you do with a boy named Sue huh, there's a lot of men with female names out of Australia. They rolled a black man. I damnit my names nice to meet you there buddy, I am fairly. His muscles is from resident kangaroo that I'm not messing with him at the uh. This guy came from an abusive family. He hits a lot of markers of serial killers. Reason why he came from an abusive family I feel like. Maybe it would have been normal if you didn't was born with a disgusting hair lipid. I know the harelip, that's something special. He did have a pretty pretty big harelip and his father resented him and he said he was like. I was watching these always looking at the things stuck between his
front teeth 'cause. I assume they tell the year for that. Writing already beautiful, like the other, kids got talent abomination and I mumbled all the time got bullied like a mother fucker. Constantly and I went ahead and re now. No, I just said: oh yeah, no, I mean it's a very aggravating accent to have with a cleft lip yeah 'cause you're, just going can't drink a milkshake, oh yeah go on a date effective. My dates involved, sharing a milkshake intimately,
and this was in the 50s when milkshakes, with the only thing we had to drink, it was a lovely time to split a milkshake with a gallon less. You start sucking too hard in the God dam straw. Next thing you know you're only getting quarter milkshake you pay for the whole, damn thing she's getting all big. It's all about sacrifices, bad, that's true! Yes, it is the guy also had a ton of head injuries use a bit of a clumsy man here, alcoholic father, abusive father, Cleft palate a bunch of head injuries. I think he to be a lawyer? That's fine! Then you got big lips. If you were, if you were missing a chunk of those lips of for the weight off your old head, you be going back and forth like some kind of you like New, born baby with the man's body, it will be discussed a newborn baby in the ocean just up and down Bob in there with the head the Wheaton next all week. Well, ages. Sixteen cook worked as a hammer boy and a blacksmith agonistically lobster
hit you hit your head with a hammer on Yelp Joby show MIKE shoulder. None of those Grady snakes get ahold, Anima Animus! This is like well, you know just like spy with a hammer. So there are no time to explain who Australia Wack place for you at God, yeah jammer boy. That was the dumbest title. I've ever heard somebody get yeah and in addition to that, he also signed his lunch bags. Al Capone, yeah, hey, is real cool cat, yeah, real cool cat in that store, but Al Capone having that surgery to fix his hair lip. I love that Al Capone story visit their love, wasn't bad enough by the end of his tenure as hammer boy, he ended up. Burning is faced with steam and suffered second degree burns, which made me even more grow telling to the opera and just be the phantom of it. This guy could get more to form he's kind of a cobra commander type character yeah.
He also had a lot of other markers of a serial killers he got arrested for and let me get arrested for thievery and you get arrested for arson and one of the different actives work is case called him quote one of life's unfortunates. Yes, absolutely because he's got he's got that v. Lip and he's got a bad attitude. That can we talk about this all the time if you have something physically wrong with you, let's see your fantasy, your sweater, you got away ninety feet tall array, sweat a lot yeah god to be funny. Yeah got a charming gotta, get out there and make friends. I love that the detective called him one of the unfortunate's, not as victims. Yeah so ugly. This guy was like that. You know the people that he stole from there. He
have the box, I don't know it was a good movie under the skin. She looks she lets the toddler died, but she finally feels forget any sort of pity for the guy, with the ugly face under the skin yeah. It's a wonderful movie goes. We also would cook also said is when he went into petty thievery was because he was like you know what it's about time. Ani get on the up and up so I'm gonna make some money, and he literally had this whole thing about. You want to be like Al Capone and like and the way he decided he wanted to be like Al Capone was taking money at all, like old women's purses and setting fire to mailboxes Remember that children had a crime empire he was also arrested for being a peeping Tom did two years hard labor for stealing a car, but he wised up after he got released, got himself a pair of lady
well you're not going to stop getting made fun of you start doing it like that. Get a bear big manly leather gloves! If you want to kill people, have a harelip and Cleft palette the burns all over his face, but he's got those nice lady gloves beautiful. Ladies gloves, and also I what I do appreciate. They did change name of the crime to Peeping Tom two from a looking newly outlook. Lou Lou we talking at dinner or something like that: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah policy, peeping paid her hey. Now, I'm peep and Peter Greste Admirable a please leave my office. I I if you could bring my own hammer so a couple years after he was released from prison for stealing a car, about two years after that. That is when the murders began now. The reason why these murders were so terrifying, first of all, on over a span of four years. Second of all these
ms much like Rich Romero is extremely unpredictable, extremely violent and extremely rand. Any good, we're gonna, see it in of complete parallel to Richard Ramirez is that person. The time was very similar to Santa Barbara, where Richard was operating it's a very safe town, people using like They were saying they would sleep out on the veranda, but I'm not being in the summer heat. It was a pretty old, also very similar to the beginning of Richard Ramirez is that did this summer that the crime started with a sweltering summer in Perth, so people were leaving the doors open and sleeping outside and much like Richard where is he hung out a lot of times at the houses were committed crimes, one ad one crime? He went and got lemonade from the fridge and set out on the veranda and had him a nice little afternoon. If you're, if you own a home, you see somebody with a melted up face and a bunch of cleft palate and he's got a hair lip and he's just hanging out by the old mailbox flipping a coin. You, as you do
get outta here. Gonna go get outta here kid, oh I'll, get outta! Here now come back and shoot there's, not enough people showing him sooner in the Al Capone. Don't you component, I get outta here also like Richard Rameras. Some of his victims were brutally murdered and bugged with after the fact one of them was strangled to death with the cord from a bedside lamp cook then raped the core corps dragged it to the neighbors lawn. We penetrated it with an empty whiskey, bottle on the lawn and then left the bottle. Cradled in victims are, which is very interesting 'cause. It shows that, like that, it shows this weird thing that makes very similar to an american serial killer where it is about the. Showing of the corps he wanted people to see what was going on. He was making fun of the woman by putting
