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Episode 137: Astrology

2015-02-17 | 🔗

The boys delve into the world of astrology, from it's murderous uses throughout the years to how you can use it to improve your gardening skills, plus we read our astrology charts and reveal some very surprising things about ourselves.

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There's no way to escape. Tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started. Her aunt incur we may dirtier soon magellanic change vanishes curve, Brandon Sky. So what is it? What pray never come to? Pray never come like job exude assertive break its job. Is it a big or a freeze on Facebook? Is a drop of water
ok. Well, that just turned into the most offensive thing that ever happened on the show they goods just Hiroshima, Henrietta, Brodsky yeah. I like Hong Kong and raise a browser green right There will still be bright, gets an elevator. There is something like that. That would be good. Oh, no, real good You sound you sound great, I'm so devasted this week's news already, I'm depressed overhearing, you bring it up when we draw up the atomic bomb and a bunch of poor farmers, their jaws? Things could always be work. That's true, Thank you hand me up. I'm sure you did that sort of riotous behaviour happening and mountainous and yes, militarized our belief that bounds, but are they had they dropped in a
like bomb on then you have do they have one, that's the question: if they did, would they I believe they would. I dunno, but I bet people stop prose testing the pay use it. That's what you want to have happened right, we're gonna. Do I'm I'm very excited, because today we're gonna talk about one of our more light, hearted subjects. I think, since we did bizarre creatures, were ferries and nomes we'd, never really cool, but I know a lot of our listeners put in particular are female. And you're gonna love. Today's subject, it's all astrology, hey my John, when set one Finally, you I'm a praiseworthy marcia you're such a bit you're such a Pisces, I'm a bad Oh, is that aside? Oh no, I just Hungary find time for lunch. Oh, I think so. Astrology, Hurrahing skinny, guys with hath beards, get laid since nineteen
Sixty five, I mean. Has it I think it's helping cats get adopted a strong at the precise moment of your birth, my mother screams in agony dodges. Just what is it? What is it? We ve never seen anything like that before. Oh, my God, Missus Presty shadow over these sheets values pulled, cried ah well, hey Stevens did in their dig around and fight. Big fat, baby. She shadow laws right there. It's underneath this piece of corn lump. It adds a part of his corn cluster. Yes, those Russia's teeth, yeah, they're, all, yellow and weird, and fully grow. Or much of your fate has already been dictated by the Heavens, the relative position of the planets in stars plus
The other unusual circumstances like sunspots bailed, moons, eclipses, have already created. They create kind of a little map of your future. They already have certain personality trades, certain things that you will accomplish in life. So what happened? I just want to know what was going on in the sky that made it I got fired from burger king for injected a chicken stick with barbecuing catch up. It had put it in my mouth. That's because your LEO that number, Your cancer. That's right gives cause you're cancer hands or LEO cuts. Yes, the uncompromising Aquarius Cuss tourist LEO Cups costs, but that is makes me both energetic powerful sensual, but also into the ground. Through your Euro LEO tourist Cusp Emily, I'm a tourist LEO Cusp, it would seem to be a lot of this conversation. I have a needle
breakdown of both martyrs and then we're gonna learn a lot about each other or listeners. If you know this is the way you could pick a part, a personality. So if you want to attract one of us, which is easy, Everyone here is a desperate blown away and never touch. It is easy to do. You will find out today, through our natal charts right like every territory, the Gruber, More plays in a movie, we do it. Life like my other question, is whether we honestly, though there there's gonna, be maybe something to astrology. I know for a fact. I pay attention to a lot of astrology, because it helps me relieved, my anxiety to believe that there is altered all other forces in the universe, helping you know and also way to talk to women in LOS Angeles, and you have only responsive I definitely pay attention and mercury in retrograde
the time which mercury is in much greater know exactly what that means. Night I'll say that my age, arts, or longer and brown- yes, I richer ivy league- is just like wearing hipster closes somebody's gotta mercury has a beard retrograde word: it tat. You love this information. The words The act means little Adam S, Zodiac AIDS, a greek word, and it means little animal. I love that for little animal. If I have you ever tat- and you just recently adopted as a matter of fact, there's one eyed cat, though one of our listeners just adopted Zodiac a bad name, Zodiac, a great name for a cat and political hood on it yet blamed for budget crime, wills your mother or so, and also plays into that, is well over the origin.
Of astrology we're gonna get in the way back Machine BP, Piti, Piti, Piti, Piti, Piti bah. I will not go no further back befall applies just this. Railway back machine only goes to the revolutionary times. Well, we're gonna need another one to go for a thousand years in the past to ancient babylonian times. So these at the Babylonians. They were the first people to do a correlation between the celestial bodies and the gods of their pantheon. So they paired Venus with Ishtar Jupiter with more Duke Mars, with Nergal Mars got Nergal most old timers like who give me the sun or the moon Mars. You got Nergal God, damn it like a kick ball team and I got to choose last Nergal
the goal, because you literally or about half the size of the goals. So there's a fifty fifty channel do something right moors. You know that my mushrooms birds know what am I gonna do during the recital of our got. These Bruce should get Nergal a chair, school policy he's force to play. Saturn's gotten in Ib Mercury's got need issue. The moon has said and the sun has Shamash. Shamash sounds cool. I wanna hear our shone like a cashier and target, the Irish. Will you please come and clean up your area or maybe Shamash we're just gonna promotion, Henry there's a lot positive thing large this past year, let's make her target employ of the month measurement.
There are a lot of people because I imagine also than the Zodiac was probably schools to be used to also chart out the farming calendar. Yet familiar with this is long before the Zodiac itself was created. The zodiac wasn't created in tell you got to Greece about three thousand years later. Until then, the Heavens were all seen as an all encompassing indicator of how the king was doing. It only pertain to the king and, of course, how goes the king so goes the country. So I say if the sign said that the king, they were aligned against the king in some way. They might say the gods are about Walter I would like a plague or a drought or war where those people think politics in leadership is hard. Now you have methods all rely had done something completely out of organs for ending. Kings astrologer had to be a kickass liar. You have to show up and just be like near the tidings them there's a crab and this guy it means the astrologer gets array.
