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Episode 143: The Worst Ways to Die

2015-02-17 | 🔗

We cover some of the world's worst ways to die, from airplane crashes to grisly executions to one of the most savage and cruel things we've ever covered: the Concrete Encased High School Girl murder.

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I have one mark is party to give you an update on the sausage best come up on our Tomer fit the whole shows gonna start upstairs. The creek Mackay ten, only three Jackson Avenue along own city, queens at five p m and that's gonna- go until ten p m as five hours of stand, a breach in favour take on the radio performers and, at the same time, downstairs gonna be haven't, lie park as from six p m until ten p m and then the comment, the ban, you listen to the background and features myself and home at nearly the round. Table gentleman is gonna, be plain to set at ten p m so that there's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started
Now my liberators golly pudding yeah Ireland, slats much she's got a big picture. God on fat violence. He's been doing projects on arms man, big wobbly, Meeks, underneath my hard squeeze when we started one seat. Jihad is disguised in Agnes. I'm not envious of what your eyes can see. Market Mario has worn a shirt for the last three episode. Lily been very good. So maybe that's maybe that's a good luck. Charm. I welcome the show that Barks I've been guests were joined by a newly muscular Henry's eyebrows, gay, big arms, Henry's Bosky Yale. Oh wait! All this just me dissolve thicken drama.
He's a hard museum or not, and I use the cameras little too low stand up a little bit. Commanded end up stand up, but they are all. There is a vital again. At these degree, we re read with them like radio dials, have never been so happy to see the apple logo. On the back of a computer in my life, I got him look at it. That screen did it have finally made it to October. I have needed October in my life zeal hard. There is Very scary, you know, I know, there's something people out there all right. Let's talk about the the wild and wonderful world of weird and bizarre deaths. Are these nets today as an object? We have really hit. I think, with this episode it's been awhile, then I feel like we ve done something truly brutal ex over the fact. We did just cover chick Othello and admit that just shows how warped my brain,
become right. Here. I think everything that we ve done is barely is considered fairly brutal. Yes, but this is gonna, be especially brutal, I kind of hit me in the middle of the night of like now. There were still work you know. It's Satan season, it's time for us to head towards the leathery ever you know we're all going to be there on the on former Jos Farm, when the big leathery agates, taken over his whole fuckin barn cracks open its in its best em off. Like you know, the seventh here of Satan himself. He doesn't have it. A farmer, can it be in a more urban area, I'm hoping far? Ok, let's linked at least give him some care yeah needed on origin, have some chickens around its up, like that yeah Maybe I'm your brother s rebuilding of the hollow in season and also call what is a good way to put people on a more of a you know, disgusted frame of mind. Very firmly behind the thinking up like what's the worst, where you can fuckin die
what are the worst ways you can die. I didn't know before that, before learning about the content of today's episode, that there are different ways and certainly better and worse ways to get off the face of the earth yeah, absolute and we're gonna start with a pretty bad one year. Death embarrassment. Oh, I forgot my parents and I have to give up public speech. I'm in bear is, oh, my God did. I sit in the pie. Did I say that we might have got berries on my bottom you can actually die of embarrassment. Oh my when stress her anxiety levels rides. There's a sir Adrenaline the enters the bloodstream and can actually kill you can cause the cut the heart disease. Cardiac arrest, the same way you can die from fight fright or from sexual excitement that guy from getting hard
get to our Deanna. You can only get a regiment was, I guess, Chick Attila was always gonna, be faith bent low forever. If the Moscow that the russian government and kill him. This is a question to you. This is a pussy waited I well. You have to be a policy to die by embarrassment. Yes, I will you couldn't be a standard comedian. That's for certain, because it's a whole. Full of embarrassment. Debt by I have received a weird sexual affair. There's a weird sexual fetish that is also built into embarrassment like see. People embarrassed by MID Farc and so forgotten people jerk off to it. I could see how that's look really Boston into like a woman's house was she's all like he's doing she's. I clean the things you weren't diaper benzes, clean urban, and then you surprised and she's on Paris I can't Jeanne how you'd find essentially arising out of you do seem to be his hard european seems to be about his heart. Is your nipples right now? I will serve as an ring. I just want to see a woman
What would you possibly have one? If you did see a woman for? I could be That's great! I mean death by embarrassment. That's why I always carry Mendoza my back pocket. So not one of those and everything is gonna. Go it's new! There can be in our jargon that record deal after all or much more. Horrifying way of dying is something that all of us have thought about at one time or another dying plane crash now. I've never really thought about the logistics of dying in a plane, crash insurance out dying by plane explosion, not that bad, much better instant. So when you're in appointing first of all you but six miles in the sky and if you our goal in freefall first would sets in is probably hypoxia which mean, that all of the oxygen removes itself from your brain, so you're going to pass out, but you also probably wake and when you wake up you're going to be
down towards the ground at a hundred and twenty miles an hour for a full too it's three minutes before you hit the ground. We gotta lotta, think in time, as you can make your final phone calls and cancel up can't let pizza you had it's gonna, be we're doing a lot of people. Believe that view you know you'd sit and you they contemplate Ike, what are the things. I remember that I love to do right. My family armor, my daughter, my dog. I remember you know the time at the home of the baseball game, but I think most that two to three This is going to be spent going like yeah. Well, you suckers are screaming someone's eating all the pretzels, this guy right over here, one single packet. I don't think so. Buddy the things going down three minutes has to be the most terrifying thing on the face of the planet. It seems like it would go by pretty slow your slower two to three minutes in India, in your life's lifespan,
but you probably got a good chance of getting a girl a flash, oh yeah up. If you wanna, join a mile high club, I think there's a good chance that that's some potential there on this highly gas that you know it's gonna, take us about two minutes to get to the ground. So Andrea and you can just the largest look on your feet. About, finally, the pressure is all I can just ask yeah just suddenly you're beautiful, deluge woman, no one's gonna be there to remember until they go through the corpses. Plane crashes into so that amongst the rubble as a man, I don't know, man and three d has toe mouth upturn died of that before, but luckily the plane obliterated all around him. We all learned about the moment when the malaysian flight went down. We also learned that clean consignment shamelessly fall apart. No new fear- fear just like a plane can literally just they were talking about manufactory on CNN, just being like Saigon Fort. You know sometimes