beer bottle the whiskey bottle in her hands. It started the hold process started with an overnight for person. Shooting spree they basically what kind of going to be used. He was a rifle twenty two I like hunting Rifle TON Capone. Would you get all the problem would be caught dead using a rifle, so couple got other people to do his stuff? Yes, that's true and he's nowhere near compound, ok, he's somewhere between Richard Ramirez and his son of SAM, where here they were, you started. Was it basically, you people were asleep in their beds and he would on them. While they were asleep and each leave him in the side of the head. Two people died. Two people I know one was a shot that I got and both of them got the went to the hospital. Still, which is because it was not a very powerful gun, Noah two thousand two hundred and twenty two. Yet gonna try to kill people with. Basically after the first it was 'cause. I was on Australia, die
which I'd still understand, I think, are strongly day is a day that you could take a coal wallet to the supermarket and you get a fifty percent off coupon, I'm not so I don't think so. Yeah you get a free koala with these figures, hi I'm trying not to be racist against Australians. Do they please explain to me what Australia Day is? Is it today that kangaroos get a present 'cause? You know what we just can't dollar to look at the kangaroo was a president in itself. I wonder if there has to be a koala attacks like somebody takes a Koala into their home, like that woman took a chimp into her home and then he's cool. It's gotta have eaten some buddies friends face, so they will beat the shit. Outta you yeah, yeah hold Kangaroo punch is a real thing. They got pop group, of course, yeah yeah, you only you touch it right on the button will suck your dick quality. So it looks like you're just a little suck your dick, if you turn it on the rear and the bushel folder over to Australia. If you want to meet some of the cutest flooring,
little fuckin' flush lights on the face of the planet Koala in the palm trees of Australia. Koalas are vicious animals. They have long sharp claws, they had longer Keith Urban. Will I mean now that I know the truth, because you told me Henry yes, some of the other victims in the Australia day. Shooting there was a part of a couple, was Woon did in a parked car there was a mail account that was killed by a single shot to the head there was an eighteen year old student who was killed again on the varanda, an accountant in Perth and accounts. Just really people like bring him a bunch of money, and he said that's money. Remind Good to know, thank you so much accountant and he also killed a retired grocer, who you know he shot him in the head. As soon as you open the door rang the Bell, the guy open the door just below what right rozier. So you know he's a little bit slow yeah. I know a grocer
you still own the store store. You know it's like the heart push among a milk carton boy, which is what they name every job for a retarded person in Australia is, that is, for the retarded p, milk, carton, boy, ok and two of cooks. Murders actually resulted in false convictions of other people, one of them This guy named John Button, was wrongly convicted for killing Rosemary Anderson. What do you, but once you with John, but I just feel bad for button. You know going to prison with a name like button, not good and uh. Another was the murder of Jillian Mcpherson Brewer, who was a Melbourne chocolate, Ares, and she was stabbed with a hatchet in scissors which led to the false conviction of Daryl
should all those last two crimes game out of after they captured him, and he basically went on a very similar to like a Henry Lee Lucas where he went on to be a lot, and I did that crime and I act right. Yeah, that's another thing I found with everyone of these zero killers as soon as they're pressed by the police like a little bit,
and after that they will they love it. They look at this story. Every story we read was, like you know, and then they show it like took him to all the bodies took him out to their families, House told every single thing they became like friends or sit around forming sharpening boomerangs together. Oh yeah, absolutely well how they finally caught this guys. This woman named Shirley Mclean, did was murdered and they found a rifle hidden in a Gelten wax Bush. Would you hear the thing where she was like she was walking through its cuts covered by this old lady was called Shelton Wax right, yeah and she was just like I get out. I never would have ever reached over and pick some of the stinky plant of Shelton Wax by, because I have a backyard of it, but there I did. I bent over and picked the flower on their. The rifle was well yeah. She bent over to pick a specifically a stinky flower. It's like the
australian. God told her to say that she could find the rifle so police. They took the rifle that was left. There returned with a similar rifle, though, of course they rendered it inoperable. They tide the rifle to the Bush, with fishing line, do basically the cul de the attempted to catch a serial killer like they were trying to catch a kangaroo, kangaroo or an animated wile e coyote, or are they don't run out in any of the things against? It definitely had a giant cage suspended by avoiding overheating, and it just had a bunch of signs that says: don't grab the gun, don't go into the wax books and Bush and grabbed his gun. Please they had constructed a heidecker the street waiting for someone to return for it. They It's seventeen days until cook, finally,
they sat and watched it for almost three weeks, yeah everyone of the I'm feeling that we're being punished by by the commissioner of those years. We grab that dumb gun trap now that Klei, even with a around okay, now, must be another globally. Do I love these need to fly even SAM, which This is with me, which can be no ma'am, so happy that candy sandwich store opened up. They only got that one Newt flavor, but that is good to be stuck in a car with you. So cook was the last person in Western Australia to be sentenced to death by hanging? He? told his lawyer to not apply for any appeals because he deserve to pay for what done also me to the australian legal system is very weird about that, where they, basically what they, what they did with him, was like they had a bunch circumstantial evidence. They had him going for the rifle and they picked up. They had some connection with the bullets of the rifle, but then like little
how they got them. The confesses that the police officer sat across from was like he's like I ate at gap, which is why I say all right. Bye. You gonna, hang no matter what, because we're gonna make gang My thought, eyeing with the complete, will completely clean, conscious and he's like all the Good NEWS is that you sorry I'm trying to do and then told them and everything that is a lot. I cannot believe that just tied a string to a gun put in a bush and had the guy go grab them and why he just like go with a gun, no, no, no, no! No, but that doesn't get. Then he doesn't get trapped. It's like their big bass, fish and but for a big in Australia such an idiot. I know that and they got him. So is all right: you're going to find a town full again pallet up lady glove wearing sociopath. But strangely we gotta do this. Just go around, but random. Things in bushes tie strings to him and see what they get human fishing.