Feel you're a lotta raises this year and is low crabs in the sky. Its. It is quite unusual will, by a hundred thirty BC. Astrology he's gotten agrees and that's the place where it was first personalized. That's where they first put it up into twelve twelve different zodiac symbols, but this is also a they started to assign the planet's to certain body parts like Venus. They had the generals in the belly Mars. Had the blood in vital Jupiter had the head in the brain I want to be. When do you wanna be Marcus? I wanna be Mars, you wanna, be the blood in the brain, wanna be blood. Bile me Henry. How much you gonna be all right and one of my left with you get ahead in the brain. You hey all right, I'll, take it yeah yeah. I also did I imagine that this was also the date the I just lost,
I got it over here here. Have I bought up? Will doctors they would a tribute certain diseases and they would base their treatments based on astrological science. Based on symbols and, in fact, visible leave lasted for so long that by this sixteen hundreds or the sixteenth century for the fifteen hundreds at that time, there was a book called the sick means glass, and verifying that without it already well regarded as someone would go into it. I have a spring dangle amid like now. According to the stars, you we have two amputate your arm absolute
Look at the angle, I know, is the eight years work. There are answers out there you the answer. You can't even see there's just starlight digs paid. You know that Bum Brenda covering the outside little to people of two thousand and seven and never go to the doktor again astrology I mean how can you talk and earlier about the astrologer lying to in order to save his own? Nevertheless, one of the two thousand and seven was chosen because health care universal health care costs in two thousand and eight, where you can really current thing on this one.
We're back and were in the fuckin, absolutely unfounded wound giants and you bring it up. Obamacare leave it alone. So astrology I mean the astronomers actually lying about. Should there wasn't too far off because Tiberius in Calais Gula, both emperors, that were known for being very unstable, they would do the charts of certain senators and if those charts were thought to be bad are threatening to either those guys he would have been executed on the spot. At is rough as real rough. Eleanor day was a big data and there was another guy that did a he did a horoscope asking who would succeed, succeed a certain Caesar likes you? Caesar Vitus or such like that, and he came up with a certain actually, no, I I gotta get to that later. We're gonna get to that with the chicken section. Ok,
by the way I knew an organ who's. Gonna say some a sentence that he was gonna, be very happy about the smile on his face was it was MOTO smile and somebody space that would wash Henry's eyebrows in the new able six aid, as the was was with that, of course, chickens were involved, is a smile and also like there's a lot of also people who do believe. I mean, of course now that need this story. The desire to react and self tells a story about the fate of humankind. Somehow
solving the second coming of Jesus Christ, idea that a ditch chair, a beam or care a beam is sometimes called or a combination of different animals, all of which are represented by the brightest stars in certain Zodiac guy constellations ensure Beam and the sphinx are the same thing and that one is called you look to the fore brighter than those in the Zodiac to see what makes up the chair a brief visit. You tells a story right, which is the fault of formal out and Aquarius, which means Man Regulus India, which is the lion antivirus in of pious, serpent, holder or eagle, whose they said step,
Almost scorpion interests is good and that that Hunter was I go. Ryan is actually Jesus. Christ goes, give crystals are heard, is for new member states, it is a sort of late. I would interpret up our italian stated. Millions in its five Shamash might have done it all. Jupiter Rinaldo Baronne in Taurus. The bull is a part of this idea that is gonna show up using the power of the Zodiac to convince all of us that the real hole ones are coming now and those are aliens in new of bows and connected to it. He killed. We order the story in the Bible. They believe that was the story of an ancient knew of own counter and that the Anti Christ is gonna do make this thinking
God, my God grant more dynamic that oh yeah, the war will end in fire for the enemies of Israel basket. Me intense adjectives comes with his holy once alien ufos and then Anti Christ about building of third Jerusalem Temple, which Mr Collection, you. Just still. You really discredited your earlier stage when you said, astrology is a great thing to bring up to women at a bar, in LOS Angeles, because you just terrified fight an entire bar and women are usually is like I I'm a LEO because I like Cosmos, though- and I love My die every now and again, because you normally oh will you you tell that to the people. I was talking to you about the Franklin cover up two nights ago and see if that, if that changes their opinion about me Henry, I have a feeling. Like karaoke, and you went up there to sing like space out as the use of data that you just got didn't. Can you play, music, a louder. I ground control.
To Larry King of any change in the lyrics, less sting children in Nebraska not the way. I remember this David Bowe is not only were the emperor's really into astrology. This lasted thousands of years Louie, the fourteenth his birth was delayed until the court astrologer determined that the birth was very good in the heavenly sense, so the queen on the astrologers instruction held the baby inside her vagina one hour before the astrologer leaned out, window and waved a rag and said it was ok for Louis the Fourteenth flew on out because a cloud changed into an elephant or something yes. Now, how does one keep a baby and is like a duke just kind like
his toe on their head? It's like the Santa Claus seen from a Christmas story, but instead of sending two kids at a slide, you keep it inside of its mother will, as far as modern day predictions go ebbed these about an astrologer. It's just like any sort of fortune teller. They won't be able to tell you like, for example, your cars going to crash next Wednesday at three p m. They can't do they can't do that, but they can t we. I can tell you be careful driving that day, don't be cool. Was driving next window, what they shouldn't you be careful dry and careful driving next Wednesday extra super careful. If you usually eat a burger, why you're driving around don't eat a burger that data taco from the north?
Go Bell: Mornin breakfast menu turnover for driving Java Jews avenues. This wonderful will in anything you ve with a knife and fork perfect for DR it yeah nineteen, eighty, seven, a british astrologer, his name was Dennis L. Well, he wrote letters to a bunch of different marine firms and he told them that the agile, logical, astrological circumstances in early march of that year match those of the. Logical circumstances when the titanic sank horse, none of them listen to them. They all stopped and laugh what an area, but on March six the Car ferry Herald of free enterprise, capsized after Zeebrugge and hundred eighty eight people drowned dam, and I guess you did it one angry astrologer, I told them. Perhaps you want to get his revenge very Kosinski like a, but there is there something to do with the weather patterns and
an ocean way patterns, and things like that? Well, I mean notion way. Patterns are dependent upon the moon, ready some scientific basis to astrology. There's a lot yeah me there's a fair amount of scientific basis, for if the moon can make a woman led a man strong. Yes, I heard in then God knows what yearnest is doing it makes Australians into werewolves is hereby you'll like this one and see Reagan. She used to consult a San Francisco astrologer named Joan Quigley, for advice on everything, from scheduling the president's diplomatic meetings to take off times for air force. One did she ever say anything about Alzheimer's research, That would have been. That would have been a good question. Ably Mikey utterly cure my husbands, Future Dumdum Brain Disease is AIDS, a problem. Yes No, I'm not here, I'm not here to ass. They re really easy guys the eyelids via the balloon address at the inauguration. Yes Nancy. If you're the presidential astrologer, you should have it
but on that as the sea, along top of it, you know I'm like long flow. We sparkly robe addressed the part o d pewter rings, though thing YAP and as far as ancient structures go all the mysterious ancient ancient structures that we know of Stonehenge. For example, it was a huge, astronomical clock so that way the druids they would know exactly when to do certain ceremony monies in certain rituals I really do believe that the sphinx was also some sort of a you know. What that was more of a marking device for this in the sphinx is delighted to point towards when specific consolation in the sky, which is supposed to link up to win a bruise emotionally approaching our galaxy and as we all know, that is a crock, a shit gives its fuel rights among them. Regarding energy. Your answer is as good as any the energy machine and there there's a free energy machine and pyramids is the big out dead. The Stonehenge was just a place where people did their laundry the x
mobile of of old monuments. I feel the druids get a bad name. I think they partied more than the name imply that your words are pretty fuckin, hip yeah, druid leads, have been working to this day, make an armpit hair sexy, and I think it's great, I think it's great. Let's move onto the Zodiac itself the signs, what they mean, what they are, the twelve signs there are simply geometric divisions. All of them are thirty degrees from each other. They go from the spring Equinox and they proceed in that direction. But the sun moves through them now, finding a research. I heard this. This is true everything as a month a head actually now, because the of the shifts in the stars of things bull shit is really true that were built into the timeline of the universe. Nobody knows when it started. Nobody not like there.