Think all this automatic destabilization where the plane just turns into can vary and there's nothing. You can do about it randomly. We can't live confetti airlines onto clowns, went on that thing and, of course, the plane. The went down after nine eleven hearing queens the back of it fell off down that something you want. I always say I would love to board a plane them where the back stays on the best. Yet I think if I ever have a private plain what I will do is. I will have a mechanic just walk on the plane with me and just like. Have him jump? went down on the wings and on the back to be sure it so yeah, of course, the old hammer test, that's good, so say you're in a plane crash in you somehow miraculously survive. You make it to a desert island. Unfortunately, the desert Alan's just a big rock there. You know venture rules on their to eat. There's no plant life, there's no animal life. What are you gonna? Do you're, gonna, starve to death? those guns. They find a volleyball phased out of all the ball and have a new body. That's a reference hell you're way. I even have a hard time just the hour before I e
So how can I get angry lingo? My angry person. I hate what you just said that link it. That's the guy, a commercial for. What's more those fat, restaurants, people like Daddy's, add Danny you. I have easy. Are you getting angry, just get it every better pre before it and Denis that was one of the worst uses of that re rice, elevator, video, I've ever seen to re write, I don't got a case of the Naples. Dennys. Add might not make it to air so about If you didn't know a body can live for up to sixty days without food. You know I was thinking. Reading that Chivo member Terry Shy of o death out where they took the tube out of her and we live in this humane world where you can't kill her, but you can watch or slowly devolved God go by. I dont think a terrorist I've had not I just can't even I wouldn't worst such a thing upon any you wanta my enemies, mass eaten by the inside by your own body, so
from your mother would say: Henry Mother did say that that is Chivo. Oh, my God, Terry Chivo can retire. Miss Abbot, Four comes to that. If you have a vegetable, I want you to get your father's hand got no one you to stick it in my fucking mouth. Might agreements in the back yard- and I want you to do it- had become ass literally. Had that conversation with my mother, I please, God sent you a starving to death. That's your mother is smart, unwise shy, but what was there was a reality show for a couple of months was then, and that is a boring webcam. Very boring webcam, but people love that. So after less than a week, the bodies starts to feed off stored fad for energy. But this is good, though, because this is where you really get your weight loss and everything and the girls they who you're lookin so hot, so attractive Ben. Oh I'm so happy that we can finally date. Now you don't just of a great personality. You ve also got a penis. I can fight
but before the month is actually you will be losing eighteen percent of your starting way. That's good yeah for you! That's for me! I'm dead! That's good! That's good within you wouldn't have any wonder on the board on the pockets. That's pass the mine. We can train a pig to do it. It's easy to do. I see you. Do you just copy? Do you baby GDP? It's easy bedroom! That's a good point! Henry! Then of course to lay your body starts to consume its own muscle and organs in order to get the energy that it needs to serve and that is how you actually die. Your body essentially eats itself, cannot cooled with a body. Does that, though it is gonna go it's bizarre rotted when it see several good, realize your body. Has that happens. A lot in many of these weird debts is that your body has these white blood cells.
Does it protects? You mean your music and protects you with using my blood cells, but if it just gets confused and thinks that you're the problem kills. You instead yeah. I know it's crazy, we're just look. We're just bags filled filled with blood. Cells. The blood cells are ones that have all the power gather make all the important decision. Through the internet, illegal Ober, organ searches kamikaze ready to die for the cause, guys guys guys. Can we please, can we please at least hold on for a little bit longer and we're not safe, even our own bodies, Dangerous. Let's move on to some particularly painful and excruciating exe conditions are running well. First of all, it start with crushed to death course at once. The body is crushed. What happens is toxin start building up at the crush side, which include large amounts of potassium, which can cause cardiac arrest and it
it produces Maya Globe and which can result in kidney failure by a global they, as my a global global illegal movement, which is a problem which is what you'll be screaming when you're sternum is crushed, or did I know, what's it going to do a good job in the late nineteenth century, the criminal was I too, the leg of the elephant by his waist and taken for a little run around the city. After that, the criminal was made to kneel in places head on a stone and then the elephant crushed the accused head with his foot, one grudges today, one of them with the me they should address it up like a melon, because elephants alive, number mail just the thing I know can also, if your stone right now I'd like you to just imagine your head lying on the block as a fuckin bigger elephant. Do
been built man, but I met a slow crush. Now again just hits your head and then it just a collision. I could easily awhile, can you hurried up their elephant moving as fast as I can, the problem is, sir: is it you're wearing that huge hat hat support by had saved the men? Now we ve got let's stay in the realm of execution by animals. Now and eighteen, ninety, three, the negatives of a basin neo. He discovered that one of Servants was plotting to kill him, so he said, and the man to have his tongue cut out his right hand amputated, and then he was turned loose in the desert to be attacked in eaten by hyenas. Now this is Hyenas kill humans. What they do too our black pray? Did you shake him and they bring until it breaks the spine? on human victims? They just hop on and see
eating you, while you are still alive the great to have in the audience, though, if you wanted you type five before the kill you are, I myself can you imagine if one I'm still had the voice of Whoopi Goldberg. That would be on it would be funding in irreverent. Like review is broken shoe, not your guts and you start screaming, like maybe I was rather have that happened and wants the view all the views- great, oh, I'm so sorry to hit at a sensitive subject. Mr part of good earnest and a page seven for more opinions on how great the view in on November thirteenth in the year ten o two Ethel the unrest he ordered his people to rise up and slay, although see if you're gonna get us not be about how like, as did you are, is only I'm not ready to lead vote. For me. Ok Ethel read the unready. He ordered a people to rise up and slay all the Danes in England and a massacre.