Only one way this is the strange thing is that despite him, having a wife and seven children by the age of thirty three and this woman look like she had to describe it. Look like you, member Saurons MESSENGER in Lord of the rings, yeah she's all teeth. Yeah, well, she can't it would be you she should be all lips. You know couple kinda yeah, you know it's hard to find love in this world. You know yeah if you can be EDGAR Cooke and still find love in this light. You know I mean I would I wasn't really eleven house, I do know It could have been like sleepless in Seattle. I don't know we were there. Despite him, In a large family, only one woman kept vigil outside of
prison on the morning of his execution and October, one thousand nine hundred and sixty four less than a year after he was caught the big serial killer creature. Nobody came to mourn his death. Well, he also said that part of it was just sort of Morne ending of the time period where they were having death penalties for closure and all that stuff So we don't have any no more death penalty in Australia now, not in western Australia. I don't know bout Eastern Australia, but I know they don't do it in Western Australia, because all the stuff we're working on right now, West, Western Australia, Eastern Australia is a beautiful country full of snow. I don't know- I don't know I liked it again. I've never even seen a picture of Australia. I assume that there are castles right and isn't there a big there's, a big spire with like a flaming eye on it, and everyone says they're going to be like a thing that we're all leading up to and then I was told by his funking wizard duty showed up. He said I got this thing and I'm supposed to go down there and there's like a big volcano supposed to throw this ring in there. I was like
I'm about. I got work to do I'm trying to be on tv there's like no, no, no, you keep it secret, keep it safe and then I just gave the ring of this guy. I've met. It was wearing this sort of cloak type thing. I could see his face. You kind of smell weird, and I get this sort of chronic glowed around when he came in and I gave him a ring in his life, so I funking crew dodge that fucking bullet. I did not know that yeah! That's Australia, though that's great will cook the last man to be hanged in western Australia was buried above the first woman to be hung in Australia. Her name was Martha Rendell. This guy can avoid Pussey Jesus. Her name was Martha Rendell and she was sentenced to death in one thousand nine hundred and nine for killing three, children by swabbing their throats with hydrochloric acid. We caught her by tying a string to a child, putting that child into a bush. She went for the kid and we found her twenty three days later. Yeah
all right re days, so that we go is that that's EDGAR Cooke now we're going to move on to kills total with MR? It kills all twenty two assaults like we didn't even go through all of the attempted, I think. Did you read about the old the hit and run gatling's it while he was driving back and forth between shooting people and then stabbing that woman and then did said then about struggling other woman. These are all like various nights of three killings. We also running women down in the street. With this car can you imagine, he's really not only leaving the scene of a crime, but you know he's driving on the street live like going like that's right stop and I was calling thirty minutes. Thank you most people when your whole life is like grand theft, auto I'm like yeah re live the real life version of it. So our neck, get guy
John Wayne Glover the Granny killer, who this guy kills Guthix elderly women in Disney in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty nine one thousand nine hundred and ninety over a fourteen month period. I'm never mind again. The fact that you know he's got a shares, a name with one of our favorite of favourites, Mister John Wayne Glover. You know he's an man yeah, but I'm saying like oh initials. He shares yeah he's a John Wayne, John Wayne G yeah. He is he's a man's man and he loves nothing for his mother in law, SC, You love being incapacitated. Ladies, he loves the shuffler, soon loves the
the guild killing a guild grandmother, I'd like to kill, and he certainly had a lot of. I have a grandmother I'd like to kill. No, you have a nice Levine. I hello, you're a grown. I don't, though, no she's a monster, so you want to stick this guy in their grandmother yeah, it's a little bit of background. Also I used to a mother just call him.