Maybe you haven't listen to one can have who is a creation as its six thousand years ago, Sir yeah? No within I also believe that maybe we are actually three hundred years in the past or three hundred years ahead, because there's that you know the dark ages happened in a bunch of didn't timelines were destroyed. Maybe the it all wrong. Aramis things wrong, and none of it makes any sense. I may be we or in aliens Garber Box. Mention another universe rose. Lena young leaves could be President nine different realities over love of Keanu was pressed and I'd vote Keanu any time, so the whole sequence starts with Aries on March twenty first and then it goes once a month, usually on the twentieth or the twenty first said, the next Zodiac sign. So let's go through the zone
exiles and all of you guys can you know which every one are you there. You can say. Ok, that's me, that's the vast guides, bullshit yeah be allowed and proud. That's how you feel you put up there and I ve got a difficult luggage, Zodiac tat too, but that up there too, I mean did Zuzu negotiate know we don't say, if you have a zodiac tat too, I think you're, one of the cool is Tippit gales or guys around yeah. Let everybody no! Oh, I'm a ram and I'm full of reach and vigour of enthusiasm and imagination cross. They feel unappreciated and will react with ray what you do. You have to tell me that, because I looked at your tattooing already knew that goods are. You have a job here, a subway there very high strong and as far as a body type goes, there lean and hard with broad heads and pointed Chin citizen raising its waste, and so we had a bunch of arrogance.
View in areas. You will like you look like VLAD Gabon. What's your name and shame those airborne Vigo, Mortensen, legally Sobieski, but God that was the name that he who thought might be attached to a human had begun black Vladimir gotta, Google. It all right. Do you think in the research you did mark, as are the many people who find their sign their dead? You know, regardless of, if not say they were born on March twenty first three April twentieth technically in areas, but they relate more to a Capricorn or something like that. That is what is known as the gossip ogre video people, those was all drivers. All three of us actually are all cuss people. Since a big thing too, about the zoning I mean this is just human nature and general oftentimes people like to talking here about themselves and its debts, which great and network greater by using the Zodiac going away to talk to people and get to know each other sort of
Levey and magic words more human than anything else, but it is the people and respond well to like basically hearing info about them, so so don't agree to anything. So those you're here, the description, oh yeah, that's me, but it's also, it's always the best. It's not like areas the ram. Loves cheese puffs and day doesn't wash his hands very wag ITALY Times it gets a modest phase and in his eyes- and he doesn't know- has a modest and his eyeballs neves on public and I used to Walmart than next thing. You know, is Google well. On a website called the people of Walmart never makes fond of their way. I'll put it this way. Some of the things about tourists are pretty like a lot of backhanded company yeah roads in the next four as tourists. The bull that's Henry April April, twenty first two may twentieth. It said that this is when the human race began shortened strong with, heavy jaws and big dark eyes. That's me: baby, big long, arms, Morgan,
I said I am black, underneath my clothes they are capable of great feats of engineering, grates, great singers, great cooks. Great friends knew, however, but I have all I've a bumper sticker. This has great singer, greatcoat great friend on my my subway, but I've got to get back and forth. However, if they do, if they are unemployed they will become lazy and over eat very interesting. I actually take back any you look at all the good qualities of a tourist I'll, take being lazy in over eating. I mean well, I just feel like it. When not given an opportunity to succeed, a tourist will prove everyone. You didn't give them opportunities. Feed right, it's kind of a double edged sword. Nowhere, but also, I also have a least definitely for us deftly research, our sexual natures. Torreon.
Since this is eligible nature disgusting, what mark is, as I say, I just wanna put a disclaimer. There is a word that market is about to say there's going to aggravate alot of allotted ears and I apologise beforehand to their sensual. Nature means they go crazy for romantic massages and I so going I'm on lay among them, and a focus on four were play on your feet until you fall asleep in ITALY, you die also hear it says: a productive and moisten mountain about that
has to do with our planting. Always your play out the actual thing now no activity in and moist introduced are very important. Things in the expansion of the human race for the three of us we, I also said what gardening tips we best have tourism earth sign tourists as productive and moist this year. You will say that I have done a lot today and I am covered in sweat, its second bad best for planning and transplanting good for route crops and potatoes, especially when hardiness is important. Also a good, also good sign for leafy vegetables like let us cabbages, spinach Irish other all just weird Irishman, every Irishman as a tourist? Yet now I say I say next up his gemini. The twins. That's may twenty first, two June twentieth, if you put them under stress, like Saint Tuberculosis, pneumonia, they will die very quickly, is a shame.