Good place in which the children of danish women were buried up to their waists in the ground, and then they set mastiff dogs to mall the children. To that I'm going to say, I think he was ready that seems about perfect. Is this man was a king this You I mean he was Ethel, read the unready that you said that you mentioned also a good teeth, just like scraping when you're fucking scalp pulling the falcon me up. Your head and yours gone. Of course, there are python, Anna condors they usually don't they they say they know you get killed from being squeezed to death that usually cardiac arrest from lack of oxygen, but occasionally snakes. Will begin to swallow their victims after the squeeze, while the men
we are still a lie. That's why never gotten the woods or the forest without your flute this is the only instrument that can charm the snake in color snakes. Shows up and before that you were the most obnoxious fuckin person on the vacation. That's rather the asshole with the full rights, everyone's in you and laughing at you for your vest and your bizarre hat and Europe dumb curly issues and speaking of snakes, this other thing to pieces other sexual reddish, which is consumed by giant snakes, yeah sore half of these things so far that we ve covered We're just make someone bone whore ensure their debt yeah yeah. I would assume probably even getting step down by the elephant that might have made somebody. Went around, oh yeah, there's plenty of people there and a crush born. That's true they are. People are a cause of some people. Yet I would make them give them
righteous bone, the river had they been shooting ropes all over their tuna calves when suddenly elephant come another. Think me like I'm, gonna get so fuck. It crashed your dude yeah man. Staying on snakes, the swedish they had a method of execution called the cave of roses. That's a great case in which the victim we be confined to a pitch black cave filled numerous snakes and poisonous reptiles to be stoned, bitten death. Why don't we go? The cave was named on opposite day. I was thinking more Valentine's day at the olive garden, but yet it's just that fitful, a snake field. I bet, there's gotta, be a all. You can eat pass of ball up the never ending soup and bread what guy, what kind of spaghetti is theirs. It's moving and grow into my leg, snakes, no, the Ebro too
of Nigeria. They sentence members of their tribe who commit adultery to be taken in front of the entire village strip, naked tied together and forced to have ex with each other to the sound of drum into the sounds of drums and whistled see this isn't bad so far as the first part, and eventually the victims will be dragged to the banks of a sacred pool where the smell of blood having attracted crocodiles, the two would be hurled into the water to be eaten, oh, not to have sex with a crocodile. Or not also of God, how sexy is existed. No, it's just like we get to pierce the void one last time. I know it's like an ombudsman, a pounding around until were pulled it apart by crocodiles and could be like you'll, make movies term right around the GPA. Call may be, it is our best date ever looking at you, ain't gonna finish the thing you want. I suppose your tied up, hopefully your into that. I think this kind, a nice that they let them have the public sector.
You think that the public sexes, nice it's better than just haven't I'm being eaten by alligators yeah. You know what I think you do make a good point. There mean I guess there laugh and atam or something I mean if the guy's a small ding dong as embarrassing yea. I like zoom they're, probably I think they throw things item as well, It doesn't seem like a one party for the people. You'd be amazed where you can split into a sexual fetish. It we have to old tomatoes, didn't get somebody going. To move on just some generally weird executed you one as it is about snakes. There was that story about the woman who would line extra python snake and kept on getting larger and larger, and she thought it was so cute. Don't do that, because what it's doing is, during your body and as soon as its longer taller than you in Asia? Why- I do not know what you're snake Grozny reptile any wants to eat you back. They didn't know that. So, let's move on just generally weird executions. By the way I got all these from this wonderful, but that I have by Geoffrey Abbot. It's called accusing the deity the pendulum. The thousand cuts the spanish donkey and sixty
ex other ways of putting someone to death. It's also called the don't talk to me on the subway book void and if we do not talk to me on the subway, when I read this book definitely manage donkey is also an amazing mexican restaurant here, in LOS Angeles, really you guys gonna come down check it out. It's it's incredible. Spanish donkeys downs like something you get rewarded with for your birthday, Chile's all value of a spanish Don T, just sopping when Panada just full rights in being the written, the bereaved special for the regular periodic, daddy you goddamn, Baroness Mexican Bertha which creates a new or would having a good time or at your mother left. It's difficult when the visitation rights fall on the kids birthday. You know every other Thursday. I've never played a birthday alone before
drinking drunken man, girder factory, girder factory and probably a good business to be entities in these next up his execution by gunpowder in France on two February. Twenty second, seventeen o for profit since were attacked by Catholics and during the entreaties that followed some of the women workers. And this is a quote from writing at the time said Henry. Would you like to take this? It were first violated and had their hands tied and between trees with their heads. Hang it in their legs apart. While they run their position, they open up their bodies, placed a proud of horns up inside and touch mentioned powder born on the moon was greasy while the sounds of the failed to duck and on things given the same we also saw prisoners having their mouths filled with gunpowder and having their heads blown to pieces cetaceans. Powders, probably very probably off. I think this is one of the better.