We're going to see a lot of similarities between him and the Boston, strangler and they're like Albert to solve a which we gonna. Do you probably get a hold of big hitters episode, yeah, which was an insatiable sex maniac who loved the cold old women, because the easy so far, though I'm going to say night caller versus night stalker, I'm given into the stalker yeah yeah yeah? Well, what I do like about the night call, or is that a he changed, Perth yeah I mean like he. Basically, I show to be like this is: what happens? We don't lock your doors yeah, which is unfortunate, but also you know if you got to face reality at some point. Eventually, I love a good locked door down. I love the door lock yeah. I like I like to locks. You know when I'm alone in the house and go to the bathroom. I still like the bathroom door, like all doors locked when I do every night have you know some a little tired I like to leave the door kind of open the doors open no for
and then I get a fuckin' bow and arrow of this combat your bone. Arrow right and I sit in the living room on on my vibrating massage chair that I have from nineteen ninety seven- and this is the child stuck in a chair, and you just put leather over a boy in town, my calves, Brian or You'Re- never getting ok. So This guy John Wayne Glover was not australian. He was actually british. He grow up in Wolverhampton. It's over there's been a long history of shipping british criminals. Australia absolutely is where you put. This also took place in Sydney. So this is our big city. This is a good big city, kill yeah. Absolutely he immigrated to Australia in fifty six or fifty seven first lived in Melbourne always had big. Problems with older women in his life. His mother boo: hey did not like his mother Freda. He resented her. Because after she left her father, she just kept
I'm from man to man, the man, the man, so I mean you know, there's nothing wrong with that with the lady having a good time. Yeah but Mister Glover did not enjoy that and at the older woman input that he had a problem with was, Mother. In law s c I'm in contact with after he married his wife, whose name was it was gay.
Gay role with her? Originally, it was changed from the native American Louie Anderson's side meat. I see Gary Gay rolls up against rules. Right also do love about australian, ladies, maybe it just seems maybe they're just more understanding and sweet and kind. I don't think so. I think there only that, but I think there are sweeter because gay roles came out and said afterwards, where the crime she's just like she's, like you know how I spend enough time, even though he was a piping tom and an awesome nation of faith before I met him, but I thought it was not well fine with them. Every one of these men in Australia have a criminal history who else I have a wife. I mean this. I just feel like, if you're traveling to another country trying to become a citizen of that country's this someone before you become a citizens. It should ask why it what do
doing here, I'm here to kill all your grandmother's. They say, oh, but maybe you want to be doing some different, I'm here real estate. Come in. Thank you for at least trying to lie down very nice this. He was in a prime position to commit these crimes, because all throughout the 80s he was a, and here at the senior citizen society and much like many serial killers he was considered. For the US considered friendly and a valued member of the community, also work for foreign twenty pie company. Another interesting connect us to more than twenty meat pie. Company hi presented it to he would show up to nursing homes and apartment complex a complex is to sell them their grimy meat pies right, and he also had a way with old women yeah. He was building his tool. Kit yeah because believe me get Sharman an old woman take some time.
Because the first thing you gotta do- is get a good, fukin grip on her shoulder. So it's not too difficult to do you really how you terminal when you grab brothers, shoulders can be like come with me, come with me, No? No. He does not That was a sorry! No would you do. Is you go back to a good good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good good it hypnotizes them? Can you write a bag over there head right, you get a in the back of your car. And then you go through their person, ship yeah and then you put not a car? And you tell him that they went to the grocery store and hand him an apple? Oh wait very expensive. I just ask me how you know how grandkids, kids, the fifties, those sounded like fun Tell me about them: they don't like their grandkids grim. Don't grandparents don't care to talk about their grandkids, they all hate their grandkids that only the music they listen to or any of the things they watch on tv. That's what I've learned from grandparents!
They call one guy the cops used to string a gun, put that in a bush and then this guy just did it with a bunch of meat, pies son. At the end of his that simple, it's a little ring type of society are easy albums, like so a glow. His mother. She moved to Australia, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. She died of breast cancer in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine an right after like six, so he delivered there for thirteen more years. He left the entire country of England to get away from her and she followed him to Australia. Also, Houston misled a hand he put this cancer. In there yeah, I slept alright input into a meat pie. Header eat a whole bunch of it yeah and right after she died of breast cancer just a few months later. That's when the mothers. But I want the world to know now. There's no proof whatsoever that Glover committed any sort of murder before one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, when he was at the age of fifty six yeah, very hush hush. He had been married Twenty years he had kids, these wife
really had no knowledge of his previous memory include a very similar to again John Wayne Gacy, where he was a man of many secrets like he obviously has been hard hit, something he must have done something in between all of this. I believe that he did and they even said that after the fact they're like we can imagine, there are other elderly related crimes that he must have been connected to or right so go to the end of the day. If you kill somebody who's, eighty six, it's so easy for operating. We know that police officers if they can get away with doing nothing, they will live in eighty six year old chick dies. There is a wealthy you don't like that. Either you will get all the gasoline all over a nine year old woman and set her on fire. You know how often it's you based on your income. Yeah- oh man, you want to talk about not just cops fucking up, but neighbors fucking up as well as we're going to see this over and over again. But let's start with his first victim. Who did he did not murdering eighty four year old, Margaret Todhunter, she was walking
home Todhunter walked up to her punched. Her in the face two hundred and nine dollars from her purse and then went to the Mossman Rsl Club, which the Rsl Club is the version of the VFW model. One thing will learn that is his pattern over and over again, and it will say he consistently rob the wealthiest of the grandmother's. Two hundred and nine bucks. I mean this is no joke because he ninety this is also the time. This is the first time in a lot of it. He would take like six dollars, it would take whatever they had. You know. Well I mean that's all you can take next yeah. That's how you got that yet, but it's real funny her fingers anything you want to buy old, lady fingers, fingers I machine you could cut off some of her fingers and go like a you, won't see something funny and then looking at your fly, you know you like it. When I got when I got,