That is a shame, a right off a whole section, humanity, excite folders, would have run a distress taught equally, oh yeah. I can't I can't be an ally, none that traffic did the names, then they nailed it gap to people who did the Zodiac names. What was this four thousand years ago now? Will these at these came about more like two thousand years ago perfect? Yet they also additional are tall, thin and prone to sudden movements. Surprise karate, like ninjas. Sure Erika, Michael Feldstein, maybe their slender man who their intellectual curious in great storytellers next stop slender manner. A german I cinnamon donor die man now mad. He used to real airborne german. I remember that the great american gladiator Gemini remember him. Oh yeah, remember Gemini you! As a German, I was the lady was a lady,
there is definitely a lady yeah, big old Ladys. Inane Alexander was the dude nosey woman thing also want the black fella most Stanley you don't know there were those Stanley, the Gladiator Garfield premier mixing up your cartoons. Oh I'm sorry, I'm so sorry reduce was. It was clear to me as well a more mature. What would have done great as a gladiator Marmaduke is where the greatest comic Strip that's ever existed. Yes, that Marmaduke is very good knows the best. Next to we got, these are bins, cost one's got cancer, the crab and that's a great name for a crab, yet can call in camps Kids. Snap is alarms, often suckin down. I want your crab boil the so we can who man I'm jail. If I go to the ocean was animals should be afraid of me. Maybe they'll know you they ate one of their own and attack you, which I would love to see how to Henry die Budget crap got the revenge. I've had a problem in Glinda arms thing,
one bill. California, Reno I've been attacked by three birds. Do they had to? Is this common thing for Glenn Dale. Or is this specific to you? I just specific to me. I have literally been walking down the street to birds were fighting they out of the sky and they land Army out of smacked the birds, often and then to other times, birds have jumped out of bushes and hit me in the glory. The queen look, I'm some kind of giant work. Do you unlike hold them mealy right? Do you feel like you're living like the character, the gym care? who played in the Truman Shell and as somebody just electoral job, the birds item, the the viewers are getting bored. I know things resolve and I stopped to get gas and the guy was like modern, MRS Eyebrows gate. How do you know about it say? Mr eyebrows? Yes, it the cookies are a lousy. Yes, don't have the cookies today,
I've heard sales, and I almost blew my cover grabs from June twenty four July between Parts medical puzzle. These guys measures this has been cast. Think as though yes, aloof, but very emotional unromantic at their core rides adds very true. I am romantic, get my core I got through a lot of work to be done through a lot of lunch me Jim, and integrate the superior sure right. Get to that core surreal sludge they get there, but once you do oh what I am what I wanna heavenly experience, that is for you as far as sex goes, you play lot of emotional. You place a lot of value and an emotional connection and love, and you express the Sioux through eye contact and close intimate embracing during sex, which I know that about. I know you're Cutler. I am a Cutler grip and hunted
yeah yeah yeah, like your dad you're right. I guess I'm a girlfriend, because I guess this feeling of being a prisoner like being in love with him right right, yeah when you give them no one, out. The only option is love ever that before very devoted a family in home, fancy a taste for the finer things in life you guys, I well there. They man, Ba whom a taste for it. I dont have a play: Doria, debit card or a credit card to. Did it make good art dealers and interior direct deck? Speculators said about Ben. I was a bench I've been in art deal. I mean this doesn't fit you shortly. Fleshy body in an uneven gate, know of a very even gate.
Exceptionally tall. Yes, you also internalize you're feeling so often that you suffer from stomach trouble. I also internalize alot of bangles and wholly three bangles yesterday bangles yesterday, I couldn't get enough in a half a pound of cream cheese. Will you know- and I also did what a good black she's to go where I wouldn't Maxell diseases, know the battles. Oh, it was unduly high. One body all have some more crap services. The cameras are around, but I know a film in zoos. Will you also Euro water sign so in planting you're, very fruitful, moist moist, again Ellie. I see fruitful best sign for plan I hope for irrigation, buried and the other one of of yours is LEO, which I think this actually does described quite a bit about use, while this July twenty second two August, twenty first. This is why solely Yoga LEO's, my ascending sign as well. Will? Your loud demonstrative. That's right, yeah yeah you're at the center,
stage you like to run, the show, don't read on mean bring your friendly, outgoing and obstinate. Oh, that's obstinate means you standard That means you're an asshole. A bit of a braggart bit of a show off. I would get negative good leader lousy follower until you that's a shred of truth, because a using their leave follow a gal away, and I always use leads you better me following out you away that's right and also if I am driving a car and you want a ride. There are three rules: ass gas or grass, one of them Ray Greeley Goodbye, the love of no use. No thank you. Really good white collar workers really Manual labor unjust, illegal. I feel like taller than average, with a tendency to put on weight later in life I put a week earlier and life, though I'm going with. What's the the Pratt, the guy from guardians,
galaxies pray Chris print I want to have his body arc and hopefully career arc as well knew he's above guy out korean products sold out, looks good Henry. I like it when he was fattened dive canary, don't forget even dumb. Whenever saw yours, I have you got a view by that Ladys I got a bridge I can sell. Your average is made up apps bridge of Medicine County is ever woman loves it. Every woman loves Chris Predators, Former fatty, so you know is nice next up is Virgo the virgin August. Second September, twenty first consciences methodical, good with tools, gardeners, fashion, designers, painters, directors, musicians, kindest, snooty about just about everything. They sound tennis, newly sound real snooty, fuckin fashion designer painter, director fuck. You ever eat me they're attractive, but ok, but Bart to eat me with you eat me heterogeneous nowadays than eat me out.