One cell, compared to what we discussed previously so far in the episode this one you're just a human bullet, and you just get there you you go up pretty quick, its instant, It's the anticipation, that's the worst on that, but is not always the thing near here, the anticipated to dissipation when that, maybe too is again the promise rock hard any These people- these just happened. I like this. If you want to be human musket boom, that's your best. You're finished regulations that there are some people online on Youtube, especially they met a career of drinking drain on things like that, it's possible that you just swallowed down there, gunpowder, email, see if you can take it, Some point will run out there, though the nail through the air in In twenty nine, the tyrant who ruled Afghanistan foregoing his usual method of tying as victims body to the muzzle of a cannon and firing it could if I had an enemy to the ground and then of a long nail through his ear and into his brain. So
they will only they learn everything from like Wily, carry Coyote, Rodya revenge, loony tunes debts, also necklaces. This is a practice that we used by gay, South Africa during recent years, and it consists of placing a car attire around the neck of abound victim and setting it on fire. The intense seated the material, the fumes trading, the lungs and the effect molten rubber sealing the body made for a slow and her in this. Damn that's rather roads or so messed up. All the cars are riding on the rims. There's no more tyres over they parted death and south jewellery shopping is again with really know what you're about to go to your buddy go shop for necklace, you better hope, you're on good terms with the boy you could get real. Under that collar, and then there is being sewn up in an animal's belly. This one is particularly while awful this is in he's in the second century. As far as we know, this only happen once, but this account is concerns occur,
gin woman that was executed, so they killed a donkey. The ball. They removed all the energy, they took, the woman, they put her inside much like com, solo did for Luke, Skywalker Empire strikes bank. However, Her head was left outside of the body, while the her by the head was left outside donkey. While the rest of her body was sewed up inside the carcass, then they would throw it out there in the hunt son with a woman would boil inside of the donkey skin as vultures started, eating through the donkeys, Ellie into the woman ass. She suffered horrible smells than the rotting donkey and had no choice but to either be eaten by vultures or to starve to death. Well, it's not it's funny as Jim carry Meda it s been Jura when nature and that could be called the Le Duncan Lady Donkey dead woman. Another guy, but is also the inspiration for the donkey character from the shock
So that's nice, video, very good comes from that I'm not a lot of stuff to do. I think that what we ve learned- I mean people talk about these days, like, oh, my god. Look at ISIS. Look at these sure ravages fuckin this book, this execution book. We are the most civilised that we have ever been in all in human history and I want to say they are savages and that's still better than what it used to be. ICES terrible yeah, and it's like this is the best time we ve ever had as this is as a civilization cause. Now we have tv, so at least guy said watch TV, and so they gullies entertain at some point where they mother, always thinking of like hey, you know we could do. Would you spoken hollow the donkey? Instead, the catholic Chicken angelic people think that were better than they used to be, but you know somebody get and I don't like you, one thing: what the elephant stepping on the head, but people used to watch that and going met a shy of O. Everyone was watching that. Do I think that now, just as bad and now it's just what the hell I will say again: elephant when it made for much better tv than the Shriver thing I agree,
because she was just a paper way. Woman at that point, as you goes. You could at least have been funding. They gotta put funny signs and earth said like jokes once a day. If you want to do that, but when a bump your, nor did we want to get the followers. You need to jump to stay around here. That's my from NBC that you need twitter followers to even to remotely succeed. So would you gotta do your paralyzed and you want to stay alive. Put some funny einsteinian affording Hap near pictures every day you have the Snickers company, maybe for the tribal situation could have work, I'm not going anywhere for while, obviously issues exceptionally among stickers and around I'm gonna get a move on the job, and I would even then the daily to veto. Weird,
and then finally, we ve got tied in a sack with animals was a creek. I mean come on this as a greek execution for Patterson Mattress side, that's killing your mother or your father again with just being tied in a Wolfskin sack and thrown in the water. That was the original punished. When you don't ask a king what the punishment for for whatever this crime might be like what the don't be a well he's having sex or in the middle of a dumb Greece. Like diamond, I sat with animal I'm busy, or am I think they might yet that's. What happened? Is that Pompey, the great he amended it to adding animals? He added a dog, a rooster, a viper ended ape and let's just put a little peacock in there to discuss their proud and fund the aptly other, but I would also say is like wasn't just a hassle ticket animals together into the statue around the bills. Place is not just a problem with its two sold
that are forced to so we ve got to get or of what a viper and rules on a blocking monkey. It sounds like what what what did we put it in what we put it in a big bag? I've got a little my feet erratic because I dont have shown itself a terrible mission in like an hour, Pga Game go collective, chick at a cow, a horse and a dog put him in a bag, fetch Quest, terrible So, let's move on from executions and let's move on to death by science. Science is praised, particularly merciless killer so, but we knew what good blind people, but we did not know it could kill. No we did not first up is I see lazier. He was an expert in the yellow fever. They called.
The american plague. It went through America during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. He of course, is looking for a cure, so what he did is he secretly exposed himself two infected mosquitoes in order to further the actual disease? Yeah. You, though, said, is that he did all this just so that Becky in office would want to date him right right up. And not everyone died from yellow fever. Most people just get fever. Headache, chills, back pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomit, and then they walk away and they never get it again. You'll get yellow fever once how ever Zira did not have the much needed immune system to beat yellow fever, so his disease moved on to the second phase, which include, liver damage. John this, which is where the yellow fever part, comes from a abdominal pain,
and finally bleeding from the mouth eyes and anus in it all, gets wrapped up with blood filled No, not really. The definition is just kick in yourself: let's go back and yellow fever was also, unfortunately, name dad, not as big of a disco hit. That was an age the when it was very suddenly heard in several states, because apparently it was incredibly rich Yes, yes, that would add a good backward. Mobility about elder off in Bombay, but have never known don't are you, my daughter, It was only made getting somebody marry his daughters. All fog is just Murray. My daughter murdered my daughter, nor do they go from village. He was born with no islands or feed the sheep, very loyal caused. No one lover reynolds Agar
Next up his doctor Henry Cotton, he ran the New Jersey State Hospital at Trenton and He believed that insanity could be cured by removing various body parts and organs from patients. Yeah right on the money years, but years ahead of time here start by removing all the teeth Then he'd move onto the tonsils in the sciences, and I know what I'm telling you when you got, you got the crazy teeth, lower your data ruddy about there Then you would move on to the testicles who wouldn't when it will.
When did? Did he clarify what the like, if you remove the Nazis and psychosis sores, that just aggression, I don't they may not have made me, make bad decisions, but I don't think they should be punished like that again, you might be into though allotted there is that there is that fetish of removing ones limbs. Yes, there is yes, absolutely again, someone be rock hard for this whole fuckin thing. I don't know if it was a finality type thing where you know he had that you know a brain pan chart where he could tell which parts of the body girls Jill illnesses seems like he was fairly, indiscriminate. As far as what year removed dyslexic, you say: we're gonna, potatoes, pink its windows. Dyslexia lies in the pink feeling. Really I'm not feeling very happy recently better he's got out your belly button to do under the belly button or the ear loves. I can never decide with that, a woman. Of course he would have removed the ovaries. He also remove the gallbladder stomachs, Clean cervix is Collins. One
apple was an eighteen year old girl with agitated depression who successfully had her upper and lower moral mowers extracted. She had a tough elected me scientist, drainage treatment for an infected cervix, mobile of intestinal occasions, all without affecting improvement in her psychiatric condition, their real I just want to see the interviewer like well welcome to the job of the new clinics. Janitor, to get to know your name. You people are never here long couple, a garbage trips, if you are, they intend to run out the front door and after all, this, the remainder of her teeth were removed and she was sent home. Pronounced scared. That's I think it's a doctor. Because they did probably never saw him again. Please look perfect. Workers are cotton, he did claim an eighty five percent success rate while but an claim whatever you want, the right as part about shrimp people's deep down fell. Suddenly, I guess you could literally just be like she's done and she's done get around here. It has no count. Cheeseman break
yeah. How does this working with death? Forty five percent of Doktor Henry cottons patients died following the procedure. That's actually A low number out of thought would be quite higher, yet I mean he's not as high as like say unit seven, thirty one or Doktor Mengele right, but as far as sanctioned in the United States in. The twentieth century, pretty high yeah, I didn't want to forty five percent death rate has not got no known us, not good odds. It's not dynamite and either way. You're losing somethin, yet definitely well lead move on, in still in death by science led to move on to radiation. Now. This is the story that made me want to do this whole broadcast. This is a this. Is a fucking rough, ass story, and I just showed you know and again, nor would your boss ass, you to do while you workin at the nuclear power plant. You're allowed to question only your luggage.