You know the australian print companies have been using old women fingers take X for a long time. Yeah. That is true, heard about that practical joke. Weird thing was that he and all all ways took the money, but there one time I think one of the things that sort of broke the case, eventually that they thought they had a serial killer on the hands is that he took money in one case but left the diamond ring behind yes, and what wanted to the will actually say that the police did good, a job as they could have the overwhelms with the citizenry, but there were d actually jumped on the idea of him being a serial killer. Very quick yeah I mean after the third one it was after the third one. I mean how many gram others just get strangle dinner, and I mean I mean we. Let Btk go for a long, fucking time yeah. We had a lot of them go for a long time. They were better than the hotdog squad. That would just not saying that much, oh man, so how would detect a popcorn handle this case
so many Delicious Kern. I wished it wait a second. What is this gooey brown? You got an m vegemite Bing, nothing delicious about that mercy. I don't like being in Australia a nothing delicious here, He got his food, flavored, cold I'll, just point to detective popcorn and all the way yeah. Thank you Bob where you can just tell us one thing about the first victim here. I will give you some whistlers and you can be she was she did like a book. You jerky sweet savor with the Teriyaki Terry anything else. Maybe some corn snakes in the Jerky leave it inside the plastic spies bags?
get him back to America place yeah. This detective exchange program is not again. So let's get a detective frog. Muncher back sure if either of them are detected so the first victim Gwendolen and Mitchell Hill Glover saw her walking down the street and Glover was very opportunistic random type killer. He just see old, ladies walking home phone home is whether we wear everywhere his like they want me to Callum his weapon of choice was the hammer yeah as she went to open her door. He hit her with the hammer on the back of the head. I think just can't hit her in the over and over again to and then started striking the body break. A whole bunch of ribs took a hundred dollars from her purse and she is found alive by two little boys butt,
Unfortunately, there right now out lady and they just skateboard around or it over and over again, like their fucking bored signed in under and stuff yeah. It was one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine this since we're getting pretty bad kind of a cool time. She died pretty much as soon as the police and ambulance arrived, but was no forensic evidence for good intention neighbors, who thought that we had nearly fallen felt, ignoring the multiple head wounds and broken ribs washed the crime scene Washington down to it. I don't know SAM right, someone dropped from jelly of a. I don't know these picnic was ruined. I'd rather go get that over that to the moon last, gently wanted yelling. Just to do his China played Miss Jerry. I
so why someone must have dropped their breakfast dish, I'm not allowed to do in Australia, so you see an opportunity to clean something up. You take. It decided next victim, Lady Winfred, a Ashton, interesting name, yeah, lot of interesting, very interesting names. Glover, followed her home attacked her with his hammer. He said that she actually almost over, for him until he fell top of her by the hair and started hitting her head on the pavement over and over and over again, and this is when he starts his signature. Take Open house, some around her neck and strangles her so hard that the pantyhose actually cut the skin. Yeah there's no way that people in the neighborhood looked at her and thought that was a possible accident.
This time they did, they said they thought this is probably a serial killer thought it was very good, except for one detective it's like well, maybe you should just put it on the skull that, with the other thing, I've told banana peel and is a guide here, detective rumpelstilskin, not calling me by my name. Unfortunately, you know- and this is also when he begins staging bodies- and this I think this does point towards him. Possibly committing murders before these, because this is only his second murder and he's already escalated to the point. Where he's got a signature, an he staging bodies in a certain way, he was also ready to go. He's been thinking about this crime for a long time and then they said to us the way that he left. He left the pantyhose like on her like tide up and then put her shoes nicely together and put hurricane extra issues. Also it's very Well, you know we find out who was an old man, yeah yeah, so he took one hundred
turns out of reports again heading to the Mossman Rsl to get drunk at the VFW. Again and then, when he heard sirens going by said boy, I hope it's not another mugging gone wrong like Ed Geen like when I really would Mary Hogan went, went, went missing and they're like man. What happened to Mary Hogan he's like I got her back at my place, he just hanging out here. The car dad home Series, though that joke is so lonely if there now the comedian they keep on making jokes about how they have a body, or maybe they know something, there's something that somebody should know about a crime. They were the killer, The problem is also what if they should be getting into comedy- and this is the first time they're breaking through and meal at this pace. Maybe I can make everybody laugh yeah. Maybe there your advice, Henry yeah time, to make him
from LA and I'm sure he did very well in that VFW help I'm sure he laughed and they were I'm sure. He was great said this time that glow after the three murders he takes a break for murder illegal. While they wash down the crime scene. Yes, no, no! No! No! No! This was in a Bin area, really call a been, which is a golf five k, and then they walk you with their research. She was left behind these. This garbage cans in this apartment complex and they didn't get to that part of it. The outside was watched me, which was a problem but begin you just these rates are on it: it's very clean the city, so he takes a break. Murder for awhile to really focus on his sexual assault in nursing homes game. Corvettes, like Michael Jordan, getting into the fade away when he can't jump from the free throw line anyway, yeah we're going into baseball after had a little bit bored with that game of basketball. That's right! Ann June one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, he molested seventy seven year old, Marjorie Moseley, the Vict
said that a man and put his hand under now can. But of course she couldn't remember what he looked like a mankind. I believe it was a man he looked as if it was a big. Candy corn yeah he appendix tentacle a seaweed out. Tentacled candy corn put his fingers up and tap into mom into Mama Googie, which is australian for vagina. There were also australian, so you don't need to tell us that man, someone get her. Some lunch It seemed like laundry, I'm sure you would look up. Weeks later he went to a different nursing home.