And I said how a bungled, zero guy or today, because in California, where did me eat me, Bro version retired Henry isn't assimilated door culture properly. I think he learned everything from the movie point break what a lot of cultures and my leave em and I can tell her. I bet you break it. You bought it. That's been my new, that's my new catchphrase, you break it, you bought it very attractive. They have a tendency to binge next up his Scorpio. The scorpion October twenty of them any Scorpio set my life. Oh that's bad, and they are very intense, yet you're beautiful hot sexy people, but also for all yeah, yeah yeah, most powerful sign for students of the occult. It's a sign, this item. Story, secrecy in dark passion, but again difficult to be around on as normal Wednesday, but great for Saturday, night
worryingly jealous mystery and mobile mystery secrecy and dark Pash, I would say, maybe not the best for a relationship pretty for early ass, now known spurn Scorpio can come violence. Yes, although hearts are we ok, I think I just figured it out never mind. Scorpio is a great yeah I figured it out a while back the gay reactions and birthday math with some people in your area that I have I have done. The birthday math is well men. I wish I was Dana Scorpion as you like best privately Abbe with a German, I miss you beautiful, thou, very Sweden, appeals are very good they're, always in control very where what's going on, they have approached hypnotic power. On those around them- and this is not so I wrote down, but they often problems with their genitals, Henry
Do you know anything about the last about the last character this- I know I have problems with genitals in general we will move on exit. Sagittarius the ardour that's over November. Twenty second December twentieth, cheerful, optimistic, dependable, friendly and outgoing, but vulgar good lookin with above average why refuse Zeke expressive eyes, but they suffer from sciatica rheumatism, the idea, I hear my dad Sagittarius now I feel more of a sagittarius that cancer LEO comes Bloomless known. I think you'll be ok. Next up Capricorn, that's my first sign. December. Twenty first of January, nineteenth or slow moving or methodical or pragmatic were orderly and we're trustworthy wrong. Slow moving your quick Movin guy, I'm very clearly a ferret
yeah examine fairer, smokes, a packet, whereas go, and he has no idea wise move and when he's always doing it is far sex goes. We prefer to plan sexual encounters and then proceeded warning to plan. We take our time. That's what the Knights daughter did. We not mere is don't know. All I know is I go its socket about. We take the time we're memorable about it and we like to evolve, physical activity with it like a real work out like really like Can I go now like a tie both session, our like, if you join the iraqi Org, is good, immature, even short miles to the nine eight already turban. Do you good and tat your ankles did this choice of model, our environment? It do as you can sit there for approximately seven minutes and give us an own Palmer and I'm a big bang,
he from top confront, live in with a shower curtain. I will real Riven with a slip and slide like liquid, like a loop or a piece of bubble. Back no worm thought I go. I know what I'm doing. What are your article in violence in bed? Not violent, vigorous, violent man's viola, right also violet man's word for violent, I'm not a violent men, but you know what we are we always make. The every party involved, are very satisfied. It's more about the journey that it is about the destination will. Would you here you're good at taxes and bad taxes? I am made also says we become judges and bankers. I'm not a judge, however, by brother also Capricorn. He is a banker there. We go. The connections been made on unsuccessful, but this is funny unsuccessful ones display a whiny in disgruntled nature and many of the many then go through life with a scowl,
Oh I'll railway life is difficult in this next one. I'd say as far as like physicality goes. This is pretty spot on hard and lean and dry is a bone. See visit my problem hold him. Macneil is also a capital of things. Bonaparte. Thirty one look at short this nonsense, but we also fall to depression in general, Malays yeah, I had a problem with depression. Capsules These are the people. If you are preparing the teenage meanness turtles, remake film or new movie, you dont want the Capricorn in the crowd I'm going to like a one damn bit damp and I'd, say: Leonardo, deafening Capricorn. I get that immediately in Donna, tallow is a Sagittarius and Michelangelo is illegal by yell cancer is, it is a virgo. Knowing our goal. Is that accounts and rob is a cancer LEO Cos? there were born on the same day the array technically well tender. They were
bored and is no longer with the nerd nerd show on. This is not an urgent. They were born on the same day, the rules on the same day, so they could have been born in a different day, but the rebirth was sort of on the same day, and I just stopped giving us No, I never want to say that again is a matter. I don't even know if I was right and I'm sure we'll get some angry messages in the side of of my astrological signs Aquarius as general twenty two February, eighteenth refined and intellectual. As I am we're philosophers- poets, anthropologist philanthropy, serious and quiet, but can break out of our shell among congenial company and become our support for all around. So I think that this writer was an aquarium we're as we're emotionally undemonstrative, though, and we expect too much from our friends. We can also be naive.
Do any of these. They, like podcast or autumn. We know what the thing is. It queries, but that's also like emotionally to undermine and expect too much from friends and naive at just sounds more like you know like cares too much arrive. Also this one I mean I'm deadly with a body type, because squares is stocky with a good complexion. Bad angles, legs and vision. That's a marian type there, Bad ankles legs envision her oh yeah an air side, Baron and dry. Yeah yeah. That's when things are good for foreman now. Well, that's when you harvest route and fruit for storage, but that's also we destroy weeds and pass, but it is good for planning onions. So you smell like guardians your plan in your harvest and roots in random. Dried, like he's, got bad ankles. He can't see a damn thing in her eyes, all messed up everywhere is bad month. This whole breakdown is made me now Tractor Danny. Whenever a yes vote about Pisces the last one from February
he's the March twenty, their good but moody, friends, good listeners, reactive rather than assertive, and are also dreamers under average height and pale and offer suffering for suffer from foot problem since in difficult or poor pisces. There was just a malnutrition problem going on when they were created this office and I'm gonna angle is used up. What have we got Rickets Europe, but with these people really fun, though, to kind of cod yourself to a gigantic sort of psychic group. I believe with the power of symbols which argue a magical title I got you know. I do believe that you can. You can take these symbols and fill them with intention and it can leave your life and specific directions and you can meet people, and you can learn about yourself and stuff, and maybe the horoscopes are directly truth, but and there are lessons to be learned TAT. I would say just, people just just just start off with I gotta show on tv you know it, then maybe you can say way into this later on one hundred deal
before we get in the other forms of divination. Do you want us while we're on the subject of Zodiac? You want to do our birth charts right, quick. Absolutely! Let me talk about a really quick Let me see if I got any good juicy tidbits for markets and Ben. I have. I had the largest shoulders in North Dakota. According to the doktor who birth me and my mother did all of this birthing. Without any industry x or drugs at all, so she is a mule of a woman. She, the stronger the strong woman and I respect your fortune. Age- gave always kind of imagined she be a delicate sweet woman. What's yours, sweet and she was delicate, except for those nine hours were. I did not want to leave. I loved I love in the womb. I couldn't get enough of us how like a jackal that was set on fire near summit about that was just like I'm feeling I wanna go to sleep.