Think about yourself for a second just four, second down boy. What would homer Simpson do you know So this is how I believe this is what happened in the beginning. Credits are the Simpson, it really s materials. Every supple will see what happens so. How radiation actually kills you the unlike other toxins, our bodies, don't detox radiation. We can't handle it. Damages radiations irradiation causes it remains once it has been inflicted once it has inflicted its damage. It continues today image as it reduces the ability of healthy cells to wrap replicating, and it changes healthy cells into free radicals that, Inter damage more healthy cells that are the Beatles, did too good. Kids in the sixties, it's true domino effect. It started to turn it I'd start out. Your entire body distorts turn again It is. I mean it is cancer plus, let's call it that
so the worst nuclear radiation accident in Japan, history. Until Fukushima, of course, was at a uranium processing, Philly Facility and talking Moura. And it was not an actual nuclear power plant like three mile island or Chernobyl or Fukushima. It was processing plant which mean That they were making the materials that were to go to power plant eventual is that you get all the glitzy glamour of working at the actual nuclear power plant right ran, nay, AIDS. It still exists Bingley danger, more dangerous and less dangerous. I'm not very dangerous, because you're going to see what happened. Why? Because they're doing like they're making jam at grandma's fuckin, who farm meticulous their hand, so be Could we were told to the hand mix these uranium solutions into a tank which was against any sort of approved procedure and where they were, they said, is that they they were doing the de basically
the guy that we're gonna talk about his how she out she. He ran off our own name for what happened, but basically their jobs were to poor boy gets of one solution into this gigantic tank of uranium, and I did it seven times within, didn't realize what they were doing. It is basically they were doing either too fast, or did it was to something happening, they weren't using the correct tank. I know it sounds like they were using the exact same process. Somebody Duncan doughnuts uses to fill up the ice coffee again several Bulgaria out. She woke up every like old title. My vote should not make the dots right. He was the guy who is literally holding the funnel yeah that deed that this stuff was going towards. He was up against that and so it's dropping all out of the funnel didn't Oliver his hands businesses that the mixture went critical is
They were sitting watching and they sent a blue flash just one like and it is like me- is it for your work and then these sort of feeling sick. I saw a feeling like immediately nauseous and disoriented get her. I mean they looked fine, but they were be. What happened is that they had been bombarded by neutron beam through creatures, the actually the most powerful form of radioactive energy, so these guys were immediately fox. There were microwaved There were many who is essential in they looked fine, they started feeling sick, Amelia naughty, besides she's skin, because the promise he was right up against the thank you right up against a thing. So there s them look fine, they just they died literally a month later, the apis ass. She, his skin, was literally worked off of his body now, just on the front half of them here. Get. Powers like powder did only able to control electricity or anything I don't. I me I imagine dispersing was soon to advocate zero
the aim is to curse is good. It s, regiment, I also feel at ease and a little bit like Carmen. So he was exposed to a radiation doses of about twenty seaports and how many of you want? None, non non eurozone roses, a uterus, zero Yeager, the metallic rate. To put this into perspective, I mean I don't have time to go into that. Safeguards are rhino. What they are, of course what they are. I don't have time to go into it right now. Everybody knows that mark as yet talk about it all the time off of the air. Yes I'll talk hell yeah. It's my pet knowledge. You don't tell me, I buy your one more damned thing about these seaports and all the information you know about this month. We know all of the information you know already a lot. I know good Lord, So the mortality rate for patients exposed to levels exceeding eight seabirds is one hundred percent. So there
we got twenty. So it's like ninety million per cent. He just basically turnin soup gap there, there's no way to disguise surviving. He has a one hundred percent mortality rate and they say how is body looked. They say at first glance, his body was bright red, like you been scalded with water. That is kind of cool. So far, so good yeah is. It is that cool yeah? It's a little bit like you, wanna be cherry red on the outside. You want to look like a Firebird things every didn't, hurt like a whole bunch, yeah behind of awesome and then I'd be like hey. Kid was a dark, and here not anymore example, a white, so no skin remained on his fronts. It was it had just for fun. After you know how much I love an opportunity to say so off Darfur, yeah yeah they will. They were laughing that there is a link we could take his face and make you didn't.