The dress of an elderly, patient and fondled. Her buttocks, I mean well, I was an old lady I'd be like keep them calm and boys. I know well yeah, but he would he would not enjoy what you wanted to bad. He immediately went to the next room about tying a string to a little to an elderly lady and put her in the bush. They try to do what all MRS every time they tie the string filled lady. She was like what a lovely sash. Thank you so much I don't know I could you go to add up to the Florence Henderson Bands and the right, is. He immediately goes to the next room, fondles, the breasts of another old lady. She cries out.
Glover. They don't catch him red handed, but his captivity area, which is Tunein Org Rockies grappling with rockies, like they were radio yeah. They question him and he's like I get outta here, John you're great. This is you just get a get out because he was well known in a bunch of these retirement communities as being the findings for years, the pie- man I mean, and so, if you're really elderly, it's sort of like true detective on the man with the scars on his face, the pine. Oh, the pie, man, the pie, man by Man- did that yeah the pie, man he got played by raising his shoes, and he was so he was made of Party- was a big old pioneer high molested you he gave me in get her some lunch. I'd like lunch, I'm sure you would. He waits a few months. He waits until October from June, when he sexually assaults, a blind woman at
I don't know the net. I yeah, I think the blond woman or the next one is pretty bad. It's like he lived out the music video to Lionel Richie's hello. The new So it's pretty bad because he attacked eighty six year old widow, Doris cocks ramming. Face into a brick wall. She just she survived the assault yeah, but the reason why she couldn't really give any descriptions, because she had severe dementia yeah and she was talking about like Roger Rabbit, was coming over there and he was you need to older. There was Diana's interface. You know I'd like to that's a problem. Yeah you're gonna get molested. I guess you might as well have dementia. You know I'm during that.
If I'm going to have to get like violently assaulted, do it when I don't even do it when I think that everything was one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and we calling Bill Clinton, got a chance to be elected. I think you know that you could just punch me a whole bunch of times, and I can't wait till I have dementia 'cause, then I'll just be like yeah Robert College, Big Wendy, this woman, she said the woman with dementia, the best you could do as far as the description goes. She said it was possibly at
major or a skateboarder, always blaming the skateboard. Always we speak in Iraq with their skateboards into someone with dementia there's very loud. Yet how old this woman was? I mean. Do we said how old this guy is? He said he was eighty says he is he's in his fifties. 60S old. She was that she would anything young man load, seventy which is like major skateboarders teenage skateboarders, I'm sixty three years old, then, once again, the scene of the crime was washed down by neighbors before investigates gotta clean it up, because you know you got to be keeping up appearances and again, people are also just Was it jelly rations on because all of the jelly factories and admires for many years I heard about that, and so they had to save as much jelly as they could no yeah. I have God knows when the jelly burns Jll burn down or where did JANET was burning sad.