I was born during the great blizzard of nineteen. Eighty three loving chosen one more time working order, lizard of nineteen. Eighty three. What was great about it was, snow and gold, those pretty terrible. It was real, it was big and it was icy Mcdowell stuck in a bar for a day or the I'm sure It was like he opened the door, a bunch of birds were signatories, Sunnyside I'll, tell him blizzard yeah I'd love just borrowing at the great blizzard. Ninety, maybe three goes it gonna hammered with TED for funding, for I was stuck in a bar for a day. The data you were born. Ok, so he got her. He was gettin hammered with Uncle Joe, but what else you going to do in a bar when you're Snowden Donor, where your kid is being born, can can go no its eyes denies storm old prevailing enters the snow on the ground where he was also happy because he has little Marcus born again it and have to see. Is disgusting wife destroy a buck? You wait, no, no! No
beautiful wife yeah thrown into Gaza, yeah yeah yeah yeah right there, What is also gun, like God, knowledge and Joseph, do all the Falcon work Ali set up their smoking, a cigar watch and Mary struggle with his young air, but boy ribbon, brewer, no Just tell him that an angel put it in your Mary that'll work out, while our get so Marcus is born and loving taxes on nine fifteen on mobile, Your January nineteenth, eighty three very interesting stuff involved here. He's cap corn is its feet on the ground. I and the prize sign those whose son camp won't have a realistic, grounded approach life. They could see no matter what had met her room, during the recent birth charge suggests in these people know how to do things and they get things done. Fuckin peppercorns naturally turn their backs on things they deem to frivolous
They are very much concerned with things and are worthwhile, and that includes their own lives. So you want to survive. I is honest, reserved circumspect, honourable and strong wills. Quietly ambitious within the realms of the possible he likes and takes on responsibility here. Work in the social domain. Weaknesses are sometimes iter and mistrustful. Mind very true: interesting does say anything what a terrible Caltech tattoo there and at a right now, it's a gps, neural option dead. Do my goodies, likeable unsociable, very sensitive to environmental conditions in surroundings, killings, home habits, comfort and his little world. We re entering a protective of love once weaknesses subject to indolence, inertia, He is impracticable in two sensitive family problems. Dahlia melanoma found with you
families, Gerda family? That's there's no problem. The other few are extremely drew paint painfully to earth. He is intelligent. Has big ideas. He is tolerant. Has a strong sense of just at sea has good judgment, good sense and as the speed on the ground again, yes, a gift of the Gatt like the speak. He also works of literature is erudite, will normally be successful, socially, isn't a bond, That's a good man. Fate depends a lot on marriage marries for love. Children, happy motion life. You will for relationships. It is hard for you to think about being alone harmony. Most important. You sort is unlikely, will attempt to dominate a lover? You are a peacemaker, sometimes rethinks to achieve the balanced, harmonious relationship, be careful not to bend over backwards just to keep the peace be taking advantage of boy. That was they told me why my last relationship failed. Usually What she sodomize do a whole bunch of that's what I got out of that. He is not sure,
pretensions full of self importance. He likes what is beautiful and sometimes ostentatious and spends lots of money for the sake of appearances he likes to please his numerous amorous adventures- he's wearing a wife Peter right now, yes around in here, but I do have numerous amorous adventures and then Disney sometimes means unhealthy sensuality. He is hard and does not know how to express his emotions, he's frightened of showing his love, and this leads to disappointments, breakups lack of satisfaction. It is likely that he had problems with this model. Who do not know how to love him or give himself competence. Your mother Beecher know my mother, nothing but tell me a story about your mom beaten. Marcus uploading to your astrology chart happen. They love to be here. Learn how to be happy in love and be at ease with himself in a controlled his jealousy in the second half of his life, so that sixty on their older persons who gives his self confidence back to him so that he can then trust. Others shows that this is just a little bit of yours.
More years of misery to go Marcus until your sixty, I'm not gonna, know, life will turn before then. I have heard the call. I have heard this call I'm taking sides. I will not strategic, sunlight taken by a gigantic assessments, laminate markets as well twelve dollars down his face this whole. Damn time by the way I ever thought now have a wonderful accidents and amazingly amazing amount of sugar, there are no longer dick. Born in them, is Europe was born in Forego North Dakota you'd huge shoulders, his mother at a tiny vagina? What is the exact day again because North Dakota you'd huge shoulders, his mother at a tiny vagina. What is the exact date because all broken up July. Twenty first, nineteen, eighty one you know the same year, the same I'd day, giant universe as John loves and Robin Williams therefore, who is dead now. So now. The sun in Cancer Union is huge.
Cancer natives use a strong survival instinct, their protective of those who care about and of themselves to the often quite reticent about sharing their inner self, so the rest of the world. So this is gonna, be tough for it. I've been reminiscence, cancers have really patient for moodiness. Although this trade is most evident when the moon is in cancer, cancer needs routes, Is this change to an extent and concern themselves about being secure and safe and most everything that they do? Cancers can be quite intrigued by objects with history? Attach them antiques photos, souvenirs and the like? I do go and I love a good antique all look at a lamp, whereas they look now looks at all. I love our all that yeah, that's a fire hazard cancer is a very sensitive sign and they don't appreciate when your blood with them, the reactions to hurt, will depend on how thick, Well, they have developed. Most cancers react by withdrawing a retreating, some have developed, lady manipulate others to get what they want, They are going to run confrontations almost as a rule. Changes are in fact quite
yielding and soft. When you have a woman or a mood here, one of the more biddable signs, the Zodiac sure they can be touchy indirect, but there also very dependable carrying souls That's very true. I like that. Now a lot of political figures were cans. Yes, yes, he weighs words. Carefully and his tenacious com indiscreet nature tender, thoughtful, sensitive, unimpressionable you wanted notice for unique neck and special qualities in your creativity. Your happiest, when you're expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result of flair for drama end or sports. Your proud of your fun, loving attitude towards luck. As you demonstrate your bill, Do you shine avoid grabbing centre stage all the time you're happy dispositions enough to get? No but do find pretty ways it suppresses, as this is the path to happiness for you. I like that. I think the bats early accurate. Yet I would that's very accurate, you'd immense raising about the german size. Why? Because I just saw something on the internet, Congo.
The largest than venuses boy, one inches. What's the next country measure The sizes he's very easily frightened teasing, fearful shy, prudent and emotional, your feelings or right out there for everyone to see, and you can come across his emotional and impatient or nurturing and caring, or both your first action is emotional, especially the moon is close. Proximity of the ascendant Agrippa, you need emotional stimulation movement and freedom to express itself in order to feel happy and fulfilled good. Education. He likes to do, ass. He likes polemic, he is good judgment and determine. He is frivolous and imprudent he lacks judgment is full of self importance, you use reserved conservative, ambitious and stubborn and since you're cool a six year, frank and warm affections he's full of tenderness. He may be devoted to sick or poor people, which is not true. You hate them life is on the table. Is a taste for the
is a dreamer, is easily influenced. The romantic is very sensitive. So this very interesting. It's very revealing because you put off such young stern front Ben Ali I knew all about new all, but I wanted to say you write you could have just some did all up with one sentence better than mark as markets better than yours, much better than your minds. Great I'm very happy, apparently, who I am. I am very pleased with who you are too so this is Henry Zobraska. He is he's sassy in and would have a New York a May. First, nineteen forward, one forty five p m, but Torreon a little more flair and yours, I just want to say, you're, giving yourself a little bit more. I'm insane we'll see how this goes. Poorest. Natives are central folk and this Klute sex but extensive pleasures in all areas. They delight in a central pleasures of food. A comfortable blanket originally colored aquarium to look at
flowers of spring rain, pleasing melodies, coming from stereos and so forth. Might even say they lived through their senses more than most and when they emanate towards natives work. They work hard to do with a steady. They may really be considered, quick, rather dependable, plodding, steady effort that has his pants Security is immensely important authoress. Some of them actively seek wealth, while others are content to be comfortable. The tourists definition of comfortable in exactly the same as the rest of the signs, but comfort, is definitely a driving force, although hardworking their fixed in comfort, loving nature sometimes makes them appear lazy. This is only because they separate we're and leisure so well when they work they work hard and when they play only play as much as they relax it's not me with all my clothes free. I that's what to do. A solar tourists who is kick his or her feet up is rooted there. You be hard pressed to get him a move on a mental level you'll likely the same problem. Terrain stick with things ideas wherein ones on this as negative
He has always argued but over every new, given over the negative over every negative thing that you have all o o can be emotionally unavailable in a lonely, old man. I the manipulator here this is negative business. You faced affair We're of challenges in your life, especially in the first half of life, in which your attempts to express your will were often forded. There can be a problem. And feeling that you don't get what they want in comparison to others. You can feel unlucky in times. You want to be considered an accomplished and important person and when you, obstacles, you don't we see that you or your own worst enemy, so I gotta believe it myself yeah I all day. That's than that negative sweetness itself, since the messenger well at a highly imaginative prolong studies is intuitive professionally successful abroad, you can be cautious, animated, that's true! Dialogue with us.