Pizza of ribbon and will no doubt Brigham Fund using seriously hurt Further the end area, however, these entire backside. The skin was completely normal. It was only a front side that was so fucked up at first stew, how ever the intestines, once they open up. Up. The attested were swollen and they said that looked like a rising serpent so what is and what it is all just shaken around move and it would literally gonna like seizing. He occurs his gastrointestinal intestinal weren't functioning. There were lily, fulla shit and seizing because he wasn't doing well
right now, you're like the sneakingly destroyed it destroyed, his is DNA, it rearrange bought it. Rearranged is chromosomes or if you're gonna commit murder and you doing you're dna to be found at the scene just send stand extra nuclear than we like I didn't know you know you could see. Memories body disappeared, demeaned his eyeballs his nose inside of his nose. He was all fucked up Was he alive yeah This is the thing is they thought he was dead when he's meaning when they for when the first happening? that he was a more his brain? Is fine he's gone right. It was seven days in apparently the glaring there and then finally opened his eyes, and he was like not you're a guinea pig. Let me die and it's a bay work because they were like basically keep them alive. Gonna organs and ship when he was only conscious YAP and then he was hanging around laughin within half a joke and it would all the stuff. Meanwhile, you sit near like, but the picture of him. He looks like
you will take a David cross from the Mr Show sketch with they, when he jumps into that acid to commit suicide like straight on world, put it on the facebook page. Now it's if you're like him g and not delicious kind but now he is a little. Is Lord Ghek little overcoat, easy sausage? Man? Yes to be sure and keeping alive they kept him alive for way longer. That was even close to be an ethical on the fifty nine think he died. And they resuscitated them. Oh I personally made every gently bringing back three times every time he pot every time we brought him back to life, he died a guy and he died because basically, the rubber It was using this to learn what happens when you get twenty seaports of radiation gotta like any government medical test. It always just end with the report being like really sucked form they hated it. Twenty! So you wouldn't! You know you never went cool as we ve something
We thought, maybe you turn into some sort of like coup werewolf like Canteen Walter. I, like you, become, like the whole, collect the thing or sudden, but in the end is turned to human soup and I've been so damn hair unto him just thinking. Maybe that will start a growth thing, not put a phone, we're gonna, put some vague teeth like chat or teeth America. That would be funny, but instead it was tariff, I mean the foolish, I would say a little funny: the strange thing about it, though, the only one of his internal organs that did not you know we in turn in on itself, and eventually Europe fall apart. His heart It's bad luck! You know it's just like it's. Just like my football coach said. The strongest muzzle the body body really is the hard it really is. You can take twenty see herds of nuclear. Energy and everything will fall apart, except for the The only organ that keeps you alive, the only one that you wish would stop working Geigy died for his entire body was destroyed from the inside out. It was a sign
painful and unpredictable let's routed within we're doing to himself but I'm doing it with will boost in cigarettes and a bit of an interlude and go back to execution for a little bit. Of course, there were many people that were responsible for these people. Death and many people that were responsible for keeping this man alive, and so what is the punishment in Japan for a business man, or any one in a high position of power when they fucked up no p. That day they don't get beaten, Harry carry The announcer went and have discussed a baseball game, those debatable you're gay. You get same shop, the way you do or he her uterus year for shame, part of families
They are here. Hurl Harry Harry Gary James, you that would cut deep that. Well I wake them. Might stop your heart, but what's the hurry gear is the only man who could do it and maybe it ok I'll, pronounced differently haughty cutting good, I got a nice. So what? happens with how Dakota its ritualistic suicide. Usually placing the a temple the victim would stripped to the waist and plunge are short rage or as a major razor edged, sword and left side of a stomach and then pulled the blade for. Horizontally. Then he took the blade out and when he pulled the blade knob words a duly appointed This all known as the cash Taku stepped forward and cap attended. The dude one observer said completes its followed broken only by the hideous noise of blood gushing out of the inert keep before us, which but but before had been a brave and or ass man mutinous. Or the fellows you hurry. Cartoons know is one of them.
Who witnessed a hierarchy yeah. I got a guy come out at all about when the blood was come on. That's weird ballads get into, I mean, get a sacrifice. Speaking suicides will talk about a dumb death. Ok and particularly brutal, let's say sacrificial type death- is took place, a yellow, Stone National Park now used, national park found in a book in their hot springs everywhere and these willing, cauldrons of steam in boiling water. They measure in temperature about a hundred and fifty degrees, Fahrenheit and a lot of them are in the a hundred and eighty five to two hundred and five degrees. Fahrenheit right, They give you a islands where your skin fall off. Your skin will fall on. Your full name will fall off. There been nineteen scalding death record in connection with the Austrians hot springs since eighteen seven d, but
on July twentieth. Nineteen. Eighty one twenty four year old David Alan Careworn from work, and California was driving through Yellowstone Fountain paint pot. Thermal area with his friend, Ronald Ratcliff, and rattling dog moves No, you didn't have a kind of accidently fell in spring, so that's how they died guy, who should be nice loose mercy. The dog moves the dog at all. I was from a law, Canada, California, meandering mercy, the dog throng animal, Nano, mostly dog. Is it my dog kitten funding, fucking funny my legs empty lifetime? That's right, leaning the dog kitten The naming your dog jerry you, no real names on dogs or Yemen is on a dog demons mercy, yes, sort of
One p m the to park the drug to get out and take a closer look. The hot spring Mosey escaped from the truck and rent. The nearby self pool which, as a temperature, that is measured at over two hundred degrees, Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit and jump. Oh I don't wanna do to break the mood here, but I do When I say I mean I guess, sets gonna be one hot dog you! You are too much son of a bitch. That's the saddest thing we ve heard all day more mood, I'm sorry for making fun of your name rosy. I didn't realize your past, so Kirwin Rat live rushed over the pool to aid the terrified dog as it was yelping ensuring to get out and care one. His attitude indicated that he was about to go into the spring after and ignored
by standard. Several people tried to warn him by yelling at him. Do not jump and right and he shouted like hell. I won't and took to judge the only way that sentence can be sent an impenetrable southern accident you get like hell, I won't allow LA hell. I won't you, I stop, and may I go in there. I must say my dog named dumb lassie, so he took two steps into the pool and then don't head first into the boiling spring. He swam out to the dog and tried to take it back to shore. He then appeared underwater, let go of the dog and tried to climb out of the pool rattling help. Care one out of the hot spring, resulting in second degree burns to his own feet and another visitor leg cure wonder the sidewalk as care one reportedly muttered. I was stupid how bad Emma I was. I was stupid thing I did
That is a direct quote. Well, maybe it was just trying to get a kiss from his friend rattling like that boy did in the movie sand lot. Caroline came out of it blind and when another part visitor try to remove one of his shoes. His skin, it was already slopping off aim off with it he's saying things gray burns to a hundred percent of his body, including his head and the following morning at a SALT Lake City Hospital a There you go. At least he died, and I know that have been alive for sixty days like that, like out, she was exactly pour out. She that's all This episode is that was actually top level. The death of dodge about so vulnerable, maybe leased out she's name was it like Bubu uranium is taboo for my lips of game Obama always is always his lips, my lips, it's weird! Why am I nauseous?