We can do it again for older longer, if you don't smell that type of music in good time for aroma yeah, it's from the australian group, the band This next is next encounter, does not indeed a murder. This is kind of weird. He does one ends in love. It Kyree he approaches a Dorothy Binky. She's a severe name. I can gaze during conversation offer to carry your groceries home, for she invited him in for a cup of tea, The to you said, you know what to get out of here. Well, I think it was because she offered in the t that he did not kill her, because he Oct outside and Lee murdered Margaret Pahud, and well they always there about Margaret, never offer in t always for always offer t
we've learned from this episode of anybody comes in your house. Together, you offer some tea offered. Sometimes they won't kill you well depending on the culture, though in America offer our Coca COLA or a cup of coffee. Now you want to. But if YN you wanna Bud heavy there, I bought a heavy yeah. So I keep beats her in the head with a blunt instrument. She collapsed. He hits her again. He arranges once again arranges the clothes the shoes in the walking stick. No, I saw the attack, but a few minutes later, young schoolgirl She said: look like a just a pile of clothes. Dumped in the dumped on the street, but that how they see all elderly women in Australia, just a pile of clothes with a cane- and neighbors. Wash down the crime scene and make sure nobody. I will look someone spilled some die, I I mean I know for a fact- it's blood yeah, but we will get together, but I mean it yeah. So what do they do? I I'd imagine they'd have to drag either. Do they either drag the body out of the way and then wash today
or they just washed it down around. I imagine just washed it down around her hello and otherwise today, so like they just fucking like put their thumb on the hose and sprayed all around. All accomplices get Chad to get gotten damp at the very least. So just as guilty as he was, it is not d, similar similar to Queens New York, yeah people against reactive leader is watering their sidewalk yeah, but also would like to which wich interesting is the. Police force of this time, were frantically working to put together the add, whatever went up in a race to the crime scene. Yes, but they were doing everything to what they did was they found one ST fingerprint so the basically went through the entire town and got ever
I want to come and put their fingerprints until like and, of course, we do a machine that cut off everybody's finger and then they would look at all the fingers, but then, like I, don't remember who finger which finger this was: we've got our label next victim was all of Cleveland she'll. They thought that it was a heavy fall, but the crime seems again washed down me: Muriel Falconer She was at ninety three years old. Both of these sound, like kind of like stripper names, all of Cleveland and Muriel Falconer or back in the day. You have no idea how pretty they were and what they were up to a Muriel Falconer
Finally, they had a scene. There was ninety three and she was ninety three yeah. They had a scene where they found the fingerprint they found a bloody shoe prints and a neighbor finally saw a suspect. She described him as middle aged gray Haired in Portland. Is it wasn't a teenager on a skateboard not killing? Also in the first victim there were several grey hairs that were found on her love, but she they were like. We don't now she's just talking on their own, and I mean she's getting right with the craziest thing about it. The only thing that they had I think that here was useful for back then was just to see what color somebody's hair was it, as is like such a little I do like it doc, I watched they described instead of saying put instead of saying portly. They described looking like a doctor, question is, is that is that in a friendly in thing that all doctors are fat, I'm asking our listeners. If they do you only when you get out when someone says he's a doctor, do you imagine a fat man? I you I
not going to a doctor who skinny I hate it skinny to absolutely why I like a big fat chain. Smoking dog yeah he's looking at me outside of a fucking parking lot of a burger king. That's why I wanna go to colonial themed. Hospitals, you've got wreck at soon. Thank you for telling him. So the cops or on Glover just yet for the murders, but they are on him for the sexual assaults. He here into the cops are asking questions about him. So the cops go to Glover's door, say hey. We want to talk this guy's a person of interest. His his wife informs him that he has attempted suicide by overdose that cops go Glover, and staff, had the police a suicide note that was written by am that was written on four and twenty pies business paper an it had a bunch of weird valid. These weird fuckin' sayings that just said no grannies, granny
as he made me. Do it as he started it yeah, not as he was his mother in law. Don't use the company stationary to express your hatred of Grannys, I mean that's a problem with that forward. Twenty pies company is going to do some pretty serious order. Allergies after this, so indeed yeah that really hurt the meat pie. Business hashtag we love grannys, we love granny is Gail. We love granny's, we're not trying to kill the Grannys. We just want to meet their pies now celebrity apologist, Gilbert Godfrey, and they also they took a photo glover in the hospital as well. Easily enough, even though there were seventy people on the task force, trying to find the granny killer and then Grannys explicitly mentioned in the suicide note with by this guy,
it was connected with sexual assaults in nursing homes. It took him two weeks to pass that note on to investigate. Also, the problem was choose that it was all circumstantial evidence, so it's like they were. They were saying that they had no evidence, they had no evidence and they just knew that the first cluster, basically they were noticing the crimes were happening in a circle like their first More on this one, Ariel town. I know would they basically they had a tail they were. Basically once is came out. They had a tale of sort of following him and they're like oh, this pie. Company it's going all the fucking buildings, rather grandmas lived at this guy should have been caught along time ago, and he knew that he was being followed to. He drive the wrong way down one way streets. He circle blocks multiple times a lot like Gacy get rid of his tail. But you know the tail really didn't do a hell of a whole lot of fucking good, because on March ninth one thousand nine hundred and ninety Glover had his last victim Joan Sinclair. She was a sixty year old divorcee. At this point,
Sinclair, I mean Glover. He was on constant surveillance. He showed up at Sinclair's house one thousand, am you rested now, let's see now, if we don't see if it kills literally their plan was there were like we're going to let him we're going to watch him. Stalk a victim, we're going to watch him, selective victim, going to watch him, groom a victim and then we're going to try and stop him right before he commits a crime, and that is that is there. That was their strategy yeah. They wait and not good cops, don't bag it's one thousand am by one hundred pm, there's no sign of movement they, but I'm concerned at five pm no yeah yeah and got finally got permission to enter the house at six hundred pm. So They knocked on the front door. There entire excuses, light, we're gonna, get a check on barking dogs and there's no answer, and course they look in to the look in the window and they see a hammer lying in a pool of dried blood because you can
so long ago, along blood, dried ah, and so they go inside and they find Sinclair's. Where is he well yeah. They found her battered head wrapped in a bundle of blood soaked towels. He was naked from the waist down. Her pantyhose was timed around her neck, her genitals, were damaged, but now that I have to hold a Glover said that he didn't raper, because supposedly Glover was empty when he. The reason why he was using a penny hose was just to kill yeah yeah just to get and he also said that just throw them off the trail a little bit yeah Thank you. That is the news of that would kind of put him in a different direction. It's one of the things that was that really throughout his insanity defense. What the difference it's like a serial killers when they were first kind of popping up in the sixties and seventies, and now this is a later serial killer. So these serial killers, as they go, have more knowledge over what police look for when they're looking for serial killers,
and you know I mean the insanity defense. He was definitely crazy meat pie. Yeah yeah yeah hey just because a personality, disorder, yeah yeah personalities, so they searched the house for Glover and they find him in the bathtub. With his wrist slashed. Unconscious, but they were able to save, am yeah the only person that were able to save that's nice and he said that he murdered Sinclair and said that they'd actually been having a relationship. That's what it was quite awhile, because she was sixty. He was fifty six that isn't out of the realm of possibility there, no not at all. Like I mean they, they were very close in age, so yeah That was his. That was his last victim. He rolled the body up into a at wrapped for tell around her head drag her body across the room ran the baths. A handful of valium slashes left wrist, lay in the tub to the cops go in. They find him they arrest him and the trial began.