One piece tat: this is this is pathetic. Use, frank, honest and optimistic. Ungenerous tat is true. I says he doesn't need a truss, others more, but it just because I'm so sensitive he makes decisions, because I'm great his thirst for knowledge It's never satisfied. Morgan, awesome, you look through the bright side of life, he's very optimistic, it's available, but he may be in pay our as Dorothea, you know I've decided I've decided start loving. Today, I'm fuckin, I am dying and sixty two I am officially mid point of my law right side. I open myself to love today, my friend, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here. First, Marcus Parks opened himself to love, so you get ready for it.
You better come you're wearing no doubt about that mark out of pocket video love all over your sons of bitches turns out there we opened our. So undergoing reforms have divination. Yes, let us go through other forms of divination throughout the years. These are all ancient forms. The first one is J romance e g romancing correctly else. You'd romances Euro man save a. We were doing some time, messages before the show discussing what we're going to talk about, and I did and other pretty funny it is that about this- is that about the Lamb sandwich funny load. Funny little word texture and then I said, I'm on fire as you guys you here, I was verified. Texted bag boom very funny very high taxes, thing back well behind the scenes, though, so to begin with, a circle was made on the ground and the border was marked with letters of the alphabet or other mystical. Symbols
one man, the gyro man, sir, if you will the joint remounts, both its farm circles, can we can be gave you with a sharp knife, is there anywhere near inside one of my circles. These are my stay in your eye. The joy limits, or so the gyre romancer would enter the circle and he would start walking around and in a round and around inside the circle over and over and over again gettin dizzy and dizzy and razor, and every time he stumbled the letter or symbol that he landed on was noted and once he Stumm beaten and once he spent around so much that he couldn't get up any more. The message was considered complete. This is just an early version of the choke out game. He just got himself dizzy and fell down. You know who could have an incredible Jerome answer. Is my retorted cousin she her return.
What what is it? So he reveals a message, a message jab from the future, and so he has to do this We all know what this call your shoes or forego euro area, so you he would have to follow Honor stumble. I mean at least fourteen fifteen Ellie, a twitter amount of two hundred and forty character amount enough times Times where he couldn't get up and go anymore. It's a lot of times that is allowed. I feel I just I just right. It does You know, maybe we throw rock. Well. That's kind of what the next room was at was called alike true. Man see this required a barnyard cock and it could only be performed when this, on or the moon was in areas or Leah. Once again, you dress circle on the ground.
You would draw the letters of the alphabet around the circle and then you have a colonel of wheat that you would place on each letter and the young and had to be a white cock and it had to be a young cock, racist, okhinnah, young white cock. Dick fight, and then it will be forced to swallow a tiny parchment squirrel on which magical words had been written. Can you imagine just catch and make them caught, and the advent of trying to force it to swallow this scroll, The noon with electoral man, services run roaming adjust want just wants act which, twenty times worse by non state, would bad day for the car. You know the other Cox go and get murders like. I think I got we're lucky they cut up all of his claws and that each piece of magical poetry, doubters, his throat and then the electoral Mansour would hold the cock aloft and love it when the alleged from answer homes
small white young cock. You hold it aloft, Then he would say in incantation before putting the bird down inside the circle no made no money in an old man come on up come on, got quite a sentence. Reticent and cook. I agree that we do so from that point on. They would have to keep track of every single grain that the rooster eight and then battered the after the rooster ate a grain from a certain, it argued, of course, replaced the grain case. The message had no letter more than once and then once it all made sense, then the message would be over or and tell the cock stopped eating the grain. So
may shut up yeah you got, it usually is going well one practitioner. His name was ambitious programme. In a moment. The minor banality spells his native land. He did it in. He only came up with the word Theo the age E. All this so did you make them feel this magic a white guy created for letter word that was it yet Theo idea it was a hungry after four grains are weak. Jim that goddamn piece of paper into its stomach problem, you're ruining appetite for he was trying to see who is going. This is has aroused much earlier. Is it he was trying to see who would succeed, Vallon Caesar as ruler of the empire, but only problem was there were four dude whose names began. Theo like Theosophy, ease the crazy ease the bomb.
Bobby Bonbon. Whenever and do you know your Huxtable, so many Theo's and then its, but as soon as Caesar found out the prophecy he had all four Theo's killed and as a bonus poisoned. The magician. Ah, every time parliament has only spelling bee like I did It seemed the carcass belled. Give the election met the raid on vacation yeah, I think about, in my view, the best option in this situation. Ways lie always lie to Caesar. Never tell Caesar the Drouet knows tell the positive lie. Always next week, You can use to define the future birds in ancient Rome. If the bird Flu EAST, the news would be good if they flew West, where the after world was located, the signs were bad and they re.