oh just being around him yeah right. So we talk quite a bit about Cyril pillars here on the shell, yet we don't really get a chance to get to the people who just do one martyr, that's really really really beautiful the other being or the other. But what is wrong with your brain, obeying vertebrate, be word whether we will be the new law brutal murder is brutal, never beautiful, brood of okay. This is inexcusable sections like we ve done before. These are kind of like tap out. Sections is gonna, be some more of that. This is probably some of extreme things we ve covered on the show are these next few stories. These are bad once there now and it's rough out there for people were bad. Humans are back You gotta go see just New Europe for mass genocide. I'm just in humans are not doing while we're not good
Well, I will say we're doing fairly well, because these stories are outlier. Stories are normal for no, of course, not both stories that happened in the nineties. So well, maybe was normal for the nineties We are not at gamete. T J F was on the air. How good everyone be so well that was even irc. That's where they result. They will is Friday because money through Thursday, murdering everyone, is remotely enjoyed our touring gap, but Europe when it is time to sit down and sat down some pizza. He turned in some Coca COLA Watch family matters. The world was a piece I don't know this is the story of Kelly Bates. Oh, this is. This is produced pretty rough yeah in England and in anti ninety six going back a few years in ninety ninety three a man with a last name of Smith. Not escape was Your piece of shit yeah, I believe, is organisms. Samuel Smith. Yes, suddenly is. He is this disgusting dude who is basically had a history of beating women who
This fuckin thirty year old Guy, who only slept with twelve to fifteen year old girls, like the molesting away like it is now, it was like an old school like you know, Jerry Louis marrying his cousin kind of illegality, Mokanna, hey kind of Conaway therein them We ran a reality by the name of that show overlaid. They give the same age. She sat gazing, containing Ria game is kind of like a yes. He was kind like that character, but real, so that made him up in abuser and a molester right. So he started a relationship and nineteen. Ninety three with a girl named Kelly Bates when she was fourteen years old about two. Two years later she left school and bade
moved him with Smith at his home in first of all road in Gore, Gordon no one's ever been like my life is getting better remove and Gordon on up and Gordon moving literally was living in a bucket for a long time. So I am very happy to have this urine allows yeah. I love living in the porter body, so of course, Kelly had concealed the relationship from her parents they didn't know what was going on. She essentially just ran away and left, but on April seventh, in nineteen. Ninety six Smith showed up at a police station and told them that he'd accidentally killed his girlfriend. During argument in the bath, and he can the cheat and held back what bathwater tried to savour, but unfortunately she died now when police went back to their address. They found Course Bates Naked Andy,
in the bedroom and her blood was found in every single room in the house and the post mortem examination revealed that she had over one hundred and fifty separate injuries on her body. During the last month of her life, she had been kept bound in a house. Sometimes tied by her hair for radiators or chain or chairs, times she was tied with the ligature around her neck. Let's go through this. Laundry list of injuries, but this is a bad launch Lest you re mainly our view go into the store with this list turn around and go back home cause. You need, residents, a thing to go to a door wonder by this. There was holding two were buttocks and left leg burns on earth. I caused by the application of a hot iron, a fractured arm, stab wounds caused by knives, forks and scissors stab inside her mouth, crush injury, to both hands mutilation,
of her ears, knows eyebrows mouth lips and genitalia wounds caused by a shovel and pruning shears. Both her eyes were gouged out. Later. Snap wounds were found in her empty. I sockets and she had been partially scout, not like what I mean this is like a burnt dinner argument. Can we just say that we went to the police station he's not good at improved, none of those things indicate drowning. They did. She did act surely die by drowning. Strangely enough, he was the truth about that right, yeah, you know it's. It's people are psychopaths The problem is it again, you can see this intern like he didn't. He didn't, have the traditional thing of being a serial killer, but that did this is obviously a person that was going to do a crime like this. I've been and pride. He had been building to this crime, much like serial killer. Still, the pathologists determine that her eyes had been removed, not less than five days.
More than three weeks before her death. It's possible that she had been living without eyes for three weeks before she actually died. I feel, like you know, p We are always saying o the heart like we were discussing earlier. It's the most important thing about the, but I think the hearts a little bit of a dick. I believe, as soon as you'll lose both eyes, the harsh it is really about don't go I'm agenda right. Let's go! Let's go yet the hoary quit the heart is sort of like a mentally disabled person. It's always full speed and those like I'm going to tell I stop. I'm going until I need Dylan doesn't need to eat. You know the man. Smith, he denied the murder he claimed. The Bates quote would put me through hell, wind and me up any also claim the Bates had taught him about his dead mother and, had bad habit of hurting herself to make it look worse on me and when he asked to expire, why he blinded stabbed and Battered Bates. He said that
dared him to do it challenging him to do her heart be fair. He was double dog I was going to say this. We have to be a triple dog, thereby yeah and, of course, after trial, the evidence that the photo that were shown, the testimony that was given it was so bad. Right, every single member of the jury was given complimentary therapy So this was this is a region is one of the worst things I had read and told the next story. I actually think that jury should have looked, resembled an airplane with barf bag and the oxygen thing just in case. You know it is pull down yet and the last one that we're gonna get over this story literally, could barely get through, because when I was reading it last night, because how horrific it is. Yes, so just just know that or our younger lady listeners and, of course, even the older ones. If you're with a fellow is a dickhead, leave him
yeah, but you do not look on and you Roy during deserve any sort of abuse, either verbal, emotional or physical. If you have ever experienced any sort of abuse whatsoever, get out because It's only gonna get worse and make him by your dinner every now and again, good guy these guys out there now wonder by dinner anymore lunch or sugar. As such, the last and they were going to talk about the last death. This is defiling by far the worst death that we ve ever the worst. I am most along death. We ve ever covered a girl named June. Go for rude, oh excuse, June, go for router is known in Japan or her case was owned. Japan, as the concrete encased high, School girl, murder case. That's a lot! That's along in Japanese. I bet it sounds a lot better sure get rapidly, much shorter. That is, of course, the Japanese to English translation. So a member twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty eight she left school, and home,
was walking home. She was kidnapped by a group of young men include seventeen year old, who is identified at Joe and wouldn't be late. Be given the surname commissar Coup and they kept her captive in the house. Owned by the parents of Commissar Coup in Tokyo, and for that you need to have a kind of heavy fucked up view of women in these countries, sometimes we're to think they talk about eight in Japan and China, where they have to like be on separate ports of the train together as it's. It's It's very, it's very intense, the different relations, their sexual fetishism. What they want to do to women can only be best described my animation, that's how insane did is later, though we would have human porn that doesn't get em off it's weird. It's there, it's very strange
but they still blur the Ding Dong than the vaginas on. There is nothing. There is nothing that crosses me, a harder about asian porn than the fact that they blow out their faces and the decks, and just what we hear it makes me. It makes my skin across its leaders like they're, both that pigs really does so. This girl, she didn't know her abductors at all and as far as speedily. Everyone knows that she had absolutely no connection with him. She was just randomly taken off the street, and, of course, once they kidnapped her. The key, neighbours made the girl collar mother and tell her that she had run away from home, but she was with friend and was an endanger, and he also convinced her to pose is one of the boys girlfriends when the parents of the house where she was held were around but the path.