Neither do I find interesting too, is that he again confessed to everything any as possibly oh yeah. It's Paul, all that he did not confess to everything, because the last visit, that he had in prison, he had this weird cryptic note that had a sketch of a park, there were two pine trees and in the middle of the right pine tree. Number nine have been written diamond nine, nine so we're said that it's either the total number of murders that he actually did, although he was only convicted for six hundred or it could also be the number of unsolved murders committed by glove
or it could just be like, if you turn it upside down as a six, then you turn the other way to nine and it's like a sexual funny, little joke. I gotta number at all. I just did a weird little, it's kind of like a tree formation, how you're just a bad artist. I'm I just tried to draw, I believe, the rest myself, Gramma, killer meat pie deliver was probably a bad artist. Another one of his defenses during his trial was that he had a big problem with slot jeans and then he was just trying to steal money to get the money for slots, but he went under the VFW everytime. Well, they got slots at VFW, so he is a politician again like John Wayne Gacy that actually makes sense who like to play slot machines, elderly women, who was always at the VFW elderly women, playing the slot machine. He wanted to play with the money that they had and he said we easily, but then in one of his last conventions like if you notice every one of these old ladies looks like my mother in law, and that is the truth. He's literally he's like they look like their mother in law. Can you,
the same at some point. However, as soon as you get old, everyone just looks the same: we're going to look at the same yeah never well, yeah always be taller, but hunchback by then yeah you'll be bowed over and I'll be wearing. My exo skeleton because of my many riches and I'll be all over six foot. Seven and I'll be jumping over buildings and I'll be over. Before all that happens, you don't get one I'll be in my cabin on the hill by then may Can you come visit me anytime? You want pull up a hill and we can. We go to the old Marcus at the cabin on the hill. There were big Ben will use my rocket Chang yeah want some bear, let's go back.
You will use my rocket chair at sea all later. Oh, my god, I feel like we didn't even get to snow town now, where yeah we don't have time to get, it done snowing yeah, but it needs the most. It's the most well known man. You got you guys know so. You've seen this note, murders, you've, seen the movie and yeah, it's an interesting case. Yes, notices like Downton Abbey yeah, you tell if it was called snowtown. It would be in the nightmare before Christmas, so town murder doesn't matter to Maine. Yes, whatever his Madison yeah, I said it's not great. So will cover this note and murders. People even put it into a sort of thing of you know. Homosexual family murders yeah will do a whole series on homosexual family murders. We watch it together with your family. Of course I mean there's. Definitely there's a remember. The family.
Family was so sure yeah the family murder homosexual, but we could do a whole episode on people murdering homosexuals, but that could also be a two page seems that tent. That's really that's a really sad and we have that Hitler on that one well, it's just a one partner will be covered in our gypsy killing. Us, oh yeah, please tell us where we were writing wrong about australian facts. Yeah, you know where we are right? We don't know where we were yeah yeah, that's right! That's Marcus Parks on Twitter and Ben KISS on Twitter that you, Australia, Twitter! Thank you. You've given Australia, you women not hard. Hard men crooked teeth, yeah flip smiles like ceiling fans, they make up for it, though, with their big chiseled chest and biceps, and their overall ability to hold.
Down, and don't forget good, don't forget! We have our live show every month here at the creek in the cave. It's the fourth Saturday of every single month starts at ten pm, one thousand and ninety three Jackson Ave in Queens off of the the and train but be sure to check to make sure that the seven trains running that weekend. I wanted your thoughts but yeah. Then you just take the e train. The train you take. The e train and a blessed week, unfortunately, taking next week off I'm going on Vacation Henry's going to Wisconsin. Yes, so yes will we'll be in Wisconsin Sheboygan having a good time and so next week. If you Listen episode, just roll up a fuckin' salami log of Fuckin', full of sweet, sweet, oregano and fucking pipe throat and I go to sleep. Go to sleep, are just fine but this year in New York alone, so come and visit, Maine
won't be alone, I'm always alone Marcus, because that's the way I like to be like a cactus, oh he's covered in point to the outside, but mushy milk lose his fucking guts in his blood. Thank you. I'd have 'em, Hail Satan, hail yourself how dean there are dying South Jersey and do this Itunes thing yeah cards in slavery really shows. Certain shows that are just verbal and they are currently above us yeah. So can't have that happen now and yes, I am mildly. Annoyed mildly. Annoyed, Marcus Parks is no. What no way help him out, would you go back.
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