They just kind of grasping, destroys here, oh yeah, I was a good sign if an ogre heard a crow cry to his left or even an ogre, a person who could see the future. Oh I see, or a lover the wire rope or if he heard raven to his right. That was good as well, and generals at me were still in the bird bird whirl. Here. Generals would keep sacred kitchen chickens, sacred chickens in cages and, if the sacred chickens, eight so quickly them, so food dropped in their beaks. It was considered a very good omen in war, so I went home and generals. Usually you can set it up, easily very my long with food yeah. You can set that a berries lap. Yes, there were really it s only social based their entire strategies on whether the chickens food fell off its mouth or not we still have Groundhog stay here:
This goes a long summer, WAL Mart at all. They would have built their entire empire upon this story: magical chickens, number one and then on magical chickens, tell you the truth. I could tell you of your wife. Cheat Noriega Jellybean Dog's been getting far higher than regarding chicken. We ve got neck romance and chicken neck romance and chickens. I d, beautiful. Like I'm frozen in your in euros in her grocers frozen section neck romancers Chickens, Thyssen chickens. They don't know shit about. Thirdly, we have something very were closely related to a bird Manzi. This is Zoom Nancy, and this is What you are talking about, the sound of a wasp that suggests malicious gossip gossip or an unexpected visit from a person you ve, never met. That's gonna find yeah yeah slowly, small spiders in your home bring money
big value. That is a good. That's! Absolutely superstition, ass! Well, ass was a kilometre yap dwell here. That's a good thing to tell your girlfriend be like now not that I don't have a job and we're living in a terrible apartment beneath my parents as its because world lucky lucky honey but, however, a spider, spinning Its web in your house could be a sign that someone is plotting against you. The spider planning is yes. I used to try and make a house in your house. That's true a little house inside the house and then they're gonna kill all the bugs in good for mosquitoes yeah spiders required, for I love spiders lottery will do a dog howling in the dark was warning that goes where lurking about and that death was imminent. However, what jobs in my neighborhood in London so
are you here and how we are not yet this always death emanated, necessarily right. However, the sight of three white dogs was considered a good omen again with the white people like White. I feel like a black dog. It's a beautiful dog them I think, that's changed. I enjoy black dogs. Chocolate lab as one of the best things you're gonna money can buy. I agree and I think, as a society, people would agree a chocolate or a black dog is superior to your white dog. I see more black dogs and why it is through. Their own laws dies with a bunch of little spots. Item eight, thus, but about a black dogs. You could spill whole cup of coffee. Won't stay exactly on the word, we're not that hot sauce go from my burrito. Oh, it's on the dog who cares resident in a lizards, whereas signifier of a miscarriage in the future, if only hold and could have been.
That would have an amazing, but a lot of blood miscarriages back in the days and there's a little lizards around always level is around now speak in a home. Piebald horses were good good luck and if you are stood up. You could make a wish upon one. However, if you looked at the horse again after you made the wish the wish wouldn't come true. That is true. Yeah? That's too tricky. Don't look at the horse to look at the horse. Don't look at the horse to look at the fourth look. Look at the horse: it's a beautiful animal. And finally, this is that everyone can relate to and there's a visit. I had always makes me happy donkeys and around in the dust means good, whether I'm, u sounds like you're, in a drought sounds like you. Ve got a lot of bad weather of the dog is you're just Roland around, like pigeons in New York City, just Clayton themselves in the dust.
It is key always by our donkeys or kill using the diet, is thinking donkeys, very cute, donkeys, very cute, with organic, their donkeys, repute about a donkey also have been good smell about dirt. I, like perfume and all car. By the way my purse, one? suddenly they derived from dozens of peace. Poor diet and say that Ireland says it no given give because the eight does not giving up to any one dozen. There have been many people, multiple, on the facebook page more how people agreeing with the Facebook pose multiple emails, multiple facebook messages, personal messages to me What kind of community you trying to build a fuckin dirt community world houses and we're gonna live in the fuckin dirt world? It's gonna, be the shit and you guys can't come I wanna be they're gonna, wanna living a worm. Come of my house me
of italian marble and in the finest of leathers clitoris paradise that sounds pretty perfect, called very cold. In fact, red almoner read you raised, but rather more than a log cabin guys review, enjoy, move a rustic feel warm and cozy lets you feel like you're back in your mother's womb. Yeah here's. What one listener said said. I think freshly Doug Dirt smells good like graveyard dirt. Oh you can have em like graveyard dirt people right. That's during the visit proving up under his bells. Good luck, graveyard dirt we ve got in. There was just to tell people so they love they ignore dirt. We had a big discussion with a bit. We had a big argument as to whether does could be considered dirt again. Be it's done yet we decided that it was just sand is not dirt is well leg so that you know the desert people, thereby luck. So right,
Yes, and is not dirt, so you know it has to be good dirt that you can make mud pies. Out of That is great. I'm just yeah, it's nice! I don't I am happy that you guys are have each other up. We ve learned today, but it's nice, because the real news is just we know. No real murderer talk today, which I need a break from the outset, we will say is that we have, if they have less progress, were to come to the De Gaia Kingdom to do a couple shows there are enough people out there that want to see us. That is an open queer. It is that there is a very good chance. We won't be going out there some time next year, so I will be super exciting and I were actually much better in real life because you get to see how attractive we truly. While very attractive people have got my teeth, fix Some good attitude and buying DE should tunnel drink
right, then I'm just you know, I'm going around they're, making sure everyone a safe com collected and having a good time. Really do some evil next week up, so you you gotta, give ready for don't worry. We will be having on soft just yet now, there's going to be some with fuckin blood, bile, blood and bio, and then, of course, one of the thirty first of August. The acts do not this Sunday, but the next Sunday, yeah. That is gonna, be at these sausage fast. That gave come near US ass, its party here, the Greek and gave commented that and of course this Saturday is gonna, be the creek award cells around too that a creek wards, Saturday August twenty third, as certain a clock yeah here, the Craig in a cave ten, anything Jackson Avenue and yet last because we were actually we're up for best buy gas. Besta variety show we run for the rose to Marcus Parks,
neighbours in anywhere up for that answer, various other things, so yeah in the voting is already closed. But if you want to see, if maybe we win, that's gonna be on Saturday right and also the last buck s life show, it's gonna, be a part of the cave, coming already weakened, that's gonna be on August thirtieth and then the cave company radio sausage party will be on the thirty first. So our show is that are they last podcast on the left? Yet that's going to be a night of August 30th, that's going to kick it all off, but I'm going to be perfect. Everyone thanks so much for Lisbon. We will try to you soon, Hale Yourselves, Hale Satan I'll gain. We please, That means a mail me. Oil, Henry or a hail me or he'll markers were hailed ban or he'll. Bon Dieu, dig Macdougall Mobutu pursuant to reduce, could do
this will give you haven't been sensitive. Memories of practice do beg the delays.
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