I knew something was up right, but they didn't say anything at all, because they were terrified of their son and we discussed ISIS earlier. That's the similar thing they have with a fully when they have to give their speeches and stuff she was in that you she did to stay alive, yeah. Well, what began on November twenty second nineteen, eighty eight lasted for forty four days. This is the worst. Georgia that we will ever talk about. I don't know if anything is gonna talk. This needs. Is it's really bad? It breathing and happened to her was like it's come. It's a combination of every single climb that every serial killer is ever done already go through. It was real, quick day really nasty day, one nowhere twenty second nineteen, eighty eight FED cockroaches to eat and you're in a drink forced a man, debate, burns cigarette lighters and had fireworks, set oftener ears, mouth and vagina foreign objects into a virgin into her vagina and anus, including still light bulb day eleven
some prefers nineteen eighty eight severely countless times. Her face was held against the concrete. Jumped on her hands were did the ceiling in our body was used as a punching bag and tell her internal organs were damage which made blood. On from mouth. Dumb bells were dropped, underwear, stomach, vomited when she tried to drink water. Is your stomach couldn't accepted? She tried to escape was punished by cigarettes earnings on arms, flammable liquids on board on her feet and legs and and lit on fire. A bottle inserted into Anus day twenty six, Nineteen eighty eight she was unable to properly due to severe leg burns. She was beat with bamboo sticks, fireworks were inserted into anus lip hands were smashed by waves and her finger. Nails were cracked his feet with a golf club. Cigarettes were inserted into for John and she was forced to drink carogne urine as they all laughed at her, and that's not funny. No. She was beaten with iron, rather repeatedly
was wintertime and she was forced to sleep outside in the balcony. Skiers of grilled chicken were inserted into you're into her vagina anus, causing bleeding. She almost escaped on this day, but one of the boys caught her just in time as she was trying to call for help, they punish by taunting her with a candle flame, then finally, dowsing her legs and lighter fluid and set her on fire as punishment. She went to convulsions and the boys would later say that they thought she was faking a seizure, so they said fire again and put it out day. Thirty she'd like this is my questions together. Our body, it shows how resilience and powerful the human body so you can live. If you the will to do it. You can't it's insane day. Thirty hot wax was dripped onwards, is her. Eyelids were burned by cigarette, lighter she stared sewing needles in her chest. Her left nip was cut off and destroyed. Pliers hot liable insert into her. She had had a heavy
leading from her vagina due to the insertion of scissors and our injuries were so severe that it too over an hour to crawl downstairs and use the bathroom in her ear. Drums were severely damaged. Finally day. Forty four at the very end of it on January for forth, twenty nine before boy Peter mutilated body with an arm barbell using a loss at the game of a mirage of my job as a pretext. She was bleeding for mouth and nose and they put a candle flame to her face and eyes. Lighter fluid was poured under legs arm space stomach mention was lit on fire. The final torture lasted for two hours and June Gopher. Rude finally died later that day for us very intense not bad parents, and will say that inevitably one and in less than twenty four hours later on January Fifth, nineteen, eighty eight, the killers had June goes body and fifty five Gowan drum filled it with concrete and then dispose of the drum and attractive reclaimed.
In Kyoto and has been for the kids when I was seventeen changed age or was the average age roughly seventy roughly sixty seventy. These are all teenagers. The boys were arrested and tried as adults, but because of the japanese handling of crimes committed by juveniles. Their identities were concealed by the court for his participation in the crime. One participants served eight years in our present ace score, he was released in August of ninety. Ninety nine the leader received a twenty year sentence and It is the second derailed enabling these guys and apparently a magazine release their name saying that young men that is a guy or in Japan if you're in Japan was in until we have quite a few Japan listeners job that check out the new, these people ended fighting figure out a way to punish him, we'll get up
With the same, what kind of like what happened with essay cigar, the do the cannibal there came out. Japan was sir we're it's like. They have very weird. That's their legal systems, very weird you have what they let people get away with it, and I mean because what you can to cause. It's the problem is there, I don't think they if they don't work on a case by case examples. It's all of that everything is. Cited sort of like how it's always been decided, especially take on this I literally couldn't read this beetle mind you nailed morale envy. You know it's a sexist society in a lot of ways, especially nineteen eighty eight now and the other two guys that were involved in this one of em got a five to nine year term and the other one got a seven year term. Their analyse urban twenty five delight for stealing snickers bar three times your in california- and you know oh yeah sellen. We did shit like their guides. This is it's horrible story, tell em right away. I thought I also forgot to mention that she was raped over four hundred TAT God, while that's kind of inner good alone
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and, of course, how gain gain- and I do think you ve Seen- was coming back tonight. You probably went back to hell because of this part gangsters what they're doing on earth, but I think he was a nice place to be course Hale yourselves everyone and may boost relations.
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